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  • Author: Dao Zang Moua | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

    The night was warm around the volcanic island. Everyday he would follow the same routine of finding food and returning to his home, yet he always felt hollow inside. He felt as though a part of him was missing ever since she had left him alone in this world. He remembered her light brown skin and wonderful laughter before the image was replaced with a bloodied and shredded body lying over their broken eggs, with a demonic leviathan standing over her corpse.

    That horror had occurred just days ago, and Rodan knew he would always be stricken by the guilt of being too late to save his family from the clutches of a mad demon who rose from the volcanic depths. It was dead, but it had taken his family with it. He had considered joining his family into death’s embrace by diving into the volcano’s magma, yet he still found himself living on. He didn’t know whether this was due to the guilt he felt at being unable to save them or some other force at hand.

    Rodan flew around his island home, having very little to do since the demon attacked. Looking around, he saw where several acres of jungle were now ashen fields from their battle. As he overlooked the island, he caught a glint of white in the moonlight underneath some rocks and moved down to inspect it.

    Dropping to the ground, Rodan moved closer to the mound of dirt as he flapped his wings. The powerful winds quickly began to unearth the object, revealing a large egg the size of his leg. He knew this egg wasn’t one of his, as it had a different pattern and coloration.

    Looking around, he tried to find a parent, but realized that he was the only monster around. Any other kaiju had been driven off by the teamwork of him and his mate to create their nest. The longer he stared at the egg, the more he remembered his family and the feeling of emptiness within him. Picking it up carefully, he took the egg back to his nest to raise whatever would come from it.

    Years later.

    Rodan looked over his now green island in peace as he twirled out of the way of a small reddish-brown creature. Rodan cackled tauntingly toward his adopted son as he watched the small Baragon tumbling around. It had taken months for Rodan to garner the conditions needed for the egg to hatch but when it did, what came out surprised him as the creature imprinted upon him.

    Over the years of raising the creature, Rodan felt as though that emptiness in him was now filled with love for his adoptive son. A playful growling brought Rodan out of the past as he stared down at the juvenile Baragon scratching at the ground. Rodan watched as his son tried to fire his beam with no success. Usually, he would allow his son to play around the island, but occasionally he would play-fight with his son to allow him to be prepared should another monster appear if he was off hunting.

    Rodan was showing his son his own Uranium Heat Beam when a loud roar echoed across the island. Fearing for his son’s safety, Rodan flew up to survey his surroundings as he ordered his adopted child to hide. Baragon mewled silently in disappointment as it leapt toward their home. Rodan flew higher as he began to search the shorelines for a threat when he saw what had landed on his island home.

    King Kong shook the sea water off his brown fur as he surveyed the new landscape. Behind him were several wooden boats and rafts created by the remnants of his people. Nuclear testing had destroyed Farou Island and Kong knew his people wouldn’t survive the new conditions like he could. Thus, he took the people of his island out to sea and found them a new home, with them taking several seeds for the red berries he enjoyed.

    As the humans landed on the shoreline, a loud cackle instilled the villagers with fear as Kong turned to find the source of the menace. He watched as a large reddish bird perched on a nearby rock structure as it called out for him to state his reasons for intruding upon his island.

    King Kong roared back as he stood protectively over his humans. Seeing the humans, Rodan cackled for Kong to leave and to take his humans along with him. Turning to his humans, Kong knew that they wouldn’t last any more out on the open sea and this island was their best chance at life. Most of them needed food and water, while others were weak from the trip. Pounding his chest, King Kong roared for dominance over the island as he sprinted. Rodan cackled back and took to the air.

    The two giants charged toward each other for ownership of the island as the small humans below ran for shelter. Kong swung his fist toward the oncoming dinosaur, only for Rodan to twist sideways as his chest spikes scraped Kong’s arm, shredding hair and skin off the ape. Kong reeled back in irritation as he clutched the newfound injury. Rodan noticed this; its flesh was tough, but it wasn’t as hard as the other kaiju scales and natural armor that he had gone up against.

    The great ape lifted a boulder over his head and tossed it at the flying pterosaur. Rodan flapped once to shift his body upright before slamming his head against it, knocking the rock back toward Kong. The boulder struck the King of Farou in the chest, causing the ape to fling his arms up in fury.

    Charging the flying reptile once more, Kong jumped up to try to get a grasp on the smaller creature. Rodan screeched as he flew just above Kong’s range, his horns flashed with crimson energy. A purple beam launched from Rodan’s beak and struck the brown ape in the chest, causing him to backpedal. Kong looked at his burnt and smoking hair as he patted the fires off his body. Turning back toward Rodan, he roared out furiously as he ran toward his foe.

    Rodan wouldn’t let up though as he quickly maneuvered around the ape’s large arms and barreled into his bulky frame. Kong stumbled backward as Rodan quickly flew upward, slashing his spikes across Kong’s chest, leaving red scars on his flesh. Kong rubbed his damaged skin as he looked around warily for the crimson firebird. Rodan swooped down from behind the ape and began to viciously peck at his enemy’s unprotected back. Kong swiped behind him, but couldn’t reach the red monstrosity as he felt the sharp beak pecking his hide. Soon enough, Rodan had managed to draw some blood from the ape’s head, screeching in glee.

    Kong rolled across the jungle below him to get out of Rodan’s attack range. He risked a quick glance toward his people, finding them safely hidden within some nearby sea caves. Pounding his scarred chest, Kong roared out as he slowly walked toward the winged beast. Rodan stared warily at Kong as his attitude changed suddenly. Flying toward him, he was surprised when Kong suddenly swung with a speed he hadn’t used before, knocking him out of the air.

    Kong charged forth as he stared at the grounded Rodan. He was only distracting the bird until his humans were safe. Now that they were hidden from their battle, Kong could go all out.

    Baragon stared curiously at the volcano he and his father called home. The usual smoke pluming from the crater was less than usual and the lava flows that should be pouring from side vents had cooled completely. It was as if there was something absorbing the excess magma inside the volcano. Hearing the sound of battle on the shoreline, the smaller monster decided to see what was happening within the crater to the volcano.

    As he made his way toward the top, Baragon started to get a feeling of dread at what would await him at the top of the crater. Once he reached the top, he stared into the crater as what would usually be a large pool of lava, now seemed smaller as it bubbled. Walking into the volcanic chamber, he wasn’t prepared when a hand suddenly burst from the cooling lava. Backing up, he watched as a large humanoid shape made of magma pulled itself out of the volcano’s heart.

    The lava giant took in a deep breath of air as it stared into the sky. It had been years since he last surfaced, and it was all due to that irritating bird. Kumasogami had risen from the depths of hell to wreak havoc and destruction. When he had surfaced long ago, he had found himself facing a large brown bird who was protecting her nest of eggs. He had taken intense joy in ripping her apart and smashing the eggs, only to be relentlessly torn apart and tossed back into the volcanic depths. After years of healing, Kumasogami was prepared this time to get his revenge, having absorbed much more of the magma to increase his abilities and increase his size.

    A low growl attracted his attention to the side where he saw a much smaller creature pawing the ground as it stared at him. Kumasogami stared at the creature as the sound of battle in the distance entered his ears. This creature would have to do for now, until he could find that irritating bird and make it his trophy.

    Baragon didn’t know what was happening. One moment, his volcanic home was flowing with magma, and the next it was becoming a large demon. Baragon growled menacingly at this demon, attracting its attention. He watched as the creature seemed to smile, one of its arms began to morph, growing wider and wider as it formed into a shield. The other arm extended outward, spiraling into a point as Kumasogami formed a stance with his new lance and shield.

    Baragon leapt toward the lava beast, using the training his father had taught him as he struck the shield arm. A heavy smack to the chest knocked the smaller monster away to the side as he writhed in pain. Kumasogami laughed as he quickly made his way toward the smaller creature, morphing his lance into a duller weapon to prolong his fun. The spiraled lance started to morph in on itself. It extended outward forming a chain of magma with the end, pooling together to form a round thick ball with small blunt protrusions. Spinning his flail, he slowly made his way toward the downed creature.

    Baragon heaved for air as that last blow had knocked out all the air in him. As he lifted his head, a blunt ball smacked him across the face as he found himself flipping through the air going closer to the edge of the crater. As he landed, he got to his feet in time to see Kumasogami walking toward him, his shield now gone and replaced with his normal hand while the other still twirled its flail. The young kaiju stared warily toward the lava golem as it started to taunt him with its other hand.

    Baragon lifted himself to his full height to try to look intimidating only for Kumasogami to smack him across his now open belly with the flail, knocking the creature back. Seeing it in pain gave the demon joy as the chains fused into a rod, creating a mace. Grabbing Baragon’s horn, Kumasogami smashed the mace into the creature’s face multiple times, eliciting shrieks of pain from the diminutive burrower.

    The sinister fiend drew its mace-arm back to finish the job, until the small beast opened his mouth and fired a red blaze of searing heat, striking the lava golem in the face. Blinded momentarily, Baragon felt the grip loosen on his body. Slipping out, he rushed forth and knocked the giant off its feet, then promptly jumped back. He wasn’t ready to fight something of this caliber yet.

    Kumasogami got onto his knees as he turned to find the insolent reptile, finding it jumping away from the crater. Grumbling with anger at being blindsided by such a pitiful attack, Kumasogami held one hand out as it morphed into a bow, and his other hand created three arrows.

