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  • Author: Vincent Rodger | Banner: Landon Soto

    One hundred years ago, they fell; the Age of Heroes ended when the Titans suddenly appeared. They devoured those that could not escape, but those that did survive the hordes built three massive walls, preserving the lives of the few thousand humans remaining.

    Up until two years ago, the walls fell under siege, the small town of Mozen being lost in the chaos. The hordes poured in, eating the population like rats trapped in a cage. Those who witnessed the terror enlisted in the newly formed Scout Regiment, eventually finding a way to take back the home that they had lost.

    Overcoming internal corruption and traitors in the ranks, it felt as if a new era of freedom was finally blooming. The world had been so small to them for their entire lives, now it seemed as if humanity was given a chance to flourish once more. That was, if those that watched were ready to give this world up.

    Above the planet sat a colossal ship, gold in color, signifying that the warlords of Planet Mega had returned. They had waited for the age of heroes to fall and for the King of The Monsters to be destroyed; though it seemed that there was a domino effect. Once those that fought to protect the Earth had fallen to the hordes, Godzilla disappeared. The perfect chance to seize the planet as they sought fit had finally arrived, taking the planet and leaving the walls alone as they transformed the rest of the world.

    One eye laid on their face, the ears much larger than our own; their skin a dark red, fingertips resembling suction cups; their clothing looking like an astronaut suit, covered in blue and purple. The warlords watched from above as they had finally done it.

    “It seems that they have escaped the experiment zone.”

    “I was not expecting this result. What should we do?”

    “Send in Rhiahn. We have no need for Triax or Krollar for this mission. The boy will not survive our first wave.”

    With a subtle push of a button, one of the Mega-Monsters was unleashed. Flying toward the planet, the green-yellow space invader prepared to fight for his master’s will. The original and their brothers had failed in taking the planet, he would not make the same mistake.


    The Scout Regiment had only been around for two years, and they had already taken back the world that was lost to them, discovering a civilization forgotten by their own people. The city lay in ruin, overgrowth covering most of the buildings. In the death of civilization, the Earth made life. A rebirth.

    The hero of the walls sat on his horse, deep in thought as he looked around him. Skeletons of men, women, and children paved the streets, the air stentched of death and decay. He knew what a warzone looked like, this city was the last stand against some outside force; perhaps the Wraith Titans that he had faced before or something beyond their understanding. Either way, this is where this age ended.

    This place felt familiar to the young man. Something about it, made fear crawl up his spine. As if… A distant voice of the past was calling to him. He closed his eyes as a memory quickly flashed in front of him. A single man stood among the crowd, walking toward the threat that stood before him with his fellow gods. Eren could tell they were one and the same, wanting nothing more than freedom. The man charged forward as he grabbed a knife from his side and sliced his hand open, lightning surrounding him as he leaped forw-

    “Eren?” The young man opened his eyes. His longtime friend and comrade, Armin, had broken his concentration on the memory, snapping him back to reality.

    “What’s up?”

    “Nothing, you just looked like you were lost for a second.” The young hero smiled before turning away from his friend, marching forward on his horse.

    “It’s nothing, I promise. Let’s move forward, I’m sure the others are going to want to make camp soon.” The pair moved forward, catching up to their allies. A small group of soldiers stayed on their horses as a large portion of the group took to the sky, using their Vertical Maneuver Gear to move around the city. They made it this far without encountering any Wraith Titans, it was best to secure the area before they were ambushed by the mutations.

    Humanity had already lost so much to the abominations, the lower the casualties, the less heartbreaks. Armin jumped off his horse, walking over to something that he spotted in the distance. The young man reaching down and attempting to pick it up, only for it to not budge at all. “Come on you stupid hammer, is it stuck or something?”

    “Armin lift with your legs, not your back.”

    Armin turned around, seeing Eren watch as he approached. “I would like to see you try then, genius.”

    The hero of the walls approached the object. Taking in a deep breath as he attempted to lift it from the crater that it sat in. The young man attempting to lift it, only for it to not budge like before. “Perhaps someday I will be like you.” Eren let go, backing away before looking at Armin.

    “Eren, what the hell did you mean by that?” Eren stared at his friend as he thought about his response.

    “It’s as simple as it sounds, I am not like the one before. The first host of my Titan form. This hammer, it’s the last remnant of the old gods. Warriors that fought for this very planet’s protection, but failed, and the world was consumed by the Wraith Titans.”

    “How the hell do you know that?”

    “Because I have the memories of the original host of the Attack Titan. He was their leader. The best of them.” Eren looked up in the starry night sky. He sensed something was on its way and that it would arrive from the heavens, from the great unknown. He didn’t know why he knew this, perhaps his memories played a factor, but he did know that he would need to put his all into stopping whatever threatened humanity.

    If only he was still here. The gods had failed, but if that beast was still here, things could have ended differently.

    “What happened to you, Godzilla?”

    “Who or I should say, what the hell is Godzilla?”

    “A reminisce of humanity’s past sins made flesh. A beast of great power, a destroyer and protector that walked this planet as the gods once did.” Armin stared at his friend, puzzled by all this information. Had Eren gone mad from the Titan’s power? Or was he telling the truth? He always had faith in Eren and he had seen things that most people wouldn’t believe either. Perhaps his friend was simply telling the story of those thought to be gods. Either way, to learn that even those with god-like power had fallen to the hordes was a disturbing thought.

    “Eren.” The two turned, spotting Mikasa approach.

    “Don’t tell Mikasa what I said. I’ll tell everyone when the time comes but they won’t believe me.” Armin nodded, vowing to keep the secrets of Eren’s memories.

    “I’m done surveying the area. Hange and Sasha will be here any second. The city seems deserted and devoid of life. Eren, why did you want us to come here?” The young man paused his train of thought as he looked up at Mikasa. Either way, his answer was going to sound crazy. Might as well tell her a part of it before they arrive.

    “Because we are going to stop the threat from above.” Eren pointed toward the sky, the hero waiting on a response. Mikasa’s eyes widened as she approached, wrapping her hands around his own.

    “Are you okay, Eren?” The young man blushed as he stepped back.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. I know that the answer was going to sound crazy, just… Know that we are here for a reason.” Suddenly a red flare was fired, causing alarm throughout the Scouts. Everyone looking up as the flare illuminated through the night. Their commanding officer waving her arms in the air before pointing at the sky.

    “Hey! Something’s coming!” Hange yelled as a shape began to take form in the darkness. Eren grinded his teeth as anger began to build.

    “Find Sasha and Hange. I will need you guys to stay back a bit while I do this. Make sure the area is secure. Who knows what will come through the night out here.” The pair of childhood friends shook their heads before taking to the sky, rendezvousing with their allies.

    The beast had a garish yellow colorization to it, the three blades behind it spinning, granting the invader the ability of flight. One golden eye glowed in the darkness, multiple arms hung from his torso, each of them tipped with a single claw, and a head that looked like a flying saucer.

    The second Rhiahn had arrived to Earth. Through his eye, the Megan warlord observed the situation, spotting the boy as they descended. This was the current host of the Attack Titan? Passed down from generation to generation, the power that made it possible for the Megans to create the serum for the Wraith Titans from the DNA of the Jaeger Titans. Stealing a vial of the serum from the gods themselves, dooming them in the process.

