A complete translation of Shogo Tomiyama‘s pitch for Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla, as seen in the Japanese publication Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Perfection (ISBN: 4798615811). There isn’t as much to see here compared to the draft penned by Kazuki Omori, but I always found the basic idea extremely enticing, and I really wanted to share the text in full even if most of it was already covered in the movie’s cutting room bio. A very special thanks to Noah Oskow for his incredibly proficient translation of this proposal!

~ Joshua S.


“Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla” Proposal ― Shogo Tomiyama

What do we mean by “Ghost,” and just what is “Ghost Godzilla?”

Godzilla, who first made his way into our history in 1954 in Tokyo Bay, was defeated by the underwater-oxygen destroying power of the Oxygen Destroyer.  However, the real truth is that as a result of the time powers (powers that can alter the length of time) that came into being at the moment of the destruction of the oxygen, in that single moment 10,000 years passed by, annihilating Godzilla’s body and bones alike. In this way, Godzilla was destroyed physically and corporally, and yet the life-force stored in that gigantic body remained on the seafloor of Tokyo Bay as residual living energy.

40 years onwards, that residual living energy that had been scattered along the seafloor slowly began to bind back together. And at the moment when the energy became one, that aggregation of energy, invisible to the eye, begins to move with the goal of obtaining a body and consciousness.

The mysterious phenomena that have been terrifying the citizens of Tokyo (bridges suddenly collapsing, buildings crumbling, the ground caving in, rivers reversing course, the sky darkening, etc.) are all being brought about by this invisible, wandering aggregate of residual living energy (Ghost) of the original Godzilla.

※Ghost – An ethereal body created by the concentration of the agony and rage of the original Godzilla at the moment of his annihilation. He cannot be seen by the eyes of men, and yet he is an intelligent and demonic being.

This ghost has found its ultimate opponent: Little Godzilla. The ghost, sensing that inside of this young 30-meter tall monster are a body and consciousness that resemble its own, takes ahold of him in an instant, taking over Little as if by possession.

※Ghost Godzilla – The body of Little Godzilla that has been taken over by the specter of the original Godzilla. Its consciousness is that of Ghost, violent and malevolent. A paranormal (viper-real) monster the likes of which we have never yet seen.

Ghost Godzilla’s special abilities and characteristics

Because Ghost Godzilla is an amalgamation of the life-force energy Ghost and the monster Little, it possesses paranormal powers.

1. Special abilities that go beyond the physical laws of the universe.

a. Teleportation.

b. Levitation.

c. Phasing through matter.

d. Changing its form.

2. Methods of attack

a. Can spray forth the original Godzilla’s atomic heat beam, melting its target.

b. By spitting ectoplasm from its mouth, it can create duplicates of itself.

c. Based on that life-force energy, it can alter its environment at will (temperature, wind, light, etc.).

d. Penetrate its opponent’s body, taking over their mind.

3. Form

a. Similar to that of the original Godzilla, but its ferociousness shows in its appearance. Its talons and fangs are long, large, and demonic.

b. Height, 80 meters (original Godzilla + Little).

c. When in danger it takes on Little’s form, weakening Godzilla’s attacks.

4. Behavior

a. Hates daylight.

b. Speedy, moving instantaneously.

c. Can only move within the range of the area in which the original Godzilla moved.

5. Psychology

a. Strong sense of resentment. The objects of his destructive actions are not limited to buildings, as he persistently targets humans as well.

b. Little’s kind heart may appear momentarily. The demon and the pure heart of this child are in conflict.

Why do Godzilla and Ghost Godzilla come to fight?


In order to save Little, Godzilla must defeat Ghost Godzilla and expel him from Little’s body. This will be a battle using the magical technique of “exorcism.”

Ghost Godzilla

The ghost, having stolen Little’s body and having re-emerged into reality, has developed a taste for this powerful existence, and with that goal fights Godzilla.  By defeating Godzilla and stealing his body he can become an invincible god of destruction.