    Taking aim, he touched the two together as three flaming arrows fired toward Baragon’s back. Each two of the arrows missed, while the third managed to imbed itself into the smaller monster’s back, exploding flesh and knocking the small dinosaur out of the air. Baragon roared out in pain as he started to dig, the golem behind him slowly took its time walking toward him, laughing maniacally.

    Rodan was trying his hardest to avoid the rapid swings of the ape below him. Everytime he got close, Kong would be ready for him. Flying high into the air, Rodan twisted around in the air, watching Kong below as the massive ape lifted and tossed several rocks at the flying reptile. A crackling of his horns was all Kong had as warning as a Uranium Heat Beam fired down toward him. The beam lanced across the ape’s chest, burning the flesh and singing his fur as the primate attempted to pat down the smoking hair.

    Kong roared out furiously as he threw more rocks at the aerial target. Seeing the crackling of the horns, he was quick to dodge another beam, pounding his chest tauntingly. Rodan was about to fire another beam down at the ape when a loud pain-filled cry entered his ears. Turning his head away toward its direction, he was hit head on by a large boulder.

    Seeing that Rodan had been knocked out of the air, Kong charged toward the flying reptile and was quick to latch onto his foot as it took off. The Monster of the Sky screeched at Kong as another painful cry echoed across the island, along with the mad laughter of a demon. His son was in danger from the same demon that killed his family before. He began charging up his beam once more only for the once entitled Ruler of the South Seas to grip Rodan’s throat and attempt to suffocate the aerial monster.

    He could feel his vision fading the harder Kong strangled him as the cries of his child entered his ears once more. He would not allow his son to die. He would not let his tragedy repeat itself. Flapping his wings madly, the giant pterosaur began to bombard Kong with strong winds as he used his talons to slash and claw at Kong’s legs. King Kong wouldn’t release his grip on the bird monster, however, as he continued to strangle the scaly avian.

    Before the ape realized it, Rodan was hovering in the air as he embedded his claws into Kong’s legs. Rodan was fairly small among kaiju, but he had the strength to lift and carry Godzilla across miles of land. Flapping his powerful wings, Rodan took off toward the volcano’s crater, though his vision began to blur as he struggled to keep his grip on the flailing ape.

    Kong released his grasp on Rodan’s neck as he noticed just how high they had gotten. If Rodan was knocked out mid-flight, both monsters would have fallen thousands of feet down onto the island. Now able to breath, Rodan took off faster than before toward the volcano. Aiming his head down toward the large ape, he fired off a beam point blank into the ape’s face as he released his grip on Kong’s legs. The beam forced Kong to release his hold on Rodan as he began to fall down, landing halfway up the large volcano.

    The situation boded poorly for Baragon, his eyes glaring at the monstrous golem before him. He was bleeding in some areas and his bones were aching in pain, but he still did his best to avoid the rampant firing of the demon before him. He found that he was slightly faster than the large golem and could jump away should the golem get too close, but he was tiring quickly. All he could do against the demon god was run. As another volley of arrows fired toward him, Baragon jumped away as several explosions burst from where he once stood.

    Midway through the air, Kumasogami rushed Baragon as its arm formed into a long spear. Thrusting forward, it impaled the small creature through the chest as two spiked protrusions formed beneath, turning the spear into a trident. Baragon roared in anguish as it felt the magma trident burning his insides. He fired off his Magma Heat Ray at the demon god, only for Kumasogami to laugh it off. Swinging his arm, he tossed the smaller monster off his trident as he stomped his foot onto the creature to keep it still. This time, it wouldn’t let the creature out of its grasp as the trident morphed, becoming smaller and wider until it formed a long axe blade.

    Holding it over the dinosaur’s neck, the God of Kumaso lifted the axe high above its head. It would enjoy having this monster’s head as a prize. As it swung down, a purple beam fired at the joint holding the axe blade to his arm, blowing it up in the process. Kumasogami reeled back in pain as it held its wrist, the hand reforming slowly. Turning to the sky, it noticed a crimson blur, its face contorted into a malicious grin.

    Rodan trilled in anger at the demon before him for injuring his son. Flying past him, the sonic waves coming off Rodan knocked the demon god away from his son and closer to. Landing near his son, Rodan prodded him carefully to see whether his son was alright. A small groan of pain from Baragon was enough of an indicator as he slowly got back up. His back was aching and bleeding along his chest.

    Turning to Kumasogami, Rodan roared at the lava monster in anger, ordering his son to retreat. Kumasogami roared back as his left hand morphed into a shield once more. Rodan took to the skies as he fired his beam at the demonic entity before him. Kumasogami was more prepared this time as his shield was far tougher, being able to resist the beam’s piercing power. Laughing maniacally, the demon god morphed his fingers into spiked pointed knives. Swinging his hand outward, several throwing knives were launched from his fingers toward the aerial monster.

    Rodan didn’t know what hit him as he felt several hot objects stab into his body. He began to spiral down toward the magma pool but barely managed to pull himself out of the dive just above the molten rock. As he entered the skies once more, he turned to see that Kumasogami had already reformed his fingers into sharp points and hurled more knives in his direction. Twisting in the air, Rodan avoided the sharp weapons as he fired another purple beam at the demon. Kumasogami was enjoying himself. The time he spent regenerating and rebuilding his body in the volcano had allowed him to grow in power and formulate plans against the creature.

    Wings formed on the lava golem’s back as he screeched in glee at the challenge that opposed him. They were merely decorative, however it allowed for a different feature for the wicked deity. Kumasogami burst into a sprint across the landscape as his shield transformed into a bow, while arrows formed in his other hand, with the uranium heat beam trailing behind him. Taking aim, the demon fired off a salvo of arrows at his aerial opponent. Rodan swerved around the flaming projectiles as he moved to attack the golem. The demon smirked as he watched Rodan flying toward him as he reverted his arms back into hands.

    Just as Rodan was about to strike, Kumasogami spun around and struck Rodan head-on with his wings. The giant pterosaur felt himself forced to the ground in pain as he flapped mercilessly to get airborne. A foot on his wing stopped him as he stared up into the eyes of Kumasogami. The demon formed his arm into a whip as he slashed at the downed bird. Sparks flew as he whipped across the sky monster’s tough scales, continuously burning and stinging the monster’s spiky chest and leathery wings. Rodan began to charge up his beam once more, only for Kumasogami to morph his whip into a fork-like object and imbed it into the ground around his neck, choking him.

    The demon laughed victoriously to the sky as he swung his other hand to the side, throwing knife fingers flying and stabbing into Baragon who was jumping toward the demon to save his father. He stomped on Rodan’s chest causing blood to begin bubbling in his beak. Forming a spear, Kumasogami stabbed Rodan through his chest, trapping the avian dinosaur to the ground as he shrieked in pain from the burning sensation the spear gave off. Kumasogami snapped the fork off his arm, leaving Rodan there to watch as he slowly made his way toward the injured Baragon.

    Rodan tried to call out to his son to run away, but couldn’t manage any words through his trapped neck. He was forced to watch as Kumasogami kicked his son in the side multiple times before smashing a sledge hammer arm into the smaller dinosaur’s head. He then changed his hands to normal and lifted the smaller creature above his head. Walking toward the magma pools, Kumasogami was prepared to throw the weakened dinosaur into the pits of hell when a loud deafening roar caught his attention. Before he could react, something had grabbed his wings. The creature forcefully turned his body as a large fist struck him across his molten face. Baragon fell to the ground just meters from the molten rock, unconscious.

    King Kong roared out as he turned to look at his injured foe pinned to the ground. His face was burnt from where the beam had hit him, but he would survive. The Ruler of the South Seas grasped the fork-like protrusion and the spear before tearing them from the dinosaur. The avian kaiju felt a sharp pain as the spear was torn from his body, the blood hissing on the tip.

    Getting to his feet, he thanked Kong for his assistance as Kumasogami roared angrily at the two. Forming a truce in the face of danger, Rodan took to the skies shakily while the Farou deity pounded his chest tauntingly toward the demon god. The God of Kumaso did not know what this new creature was, but it would pay for interrupting his revenge against the bird creature. Kumasogami held his arms out as he kicked the downed Baragon to the side to make room. King Kong roared as he too held his arms out for battle. The two stared at each other as Rodan lifted his unconscious son out of harm’s way.

    A large lava bubble burst from the lake as the two giants rushed toward each other. Kong lifted his fist to smash into the lava demon, while Kumasogami morphed his fist into that of a hammer. Kong was the first to reach his opponent though Kumasogami was the first to strike. With a powerful swing, Kumasogami struck the mighty ape across the face with his hammer arm, knocking the beast to the side. A beam struck Kumasogami from the side, causing chunks of molten rock to burst, alerting him to Rodan’s return. Forming his shield in his other hand, he turned back to Kong as the ape charged toward him again.

    This time, Rodan swooped in from the opposing side as his horns crackled with energy. The wicked deity twisted his body at the last moment allowing the Uranium Heat Beam to soar past him and strike the oncoming King Kong. Kong was sent stumbling backward from the sudden assault as Kumasogami took the advantage to transform his hammer into a whip. With a resounding crack, Kumasogami had the whip wrapped around Rodan’s leg as he pulled the bird to the ground with a crash. He saw Kong coming from the side as he lifted his shield to defend against the ape’s powerful blows.

