A complete translation of Kazuki Omori’s take on a “Godzilla versus Ghost Godzilla” type movie, as seen in the Japanese publication Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Perfection (ISBN: 4798615811). Based off the proposal pitched by Shogo Tomiyama and referred to as “Story Plan A“, the plot largely revolves around the malevolent spirit of the 1954 Godzilla causing havoc in the present day.  There isn’t too much to say about this one, other than characters feel a bit rough and plot threads seem come and go as they please, but it still manages to introduce some pretty wild scenarios. Once again, a very special thanks to Noah Oskow for his translation of this story!

~ Joshua S.


“Godzilla vs. Godzilla” Story Plan A ― Kazuki Omori

〇 Tokyo・1995

Giant bones have been unearthed at the construction site of the Ariake Coastal Subcenter Undersea Tunnel.

Could they be the bones of some dinosaur? Or those of a mammoth?–

XX University’s itinerant professor, Kazuhito Kishima, is called to the scene.

Kishima doesn’t see the bones as those of either a dinosaur nor of a mammoth.

The huge bones are brought to the National Institute of Bioscience in the metropolitan area.

Kishima was separated from his wife when she died in an accident, and lives with his only son, Sumito, a twelve year-old elementary school 6th-grader. Kishima cunningly collects a piece of the bone, gifting it to his son Sumito, telling him that “this is a dinosaur bone key holder.”

〇 Footsteps resound late at night in the city

With neither form nor footprints, a huge mass emerging from a shockwave assaults the city.

In a single night, areas all over the city show its scars –

And yet no one had seen the form of the thing that caused the damage.

The people are overcome with unease –

The police and Self-Defense Force assemble strict guard organizations, but despite this, the translucent entity continues to attack the town.

Attacks from heavy weaponry only incite the presence to increase the damage it causes.

Newspapers and television repeat frenzied headlines – “It’s Just Like an Unseen Godzilla,” and “Ghost Godzilla.”

“Godzilla?” – A wild idea enters Kishima’s imagination. “Could it perhaps be that those bones are in fact the remains of Godzilla (I), consigned to oblivion in Tokyo Bay 40 years ago by the Oxygen Destroyer?”

Then comes the third attack by the invisible mass.

Drawing a line on the map between the three points of attack reveals the National Institute of Bioscience at the center of the destruction –

Kishima’s imagination runs even wilder. “Godzilla’s ghost means to take back his bones.”  Kishima goes to a psychic researcher who works at his university to inquire regarding his bold ideas about Godzilla. This researcher does not deny Kishima’s theory.

He says that he’s been half convinced by Kishima’s explanation, but despite this, he still no idea as to how to destroy the invisible mass.

Eventually, the huge bones are taken from the land to the sea. They’re carried to an uninhabited island off the Miura Peninsula.

– Then, the invisible mass stops its attacks on Tokyo…

Whether this has all been coincidence or not, there is simply not enough evidence to confirm whether Kishima’s theory was indeed correct… but Kishima still naturally takes this as proof that he was right. Kishima speaks to his son, Sumito, regarding his feeling of proud discovery.

The bones of Godzilla call to him – Hearing his father’s theory, Sumito reaches out to his classmates, and together they hatch a plan. Their scheme is to have the invisible mass destroy the venue of a trade fair for new computer games being held at Makuhari, allowing them to take any of the games they want. Of course, their method for calling the invisible mass to Makuhari will be to use the Godzilla Bone Key Holder gifted to Sumito by his father. At night, the brats gather at the Makuhari trade fair. Their leader, Sumito, holds the key holder in his hand.

And then, it comes. The invisible mass.

In spectacular fashion, the Makuhari trade fair is destroyed.

Sumito and his gang descend on the destroyed fair to get their hands on the new games. They’re overjoyed.

Kishima knows that the invisible mass coming ashore at Makuhari is the work of his son, Sumito. While he’s glad that his theory has been substantiated, he gives his son a good scolding for his prank. Confiscating the Bone Key Holder, he locks it away in a quarantine box back at his university.

〇 The Bone Key Holder is stolen from Kishima’s laboratory at the hands of some mysterious person.

〇 One night, suddenly, a giant silhouette of light floats upwards from the depths of the waters off of the Miura Peninsula. At first appearing akin to the curtains of light seen in an aurora, it comes to take the form of Godzilla (I). It’s just as though an apparition of the deceased Godzilla has appeared, floating upon the sea – an Aurora Godzilla.

