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  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The ground shook around the World’s Children Land from an unseen force. From beneath the ground, something was setting the area a stir; cracks splintered the terrain as nearby factories rocked back and forth. A pair of drills burst from beneath the ground and glistened in the morning sun. A long, triangular horn slit through the soil and reached out into the air. As if pulled out by gravity itself, the massive creature flew out of the earth.

    Its bulbous eyes scanned the area as it descended to the ground. The earth shook upon contact, while the massive beast examined its surroundings. Antennas that jolted from the creature’s forehead twiddled. Its sharp mandibles, poised in a horizontal position, closed uncontrollably.

    Resembling a gigantic humanoid beetle, the beast was none other than Megalon. An ancient god from Seatopia’s past, Megalon was its guardian and had been sent to oust mankind from its power over the world. The mega-sized beetle clattered his drill palms together, hearing its echo pervade across the terrain.

    Feeling as if there would be no hostility within the area towards Seatopia, Megalon looked up and saw that the sky was tainted with white clouds. Wings folded out from beneath the yellow carapace that covered the insectoid’s back and began to flap hundreds of times per second. Churning strong gusts of wind at the ground, the Seatopian deity ascended towards the sky.

    In the corner of his compound eyes, the archaic insect could see a large tower resembling a gigantic dinosaur that seemed to rest its arms over an elevator shaft. In a display of dominance, electrical currents set the triangular horn ablaze. With an incredible showcase of power, a rippling beam of pure energy arced through the air and cleaved the tower’s head. The inorganic head of the tower was incinerated and burst in a fiery ball of fire.

    A loud chuckle escaped Megalon’s throat, turning to fly towards the nearest city and leave it a smoldering crater of death. But then, Megalon suddenly caught the scent of another nearby. In fact, even while aloft, he could literally feel the ground shake. Nervously, Megalon peered down and was amazed to see a gigantic beast, covered with gray flesh, trudge across the ground. With one swipe of its massive claw, the nearest factory was sliced completely in half.

    Knowing this beast could pose a threat to Seatopia, Megalon released a battle cry and descended to meet this monster. Yet he remained unaware that this creature was not from this world, and was known only as Orga.

    Orga’s extraterrestrial eyes absorbed the bright fabrics of light that gleamed from the sun itself, making it look as if they were glowing. Orga’s hulking frame looked as if it were slouching forward, with a large lump on its back. Its shoulders were massive, and in the left shoulder was a massive hole. Orga’s teeth hung out of its jaws, visible to any who were unlucky enough to witness its gruesome appearance. Orga possessed long, dagger-like claws that had already shown to be capable of ripping structures to pieces.

    Megalon screeched across the sky, aiming his triangular horn at the alien beast. Torrents of electrical power rippled from his horn and daubed Orga in its might. The hunchback alien howled in pain, feeling chunks of its skin incinerated from the rest of its body. Megalon’s electric beam ceased and as the giant insect flew closer, Orga bent down and leapt through the air. Megalon, taken aback, stopped midair and braced himself as the freakish alien collided against the insectoid’s body!

    Orga snarled as it embedded its claws deep in the armored beetle’s exoskeleton. Megalon cried in pain, unable to support Orga’s weight and plummeted towards the earth. Planting its feet against Megalon’s abdomen, Orga’s eyes peered beyond and saw the ground nearing ever closer. Megalon screamed in pain as he felt the rooftop of a factory flatten beneath his back and driven deeper into the ground by Orga’s colossal weight.

    Clenching its massive claws to form fists, Orga smacked its fists against Megalon’s face. Loud, booming sounds screeched across the area after each time Orga batted his fists against Megalon’s skull. Tired of the pain, Megalon’s triangular horns radiated an amber glow. A bolt of electrical energy rippled from the tip of Megalon’s horn and struck Orga’s throat. Chunks of flesh were blasted off, and with another electrical bolt, succeeded in knocking Orga off of him.

    Orga stumbled back, his large shoulders struggling to keep the body balance so it wouldn’t fall. The alien creature snarled and released a hideous roar as Megalon rose to his feet. His compound eyes also witnessed a horrific sight; the shredded flesh sewing together, repaired just like new in a matter of seconds. Struggling to figure out what to do, Megalon dove down into the ground, plowing the soil out of the way with his drills.

    Orga’s perplexed eyes peered down into the hole, but the alien creature suddenly felt the ground beneath its feet vibrate. Cracks began to split the ground asunder and Orga bent his head down to examine the situation; until suddenly a drill poked out of the ground and struck Orga’s face. Taken aback, Orga nearly fell to the ground.

    The seismic activity stopped and Orga could neither hear nor see anything. Orga walked across the ground, surveying the land. The alien’s feverish eyes watched the ground, anticipating Megalon’s next move. Orga stood tall, feeling the eternal power flourish in the hole of its left shoulder. Particles of light, illuminating a bright amber glow, were sucked into the hole and the alien beast readied itself for anything.

    Megalon’s drills broke through the ground behind Orga. With amazing speed, the insect god propelled through the ground and stood on its surface. As Megalon took a step towards Orga’s back, the alien’s eyes widened and with quick agility, Orga turned around and unleashed a powerful energy ray from his shoulder. The ray struck Megalon dead in the chest and swept the Seatopian guardian off his feet.

    The ground shook violently after Megalon’s figure collided with the ground. Mounds of dirt were kicked high into the air as he skidded across the soil. As the arthropodic giant finally came to a halt, Megalon’s bulbous eyes widened in shock; Orga’s body descended from the sky, the alien’s claws yearned to rip into his natural armor.

    Electrical surges of energy rippled down the star-shaped horn, but before Megalon could fire, Orga’s feet plowed into the Seatopian guardian’s abdomen. A screeching wail echoed for miles, for Orga’s assault had shattered Megalon’s ribcage.