    The shield was doing its job as King Kong struggled to penetrate its defenses. Slowly but surely, Kong was fracturing the shield, which the demon took notice of. The wicked deity wouldn’t allow for him to get any closer as he whipped the still ensnared Rodan into a nearby boulder, taking the reptile out of the fight momentarily. His whip absorbed into itself, reforming into a spiked mace as the demon smirked.

    Kong had his hands wrapped around the sides of the shield as he attempted to pry it off his opponent, even with how hot it seemed to be. As he was doing so, something sharp and blunt struck his leg. The giant ape roared out in pain as he held his bleeding and bruised leg. Kumasogami laughed as the mace transformed once more, this time spiraling outward into a point.

    Kong stared at his opponent with fury in his eyes as he strafed to the side. Kumasogami struck first as he lunged toward Kong with his lance held outward. Kong met his charge head on with a powerful roar. Kong moved around the lance only for Kumasogami to smack him back with a shield bash. He then started to repeatedly stab at the ape’s body leaving sizzling, bleeding holes. Kong grasped onto the spear in his body and lifted one arm up. He then brought it down on the center of the weapon, breaking the rocky exterior as the demon god reeled back in pain. Kong tore the molten spear out of his body and held it on one hand. Lunging toward Kumasogami, he stabbed the spear into the cracked shield, shattering off pieces of it.

    The demon roared out in pain as his shield returned to being a hand. Kong lunged forth, knocking the lava demon to the ground as he began to pound his fists onto its burning hot body. Kong didn’t care that his flesh was burning from sitting atop the demon. He just wanted it dead.

    Kumasogami could feel his body cracking under the ape’s enormous strength and held his arms out to defend against the blows. As Kong struck at the demon’s arms, they quickly morphed into spiked clubs just as one of the ape’s fists struck it. The giant gorilla reeled back in pain as his fist struck the spikes. His hand was now bleeding with several holes showing his broken knuckles. Kumasogami took this to his advantage as he kicked the ape’s feet out from under him.

    His arms morphed once more with one becoming a spiraled lance in one hand and the other a spiked whip. As Kong slowly got up, the sharp whip wrapped around his neck, forcing its serrated spikes into his flesh as the ape brought his hand up to tear off the tight weapon. The whip continuously burned the apes flesh as the loss of air slowly started to get to him. He could feel the tug on the weapon as Kumasogami thrust the lance into his shoulder earning a roar of pain from the mighty ape.

    Pulling him closer, the demon god placed one foot on the ape’s back as he shoved the ape’s body toward the hot magma. Kong struggled to keep himself from touching the hot substance when a sudden shove forced the apes left arm into the molten substance. A great roar of intense pain echoed through the island as Kong could feel his flesh melting off within the hot magma.

    Kumasogami laughed at the ape’s suffering when a purple beam struck the center of the whip. The wicked deity roared out in pain as he turned just in time for a speeding Rodan to smack him across the face with his chest spikes causing sparks to fly. Rodan flew about in the air as he began to bombard the demonic being from afar. Kumasogami growled out in pain as the beams continued to tear into his body.

    Getting to his feet, Kumasogami went to form his shield when a powerful hand grabbed onto his arm. With the combined might of Kong and a well-placed Uranium Heat Beam, the two managed to tear off one of the demon’s shapeshifting arms. Hot magma poured out of the demon’s wound as he turned to his two attackers. Anger filled his eye as the stump near his shoulder closed off. With his remaining arm, he formed a large double-sided blade from his elbow onward as he roared at the two kaiju.

    Kong stared at his burnt arm at his side before returning his attention to the giant demon before him. Rodan fired his beam at the kneeling Kumasogami, only for the demon to do something different. Instead of forming a shield or blocking it with the flat of his blade, Kumasogami slashed at the beam slicing it down the middle, causing it to split to the sides. Rushing forth, Kumasogami slashed at King Kong as the ape attempted to dodge the attack. The blade seemed to extend outward and become thinner as Kumasogami went past, slicing the ape across his chest.

    Spinning around, he sliced upward toward the ape as Kong was caught off guard. The mighty ape recoiled in pain as he went to hold his bleeding chest. He was then surprised as he felt an odd sensation in his other arm, or rather the lack of a sensation. Kong fell to his knees as his burnt arm fell to the ground with blood starting to leak from the stump. The great ape heaved for air as he stared at the demon before him.

    The wicked deity roared out as his bladed arm shifted once more as he moved back to avoid another uranium beam from an oncoming Rodan. As Rodan flew past, the demon swung upward with his flail arm knocking the air out of the airborne kaiju. Rodan struggled to keep himself airborne but found himself crashing to the ground.

    Kumasogami formed throwing knives as his fingers before tossing them at the staggered bird wanting to end his life. As the blades came ever closer, Kong jumped in the way of the knives as they embedded their burning hot blades into his body. The ape could feel the burning sensation in his body but stood protectively over the flying reptile. During the battle, he had realized why Rodan had attempted to flee their earlier battle. Just as he had the villagers of Farou Island, Rodan had his son to protect.

    Kumasogami screamed in anger that the ape would get in his way again as he threw more burning hot knives at the beast. Each knife impaled with intense sensation as Kong charged toward the golem. Forming a spear in his arm, Kumasogami thrust it toward the mammal’s chest. Kong groaned in pain as the sharp spear entered his body, the determined beast grabbing Kumasogami and pulled him closer. Roaring out to Rodan, Kong held on tight to the lava golem, grasping onto its body tightly as the spear burst from his back. Steam sizzled from both entry and exit points as they seared the ape’s innards.

    Rodan took to the sky as he began to fire upon the two below him with all the power he could muster. Kumasogami screamed as the beams washed over his molten flesh, blowing off chunks of his body. Kong withstood the beams striking his body as he continued to hold onto the demon tightly. Acting quickly, Kumasogami kneed Kong with a low blow, knocking the ape to the ground. Turning toward the lava pool, the demon started to run toward it as a beam struck his leg, blowing it up at the knee.

    Now on his chest, the wicked deity started to pull his way toward the molten pool of magma. More beams struck his back as his wings were torn off in the explosion. Molten fluids flowed from his wounds as he neared the volcanic center. Suddenly something had gripped onto his leg, causing the demon to turn his head.

    A bleeding Baragon stood over the demon as he began to use his powerful forelimbs on the demon’s back. Kumasogami roared in anguish as he felt the smaller dinosaur tunneling through his molten body. Soon enough, Baragon had completely torn the demon in half though his paws were now red from the intense heat. Rodan landed near his son as he stared at the upper half of the demon. Staring into its eye, Rodan fired one more purple beam into its head, blowing up and finishing the demon for good.

    Rodan cackled in triumph as he turned toward the injured ape. Kong laid on the ground breathing heavily as Rodan and Baragon walked over to him. He was bleeding in various areas and would die if left alone. Rodan cawed to his son as the younger kaiju stared at the ape warily before taking aim. He began to fire his heat beam at the ape’s shoulder, sealing the wound shut to prevent Kong from bleeding out.

    Kong looked at the two in surprise before deciding that it didn’t matter. Rodan knew that if it hadn’t been for King Kong, he and his son would have fallen victim to the wicked deity’s might. With his wounds now sealed, Kong knew that the chances of him surviving had increased vastly. He knew that he had lost this fight as Rodan still had the energy and could very easily finish him off. Grunting in defeat, he thanked the two for their kindness as he closed his eyes and allowed his fatigue to claim him.

    Rodan looked over to his injured son checking to see if he was alright. Finding that he would survive the encounter, the Monster of the Sky collapsed to the ground. Flying hadn’t helped his wounds in the slightest as they only made his wounds worse. Baragon nudged his father’s body as Rodan called out to his son. The smaller dinosaur moved underneath the larger pterosaur and started to lift him up onto his back.

    Rodan thought back all those years ago when he first found Baragon’s egg. He remembered the sorrow he felt back then and thought about all the happy moments he and his son had shared afterward. Placing his beak on his son’s back, Rodan fell into a deep sleep.

    Winner: Rodan (Heisei), Baragon (Showa)

    K.W.C. // March 12, 2021
  • Author: Harley Jameson | Banner: Landon Soto

    It was the harshest storm in the history of the Pacific Ocean. A vast expansion of thunderclouds loomed for hundreds of miles, lightning dancing across the sky and slammed into the ocean, sending waves of salty spray whipping and hissing in the air.

    But to the natives of Faro Island, each clap of thunder was the signal of death.

    The Chief of the island called his people together, face ashen as the rain lashed down hard across his people. He disliked having to call them out in this maelstrom, but the winds were so harsh that their homes had been completely demolished, and they had worked hard in the grueling and deafening night of the storm to erect enough of a shelter that could survive the harshness of it all. In the distance, he could hear the roars of their God as loud as the thunder, the sounds of battle echoing across the island like a curse. The smell of death in the air.

    He had a feeling, deep in his heart, that this would be their last night on their land.

    The Chief had to shout over the cacophony of noise, water spraying against the thick reeded walls of the hut. “My people, I know you are all hungry and cold from the storm. The food has been washed away, our homes have been picked up and carried toward the water. But together, we are stronger than the forces that wish to destroy us. Together, we can overcome-”

    The sounds of battle and roaring were getting louder. Everyone flinched and huddled together as the ground shook slightly. The Chief made a motion to signal everyone to stay put, and he cautiously stepped out into the raging inferno of rain and wind to see what was happening.