A transport ship that plies the waters off the peninsula happens to enter into the aurora; in an instant it’s enveloped in a beam of light and disappears.

However, as long as the Aurora Godzilla stays in that area of the ocean, it poses no further danger.

Television and mass communication are going wild for the Aurora Godzilla, which appears standing there nightly. Ships pull out to sea full of people for whom the Aurora has become a sightseeing spot. The shores are crammed full of onlookers gazing across the sea, and local restaurants are doing a roaring trade.

With patrol boats surrounding it, the seas around the Aurora Godzilla have been roped off as a danger zone, and reckless youth flock there as well. In an instant, one of the youth’s motorboats disappears.

〇 A woman director from Station XX, Yuriko Miue, puts forth a certain plan of action.

Her plan is to have the Aurora Godzilla and Little Godzilla face each other.

She suggests they should bring Little Godzilla from Birth Island to the waters off the Miura Peninsula and film a live broadcast.

Miki Saegusa is vehemently opposed. What a horrible idea, to use Little Godzilla for the sake of a television show!

However, Yuriko has laid the groundwork with the related departments, and she forcibly pushes forward.

〇 Little Godzilla is taken from Birth Island by ship (perhaps a conveyance ship designed specifically for Little Godzilla).

Then, Little Godzilla draws near to the waters off Miura Peninsula under the watchful eyes of the television cameras.

Little by little, the form of the Aurora Godzilla begins to change.

It seems that something had begun to change within Little Godzilla as well. His eyes and mouth have taken on a ferocious quality.

Suddenly, the light from the Aurora Godzilla begins to burst forth in a way resembling mist, and these concentrations of light begin to be absorbed into the body of Little Godzilla.

As we watch, Little Godzilla begins to morph into a form akin to a mass of lava, and suddenly – he has become Godzilla (I)!!

〇 Godzilla (I) slowly begins to head towards Tokyo.

The nightmare of those 40 years ago has reemerged –

Godzilla (I) walks through a Tokyo engulfed in flame, his footsteps echoing a reverberating, stomping noise.

Tokyo Tower is destroyed, followed by the Tokyo Dome, and as more and more buildings fall the city becomes a sea of fire.

People run about, trying to flee.

The Defense Force is dispatched.

Filming crew trucks are stomped on and crushed as well –

Having sent the people of Tokyo to the pits of despair, Godzilla (I)’s form disappears into Tokyo Bay.

〇 It is around this time that Godzilla (II) (Heisei Godzilla) begins to move.

His path leads to Tokyo.

Could Godzilla (II) be motivated by worry for Little Godzilla’s safety? Or could it just be heading for a chance meeting with Godzilla (I)? –

〇 The theft of the key holder from Kishima’s laboratory was done at the hands of Hideki Ogata (29), a physicist​ returning from America.

Hideki Ogata is the son born to Emiko Yamane and Hideto Ogata, and at one time he had attempted to understand the research regarding his mother’s one-time fiancée, Dr. Serizawa’s discovery of the Oxygen Destroyer.

Hideki believed Godzilla (I)’s bones could hold the key to solving the mystery of the Oxygen Destroyer, and to that aim he was analyzing the key holder.

The answer his state-of-the-art computers revealed were the unbelievable powers held by oxygen. That power is that to change the atomic energy from nuclear fission caused by uranium into temporal energy. A dreadful degree of temporal power – a single second of temporal power is worth 10,000 years. In short, physical forms exposed to its temporal powers are jumped forward 10,000 years. As a matter of course, the physical body thus exposed is destroyed. This is indeed what had occurred to the corpse of Godzilla (I). However, if that physical body happens to be a living being, its life-force shall remain even if its body is destroyed – it seems that somehow, the true form of the Ghost Godzilla is this sort of invisible mass. The only thing that can destroy this life-force is the Neo Oxygen Destroyer. And Hideki has finally completed it.

However, Hideki’s body has also been exposed to the oxygen pollution, and he is heading towards death.

〇 Tsukishima Waterfront

Godzilla (II) comes ashore.

Godzilla (I) appears, seemingly lifting up the Kachidoki Bridge.

The battle of Godzilla (II) VS Godzilla (I) takes place, destroying the high-rise buildings of Tsukishima. Godzilla (I) is about one size smaller than Godzilla (II).