    The sweet nectar of Megalon’s DNA was refreshing, the feeling Orga felt after embedding its teeth deep into the deity’s armor. Already Orga could feel the genetic material being assimilated; a triangular horn began to stretch out of its forehead, pulsing with electrical power. The horn itself glistened in the sunlight, casting a bright radiant of light in all of World Children’s Land.

    Orga felt its left hand mutate and manifest into an exact duplicate of Megalon’s palms. The mutant alien’s left hand became a long metallic drill, which glinted the sunlight off its shiny surface.

    Orga wasn’t satisfied.

    It needed more.

    Megalon watched in horror as Orga’s jaws separated and enlarged. From out of the bowels of Orga’s throat, an organic web slit out of Orga’s jaws and widened. Megalon’s frightful cries could not be heard, for the organic web tissue joined with Orga’s jaws and closed in on the insect’s entire upper body. The two-toed feet kicked back and forth, trying to fight back.

    But it was inevitable.

    Orga’s skin tissue began to morph into a dark mixture of green and brown. Its eyes began to enlarge, mimicking Megalon’s own. Orga’s once massive back twisted and cracked, forming a new layer of carapace that manifested into insect wings.

    Before the transformation could be complete, Orga’s eyes widened; a large object had been shot down his throat. Orga panicked, not sure of what to do. The only thing Orga could do was prepare to feel the agonizing pain. Bright, strokes of fire broke through his chest and back, raining his flesh on the entire region. Orga’s painful screams and moans were agonizing to hear.

    Immediately, Orga relinquished the grip its jaws had on Megalon. While Orga’s jaws returned to their normal stature, the space monster lazily stumbled back. Already, the serious wounds it had sustained began to rapidly heal. Orga’s extraterrestrial eyes glazed up at Megalon, who now was clapping his metallic claws together. But when just as the taunting began, it ended as quickly as it started. The Seatopian guardian glared at Orga, afraid of the monstrosity standing in front of him.

    Hesitant, Megalon’s triangular horn gleamed with electrical surges of energy and shot a torrent of power into Orga. But unlike before, Orga stood unharmed. But now the horn that rested on top of his head crackled with the same surge of power. Even more disturbing, particles of light were swallowed into the empty hole inside Orga’s shoulder.

    Megalon bellowed a mighty cry, knowing he had failed Seatopia in stopping a creature that could easily destroy all life on the planet. Unable to close his bulbous eyes, Megalon braced himself for oblivion. An electrical beam and concussive energy blast lanced into his body, ripping the Seatopian guardian apart.

    Orga continued to unleash its devious assault, until Megalon no longer stood or breathed. Smoke rose from the charred carcass and with its new accessories, Orga released a loud, terrifying cry that shuddered even the spirit of the Earth itself.

    Winner: Orga

    K.W.C. // May 12, 2004
  • Once considered a chief rival of Toho, Daiei rode high in the middle of the 20th century before hitting hard times toward the end of the century. This blog covers the fall of Daiei Studios and how the company’s major properties, such as Zatoichi and Gamera, ended up at times on Toho’s doorstep. (more…)

    General // April 5, 2004
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The dark recesses of space looked down at the jagged and twisted terrain of Planet X. Hovering in an orbit of its own, the gigantic presence of Jupiter loomed over the insignificant moon. Streaks of light glistened off the shiny rocks of the alien world–only they were not the light of distant stars or Jupiter, but the illuming awe of a three-headed beast.

    Covered with golden scales that wrought beauty and terror, the creature released a hideous cackle. Long, slender heads swayed back and forth; three heads, covered with golden scales that gleamed with divine power, hung on top of three separate necks that stretched out of the beast’s chest. On each head, three horns stuck out; on each side of the dragon’s body, were long, bat-like wings; in each mouth, hundreds of sharp teeth poked out from the top and bottom shafts of the jaws. Red eyes blazed from each of the dragon’s eyes as it observed the mysterious land.

    In one dimension, the creature’s counterpart had ravaged this land and claimed it as its home. But now, in this universe, the creature was superior. Massive in frame and towering over the alien landscape, the ground itself struggled to hold the creature’s weight. Another cackle escaped its reptilian vocals as the three headed beast claimed this world under its heel.

    King Ghidorah now had a place to call its own in the ever expanding universe.

    But something was amidst. King Ghidorah hissed as it sensed the arrival of another. Its stench was repulsive, even from a great distance away. Flapping its mighty wings, the dragon lifted its body off the ground and manipulated gravity itself. Now flying through the skies of Planet X, Ghidorah sought to meet this intruder head on.

    If the dragon had the eyes of a human, all it would’ve been able to see was the blackness of space; however, equipped with the keen eyesight it possessed, King Ghidorah could spot a meteorite-like object. Only its surface oozed with sludge and decay. The three-headed beast cackled and cleared out of its path, allowing it to descend to its planet. Striking the ground, cauldrons of smoke rose from where it landed. Even in an environment without oxygen, the stench was still there. King Ghidorah’s shared conscience wished that this thing would have landed somewhere else. But it hadn’t.

    With an ear shattering cackle, Ghidorah dove from the sky and circled the extraterrestrial object. From its six prying eyes, the dragon could see sludge detaching from the sizzling space rock. At first, the sludge was only the size of the dragon’s foot. But it gradually grew and became larger. Whatever it was, it was alive, and the vicious hydra was not the type to share its territory with another. Saliva dripped from each of Ghidorah’s jaws and surged with electrical power. A torrent of gravity beams discharged from each head and struck the sludge, covering it with sparks and bright flashes of light. But when the light show diminished, the sludge was still expanding and enlarging itself.

