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  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Matthew Williams

    The waters around Birth Island began to turn a deep crimson red as thousands of Barems floated to the surface, heralding the arrival of the bane of the depths, Dagahra. The toxic beast emerged from the now polluted water around Birth Island and waddled towards the interior.

    In the sky above, something stirred, as if reacting to the toxic beast that now befouled the purity of Birth Island. Dagahra suddenly became aware of a golden flashing in the sky, and he raised his grotesque head to examine the strange occurrence. As he did, the sky opened up and began to rain golden dust in a gentle, hypnotic cloud. This caused the corruptor to stop in his tracks and stare at the lovely sight. Purring slightly, Dagahra was entranced as the beautiful golden snowflakes gently tumbled down from the heavens. Then, the powder eventually vanished as mysteriously as it appeared. Dagahra stared in bewilderment as the enchanting display came to an end.

    The tranquility of the scene is suddenly shattered as the Earth trembled, as though some great creature were moving below. Dagahra roared in surprise as the rumbling turned into a violent shaking, as long, snaking fissures ruptured under his feet. Then, he heard a moaning sound as the fissures broke open and a long, thorny tendril emerged from the Earth.

    Dagahra retreated for the safety of the ocean, but when he turned to run, he found the vines binding his legs. Roaring in rage, Dagahra tried to wrestle free of the bindings. In the midst of his struggle, he heard another great surge from under the ground. Turning his head, he watched in mute shock as the ground literally exploded outward, a mammoth head emerging from the soil. Biollante, goddess of the Earth, made her enormity known.

    Biollante bellowed out a challenge to the toxic wyrm she had entrapped in her tendrils, demanding that he leave this pure place and to never return. Dagahra roared defiantly, refusing to leave. Opening his mouth, the toxic one fired a crimson-ebony beam at the tendrils that bound him. The beam severed the vines, releasing a hissing spray of burning green fluid into the air.

    Biollante growled in anger and sent another swarm of tendrils after the corrupted one, who was still trying to retreat towards the ocean. Her tendrils emerged from the ground, clamping their jaws onto the corrupt one’s legs. Biollante gave a purr of pleasure as Dagahra was dragged and hauled back towards her.

    Dagahra, taking the offensive, took to the air and was yanked free of the choking tendrils the Earth goddess tried to bind him with. Turning, he flew back towards Biollante, roaring in anger. He parted his jaws and fired his Poisonous Jet Stream at his opponent, the bolt of energy raked her across the top of her enormous alligator-like head. Biollante snarled in pain as they seared her scaly leaves, but otherwise did not seem to be adversely affected by the attack.

    Dagahra, confused, fired another beam, as well as a volley of Barems from his shoulder cannons. The beam scraped across Biollante’s body, but once again failed to have any discernible impact on her. Yet, when the Barems struck, the small patches where they made contact seemed to shrivel from their acidic toxins.

    Biollante, not wanting to take another hit from the burning echinoderms shot by the toxic one, lashed out at him with her spiked tendrils. Seeking to take him out of the sky, Biollante whipped a group of decoy tendrils, seeking to divert the toxic one into her spear-tipped trap.

    Dagahra, seeing Biollante’s choking tendrils approaching, banked hard. The flailing lashes sailed past him, but the sense of accomplishment was short lived. The vile dragon suddenly felt a burning, stabbing pain burst through his right wing. As he turned his head to see what had happened, he was violently tugged out of the sky as Biollante viciously pulled her tendril in. Dagahra crashed into the ground with a sickening thud, blood erupting from his nostrils.

    As he lifted his head, he looked over at the spot where he felt the stabbing pain. With a groan of despair, he witnessed the damage sustained to the wing, which crippled his ability to fly. Yet, he didn’t completely lose hope, as he noticed that his shoulder cannons were still intact. Regaining his footing, Dagahra rose and turned to face the Earth goddess.

    Biollante saw the polluted serpent rise and began to advance on him. More tendrils emerged from the Earth around the toxic one. The foul beast responded to the attack by firing his energy beam at the vines, severing them. Yet, Biollante refused to let him escape, and sent more vines after the vicious monster.

    Dagahra, surrounded on all sides by the vines and Biollante’s lumbering form advancing, decided to try and play his trump card. Crouching low on the ground, he began to spin in place. As he did, a maelstrom formed around his twirling figure. The cyclone fully engulfed him, and he opened his shoulder cannons that released a stream of Barems into the tempest. Lifting off the ground, he charged towards Biollante.

    Biollante, seeing the toxic one forming a corrupted vortex of poison and acid, opened her maw. As the wicked twister closed in, the great plant-like leviathan summoned energy that arced towards the center of her mouth. Then, when the tempest was almost within striking range, she vomited forth a stream of her own acidic fluids.

    Directing the stream into the cyclone, Biollante drenched the toxic one and his foul spawn in her purifying sap. Dagahra fell from his cyclone, corroding Barems splattering all around him. Biollante advanced on her prone foe, and when she came within reach, she lowered her jaw and crunched on the toxic one’s head. Hundreds of sword-like teeth that line her maw drove into the body of the foul one.

    Suddenly regaining focus, Dagahra realized where he was, and how close he was to losing the fight. With only one vital shot at his disposal, Dagahra parted his shoulder cannons and fired a volley of Barems at the Earth goddess. The toxic starfish bombarded the hulking super-plant, who gave off a satisfying wail of agony as her grip lessened. Digging his heels into the ground, Dagahra pulled as hard as he could, tearing himself free of the Earth goddess’ maw. Yet, the cost was high, as he lost a good deal of flesh in the serrated jaws of Biollante. Screaming out in pain, Dagahra turned and began to retreat towards the ocean once again.

    Biollante watched as the toxic one retreated. Refusing to allow the vile beast to escape, Biollante sent several dozen mouthed tendrils through the ground, which emerged from below the beast, clamping onto him and pinning him to the soil. As the toxic one roared out in pain, Biollante decided to land the finishing blow.

    Underground, her spiked tendrils met up and braid themselves into a single, massive spike. Summoning all of her strength, Biollante drove the spike upward, impaling the toxic beast on its tip. The sheer force lifted him through the air, piked by the violent rupture. Dagahra’s last screams echoed as he was skewered on Biollante’s tendril, his foul blood falling to the ground in a grisly shower.

    Dagahra stopped moving, and Biollante released her grip. Then, snapping her tendril, flung the corpse into the ocean. As the water engulfed the body of its tormentor, Biollante looked on with detached pleasure. As the last traces of Dagahra sank beneath the waves, Biollante dissolved into her golden pollen form, and vanished into the beautiful sky.

