Included below is a collection of nearly 40 synopses, ranging from translations of early movie drafts such as ones for Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989) and Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999), to unrealized projects such as Bride of Godzilla? and Mothra vs. Bagan. When applicable, years and authors are also listed, and hyperlinks are available for easier navigation between the synopses.

VERY special thanks to author John LeMay for sharing this wealth of detailed information! A number of the stories shared are further elaborated upon in LeMay’s The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films: Mutated Edition (ISBN: 9781701683945).

With that, we hope you enjoy some of the most ambitious and wildest ideas left on the cutting room floor.



1.) Godzilla (1954)
2.) Bride of Godzilla? (1955)
3.) The Volcano Monsters (1957)
4.) The Luminous Fairies and Mothra (1961)
5.) Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963)
6.) Godzilla vs. Frankenstein (1964)
7.) Two Godzillas: Japan S.O.S.! (1967)
8.) Batman Meets Godzilla (1968)
9.) Godzilla vs. the Space Monsters (1971)
10.) Return of King Ghidorah (1971)
11.) Monsters Converge on Okinawa: Showdown in Cape Zanpa (1973)
12.) Japan S.O.S.: Godzilla’s Suicide Strategy
13.) King of Monsters: Godzilla Resurrected (1978)
14.) A Space Godzilla (1979)
15.) Godzilla Resurrected (1980)
16.) Godzilla, King of the Monsters in 3-D (1983)
17.) Godzilla Resurrected (1983)
18.) Godzilla vs. Biollante (Draft 1, 1985)
19.) Godzilla vs. Biollante (Draft 2, 1985)
20.) Godzilla: Legend of the Asuka Fortress (1985)
21.) Godzilla 2 (1986)
22.) Mothra vs. Bagan (1990)
23.) Godzilla vs. the Mysterians (1990)
24.) Godzilla vs. Gigamoth (1991)
25.) Godzilla (Draft 1, 1993)
26.) Godzilla (Draft 3, 1994)
27.) Godzilla: Super Wars (1994)
28.) Godzilla (Draft 4, 1995)
29.) Gamera 3 (Incomplete Story Treatment, Feb. 1998)
30.) Godzilla 2 (1999)
31.) Frankenstein vs. the Human Vapor (1963)
32.) Inter Ice Age 4 (1966)
33.) Project X (196X)
34.) The Flying Battleship (1966) [treatment]
35.) The Flying Battleship (1966) [first draft script]
36.) The Human Torch (1974)
37.) Invisible man vs. the Human Torch (1975)


Godzilla (1954) by Shigeru Kayama
A ship sailing through a dense fog is sunk by a large figure that rises from the depths. A flash of light occurs and the boat explodes. A second ship drifts into the same fog bank and meets the same fate. The next day a survivor, blinded by the explosion, is picked up by a fishing trawler and tells of a giant monster head. The fishermen agree to drop him off on Oto Island, but disregard his wild story. Instead of heeding the man’s warning, they travel through the same fog and are themselves incinerated. However, before this happens, one of the crew transmits news of the survivor and his story to the XXXX Shipping Company. The Japanese populace wonder if the disasters have been caused by an enemy country or perhaps an underwater volcano. Meanwhile, as the natives of Oto Island (among them the wife of Genkichi away on a fishing trawler) enjoy a bonfire on the beach, they spot a comet which they take as a bad omen. Moments later, someone spots a raft in the distance drifting towards the island. It holds a native of the island, Masaji, who had been on one of the destroyed trawlers. He tells his brethren that the ship was sunk by Godzilla, a monster from Oto Island legend. The natives dismiss his story as a hallucination and go on about their business. When they notice that fish are missing from their coastal waters instead of blaming Godzilla, they blame the comet. One night, Masaji hears huge footsteps. He rushes outside and sees the horrible monster Godzilla once again and is killed though his brother Shinkichi survives. Godzilla eats several sheep and cattle before returning to the sea. Arriving soon after is a vessel of the XXXX Shipping Company captained by Ogata, who is to offer aid to the islanders in addition to salvaging the sunken ships. With him is fiance Emiko Yamane, daughter of paleontologist Dr. Yamane (unable to join the investigation due to sciatica nerve pain). In one of the giant footprints found around the island, Ogata discovers a strange bug later to be revealed as a trilobite. Just before dawn the next day, Godzilla comes ashore and shuffles into the woods. When his dorsal plates light up in the forest, several villagers spot him. A search for the monster turns up nothing. Later, as Emiko stops to take a drink from a spring, she sees Godzilla’s face in the water’s reflection. Godzilla roars at her angrily and as Ogata helps her to escape, the monster sets fire to the forest. Ogata and his crew (now including Shinkichi) leaves Oto Island with the first photos of Godzilla, which Dr. Yamane and the rest of Japan eagerly await. When Emiko returns home to her father, he asks her about their friend Dr. Serizawa not showing up lately. Emiko responds she will check in on him on her way back from seeing Ogata. Sensing something is troubling her father, she asks him what is wrong. He responds that he believes Godzilla is a prehistoric lifeform from the Jurassic age awakened by the H-Bomb and doesn’t know whether he should make his theory public. As promised, on her way home Emiko stops by Dr. Serizawa’s home. When she asks why he has been so reclusive, he takes her down to his laboratory to show her his latest project. At the same time, Dr. Yamane prepares to hold a press conference on live TV. Back at Serizawa’s lab, Emiko runs outside in fear and he makes her promise to tell no one of his new mystery invention. On his way to Japan, Godzilla causes a series of disasters– sinking a tanker in the ocean, swatting a helicopter out of the sky with his tail, and feasting on a container ship carrying cargo of African wildlife. Not sure how to deal with the looming threat, the Japanese government does nothing as Godzilla comes closer and closer. The population panics when Godzilla surfaces in Tokyo Bay where he attacks a lighthouse. After causing more destruction Godzilla slips back into the sea with Ogata and Emiko hot on his trail in a boat. Godzilla comes ashore the next day to devour some livestock and again dissapears into the water when he is done. A plan is devised to build a barracide of high-tension electrical towers around the bay, but local construction workers run away in fear so a group of university students help construct the towers instead. Meanwhile, Ogata and Emiko notice Dr. Yamane slip into a deep depression though he will tell neither of them why. When it is announced Godzilla has