    King Ghidorah hissed with rage and flew to the unearthly ground. Bending all three heads down, drool dripped from the serpent’s carnivorous jaws as it inspected this strange organism. But to its surprise, the sludge morphed into a strange octagon shaped creature. Toxic exhaust propelled out of the creature’s abdomen.

    King Ghidorah howled in pain as it felt its lungs burn from the creature’s exhaust. In rage, the three-headed monster wildly spat a barrage of gravity beams at the flying creature. The energized bolts washed across the creature and a shower of sparks became the result of the dragon’s assault. This was no ordinary creature. No, this was the smog monster, Hedorah.

    Hedorah turned and flew towards the golden terror, leaving a toxic trail in its wake. In this form, the towering vile beast was covered with decayed flesh. The flesh, if exposed to light, was dark brown and made up of trillions of microscopic organisms. In the center of the red eyes were tiny black pupils. Ghidorah didn’t care what the beast looked like; all he wanted was it to be slain. Clenching its sharp teeth, King Ghidorah flew straight up and continued to spat his gravity beams. Only showers of sparks blocked Ghidorah’s vision of Hedorah. But like before, when the sparks died down, the smog monster remained undeterred and unaffected.

    A scarlet laser shot out of the top of one of Hedorah’s eyes and slit into the terrible beast’s hide. Golden scales were blasted away from the rest of the dragon’s sizzling flesh. Bellowing screams of pain and agony escaped each of King Ghidorah’s mouths. In retaliation, the winged creature flapped his gigantic wings and created a strong gust of wind. Like being struck by a hurricane, Hedorah was blown out of the sky and splat against the ground.

    King Ghidorah furiously rained down gravity beam after gravity beam, turning the entire area of where Hedorah had fallen into a light show. Now the terrain of Planet X had been spliced into dozens of smoldering craters. From all those craters, sludge oozed out and sought the other, and they soon formed and merged into one. But as King Ghidorah flew through the vacuum, cackling with rage, Hedorah took on another form.

    Neon glows quickly enveloped the edges of Hedorah’s body as it grew larger and larger. Within only a few seconds, the smog monster stood larger than before. King Ghidorah’s feet slammed into the planet’s crust, which caused it to stir. The sight of the three-headed dragon caused Hedorah to lift its left palm up and howled a watery gurgle. Was it a sign of peace? No, to King Ghidorah there was only death. Gravity beams tore into Hedorah’s body and blasted chunks of its polluted flesh off the smog monster.

    Another gurgle came from the polluted abomination, but this time something strange was happening. The skin around Hedorah’s shoulder manifested and formed an opening. With a loud splat, a ball of smoking acid flew from the smog monster’s shoulder and struck Ghidorah’s abdomen. Its red eyes narrowed at his forming wound, which was sizzling with smoke and flesh. The three-headed dragon reared its jaws back and released a blistering cry.

    Now King Ghidorah’s wings were slashing through the empty void at thrice the speed of sound. The dragon rammed its body against the tower of rotted pollution and slashed its claw-tipped wings through Hedorah’s flesh. But just as Ghidorah had dipped any of its body parts into Hedorah’s skin, it had no choice but to pull back. Whenever it touched the smog monster, its skin would burn its own!

    Anger flourished in King Ghidorah’s combined conscience and the three-headed fiend fluttered his wings and leapt back. The vile dragon spat another torrent of gravity beams, which struck Hedorah’s body. Illuming crimson eyes widened and a loud watery cry came from the smog monster. As Ghidorah continued to douse Hedorah’s body with its plasma beams, smoke churned from the putrid creature’s contaminated flesh.

    While Hedorah’s exterior was being blown off, waves of condensed power flashed across the smog monster’s body. A horrible stench, even viler than the last, filled Ghidorah’s nostrils. The stench was enough to cause Ghidorah to cease his spree of attacks.

    As the three-headed beast pulled back, Hedorah raised both of its arms and released a loud, painful cry. The energy bolts that had raided its body had stopped and now Hedorah turned its frightful gaze towards King Ghidorah. From each eye, a bolt of rippling power was released and grazed Ghidorah’s body. Golden scales ruptured off the demon’s body, and the three-headed beast could only cackle in agony.

    Never before had King Ghidorah felt such pain and anger. No matter what it did, it couldn’t injure this hideous beast! Was this newfound planet really worth it? King Ghidorah was beginning to not care anymore. Flapping its mighty wings and manipulating gravity itself, the golden monstrosity hurled its magnificent body through Planet X’s atmosphere and disappeared in the blackness of space. Hedorah stood and watched Ghidorah flee. A loud, sickening laugh escaped the smog monster’s contaminated throat.

    It had won. Now Hedorah turned towards its new home, never knowing it was being watched by the citizens of Planet X. Inside an underground chamber, the controller of the Xilien smiled at this new beast that would become the instrument of their desire.

    Winner: Hedorah (Showa)

    K.W.C. // January 24, 2004
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    Clouds settled around the peak of Mt. Fuji. Covered with snow and rock, the ancient volcano looked down at the land covered with green and man-made structures. Groups of climbers struck the pickaxe into the hard, cold granite and tugged on the rope, pulling their bodies up with each step. In order to ensure their survival, the climbers all had to work as one and depend on the other. Mt. Fuji’s peak loomed in the distance, indicating they still had ways to go, but their climb was almost over. The climbers imagined themselves standing on top of the summit, standing on the highest point in all of Japan.

    But then a shadow loomed over head. With climbing sunglasses shielding their eyes from the sun, they could only see the dark and benevolent form of a giant moth. A large shriek escaped the great moth’s mandibles as her wings continued to beat strong currents of wind to propel her body through the air. Her fur was a mixture of bright colorful lights that gleamed with beauty. The bulbous eyes glistened in the sunlight, casting a blue glow that filled the climbers’ hearts with courage. They faintly recognized the magnificent beast was none other than the Guardian of the Cosmos itself–Mothra.