    Winner: Biollante

    K.W.C. // July 8, 2003
  • Sometimes, a series reaches a stature where even the “lesser” films can’t hurt it due to the other strong entries over the years. Godzilla vs. Megalon is not one of those films. Love it or hate it, one can’t deny the amount of harm Godzilla vs. Megalon has done to the franchise in terms of credibility. The claim could be made that had it not been for Godzilla vs. Megalon Godzilla might never have picked up in the States, as this was the movie which reignited America’s pop culture fascination with the monster. Truth be known, the success of Godzilla vs. Megalon was more due to the advertising, including the elaborate posters of Godzilla and Megalon fighting on the World Trade Center, than the film’s merits. Its place in pop culture aside, the 1973 Godzilla film takes the largest heat for simply failing to do anything right: the story is unfitting for a full length feature, the actors have nothing to portray with their undeveloped characters, the new kaiju seem out of place for a Godzilla film, there is little special effects work involved, and the music is simply horrendous. (more…)

    Movie Reviews // April 18, 2003
  • This page features the archived log of reports given while Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee had its initial release pending. News was tracked from early rumors to release for the four player fighting game featuring the King of the Monsters. This focuses on the original release of the game on the Nintendo Gamecube. There is particular emphasis on its North American release, but also includes the Japanese one as well that added Kiryu into the mix as a fighter. (more…)

    News // December 16, 2002
  • Although its merits as a film are questionable, Godzilla vs. Gigan is actually anything but a widely disliked Godzilla movie among fans. Does this mean the final product is particularly good? Not necessarily, yet there are several things going for the film that account for its appreciation among genre fans despite its more lackluster qualities. Among these are the handling of the movie’s roster of monsters and the drawn out battle. That said, there are numerous aspects that drag the production down. This includes a rehashed story that leaves little room for character development alongside uninspiring performances from the cast, not to mention rampant use of stock footage; however, at least the stock soundtrack by maestro Akira Ifukube is well constructed for the proceedings. (more…)

    Movie Reviews // September 15, 2002
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    Downtown Tokyo was inundated with water, its streets filled to accommodate a violent and ravenous swarm. All over the city, the Meganula swarm returned from their hunting expeditions to finish charging their queen, Megaguirus, with stolen life force energy. As each of the Meganula returned and dove into the water, they plunged their energy filled stingers into a giant chrysalis, giving up their lives to revive their queen and make the city hers. Slowly, the queen Megaguirus emerged from her chrysalis in the murky depths. The fearsome insect climbed out of the womb of her birth and spread her wings, taking to the sky to survey her new domain.

    Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, something approached from below the ground, tunneling towards its new nest. Drawn by the enraging hum of neon lights and radio-towers, the creature drew ever closer. As it did, it sensed another presence in through the din of EM radiation. The thing was not making noise like the rest of the nest site, but instead made a different sound, one that signaled a threat. Realizing that there would be a fight, Legion chirped to itself with bloodlust.

    Megaguirus’ senses twitched as she felt the presence of an intruder in her domain. Flying above the line of the building, the queen of killers flew around her territory, searching for the intruder.

    Legion sensed that the other presence was on the move, probably trying to find her. Not wishing to give up her advantage at the moment, Legion continued to burrow underground further into the territory of the other. Once she felt the enemy about to pass overhead, she thrust her rear-limbs through the ground in the other’s direct path.

    Megaguirus banked hard, suddenly confronted with a massive pair of bladed legs rising from the ground directly in her path. The queen’s agility and aerial mobility won out, and she avoided the bladed trap in her path. She flew straight upward, out of the reach of the ivory limbs, and out of danger.

    Below the ground, Legion sensed the other dodged her legs. In a fit of pique, she emerged from the ground, shrieking in rage. As she pulled her body from her earthen tomb, she looked up and saw her prey.

    Both creatures stared at each other for a moment.

    Megaguirus, now able to see her opponent, shrieked out a challenge and charged her wings with sonic energy. Then screeching out again, flew straight at the intruder.

    Legion was shaken by the speed of her opponent. Still, she did not back down as her nasal horn opened and energy began to arc between the tips. Taking aim, Legion released a charged particle beam at the other.

    Megaguirus, seeing the beam, banked hard as the deadly blue stream of light blasted by. Still rushing forward, the supersonic dragonfly buzzed the intruder and buffeted it with ultrasonic energy.

    Legion screamed out in pain as the hypersonic dragonfly flew overhead, and rained down a wave of vibrating screams. Turning, Legion tried to strike the other with her claws, but the prey was too fast and dodged the deadly tip of her legs.

    Megaguirus wingovered and dodged the intruder’s limbs, coming back for another pass. Flying past her opponent again, Meganula queen sent out wave after wave of piercing sonic energy. Her opponent released a satisfying screech of pain as she passed over. As the intruder tried to turn around to face her, Megaguirus flew over its back and lashed out with her fore-claws. Yet, when she struck the creature’s body, her claws rebounded off of the intruder’s exoskeleton.

    Legion, having recovered from the attack, whipped backwards with her rear legs. Piercing limbs tried to strike at the ravenous insect, while the Meganula queen struggled to break through her shell. Legion sensed the creature had flown backwards, out of her reach.

    Legion turned around and opened her horn, charging another particle beam. As she sighted her prey, she unleashed the charged particle blast. Still recovering from the retreat, Megaguirus managed to dodge the beam, but only by a hair’s breadth.

    Megaguirus, furious that she couldn’t rend the intruder, decided to try a different tactic. Bringing her stinger to bear, the queen of killers charged up a plasma sphere and, taking aim at the intruder, launched the deadly blast of energy.

    Legion, seeing the other charging up an energy attack, extended the limbs on her crown and closed her horn. The other launched the sphere of energy, but instead of trying to dodge it, Legion instead stood completely still. As the energy sphere was about to strike her, Legion sent out a shell of energy from her crown and caught the blast on the tip of her horn. The Meganula queen recoiled in shock as the blast dissipated harmlessly on her foe’s shield. Screeching, Legion opened her horn and fired another charged particle beam. Though Megaguirus was able to evade the lethal blast, she had lost her two rear left legs in the process.

    Megaguirus, blinded by rage and pain, charged her wings and flew directly at the intruder. The invader was taken aback as the queen of killers flew overhead and drove the point of her stinger into the side of its crown. Still dispersing hypersonic energy from her wings, Megaguirus flew forward with such force that the part of the extremity was torn from the intruder’s head. The queen was given the satisfaction of hearing the intruder scream out in pain as part of its body was violently wrenched free. The intruder fell to the ground, its eyes dimmed black.

    However, overtaken by pure rage, Legion rose up as her eyes burned with a deep crimson. She looked up at the other, who had turned around in midair, and now was hovering out of reach. Legion focused her energy onto the ovaries on her midsection for a moment. Suddenly, her ovaries flashed as internal larvae began to hatch and mature. Then, leaning backwards, she released a black cloud of her brood into the air. Gently humming to them, she told her spawn where the other was, and that they were to tear it limb from limb.

    Megaguirus, mesmerized by the flashing on the intruder’s body, suddenly came to her senses as a massive cloud of smaller creatures emerged from the intruder’s body. Realizing that the intruder had just introduced a new element into the conflict, she felt nervous. Still, she would not abandon her territory.