    The Megan Warlord pondered for a moment before pushing a button and issued a command, “Rhiahn, destroy them all.” The Megan beast cried out in rage as it charged at Eren. The Scout Regiment not having time to absorb what was happening as worry ran through their minds.

    Eren looked up as he lifted his hand to his jaws and uttered a single word: “Tatakai.” A golden flash temporarily banished the darkness. The Mega Monster screeched, blinded and covered its eye as it backed away. Smoke rose from the blast point, the hero’s form now changed. Their size grew exponentially, their skin glowing red like embers on a campfire, emitting an aura of hatred from their body. Eren stood up, cracking his neck and knuckles before getting into a fighting position. The hero of the walls taunting the alien to attack.

    The Attack Titan had arrived, his eyes red with a burning rage for his enemy. Ready to kill the one responsible for destroying this world. “I will succeed where you failed… I promise.”

    The Mega Monster stared down at the demon of justice as it circled around him before charging forward, preparing to kill their target.

    As Rhiahn opened his jaws, the mighty defender of the Earth sprung forward and grappled his hands on the top and bottom of the creature’s jaws, forcing the maw to stay open. The Attack Titan released a roar of rage at the beast, declaring one thing…

    Tonight, it dies.

    The Megan beast clamped into the flesh of the heroic Titan. From inside the nape, Eren’s eyes widen as Rhiahn quickly overpowered him. The Attack Titan fell on his back, blood flying across the alien’s face and ground as Rhiahn devoured his arms in a single gulp.

    This is bad. Blood flew from the freakish alien’s maw before quickly charging, the Titan rolling backward before sprinting on his feet into the ruins. He needed to let his arms regenerate before the invader gained the upper hand. He had never faced an opponent that had outclassed him so much.

    Rhiahn made a sinister grin as he approached, the alien readied himself to kill his fleeing prey. The blade attached to him sawed through the buildings around him, reducing the ruins into rubble and killing those unfortunate enough to be underneath the structures.

    Armin sat on a rooftop, the young man observing the situation from afar, trying to process what he was even saying. “Well… I’ll be damned. Alien life does exist.”

    “I wonder what it’ll taste like cooked.” Armin turned at Sasha, a confused gaze on his face as he looked at the young woman. “What?”

    “Eating it was not the first thought that came to mind when proof of extraterrestrial life appeared in front of us.”

    “Do you think this will work?” The two turned, spotting their commander with a rocket launcher.

    “It’s better than nothing. We need to give Eren time to heal his wounds and counterattack.” The four looked at each other, nodding in unison when they suddenly heard a scream. The small group looked down from their position to find some new arrivals…

    Wraith Titans grabbed unsuspecting soldiers, opening their maws as they broke both body and spirit. Agonizing screams from the recruits filled the ears of the survivors, while the Titans’ smiles left a feeling of unease as they devoured their comrades. Blood splashed across their flesh as they swallowed their meals whole. Any other creature fought to survive, ate so that they could fight another day, but these abominations ate for another reason… One lost to time.

    Mikasa sprung forward at increasing speeds, the Vertical Maneuver Gear making it so that she could keep away from the giant humanoid’s reach as she spun and sliced their nape in a single swing. Blood covered her as the corpse fell down, steam rising from the wound.

    Others of their kind turned their attention toward the young woman, their hunger consuming them as they all charged forward. Mikasa gripped the handles of her blades as they approached, determination filling her mind as the giants came closer… Suddenly, one dropped to the ground mid-charge. Sasha stood over, firing arrow after arrow at the Titans. Most of them missed the napes and instead struck their shoulders or missed completely.

    “Dammit! Why are these things so hard to hit!? They are gigantic walking targets.”

    Mikasa took in a deep breath before taking to the sky, spinning at rapid speeds as she cut into the arm of an approaching beast before circling around and slicing their nape, dropping the monster in what seemed like an instant. Another reached out to grab her, only for the warrior to quickly dodge and then stab the mindless brute in the eyes. Mikasa quickly backed away as the humanoid swung forward, attempting to grab her in a blind rage. The young woman quickly stuck on the side of a building, looking up as Sasha fired another arrow, this time landing its mark.

    “SASHA!” The huntress looked down, spotting her friend. “You need to breathe and then release. Calm your mind. It’s the same as firing a gun, just make sure you make more hits than missing the target. You will run out of arrows if you aren’t too careful.”

    Sasha nodded as she grabbed another arrow, breathing slowly as she took aim before releasing, slicing into the nape of another Titan. The young woman jumped up in glee as she screamed on the top of her lungs. Mikasa smiled, not being able to hide the pride she had in her friend.

    From a short distance away, Armin and Hange charged toward Rhiahn, the blonde strategist looking back at his friends fighting off the swarm. Though they were fully capable of defending themselves, he was still worried.

    “Hey!” Armin turned his attention toward his commander, the weapon’s expert catching his attention. “Have faith in them. We survived Shikishima and Kubal, we can survive this.” She was right, they had faced incredibly low odds of survival before, and they survived each time.

    The young tactician nodded his head before returning to the task at hand, looking past Rhiahn and spotting steam rising from behind a building.

    Eren looked around the corner of his cover, spotting Rhiahn searching for him above the ruins before looking back down at his regenerating limbs. They were half way from returning, but he still needed more time. The hero of the walls began to get up when he heard the alien scream, filled with fury, as he heard the echo of an explosive burst reach his ears. The young man once again looked past his cover to see Armin and Hange distracting the invader.

    “How do you like that, you perfect specimen!” Hange loaded the rocket launcher once more as she took aim and pulled the trigger. The explosive struck the monster’s body, earning a groan of annoyance as he turned his head through the smoke.

    “Oh shit…”

    Armin attempted to slice at the alien’s flesh as he flew by, only ending in the blades breaking in his hand. His eyes widened as one of the blades bounced back and sliced into his arm, earning a pained cry as he lost momentum and began to fall toward the ground. The anchors lost their grip, becoming entangled in the process, leaving Armin little choice… Time seemed to slow down as the young man fell thousands of feet, his life flashing before his eyes. His childhood memories with Mikasa and Eren, the attack on the walls from the Colossal Titan, the small group of friends eating at the dinner table after training. He was at least grateful for one thing… “I lived a good life.” The young man closed his eyes and smiled as he embraced his fate…

    Quickly Eren leapt forward, one of his hands regenerating enough to catch his old friend. The pair looked in horror as Rhiahn lifted a claw above his head before swinging it downward, striking the building that Hange stood on…


    Rage quickly overtook the Titan shifter, putting Armin to the side as he jumped up and chomped into one of the arms of the alien. Rhiahn shrieked before swiping one of his claws across Eren’s eye, cutting into flesh and thrown to the ground, blood falling from his body as he collapsed onto his back. Armin quickly untangled the cords and used his gear to fly through the air, going to where Hange stood. He needed to make sure she survived.

    The Attack Titan screeched as he rolled to the side, aiming to dodge the extraterrestrial’s next claw swipe. The diligent warrior looked over to his other regrowing limb, the process of his healing factor was almost complete. Soon he could fight at his full strength. Eren put up his one fist as the monster charged forth, quickly ducking and, with all his strength, punched the alien’s underbelly. Rhiahn released a gigantic gasp as he felt the weight of the attack before the Titan sank his nails into the beast’s skin, keeping a grip before throwing the invader.