    That was when he smelled the thick, iron of blood and burnt flesh. Lightning spit across the sky before slamming down a few meters away from the Chief. He jumped back in alarm when the light revealed a charred and singed octopus. Another of the giant creatures that their God had often fought. The treeline shattered as a tall, green bipedal dinosaur was hurled out from the forest, landing in a heap at the beach.

    Gorosaurus heaved, his chest burnt and blackened and every breath he took made his chest burn like it was on fire. Slowly, the dinosaur pushed himself upright and glared daggers. He gave an ear-splitting roar that made the Chief cover his ears.

    When he heard another roar boom out from the jungle, any hope he may have had for his people surviving that night would be dashed.

    Lightning crashed through the thicket and set the forest ablaze but the fires were quickly extinguished by the severe rains. Black smoke curled in the air as two powerful hands shoved a couple trees aside, electricity dancing across the furry hands as another bolt raced down and crashed down on the beach.

    The Chief watched in silent horror and awe as King Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World, slowly stepped out of the forest. Electricity and lightning covered him like a cloak, his hands constantly awash with electrical energy. His breathing was ragged, and his face glowed a ghostly blue. His eyes were blood-shot and full of intense, insane rage. The rage a creature only gets into when it is dying and knows it. The thought made the Chief’s blood run cold.

    Kong was dying.

    Although the Chief was unaware of the exact process, he was aware of what was happening. Kong always had a natural affinity with lightning, but the storm had pumped him so full of electricity that his body was shutting down as his organs were being fried by the amount. It was a slow, painful death. Each heartbeat pumping more and more of the deadly power that Kong so often found strength in.

    And in that strength, came madness. Overcome by the pain, Kong had flown into an unceasing rage, desperate to find relief. Anything in his path was demolished and destroyed. Curling his lips, the big ape wasted no time and sprinted forward, shoulder-tackling the weakened Gorosaurus down on the sand. The dinosaur squealed as Kong raised electrified fists and beat down relentlessly on the creature.

    He didn’t stop until his hands were soaked in blood, and Gorosaurus lay as a mauled pile on the shore. Kong rose fully, and screamed out as another bolt of lightning struck down onto him, his fur singed and smoking as he beat his chest and howled angrily, before turning his attention toward the Chief, and the sole hut where the remaining villagers watched from the entrance.

    The Chief closed his eyes. In a small mercy, he was the first to die, so he didn’t have to hear the screams of his people as Kong slaughtered all of them.


    Jet Jaguar was not a fan of storms.

    Being a robot, he naturally had no real concept of emotions other than what his programming allowed him to simulate, but that did not stop Jet Jaguar from on a clinical level, being able to dislike storms. The lightning crashed down with alarming enough frequency that his programming dictated that unless a serious threat to life was going to turn up, he was to remain indoors in the lab where it was safe. Even his complicated and sophisticated circuitry was susceptible to the raw electrical power of a bolt of lightning. As such, his programming was content on allowing him to do more menial tasks around the household of his creator, tuning in every once in a while as best he could to the staticy and patchy radio frequencies of the world to see if his help might be needed. Although when the algorithms were sorted through, the probability of such a thing wasn’t very high.

    The radio hummed and whined, various radio stations tuning in and out. Various advertisements and music stations until…


    Wait. Jet Jaguar stood stock still, winding back to the radio station where he heard the name. The static burst into life and he wiggled his head around, extending his antennae as far as they could go to boost the signal. “I repeat, King Kong has appeared on the coast of Japan. We advise all members of the public to stay indoors. We shall provide updates when possible.”

    King Kong had come back to Japan’s shores again. Although Jet Jaguar doubted that his presence was needed, he looked out at the storm raging outside and his internal mechanisms were considering whether or not it was worth the risk to help the self defense force. Kong was one of the few kaiju that they could actually deal with without too much trouble.

    With a flash of lightning, Jet Jaguar threw open the doors and slammed them shut, lifting his arms and taking off into the dark skies.

    It wasn’t particularly difficult to find Kong, tuning into the choppy radios had given the robot enough of a guide, along with not being particularly bothered by the concept of darkness. Rain lashed at his eyes and his programs whirred in warning as he found the ape. Something was off about the beast…

    Lightning crackled across Kong’s skin, his face emanating a bluish glow. The ape gave a low groan, clawing at his chest before howling in rage and anger, stampeding forward and kicking at a tank which exploded on impact with Kong’s foot. The burning wreckage flew through the air and crashed onto the shores. His heart showed increased signs of stress that was steadily gaining, and in an instant Jet Jaguar knew what the problem was.

    The new problem was how to stop him.

    The dying Kong screamed out, snarling and beating his bloody and raw chest. Electricity shrouding him as a bolt of lightning smashed down onto him and nearly floored the mighty ape, but he remained standing and snarled angrily. Jet Jaguar’s programming warned him that exposed contact with the ape would certainly result in his immediate termination.

    He grew to the size of Kong anyways and stood in front of the thin line of JSDF vehicles that remained alive. The thunder crashed overhead and Jet Jaguar cried out, thrusting his arm toward Kong. Jet Jaguar sympathized with Kong, but he couldn’t allow the ape to continue his rampage.

    Kong snarled, and another flash of lightning echoed out with his battle cry as the ape charged forward. He swung wildly, Jet Jaguar ducking underneath the clumsy swipe and the robot slammed his fist into Kong’s gut, staggering the ape. Jet Jaguar immediately yanked his hand away as sparks danced around it.

    Kong, unphased by the robot’s plight, lumbered forward and swung again wildly, grunting in irritation as Jet Jaguar easily rolled out of the way. He grunted, digging his hands into the wet sand beneath him and flinging his arms up, a great handful splattering against Jet Jaguar’s face. The robot jerked in alarm, hastily trying to wipe the sand off of his face and screeching when Kong shouldered into him in a massive shower of spark, sending him crashing down on the wet sand.

    He shuddered and twitched. Even with such minimal contact, Kong was so supercharged with electricity that it was enough to send his systems into overdrive. He barely had time to get his bearings before he had to quickly roll out of the way, toward the choppy oceans as Kong slammed his fists down, showering more sand around.

    Standing quickly, Jet Jaguar ran forward and punched Kong across the jaw, then quickly backhanding him and kicking out with his foot, knocking the ape right on his back.

    Under normal circumstances, he would have pressed the advantage. But in Kong’s current state, the machine knew that advantage was completely gone. As Kong rose up to his feet, Jet Jaguar’s computer brain began making calculations about how to properly defeat his supercharged foe.

    Kong panted hard, clawing at his chest and grunting in pain, heaving as he roared angrily and another bolt of lightning slammed down onto the ape. Jet Jaguar flinched back, looking up at the storm raging above him. Was Kong’s natural affinity for lightning causing bolts to be attracted to him?

    There was no time to ponder the possibilities presented to Jet Jaguar as Kong waved his arms wildly and sprinted forward, Jet Jaguar aiming a kick at Kong, who caught the foot and howled at Jet Jaguar.

    Electricity danced through the machine’s circuits as Kong pushed Jet Jaguar down on his back and began punching mercilessly on him. Jet Jaguar flailed around, having the robotic equivalent of a seizure as his body began smoking and sparking. His circuits were going into overdrive and it wasn’t long before he went limp, going into emergency shut down.

    Kong panted, watching his beaten and blackened foe fall limp. He prodded at Jet Jaguar, but upon seeing no response assumed he had died and stood back up, beating his chest and bellowing victoriously. Turning around, he began walking back toward Japan.

    When Jet Jaguar turned back on, the storm had somehow gotten worse. His eyes pierced the darkness with light and he slowly stood to his full height, brushing the sand off of his body. He looked around, seeing the wreck of Kong’s rampage and he knew that he had failed his mission to stop the ape. His internal clock was fried and he had no idea how long he was on the ground.

    If Jet Jaguar were capable of feeling horror, it would be that Kong was nowhere to be seen and his radio wasn’t operating properly either. With no way to determine where the ape had gone, he would have to start looking for him the old fashioned way.

    Jet Jaguar watched as the lightning crackled overhead, the thunder exploding around him as he lifted off the ground. Normally, he would conserve energy and shrink down to fly again but desperate times called for desperate measures. He needed to find Kong and stop him, no matter the cost.

    It was a clunky liftoff, but the robot protector paid it no heed as he soared through the air as fast as he could go, The winds and rain battered his giant form as he looked for Kong across the countryside, trying to repair his radio as quickly as he could. Lightning crashed around him, and he once swerved to avoid a bolt that struck out at him a few seconds after.

    The distant sound of tank-fire finally caught his attention. His optics zoomed in a little as he saw Kong battling the army. He held in his hand the charred remains of a few soldiers, throwing the corpses like ragdolls across the battlefield. His body was literally humming with how much electrical power he had stored up. Jet Jaguar could hear Kong’s heartbeat getting faster with each breath. He would die soon.

    This had to end.

    Under normal circumstances, his programming wouldn’t allow him to perform such a rash and illogical act. But as Jet Jaguar watched Kong slaughter the soldiers, he knew it had to be done to stop the ape. He had done it once before to stop Megalon, and he would have to do it again to stop Kong.