    Mothra flapped her mighty wings and propelled her body to the top of the volcano, resting atop the summit. It would take hours for the climbers to successfully make it to the summit, but for Mothra, it only took a few seconds. Her antennas twitched back and forth, as if picking up the presence of another. Sure enough, the climbers could hear the distant screeches of an object soaring through the sky. At first, they thought it was a jet, but the shape was all wrong.

    Fear then hit the climbers.

    It was the sky demon itself, Rodan. Sunlight reflected off its red scales and a blistering cry escaped its beak, sounding like thunder. Rodan’s feral eyes looked down at the large inactive volcano and could see the giant moth that mocked it. A loud screech once again shot out of the reptile’s beak as it made its descent. Long, triangular horns that curved out of its skull crackled bolts of crimson power.

    Mothra released a loud shriek, trying to warn the climbers to seek shelter. But it was too late. A beam that radiated a bright glow shot out of the pteranodon’s beak and arched through the air. Mothra flapped her mighty wings, attempting to avoid the oncoming strike, but was unfortunate. Rodan’s uranium beam cleaved her head and a shower of sparks burst from the moth’s white fur.

    Mothra screamed in agony but kept flapping her wings, escalating into the air. Faster than the speed of sound, Rodan dove through the air and clipped its wings across her back. Another scream escaped the benevolent moth’s mandibles as she felt a staggering pain pulse within her back. She turned and saw Rodan fly across the mouth of Mt. Fuji, charging her own beams in preparation.

    Orange streaks of power rippled from Mothra’s antennas and struck Rodan, showering its body in sparks. The winged demon screeched in pain, smoke churning from its scalded flesh. Rodan banked a hard left until it faced its insect opponent and flew straight at Mothra. She responded in kind, soaring directly at the vicious pterosaur. They flew straight at the other, colliding over the mouth of Mt. Fuji. Sonic booms screeched from the two titanic monsters and shook the mountain itself. Avalanches tumbled down the sides of the volcano and the climbers were thankfully not caught in its wrath.

    The ruler of the skies shrieked as it struck the fluffy exoskeleton with its sharp beak, popping with a shower of sparks. But Mothra backed away and revealed her beautiful wings, which crackled with golden hues of light. Rodan screeched in pain as Mothra’s lightning bolts electrocuted its body. From a distance, if anyone was to look up at the peak of Mt. Fuji, they would’ve been baffled by the bright auras of light.

    Antennas twiddled and pointed directly at Rodan, who was still recuperating from the assault, and fired another pair of golden-orange beams. They struck the pterosaur’s throat and was sent plummeting towards the top ridge of the volcano. Cauldrons of smoke and snow burst into the air, enveloping Rodan’s figure. Violent chirps ceaselessly barked from the downed pteranodon, its eyes gleaming with vicious intent.

    The benevolent moth circled overhead, blindly unleashing a barrage of her antenna beams. Bright sparks flashed from the dense smoke, bombarding the area until she stopped firing. Her compound eyes scanned the scorched earth, hoping the beast would be no more. But as the smoke was cleared from the flap of her wings, Rodan was nowhere to be seen. Viewing through hundreds of ommatidia, Mothra still couldn’t locate Rodan, that was until the pteranodon’s uranium heat beam struck Mothra’s backside.

    The lepidoptera cried out in pain, sparks flashed on her back as strands of fur caught fire. The great moth turned to see the fire demon fly right over her, releasing a salvo of shockwaves within its wake. Mothra was helplessly hurled through the air and crashed into the side of Mt. Fuji, her large body proceeding to slide downhill.

    Rodan circled overhead, its curved horns gleaming with power. The pterosaur dove towards the immobile moth, taking the chance to strike. Another torrent of Rodan’s uranium beam discharged from its beak and slit into Mothra’s abdomen. She shrieked in agony, but it only satisfied Rodan’s bloodlust even more.

    Desperate, Mothra flapped her wings and generated golden pollen that scattered around her. Rodan recklessly flew through the cloud of pollen and cackled in pain, skin being burnt by the particles. Now able to roll on her belly and stretch out her wings, Mothra flew straight up and turned to see Rodan ensnared by her trap, its eyes bloodshot and skin sizzling from her golden pollen.

    Rodan released a barrage of its uranium heat beams, but all of them were reflected back and forth by the pollen and tore into its body. Howling from its injuries, Rodan flapped its wings and generated strong gusts of wind that blew the sparkling pollen away. Without giving the dinosaurian menace a chance to rest, Mothra flew straight in and knocked the beast against the mountainous slope, which shuddered from the impact.

    Mothra’s antenna beams rained down from the sky and blasted Rodan’s scales, further injuring the mutated pteranodon. Spreading out its magnificent wings, Rodan followed its vicious instincts and flew through the air, ascending to the sky. The pteranodon’s feral eyes pulsed with hatred, scanning for its airborne rival.

    Sensing a presence from behind, Rodan banked a hard right, redirecting its original trajectory and flew up. Its chest spikes raked across the insect deity’s thorax, forcing Mothra from the sky as she fell head first into the volcanic crater. Even though the entry to molten rock was blocked by years of forming rock and ice, Mothra’s impact shattered it from the immense force. A shadow fell over Mothra and felt Rodan’s fortified beak pierce her exoskeleton. Helplessly, Mothra flapped her wings, but was only pushed down by Rodan’s strength and rage. The fire demon hollered in pleasure, cleaving Mothra’s cranium with its beak soon after.

    The climbers who were lucky enough to survive and make it to the summit were baffled to see the battling titans, still fighting to the death. Mothra’s painful cries echoed on for miles as the great moth was being ripped apart by a vicious monster.