    As the Mega Monster flew, the blades which propelled it sliced in Eren’s shoulder, earning a roar of pain from the Titan shifter. Blood covered the propeller-like blades as Eren’s falling body collapsed, with Rhiahn crashing into a decrepit skyscraper.

    Steam rose from the newly made wound as his hand finally finished forming. The demon of justice stood tall, looking as the beast struggled to swat the rubble off of him. Eren scanned around the destroyed metropolis, looking for anything to find to gain an advantage when he spotted the hammer that he saw before. Perhaps he was strong enough to lift it now.

    From inside the nape, the young warrior smiled as he walked over to it. Grabbing the mythic item as he approached the downed alien. Rhiahn released a roar, the sound resembling that of an ear piercing cry and an animal gurgling in blood, as he finally was able to lift off. The last of the rubble fell from his body as he shook, turning to find his enemy…

    The cyclop’s one eye widened as the hammer was slammed straight into his eye, blinding the alien. Rhiahn unleashed a shrill of anguish, the cry sounding like a croaking frog. The sensitive organ was destroyed in an instant, purple blood flowing from the wound. The Attack Titan smiled as he circled around his enemy, glancing at a destroyed skyscraper.

    The demon dropping the hammer before lunging for the leaning tower, he wrapped his hands around the metal and began to climb it. The alien swiped at the air in all directions, using his speed to attempt to catch his smaller adversary, only to be met with chunks of decayed concrete.


    Armin panicked as he threw hunks of debris, attempting to find his commander and friend had only just begun, but that hope plunged for just a moment… When suddenly, he heard a thud before a scream. The blonde soldier turned around, his eyes widening as he saw his commanding officer struggling on the ground. A piece of rebar jutted from her stomach, coughing up blood as the wound oozed with ichor.

    The strategist began to breathe heavily, he had never removed someone with a wound like this. “Armin, hey, hey,” the blonde young man looked down, his superior officer, breathing heavily as she tried to keep a serious face.

    “I know that you are quite shocked right now, but I need you to man the hell up. You’re a soldier. You are going to see shit like this. I need you to lift me up and get this piece of metal out of me.” Armin snapped out of his trance, quickly putting his hands on her back and lifting her up. Hange cringed as the wound began to bleed, she felt the tearing of flesh before she was standing. The commander let out a gut wrenching scream as Armin kept her balance.

    “I’ll go get the others. You stay here for a sec.” Armin placed her on the ground as he took off, going to grab his other fellow Scouts.


    Eren stood on top of the skyscraper, the Titan shifter looking down on the alien. His burning red eyes of hatred scanned the beast’s position. He could feel the weight of the building giving out, he needed to make a move.

    The Attack Titan jumped forward, roaring with fury as the burning embers of rage reached the surface. The rogue hero brought his elbow up as he descended, slamming his bulk into the alien’s hide as his legs were sliced off from the spinning blades. Blood sprayed across the battlefield, the Titan’s legs crashing into the streets.

    Quickly, Eren wrapped his arms around the alien’s throat to keep hold, keeping a vice grip on them. The flailing alien began to slam into buildings in an attempt to free himself, suffocating from the stranglehold. The hero of the walls opened his maw and sank his teeth into the monster’s shoulder, ripping skin as if it were a pear. Purple blood oozed out from the wound, splattering against the ground like a rushing river. The alien screamed in anguish once more before managing to finally throw the attacker off with a violent heave.

    Eren rolled across the ground, managing to stop himself by anchoring with his stumps. The Titan shifter glared as Rhiahn attempted to listen closely for his prey. The Attack Titan roared as he crawled at speeds that caught the alien by surprise.

    The extraterrestrial swung at the direction of the roar, only to miss and strike the ground. It was no use. The Attack Titan finished his charge before leaping forward, opening his jaws before sinking his fangs into the Mega Monster’s throat.

    The alien shrieked in agony as blood filled his enemy’s maw, the experimental life form swiping at his attacker with his claws. Attempting to free himself from the Titan’s grasp when Eren quickly wrapped his hands around the alien’s neck, applying pressure before using all his weight to throw them down to the ground. The pair crashed through the streets before the demon was thrown off Rhiahn’s back. Blood rushed from his face as he crashed into concrete, a large splat echoing through the area before he got onto his back. The hero stared at the wounded invader, the beast struggling to move.

    The Titan crawled close before grabbing the top of his head. The hero growling as he shoved his hand through the sensitive organ, blood spraying onto Eren’s body as the dying alien let out an ear piercing cry of anguish.

    The Megan Warlord slammed their fist into the side of his chair, frustrated by the fact their weapon was defeated by a much weaker foe. “My lord, what is your next order?” The alien turned toward his helpers, pondering on his next move before smiling.

    “Prepare the other Mega Monsters.”

    From above the battle, Mikasa, Hange, Sasha, and Armin watched as their friend began to rip through the skull, pulling out flesh and covering the streets in gore before Eren stopped. The young man rolled on his back.

    “I kept my promise…” Steam rolled from his flesh as he exited the Titan’s nape, falling on the ground unconscious. Victory was his on this day, but he was lucky. And eventually… Everyone’s luck runs out.


    -Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean-

    Fish swam by a gigantic cave, minding their business as to not disturb what lied inside. A green goliath of ancient legend remained, staying within his own exile.

    The world had gone to hell, but Godzilla had stayed in solitude. He was no longer the King of the Monsters, but a beast that had caused too much pain, too much suffering.

    The radioactive saurian looked from inside the dark cave, his red eyes glowing through the ocean. snarling as he saw a rather large animal pass by his home. The nuclear behemoth was hungry, he needed to feed.

    Quickly, the animal launched from the cave, opening his jaws as his prey took notice of his presence. Their eyes widening as the last moment of their life slowed down…

    Winner: Attack Titan

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // May 30, 2021
  • On July 15, 1995, Toho producer Shogo Tomiyama made an announcement to the Reuters news service that went around the world: the second run of Japanese Godzilla movies—which had started in 1984 and encompassed six entries—was going to end later that year. The studio line-up for the franchise included one more picture, slated for release that December, to climax with a scene described by the filmmakers as “unforgettable.” As CNN correspondent May Lee reported to American audiences who wouldn’t see the picture for several years: “Godzilla will die.” Despite not achieving international distribution, the finished movie, Takao Okawara’s Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995), drew in a domestic attendance of about four million and to this day remains one of the better known and more widely discussed entries in the series.


    General // May 23, 2021
  • Here is another review long in coming, for a Godzilla project that I am surprised exists—the Godzilla Spicy Miso Ball (ゴジラ辛みそ玉)! I originally picked up a three-pack of these in 2019 at the Atami Kaiju Film Festival (pretty sure that’s the only place you can buy them), but I let the dang things expire and never tried them. So when I attended again this year, and they were selling more three-packs for 700 yen, I wanted to buy some and finally try them out. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // May 22, 2021
  • Authors: Andrew Sudomerski & Matthew Freese | Banners: Dao Zang Moua & Matthew Williams

    In the darkness of the night, the crisp and tender winds kept him company. How long it had been was lost on him, for he had wandered the ends of the Earth in utmost patience. The elder wizard clutched the demon sword at his side, one he had struggled to procure from the blessed shrine of Amaterasu’s White Bird of Heaven. Walls were blood soaked from those that protected the Sword of Dark Clouds, a task deemed impossible for any feeble fool that dared to try. The spellcaster, the warrior, and the priestess laid upon the defiled grounds, drenched in their own blood.

