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  • It’s been a while since Toho Kingdom held a contest on the site and I thought that it not only might be nice to have another one but also our biggest yet! To do this, we worked with Warner Bros., Kidrobot, NECA, Bluefin Distribution, Tamashii Nations, Diamond Select Toys and artist Matt Frank. As a result, we have a rich collection of prizes for the contest this year. These range from a poster, figures, Blu-rays/DVDs and a print with many items signed as well. (more…)

    General // September 3, 2019
  • For many of you, summer is now at its end. To help soften the blow, we here at Toho Kingdom figured we’d close out the season with the biggest contest the site has ever held! This is our Godzilla Summer 2017 contest. From toys to posters to books, we has a huge selection of prizes this time around. A lot is dedicated to the recent movie Kong: Skull Island (2017), the latest entry in the MonsterVerse. That said, we also have a lot of content related to the King of the Monsters as well. Check out the prizes below! (more…)

    General // August 29, 2017
  • Well, its summer again and with it came a new Godzilla 2015 contest in celebration of the new video game! Originally I was going to do a giveaway for just the game, but I thought this would be better as a follow up to our Summer 2014 Contest. So I reached out to our friends at NECA and Legendary Pictures and they jumped on board to help make winning a little more special! Since I’m giving out two copies of the game, I split it up into two bundles. (more…)

    General // July 24, 2015
  • It’s July, summer time, and what better time for a contest for awesome prizes? This has been a big year for Godzilla fans. We have had waves of merchandise and a fantastic new film in the franchise thanks to Godzilla (2014). Working with some of the distributors, we are gathering together a big summer event to celebrate: a Godzilla 2014 contest! For this contest I thought it’d be fun to have a prize bundle to spoil the victor. (more…)

    General // July 1, 2014
  • Presented by Toy Vault, Toho Kingdom is proud to announce a contest centered around the upcoming Godzilla: Kaiju World Wars game, which comes out May 27th, 2011. To celebrate the upcoming release, Toho Kingdom is presenting a chance for several fans to win the game. The contest will have fans trying out their artistic and/or Photoshop skills to craft alternate box art designs for the board game. The guidelines are up to interpretation, as just the front or several panels of the box can be submitted. However, submissions should be at least 600 pixels in length and width, with larger always being better. (more…)

    General // June 17, 2011