    Charging her wings with sonic energy, and powering up an energy ball in her stinger, the queen of killers charged at the swarm. Just as they were about to make contact, she banked hard and whipped her tail down, launching the energy ball. The blast connected with the swarm, burning several hundred to ash. The remaining creatures continued to pursue her. Megaguirus turned suddenly, and flew over the swarm, obliterating some of them with her sonic vibrations.

    Legion, furious that her children were being decimated so easily, sent out another call to her spawn. As she did, she opened her horn and fired a charged particle beam into the direct path of the other. The dragonfly banked sharply, avoiding the blast, but instead flew directly into the path of the swarm of her children.

    Megaguirus was blinded as the intruder’s swarming spawn attached to her by the dozens. Her flight was slowed as the swarm clawed and bit her repeatedly. Then worse pain flared through her body as she realized that the intruder had shot another one of its beams at her, this time clipping off her right wings. No longer able to fly, the queen of killers began to plummet from the sky.

    Legion, seeing her chance, opened up her horn and charged up another beam. As the other fell, she carefully took aim. Then, she unleashed the charged particle blast, striking her prey square in the chest, throwing it backwards. The once fierce dragonfly screamed out in pain as it caught on fire and slammed into one of the buildings, embedding itself in the surface.

    Legion sensed that victory was near and charged up one more blast. Then, with great satisfaction, fired the final blast, blowing off the head of her prey and bringing the building down on top of it. Her prey screamed out once more before dying, as the husk of the building and the queen of killers collapsed into a pile of rubble.

    Legion then walked into the newly won territory to begin her new nest.

    Winner: Legion

    K.W.C. // September 28, 2001
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The sun rose over the East Side of New York City. As the citizens slowly roused from their sleep, a tremor emanated from Central Park. Within ten blocks of the park, people panicked and ran, screaming in every direction. The ground under the park began to buckle, and with a roar, Zilla burst out from under the Central Park Auditorium. The reptile smashed it to bits, sending shrapnel into the sky. As its roar thundered through the city, the people’s panic solidified into terror as they ran frantically away from the monstrous beast.

    Meanwhile, in the harbor, the coastguard picked up something enormous on sonar. The creature was easily longer than a freighter and moving coastward rapidly. The harbor patrol called out an evacuation order as the creature closed in on the city. The surface of the water flashed a brilliant white, then Titanosaurus exploded out of the water, launching himself into the air and onto the dock.

    Titanosaurus wheeled his arms and torso as his warbling cry screeched into the heavens. In the distance, Titanosaurus heard a noise, one that sounded very familiar, and yet subtly different from the one he remembered. Old memories of pain and humiliation flooded back to him as he recalled how he was forced by the small being to fight against that other monster, then was nearly driven to madness by the screams from the tooth that the other small beings shot into his neck. Titanosaurus hissed as the memories of pain came flashing back to him. Thirsty for revenge, he began to stalk into the city.

    Titanosaurus weaved through the buildings, listening for the other monster. On top of one of the nearby structures, Zilla spotted Titanosaurus and quickly roared out a challenge before leaping down to the concrete below.

    Titanosaurus heard the roar and reflexively leapt straight up into the air. Zilla surged past him and landed on the pavement below, overcompensating and staggering forward because he missed his mark. Titanosaurus landed with a crash that caused the buildings to shake, then turned around to face his opponent. As he did, Titanosaurus realized that this creature wasn’t the one that humiliated him. Just the same, it had sounded enough like it to take some aggression out on, if only by proxy.

    Titanosaurus screeched out a challenge to Zilla, who also roared back in response. Titanosaurus dropped his shoulders and charged. Zilla responded by arching his back and also advancing head-long at his foe, roaring defiantly.

    The two behemoths connected with each other, Zilla landing the first blow by landing a headbutt into Titanosaurus’ chest. Titanosaurus chirped in pain, then responded by dragging his claws across Zilla’s left shoulder and lower portion of his jaw. Zilla roared out in pain, and then bit Titanosaurus in the right leg. Titanosaurus screamed as Zilla clamped his jaws down onto his thigh.

    Titanosaurus hammered at Zilla’s head with his fists and claws, trying to get him to release his jaw lock. Zilla, in response to the assault, merely tightened his grip and twisted his neck, trying to tear out Titanosaurus’ thigh. Titanosaurus screamed out in pain, then reached down and grabbed Zilla by the top and bottom jaws.

    Screeching and pulling with all of his might, Titanosaurus began to pull Zilla’s jaws open, until he freed his leg. Titanosaurus let go of Zilla’s jaws, which snapped shut. Titanosaurus shuffled backwards, then kneed Zilla in the throat. He then grabbed his jaws shut and, lifting him into the air by his head, shoulder tossed him through one of the nearby buildings.

    Zilla struck the building, and with a roar of pain, crushed the front half, knocking it to rubble as he fell to the ground. Zilla rose and roared at Titanosaurus, who screeched back at him defiantly. Zilla charged at Titanosaurus and leapt into the air, landing on Titanosaurus’s chest as he recoiled from the attack. Zilla then pushed off with his back legs, jumping off Titanosaurus, throwing him backwards with the force. Titanosaurus screeched as he was thrown backwards into one of the skyscrapers behind him, sending a shower of glass shards into the air like a crystalline rainstorm. Titanosaurus shrieked in pain as the glass bit into his skin. Pulling himself free of the damaged building, he charged at Zilla.

    Titanosaurus bowed down as he charged. Then, when he came within reach of Zilla, brought his body up quickly, striking Zilla with his neck. Zilla was thrown back slightly by the force of the blow. As he staggered back, Titanosaurus lunged forward, then turned around quickly and struck his opponent with his tail. Zilla was thrown to his side by the blow, staggering to his left.

    Titanosaurus turned around quickly, and reaching forward, grabbed Zilla around the neck. Screeching, Titanosaurus lifted Zilla from the ground by the neck. Tightening his grip, Titanosaurus choked his prey. Zilla began to foam at the mouth as he started to lose consciousness. Titanosaurus chirped with pleasure as he saw Zilla beginning to go under.

    Zilla lifted his hind legs and kicked out, striking Titanosaurus in the gut. Titanosaurus loosened his as Zilla kicked again, driving his claws into the tough hide on Titanosaurus’ belly. Zilla raised his legs again and kicked out, this time pushing free of Titanosaurus’ grip. Titanosaurus shrieked in pain and clutched his bleeding stomach. Zilla took the opportunity, and rising, turned and ran around the corner of the street, and out of sight.

    Titanosaurus wheezed for a few seconds as he regained his wind. Noticing that his foe was gone, the aquatic dinosaur began to pursue. As he turned the corner that Zilla went around, he came to a stop in front of an immense hole in the pavement. Titanosaurus looked around anxiously, not knowing what to make of the situation.