    Tsukinowa stepped away from the sacred temple, altering his appearance to fit that of the former priestess’ guards that resided there. He knew that, even if he was of Orochi’s lineage, he could not wield the sword as Tsukuyomi could. Certainly, only the Lord of the Moon could wield it, as the blade was salvaged from his dragon’s flesh and forged by the moon god’s almighty power. Its destructive might could bring about the end of the world, but only when held by its progenitor.

    “Tsukuyomi, surely destiny will guarantee your return to the mortal world,” Tsukinowa spoke aloud, even if no one heard him, “For your ambitions reach as high as the stars the gods placed. And it is those great heights that’ll bring the world to ruin.”

    Tsukinowa spotted a swath of guards rushing up the hillside and bypassed them without being spotted. Even if he had been found, they’d be none the wiser to truly know what happened. As he vanished between the darkness of the trees, Tsukinowa could only think of the great victory that was to come, one that would make him a worthy successor to his predecessor.

    Now, it was a matter of waiting.


    He sat alone in the stone-cold room, only surrounded by the comfort of magic candles and the Moon God Mirror he had reconstructed. Stored in its sheath was the deadliest weapon known to the world, yet one thought forgotten to time. He continued to pray, awaiting to serve his Master once more. But that time wasn’t now, for destiny had not foretold of His return. For the time being, isolation would be more than sufficient.

    Gunkanjima was, in many respects, isolated from the rest of Japan. Although it had long since become a tourist spot, very few were permitted to enter at a time–and even so, that time was limited. For this place harbored many demons; a stute reminder of Japan’s horrendous war crimes and forced child labor during the Second World War. For Tsukinowa, it was a convenient hiding spot from the public eye. Yet even he had to be careful, lest he risk exposure in an untimely fashion.

    The billowing wind aimlessly threw loose paper and debris across the desolate floor, flung into the open air surrounded by buildings. For countless human lifespans, Tsukinowa vanguarded the legendary Sword of Dark Clouds with his clearest intentions; to return it to its rightful wielder as to bring an end to all of it. And to those who tried to steal it from under him were punished by his wicked spells.

    Among his daily prayers for victory, something pricked in the back of his mind, a presence on the island. An odd one, seemingly not man or beast. He gazed into his mirror, a relic which allowed one to see things from miles away as if they were in the very room.

    Yet this was unseeable. Only a haze of blue lights flickering and swaying. ‘What in my lord’s name?’ His eyes widened as he tried to parse out this information. “Damn it,” he cursed beneath his breath before leaving the room, staff held before him in anticipation.

    He crept close to a wall near the shore, each step measured to make minimal noise. Once he had been the advisor to a great emperor, feeding him lies to further a foul agenda. He had never needed to skulk about like a common criminal, he strode through the finest halls with unceasing confidence. But he swallowed his pride, he would never need to lay in the shadows again when this all came to fruition.

    Suddenly, a pale light shined from around the corner before him, startling him. He suppressed a gasp of shock or, when his head was clear a second later, a scream of wrath. ‘What the hell is this!? On all nights, it’s this one?’ He internally shouted, before putting his back to the wall.

    Even a man who had seen as much as he had in his long life was absolutely baffled by the sight awaiting him.

    A blob of luminous azure sparkles waving back and forth, hovering above the ground. Tsukinowa gently stepped towards the anomaly, mind racing as he considered the situation. His mirror had not deceived him, the nature of the entity was just so odd that he had not believed the truth until it stared him in the face. No one was nearby, and if the shimmering gelatin lighting up the night was not drawing attention, his words would not either.

    “What are you?” He spoke calmly, trying to learn as much as he could. “Why are you here?”

    Was he even talking to a lifeform? It had done nothing to suggest it bore a mind, much less one capable of understanding his words. He saw no reason to keep speaking to it if it would do nothing, and thus he turned and began to walk. The plan was as it should be, this minor distraction aside. He was genuinely tempted to just blast it into dust for interrupting him.

    “You…” an echoing voice chimed through Tsukinowa’s head, causing him to whip around and look at the blob as it shifted with conscious movement. “Speaking to you requires a different… frequency than the other residents of this planet.”

    “What do you want?” Tsukinowa ignored the statement, seeking answers as soon as possible.

    “We are Yog. We are all of one mind and of many bodies, the pinnacle of evolution.” If the entity had any reaction to Tsukinowa’s scoff, it did not reveal it. “Instead of being bound to one form like the rest of existence, we may become whatever body we desire.”

    “Then why have you come to me?” The wizard found himself clutching his staff harder than he was before, whether out of fear or anger he did not know.

    “Unfortunately, in our current form we cannot actually do much. Cannot enforce our will. We need a powerful body to make our own, to act as the unstoppable emissary of Yog. That… is where you shall come in, holder of mysterious and awe-inspiring power.”

    Tsukinowa flinched. Did this thing mean the Sword of Dark Clouds? Did it truly seek its divine power? But without a body, it could not possibly wield it. Wait, this Yog needed a powerful body to…

    When the blob of sparkling lights lurched forward, Tsukinowa was paranoid enough to swiftly reply. From his staff came a bolt of lightning, illuminating the darkness of the night as it carved Yog into two pieces, large swathes of their body being reduced to lifeless vapor in the wind. The two remnants rolled back, unmoving beyond a subtle swaying.

    “You seek to become a god!? Yet you fall so swiftly before even my might. A true god like my master would rend you asunder with all the effort of crushing an insect!”

    “God… such a limiting term.” One of the clusters of Yog lunged backwards, diving into the waters below. Almost immediately, the same light emanated by the space amoeba intensified drastically from beneath the waves, making the wizard stumble back in shock. “Prepare yourself. Behold our true power and see if your ‘divinely gifted’ strength still compares.”

    Long he had waited for this day. A chance for reckoning, an opportunity to prove his might. Tsukinowa planted his magical staff into the wedge of the stone, keeping it firmly in place. Clasping his hands together, the soothsayer uttered a series of indecipherable hymns from a language lost to time.

    “O powerful moon, lend me your strength; O souls of the damned, conglomerate into a being of wickedness; for you, I present an offering,” Tsukinowa invoked as he transferred his conscious goal into the minds of the collective spirits. “Eliminate this threat, and the prized possession shall be yours for the taking.” Almost as if they had heard him, Tsukinowa listened as the wails of the dead responded in kind.

    They graciously accepted.

    Tsukinowa’s eyes shifted to the stormy skies. Rumblings off in the distance came ever closer, swelling under that of a dark cloud. The storm flashed with erratic lightning, draping the sky in a sheet of condensed vapors. Torrents of heavy rainfall poured over the broken island and the two living beings that stood there.

    Tsukinowa was drenched, his long, shaggy hair matted together rather uncomfortably. The being that called itself Yog, on the other hand, was seemingly unfazed by the presence of rain, as the droplets passed right on through. Even so, Tsukinowa couldn’t help but grin when he saw a similarly pale green light opposing the Yog’s creation.

    “Space fiend, let me show you that your pitiful attempts will be for nothing!” the servant of the moon haughtily proclaimed.

    “If that is how you feel, then by all accounts, allow us to demonstrate,” the alien virus retorted in kind. “With that power, we can save this world, Tsukinowa. We can save all planets from self-destruction by assimilating them to the will of Yog.”

