The staff of Toho Kingdom sound off on their hopes for Godzilla and Toho related events for 2019, “Tohopes” if you will and don’t mind a large helping of puns. With a new Godzilla film on the near horizon with Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the new year is likely to be big for the franchise star, and we weigh in on what might be in store and what would be great to see in the near future as a result.


Jack Jordan

2019… the year of Godzilla’s 65th birthday! And for such an auspicious year, we are getting a spectacular showing from him!

We’re finally going to see the long awaited release of the next MonsterVerse film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which is where most of my Tohopes for this year are bound. The two trailers which have been released at the time of this writing have been utterly stunning; the fab four Toho kaiju look amazing, the action looks to be stellar, and I am fully planning on enjoying myself on this film. Simply put, I hope it is as at least as much fun as it seems to be!!

In addition to the movie, I’m very excited on the collectibles side of G:KOTM too. The SH-MonsterArts figures all look pretty good, but I’m hoping we’ll get some new X-plus announcements showcasing the MonsterVerse designs as well. Most of all though, I’d like to see another statue come out in the same vein as the Sideshow Collectables 2014 Godzilla. The first statue in particular is spectacular, but as soon as the updated 2019 Godzilla design was revealed I knew I had to have an updated version! I’m excited just imagining the ways I would display the two of them together.

I’m also getting anxious to hear about Toho’s plans for Godzilla post 2020. I love the MonsterVerse and I’d like to see it continue. My hope is some sort of deal can be brokered that allows the continuation of the MonsterVerse alongside some new Toho offerings. Time will tell on that front though; I’m excited to find out what will happen next!

Beyond that, I’d just like to see more Godzilla material in general! I really can’t get enough of the big guy! I’d really love to see him get back into comics this year. IDW’s Godzilla run was great, and every month I looked forward to those titles. It would be wonderful to see something else come out like that. A new Godzilla video game would be cool as well, or maybe even a re-release of the classic Pipeworks Godzilla trilogy? I know I’d be game for either!!

Past Godzilla though, I’d be very happy to expand my exposure to various other Toho movies. I’ve been dying to see Gorath for some time, and I’d like to make this year the one where I see it! Time will tell though; I just hope it’s a great year for Godzilla, and all the rest of us out here enjoying his resurgence!


Nicholas Driscoll

1.      I think everyone has some high hopes for the new Godzilla: King of the Monsters release. Of course, as with many others, I am hoping for awesome monster action, cameos from favorite Toho monsters and new originals (I love original monsters!), and a compelling story. But can I be frank and just say I really hope the human cast is memorable as well? That might be my biggest hope for the film. From what I have seen of the monsters, I think they look great. But if the human scenes (which, let’s face it, will be the majority of the movie) are a slog, then the movie will be a pain in the butt to sit through. Please, please, PLEASE have interesting and relatable human characters!

2.      Comics! I am a big fan of comics, and I would love to see more Godzilla comics released both Stateside and in Japan. Come on, original stories! I would love it if, instead of just getting one Godzilla tie-in graphic novel, we could get some ongoing comic adventures!

3.      And as long as I am at it, I wish, wish, wish Toho would just release several big volumes collecting all the old Godzilla and Toho kaiju/sci-fi stories together, including the original side stories. Oh, gosh, that would be AMAZING.

4.      Here’s a big stretch, but if I could have my druthers and dream big… I wish we could finally see an official DVD release of Half Human (1955) and Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974)  in Japan OR in the States, plus official releases of Invisible Man and The Secret of Telegian (1960) in the States. I know it’s shooting for the moon, but I wish we could see that.

5.      An announcement of something new with Gamera. A new movie, a new TV show, a video game, something. I just want more Gamera—especially if we could finally get that crossover with Godzilla. Hey, Godzilla is fighting King Kong again. Why can’t he have a crossover event with Gamera, too?

6.      We had our Godzilla anime trilogy. Could we have an actual Godzilla anime TV series now? Pretty please?

7.      A new, good Godzilla video game. Or even a sequel to City Shrouded in Shadows! That may not have been a great game, but I really enjoyed it!

8.      Can I just say, more than any of these other hopes, that 2019 will be a year in which we have a lot of good health? Yes, for the various beloved creators and actors and celebrities, but also for the fans. We lost a lot of people last year. I hope that 2019 can be a year of good health and fun fan friendships all year long as the Toho kaiju world gets bigger than ever. Time is precious!


Anthony Romero

It’s been five years since a Godzilla movie hit theaters for a wide release in the United States. That event was the second ever American Godzilla film, and while it didn’t cause the same onslaught of merchandise that GODZILLA (1998) did, fans did get a lot of things to look forward to. This included a number of toys and also a lot of Blu-rays, such as Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster! Godzilla vs Hedorah.

So my hope is that we get something similar this year, in particular in the realm of home video releases. If I had to narrow my selection on what I would like to see most, it would probably be Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) from Kraken Releasing and by some miracle a release of Rodan (1956) from Criterion. I also hope that Sony continues with their releases of some of their catalog on Blu-ray. I was pretty happy with the Blu-ray of Battle in Outer Space (1959) last year, and would love if they followed it up with Mothra (1961) and H-Man (1958) this year.

Regardless of what happens though, we are getting a new Godzilla film, a new appearance by Rodan and a new Godzilla soundtrack from Bear McCreary, who has done decent work on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series. So even if none of my wishes pan out this year, I know I will have enough to keep me happy as a Godzilla and Toho fan in 2019.

Have a hope of your own for the new year? Sound off in the comments below.