As a promotion for Shin Gojira, aka Godzilla Resurgence (2016), Aeon Cinema has created two varieties of hot dogs for sale at their theaters that they have dubbed “Shin Hot Dogs” (シン・ホットドッグ). These hot dogs don’t really look like Godzilla, though the creative consumer can try to come up with parallels to the new Godzilla design (Godzilla’s tail is really long in this movie, so maybe the long hot dogs are symbolic of his tail! The tomato and veggies hot dog has a lot of red sauce on it, so maybe that is supposed to symbolize the mysterious red gloop in the movie!) But really, the dogs are just dogs so far as I can tell. No monster symbolism.

Each of the hot dogs is served in a red Shin Gojira paper sleeve for less messy munching, and they come with mini 2016 Shin Gojira calendars, which basically amount to little cards with the new Godzilla’s now familiar dark profile on one side and a six month calendar with Godzilla’s birthday marked on the other side against a black background. It’s pretty underwhelming.

Shin Hot Dog Review

The two hot dogs are really nothing all that great either, but the cross-promotion is fun. I ate the honey mustard dog first, and it proved the tastier of the two to my tongue. The liberally and artistically applied honey mustard gives the dog a nice tang, and me being a big fan of mustard anyway, I appreciated the vinegary bite. The dog itself is tasty, obviously better than your average supermarket 12-pack in America, but still not amazing. The buns on both dogs were a little tough and hard to bite through.

The second dog is basically called a “tons of tomato and veggies dog.” The veggies don’t have much impact other than giving a slight texture and spice to the tomato mash all over the dog. There is an abundance of tomato stuff all over, which makes the consumption of said frank a messy experience, and I found myself in need of a tissue after chowing down. The second dog was acceptable, but I much prefer my frankfurters with mustard, so the honey mustard won the day for me.

It’s worth noting that Aeon Cinema offers black triangular food holding tray thingees that attach to your arm rest in the theater. I ended up eating my dogs before entering the theater, but I rather like these trays because of how handy they are and would like to see more of them in the States.

Shin Hot Dog Wrapper

Overall, this along with the Lotteria cross promotion has me eating a lot of junk food recently. The Shin Hot Dogs are, in my opinion, rather less satisfying than the Lotteria goods given how underwhelming the buns are and the pretty dang boring calendars (though I am not a fan of Lotteria–especially their chicken nuggets). Nevertheless, for me it’s a kick seeing Anno’s scary new Godzilla shilling sandwiches and fries. It’s almost as good as the Snickers commercial from 2014! And with a little more munching, I am going to have a Kaiju-sized stomach!

Shin Hot Dog Card

Shin Hot Dog Honey Mustard

Shin Hot Dog Veggie