    Jet Jaguar began to grow again. Larger than he had done before until he was towering over Kong. His estimates was that he had grown a quarter of his size and the strain on his body was already starting to be felt. Metal groaned as Jet Jaguar took a thunderous step toward Kong, who looked dumbfounded to see the opponent he thought he had killed back and taller than ever.

    Swinging his arm, it smashed against Kong’s head and sent the ape crashing down against the ground. Giant lights pierced the blackness and shone down on the downed ape as Kong burst up and charged at the gigantic Jet Jaguar, slamming his bulk into the machine.

    He staggered back, but remained standing this time and instead kicked out viciously, replacing technique for raw power and he heard the sickening crunch of bones as Kong’s weakened body was tossed across the makeshift arena and landed in a heap.

    The strain was starting to wear on Jet Jaguar’s body but he refused to shrink back down until he knew Kong was no longer a threat. Metal groaned under the weight and smoke began to churn from his overheating body, the rain hissing against his hot coating. When he saw Kong was about to stand he moved over and viciously kicked at the ape’s side, sending the dying creature sprawling on the ground.

    Kong coughed, heaving as he rolled over and convulsed. The electricity around his body was starting to fade, and he gave a weak noise and looked up at the storm raging overhead. He could feel his heart beating slower, it was getting hard to breath. Closing his eyes, King Kong slumped over. Finally dead.

    Jet Jaguar turned, shrunk back down and in silence, and flew back home.

    Winner: Jet Jaguar


    K.W.C. // March 6, 2021
  • Author: KeSean Johnson | Banner: Matthew Williams

    He had heard of this malicious creature and its reign of terror, reeking havoc wherever it crossed. The malevolent beast shedding its ruthless evil and destruction across the galaxy.

    The three-headed horror of the universe was on a path of chaos. He laid waste to anything, mobile or immobile. Cruelty, destruction, pain and death was all he knew. Nothing else mattered but the end of the universe.

    A small planet located behind Jupiter had recently just been caught in the evil monstrosity’s road to annihilation. Like a fiery god angered by its people, the horrid monster rained destructive, cosmic lightning bolts upon the defenseless planet. A barren wasteland it was turned, erased of all natural resources, its people on the brink of extinction. The demon wanted—no, needed—to exact his revenge. His next target was planet Earth.

    The intergalactic king of terror known as Grand King Ghidorah cackled with evil glee, glaring at his new adversary. A lone knight, donned in silver armor had come to stop his reign of terror. A praised god known by his ancient people, his heavenly powers toppling that of the Earth’s defenders. Their combined might was only enough to replenish the galactic monstrosity. He would send this devil into eternal damnation. With the shining light of the sun and the masculine power of a supernova, there was no possible way this dragon could come out on top. It was not in its destiny as so it was for the divine knight.

    The all powerful Sun God known as Utsuno Ikusagami clenched his fists. Utsuno could not allow this tyrannical dragon to cause anymore obliteration. He sought to kill this terrible creature once and for all. Stretching his arms out, the silver warrior summoned a vast amount of gold blades on his back. These acted as his wings, giving him the wonderful ability of flight. Utsuno charged Ghidorah, only for the golden dragon to spew a volley of gravity bolts his way, halting his approach. The heavely knight used his arms to shield his face, resulting in burn marks and electrocution. He was not prepared for that attack. This battle was going to be a lot more challenging than he thought.

    Grand King Ghidorah laughed at his foe before charging more cosmic energy into his maws and firing it at his opponent. Utsuno was ready this time, forming an oval-shaped shield made of unknown energies. The otherworldly beams of destruction were stopped in their tracks. Grand Ghidorah wouldn’t let up, still shooting his lightning blasts into the shield. Utsuno became worried, knowing his blockade would falter at any moment, and he was correct. The shield cracked, then twisted, and finally shattered like glass. Yet, he was already on the move, dodging the gravity beams and flying overhead.

    By the time Ghidorah looked upward, Utsuno Ikusagami descended upon him, slamming his right fist into his central head, releasing a shriek of agony. Ghidorah’s left head shot at Utsuno, only for the knight to grasp its throat in his right hand. The right head sprang to action, but Utsuno caught that one as well. Ikusagami tightened his grip, squeezing as hard as he could and zapping them with his special energy touch. Afterward, he drove his right knee into the dragon’s liver, forcing the monster to shriek in pain and gag at the same time.

    The central head brought itself upward, uppercutting thr guardian in his armored chin and forcing him to stagger. Charging up deadly volts of electricity into the tips of his wings, Grand King Ghidorah then let forth twelve shots of crimson lightning into Utsuno Ikusagami’s body. His metallic armor acted as a conductor, cranking up the power of the wing lightning. Utsuno cringed in anguish, the lightning bolts giving him a painful shock treatment.

    Ghidorah flapped his gargantuan wings, charging at his stunned opponent. When Utsuno stopped cringing in pain, he was treated with a massive dropkick which sent him hurtling into a tiny asteroid. The impact dazed him, but he still managed to hold himself together. Grand King Ghidorah flew at his enemy once again, but Utsuno managed to sidestep the speeding demon at the last second, driving all three of his heads into the asteroid. Faintly, Ghidorah shrieked in pain, nearly knocked into unconsciousness by the crash.

    While his adversary was dazed and confused, Utsuno wrapped his silver arms around Grand Ghidorah’s long necks and bent them backward. Simultaneously, the Sun God drove his right foot into the dragon’s back, cracking it in all the wrong ways. This galvanized the beast, widening its six red eyes and blasting his opponent point-blank in his featureless face. The sudden gravity beams sent the warrior hurtling backward.

    Like a swimmer accelerating off a wall inside a pool, Grand King Ghidorah pounced off of the damaged asteroid, giving him a head start to his top flight speed. Utsuno tricked his deadly opponent into believing he was down for the count. Ghidorah was getting ready to maul the knight, only for the warrior from the heavens to leap up and snatch all three of his muscular necks. The dreadful dragon panicked, having no way to escape from his tightening grip. Utsuno Ikusamagi spun in a complete circle before releasing his foe upward. The galactic demon catapulted into a rushing asteroid, knocking the air right out of him and sending him further into the vacuum of space.

    Utsuno Ikusagami knew for a fact his opponent was nowhere near defeated and decided to give chase. The silver knight dodged every oncoming rock, spinning, twirling, and still keeping his focus on the one asteroid with his enemy on the other side. After floating behind it, he waited for his enemy to arrive from either above him or on either side of the space rock. What he didn’t come to realize was that Grand King Ghidorah was flying under the asteroid.

    Ghidorah lifted his three demonic heads, spotting the warrior’s feet. Utsuno Ikusagami was ambushed, being blasted in his soles, causing him to clutch his feet and become frantic. Grand King Ghidorah cackled with evil glee, seeing his foe struggle to overcome his pain. Flying up toward his opponent, Grand Ghidorah then sank his large fangs into Utsuno’s feet and tossed him downward into yet another oncoming asteroid. The satanic dragon followed the rock he laid on, erupting cosmic lightning blasts into his fallen foe.

    Utsuno lay stiff as the devastating bolts of lightning electrifying his limbs. The silver knight spotted his adversary flying overhead, but it was already too late. Grand King Ghidorah dropped onto his enemy, driving his scaly feet into his torso. Like a joyful child on a trampoline, the three-headed dragon jumped up and down, denting the deity’s armor and crushing him underneath his gigantic weight. Ghidorah grew tired of this act, deciding to hop off of his downed opponent.

    Bright, yellow flashes formed in his maws, charging up his gravity beams. The yellow bolts of devastation spewed from his mouths, exploding around Utsuno Ikusagami and forcing him to roll over onto his stomach. The golden devil chuckled at his foe’s suffering. Knowing his opponent would continue his assault, Utsuno activated his wing blades, spinning rapidly like a giant buzzsaw. After using his arms to lift himself up, the divine warrior spun to the right, his wing saw cleaving Ghidorah’s right foot from his ankle.

    Grand King Ghidorah cried out in anguish, falling onto his back, his ankle becoming nothing more than a bloody stump. His opponent was extremely tough, but the god knew he would overcome the odds. Utsuno looked to finish this battle, the war between knight and dragon. The metallic warrior lifted his arms out and focused on his energy. Channeling a high quantity of divine power into the medallion on his forehead, Utsuno Ikusagami then fired an awesome blast of raw energy into Grand King Ghidorah.

    Something seemed to be wrong. The terrible dragon never erupted into a great ball of fire. There wasn’t even an explosion. Grand King Ghidorah used his golden scales to manipulate Utsuno’s Sun beam into a light barrier!

    Ghidorah thanked the nature of his own body for saving him from oblivion. Utsuno couldn’t believe what just happened. That same energy beam was enough to turn the devilish, eight-headed dragon, Orochi, into a living inferno. What did it do to Grand King Ghidorah? Absolutely nothing.

    Grand King Ghidorah flew off of the asteroid, finally rejuvenating his strength. The terrifying monster passed by Utsuno Ikusagami, bombarding the knight with deadly gravity bolts. He spun around while cackling with insanity. When Utsuno turned to face his enemy, he was met with a massive wing to the face, knocking him back. Ghidorah then hoisted his forked tail over his groin area which connected to the sides of his opponent’s head. Bringing his tail down, Utsuno was forced to fly downward.