    Titanosaurus backed away from the hole. As he did, he craned his neck up as high as he could and looked around, watching for Zilla.

    As Titanosaurus set his foot down, the ground exploded as Zilla burst from the concrete and latched his jaws onto Titanosaurus’ injured right leg. The agile lizard began to pull him into his burrow, purring softly at the success of his ambush. Titanosaurus fell to his hands and knees as Zilla dragged him towards the hollow in the ground. Titanosaurus dug his hand and foot claws into the ground in an effort to avoid being pulled into the underground, where he would have a distinct disadvantage.

    Zilla shook his jaws violently, sending Titanosaurus’ blood onto the street as his teeth dug deeper into the wounded limb. Titanosaurus craned his neck around and screeched at Zilla. Then, lifting his free left leg, Titanosaurus kicked backwards with all of his might, driving the heel of his foot into Zilla’s muzzle. Zilla grunted in pain, but didn’t let go. Titanosaurus kicked again, this time causing Zilla to slacken his grip, yet not enough to shake free. A third time, Titanosaurus kicked his foe in the muzzle, this time cracking the bone with the force of the blow. Zilla shrieked out in pain and released Titanosaurus as blood ran out of his nostrils. Titanosaurus took the opportunity and leapt away.

    Zilla was almost blind with rage as he erupted from his burrow and charged at Titanosaurus. Titanosaurus turned his back on Zilla and opened the sail on his tail. As Zilla closed and leapt, Titanosaurus violently waved the fin back and forth. Instantly, a gale force wind picked up, throwing Zilla backwards as he flew through the air. Zilla rolled on the ground for several blocks before regaining his sense of balance and digging his claws into the pavement. He roared as he dug his fore-claws and hind legs into the ground.

    Titanosaurus did not stop fanning, but instead picked up the pace, causing the wind to increase its speed. Trees uprooted and cars parked on the street flew through the air, slamming into Zilla. One car slammed into the shattered portion on his muzzle, causing him to screech out in pain and loosen his grip. His claws relaxed slightly and he was thrown backwards and into a skyscraper, sending glass and metal flying.

    Titanosaurus stopped fanning his tail, causing the maelstrom to stop, and then turned to finish Zilla off. As he did, he realized that Zilla had retreated underground again. Titanosaurus lumbered forward to where Zilla fell, and found one of his foe’s dorsal spines had snapped off from the impact. He was not very interested in this, however, but the hole in which he assumed Zilla had retreated down. Titanosaurus backed away, again looking around nervously, but instead of looking for Zilla, he listened for him.

    Titanosaurus heard a faint rumble behind him and leapt into the air. Zilla burst from the ground and snapped his jaws in empty space. Surging out of his burrow, Zilla looked around for Titanosaurus. He heard a crash behind him as Titanosaurus landed and grabbed onto his tail.

    Titanosaurus heaved with all of his might and swung Zilla off the ground and into one of the buildings. Not letting go, he swung Zilla again, and slammed him into an adjacent building. Zilla tried to pull away, but was badly wounded from the blows.

    Titanosaurus maintained his hold and slowly worked his grip up Zilla’s body until he had both hands on his skull and jaw. Zilla tried to struggle, but was still weak from the previous blow. Titanosaurus, digging his feet into the ground, began to twist his adversary’s neck. Zilla groaned in pain as his neck vertebrae were twisted violently. Then, with a sickening wet crack, the bones in Zilla’s neck separate as they broke and his spinal cord was severed.

    Titanosaurus chirped with delight to himself as he released the carcass of his foe, which dropped to the ground with a sickening thud. Titanosaurus kicked the carcass with his good leg, testing to see if his opponent was truly dead. Then, satisfied that his foe was not going to get back up, he turned and limped back towards his home in the ocean to heal.

    Winner: Titanosaurus

    K.W.C. // April 30, 2001
  • Author: James Webster | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The cool stench arose from the canopy treetops on Monster Island. The sounds of birds silenced at the approach of a giant. The ground quaked as the black form trampled through the foliage. The deadly beast, Kumonga, with its eight ruby-like eyes, gleamed with hatred as it moved forward. Mimicking a machine, the grotesque spider crawled. The black pole legs, spearing into the ground like daggers. The arachnid had felt the presence of another. The tainted smell of blood flew through the air. But the prey was nowhere in visible sight.

    Yet Kumonga knew better. He could literally taste the essence of the beast. Each corrupted thought of feeding flesh, and spilled blood, threw the tension into frenzy. The meal would be soon. Great ribbons of lusting foam dripped from its hollow bony fangs. Its sense of bloodlust rising like crashing waves on a shore. Adrenalin now coursed in its veins. The kill was near and it would be something for him to savor.

    Suddenly the giant spider’s thoughts were broken, shattered by a loud beastly roar. Kumonga quickly turned its body just in time to see the tyrant charging. The jade green scales, glimmering in the sun. The ivory teeth, flashing with savoring drool. Powerful strides on ropes of muscled flesh moved the titan’s mass in blinding speed. The might of Gorosaurus was met.

    The mammoth spider raised up and was in momentary shock at the sudden appearance of the creature. But even more so when the beast too rose into the air, rearing its hefty weight upon its barreled scaly tail. The taloned back legs, pulled against its oily skin, as the chiseled stone body lifted higher and higher. Fear bored into the eight-legged behemoth when it realized the true nature of the show.

    A loud bone cracking sound shattered the air. The saurian slammed full force with its coiled legs upon the exoskeleton body of Kumonga. The arachnid screeched a banshee cry of maddening pain as its body was sent backwards, slamming into the ground. The huge dinosaur hissed and then began to mirthfully crush its downed foe. Stamping, raking, and clawing with its powerful three scythe-like clawed feet. And with each step and each cut, another shriek of torture bellowed.

    Gorosaurus roared in frustration and quickly jumped off the battered arachnid. Howling again, the leviathan swung its massive tail into the mutant spider’s lifeless shell. The fevering whack sent the spider hurtling through the stale air. Moments of ebbing sands of time ticked by, before the many-limbed foe landed hundreds of meters away. Tearing through the earth, sliding on it’s back, Kumonga plowed through. Leaving only an open stretch of wounded earth in its wake. Dust and dirt hovered in the blue sky, surrounding and blinding the spider’s half glazed view.

    Then, without warning, another tonnage of weight bashed against the mutant. A sharp, numbing pierce of icy torment raced through its body. Followed soon by another and another. Waves of pain flooded the arachnid’s tattered mind, only the cries of screeching horrible rage seemed to relieve what little it could. The dinosaur, though, continued to beat the spider’s soft underside with its fleshy tail. Kumonga’s legs flailed wildly at the attack. Sneering a fence of ivory sword teeth, the emerald lizard placed one of its massive clawed feet upon the prone body. New flashes of horror assaulted the downed black creature as Gorosaurus opened its rowed dagger mouth and prepared to grab hold of the beast with pike-like teeth.