    The pterosaur hopped up and embedded its talons deep into Mothra’s furry hide. Crackles of light sparkled around Rodan’s triangular horns and another wave of its uranium beam scalded Mothra’s body. The pain became too much after a relentless barrage, as the guardian felt her life force beginning to deplete.

    Rodan’s reptilian eyes turned and focused on Mothra’s vibrant, spastic wings, and a terrible thought appeared in its prehistoric mind. Once again, Rodan powered up its uranium heat beam, but this time they tore into Mothra’s wings, puncturing scorching holes in its wake. Smoke rose from the torn wings and the fallen guardian continued to groan in agony.

    Rodan enjoyed Mothra’s suffering.

    The pteranodon flapped its wings and ascended to the sky, unleashing a barrage of uranium heat beams. Mothra’s body jolted up from the pain, but promptly fell back down. With her wings injured, Mothra was unable to take flight. Deep down, she knew her life was going to come to an end. Her bulbous eyes stared up at the sky, marveling at its beauty–before Rodan descended from the skies and struck the final blow.

    Days passed when news of the battle between the two kaiju became public knowledge. A brave group of climbers scaled Mt. Fuji to show their bravery. But when they reached the summit, they were disgusted by the putrid remains of the former Guardian of the Cosmos, Mothra.

    Winner: Rodan (Heisei)

    K.W.C. // November 29, 2003
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The terrain was flat and barbaric. Only looming, jagged mountains could be seen amiss the area of where two titanic monsters were present. On one side of the battlefield was the mechanical behemoth that closely resembled the abomination that laid waste to Tokyo in 1954; while on the other, stood the intergalactic cyborg whose only intent was the annihilation of the human race.

    A loud, shrieking cry escaped the cyborg’s beak as the space monster identified as Gigan ran towards the mechanical leviathan that stood before him. Kiryu answered Gigan’s cry by opening his metallic mouth, which rippled with plasma energy and doused the air with a swirling wave of power.

    Gigan’s crimson eye flashed as the cyborg leapt into the air, avoiding the plasma beam that passed beneath its feet. Kiryu’s maser cannon collided with a canyon that stood erect out of the ground and blasted it into two. As the remnants of the canyon plummeted towards the chasm, Gigan had ascended to the bright sky and looked down upon the machine created by man.

    The machine’s amber glowing eyes observed Gigan as the glowing gem on its forehead began to absorb particles of light. A digital cry escaped Kiryu’s metallic lips as the machine’s artificial mind alerted him of the unusual event that was transpiring before his very lenses.

    A beam of energy darted from Gigan’s forehead and slit deep in Kiryu’s armored chest, stripping it in rapid succession. The metallic skin began to glow bright orange, the metal melting from the intense heat.

    The crimson beam faded and torrents of smoke burst from Gigan’s wings. The cyborg dove straight towards Kiryu, whose sensors were reporting the damages. The machine lifted his head at the last second and felt the impact of Gigan’s lethal hammer claws. The MechaGodzilla of the new millennium was knocked off his feet and slid across the ground, until he came to a stop. Kiryu’s razor sharp claws scraped the ground as the mechanical lifeform slowly rose to his feet.

    But just as Kiryu prepared for another Gigan encounter, the cyborg was nowhere to be seen. Kiryu’s optic eyes scanned the area, searching for Gigan. As Kiryu’s alarm system activated, the great machine whirled his head in the opposite direction and saw Gigan fly by. Another jab hammered into Kiryu’s face once again, plastering his posterior into the rugged ground.

    Kiryu pushed himself up enough so that it could at least see Gigan flying away. With the target locked on, rockets burst from their compartments and seared through the air, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake. Just as quickly as they left their ports, the missiles struck Gigan’s flying form in a shower of sparks that enveloped the cyborg.

    A split second later, Kiryu saw Gigan collide head first into the ground, and erupted in an explosive blast upon impact. With only the cover of dust and rubble, Gigan recuperated and prepared for another strike; however, Kiryu had once again locked onto Gigan’s position and wasted no time to carry out his next assault.

    Bright flashes of energy torpedoed out of Kiryu’s mouth and streaked towards Gigan’s position, bombarding the alien cyborg. Only the high pitched shrieks of the cybernetic lifeform could be heard, and strangely enough, this pleased Kiryu.

    Raising his claws and pointing them directly to where Gigan had fallen, the artificial lifeform prepared its next assault. Gigan’s claws raked the ground and pushed up, now kneeling and bracing itself for the inevitable. Dozens of energy beams were released from the two laser cannons mounted on each of Kiryu’s wrists, bombarding the cybernetic monster with searing pellets. The space creature flailed wildly, deflecting some measly shots with his metal claws.

    Kiryu parted his jaws and twin beams twirled around the other, striking Gigan’s golden scales. Gigan stumbled back and fell into the side of a canyon that supported its weight. Already, the cyborg urged itself to fly away and forget about fighting the mission, but the onslaught had not ended. Maser cannons, missiles, and energy beams continued to pour into Gigan’s form in a scalding fashion.

    Rearing its hind legs up and using the only ounce of energy it possessed, Gigan charged at Kiryu, even when it was being bombarded relentlessly. Missiles imploded against its thick hide and blew up in an explosive display. Yet this did not deter as the cyborg approached its metallic foe. Wielding its hammer claws, Gigan knocked Kiryu across the face.

    A loud clamoring sound echoed across the distant terrain after both bone and metal clashed in an unsporting fashion. A sonic cry escaped Kiryu’s metallic lips as Gigan continued to swing with its hammer claws, further denting Kiryu’s armor and forcing the robot retreat.