surfaced, Yamane hastily takes a taxi cab to the power station while a worried Emiko follows in another taxi. Yamane, who wishes to save Godzilla (it being a rare specimen), sneaks into the station and knocks out one of the technicians then begins destroying the control panel. Emiko bursts in and yells at him to stop for the sake of the many people in danger. In the end, she has to pry him away from the control panel and flip the switch herself. Godzilla is hit with the full electric charge but it has no effect. He marches through the towers and picks up an escaping jeep full of people regarding them with curiosity. The defense forces fire artillery at Godzilla, who flaps his large ears like an elephant and roars before returning to the sea. The next day, Emiko watches over her delirious father in bed who frets in his sleep about discovering the secrets of Godzilla and how he survived the radiation. Tokyo is evacuated but oddly, for five whole days Godzilla is neither seen nor heard. Meanwhile, the authorities discuss means to kill Godzilla such as poisoning the waters or dropping an H-Bomb on him. Emiko breaks her promise to Serizawa and tells Ogata of the doctor’s invention, the Oxygen Destroyer, which she witnessed in his lab. It is the only weapon capable of destroying Godzilla as far as she is concerned. When the two go to see Serizawa about using the weapon on Godzilla, he locks himself in his lab and tries to burn his research before Ogata stops him. Ogata pleads with Serizawa to use the weapon for the sake of the thousands of people in danger. He eventually relents, though he still fears his weapon falling into the wrong hands. Ogata, Emiko, Shinkichi, and Serizawa sail into Tokyo Bay and look for Godzilla with a geiger counter. When the monster is located in waters too shallow for proper detonation of the device, Serizawa dons a diving suit and lures the monster to a deeper spot with a spotlight where the Oxygen Destroyer will work better. Serizawa activates the weapon and cuts his lifeline as Godzilla approaches to Emiko and Ogata’s horror. Godzilla struggles in the water and manages to surface but is too weak to use his atomic ray. In the moonlight, Godzilla’s skeleton floats to the surface and then disolves. Later on the news, U.S. President Wilson declares that the U.S. will no longer test H-Bombs in the Pacific Ocean. From a helicopter, Emiko and Ogata fly over Tokyo Bay and toss a memorial wreath into the water in honor of Serizawa.

Bride of Godzilla? (1955) by Hideo Unagami
At the Godzilla Countermeasures Center in Tokyo, Dr. Zenji Shida is giving a lecture on his theories regarding Godzilla and Anguirus, namely that they likely sprung from a prehistoric hollow earth cavern. Reporters watch as Dr. Shida points to various prehistoric pictures on the wall. He has other theories that mermaids were a step in the evolution of the human race. He also talks about U.S. crops growing in size due to radioactivity. He digresses back to dinosaurs and mentions an Archaeopteryx and giant chameleons which he says could also live in a cavern deep under the earth—this of course is all shameless foreshadowing for later in the script.
And though Godzilla is found later in the script in a hollow earth cavern, here there is talk of Godzilla frozen in the ice as seen in the previous film keeping with the continuity. However, it is never addressed how Godzilla goes from being frozen in the ice to popping up underground, perhaps it’s a third Godzilla? Anyhow, the topic of a need for new weapons to kill the beast should he escape is brought up as well. Dr. Shida then reveals he has created a giant artificial human to combat the monster he calls the Bride of Godzilla. Dr. Shida then unveils to the reporters a normal-sized robot in the form of a beautiful woman which he calls Eve. The robot is completely life-like and has an artificial brain which allows it to carry on intelligent conversations with the reporters. The action switches to Kyushu where Dr. Shida’s brother, Yoshi Shida, oversees a mining corporation. There is an attack in a small village by a giant, blood-sucking flea. Yoshi and some other men manage to kill the flea, which sheds blood everywhere. They remark at its prehistoric attributes and they ponder calling in Yoshi’s brother. Later, much ado is made about the parasite at the Wakamatsu City newspaper office, prompting the attention of a reporter named Suzuki. Instead of Dr. Shida, an old friend of his turned rival because of a love triangle, Dr. Yanai, is called in to study creature whom he deduces grew large because of radiation exposure. He and Suzuki argue about whether or not to go see the eccentric Dr. Shida. When Dr. Yanai’s wife, Riko, brings them some tea, Suzuki mentions that she looks just like the robot Eve, whom Suzuki saw at Dr. Shida’s lecture. Later, Riko goes to Dr. Shida’s house which is a luxurious mansion decked out with security cameras. In a laboratory full of beakers, Shida is working on a robot head. When Riko comes face to face with Eve, she faints. When she awakens, she also finds out that Dr. Shida even has a robot foster daughter named Riko after herself. Later, Riko runs from the house crying and Suzuki consoles her. Suzuki and Riko go back to Dr. Shida’s, and he introduces them to his robotic daughter, Riko, and he jabs a knife in its chest to show it’s a robot. There is talk of the giant flea and then the foster child comes in and does a dance to Riko and Suzuki’s delight. Meanwhile in the mines, prehistoric plants, fossils, and scales thought to belong to Anguirus are found. Some miners, including the mine manager Yamamoto, venture deep into the mines and discuss Godzilla’s recent battle with Anguirus in Osaka. One decides to imitate Godzilla’s roar and another says they will imitate Anguirus. All of a sudden the roar of the real Anguirus rings out, the cavern vibrates, and then a wall collapses revealing a bird’s eye view of a fantastic cavern containing mountains and a lush landscape lit by an unknown light source. Yamamoto and the other miners explore the area which is filled with shrubs and vegetation. They can see a desert and a swamp and they talk of the area being in the “womb of the earth.” They come upon a waterfall and in the water are three mermaids—a beautiful woman, man, and a child. Godzilla and Anguirus show up and begin to tussle again. The miners take cover and hide, though one observes a giant flea become dislodged from Anguirus which he can tell is the same type that attacked the village. The miners escape back to the surface and Yamamoto tells Yoshi of what he saw. Yamamoto