    He halted his decent. The warrior barely dodged the oncoming lightning blasts which manipulated gravity. His reflexes came into play. Grand Ghidorah continued his spam of gravity beams, yet not one blast hit their target. Utsuno flew in continuous circles as he was trying his hardest to not get blasted. Finally coming up with another strategy, the silver knight twirled upward, almost like creating a giant DNA strand. This confused and infuriated the three-headed monstrosity because he couldn’t land any hits on his enemy.

    Utsuno stopped flying. Ghidorah seized firing. The hydra turned around only for his enemy to punch his central head, catching it off guard and releasing a shriek of agony. Utsuno backhanded his right head, then slapped the left one, zapping it at the same time. Becoming seriously aggravated, Ghidorah then constricted his middle neck around Utsuno’s throat. The ancient warrior was beginning to suffocate and so started to panic. He bashed his fists into King Ghidorah’s chest over and over, but nothing seemed to work. The outer heads then wrapped their necks around his arms, holding him still. His movements became slow and lazy. Now that his opponent was pained and slowed, Grand King Ghidorah relinquished his torture and vomited more destructive beams of galactic lightning into his stiff foe. He glared at his enemy who was now floating aimlessly in the vacuum of space. Curling his lips and snarling, Ghidorah then let forth a ferocious cry of triumphant victory. The demonic dragon added insult to injury by bouncing off of his unconscious opponent’s form and flying away.

    He decided to utilize the extracted life essences he had taken by will from every planet he had encountered beforehand. Grand King Ghidorah then began to form a meteor around his masculine body. This would definitely help him travel to Earth a lot faster.

    Images scattered inside Utsuno Ikusagami’s brain. Everything he saw were memories from his troubled past. He was once a rejected prince, being deceived as a child of the Devil himself. His kingdom believed that he himself had murdered his own sick mother after giving her his special amulet, its true power being nearly uncontrollable. Day and night, land-to-land, the dishonored prince searched for the three treasures of Yamato. After achieving the treasures, the prince and his new female companion journeyed to the moon. He did battle with the ruthless, almighty god known as Tsukuyomi. After being outmatched, the doombringer transformed into the humongous red hydra, Orochi. Yamato Takeru fused with the Sword of Snake Kerosign, a sacred mirror, and his partner; Oto Tachibana. He then morphed into a proud, heavenly God of the Sun: Utsuno Ikusagami. Using his amazing, divine powers, the warrior conquered the eight-headed dragon, his duty as a protector being successful.

    Now he had faced a new opponent. Another hydra, but more dangerous and more powerful. Even more powerful than the last. This dragon, despite having five less heads, was more cunning and possessed twice as much raw power in his arsenal. The dragon defeated the knight, but his mission of protection and balance was not over yet. No matter the circumstances, Utsuno had to beat the unbeatable! He had to conquer the unconquerable! Slay the unslayable! Utsuno clenched his fists. On this day, he would slay yet another hydra!

    The meteor was formed half way around Grand King Ghidorah’s body. All of a sudden, a massive, orange beam made of enhanced energies collided with the half-meteor. It was decimated in an instant, exploding all around its creator. Grand King Ghidorah roared furiously, fueled with inner rage. He was so close! The menacing monster charged his foe, but Utsuno stood his ground. The knight stuck his arms out and completely stopped the speeding dragon. Ghidorah’s left head shot out like a cobra, biting into Utsuno’s right bicep. Then came the right head, sinking its sharp fangs into his left bicep. Finally the central head bit down into his neck.

    Utsuno struggled to escape from his triple death grip, but with this new sudden power surge, there was no way he would be defeated again. Ghidorah’s fangs sunk deeper, yet he could not break the holy armor. The golden dragon’s bloodlust was still not quenched. Utsuno stuck his right arm out to the side while Grand Ghidorah charged up yellow, cosmic lightning into his three maws, and a sword made of holy energy materialized in the noble warrior’s right hand. Right as Ghidorah was about to end his life, the blade was plunged into his chest like a hot knife through butter, seizing his lightning bolts.

    All three of his heads lifted upward simultaneously and shrieked in absolute anguish. The holy blade was extremely close to piercing his black heart. Utsuno Ikusagami relinquished his sword from the dragon’s chest and swiped it down his right wing, ripping through the appendage like tissue paper. Ghidorah released a cry of agony, shooting off strands of purple lightning at his foe. Utsuno spun around and activated his wing blades, using them to bounce and deflect the oncoming bolts of electricity into the empty vastness.

    Ghidorah growled at his relentless opponent. The demon summoned more gravity-manipulating lightning into his maws while the silver knight channeled more particles of intense energy into his forehead. Grand King Ghidorah released the destructive gravity beams from his mouths, uniting them into one super gravity beam. The medallion ray ruptured from Utsuno Ikusagami’s forehead. The two awesome blasts of raw power smashed into one another, looking to overpower each other. Ghidorah spewed more cosmic energy into his combined blast, causing his opponent’s ray to be pushed back. Utsuno summoned more power into his beam, forcing his enemy’s blast to fall back. The runaway energy coming from both giants erupted, a massive explosion of astronomical proportions being created.

    Both Utsuno Ikusagami and Grand Ghidorah were sent hurtling backward as the galactic explosion was formed in between them. Upon stopping himself, Utsuno caught a glimpse of Ghidorah speeding toward him like a living bullet. That was all he needed. Before Ghidorah could tackle his foe, the silver knight turned ninety degrees to the left. Grand King Ghidorah’s eyes widened, panicking as he could not stop himself. It was at that moment when Ghidorah’s left wing was completely shredded in half by Ikusagami’s wing saw.

    The demonic dragon turned around, squealing in insane agony. Almost instantly, a zero gravity field formed around the hydra so that he could still possess the ability to fly. Out of nowhere, Utsuno Ikusagami slammed his bulk into Grand King Ghidorah. Pushing him backward, the hydra was forced through one side of an asteroid and straight out the other, forming a gaping hole in the space rock.

    Utsuno continued his forward rush, finally driving Ghidorah into an asteroid three times their own size. An impact crater was formed from the collision, holding the dragon in the rock as Ikusagami materialized another sword of enhanced power in his right hand. Ghidorah’s right head shrieked its last as it was severed from half way down its neck, vile blood spraying everywhere. Utsuno, with his free hand, grasped the severed limb and slapped the other two heads with it in utter disgust before casting it aside. Ghidorah roared in frustration, unable to overcome his enemy’s deadly assault.

    Grabbing the central head’s lower jaw, Ikusagami electricuted it and hoisted the neck upward. He plunged his heavenly sword into its throat, locking it with the asteroid and spewing nasty blood. Staring at his ruthless enemy made him angered, something a god should not feel in the sight of others for bad things would come. Bringing his right arm upward, Utsuno summoned a spear of static holy light and chucked it at Ghidorah. Unlike the holy beam, it managed to penetrate his light barrier, slicing straight through his left shoulder, restraining his joints and causing a huge explosion. Focusing more power into his left hand, Utsuno formed another deadly spear and threw it at the dragon’s other shoulder. A third spear was flung, piercing the demon’s left knee. One last spear connected with Ghidorah’s right knee. The satanic dragon was crucified on an asteroid, sapping him of his legendary power and siphoning all the evil that lurked inside of his body.

    Grand Ghidorah let forth a weakened cry of distress. Utsuno channeled holy energies into his medallion, seeking to end this monster’s reign of destruction. The blast was fired, but was halted by Ghidorah’s still active light barrier. Two more beams shot out, but were unsuccessful in damaging their target. Utsuno brought his arms up and slowly dropped them, focusing even more godly energy into his forehead. Another medallion ray erupted from his head, even more massive and powerful than all the rest. Instantly, Ghidorah’s light barrier shattered, letting the beam of holy energy collide with his body. Ghidorah cried one final roar of retribution upon his adversary. Some of his scales, along with some inner organs, evaporated at a rapid rate. His insides overheated and began to combust. Finally, the three-headed dragon exploded into a brilliant ball of flames, being completely set ablaze by Utsuno’s mega medallion ray.

    Utsuno seized his blast, giving his unlimited energy a chance to replenish itself. The once horrible beast, the galactic doombringer, the planet destroyer, the devilish obliterator, the King of Terror, Grand King Ghidorah…was no more. The divine knight, the Sun God, Utsuno Ikusagami, had conquered, and slain the dragon.

    The denizens of Earth would live to see another day, thanks to a god they never worshipped…

    Eternal damnation the dragon was sent into… The heavens above the knight ascended to.

    Between God and Devil, this is how it always should be and will be.

    Winner: Utsuno Ikusagami

    K.W.C. // February 28, 2021
  • Back in 2016, when Shin Godzilla was released, there were quite a few promotional tie-ins. I covered many of the food-related promotional tie-ins, such as the Lotteria version of fun meal toys, the Butamen noodles, and the Godzilla vs. Evangelion snack box. One of the most interesting tie-ins, though, took place at Namja Town, an indoor amusement park in Ikebukuro that targets youngsters. Namjatown (or Namja Town – ナムコ・ナンジャタウン) has a host of mascot furry animals and swaps out attractions regularly, which are often related to popular anime properties. They are also notable for their ice cream shops and pot sticker restaurants.