    There was no saving these mortals. They had to perish, so his master dictated. Breezing past them, harsh winds rolled along the ocean, tossing powerful waves in their wake. All the while, green and blue lights pulsated as the oceanic seas prepared to give birth to twin abominations not of this world.

    Their bodies gestated in the aquatic environment.

    The first among them illuminated in a pale blue light, coated in viscous smear that encased the mata mata turtle. Its body contorted unnaturally, its chromosomes manipulated and altered by the alien virus. The shell split open with each molt, growing larger and larger in the process. Growth accelerated exponentially, protruding new teeth and fresh armored ridges for the battle to come. Its eyes shined a vacant sky blue, sneering at the ethereal entity that would oppose the will of Yog.

    Lime green light clashed with the brilliant blues of the Yog transformation, serenaded by the evil of the moon. Screaming souls of the damned were magnetically drawn to the celestial core, giving shape to the great sea beast that lurked within. At first it began in an embryonic state, but the more wisps absorbed into its very being, the quicker it grew in size and mass. Its scales hardened, formed more defined features, manifesting into a horrid eidolon of the deep. Uttering pained shrills from the cavernous trenches, the half-fish, half-beast monstrosity gleamed with spite and wicked intent.

    The light died down as the two sea beasts reached full conception. Kamoebas’ sky blue eyes faded and revealed those of an animal, with a glint of intelligence. Kaishin Muba’s eerie presence was still visible in the ocean depths, its orange eyes and green crystal ball piercing the darkness.

    Kamoebas challenged the sea god with a muffled shriek. Kaishin Muba happily obliged in a hideous gurgle.

    Swirling water displaced as the sea god began to move, fluttering its fins to swerve amidst the oceanic skies. Leaning its upper torso front facing, Kaishin Muba lunged towards the rugged terrapin, outstretching its tentacle clusters. Kamoebas retracted its head into the catacombs of its shell, though the malevolent spectre’s constricting appendages grappled with the sea turtle’s forearms, pulling the rocky giant deeper into the waves.

    As waters splashed against the island from the giants’ movements, Tsukinowa kept his smug grin. “Can you truly say that your overgrown turtle stands a chance after what you just saw?”

    Yog remained silent as death.

    Kaishin Muba’s teeth scraped against the rocky shell of its foe, leaving shallow grooves but not much else. Its tentacles squeezed the entrapped limbs of the mutated turtle harder, intent on breaking bone.

    Kamoebas’ head shot from its shell out like it was attached to a spring, teeth clamping down onto one of the tentacles restraining the Yog-beast’s legs. Slime coated the limbs, making it difficult for Kamoebas to find solid puncture for its teeth.

    The mutant quickly released its bite and retracted its head back into its shell to avoid the gnashing jaws of the supernatural leviathan. Kamoebas’ head then rocketed back out, bashing the top of its skull against the side of Kaishin Muba’s face. A surprised shriek left the demon, its tentacles loosening enough for Kamoebas to escape and begin to swim away.

    The wizard found himself laughing. “It’s already running away? You picked a real warrior for your champion, I don’t even think I needed to summon Kaishin!”

    “How foolish. The fight has just started and you already make such a bold claim.”

    Kaishin Muba surged through the waters after its target, howling and gurgling with wrath. What was immediately obvious was that the fish-like demon was far faster than the turtle, the distance between them closing in a matter of seconds.

    Kamoebas swiftly retracted all its limbs into its shell, stopping its retreat a moment before the bulk of the spirit beast crashed into it.

    Tentacles flailed all across the shell, bashing and constricting as the leviathan searched for a weakness. The howls of the coalescence of lost souls echoed throughout the water.

    As tendrils snaked along the underbelly of the shell, trying to find any opening they could, one of the forelimbs of the mutated matamata lashed out from its tunnel. Claws dragged across a slime-coated limb, failing to draw blood but still earning a growl of pain from Kaishin Muba.

    The foreleg was already back in its sheath before the several tentacles that whipped towards it could strike. Kamoebas’ head launched out, jaws clamping onto the tip of a tentacle. Its grip held firm as it retracted its head once more, carrying the tentacle into the shell.

    Kaishin Muba’s growls turned into screeches as it tried to wrench its limb free, but the turtle’s grinding teeth continued to wear down the flesh. The demonic leviathan rushed forwards once more, aiming both combatants at the rock wall of the nearby island. Its pace quickened as it felt blood began to leak.

    Gunkanjima shuddered as one hundred sixty-four thousand tons slammed into its side.

    Kaishin Muba’s scream of hatred and anguish made Tsukinowa’s hands rush to his ears.

    Ichor leaked from the end of the severed tentacle, staining the blue waters. Kamoebas was partially embedded in the stone, its body shifting as it tried to dislodge its pointed back from it. The ghostly leviathan backed away, staring at its wound.

    Lime-green fluid floated up from it, transfixing the entity. This pathetic creature had actually harmed it, made it bleed. The lifeforce of the dead was leaving the demon due to a simple turtle.

    Kamoebas had wriggled itself free, and was now attempting to haul itself onto land, its front legs upon solid ground. Yog could already tell that the water held no advantage for it, but upon the land it could begin to make gain.

    The water suddenly shifted, the waves churning around the mutant. Its loose grip grew even weaker as the water beneath it lowered into a whirlpool. Kamoebas looked back to see Kaishin Muba on the water’s surface, glaring daggers into the Yog-beast’s soul as its tentacles waved beneath.

    Kamoebas fell back into the waters, causing a wave to wash over the streets of the island. By the time it reached Tsukinowa and Yog it was not even ankle deep, leaving the two unbothered.

    “Did your creature just manipulate the waters themselves?” Questioned Yog.

    “Of course. The power of my lord makes all things possible, fool.”

    Yog made no comment after this, but the wizard could tell something was coursing through its gestalt mind.

    Kaishin Muba descended back down, submerging itself as it approached the flailing Kamoebas. The leviathan was done playing games.

    The gem upon its forehead glowed emerald green, channeling the power of evil and of the dead. A thin beam of energy raced forth, raking across the mutant’s shell. Explosions detonated across it, sending shards of the armored plating flying. Before Kamoebas could fully comprehend what had happened, another shot of the Water Mirror Ray sent cracks crawling across the shell as the triangular peak was blasted off.

    A turtle’s shell was as much a part of their body as anything else on them. Despite the inorganic look, it was still made of bones and carried countless nerve endings. Were it not for the warping of its genetics, Kamoebas would have likely already died from this alone.

    The Yog-infected creature raced forwards, screeching as it suppressed the agony flowing through it. Another strike from the pale blast tore off a large piece from the side of the armored carapace. Keeping its head in the confines of its shell, the mutant terrapin locked onto its target. With each passing second, the monstrous turtle was stripped of its natural defenses to the ethereal laser.

    Coming within reach, Kamoebas launched its head from the safety of its body as it tore through the oceanic skies, trailing with riptides and bubbles. Extending its neck to the equivalent to its total body length, Kamoebas opened its jaws and clamped onto the exposed gills that aligned the sea demon’s neck.

