Toho’s most successful endeavor from the 1970’s, Submersion of Japan (1973), is set for a remake to be released in 2006. The film will be produced on a budget of ¥2 billion, the same as last year’s Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), and will be directed by Shinji Higuchi, fresh off the extremely successful Lorelei (2005). Kazuya Hamana, the man behind Onmyoji (2001), is set to produce the movie.

The picture sees the resurrection of the long dormant “destruction genre” in Japan, which was extremely successful in the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s, and documents a huge string of natural disasters that strike Japan one after the other, all of which lead up to a mammoth tsunami calling for a large scale evacuation of Japan to neighboring nations.

June 1st update

The site has rotated its trailers, removing the older adverts in favor of two new ones that feature much longer segments (“Teaser 2” and “Web Trailer 3”).

The production now enters less than two months until it is released in Japan. Currently there is no word on the film being distributed in the US, and if so likely straight to DVD, although that will likely come after the box office receipts for the production are observed.

May 4th update

The official website for the latest Toho disaster movie has been further updated, allowing visitors an even closer look at the production as it nears finalization. This includes some rather breath taking special effects shots, and a closer look at the movie’s rather expansive cast. The site also now includes even more artwork related to the movie, including three paintings in the background of the main site that show off various stages of destruction taking place in the country.

Sinking of Japan 2006 - News Roundup

The movie will open on July 15th of 2006

March 10th update

 The official site for the remake of Submersion of Japan has added yet another trailer, increasing the tally to four in total now. This latest one shows a much more finished look at the film, with CGI and other affects being slowly added in as the film’s ¥2,000,000,000 budget is starting to look well spent. For those familiar with the original 1973 movie, this latest trailer also provides the first look at the new Wadatsumi.

The new trailer (called web trailer 2) can be located at:

December 31st update

The official site for the remake of Submersion of Japan has been updated to include some early teaser trailers for the big budget feature. At present, there are three adverts on the site, two of which are very short TV spots while the third is a much more extended web only version. It should be noted that the special effects have not gone into the post-production stage, so effects like CGI and other elements have not been added to the footage as of yet. The exception is the single, underwater, shot of the cityscape, which is also the only footage featured in the two TV spots.

Sinking of Japan 2006 - News Roundup

December 14th update 

In what looks to be one of the biggest titles in Japan next year, the official site for the remake of Submersion of Japan has opened. At present, there is not much there, besides the main graphic and a rundown of the cast. The only new information to be obtained is that the film will not be produced by Toho alone, which was to be expected given the mammoth budget allotted for the movie. In fact, eight different companies are helping the production along, which include: Toho, TBS, Dentsu, Sedic, MBS, Shogakukan, SDP, and J-Dream.