For many, vinyl is the way to go for pure listening enjoyment. Descriptions such as “warm” and “pure” come to mind when talking to those who prefer this medium. For fans of vinyl, Mondo has begun releasing various Godzilla and Toho soundtracks.

NOTE: I won’t addressing the sound quality for these releases just yet as I currently do not have the proper set up. Instead, I’ll be showing off the creativity inside each release. With each release, Mondo adds cool gimmicks like colored vinyl and sound chips to play a roar when opening up the gatefold which adds to the overall experience.


The Return of Godzilla Soundtrack

The artwork by artist Henry Abrams for this release is outstanding. Godzilla looks (although not film accurate but the Abrams’ interpretation) awesome and quite detailed. The red mixed with the black when combined with the highly detailed buildings is an eye catching front cover. The back of the cover has Godzilla’s very detailed tail and just at the end of it, the boat “Yahata Maru Number 5” which is a great little touch. While there’s quite a bit of music on the release, there are tracks omitted like “The Enormous Shadow (M2)” and “The Urban Center Inferno (M37)”. My guess is that you can only cram so many tracks on vinyl, so some omissions will have to be made. Although, previous releases such as the King Brothers release only had 29 tracks and the FutureLand release had 55 tracks and the Godzilla Perfect Box set has 63. So, this one is in the middle, which is great because the soundtrack is currently a little hard to find.

The record itself is a really cool transparent blue color meant to emulate Godzilla’s atomic breath. If you look closely, you’ll see various shades of blue in the vinyl, it’s a sight to see for sure. Finally, the record comes with a “slip band” (for lack of better term) with a small bit of history on the film and more information on how the record would sound on an appropriate home system. This release went out of print pretty quick so the prices range from $40-$100 or so brand new. As with anything Godzilla related nowadays, you have to act fast since it’s a “here today, gone tomorrow” sort of situation.

As an added bonus, here’s a link to an interview with the film’s composer Reijiro Koroku from last year’s Kaiju Masterclass online event in which he discusses scoring the film:

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4 and a Half Stars



Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Soundtrack

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Soundtrack

With a beautiful cover by Wes Benscoter, the release of Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (which has 39 tracks, matching with CD 1 of the soundtrack from the Godzilla Perfect Box entry) comes with a special gimmick. When you open up the gatefold, there’s a hidden soundchip which plays Destoroyah’s roar. Well, not on mine because I got a dud. What’s really cool in the center of the gatefold is the brilliant artwork of Destoroyah, looking very menacing. In the left corner is Burning Godzilla who I feel doesn’t need to be in the painting. He looks cool, but it seems like he was just thrown in. For the rest of the artwork, Godzilla looks great on the cover with his eyes glowing and the steam rising from his body looks awesome. The addition of the Oxygen Destroyer on the back looks great as well where it looks like it’s sinking to the ocean floor right after it was dropped by Dr. Serizawa. It’s a cool callback to the original film. The “slip band” has the usual factoids about the film, but there’s a strange addition in the text where it states “…what better way to go out with than to have the ‘King of the Monsters’ explode, which happens in GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH.” Outside of a simulation in the film, this did not happen. It’s a weird thing to include in the film’s factoids.

And now for the record itself: it’s beautiful. Meant to emulate Destoroyah’s beam, the pink is striking with waves of purple mixed it. Also for sale is an “Eco Vinyl” version, which is the same release but the record is made up of recycled vinyl bit to form a new record.

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4 Stars