Godzilla’s huge popularity in the past few years has spawned various clothing lines from various companies like Hero Within and Ghost X Ghost among others. Today, I was sent samples of a new Godzilla line from a company called “Teddy Fresh”. They’re different than the other clothing lines because they seem to be having fun with the designs and the line leans toward the higher end clothing line, so to speak. Check out below to see the Teddy Fresh X Godzilla clothing line!


Red Crew Neck Godzilla Sweatshirt

The red crew neck really works well color wise with the black and blue color scheme with Godzilla. The beam effect isn’t accurate at all as it’s King Ghidorah’s gravity beam being used here. I don’t know what the thought process here, is but it is what it is. The mixes of light/dark blue on the back plates look really nice.


Godzilla Explosion Zip Hoodie

This one is nice and heavy and will keep you warm for sure, but the design on the front is so chaotic, I have no clue what’s going on. Godzilla looms large with a claw sticking out as if to grab you which looks cool. The bottom part is where it gets messy where another Godzilla is posed directly beneath the Godzilla on top and jets seem to be placed haphazardly on the right and the jet on the left is firing at Godzilla’s head. Placed over that is burning buildings/power lines that are seemingly out of scale next to the lower Godzilla. Now, at first glance, the design looks cool and the colors mix well together. I do like that but the placement of the designs doesn’t make much sense.


Godzilla Button Up Shirt

This one I like because of its simplicity. The finger-paint style of “Gojira” really looks really nice here and looks great against the blue of the shirt. Godzilla is interesting here because it looks like he’s smiling and it looks pretty funny. The blue fireball has a cool blue look to it against the light blue of the shirt which looks pretty cool. It’s a shirt that one would wear in a more casual setting and is pretty eye catching.


Godzilla The Destroyer Tee

This is an interesting one. A lot of the art looks like a child drew it and handed the artwork off to an adult to draw Godzilla – who does look pretty great here. I love the design! The shirt is mainly just a bunch of vehicles that appear on the front and back and on the sleeve a couple of times. Boats, helicopters and planes, and for some reason, a person with blond hair who seems to be falling. The only building that is shown looks to be the Empire State Building. In some spots there will be birds drawn next to the vehicles for no rhyme or reason. It definitely is more on the “artistic” side and while it doesn’t make a lot of sense and was either created to be random or the result of a fever dream, I do like it.


Godzilla Distressed Color Block Sweater

This is my favorite of the bunch. I like how it gives off the impression that Godzilla chewed on the sweater which is a really nice touch. The simple color scheme works well together and it seems like the type of sweater that just designed for lounging around the house on a lazy day. It’s also great to see Godzilla 1955 get some love on some apparel, which doesn’t happen that often.

All in all, it’s cool to see a clothing line that seems to be made of more out there interpretations of Godzilla. I’d like for this line to continue to see what other designs they come up with!

Special thanks to the folks at Teddy fresh for sending these samples over!