    Death raced through the spider’s mind in the next few precious seconds. Willing its body, the creature moved every limb it could. Only by luck of the slimmest chance, two of the arachnid’s dagger-like legs struck the enraged behemoth. Gorosaurus howled in pain and immediately released its hold. The creature’s legs were like swords, slicing deeply into his upper leg. Weeping wounds now graced the tyrant lizard’s thigh, wounds that were too much for the animal to stand on. Roaring in utter defiance, the being fell to its side, losing its balance.

    At last, the tide of battle had turned, and Kumonga summoned its strength to flip back over. The sky next, was filled with the sound of a low hissing noise, as the Spiega began to spray the fallen titan. Thousands of sticky white strands leapt from the beast’s fanged mouth, extending hundreds of feet. Gorosaurus watched in pain as the sticky eggshell wisps of silk floated down and made contact with his pebbled skin. The milky gossamer substance was cold and dried almost as soon as it touched him. The huge dinosaur fought back fiercely, but it was fruitless. The web was too strong, and far too thick.

    Hours ticked by before the gigantic spider finally stopped. Stepping forward on the motionless saurian, the creature finished the job. Extending from its mouth, a small needle like barb plunged into the tough skin. Injecting the helpless creature, the spider had won. The venom clogged the veins and arteries of Gorosaurus, running through its blood stream like light across the voids of space. Great gouts of air blasted from the lungs, and the stone idol-like mountain of bone cracked.

    Cold flesh now covered the beast. The once powerful kaiju whipped its armored tail limply, and twitched its crocodilian jaws before falling as still as a great fallen oak. A sea of sanguine fluid spurted from its throat while organs burst from deep within. Gushes of drenched black blood, flooded the parched earth like rivers of insanity. Red and glistening the plants remained, their surface tainted by the loss of Gorosaurus. The dinosaur was a hill of dead meat, the organs all but shutting off, one by one.

    Moving forward, the spider Kumonga fed on its hard fought meal, warming its mouth with the cup of victory.

    Winner: Kumonga (Showa)

    K.W.C. // February 20, 2001
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    Mechagodzilla arrived on Planet X, its retro-booster rockets kicking up a cloud of dust and rock debris as the titanic mech came to a landing. The crew that piloted the machine pivoted the battle robot’s head, looking for the creature that it had been sent to eliminate. The crew did not have to wait long. Mechagodzilla’s sensors picked up a blip on the radar, and the pilots realized that the creature was almost as big as they were, and approaching rapidly. Its crew turned the mech and saw the mammoth creature barreling down from the sky, its three heads screeching like the songs of hell.

    The multi-headed hydra landed approximately 100 yards from the mech. Its wings folded up, while a shower of dust was blown into the empty void as its bulk came to rest. With horror, the crew recognized the target that they had been deployed to battle; an ancient and lethal organism codenamed Desghidorah, the destroyer of worlds.

    The black and red serpent eyed the metallic creature opposite of it with detached malice. The mighty machine brought its arms up and locked them into battle position. Screeching out in a synthesized cry, Mechagodzilla eyed the deadly opponent. Suddenly, Mechagodzilla opened up its mouth and released its Mega-Buster attack, blasting Desghidorah in the right head. Startled by the sudden attack, Desghidorah screamed out in pain as the compact beam seared its flesh.

    Screaming out defiantly, Desghidorah launched a volley of plasma-beams from its three mouths. Mechagodzilla stood its ground, bolts of crimson flame bombarding the great machine. Mechagodzilla’s armor drew in most of the energy, dissipating it harmlessly. Though the impact forced the bulky robot to stagger, struggling to maintain balance. Spotting an opening, Desghidorah unfurled its wings and took off, barreling towards its metallic enemy.

    Mechagodzilla recovered from Desghidorah’s blast, just in time to see the monster bull rushing toward him. Its vile heads screamed bloody death as it advanced. As the demonic dragon was almost on them, Mechagodzilla dove to the side. Desghidorah surged overhead and past. The metallic doppelganger got to its feet and fired the Mega-Buster and optic beams at the hell-beast.

    Furious at missing its mark, Desghidorah was struck in the back by the energy beams, erupting in a shower of sparks. The assault angered the beast even further, who made a wide turn and headed back towards its enemy. As Mechagodzilla unloaded more of its arsenal, Desghidorah swerved and maneuvered, avoiding the relentless assault as it closed in on the battle weapon.

    Once within range, Desghidorah fired another volley of plasma-beams at Mechagodzilla. The bolts collided with the mech, one connecting with its face, one the right arm, and one in the chest. Once again, the beams forced knocked the mech back. Just as the mech tried to regain its footing, Desghidorah rammed into the powerful machine. A shower of sparks erupted as Mechagodzilla collapsed and smashed into a mountain of basaltic rock, scattering stone in all directions.

    Desghidorah landed on Mechagodzilla, pinning the machine down by placing its bulky forelegs on the mech’s chest plate. The destroyer of worlds shouted out with rage as the demon ruthlessly stomped its enemy into the ground, pounding them with deadly blows from its forelegs. The armor of Mechagodzilla’s chest warped and dented under the demon’s wrath. Desghidorah lowered its central head and spewed a torrent of volcanic flame into the machine’s visage. Mechagodzilla tried to focus on the target, but the visual sensors were useless with the wall of flames blocking them.

    Realizing they were in deep trouble, Mechagodzilla’s crew relayed commands and parted the Plasma Grenade port on its stomach. The energy lens flashed blue, then a beam of golden-hot energies erupted from the orifice on its stomach. The force hurled Desghidorah through the vacuum and into a ravine several hundred meters away. Seeing their chance, Mechagodzilla activated its thrusters and took off.

    Closing in on the ravine, the superweapon landed and walked up to the fissure. Mechagodzilla spotted the savage demon lying in the bottom, its chest and heads twitching sporadically.

    Mechagodzilla set its arms towards the unconscious foe, and fired the G-Crusher cables, piercing Desghidorah in the right leg and stomach. The sudden jerky pain revived Desghidorah, who screeched out in agony. Seeing Desghidorah resume activity, Mechagodzilla discharged a deadly electrical current through the G-Crusher cables. The vicious hell-beast screamed out and tried to get up, but the G-Force weapon shot it back down with the Mega-Buster, continuing to electrocute Desghidorah.

    After a few moments, Desghidorah stopped and became still, and Mechagodzilla ceased fire. Then, without warning, Desghidorah’s body glowed and an electrical current was sent back through the G-Crusher cables. The sudden jolt threw Mechagodzilla backwards, and the mech landed gracelessly on its posterior. As it fell, the G-Crusher cables became overheated and snapped, whipping about.

    The heavyweight machine rose to its feet, only to notice that the tri-headed terror was climbing out of the trench. The G-Crusher hooks were still embedded in its right leg and stomach, both wounds seeping quantities of blood. The look on Desghidorah’s faces read unmasked fury and hatred as it trudged towards its enemy.