infers the light source came from uranium/naturally-occurring radiation above the cavern. Yoshi says he will get his older brother and his robot foster daughter to investigate the cavern and then the office shakes. There has been a devastating earthquake which causes destruction in the village and out at sea as well. Worst of all, it seals off the entrance to the cavern. However from a helicopter, a rescue party sees a mermaid swimming in the ocean and it is concluded there must be an underwater passage into the cavern. Dr. Shida takes a boat on behalf of the government out to sea and the robotic foster daughter Riko dives in and follows the mermaids into an underwater cavern after they fight off a giant octopus. Riko later befriends the mermaids by dancing to entertain them. As she explores the lost world, the robot sends pictures back via a box and a rope connected to the ship. There she observes a giant archeopteryx, a giant chamelion, and Godzilla, who she regards with friendship. Godzilla responds by hitting the rocky cliff that Riko stands upon and she tumbles into the waters below. She is saved by the female mermaid. As the mermaid tries to take the robot back to the ship, they are confronted by a sea serpent. A military diver is able to drive the serpent away with an underwater weapon. Meanwhile, final preparations begin on the giant Bride of Godzilla, using a power plant to charge it up. Riko is recuperating in bed when news comes that Godzilla has surfaced in Kyushu. Godzilla tramples Wakamatsu Port at night and is followed by Anguirus and a giant chameleon. Then, a giant Archaeopteryx emerges from the mines in Kyushu. Dr. Yanai is killed inside a church during the rampage, though his wife Riko escapes. The Bride becomes fully powered just before Godzilla destroys the power plant giving her electric life. The Bride stands, ready for battle. Meanwhile, Anguirus and the giant chameleon cause destruction until the chameleon is killed by the self defense forces. In the skies above, the Archaeopteryx fights the Air Force. Anguirus and Godzilla begin to fight again and destroy a bridge full of people in the process. The Bride intervenes and kills Anguirus by breaking his jaw and tearing out his throat while Godzilla seems infatuated with her. Godzilla bathes her in his radioactive ray but it has no effect on her. They grapple amongst the buildings, and she swings Godzilla by the tail. Dr. Shida and his cohorts say that a “wedding” between the two is imminent and, “That it is the foreplay of love to be beaten.” They instruct the Air Force to lure the Archaeopteryx to the Bride, who takes a break from Godzilla and snaps the bird’s neck. Godzilla overpowers the Bride and takes her back to his lair in the underground world. On a ship in the ocean, Shida and the officials decide to initiate the “wedding.” The Bride hugs Godzilla and she detonates in a nuclear explosion. From the boat, Shida and the rest throw flowers in the water in honor of the Bride. Shida tries to rekindle his old romance with the real Riko, who walks away in despair, only having just lost her husband. Riko throws a flowery reef into the water and sees the mermaid and its baby. The military is spooked by the mermaid though and shoots at it, killing the baby. In the final shot, the dead child clutches the bouquet while the mother cries and swims away.

The Volcano Monsters (1957) by Ib Melchior & Ed Watson
After a huge eruption occurs at Noshiro volcano in Japan, a cavern is discovered containing various fossils, among them a perfectly-preserved Ankylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dr. Roy Carlyle, along with assistant Marge, surmise the large dinosaurs were kept in their current state by the volcanic gasses. When Carlyle plans to have the monsters transported to San Francisco, a Japanese resident warns him the dinosaurs are the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy and will cause destruction if awakened. After a press conference announcing the discovery in Tokyo, the U.S. Navy hauls the carcasses onto an aircraft carrier for a long voyage across the Pacific. During the voyage, Marge develops feelings for Navy commander Steve McBain who is somewhat resentful of his assignment. When it is learned the monsters are not only perfectly-preserved but also in a state of suspended animation, McBain wants to throw them overboard in fear they could awaken at any moment. During a storm, a cable holding the Tyrannosaurus snaps and it tumbles into the water and is lost. The Ankylosaurus is delivered safely to San Francisco. In celebration, Marge and McBain go out on the town while at the same time, the Tyrannosaurus surfaces in the bay. This disturbs the Ankylosaurus who breaks loose to battle its opponent. Eventually, the duo’s struggle takes them to Chinatown. A guilt-ridden Carlyle has a stroke and when Marge and McBain visit him in the hospital, he implores them to destroy the dinosaurs. However, Carlyle’s doctor tells the duo that if this happens, Carlyle will lose his shot at the Nobel Prize and will likely become so depressed that he will die. Meanwhile, the Tyrannosaurus kills the Ankylosaurus and then marches on through the mainland. Marge and a team of scientists work tirelessly at her university to create a recreation of the volcanic gas to put the dinosaur back to sleep. As the monster approaches their campus, McBain arrives to rescue Marge and when she refuses to leave, knocks her out with a punch to the face. McBain carries Marge to safety as the dinosaur destroys the building and then slips off into the sea. The Navy attacks the Tyrannosaurus with bombs and depth charges to no avail. McBain and Marge follow the creature on a Navy destroyer and eventually deduce it is heading for a tropical island in the polar region shielded by ice caps where it will lay eggs. Though nuking the monster is considered, a plan is hatched to bury the dinosaur in an avalanche. The plan works and Dr. Carlyle’s prized possession is rendered harmless but still left alive in a state of suspended animation. Meanwhile, back at Noshiro volcano, a claw bursts from the cave from an unknown monster…

The Luminous Fairies and Mothra (1961)
by Shinichiro Nakamura, Takehiko Fukunaga & Zenei Hotta

