I love a hot sauce that just gives a disclaimer that it’s “extremely hot, painful.” So succinct and hard not to be curious what the heat level is actually like. Well Orga’s Absorbing Horror hot sauce delivers, giving a very hot experience for those who like kicking things up a notch. It lives up to the 10/10 (technically 10/11) heat ranking that Jade City Foods awarded it. To flex the peculiar, the sauce also sports blackberries as a key ingredient. So how is good is the overall hot sauce? Well let’s dive in, although first looking at the heat that the packaging so prominently highlights.


Whoa. This hot sauce packs a nice punch, as it slowly builds and builds in heat after tasting it. It’s one of those hot sauces where it feels like it’s about to stop, but just keeps building. In terms of heat, I’d say this one takes the crown from the ones I’ve tasted from Jade City Foods, besting Megalon God of the Seatopians hot sauce which was the other 10 heat rating one I’ve tried so far. In fact, this hot sauce was at one point even two hot for my wife, as we try all of these together, after she doused a taco with it. That’s quite a feat, as she has a very high tolerance for heat.

Orga Absorbing Horror Hot Sauce Review

In terms of what I used for tasting, it was chicken, a taco (one with and one without crema) and just some on Mexican rice. To take it up a notch, I tried a similar experiment as my wife, really dousing a taco that had crema on it. I actually thought the crema would dilute the heat. However, doing this I finally reached a point heat wise where it was close to feeling too hot. While I’ve had hotter sauces, like The Last Dab: Apollo from the Hot Ones set that’s in my regular rotation, I’d give the heat rating on this two big thumbs up for people who like to really push themselves heat wise without getting into uncomfortable territory.


Taste… Shake It

First off, this is a very, very water hot sauce. Even with a stopper, which it didn’t come with but I stole from the finished Biollante Mutated Rose Hot Sauce, it was very easy to pour too much out. That’s a little dangerous with this one as well, since it can get very hot if too much is applied. Second, since it is watery, this one really needs to be shaken every time it’s used, as the ingredients seem fond of separating in the bottle.

Orga Absorbing Horror Hot Sauce Review

As for the flavor, it was not very strong at all. Even when dousing the crema taco, pictured above, the taste didn’t really come through. I was expecting to get that hint of blackberries, as I tried some just on an isolated piece of chicken, but still didn’t get the flavor. Next I opted just with some Mexican rice, and it felt a little more apparent, but could have just been me trying too hard to get a sense of the taste. It does have a very slight sweetness to it, but about the only hint I get of the blackberry component.

Anyway, due to the more mild flavor, it works best as just a vehicle to bring some nice building heat to whatever food you might be eating, rather than to alter the taste.


Absorbing Horror Ingredients

Looking at the ingredients for this hot sauce, the bottle lists them in the following order: habanero, blackberries, Carolina reaper, Trinidad moruga scorpion, ghost pepper, smoked paprika, cayenne, garlic, vinegar, lime juice and salt. From reading that list of ingredients what sticks out is that four out of five of the first ingredients are various peppers, with blackberries being the odd one out. Consequently, it’s probably not surprising that this particular sauce is as hot as it is.

Orga Absorbing Horror Hot Sauce Bottle

For the nutrition, it’s like other Godzilla themed hot sauces from Jade City Foods, at least from what I have reviewed to date. This means 0 calories or fat, but having 100mg of sodium and 1 gram of total carbohydrate per teaspoon.


Final Thoughts

I thought this was a great hot sauce, probably in my top five from Jade City Foods so far. While it is the hottest one I’ve had from them so far, I don’t think it quite tops the Megalon one, primarily as that one was strong both in the taste and heat department. I don’t want to sell Orga short, though, and again want to stress that I thought this was a great hot sauce. One testament to my enjoyment of this Absorbing Horror sauce was how fast it was used. In fact, went through about 1/5th of the bottle in a single sitting, although that probably wasn’t too good health wise with all the sodium.