    Kaiju Kuisine // February 27, 2021
  • Toho started in 1932, although they wouldn’t adopt the name Toho until 1943. Since their inception, the company has done numerous releases to mark their anniversary, sometimes with a single production but often times multiple. Ikiru (1952) marked Toho’s 20th anniversary. King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) noted their 30th anniversary while King Kong Escapes (1967) carried their 35th anniversary banner. Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991), a “New Year’s film”, celebrated their 60th anniversary. Next year, 2022, marks Toho’s 90th anniversary. As part of this milestone, Toho is  celebrating not just on the big screen… but on the stage with a live theatrical adaptation of Spirited Away.


    News // February 26, 2021
  • CrunchyRoll has launched their exclusive Godzilla collection, now announcing a new second wave. Clothing features the art of Bob Eggleton, James Stokoe, Matt Frank and Dave Watcher that was originally featured in comics from IDW. These clothes are extremely limited. Pre-orders start today, February 25th, and run until March 8th. This leaves only 11 days to buy the clothes. In addition, a book focusing on covers from the comics and figures are included with the run (more…)

    News // February 25, 2021
  • Starting in 2019, Playmates Toys began releasing figures around both the MonsterVerse and the Toho Godzilla films. Since then, they have published toys around the Showa series, Heisei series, Millennium series, Reiwa series and including figures for the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong. This has encompassed a wide range of different versions of Godzilla as well, including Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1968, Godzilla 1999, Godzilla 2004, Godzilla 2016 and the MonsterVerse version.

    The line of figures is continuing to grow as well, with more figures coming later this year. To celebrate, Playmates Toys was kind enough to send us first look promo videos for two upcoming figures in the line.


    News // February 24, 2021
  • Toho has announced a new anime series for Godzilla, being produced by Toho while being created by anime studios bones and Orange. Set to debut worldwide in 2021, on Tokyo MX in Japan and on Netflix worldwide, the upcoming series is around the corner. The show won’t be Godzilla’s first foray into animation, although this is noted to be an all new and original series on the character. This article acts as a news roundup for the new series, titled Godzilla Singular Point. (more…)

    News // February 23, 2021
  • Author: Connor Clennell | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

    For years, mankind had been plagued by monsters. No matter how hard they fought back, it seemed as if they had no hope to fully repel the larger-than-life beasts that shared the same soil as them. Had no choice but to watch them tear down their homes, steal away their loved ones, tear down everything they had worked hard to achieve.

    Yet in the carnage and chaos, one nation had managed to avoid the conflict between man and monster. Whilst the governments of Japan and the United States sent out their armies and arsenals against the likes of Godzilla and King Ghidorah, the United Kingdom hung back, leaving its military and civilians out of a conflict that didn’t involve them…at least, not yet. As the other nations of the world suffered from the heavy loss of life and the costs of repairing the damage and building new weaponry to take down their gargantuan neighbors, they flourished. Rebuilding their economy, improving their quality of life, strengthening their defenses. What was once a tiny, insignificant island was quickly growing into a new international superpower.

    The people of Great Britain had grown to believe they were safe from the terrors of kaiju. None had ever tried to set foot in their waters or on their soil before. Why would they now?

    Today, they would be proven wrong.

    In Blackpool, crowds of people carried on with their daily lives, not giving a care about the dangers that existed outside their waters. Atop the Blackpool Tower, a young boy was on the verge of crying as he watched his balloon float away from him into the sky above. He barely paid attention to the sudden shouts and screams around him, as people pushed and shoved each other aside in a desperate rush to get to the elevator. It wasn’t until his mother lifted him up to carry him and he could see over her shoulder that he saw what the cause for all the commotion was.

    Few people saw the object flying in over the ocean at an astounding speed. Even fewer survived its arrival.

    Hurricane level winds swept up helpless cars, trams, buses and people, scattering them across the town like garbage. Massive waves engulfed the beach and the promenade, wiping away treasured landmarks and memorials. Sonic booms shattered every window within Blackpool’s limits and reduced less structurally sound buildings to tons of concrete rubble. All this in the span of a single minute. Maybe even less.

    When the carnage had died down, the town was unrecognizable to the survivors. Mangled bodies of vehicles and people littered the ravaged streets, obscured by dust and debris. Across the city, the cries of people in agonizing pain and in mourning of their deceased filled the air. No one could have expected this. Blackpool had been torn apart by forces brought about by the advent of Rodan.

    The crimson pterosaur circled above the ruins of Blackpool, scanning for a place to roost after his long voyage. His sharp eyes found a suitable target, and he made his descent. Rodan came down atop the Blackpool Tower, crushing its observatory under his titanic weight. The rest of the structure wobbled and groaned in protest, but managed to support Rodan’s form. In the giant’s beak, a bottlenose dolphin flailed helplessly in its dying moments. Throwing his head back, Rodan opened his maw, allowing gravity to send the dolphin down his throat. He closed his beak with a loud clapping sound, only to open it again a second later, spreading his wings and releasing an echoing, challenging cackle. Blackpool was his domain now. Let any other creature challenge him at their peril.

    His moment was interrupted, however, as the tower began to tremble beneath him. Rodan looked down, tilting his head in confusion. The streets below shook violently, the tremors bringing down buildings not fully obliterated by Rodan’s sonic booms. Huge jagged cracks appeared in the concrete and tarmac, spewing violent flames. From his perch, Rodan watched the cracks grow larger and the flames engulf the ruins below. Suddenly, the tower itself began to sink, disappearing into the inferno. Screeching in surprise, Rodan escaped a fiery fate by taking to the skies. He and the pockets of survivors watched with anticipation as the Blackpool Tower was consumed by the Earth, vanishing into a hellish pit of fire and brimstone.

    Rodan looked down at where the tower had just stood, warily observing the gaping chasm that had appeared in its place. Unholy sounds escaped the sinkhole’s molten depths, filling the reptile’s soul with dread. Forms moved around within the flames, neither human nor monster, but creatures from another world. Thousands of tortured souls cried out, begging for freedom from their eternal prison. This gateway to the underworld was something beyond even Rodan’s intelligence and comprehension. He was sure of one thing, however: he was going nowhere near it.

    To further compliment the pit, a colossal, inhuman form began to rise from the depths. A large four-fingered hand composed of rock clamped down on the chasm’s edge, followed by another, pulling a demonic creature out of Hell itself and to the surface. Kumasogami reared his hideous visage back, letting loose a haunting, atrocious bellow that pierced the souls of those present with fear and dread, announcing his return to the mortal realm after centuries of slumber. The former God of the Kumaso Kingdom had returned to walk the Earth once more and burn civilization to ashes.

    Though as the molten beast scanned the broken shell of Blackpool, it seemed something had razed the town to the ground before him. Recently too, judging by the still setting smoke and burning fires. A screech from above caught Kumasogami’s attention. The demon’s single triangular eye regarded Rodan’s airborne form not with fear or anger, but boredom. While he enjoyed tearing apart his enemies and drinking the blood out of their still beating hearts, the pteranodon hardly looked to be a worthy foe. Still, if it wanted to die so badly, who was he to deny its final request? Kumasogami spread his arms wide and roared a terrible roar at Rodan, accepting the Lord of the Skies’ challenge.

    Pulling his wings close, Rodan dive-bombed the molten titan at incredible speed. Taken by surprise by his foe’s speed, Kumasogami was left with little time to defend himself, and raised his arms to grab Rodan’s own as he closed the distance. Gripping the aerial predator’s arms tightly, Kumasogami grinned in sadistic pleasure as his superheated touch burnt and seared Rodan’s flesh, earning several painful cries from the mutated pteranodon. In retaliation, he brought the tip of his beak down atop Kumasogami’s head with extreme force. Kumasogami relinquished his hold, clutching the top of his head and hollering painfully. Molten lava dripped from his cracked cranium, corroding the ground below. Rodan used his foe’s distraction to ascend into the air, his natural realm. With a single flap of his wings, he created a powerful sonic boom that knocked Kumasogami back onto the beach behind him. As the dark one’s feet disappeared under the waves he growled painfully. But while the cooling waters doused his flames, it was not enough to wound the beast from Hell.

    Rodan’s cackling cry echoed around the area, seeming to come from all directions. Kumasogami looked around frantically as he tried to locate the reptile, to no avail. Rodan cackled again, the sound closer this time, but before Kumasogami could react, the oversized pterosaur slammed his spiked chest into the back of the titan’s head, sending him crashing to the ground. Kumasogami quickly got back onto his feet, only for Rodan to slam his feet into his face, causing him to fall backward into the ocean. Both the demon and the waters hissed as his superheated form made contact, steam rising from all sides. Pulling himself out of the now boiling water, Kumasogami was knocked to the ground once more as Rodan swooped in low and sliced the demon’s leg with his wing.

    Kumasogami groaned as he pulled himself off the ground. Rodan was just too fast to face while in the air, and if Kumasogami wanted to win this bout he’d have to force the crimson terror out of his element. The dark one’s arms fell to his sides as his hands began to shift and change. His left hand took on the appearance of a bow, the other morphed its fingers into three deadly arrows. Kumasogami joined the arrows with his bow and took aim. Rodan issued a cackle and dive-bombed Kumasogami again, but this time the demon was ready, spinning on his heel to face the pteranodon and fired his arrows. Skillfully twisting his form, Rodan avoided the molten projectiles and continued his attack, striking Kumasogami in the face with his wing before retreating once more. Kumasogami snarled angrily and turned to face Rodan’s retreating form as his fingers formed into another set of arrows.