Young linguist Shinji Chujo is part of a joint Japanese-Rolisican Investigation going to Infant Island to investiage the claims of four survivors of the shipwrecked Genjiro Maru. The ship was lost in a typhoon near Infant Island, the site of a Rolisican Nuclear test and when rescued, the four survivors claimed that they were kept alive due to a special broth that made them immune to the island’s radiation given to them by the natives. The expedition wears protective clothing to explore the island. Chujo is attacked by a bloodsucking plant and subsequently saved by a young woman only 60cm high. However, Dr. Harada and other members of the expedition do not believe him. Only Nelson, one of the officials, showed interest in Chujo’s story. The next day, Chujo sounds the alarm on his suit and again the fairy appears. Nelson reaches down to grab her and the fairy begins to sing, in fact calling for help. The natives soon arrive and surround the expedition and Nelson sets the fairy down. The investigation team returns home but does not make any statements. A reporter for the Nitto Shimbun social department, Zenichiro Fukunaga is trying to get a scoop on the story. On the advice of Dr. Harada, he goes to see Chujo. As a result of his meeting with Chujo, Zenichiro goes to Infant Island himself. As a student of comparative mythology and folklore Fukuda is able to piece together the legend of Infant Island. The legend goes that the god Akuma created the sea, the sky, and the island. After this he divides himself into two and gives birth to the goddess Ajigo. Ajigo then creates daytime and the sun, and between the two gods is created a huge egg housing Mothra. However, this egg did not hatch. A fight occurs between the two and the goddess in her pain tears herself apart in front of Mothra’s egg. From her remains are born the four beautiful Ariena Fairies. The fairies all glow so that they shine even at night and have eternal life. A prophecy states that Mothra will always protect the island. Fukuda initially thinks this story to be a simple myth, but when soon he sees for himself a huge egg and four small beauties in a secret underground temple. However, the next morning, Nelson comes and kidnaps the four Airena fairies and then uses them to put on a show in Tokyo. Chujo protests this injustice, but nothing is done because Japan has just signed a treaty with Rolisica and doesn’t want to upset their relationship. Chujo and his assistant, Michiko, take note of the word Mothra constantly appearing in the fairies songs. On the island, Zenichiro witnesses a huge larva, Mothra, hatching from the giant egg. Zenichiro flies back to Japan while the giant insect swims to Tokyo. Zenichiro teams with Chujo and Michiko and the trio goes to see the four fairies who confirm what Zenichiro and Chujo suspect: Mothra is coming to rescue them and will cause great destruction. They make this knowledge public as Japan braces for Mothra’s arrival. The country wonders how its taking action will affect the agreement with Rolisica. At the same time, students protest Nelson’s holding of the fairies just as Mothra makes landfall on a beach. Meanwhile, Nelson escapes back to Rolisica by plane with the fairies. Mothra trudges down the Keihin National Highway to Tokyo where it spins a cocoon around the Diet Building. Rolisica finally offers aid in the form of their heat ray canon, but the attack is ineffective and a winged, adult Mothra emerges from the cocoon. Mothra flies for Rolisica and battles a jet squadron in the skies above. Nelson continues to hold live shows in Rolisica at the Radio Center, but he is assassinated by an angry member of the public. Chujo and Zenichiro go to Rolisica to negotiate the handing of the fairies back to Mothra, who has landed at an airport in the ruined city. The four small beauties run to Mothra and enter into the monster’s body through its huge compound eye. Mothra flies to Antarctica and a spaceship of sorts lifts into the air. Mothra and the fairies drift off into space, though Mothra may return should Infant Island ever find itself in danger.

Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963) by Shinichi Sekizawa
A plane carrying several Japanese people crashes in the jungles of Africa. A man named Nomura is part of a rescue team looking for survivors. Nomura is informed by the natives that a small child was carried away by a giant beast. Nomura goes into the jungle on its trail and finds one of the child’s toys stuck in a treetop and follows a trail of clues there. Back in Tokyo, Nomura’s ex-lover Mitsuko worries for him. However, Mitsuko has a new boyfriend named Tsukida, who plans to build an island resort in the East Seto Inland Sea. One night, still on the trail of the baby, Nomura eavesdrops on some natives which speak of magical plants handed down from ancient times located in a lost city buried in the jungle which is off-limits to outsiders. Calamity will befall anyone who uses the berries or sets foot inside the city says the natives. However, Nomura is a man of modern science and doesn’t believe in ancient superstition. Venturing into the vicinity of the lost city, Nomura hears the cries of the lost baby. Following that is a rockslide at the sound of King Kong’s roar. Nomura is knocked unconscious and is rescued by the natives. When Nomura recovers, he immediately charters a helicopter from the Kenya airport to fly out and rescue the baby. The baby is resting on a rocky outcropping when it is approached by a giant scorpion who in turn is confronted by King Kong. It stings Kong on the foot causing him to scream in pain. The scorpion tries to sting Kong in the throat but he grabs the tail with his hands. While Kong is distracted in the fight, Nomura rescues the baby. Kong then defeats the scorpion by crushing it and then beats his chest in victory. Kong angrily follows the helicopter suspecting that it has absconded with his adopted baby. Later, Nomura and the baby board an aircraft set for Japan and when Nomura looks out the window, he can see Kong in the moonlight still following them. Kong slips into the ocean and disappears. Meanwhile, Tsukida has plans to turn the Hinomaru Island in the Seto Inland Sea into a monster amusement park. He even intends to harvest Godzilla’s lifeless body from the coast off of Atami Castle where the cold waters of Sagami Bay have preserved his body. A gigantic crane is then used to hoist Godzilla (a veterinarian is present to check the monster for signs of life) from the sea and it is then transported by freighter to the Hinomaru Island resort. However, as Godzilla lay unconscious on the beach of the island, an explosion detonated for construction seems to stir the monster. Meanwhile, Nomura returns to Japan with the baby and decides to raise the child with Mitsuko who has apparently broken it off with Tsukida. Elsewhere, King Kong comes across a large cruise ship in the ocean where he can hear a baby crying. He peers into the cabin windows