Mondo has introduced Godzilla to their line of puzzles with a 1,000-piece, 20” x 28” jigsaw version of the 2013 Comic-Con teaser poster for Legendary’s debut MonsterVerse film, Godzilla (2014). It’s a striking image, but one that makes for a brutal puzzle.

First impressions are excellent. The box is made of quality material, with a gorgeous matte finish to it. It’s bound to catch the eye of anyone perusing your games and puzzles. The top of the box fits quite snuggly on the bottom, so you’ll probably need to shimmy the box back and forth for a bit to slide it open.

Upon opening the box, I found the puzzle housed in a plastic bag. Once I ripped that open and spilled the contents onto my designated construction surface, it hit me: there’s basically three colors for this massive 1,000-piece puzzle. I took on the challenge without any partners, and it took me a very long time to get this beast together. I constantly found myself referencing the box, because any one piece looks like it could fit in 300-400 spots of the puzzle.

Finishing the puzzle brought with it a great sense of accomplishment, and I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous image quite a bit. The pieces are made with a nice gloss finish, and the colors are vibrant with a great range of bright and dark (but mostly dark!) spots. There’s no doubt that this puzzle is quite the looker.

Also packed in the box is a roughly 11” x 15” insert with the same poster artwork. It’s a handy reference guide, but it also works as a great miniature poster. On the flip side is an advertisement for more of Mondo’s goods (including a code that gets you 20% off your next Mondo purchase!). Strangely, the color is a bit different between the box, the insert, and the puzzle itself. That certainly doesn’t take away from the package, and getting a big, beautiful puzzle and a mini poster for $19.99 is a great deal.

Overall, Mondo knocked it out of the park with a great puzzle recreation of an awesome poster. I’m especially pleased with the decision of this teaser over one of the more commonly seen theatrical posters. It’s a tough one for sure, and I’d recommend getting friends or family to help, but it’s worth any puzzle enthusiast’s time.

4 and a Half Stars

–Review courtesy of Brian Elston

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Puzzle Puzzle (Head) Puzzle (Logo)
Poster Box (Front) Box (Back)
Box (Sides) Box (Top/Bottom) Whole Set