By hiding behind high-rise buildings and disappearing below the water’s surface, and by using his high speed, he plays around with Godzilla (II), although their difference in size cannot be overcome.

Godzilla (I) finally collapses. His life-force quietly seeps out of his body and begins to float up towards the sky. Simultaneously, Godzilla (I)’s form begins to revert to that of Little Godzilla.

Seeing the lifeless form of Little Godzilla, Godzilla (II) lets out a tragic roar. With a heavy gait, he puts Tokyo to his back and heads towards the sea. –

〇 Miki does not believe that Little Godzilla has died

Miki insists that since what has risen out of Little Godzilla’s body is the life-force of Godzilla (I), Little Godzilla is in fact in a state of suspended animation. She bullies her way into getting Little Godzilla shipped to the docks of Yokohama and puts his body under quarantine.

The only way to bring Little Godzilla back to life is to bring about nuclear fission within his body.

However, is it truly worth bringing Little Godzilla back to life? This kaiju, if brought back to life once again by her hands, might go on to cause pain and suffering for humankind – No, moreover, seemingly Little Godzilla himself knows not the difference between good and evil. Miki’s heart wavers.

And not only that, but in order to revive him she’d need to get ahold of some plutonium…

〇 Hideki, having completed the one-and-only Neo Oxygen Destroyer (from here to be referred to as the NOD), is watched over by his parents as his brief life as a scientist comes to an end.

〇 Godzilla (II) traverses the sea

A JSDF submarine equipped with the NOD approaches.

The NOD has approached close enough to Godzilla (II) and is fired.

Godzilla (II)’s body is destroyed amidst a great and violent upwards eruption of bubbles.

Thus, Godzilla (II) has died –

〇 Miki resolves to bring Little Godzilla back to life

Little Godzilla is injected by the secretly obtained plutonium. Now they need only to wait for the nuclear fission to begin within his body. Having finished with the operation, Miki finds herself overcome with unease and regrets.

〇 An island in the waters off the Miura Peninsula

Suddenly, the gigantic abandoned bones blow into smithereens, scattering like a glittering dust.

And then, the life-force of Godzilla (I) which had come floating downwards began its next stage of materialization, ensconced in that light –

Next, the shining, invisible form of Godzilla (I) begins to float upwards.

A Godzilla like the most beautiful of carved glass sculptures, the most beautiful in Godzilla history = This is the birth of Crystal Godzilla. Crystal Godzilla, its translucent body shining, slowly makes its way towards Tokyo.

〇 Yokohama Bay

Crystal Godzilla assaults the harbor.

The heat rays that Crystal Godzilla spits forth burn up the tankers in their moorings.

The harbor is a sea of flame.

Miki and her crew have dropped off Little Godzilla at the docks and flee the scene. But Little’s nuclear fission has not yet begun –

Crystal Godzilla’s heat rays scorch the docks.

The docks explode.

Within the flames, Little Godzilla’s eyes slowly open. The glint in his eyes are more acute, closer to those of Godzilla (II). Little Godzilla has been reborn – while he isn’t as large as Godzilla (II), it’s obvious his age as “Little” Godzilla is over, and he has now come closer in nature to Godzilla (II).

〇 Miki can sense Little Godzilla’s rebirth

“Is Little Godzilla our enemy? Or our ally?”

〇 The Final Battle at the Ariake Waterfront City

Crystal Godzilla, with its beautiful body and its contrasting violence, moves forward with its destruction, obliterating the International Exhibition Center and the Ariake Coliseum.

Little Godzilla appears, seemingly chasing after Crystal Godzilla.

The battle between Crystal Godzilla and Little Godzilla commences.

This is a battle between the shining light of the old generation and the unknown, still-secretive new generation.

Moving from Ariake to Tennozu Isle, the two spit forth heat rays at each other, their interlocked tangle towards death continuing.

Then – suddenly, Crystal Godzilla falls, shattered just like a crafted piece of glass.

A victory for Little Godzilla.

Little Godzilla slowly turns his back on Tokyo Bay and heads out towards the Pacific Ocean.

Miki watches his retreating figure disappear – As to whether Little Godzilla will become an enemy or an ally to humankind… For now, she can only pray that the future will see no reason for her to regret her actions this day.


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