and grabs the baby, much to the mother’s horror. When Kong sees that this is not the same child he knows, he places it back on the deck. The American Navy, alerted to the incident, begins a battle with Kong at sea with Navy Destroyers. Kong retreats and the nations of the world vow to destroy the beast. When Kong disappears, someone suggests looking around Faro Island for him. Nomura eventually deducts that King Kong is coming to Japan for the baby and makes the comment that Kong has great affection for the baby due to its innocence. Nomura and Mitsuko make their way to Lake Biwa away from the larger cities to hide out. Meanwhile, Godzilla’s body is a hit attraction at the amusement park. When King Kong begins blazing a trail of destruction across Japan, plans are made to revive Godzilla with electricity so that he may fight Kong once again. At first, the attempts don’t work but as Kong approaches Godzilla’s body, his foot begins to twitch. Kong bashes Godzilla in the head but he still does not fully awaken. He then tears the electrodes from Godzilla’s body and presumes him to be dead. But as Kong begins to walk away, Godzilla trips him with his tail and then blasts him with his atomic ray. The two beasts battle for a time across Hinomaru Island before both lose interest and disperse. When the Japanese government learns that Kong has come for the baby, Nomura, Mitsuko, and the baby are escorted by the army to Kagoshima. Other countries refuse to grant the baby solace for fear of Kong coming there too. In an effort to lead Godzilla away from Japan, a fake Kong is constructed (stuffed with poison gas) and towed via helicopter in the air, a sight Godzilla recognizes from his Mt. Fuji battle the previous year. As predicted, Godzilla follows the fake Kong while the real Kong seems to have an uncanny ability to track the baby to Kagoshima. Godzilla attacks the Kong doll when it is dropped in the sea. It explodes, sending poison gas everywhere and Godzilla dissapears beneath the waves. Kong arrives in Kagoshima and begins searching the airport for his baby. Nomura, Mitsuko, and the baby are in a car driving the road near Mt. Aso when it begins to erupt. As it turns out, the volcano isn’t erupting, but Godzilla is emerging from the dormant caldera! At some point Tsukida, who is also in the area, is killed by Godzilla, himself just appearing on the scene. Godzilla and Kong begin their rematch which is so earth-shattering that Mt. Aso begins to erupt. Nomura, Michiko and the baby ditch the car, but all three become separated when the ground splits violently. The baby is alone on a rocky ledge which Nomura tries desperately to reach. Soon the baby becomes endangered and is trapped by rivers of lava until it is saved by Kong. Kong and Godzilla continue their battle and are eventually enveloped in the lava of a new volcanic opening. Mitsuko, holding the baby, stands amidst the ash, which is now like snow, while she and Nomura reflect on the ugliness of human society and feel sorry for King Kong.

Godzilla vs. Frankenstein (1964) by Jerry Sohl
On March 7, 1945, the 9th Armored Division of the U.S. Army cross the Rhine River Bridge at Remagen. The procession heads towards a secret Nazi lab in the Bavarian Alps southeast of Frankfurt. There, the still beating heart of the Frankenstein monster is being studied for a secret project. It is packed up and shipped out via a Nazi army truck late at night to avoid it falling into the hands of the Allies. At sea, near Singapore, a German submarine hands the heart off to a submarine from the nation of Japan. The heart is taken to a secret underground lab in Hiroshima within a cave. Elsewhere, on Tinian Island, a U.S. Army crew boards the Enola Gay and takes off. In an observation plane is twenty year old James Bowen, who watches as the bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. Though the secret lab and the scientists are killed in the explosion, the heart beats on. The heart begins to move and slither like a slug, and eventually grows arms and legs as though it is a fetus. In 1964 we return to James Bowen, now a scientist studying radiation in Hiroshima along with Dr. Suehiko “Sue” Yoshi. After watching a TV newscast that reveals Godzilla has been found sleeping in the Kurile Trench, the duo go out for a picnic. The two have heir picninc in front of what used to be the secret Japanese lab. Soon a screaming child who had been playing in the cave comes running outside. Bowen and Sue go to investigate to find a monstrous looking man clawing his way out of the cave. Though the man at first appears hateful, his eyes fill with affection upon seeing Sue. The man, which Bowen identifies as the regenerated Frankenstein monster, is taken to Bowen’s lab in secret. There the monster recives worldwide press coverage as it seems to grow at an unstoppable rate—which Bowen credits to the radiation from the atomic bomb. Bowen orders that the monster not be fed so much food, which enrages the now ten foot tall monster to break out of his cell. In his search for red meat, Frankenstein terrorizes the countryside and a zoo. Newspapers and media worldwide report on the monster’s rapid growth. The Japanese government fears the monster could grow to the size of Godzilla. When all modern military weapons fail on defeating Frankenstein, it is decided to awaken Godzilla to battle the monster before it can grow larger than Godzilla himself. The military travels to the Kurile Trench where a submarine awakens Godzilla, who chases the craft and destroys it. On the surfaces Godzilla destroys several planes and boats before heading to Japan. As this occurs, Bowen implements a more peaceful plan to keep Frankenstein in place away from populated areas by shipping him a steady supply of animals to eat. A jeep lures Godzilla to Frankenstein’s area via sound devices and comes across a twenty foot tall Frankenstein, asleep on the road. Godzilla then destroys the jeep in his path, awakening Frankenstein. The humanoid monster simply looks at Godzilla and wanders off in search of more food towards a city. Godzilla follows the much faster monster far behind. Sue intercepts Frankenstein in an effort to stear him away from the city. It works, but the monster picks her up in the process and absconds with her. In the countryside, Frankenstein’s hunger pangs get the best of him. He digs a cliff-side cave for Sue, places her in it, and then goes off in search of food as his growth spurt continues. Godzilla comes along and spies Sue, who screams. Frankenstein, now nearly as big as Godzilla, arrives to save her. The two monsters fight across the countryside in an epic battle. The earth tremors awaken a dormant volcano, which the monsters climb to the top of. Frankenstein falls inside and is incinerated by the lava, while Godzilla tumbles down the mountain and into the sea. Later, after Bowen and Sueko have reunited, the two discuss a way to use the data and genetic materials they have on Frankenstein to heal terminally injured patients. They must find a way to do so without regenerating Frankenstein however…