    The hideous fiend gargled as green blood oozed from the gills, its facial fins sparking with magical energies to retaliate. Yet before it could discharge, it felt an abnormal tug from its chelonian opponent. Rather than being dragged towards the body, it felt as if…

    Before the wicked abomination knew what hit it, the colossal armored body of Kamoebas sailed through the watery abyss, being pulled in by the head. Within a second, the mutant slammed its broken shell against the leviathan’s chest, jabbing it with jagged armor. Kaishin Muba screamed as it was hurled back with tremendous force, blood flowing from severe lacerations and its neck gill dislodged under Kamoebas’ maw. The mighty fish-beast collided against the seascape, erupting with a blast of disheveled earth, temporarily stunned from the heavy blow. It felt its lifeforce seeping from the torn gill and snarled viciously.

    Spitting the unnatural gill aside, the mutant terrapin turned and lunged forth, swiping with waving limbs and gnashing jaws. A tentacle cracked against its carapace, ripping away another chunk of the organic fortress upon its back and exposing flesh beneath.

    Claws scraped against the armored chest of Kaishin Muba, the extendable neck of Kamoebas reaching for the fish demon’s throat once more. The spirit leviathan’s own jaws shot down, crunching onto the skull of its target. Teeth worked their way through skin and grinded against bone, earning a hellacious screech of agony from the mutant. Even Yog’s influence could not shut down pain of this magnitude.

    One of Kamoebas’ claws sank into a wound on Kaishin Muba, widening it and spraying forth more ichor containing spectral essence. Instead of opening its maw as anticipated, Kaishin Muba only bit down harder from the pain. Its jaws slid forth, ripping the skin off of the mutant’s face. One eye was punctured, a spray of fluid being all that remained of it.

    Spitting out the foul tasting skin, the water god looked back at its foe to see Kamoebas pulling its head and limbs back into its shell. A Water Mirror Ray to the front of Kamoebas’ armor shattered it like dry wood, revealing the degloved skull of the Yog-beast, limited facial expression locked into pure terror from the residual animal it once was.

    Tentacles wrapped around the throat, pulling with all their might against a pathetic struggle of resistance from the battered turtle. The neck extended further and further, skin peeling away as Kaishin pushed it to its limits. The legs flailed futilely, accomplishing nothing.

    A sick, cruel grin decorated Kaishin Muba’s face as the neck no longer stretched, reaching its limit at the length of Kamoebas’ body. A limp, pathetic groan escaped its jaws. And with one last pull, Kaishin Muba ripped Kamoebas’ head clean off, a spray of blood tainted with blue lights spewing forth.

    The howling winds and falling rain were joined by a boisterous laughter. Tsukinowa looked back to the gelatinous being next to him, awaiting some cry of sorrow or rage-filled roar. But none came.

    “Have you been paying any attention?” Tsukinowa’s eyes widened. ”You have done nothing to us with the destruction of Kamoebas. Unlike you and your kind, we are not confined to a single form. It would be accurate to say that you destroyed a uniform of us, not our actual selves.”

    “And what of it? You know that you cannot best me as you are now, so what’s stopping me from blasting you into ash?”

    The sparkling lights in the mutant’s blood suddenly flew from the cloud, taking Kaishin Muba off guard as they entered its wounds. The leviathan bellowed as an awful sensation flooded its form, the pale blue light of Yog shining out.

    “Because it would do nothing. For you have given us a new, far better uniform to wear.”

    Kaishin Muba emerged from the water, fidgeting and letting loose grotesque gurgles, as if it were fighting with itself. Hellacious screeches spilled from its parted jaws, aimlessly discharging a ghostly laser into the watery surface. It swished and threw out its tentacles, contorting the vast body of water into vicious riptides and tidal waves, trying to fight against the spectral virus hijacking its body. In the end, the wild fish-beast came to a pause and fell deathly silent.

    The old wizard nearly fell over in terror. His creation had fallen into the hands of the enemy. Did this Yog know no limits for what bodies it could control?

    It looked towards Tsukinowa, the once blazing orange now a soft sky blue, then let loose a scream before discharging a Water Mirror Ray which lit up the night.

    With a burst of adrenaline the warlock hurled himself out of the way, the ground where he had just stood being turned into boiling stone. The Yog cluster he had spoken to was erased without a word, uncaring of its physical destruction.

    As a building behind him was incinerated by a cluster of explosions, the cacophony still not drowning out the deranged howl of his own creation, Tsukinowa prepared himself. “Then the time must be now,” the soothsayer muttered. Standing upright, he glared at his stolen familiar and firmly thrust his staff into the concrete. Crossing his hands in prayer, he uttered the incantation to complete the ritual.

    “O Kaishin Muba, spectre of the deep, take my offering,” he proclaimed, keeping his mind focused, “For the one I offer you resides within you now! The star-dwelling one shall be your sacrifice to take to the other side!”

    The Yog-possessed Kaishin Muba’s facial fins sparked to life, raising its tentacle clusters to command the waters. A monstrous tidal wave pulled from the surface, prepared to crush the wizard under its tremendous weight. Yet before it could do the deed, the sea demon halted its attack. The wretched green cretin began to illuminate in golden light, feeling its physical presence being erased from this plane of existence.

    The wall of water immediately collapsed, dispersing the giant body into the ocean, only violently splashing against the concrete barrier of the island. Kaishin bellowed one last time, more so Yog than the beast or its souls, as its body dissolved into nothingness. As the souls escaped back into wherever they had once been, the alien amoeba found itself being pulled apart at the molecular and quantum level.

    This was impossible! A being of this magnitude just fading away like this defied every law of physics. Confused and terrified at what their science-oriented minds could not comprehend, Yog was erased by the magics of Kaishin Muba’s dispersal.

    Tsukinowa breathed in deeply, trying to regather himself. He would recommence the ritual for his master, he needed to. Shakily getting to his feet, shivering from the bone-chilling cold as every inch of him was soaked, he began to hobble back to his chamber.

    Rest sounded so alluring, but not now. Rest could come when Tsukuyomi returned, when the old warlock’s goal in life was fulfilled. Until then, he would work himself to the bone in order to appease the rebel god and bring about his reign.

    Miles away, their shared mind felt the disappearance of their other aspect. The mission to capture the mysterious power on the island humanity called Gunkanjima had been a catastrophic failure, and at the same time they had made a powerful enemy.

    The conglomerate conscious saw few options, and each one carried its own risks and rewards. If what Tsukinowa said and if what they had gleaned from his mind were any indication, then the time for subtlety and subterfuge was long gone.

    Now was the time for action.

    Winner: Kaishin Muba

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // May 20, 2021
  • I’ll be honest, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) left me disappointed and apathetic toward the future of the MonsterVerse. As a result, I didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021). To be fair, when the trailer hit I was definitely energized, but I had also thought the 2019 Godzilla film had an excellent trailer as well. So, I probably wasn’t alone in approaching the latest Godzilla and Kong movie with cautious optimism. Thankfully, I can say that Godzilla vs. Kong exceeded my expectations, adding another solid entry to the franchise. The film has its flaws, particularly from the characters and the way the plot is divided. The pacing, action and effects, though, are enough to create something that’s solid popcorn entertainment and worth revisiting. (more…)

    Movie Reviews // May 17, 2021
  • SpaceGodzilla is threatening to plunge the world into an endless night. But when Godzilla arrives to face the cosmic tyrant, he quickly discovers that this creature from another planet not only shares his face, it holds a dark secret — and the key to his final destiny. (more…)

    General // May 15, 2021
  • In today’s interview, we are going to have a sit-down with Boston-based filmmaker J. L. Carrozza. Carrozza, who actually wrote for Toho Kingdom briefly, has directed a number of his own films, including the short “Little Red Riding Hood,” the documentary “Black Sunshine: Conversations with T. F. Mou,” the TV series Micro-Shocks, and the Matango-influenced “Fungus.” A long time fan of Japanese cinema with a unique perspective, we will be discussing his recently released book, SF: The Japanese Science Fiction Film Encyclopedia, among other projects.