    Desghidorah closed the gap and assailed the recovering mech, taking its good left leg and stomped on the idle machine, knocking it back down. Desghidorah released a torrent of volcanic flame onto the prone robot. Mechagodzilla tried to move, but the heat began to overload its circuits. The machine and its crew heard a creaking sound, and with horror realized that the heat resistant plating was melting under the intensity of Desghidorah’s assault.

    With little time and options left, Mechgodzilla tried to aim for its target. The servos in its neck mechanism screeched in protest, but managed to turn its head. Targeting Desghidorah, Mechagodzilla fired its optic blasters. The beams struck the G-Crusher hook embedded in Desghidorah’s stomach, causing the creature to cease its attack and stagger back in reeling pain. Mechagodzilla used this opening to activate its thrusters and parted distance. Mechagodzilla was several hundred meters away before Desghidroah recovered. Seeing its enemy fleeing, Desghidorah opened its wings and pursued its prey.

    The mechanical titan saw the pursuing demon chasing after them. Knowing that it couldn’t be outrun, Mechagodzilla instead turned around and fired a volley of paralyzer missiles from the shoulder ports. The missiles streaked towards Desghidorah, who was startled by this new attack. The missiles struck the ebony plating in its right neck, injured right leg, and left wing. Desghidorah shrieked from the pain and was suddenly gripped with paralysis from the cadmium toxin in the shells. Desghidorah plummeted to the ground, sliding along the rocky surface and into a cliff of basalt. Desghidorah struggled to rise to its feet and glared at the machine with utmost hate.

    Mechagodzilla opened fire with all of its remaining weapons. Paralyzing missiles, Mega-Busters, optic beams, and Plasma Grenades bombarded its grounded enemy. Desghidorah was forced to its knees by the impact of the beams and missiles before collapsing. The assault kicked up a massive wall of dust and rubble, obscuring the gargantuan serpent. Mechagodzilla ceased its thrusters and landed on the moon rock, held on standby for what was to come next.

    Suddenly, the monster sprang to life, launching two plasma-beams from its two functional heads. Mechagodzilla tried to dodge the bolts, but the beams blasted through its armor, which had lost its heat resistance. In a shower of sparks, Mechagodzilla’s left arm was blown off, and its chest plate shattered. Mechagodzilla staggered back, almost losing its balance as it tripped on a small hill. Desghidorah charged at its foe, overrunning him and pinning the mech to a cliff of basalt. Desghidorah bit down onto Mechagodzilla’s remaining arm with its left head, while the central head breathed volcanic flame into Mechagodzilla’s face.

    Mechagodzilla, losing power fast, attempted to reach up and grab Desghidorah’s left neck. The mech’s arm shrieked under the strain, but it managed to grab Desghidorah’s left throat and squeeze down. Desghidorah lessened its grip a bit, but the central head continued to hurl flames into Mechagodzilla’s anterior. The armor plating melted under the strain, the eyes cracked from the thermal stress.

    In one last bid for escape, Mechagodzilla charged up its Plasma Grenade. Focusing all the remaining energy it had, Mechagodzilla fired a searing beam of plasma energy into Desghidorah’s chest, throwing the creature backwards several hundred meters, through a mountain and into another ravine. Nearly blind, Mechagodzilla tried to move, but was losing functionality.

    Just as they were about to signal HQ for a retrieval squad, Desghidorah dragged itself out of the ravine. The demon bled from the chest, an immense burnt crater imprinted as a result of the last attack. Its right leg had been broken, and its right neck torn off in the process. Desghidorah heaved itself onto level ground, screaming bloody murder, and fell to its knees. The savage beast shuddered and collapsed, keeling over. Mechagodzilla relaxed, smoking from what was left of its joints, and shut down from internal mechanical failures.

    Draw: Desghidorah, Mechagodzilla (Heisei)

    K.W.C. // January 22, 2001
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

    Iris and Destoroyah both landed on Birth Island, each knocking over trees and blowing up enormous clouds of dust as they came to rest on the rocky ground. Both monsters began to eye each other. Destoroyah eyed the smaller Iris with the desire to kill, while Iris had an unreadable expression on his stoic visage. Both monsters began to circle each other, both tensed for the coming battle.

    Destoroyah broke the stalemate by firing his Oxygen Destroyer beam at Iris. The blast struck Iris full force in the chest, caught off guard by the sudden assault. Iris screeched out in pain as the blast seared his flesh with white-hot agony. Iris, after recovering from the attack, retaliated by lunging at Destoroyah, right arm raised to drive the jagged spear point into his opponent’s flesh. Destoroyah braced himself for the blow, but it never landed, as Iris flew up and over Destoroyah just before he was within striking range.

    Before Destoroyah could recover, Iris performed a quick 180 degree turn in midair, sending two of his bladed tendrils through the base of Destoroyah’s wings. Then with a burst of speed, Iris thrust forward and tore huge gaps in Destoroyah’s wing membranes, snapping the bones before the blades ripped free. As Iris tore the blades out, Destoroyah screamed out in pain and rage. Iris pulled his tendrils back in and pivoted in midair, only to find Destoroyah charging towards him, screaming bloody murder. His tattered, bloody wings flapped ineffectually behind him.

    Destoroyah’s claws connected with Iris’ left arm, tearing an enormous, ragged, bloody gash into it. Iris shrieked out in pain and reflexively took to the air, trying to escape his enraged opponent, trailing blood in his wake. When Destoroyah tried to follow, he only snarled with pain as he tried to get his ruined wings to work. Iris stopped ascending and gazed down at his grounded opponent. Gaining confidence, Iris lashed out with his tendrils again, aiming for Destoroyah’s head.

    Destoroyah sensed the tendrils approaching, and fired an Oxygen Destroyer beam at them, knocking them off-course. One tendril swerved past the beam, striking Destoroyah in the right half of his faceplate. Destoroyah shrieked and responded to the attack by grabbing the tendril, pulling on it with all his might. Iris was pulled from the sky and struck the ground, causing small fissures to open up. Destoroyah then began to pull the tendril, using it to reel in Iris. Iris sensed that he was in danger, and responded by deploying two of his tendrils. They wrapped around his foe’s legs and pulled with all of their might. Thrown off balance, Destoroyah fell to the ground.

    At the moment of impact, Destoroyah dissolved into a swarm of Juvenile Destoroyahs. Just as suddenly as Destoroyah broke apart, the Juvenile Destoroyahs began to swarm the downed Iris, who was still recovering from the fall. The creatures began to claw, bite, and sting Iris as he tried to get to his feet.