Two Godzillas: Japan S.O.S.! (1967) by Kazue Shiba
On a deserted tropical island, the World Meteorological Society (WMS) is about to test the weather control device of Dr. Fumio Senjimori. There with him is the only female member of the crew, his daughter Saeko. Before the experiment proceeds, Dr. Senjimori receives a phone call from Naoi, a member of the crew of a research vessel just off the coast of the island, set to collect data relating to ocean currents and water temperature in relation to the experiment. Naoi wishes the professor well and the experiment is set to proceed. Towers on the island emit a strange mist, which soon cause the island’s temperature to change violently. Snow begins to fall on the tropical island and the experiment seems to have been a success. The crew’s celebrations are cut short when an anomaly occurs in the computer systems. A component of the weather control device is set to explode and must be taken out of the complex as quickly as possible. Dr. Senjimori runs outside with it and throws it into the ocean and the resultant explosion temporarily blinds him. The explosion also awakens Godzilla, who, unbeknownst to the WMS, is sleeping on the ocean floor. Godzilla angrily surfaces and comes ashore on the island where he begins destroying the facility. [INSERT TITLE: TWO GODZILLAS: JAPAN S.O.S.!] As Naoi and the crew watch the destruction on the island, something big heads towards their boat. When it surfaces, it proves to be a juvenile Godzilla, scouring the ocean for food. Though Naoi stays on the ship, many of the crew jump overboard in fear. Junior is more interested in prying up some giant clams than he is Naoi’s boat, though. When the giant clams prove too much for Junior to handle, Godzilla trudges into the ocean to help his son. Naoi meanwhile takes a small rescue boat and manages to make it onto the shore and begins his search for survivors. Amongst the dead bodies he finds the necklace of a woman, and stuffs it into his pocket. Elsewhere, nine members of WMS have taken shelter in a cave, and Dr. Senjimori’s vision has still not returned, so Saeko tends to his needs. Several of the crew spot Naoi outside and take him back to the cave where he meets Saeko. When the island suddenly trembles they wonder if Godzilla is approaching or if it was seismic activity from the local volcano. Naoi instructs Saeko and the other survivors how to escape to the boat. The only problem is they must now sneak past a sleeping Godzilla and his son. When they spot the rescue boat, someone shoots a rifle into the air and the sound enrages the Godzillas who zero in on their location. Everyone runs to take cover and once Naoi reaches the boat, it has difficulty starting as the Godzillas come closer and closer. Luckily, six jet fighters come flying overhead whom Godzilla and son take to battling. The planes bombard a strategic spot on the island which induces a volcanic eruption. The Godzillas are then carried away in the lava flow into the ocean and are presumed dead. On the ship, a celebration is held for the survivors and Naoi returns Saeko’s necklace to her. The celebration is interrupted by a disturbance on the sonar. Naoi gets his binoculars and spies two sets of dorsal fins in the sea. They are all amazed that Godzilla and his son have survived the lava flow. They also deduct that the Godzillas are heading straight for Japan. When they radio ahead to warn the mainland, the self defense force discusses a new missile they have to deal with Godzilla. Later, talk even turns to blasting the Godzillas with a nuclear warhead. One scientist argues that it would be futile since if Godzilla can survive in the lava flow, he can likely survive a nuke. Back on the ship, Naoi and Dr. Senjimori discuss using the weather control device to drive Godzilla away with a typhoon and sink him into the Japan Trench. Meanwhile a submarine intercepts and attacks the Godzillas underwater. Junior is hit by a torpedo, but the next is deflected by Godzilla’s ray. Eventually father and son destroy the submarine. When Naoi’s ship reaches Japan, the press goes nuts at the news that there are now two Godzillas. The authorities agree that Dr. Senjimori’s weather control device is the way to get rid of Godzilla. Shortly after this, the Godzillas surface in Tokyo Bay. While Godzilla battles the military, Junior slips ashore. The research vessel also barely escapes Godzilla’s wrath as they set out to set up the equipment and explosives needed to simulate the vortex which will swallow Godzilla. However, Godzilla comes ashore at Haneda Airport where he battles a tank battalion and then blasts a petroleum complex which starts a huge fire. Senjimori asks where Junior has gone and is told that he is in Funabashi City. There, Junior causes immense havoc at Funabashi Circuit, kicking the race cars around as though they were toys. Dr. Senjimori watches the tyke from a helicopter and Junior almost blasts it out of the sky with his atomic ray. Junior follows the helicopter back to Tokyo Bay, where the silver ball components which will cause the storm are dropped into the water. From the helicopter, Dr. Senjimori is able to move the balls via remote control. Junior gives chase to the balls. Godzilla is drawn to the cries of his son and comes to the area as well. However, something has gone wrong on Naoi’s end, and he must dive underwater to fix one of the underwater explosives that will help induce the vortex before Godzilla and his son can arrive. Though Naoi is willing to sacrifice himself, Saeko and her father come to his aid in a helicopter. They lower him a rope which he grabs onto and they fly off just moments before the device detonates. The helicopters also barely escape Godzilla’s ray via some fancy flying. Finally, the bombs detonate causing the ocean currents to go crazy and a giant wave appears. Junior roars and holds onto his father as the beasts are carried away by the huge current of water. Godzilla fires his ray into the sky in defiance, but it is stamped out by the water. He and Junior disappear under the surface of the waters and the helicopters fly off into the sunset.