    Interviews // May 13, 2021
  • Author: Joshua Reynolds | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

    The whole planet was in ruin. It took less than a week for them to tear through every defensive line and obliterate the world’s defenses. Now their masters were doing the cleanup, rounding up survivors to be processed for whatever means they wanted. The beasts that accomplished this were starting to be collected. Monster X looked over to the side, crimson eyes blazing as he watched his strange, bizarre looking partner get sucked up into a vortex of energy and pulled into the innards of massive, golden-hued, triangular spaceship. He then looked forward, seeing the twin suns through the thick clouds of smoke that blanketed the sky like a dark flood.

    How many worlds was this now?

    The alien weapon tried remembering. He could visualize his prior conquests, but there was never a beginning. He couldn’t even remember a life before this violence. All he knew was the blinding light of being dispatched, the days of carnage as he and his vicious comrades raided worlds and the swirling colors of being particlized and returned to his masters.

    What a life…

    Monster X looked up as one of the flying ships descended from the churning black clouds. He sighed, a thick cloud of mist escaping his jaws as the beam of light shined down. His body quickly began to atomize and swirl, becoming one with the light as he was sucked up into the bowels of the spacecraft… And all for the war beast went dark.

    A screeching sound made Monster X become active. He could hear the frenzied voice of his commanding officer barking orders in his head. How long was it since the last conquest? It felt as if just earlier in the day, but it couldn’t be. Without warning, Monster X was dispatched. The light that exploded in front of his eyes began to illuminate a new, blue world. However, carnage had already broken out. He was being sent in as reinforcement.

    The skeletal creature felt the softness of grass and soil underneath his feet. He could smell an unrecognizable scent of the sea, enjoying it. But he could also smell the burning of life, the unforgettable scent of war. Then he heard it. It was the roars of some of his comrades. Monster X turned around. Again he was partnered with the one known simply as the Visitor, a grotesque alien creature with additional, spear-like appendages bursting from his back. The other was a feline, white-colored thing with a field of razor-sharp crystals protruding from its back, this one he knew as Krystalak.

    Then he heard unfamiliar sounds. He turned to the side, spotting why he was summoned. This planet had beasts of their own it seemed. Challenging the alien forces was a bipedal, lion-like golem. Thick plates of armor clanged underneath dense fur. Ruby eyes flared in the sunlight and King Caesar’s floppy ears stiffened and stood on end. The other was a much simpler thing in appearance. It was but a generic dinosaur, only much taller. A dull green in color with a large, triangular head, tiny arms and a long tail that slapped the ground.

    “Monster X, team with Krystalak and Visitor. Kill King Caesar and Gorosaurus, quickly!”

    The words of the unseen master echoed in Monster X’s mind. The creature snorted, charging forth at the pair of enemy fighters. Just as he closed the distance, the ground in front of him sunk into a pit. His foot was caught, being swallowed up by the swirling dirt. Another monster suddenly erupted upward, Baragon. The subterranean kaiju howled, his maw parting and breathing a stream of burning fire at the skeletal titan. The flames washed over his body, smoldering his black flesh and exposed bone. The alien howled, pulling his leg out of the pit while Baragon lunged forward, jaws clamping on his wrist.

    “And that one too!”

    Monster X tried to focus despite his master barking obvious orders directly into his head. His free hand came up, skeletal fingers wrapping around Baragon’s cranial horn. The alien nightmare snarled, focusing all of his might while the subterranean dinosaur tugged and thrashed like an oversized pit bull. After several moments, a blast of crystal shards struck Baragon’s side. The beast was forced to relent and fell away, limbs kicking with bits of glass-like crystal stuck in his mid-section between his right, front, and hind limbs.

    Monster X climbed to a stance and looked over at Krystalak. His bizarre partner snorted before turning his cold gaze back to Gorosaurus. The giants charged one another. Falling onto all fours, the inorganic life form ran like a feline. He jumped, clearing Gorosaurus’ head and landing behind him. Just as the green dinosaur turned, the alien’s mace-like tail of crystals smacked the side of his face. Gorosaurus was sent crashing down with a thud. Krystalak wasted no time and leapt, coming down with razor-sharp claws. Trenches of crimson were carved into the reptile’s scaly hide, but the alien underestimated the dinosaur’s jaws. Gorosaurus’ maw opened and his head lashed. His jaws clamped shut on the elbow of the alien, triangular teeth cutting into the weird substance that made its skin.

    Seeing this, Monster X’s eyes flashed with light. A quick burst of golden energy was shot forth from his four crimson eyes. The beams struck Gorosaurus’ head, instantly causing him to release the alien.

    However, Monster X didn’t have time to see what followed. His guard had been left down. King Caesar took advantage. The living legend moved with the speed of lightning. His limbs a blur, he hit the skeletal kaiju numerous times with precise strikes to the face, chest, and stomach. X stumbled back, bringing up his arms to protect his face. However, King Caesar lunged upward with his knee, driving it straight into his gut. Instantly, every bit of air was forced from his body. X gasped, coughing while he hunched over. King Caesar leaped up and came down, driving his elbow into the back of his exposed neck. Once more, X was sent crashing down with a horrible sound.

    King Caesar bellowed his victory to the world, but suddenly his head was engulfed in a faint blue glow. His hands came up to the sides of his head, grasping at each side of his face. His mouth parted, but nothing came out. His eyes tried reflecting the attack, but whatever it was, it wasn’t the typical energy attacks he faced. Not far away, the Visitor stood tall. Its oblong head tilted forward, pulsating the blue light that was crippling King Caesar’s mind. The earth defender collapsed, gripping the sides of his head in utter pain.

    Suddenly, the Visitor ceased the attack and straightened back up. The bizarre thing once more looked down at X. The skeletal kaiju snorted, rubbing the back of his neck in pain. Before long, Baragon rushed in from the Visitor’s side, spewing a stream of burning hellfire that blanketed it. The alien’s strange flesh broiled, charring black before Baragon pounced. The Visitor’s many spear-like limbs acted with a mind of their own, protecting its body and swatting Baragon away like a baseball. The earthbound guardian flew back with a painful howl, vanishing into a cloud of churning smoke.

    At the same time, Krystalak’s body catapulted from the opposite side of the battlefield. While he crawled to his feet, Monster X spotted Gorosaurus standing, hunched up with his tail beating the ground anxiously. Krystalak landed on his back, rolling like a ball for several dozen yards before recouping and jumping back to a stance. The alien’s tooth-lined maw opened and a concentrated blast of alien power mixed with shards of crystal erupted. Gorosaurus leaped to the side, dodging the attack. Looking to join the attack, Monster X spread his arms and readied another volley of his destructive beams. Mere milliseconds before he could fire, King Caesar launched another surprise attack, striking the side of X’s face with his foot.

