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  • Ever since Godzilla was released in 1954, the influence it has had on the SFX/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre has been massive. With the recent resurgence in giant monster films, due in large part to the success of and inspiration from Godzilla 2014, I decided to cover the sequel to the 2013 film Pacific Rim titled “Pacific Rim Uprising”. The original film was Guillermo Del Toro’s homage to not only Godzilla but among other things, the Tokusatusu genre. So we are looking to talk to the people behind the latest film, asking them how Godzilla inspired them and details on the upcoming movie. This is our Pacific Rim Uprising press coverage, with exclusive interviews. (more…)

    Interviews // March 20, 2018
  • This page is a news roundup for the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island by Legendary Pictures and being released by Warner Bros. The production will be part of the Godzilla cinematic universe by Legendary Pictures: MonsterVerse. The film stars Tom Hiddleston (from Thor and The Avengers) and Brie Larson (Room and 21 Jump Street) as the leads. The supporting cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Corey Hawkins, Toby Kebbell, Thomas Mann, John C. Reilly, Jason Mitchell and more. The movie is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer) from a screenplay created by Dan Gilroy, John Gatins, Derek Connolly, and Godzilla (2014) scribe Max Borenstein. (more…)

    News // March 4, 2018
  • I thought I should start off the reviews with one of the more unassuming-looking V-Day treats—the Godzilla Milk Chocolate from Stock Company Forusha, which—at least from the outside—just looks like an oversized Hershey bar (perhaps a… Godzilla-sized Hershey bar?). The bar, which cost 1080 yen by the way, looks rather big indeed—but then you open the thing and realize that Godzilla already took a big bite for himself and stomped all over your chocolate. And the chocolate bar itself is WAY, way smaller than the box. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // February 21, 2018
  • Perhaps sporting one of the less appetizing names in the big pile of sweets that I purchased, the Godzilla Can (literally ゴジラ CAN from Hunter Confections or ハンター製菓株式会社 if you prefer) conjures up images of canned meat or maybe Godzilla on the can, or maybe even a self-actualization chant for the Big G when he is feeling down—not so much chocolates and romance. (Well, maybe Zoey from I Want to Marry Godzilla and Have His Children might fantasize about married life with Godzilla and walking in on him while he is on the john, but it’s probably best not to go there.) While it is true that Godzilla is liable to kick lots of can, and Mechagodzilla might be called a Godzilla Can if you really stretch, the real Godzilla Can is actually a fairly impressive collection of chocolates that is just itching to be set up in delicious dioramas.


    Kaiju Kuisine // February 21, 2018
  • Many years ago, when I was in college, I did not participate nearly as much in the Godzilla fandom as I have come to do now that I am in my thirties (what the heck happened?). Back then I still was fond of Godzilla and Japanese films, anime, and video games, but I was not regularly writing about those topics (although I did write a long article for my school’s newspaper about the appreciation of old-school monster movies…). Perhaps the reason I did not express my love for all things monster-suited was because there simply weren’t enough, erm, monster-related Valentine’s Day goods available at the time. I remember my mom sending me a gift package that included  a set of Godzilla-themed Valentine’s Day cards, which I will include scans of below.


    Kaiju Kuisine // February 14, 2018
  • After hitting several unexpected roadblocks and over a year of work later, it’s finally here – a complete translation of the story draft for Mothra vs. Bagan as seen in the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658), where it was condensed to 26 pages. Being a draft, the story is written rather erratically, so some text was altered to make for a more coherent and enjoyable read. Also, minor spoilers, but while the site’s synopsis mentions Godzilla, he was never incorporated in this draft as he was only put into consideration at the time. Just something to keep in mind! Naturally, I’d highly recommend checking the site’s page in the link above for plenty of history and trivia. A very, VERY special thanks to Ashley Southworth for her translations in the last half of this story outline, to John Ruffin of MyKaiju Godzilla for also looking into translating parts of this story, and to the incredibly talented dopepope for his recreation of the Bagan concept intended for this work. Without further ado, please enjoy Kazuki Omori and Tomoyuki Tanaka’s lost project!

    ~ Joshua S.


    Translations // January 10, 2018
  • Finally, a Godzilla anime! Okay, sure, we had two American animated television series, and we also had those very strange educational Susume! Gojirando! OVAs back in the 1990s and dozens if not hundreds of cameo appearances in a wide variety of animated shows over the years both in the West and in the East, but this is the first time we have received a proper Godzilla animated film, and what is especially exciting to me about this take is that the creators, instead of just making the millionth “monster strolls through a city” flick, have made something new and different, with an elaborate science-fiction premise and a Biollante-esque reincarnation of Toho’s favorite mutated dinosaur–here nicknamed “Anigoji.” (Kind of reminds me of when Darth Vader appeared as a little kid nicknamed Annie. Why do movies have to re-imagine scary villains and then call them Annie?) (more…)

    General // November 20, 2017
  • Today marks the day that Toho is releasing their latest Godzilla film, and their first theatrical animated feature on the King of the Monsters. To celebrate, the Toho Kingdom staff is sitting down and giving their thoughts on the latest look for the nuclear menace. (more…)

    General // November 17, 2017
  • Let’s take care of the elephant in the room right away. I like GODZILLA 1998. Yes as a Godzilla fan I could make a minute by minute commentary with everything wrong with the film. Godzilla is too weak. Godzilla should breathe radioactive fire. Godzilla never runs from a fight. But what can I say? I was the target demographic for the film when it came out. I remember the ads, the young adult novel, my first Godzilla toy was a Trendmasters Godzilla 1998 figure. It’s a massive part of my childhood and its because of that movie that I was introduced to Godzilla proper. (more…)

    General // November 3, 2017
  • Godzilla King of the Monsters is a unique item. Originally released on Wonderland Records in 1977 and re-released on CD in 1998 by Golden Drive Records, Godzilla King of the Monsters is an audio drama consisting of two stories. The cover of the 1998 CD copy that I have features the famous Herb Trimpe cover artwork from Marvel’s comic book Godzilla King of the Monsters issue #1. These stories are roughly thirteen minutes in length and clearly aimed at younger children. My CD copy also features a track called Godzilla Vs. Gomi (Monster Music Mix) which is a bizarre remix of dialog and sound effects from the stories set to a music track and I personally didn’t like it. (more…)

    General // November 2, 2017