Batman Meets Godzilla (1968) from the William Dozier Papers
Commissioner Gordon and his daughter are aboard a Far East cruise ship bound for Japan where Gordon plans to learn how the Japanese deal with lawbreakers. Barbara hopes to reconnect with a college chum from Vassar, Reiko Hammamoto. The ship is abruptly struck by a tidal wave and barely makes it to Tokyo. In Tokyo, Gordon connects with Ito Nagano, head of the Far East division of Outerpol, who tells him the tidal wave is one of many mysterious disasters (including earthquakes and heat waves) to seemingly spring from nowhere in the past 48 hours. Ito’s only lead in the case is the fact that German meteorologist Klaus Finster recently claimed he was the one behind the mysterious disasters and that if he was not paid $20 million in gold he would destroy the Japanese mainland. Gordon phones Gotham City to contact Batman while Barbara secretly goes out to buy a motorcycle that she converts into a Batcycle that she can use as her alias, Batgirl. Bruce Wayne is roused from a sound sleep by Gordon’s call and informs him he will be in Japan within twelve hours (though he checks with Chief O’Hara first to confirm that all super villains are currently still in jail before he does so). Bruce and Dick Grayson board their new Batjet which is large enough to carry their Batmobile in it and fly off for Japan. From his underground bunker beneath Mt. Fuji, Klaus Finster delivers an ultimatum to Japan: he will cause one disaster per day until the seventh day when he will totally destroy Japan. No one believes him so he flies into a rage and reveals that he is actually controlling Godzilla not the weather. While Godzilla stirs in the Japan Trench, Batman and Robin land at Haneda Airport where they are mobbed by excited Japanese. In the airport the duo are stopped by a Count Draidl, who Batman recognizes from the Wayne Foundation. However, this Draidl wears his monocle on the wrong eye, so Batman punches him and the Count turns out to be a robotic double! Nagano informs Batman the real Draidl was found dead floating in the water underneath Eitai Bridge. On his person was found a strange haiku about monsters, which Batman manages to deduce is about Godzilla. As Batman and company watch footage of Godzilla’s battle with King Kong, a typhoon hits Kagoshima. Back in his lab, Finster watches Batman through the eyes of Barbara’s friend Reiko, in fact another of his robot doubles. Finster calls Batman on the phone and tells him he is willing to broker a deal if Batman is willing to speak for Japan to which Batman agrees. Wishing to go sightseeing in the meantime, Batman and Robin decide that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are in Japan as well, looking for a replacement for Count Draidl. As Bruce and Dick, the dynamic duo run into Barbara, Reiko, and Commissioner Gordon in the hotel lobby and inform the Commissioner they hear rumors Batman is at the same hotel. Gordon responds that Bruce and Dick should leave Batman and Robin alone as they need their rest. Finster, via robot Reiko, suggests that they all take in a show at a Kabuki theater to which they agree. At the Kabuki show, Bruce, Dick, Barbara, Commissioner Gordon, and Reiko are seated in the front row as esteemed guests. However, the samurai performers soon rush offstage and attack them and in the process, decapitate Reiko revealing her robotic nature to Barbara and her friends. The dynamic duo, still as Bruce and Dick, chase two of the attackers into an alley where they are accosted by a group of Japanese bikers who shoot spikes from their headlamps. After dealing with the bikers, Bruce and Dick ponder whether to call the undertaker or the trash men to collect Reiko’s remains. The next day, Batman goes off for his meeting with Finster with Robin in tow while Barbara changes into her Batgirl attire to follow them. The Batmobile parks on a corner where the dynamic duo spot Finster’s right hand man driving a taxi just as he told Batman he would on the phone the previous day. When they board the taxi, metal clamps strap them both down. Batgirl, on their tail, comes to their aid after Finster’s henchman leaves and the taxi cab fills with poison gas. Using a mini-blow torch from her utility belt, Batgirl frees her friends who are surprised to see her. The trio trails their captor to a bathhouse—which Batgirl is naturally not permitted to enter—and Batman and Robin have to remove everything but their cowls to get inside where they find Finster’s number two dead floating in the waters. Via the latest newspaper, Batman learns Finster plans to unleash a firestorm on Takada, Japan’s west coast. The heroes head for Takada, which has been evacuated, and sit in a pagoda waiting for the looming disaster. To everyone’s shock, Godzilla surfaces and begins to set the city ablaze in Finster’s promised firestorm. The heroes barely escape the monster in their Bat-copter. Godzilla attempts to swat the chopper from the sky, and Batman notices Godzilla has human-like movements, another sign he is being controlled. Later when meeting with the Minister of Defense at a tea house, Batman pledges the government his full help in dealing with Godzilla. The Minister drops to the floor, poisoned by the geisha who served him. Batman gives the Minister an antidote from his utility belt and races after the geisha, actually a male ninja in drag. The duo fight one another via martial arts which Batman wins. When word is brought that Osaka is Finster’s next target, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl board a train where they are opposed by a team of sumo wrestlers. After dispatching the wrestlers, Godzilla emerges from Ise Bay and derails the train. The heroes are thrown into the water and in a surprise move, Godzilla rescues Batgirl. He is so enamored with her that he even resists Finster’s commands to crush her and sets her safely aside instead. Godzilla goes on to destroy Osaka as ordered and crushes the military forces in his way. Finster sets Tokyo as his next target and the city is completely evacuated within twelve hours. Delighted that Tokyo is empty—even the military has evacuated—Finster takes a joy ride through the streets. In a lab outside of Tokyo, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and assorted scientists are working on a solution to the problem. It is Batman who figures out Godzilla is seen every five years because he is looking for a mate, the same reason he was so gentle with Batgirl! The dynamic trio then set out to Tokyo to take on Finster and they Bang! and Pow! their way across the city battling he and his henchmen until finally, Finster falls off the roof of the Kazan building. When he falls to his death the Godzilla controller calls the beast into Tokyo. Godzilla destroys everything in sight, including the military called in to battle him. The heroes attempt to escape in the Batmobile but Godzilla picks it up and absconds with Batgirl. Batman then boards a new replica of the Batmobile built by the Japanese scientists where he sets out to address the depressed Japanese people. In front of a swelling crowd, Batman tells Japan they have two options. Option one is to lure Godzilla into a live volcano where he will surely die. The more humane option two is sending Godzilla into space via rocket, which the Japanese people elect. Batman drives to Kamakura in the Batmobile where Godzilla is destroying buildings angrier than ever and still carrying Batgirl. Batman activates a Godzilla mating call which garners the monster’s attention so much that he sets down Batgirl. Batman then instructs Robin that to knock the monster unconscious they must dynamite his thick skull. Batman runs off with the mating call leading Godzilla on a merry chase while Robin rescues Batgirl. Batman sets the call on automatic and then lies in wait for Godzilla. When the behemoth discovers that he has been duped, he becomes enraged. But it’s too late; Batman has jumped upon his tail and begins scaling Godzilla’s backside. Batman lassos Godzilla’s ear with a Bat-rope and sets the charge, which knocks Godzilla out upon detonation. Batman narrowly avoids being crushed as Godzilla falls. The Japanese people then begin to quickly construct a giant rocket around the unconscious Godzilla who begins to stir just as it is being completed. The rocket launches and traps Godzilla in an orbit 278 miles above the earth for the rest of time. Later at a baseball game, Batman and Robin are the guests of honor. Also in attendance are Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, though neither can speak due to contracting laryngitis while touring the northern provinces. Later, Batman and Robin board the Batjet and inside find Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Bruce and Dick power down the transistorized robot doubles of the dynamic duo and then pilot their jet back to Gotham City.