    Alarms flared in Kiryu’s sensors, but Gigan had successfully knocked Kiryu off his feet. The ground shuddered as Kiryu’s body bounced off the ground and rolled on his side. There was no movement as Gigan crept towards Kiryu, the latter who remained motionless. Looking down at the fallen machine, the intergalactic weapon released a shrieking cry. Particles of light glimmered around the red gem on its forehead, eager to fire away.

    Just as the energy beam tore through with its full fury, the rocket boosters on Kiryu’s back and legs sprang to life and blasted out of harm’s way. The mechanical dragon hovered in the air and observed Gigan, who railed the ground with its energy beam. When the cyborg learned that it wasn’t Kiryu that it was firing at, it was too late; Kiryu’s rockets pierced the air and detonated against Gigan’s thick hide. Dense smoke and tiny sparks of explosions shrouded Gigan’s body, distracting the cyborg.

    The compartment on Kiryu’s chest opened up, revealing a port that was glowing with a bright orb of light. Bolts of energy dazzled around the shining sphere and a blue aura began to glisten around Kiryu’s chest. Just as Gigan’s cycloptic eye found Kiryu, the cyborg was taken back and sensed fear. Every natural sense in Gigan’s body urged it to run, but it was too late. Gigan backed away until a large canyon held it at bay, and the screaming cries of Gigan echoing across the area.

    A meteor-like object burst from Kiryu’s chest, signaling the launch of the Absolute Zero Cannon. Gigan’s shrieks ceased and the area went dead silent. The canyon that held Gigan at bay was a huge block of ice, which contained the frozen corpse of the cyborg itself. Satisfied by his initial victory, Kiryu turned and walked away from Gigan’s graveyard.

    No more than a few hours later, both man and beast were aware of Gigan’s demise that occurred on Monster Island. All at the metallic claws of the new generation of MechaGodzilla, Kiryu.

    Winner: Kiryu

    K.W.C. // November 27, 2003
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    On the shores of Birth Island, a tragedy of nature had taken place; a pod of sperm whales had beached ashore. As the leviathans lay dead and dying, the charnel stench seeped into the water and air, drawing in thousands of scavenging seabirds. It also drew the attention of something from the depths. His sense of smell titillated by the odor of decaying flesh, Gezora swam towards the scent. Reaching the beach, Gezora crawled out of the water and lumbered towards the mass of dying whale meat. Thousands of seabirds scattered as the massive cuttlefish pulled chunks of whale meat off the dying animals and began to feed.

    Meanwhile, deep in the interior of Birth Island, the scent of dying whales reached the nostrils of another creature. Rousing from his slumber on an outcropping of rocks, Baragon’s nostrils twitched in anticipation, as the smell of whale meat awaited him. Slowly standing up, Baragon shook himself lazily and lumbered towards the scent.

    When Baragon climbed over the crest of the hill that led to the enticing scent, he noticed that he was not the only creature who had followed the smell. Driven by instinctual ferocity and hunger, Baragon screeched a challenge at the creature feeding on the dead whales and charged at the gargantuan mollusk.

    Gezora, startled by the sudden noise, turned to see what made it. Noticing the other creature charging towards him, he likewise began to charge, determined to protect his meal from the newcomer.

    Once he was within range, Baragon used his powerful leg muscles and leapt into the air. Gezora was stunned at the sight as Baragon landed on him, driving his claws and teeth into his flesh. However, Gezora recovered quickly and wrapped his tendrils around Baragon. Exerting his strength, Gezora constricted Baragon onto his freezing body.

    Baragon screamed out in pain as the numbing cold of his foe’s touch slowly leached the life giving heat from his own body. Baragon struggled to break free, but the strength of his foe, along with the numbing cold, made it impossible. Gezora tightened his arms around Baragon, making it harder for him to breathe and drawing more heat from his body.

    Baragon, realizing how much trouble he was in, opened his mouth and fired his volcanic flame blast. The searing heat struck Gezora, causing his flesh to blister and crack. Reflexively, Gezora released Baragon as he rubbed the burnt patch of flesh in an attempt to stop the pain. Landing on his feet, Baragon took the opportunity to leap away.

    With distance between them, Baragon turned to face his enemy, who had stopped slapping the burnt patch of flesh and directed his attention back on him. Crouching low to the ground, Baragon hissed ferociously, demanding the meal. Gezora croaked at Baragon and moved towards him, tendrils lashing.

    Baragon, not wanting to get caught in his foe’s tendrils again, rapidly tunneled underground. Gezora reached Baragon only seconds after he had completely disappeared underground.

    Gezora, believing that he had driven Baragon away, returned to the dying whales and lumbered back towards them. He resumed feeding; because of this, he failed to notice the small furrow in the ground that was heading towards him. Suddenly, Baragon’s head emerged from under the sand and fired his heat ray at Gezora. Gezora was taken aback, completely off-guard as the heat beam charred another patch of his flesh.

    Gezora groaned in pain and turned towards the source, but Baragon had already retreated underground. Gezora began to wander about, his massive eyes looking about for the creature that dared hurt him. Baragon, sensing Gezora pass over him, waited till his foe was some distance away. He poked his head through the sand again and shot Gezora with his heat ray again.

    Gezora turned just in time to see Baragon’s head duck under the sand. Somewhere in his brain, Gezora made the connection to the subterranean terror and the heat-induced agony. Gezora lumbered towards the water, leaving his meal open. Once under the surface of the water, Gezora plopped in the cold shores and covered himself with sand, concealing his massive bulk. Now, he had to wait.

    Baragon, having sensed Gezora slipping into the water, emerged from the safety of the underground and surveyed the beach. Gezora was nowhere to be seen, and the feast of whale meat was his for the taking. Waddling over to the whale carcasses, he picked up a large one in his fore-claws and began to gnaw on it.