    He raised the bow and arrows to target Rodan, but did not fire, waiting for the pteranodon to get closer this time. Rodan began to pick up speed as he approached Kumasogami, cackling wildly, as he prepared to slam his beak into the molten titan’s cranium. Moments before he could, though, Kumasogami launched his arrows, striking the giant pteranodon’s armored chest. Crying out in pain as plumes of fire and smoke rose from his chest, Rodan swerved midair, abandoning his attack run. Kumasogami lowered his arms, letting out a low, sinister laugh at his foe’s pain.

    Suddenly, Rodan stopped mid-flight and turned to face Kumasogami. The demon’s laughter died in his throat once he noticed Rodan’s crown of horns glow a bright gold, as flashes and sparks of energy crackled across them. Rodan cackled angrily before opening his beak and unleashing a violet beam of atomic energy, striking Kumasogami dead center in the chest. The dark one howled as chunks of molten rock and lava blood fell to the ground and staggered back. Rodan was not finished, however, and fired another blast of his uranium ray. Kumasogami’s left hand exploded into chunks as the beam struck, causing more agonizing pain to course through Kumasogami’s body and earning another deafening cry from his molten throat as he clutched the stump of his hand. Rodan’s mocking cry filled the demon’s ears as his hand regenerated, vengeance clouding his mind. As Rodan dive-bombed him again, Kumasogami reverted his right hand back to its normal state and broke into a sprint toward the giant pterosaur. The demon bent his legs, leaping into the air toward the descending Rodan. The mutated pteranodon cried out in surprise as Kumasogami planted his foot atop his head and kicked down, sending him plummeting to the ground hard. Kumasogami landed mere meters away and turned to face Rodan, still dazed from the impact, growling cruelly as he prepared to deal the finishing blow…

    Pulling himself upright, Rodan spun around and blasted Kumasogami square in the chest with his uranium heat beam. Kumasogami stumbled backward from the blast and tripped on a pile of rubble, falling back and crushing Blackpool North Station under his bulk. As the demon flailed about trying to get back up, Rodan lifted himself into the air and approached Kumasogami. The molten titan lashed out in an attempt to grab Rodan, but the Lord of the Skies managed to stay just out of his reach and began pecking furiously at the dark one’s skull. Kumasogami roared in pain as each strike of Rodan’s beak worsened the damage already inflicted to his cranium, threatening to crack the demon’s head open like an egg. His hands desperately sought out a weapon to use against his crimson foe, eventually finding an abandoned DMU train. His right hand closed around the two vehicles, the heat from his body quickly turning them to molten slag, and he swung his arm upward, smashing the deteriorating train into Rodan’s face. The DMU exploded on contact, embedding shards of glass and twisted metal into the right side of Rodan’s head. Rodan ceased assaulting Kumasogami, rearing his head back and crying out in pain as shrapnel pierced his eye. He flew back and landed, trying to claw the debris out with his fingers.

    Kumasogami stood up, using the time Rodan spent removing the shrapnel well. His right arm fell to his side, the fingers of his hand fusing together and extending to form a deadly blade. Raising his new weapon, Kumasogami swung it at Rodan, striking the reptile on his armored chest and drawing a shower of sparks. Rodan cried out in shock and leapt back, but Kumasogami swung faster, his sword cutting through the membrane of Rodan’s left wing. The crimson pteranodon cackled in anger and pain as he ascended out of Kumasogami’s reach. He observed his torn wing, assessing the damage. His wing was still capable of granting flight, obviously, but he could no longer harness his true speed, lest he damage his wing further.

    Out of the corner of his good eye, Rodan watched Kumasogami’s hands morph into a bow and arrows once more. He quickly moved, avoiding the first trio of arrows. Kumasogami could tell Rodan was in distress, as he was moving a lot slower now. It made tracking him much easier. He raised his bow, firing another set of arrows at the mutated pterosaur. Two arrows struck Rodan’s underbelly, the other exploded against his neck. Rodan let out an angry cry and swerved toward Kumasogami, grasping the demon’s head in his talons and dragging him across the town. The Lord of the Skies released his grip, sending Kumasogami crashing down atop Bloomfield Road Stadium, partially burying him in several tons of concrete and steel.

    Furiously, Kumasogami pulled himself up and glared at Rodan. The pterosaur’s horns glowed once more as he fired his uranium beam, blowing off Kumasogami’s bow-hand, then repeated the action with the demon’s other hand. Kumasogami shook his arms wildly, his stumps spilling lava across the area, as Rodan swooped in and smashed him in the face with his chest. Kumasogami fell back, roaring in fury. Already his hands were regenerating and morphing into new shapes. His right hand grew in size, his fingers sinking into his rocky hide to form a large ball. Several spikes grew out of the ball, finishing the weapon’s completion. His left hand took on a similar shape, then detached from his wrist, dangling on a rock-formed chain. Kumasogami swung his new morning star and flail, testing their weight and air resistance, then spun around and slammed his morning star into Rodan’s face, who had been sneaking up on the molten titan.

    Wearily, Rodan opened his eyes. Kumasogami’s blow had been strong enough to not only knock him unconscious for a few moments, but send him flying halfway across Blackpool. Rodan felt the ground beneath him quake, and he looked up to see Kumasogami sprinting toward him, bellowing in rage. Flapping his wings, Rodan began to take off, firing a uranium ray at the charging demon. Kumasogami raised his morning star to take the blow, sacrificing the limb to continue his charge, and swung his left arm. His flail slammed into Rodan’s chest, breaking several ribs with an audible cracking sound. The crimson pterosaur’s cry of agony was literally drowned out as blood gurgled out of Rodan’s maw as one of his lungs was punctured. He blasted Kumasogami with his uranium beam, incinerating rocky armor and lava blood alike, as he clawed at the dark one’s face with his talons, ignoring the burning pain that shot through then with every strike.

    By now Kumasogami’s morning star had reformed, and he smashed the medieval tool into Rodan’s side, sending the oversized pteranodon crashing to the ground. He leapt atop the fallen reptile and began pounding his face with both morning star and flail. Rodan beat his wings and kicked out, cackling painfully as he was crushed and burnt underneath the demon. His efforts were futile, and only served to increase the severity of the dark one’s beating.

    After several minutes of non-stop smashing, Kumasogami finally relented. He stood up off Rodan to observe the Lord of the Skies’ broken form. His chest was singled completely black, raw red flesh poking out of several gaping wounds. The pteranodon’s head lay in a puddle of his own blood, his beak crackled and missing several pieces, which were scattered all around his head. Yet the slow but steading rise and fall of his chest proved Rodan was still alive. Kumasogami’s hands morphed into blades as he raised them above his head, ready to deal the killing blow. But then a much more sinister thought struck him. Why kill him and end his suffering, when he could make him suffer for all eternity?

    His blades morphed back into four-fingered hands, and he bent down to pick up Rodan. Carrying the mutant reptile above his head, Kumasogami marched over to where he had come into this world. As he stood at the edge of the opening, he glazed into its fiery depths, disturbed glee filling his tainted soul. The moans and cries of the underworld, along with Kumasogami’s vile laughter, was enough to rouse Rodan from unconsciousness. With a surprised screech, the Lord of the Skies was cast into the pit, vanishing into the cloud of fire and smoke. Kumasogami’s laughter rose to a horrifying, booming volume as he turned away from the gate to Hell and focused his attention—

    With a triumphant cackle, Rodan flew out of the pit, escaping the terrors of the underworld. Kumasogami spun around, his twisted visage frozen in shock. Rodan’s bruised and battered eyes narrowed as a furious cackle emanated from his throat moments before he expelled a beam of atomic hate on Kumasogami’s face. The dark one’s cries died in his throat as it was torn away by the force of Rodan’s heat ray, alongside most of his facial feature. As Kumasogami clutched at the remains of his face, Rodan blasted open the ground beneath him with two more uranium rays. The ledge Kumasogami resided on crumbled away, and he fell screaming as best he could into the pit, continuously being assaulting by uranium beams. Rodan never saw or heard him hit the bottom, if there even was one, and breathed a sigh of relief. With its only connection to the mortal realm severed, the hole to Hell closed up, leaving no trace that it was ever there.

    Exhausted but victorious, Rodan made his leave. His new territory now reeked of the underworld’s dark presence, and he wanted to be as far away from it as possible, taking to the air and heading toward much greener pastures.

    Winner: Rodan (Heisei)

    K.W.C. // February 20, 2021
  • Godzilla Rage Across Time #5. Released in 2016, this was the last new comic about the King of the Monsters from IDW Publishing… until now. Years later IDW is returning to release more comics about Godzilla. Signing a multi-year deal with Toho International, IDW will begin releasing new comics on the titular monster starting in April of 2021. The creative talent for the first, five-issue miniseries are familiar faces within IDW. It includes writer Erik Burnham, whose past work includes IDW comics around Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles among others, and artist Dan Schoening, who also has worked on the Ghostbusters comics from IDW.

    The deal includes “dozens” of kaiju from Toho, although exact details are scarce. Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah were name dropped, though, as among those included in the deal. (more…)

    News // February 18, 2021