    The impact caused Monster X to spin just as he fired. His bolts ripped through the smoky air before finding an unexpected, unintended target: the Visitor. The alien war monster was taken by surprise and thrown back, a blistering explosion engulfing the front portion of his strange body.

    “You worthless moron!” X could hear his master screaming in rage.

    Monster X fell, protecting his face as a powerful stomp from King Caesar came down on his mid-arms. Krystalak howled, turning his attention away from Gorosaurus. He fired upon King Caesar with his weapon. A spray of sparks and shards shot from the guardian’s side, pushing him off of X. Pressing the assault, Krystalak charged. He ignored X, indirectly stomping on his chest region while pushing King Caesar back.

    Monster X wheezed, struggling to regain himself as his master continued hurling insults directly into his brain. He decided to remain lying, his head hurting from the impacts and the constant yelling he had to suffer from the Xillian leader. His head rolled to the side, watching on as King Caesar, Gorosaurus, and Baragon battled his teammates the best they could. Gorosaurus attempted his notorious kick, but the Visitor’s many limbs deflected the attack and sent him flying away. Once more Baragon lunged, this time at Krystalk, but found nothing but pain from balls of crystals launching from the alien’s whipping tail.

    Then there was King Caesar. With the skills of a martial arts master, the guardian was besting both aliens with his skills, delivering swift punches, kicks, and chops to various parts of their body. X’s crimson eyes focused, watching the Earth monster carefully. He had never seen something of their size using such maneuvers.

    “Get up and help your comrades you piece of-“ Monster X slammed his own fist into the side of his head, causing a temporary glitch that silenced the voice.

    The numbers King Caesar faced were too much. Just as he pushed Krystalak down, the Visitor’s spear-like limbs lashed out like demonic snakes. Two hits tore into each of his shoulders from behind. King Caesar howled in agony as the alien lifted him off of his feet, keeping him in a crucified state in midair via his spear-like limbs. The thing’s bizarre cranium pulsed and his crippling brain spasm attack erupted. King Caesar’s mouth opened wide to scream, but no sound came.

    At the same time, Krystalak had crawled back to his feet. He spotted Gorosaurus and Baragon charging in, but his maw parted and tail loomed over his head like a scorpion’s. A barrage of energy and crystals were fired at the dinosaurs, pinning them down in a blanket of razor-sharp shards that clung to their hides like glass.

    “If you do not get up, I am going to leave you here after we absorb all of this planet’s resources!”

    X snarled, eyes looking up at the smoky sky and seeing brief glimpses of the blue heavens. For but a moment that seemed like an eternity, he was transported back to the hundreds of worlds he helped conquer. How many had skies like this? How many did they leave in a perpetual state of ugly death after? He then looked at the ground, seeing remnants of the civilization that sprawled, the forests that surrounded it and the mountains in the distance. It was all so familiar. Soon it’d all be barren, nothing to exist but dust. His crimson eyes then looked back at Krystalak and the Visitor. The alien war monsters were cruel. They enjoyed what they did. They were bred killers, baptized in combat in the name of the Xillian Empire. X, however, just wanted it to end.

    Monster X began to climb to his feet. “Finally!” the leader’s voice shrieked in his mind. The beast struck the side of his head, once again causing a temporary glitch. Then he extended two of his fingers. The sharp nails of his fingers tore through the dark flesh between his skeletal armor. He knew it was in there, but he had no idea how deep. As he tore through his own skin, dark fluid starting to flow down the side of his head and neck, the voice came back. The leader cursed, demanding to know what he was doing and ordering him to stop.

    And then X found it. His nails scraped something metallic. Like tweezers, his fingers gripped it and pulled it out from his head. Upon exiting his skull, the voice ceased entirely. In the distance, X could see the alien war ships looming. And he knew that hotheaded leader was watching. Holding the circular, metallic device in his hand, Monster X crushed it with a fist…

    He reached the Visitor first. Without being noticed, Monster X charged his former ally. He grabbed the base of his bottom spear limbs, yanking with his might. The sudden impact caused the alien to lower his catch of King Caesar and cease his brain spasm attack. The beast was confused at first, but soon screamed in agony as the joints of his spear limbs were destroyed at the base. Monster X had fired point blank, shattering the area where the limbs attached to its body. The alien fell, allowing King Caesar to slide off of his spears.

    Upon hearing the Visitor’s cry of pain, Krystalak looked over. He was quickly smacked across the face by one of his partner’s limbs. The feline-like thing bellowed as he hit the ground with a thud. X lifted the limb like a spear, but Krystalak was fast to act. His mouth parted, shooting the weapon with his mixture of crystals and energy. The spear-like limb shattered in X’s hand.

    Krystalak’s tail snaked around his ankle, tripping him up while he recovered. With sheer malice in his eyes, the crystalline titan hissed. However, without its constant barrage, Baragon and Gorosaurus closed the distance. The two saurians pounced on the war beast from behind, pinning its body to the ground while thrashing its cream-colored hide with bites and slashes.

    X turned away from Krystalak and back to King Caesar and the Visitor. Both monsters were crawling back to their feet. The guardian looked at X confused, but then nodded. X returned the gesture, slapping the ground with his own tail as he approached from the side. The Visitor spotted X first and launched his remaining limbs, but his former partner ducked and delivered a stiff, swinging blow to his head. The impact caused the alien to spin on his heel, directly into a mountain-shattering kick from King Caesar. Bits of the alien’s teeth flew in every direction while he was thrown aside, completely unconscious by the impacts.

    Krystalak’s cries of pain came as he struggled to crawl away from the marauding dinosaurs. He reached up, begging his former ally to help. X snorted, remembering how Krystalak merely stomped on him without a care.

    Unnoticed by the warring monsters, the Xillian’s fleet of triangular ships zoomed overhead. With beams of light, they reclaimed their wounded beasts. The Visitor was sucked back into the ship. Krystalak, still whining and bleeding, was taken second. The ships remained in the air for a few moments, their pilots no doubt unsure what to do about Monster X. X crossed his arms and energy surged in his crimson eyes. He prepared to fire, but just before he could, the space craft vanished at light speed, heading back into the recesses of outer space.

    Baragon and Gorosaurus were unsure and glared at one another. King Caesar, wounded and sparking from his shoulders, nudged Monster X. The former invader looked over. The two giants starred at one another for what seemed like hours, possibly communicating by some unknown means. After a solid minute, King Caesar nodded and looked away. Monster X’s tail slapped the ground…

    Finally, it was over.

    Finally, he had found a true home…

    Winners: Monster X, King Caesar, Gorosaurus & Baragon (Millennium)

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to Digiwip for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, Facebook, Twitter, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // May 10, 2021
  • We talk with the creative team behind Godzilla: Dominion, the tie in comic for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021). For this session we are interviewing Greg Keyes, writer whose past work includes the Godzilla: King of the Monsters – The Official Movie Novelization and The Age of Unreason series. It’s also with artist Drew Edward Johnson, who worked on Godzilla: Aftershock and has previously contributed to comic series such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Star Wars X-Wing: Rogue Squadron.


    Interviews // May 8, 2021
  • Godzilla & Kong. A titanic pairing not on the big screen together in nearly sixty years returns with a climactic clash available in theaters and the comfort of your own home. Does Adam Wingard’s vision for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) succeed in capturing the spirit of the 1962 original? I’d say it does and even exceeds expectations in a few areas but not without a few stumbles.


    Movie Reviews // May 4, 2021