    Seeing Baragon distracted by the whales, Gezora launched his arms from the water. Baragon was caught by surprise as Gezora’s arms wrapped around his legs and tail. Pleased by his ambush, Gezora tugged on Baragon, trying to drag him into the water, where he would have the advantage.

    Baragon tried to twist over his own body to reach the tentacles that slowly dragged him into the watery depths. When that didn’t work, he rolled onto his back and curled his body up. Now within reach of the arms grabbing him, Baragon savagely chomped and clawed at them. Below the water, Gezora winced in pain, releasing his grip on Baragon and withdrawing his arms into the water.

    Baragon quickly rolled back onto his feet and bombarded the water with heat rays, trying to drive his enemy into the open. Gezora, shielded by the water, swam away from where Baragon was firing, instead moving to flank his right side.

    After a little while, Baragon stopped firing and looked around to see if Gezora had emerged elsewhere. Convinced that he had driven his foe away, Baragon turned back towards his meal. Gezora suddenly rushed out of the water towards Baragon. Caught off guard, Baragon barely managed to move before Gezora wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into his freezing grip.

    Baragon, driven berserk from the icy pain of Gezora’s touch, ferociously bit and clawed at his foe. This time, Gezora refused to let go, and instead slithered back to the water with prey in tow. Baragon came to the realization that he would drown if Gezora managed to get him underwater. He thrashed about more furiously than before, determined to break free.

    As Gezora almost reached the edge of the water, Baragon noticed a patch of charred flesh from one of his earlier heat rays. Taking a desperate gamble, he thrust his horn into the blistered tissue. Throwing his head back with all of his might, Baragon tore the hardened flesh free, revealing a hole to the internal organs of his foe. Gezora shrieked in pain, constricting down tighter on Baragon.

    Baragon’s vision began to swim as his body was leached of its heat. Hearing the sound of water below his enemy, he panicked as time was almost up. Opening his mouth, Baragon stuck his head into the torn hole and fired one last heat beam.

    Inside Gezora, there was a hideous burst of steam, the sickening sound of rupturing organs. A hellacious scream of the giant cuttlefish resounded as he was cooked from the inside by his foe’s attack. As a stream of liquefied viscera burst from Gezora’s siphon, the massive cephalopod’s grip slackened and he collapsed into the water.

    Baragon slowly pulled his head free of his deceased foe, shaking his face rapidly side to side, blood and organ bits splattering everywhere. Backing off of Gezora, Baragon grabbed his fallen enemy’s arms in his mouth and slowly dragged him onto the beach. Once he had brought Gezora’s carcass to the sandy shore, he began to tear great chunks of the cooked flesh off and consume them.

    Several hours later, after feasting on most of his foe’s body and several of the dead whales, Baragon curled up on the warm sand and fell asleep, purring contentedly.

    Winner: Baragon (Showa)

    K.W.C. // August 21, 2003
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Matthew Williams

    The waters around Birth Island began to turn a deep crimson red as thousands of Barems floated to the surface, heralding the arrival of the bane of the depths, Dagahra. The toxic beast emerged from the now polluted water around Birth Island and waddled towards the interior.

    In the sky above, something stirred, as if reacting to the toxic beast that now befouled the purity of Birth Island. Dagahra suddenly became aware of a golden flashing in the sky, and he raised his grotesque head to examine the strange occurrence. As he did, the sky opened up and began to rain golden dust in a gentle, hypnotic cloud. This caused the corruptor to stop in his tracks and stare at the lovely sight. Purring slightly, Dagahra was entranced as the beautiful golden snowflakes gently tumbled down from the heavens. Then, the powder eventually vanished as mysteriously as it appeared. Dagahra stared in bewilderment as the enchanting display came to an end.

    The tranquility of the scene is suddenly shattered as the Earth trembled, as though some great creature were moving below. Dagahra roared in surprise as the rumbling turned into a violent shaking, as long, snaking fissures ruptured under his feet. Then, he heard a moaning sound as the fissures broke open and a long, thorny tendril emerged from the Earth.

    Dagahra retreated for the safety of the ocean, but when he turned to run, he found the vines binding his legs. Roaring in rage, Dagahra tried to wrestle free of the bindings. In the midst of his struggle, he heard another great surge from under the ground. Turning his head, he watched in mute shock as the ground literally exploded outward, a mammoth head emerging from the soil. Biollante, goddess of the Earth, made her enormity known.

    Biollante bellowed out a challenge to the toxic wyrm she had entrapped in her tendrils, demanding that he leave this pure place and to never return. Dagahra roared defiantly, refusing to leave. Opening his mouth, the toxic one fired a crimson-ebony beam at the tendrils that bound him. The beam severed the vines, releasing a hissing spray of burning green fluid into the air.

    Biollante growled in anger and sent another swarm of tendrils after the corrupted one, who was still trying to retreat towards the ocean. Her tendrils emerged from the ground, clamping their jaws onto the corrupt one’s legs. Biollante gave a purr of pleasure as Dagahra was dragged and hauled back towards her.

    Dagahra, taking the offensive, took to the air and was yanked free of the choking tendrils the Earth goddess tried to bind him with. Turning, he flew back towards Biollante, roaring in anger. He parted his jaws and fired his Poisonous Jet Stream at his opponent, the bolt of energy raked her across the top of her enormous alligator-like head. Biollante snarled in pain as they seared her scaly leaves, but otherwise did not seem to be adversely affected by the attack.

    Dagahra, confused, fired another beam, as well as a volley of Barems from his shoulder cannons. The beam scraped across Biollante’s body, but once again failed to have any discernible impact on her. Yet, when the Barems struck, the small patches where they made contact seemed to shrivel from their acidic toxins.

