Along with the amazingly named Shin Godzilla: War of the Takoyaki crackers, snack company Coms also released the Shin Godzilla Crunch: Black Crunch vs. White Crunch. With incredibly cute art of Kamata-Kun appearing in Osaka, and a snack not dissimilar to the excellent Godzilla Ole Crunch Collection, we have another winner on our hands here—plus, another cute Godzilla diorama is included with the box!

Wait. Did I say a diorama was included WITH the box? I meant to say the diorama IS the box!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As usual, let’s start with a brief description of the packaging. Kamata-Kun (or Godzilla Second Form if you must), the startling ugh-dorable proto-Godzilla that appears in Shin Godzilla (2016), here appears in Osaka, splashing and having a great time, as we can see from his huge happy face! In the background, replacing the famous Glico running man, we see Jet Jaguar standing tall (a clever visual that was also featured in the recent Godzilla vs. Evangelion movie over at Universal Studios Japan), as well as a huge picture showing Godzilla Fourth Form shooting a purple ray. Now I am not really sure where the white vs. black comes in on the cover image, or why the events are taking place in Osaka (the image on the War of the Takoyaki box also takes place in Osaka, right in front of the Osaka Castle). The Coms company is stationed in Gifu, so no connection there. These snacks were not Universal Studios Japan exclusives either, so I don’t know what the deal is.

Anyway, if you open the box, you will find eight of the titular crunches inside—four whites, four blacks. Pretty stingy if you ask me. Still, the crunches themselves are quite delicious. They are basically the same sort of thing as the Godzilla Ole Collection, though perhaps a little bit larger, and without the connection to Mt. Mihara. They are very crunchy, with the chocolate tasting a bit like dark chocolate, and the white one tasting sweeter. They are both really good.

As mentioned earlier, the box doubles as a diorama. The black box has the background of the image on the cover (of Kamata-Kun playing in the famous Osaka river) emblazoned inside. You can use the box as a diorama with plastic Kamata-Kun cut-out included with the box—again, much like with the War of the Takoyaki crackers set, which featured Godzilla Fourth Form instead (although with that diorama, the background was separate from the box and came with a stand). Since the box doubles as a stand, it’s much sturdier than the War of the Takoyaki one (which tends to fold over with the force of gravity over time if you display it, as I have, on my DVD shelf). One added bonus is that if you have both, you can switch the plastic monsters and their backgrounds… though since Kamata-Kun is splashing, it looks a little weird to have him in front of Osaka Castle like that. I guess you could say he is in the moat.

At any rate, we have a first-rate Godzilla snack and a frivolous but fun diorama that comes with. Just eight pieces of candy seems like a paltry amount, but still, for Godzilla fans, this is a nice munch!