    In desperation, Iris took to the air once again, flying at top speed to try and dislodge the Juvenile Destoroyahs from his body. The sudden acceleration managed to dislodge half of them, but the rest remained and continued their assault on him. Iris lashed out at the Juvenile Destoroyahs with his tendrils, knocking them off. Then, he lashed out with one of his tendrils, impaling one of the falling crabs. Iris brought the beast up to his right claw, and then drove the point into the creature’s shell. The Juvenile Destoroyah screamed out in pain, but quieted as Iris drained its life energy. As Iris absorbed the crustacean’s life energy, the multitude of small wounds the other crabs had caused to him stopped bleeding and closed up. Iris dropped the desiccated husk of the crab, which crumbled into dust as it fell.

    While Iris fought off these smaller bodies, Destoroyah used the time to regain some of his energy, and had rejoined into his flying form. Noticing that Iris was distracted, he flew up towards the other monster, murder burning in his eyes. Iris was stunned to see that his foe had not only changed form again, but was now flying directly towards him! Destoroyah flew past Iris, slashing his damaged left arm with his wing blades, and circled around for another run.

    Iris waited patiently till the last second, and then suddenly dove out of the way. As Destoroyah flew over, Iris brought up two of his tendrils and fired his energy beams at his foe. The beams raked across Destoroyah’s belly, and Destoroyah plummeted towards the ground. Iris pivoted in midair, so he could watch his enemy splatter on the ground. But when Destoroyah hit, he broke apart into the many Juvenile Destoroyahs again.

    Iris stared with amazement as Destoroyah once again reformed into his giant form, with wings perfectly intact. Destoroyah took to the air with such speed that he was upon Iris before he could react. Summoning all of his strength, Destoroyah folded his wings up and body slammed into Iris, knocking the both of them out of the air. The two behemoths plummeted towards the ground in a tangle of wings, tendrils, teeth, and claws, both snarling and shrieking as they fell. They hit with such tremendous force that enormous fissures opened up, snaking away from the fallen monsters.

    Destoroyah, having landed on top, pinned Iris under him. Iris struggled to break free, but Destoroyah used his tremendous bulk to force him down. Destoroyah lunged with his jaws at Iris’ head, but Iris managed to shift just enough to move his head out of harm’s way. Instead, Destoroyah clamped his vicious jaws on Iris’ left shoulder, biting down hard.

    Iris screamed out in pain as Destoroyah’s teeth punctured his shoulder muscles and reached the bone, causing a small torrent of blood to rupture from the bite wound and into Destoroyah’s mouth. Enraged that anything would dare hurt him that severely, Iris managed to wrestle his right arm free and drove it into Destoroyah’s left eye. Iris twisted the tip and drilled it in further, causing a grisly spray of blood to erupt from Destoroyah’s eye socket. Destoroyah, enraged by the pain, was forced to release his grip and fly backward to escape. Iris got to his feet and flew backwards, so as to distance himself from his rabid opponent.

    The two monsters stared each other down, Iris examining his ruined left shoulder and now useless left arm. Destoroyah fumed at being half blinded and roared out in uncontained fury. He then began to advance on Iris. Iris brought up his tendrils to prepare to fire, but noticed that Destoroyah’s horn was glowing. Realizing that Destoroyah was about to use a new attack, Iris evaded barely in time as Destoroyah’s horn cutter beam sliced past his left flank. The beam missed Iris’ body, but did sever one of Iris’ tendrils, cauterizing the wound as it went.

    Destoroyah flapped his wings and charged Iris, who was preoccupied by the pain of his ruined tendril. Iris’ orb gleamed blue with anger, then thrust one of his tendrils straight at the flying demon. Destoroyah, blind in his left side, didn’t notice the tendril and was struck in the throat. The blow acted like a clothesline and Destoroyah fell to his right and crashed, rolling through the trees as if they were toothpicks. When he came to a stop, Destoroyah tried to regain his bearings, but instead felt a searing pain in his right arm and wing.

    When he tried to move them, he couldn’t. As Destoroyah looked over, he saw Iris floating above him. Destoroyah roared when he realized that two of Iris’ tendrils had rammed through his right arm and wing, pinning him to the ground. Iris thrust another tendril out, this time through Destoroyah’s left wing membrane and arm. Destoroyah tried to pull free, but Iris landed on his chest. Still furious about losing one of his tendrils, Iris drove his good right arm through the bottom of Destoroyah’s jaw, pinning the demon’s mouth shut. Iris began to siphon off Destoroyah’s power, the latter showed signs of wither as the former restored his injured left arm and shoulder.

    Suddenly, caught off guard to what came next, Destoroyah suddenly divided into his Juvenile state again, freeing himself from Iris’ grasp. Destoroyah’s crab bodies distanced themselves and then rejoined into their final form. The two monsters stared each other down. Iris was visibly recharged from feeding, while Destoroyah had been considerably weakened from so many shape changes and taking so much damage. Iris brought up his tendrils and began to charge them up with Destoroyah’s horn cutter.

    Destoroyah, barely able to keep himself up, could only half-heartedly retreat. Iris lashed out with a virtual storm of cutting beams, most of the beams failing to hit. But two found their mark. One took off Destoroyah’s left wing and arm, while the second sliced his right leg off at the knee joint. Destoroyah collapsed to the ground, blood pooling up around his severed limbs. Destoroyah tried to get up, but couldn’t, as he realized that he was fatally wounded. He managed to call up enough strength to raise himself up on the bloody stump of his right leg and his remaining arm.

    Destoroyah looked up and saw Iris slowly advancing on him, tendrils lashing about in anticipation. Destoroyah tried to gather enough energy for one last Oxygen Destroyer beam, but the blast fizzled out in his mouth as his arm slipped in his own blood, collapsing under his weight. His eyes peered at Iris, who now loomed over his prone body. Destoroyah growled once, but was struck by one of Iris’ tendrils across his muzzle. Iris brought all of his tendrils to bear on Destoroyah and, opening the tips, began to charge up several Oxygen Destroyer beams.

    In a blaze of purple-white energy, Iris began to immolate Destoroyah’s prone form with a torrent of energy. Destoroyah screamed out in pain, but grew quiet as his mind slipped into oblivion. Iris continued to unleash the brilliant streams of destructive energy until there was nothing left of Destoroyah’s corpse but an ashen husk. Iris lowered his tendrils and slapped the brittle Destoroyah, causing the blasted shell to crumble like burnt paper.

    Verifying his foe’s demise, Iris raised his head and shrieked at the heavens, taking to the air. His tendrils whipped up a cloud of ash as he vanished into the sky.

    Winner: Iris

    K.W.C. // October 14, 2000
  • Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Christian Salabert
    Revised: July 19, 2008

    Furue groaned and whimpered as he lay down in his hut.

    The corns just hurt too much…

    He was about to call someone in so he could start complaining again, when suddenly Sakurai ran into the hut in a panic and grabbed his rifle off the wall.

    “What’s the matter?” Furue asked, sitting up.

    “Giant lizard with crystals sticking out of it!” Sakurai said quickly.

    “What?!” Furue cried.