    Biollante, not wanting to take another hit from the burning echinoderms shot by the toxic one, lashed out at him with her spiked tendrils. Seeking to take him out of the sky, Biollante whipped a group of decoy tendrils, seeking to divert the toxic one into her spear-tipped trap.

    Dagahra, seeing Biollante’s choking tendrils approaching, banked hard. The flailing lashes sailed past him, but the sense of accomplishment was short lived. The vile dragon suddenly felt a burning, stabbing pain burst through his right wing. As he turned his head to see what had happened, he was violently tugged out of the sky as Biollante viciously pulled her tendril in. Dagahra crashed into the ground with a sickening thud, blood erupting from his nostrils.

    As he lifted his head, he looked over at the spot where he felt the stabbing pain. With a groan of despair, he witnessed the damage sustained to the wing, which crippled his ability to fly. Yet, he didn’t completely lose hope, as he noticed that his shoulder cannons were still intact. Regaining his footing, Dagahra rose and turned to face the Earth goddess.

    Biollante saw the polluted serpent rise and began to advance on him. More tendrils emerged from the Earth around the toxic one. The foul beast responded to the attack by firing his energy beam at the vines, severing them. Yet, Biollante refused to let him escape, and sent more vines after the vicious monster.

    Dagahra, surrounded on all sides by the vines and Biollante’s lumbering form advancing, decided to try and play his trump card. Crouching low on the ground, he began to spin in place. As he did, a maelstrom formed around his twirling figure. The cyclone fully engulfed him, and he opened his shoulder cannons that released a stream of Barems into the tempest. Lifting off the ground, he charged towards Biollante.

    Biollante, seeing the toxic one forming a corrupted vortex of poison and acid, opened her maw. As the wicked twister closed in, the great plant-like leviathan summoned energy that arced towards the center of her mouth. Then, when the tempest was almost within striking range, she vomited forth a stream of her own acidic fluids.

    Directing the stream into the cyclone, Biollante drenched the toxic one and his foul spawn in her purifying sap. Dagahra fell from his cyclone, corroding Barems splattering all around him. Biollante advanced on her prone foe, and when she came within reach, she lowered her jaw and crunched on the toxic one’s head. Hundreds of sword-like teeth that line her maw drove into the body of the foul one.

    Suddenly regaining focus, Dagahra realized where he was, and how close he was to losing the fight. With only one vital shot at his disposal, Dagahra parted his shoulder cannons and fired a volley of Barems at the Earth goddess. The toxic starfish bombarded the hulking super-plant, who gave off a satisfying wail of agony as her grip lessened. Digging his heels into the ground, Dagahra pulled as hard as he could, tearing himself free of the Earth goddess’ maw. Yet, the cost was high, as he lost a good deal of flesh in the serrated jaws of Biollante. Screaming out in pain, Dagahra turned and began to retreat towards the ocean once again.

    Biollante watched as the toxic one retreated. Refusing to allow the vile beast to escape, Biollante sent several dozen mouthed tendrils through the ground, which emerged from below the beast, clamping onto him and pinning him to the soil. As the toxic one roared out in pain, Biollante decided to land the finishing blow.

    Underground, her spiked tendrils met up and braid themselves into a single, massive spike. Summoning all of her strength, Biollante drove the spike upward, impaling the toxic beast on its tip. The sheer force lifted him through the air, piked by the violent rupture. Dagahra’s last screams echoed as he was skewered on Biollante’s tendril, his foul blood falling to the ground in a grisly shower.

    Dagahra stopped moving, and Biollante released her grip. Then, snapping her tendril, flung the corpse into the ocean. As the water engulfed the body of its tormentor, Biollante looked on with detached pleasure. As the last traces of Dagahra sank beneath the waves, Biollante dissolved into her golden pollen form, and vanished into the beautiful sky.

    Winner: Biollante

    K.W.C. // July 8, 2003
  • Sometimes, a series reaches a stature where even the “lesser” films can’t hurt it due to the other strong entries over the years. Godzilla vs. Megalon is not one of those films. Love it or hate it, one can’t deny the amount of harm Godzilla vs. Megalon has done to the franchise in terms of credibility. The claim could be made that had it not been for Godzilla vs. Megalon Godzilla might never have picked up in the States, as this was the movie which reignited America’s pop culture fascination with the monster. Truth be known, the success of Godzilla vs. Megalon was more due to the advertising, including the elaborate posters of Godzilla and Megalon fighting on the World Trade Center, than the film’s merits. Its place in pop culture aside, the 1973 Godzilla film takes the largest heat for simply failing to do anything right: the story is unfitting for a full length feature, the actors have nothing to portray with their undeveloped characters, the new kaiju seem out of place for a Godzilla film, there is little special effects work involved, and the music is simply horrendous. (more…)

    Movie Reviews // April 18, 2003
  • This page features the archived log of reports given while Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee had its initial release pending. News was tracked from early rumors to release for the four player fighting game featuring the King of the Monsters. This focuses on the original release of the game on the Nintendo Gamecube. There is particular emphasis on its North American release, but also includes the Japanese one as well that added Kiryu into the mix as a fighter. (more…)

    News // December 16, 2002
  • Although its merits as a film are questionable, Godzilla vs. Gigan is actually anything but a widely disliked Godzilla movie among fans. Does this mean the final product is particularly good? Not necessarily, yet there are several things going for the film that account for its appreciation among genre fans despite its more lackluster qualities. Among these are the handling of the movie’s roster of monsters and the drawn out battle. That said, there are numerous aspects that drag the production down. This includes a rehashed story that leaves little room for character development alongside uninspiring performances from the cast, not to mention rampant use of stock footage; however, at least the stock soundtrack by maestro Akira Ifukube is well constructed for the proceedings. (more…)

    Movie Reviews // September 15, 2002