    “It’s after the berry juice!” Sakurai explained. “Hurry!”

    Furue hurried to his feet and the two rushed outside. He gasped as he saw the horrible sight that awaited him.

    The menacing form of SpaceGodzilla towered high above his head. Giant crystals littered the once flat area the village was located in. Many huts had been trampled underfoot by the beast as he searched for what had drawn him here: the scent of the Soma berry juice. The little creatures that lived in the area attacked SpaceGodzilla with their spears, but the cosmic demon paid them no attention as he walked upon them and their dwellings.

    Soon, he spotted what he was after. Not too far away from him, sitting at the base of a large wooden gate, sat a group of large containers of the crimson liquid, the scent of which played with SpaceGodzilla’s nostrils. The crystalline terror let out a shriek, and suddenly waves of green energy sprang forth from his shoulder crystals. The energy lassoed one of the containers and brought it to the monster’s mouth. The container ended its telekinetic flight as SpaceGodzilla grasped it from the air. But before the reptile could drink, another mighty roar pierced the sky.

    SpaceGodzilla looked up to see a giant ape on the other side of the wooden gate, reaching out at him. SpaceGodzilla’s eyes narrowed as he realized this beast no doubt wanted the juice as well. As a warning shot, SpaceGodzilla fired a blast of his Corona Beam. The jagged bolt struck the stone edges of the gate, throwing sparks and rocks in every direction.

    But King Kong wasn’t easily deterred.

    The ruler of Faro Island took hold of the giant logs that made up the gate and began to tug. Within seconds, Kong had pulled out a large chunk of the gate and lifted it high over his head. This beast would pay for daring to attack him. With a powerful heave, Kong tossed the logs directly at his opponent’s face.

    SpaceGodzilla reacted quickly and generated a crystalline energy shield. The gate chunk smashed into the shield and quickly crumbled to the ground. The deep space Godzilla shrieked at Kong, as if taunting him.

    Kong quickly marched towards his foe, crushing the remaining containers of Soma juice beneath his feet. SpaceGodzilla howled angrily and let loose with another Corona Beam. The blast initially exploded at Kong’s feet, but then travelled up his body until it made contact with his face. Kong went flying backwards, not expecting the assault, and hit the ground as he clutched his face. His skin burning, Kong immediately got back to his feet and charged. He quickly reached SpaceGodzilla and began pounding on the alien reptile with his powerful fists. SpaceGodzilla cried out as Kong struck him again and again. The space monster lashed out with his own claws, slashing at Kong’s arms and releasing electrical surges at the same time. Unlike Earth’s electricity, these surges burned Kong and forced him back. Then SpaceGodzilla opened fire with another Corona Beam, strafing Kong across the shins and bringing him down face-first.

    SpaceGodzilla shrieked out as Kong crashed to the ground. He figured that would be enough to get the point across to the clumsy ape. He began looking around to see if there was any Soma juice left. He noticed all the tiny creatures on the ground had disappeared.


    A mighty blow to the face sent SpaceGodzilla staggering backwards.

    Kong had ripped one of the demon’s crystals out of the ground and was now wielding it like a club. SpaceGodzilla turned to make the gorilla pay for turning one of his own crystals against him, only to be met by another vicious attack to the face, dazing him. Another blow, to the top of the snout, actually knocked the mighty alien beast silly and left him unmoving for a moment. Kong discarded the crystal and quickly ran around to the reptile’s backside, grabbing hold of his tail. Planting his feet firmly in the ground, Kong began pulling on the creature’s tail. Kong wanted this beast out of his territory. Off his island.

    Suddenly, a pulse of orange energy surged through SpaceGodzilla’s tail and exploded out of the cluster of crystals on the end. The blast forced Kong to let go and sent him crashing onto his hindquarters. But before the mighty ape could get back to his feet, SpaceGodzilla began flashing with brilliant blasts of energy. Almost instantly, his legs and tail were gone, and he had taken to the sky.

    Kong reached out for SpaceGodzilla, but the beast was too high. He pounded his chest and roared angrily at the alien creature, demanding that he come back down and continue the fight.

    SpaceGodzilla responded with a barrage of Corona Beams. The golden bolts circled and surrounded Kong, blasting him and the ground all around him. Kong was engulfed by explosions, his vision obscured by smoke and dirt. But despite the cover, each of SpaceGodzilla’s blasts hit home. The last blast hit Kong in the leg and took him down.

    The giant gorilla couldn’t get back up right away, but stumbled around, unwilling to concede victory to his foe.

    Circling Kong in the air, SpaceGodzilla’s body crystals began pulsing with energy. All the crystals jutting out of the ground began to rumble, then shot into the air like rockets. Kong managed to shakily get to his feet just in time to look up at them quizzically. The crystals covering SpaceGodzilla’s body flashed again, and the alien demon barked out a cry. The crystalline missiles suddenly turned direction, pointing down at the ground, and began rocketing back towards the earth.

    Kong didn’t have time to move before the crystals began impacting all around him. They detonated with tremendous force, sending explosions of alien energy and crystalline shards flying everywhere. Kong was thrown about by the explosions when suddenly one hit him directly in the back, flooring him immediately. Another crystal struck Kong, and then another. The primate roared out in defiance, but his cries got weaker with each hit. Soon Kong went silent, and eventually the explosions from the crystal missiles faded.

    SpaceGodzilla continued circling the battlefield, making sure the fight was over. The opponent wasn’t moving… but he had to make sure…

    Green energy bolts blasted out of SpaceGodzilla’s main shoulder crystals and enveloped Kong’s body. Slowly yet surely, they brought him to their master, until the two kaiju were nearly face-to-face.

    Nearly unconscious, Kong still managed to growl at SpaceGodzilla.

    In an instant, SpaceGodzilla deactivated his gravity tornado and unleashed a powerful blast of his Corona Beam. The impact scorched Kong’s already burnt flesh, and the beam continued pushing Kong down. Down, down, down, until the once majestic ape crashed into the nearest mountain. SpaceGodzilla cut his beam and let Kong’s body roll off the mountain and onto the jungle floor, landing at the mountain’s base.

    This time, SpaceGodzilla opened fire on the mountain itself. He hit it with a few more Corona Beams, blasting off part of the mountain and covering Kong’s prone body in thousands of tons of dirt and rock.

    SpaceGodzilla circled the area again. The juice was gone. His foe was beaten. He had no more use for this island.

    Cackling evilly, SpaceGodzilla disappeared into the clouds.

    Back at the ruins of the village, Sakurai, Furue, and the surviving villagers emerged from their hiding places.

    “Let’s go home,” Furue whined.

    “We’re going home,” Sakurai told him.

    “Konno! We’re going home!” Furue cried happily to their translator.

    “With what’s left of Kong,” Sakurai continued.

    “…with what’s left of Kong?” Furue asked worriedly.

    Winner: SpaceGodzilla


    K.W.C. // September 8, 1999