Godzilla vs. the Space Monsters (1971) by Kaoru Mabuchi
Standing on the observatiuon deck of the Godzilla Tower in Science Land, Tamura, the park assistant designer, watches an airplane in the sky. His superior, the park designer Ishii, steps out to join him and sees the airplane is actually a small experimental remote controlled one that Tamura is operating. The duo walk into the control room where they find that the radar is going haywire reporting objects in the sky. A jumbo jet on its way to Haneda Airport flies into a huge black cloud and is struck by a freak hailstorm. The pilot and co-pilot, Okamoto, react in fear as the hail cracks the front windshield. Moments later fire comes from the sky as stewardesses Mayumi and Kyoko join the men in the cockpit. Next, huge monstrous shadows drift over the plane, and one of the monsters nearly has a head on collision with the plane. The storm and the monsters mysteriously disappear. The next day, Okamoto goes to Science Land to the Godzilla Tower where Ishii and Tamura are testing lighting in the tower’s eyes. Okamoto informs the men he was the pilot caught up in the bizzare storm last night. Together, the men look through a picture book of monsters trying to identify the space monster that he saw. In the book he sees King Ghidorah, the most fearsome space monster of all time, but says that was not the creature he saw. The phone rings and Ishii answers. To Okamoto’s shock the call is for him. Though at first the voice pretends to be a reporter, it soon becomes unnaturally loud and informs the men, “I caused everything which you saw today. The monster you saw is under my control and I shall take control of the skies over Japan from this time forward. My name is alien Miko. You can’t believe it? You will see!” Days later the Japanese Air Force spots a U.F.O. on its radar and sends a jet squadron to investigate as Tamura monitors from the Godzilla Tower. The squadron is confronted by not only Gigan, but another flying monster called Megalon who destroys the jets with ease. A few survivors land on a tropical island and when Megalon pursues them, Anguirus shows up to confront him. When Megalon tries to flee Anguirus bites onto his leg and is lifted, and then dropped, from the air to the ground below. Gigan arrives to aid Megalon and holds Anguirus in place as Megalon attacks him. A fiery ray strikes Megalon, revealing Godzilla is on the scene to rescue his ally. Gigan releases the ankylosaur and flies away with Megalon. Alien Miko communicates with one of the surviving pilots over his radio and instructs him to look to the skies above. There, the pilot can see King Ghidorah which Miko informs him is “his horse.” The next day all flights are grounded in Tokyo. Okamoto is being beseiged by phonecalls day and night regarding the storm incident, and so takes a ride with stewardess Kyoko in her new car. In Science Land, Ishii is overlooking a giant statue from the Andes that they call Majin Toul that overlooks a cliff at the edge of the park. Ishii is installing speakers on the statue’s feet while Tamura is in his office watching a highly anticipated boxing match between a contender from Japan against one from the U.S. Ishii activates the speakers, which startle Tamura. The recording gives a history on the huge statue as being discovered in the Andes Mountains. Legends state that if the statue is desecrated, its eyes will glow red and it will come alive. The recording also narrates on the statue’s sword, which in legend can fly through the sky to attack its enemies. Tamura returns to watching his boxing match only to have it mysteriously interupted. Okamoto soon appears on the screen to inform the public that it was no accident that the satelite broadcasting the match has been destroyed! The screen switches to a view of the earth from space where King Ghidorah can be seen. Next it cuts to a satelite that is being sawed in two by a gigantic being. When the satelite bursts apart it reveals the nightmarish form of Gigan. Megalon’s reveal is next, and Okamoto tells the world that he has now dismantled all of their satelites. He also reveals it was he who caused the freak storm over Japan, and that was the first stage of the Japan conquest—the U.S. and the Soviet Union are next. Mayumi watches in horror on her TV as Okamoto issues an ultimatum on behalf of the alien Miko to the government that they are to turn the world over to him or he will shut off all gas, water and electricity to Tokyo as a first step. Next, he will send his monsters to destroy the city. Phonecalls soon flood in to the Science Center to ask if this is real or a joke. The broadcast continues when Kyoko’s voice reveals that they are broadcasting from Miko’s hidden base on the moon. Kyoko also claims that mankind need not be enemies with Miko if only they turn over the planet to him. Okamoto begrudgingly admits that, while no friend of Miko’s, his science is advanced beyond the Earth’s. Back on Earth, Kyoko gets into a car with a mysterious man who informs her that this new car is a gift to her from Miko. She asks the man if Miko does indeed intend to destroy Tokyo and he answers that Miko can make a better world free of traffic accidents and wars. Kyoko informs him that the world wants to see Miko’s face and the man implies that this would not be a wise choice of action, hence why he wants to use she and Okamoto as emmersaires to the world. Inside the Godzilla Tower, Ishii and Tamura discuss how the U.S., the Soviets, and Japan have all grounded air travel and that they should keep a close eye on the radar. Just then, King Ghidorah’s massive form soars above the tower and is followed by Megalon and Gigan. Gigan lands and begins to cut into the Godzilla Tower while Tamura and Ishii flee. In the nick of time, the real Godzilla shows up, approaching from behind the tower. Godzilla battles Gigan who retreats along with King Ghidorah and Megalon, leaving Godzilla to inspect the tower made in his image with curiosity and bemusement. The three monsters attack Tokyo while the Japanese Prime Minister appears on TV to inform the world that Tokyo, New York, and Moscow are Miko’s first targets. The broadcast closes with a propaganda theme song relating to Miko’s new world order. In Tokyo, the monsters are opposed at first by tank battalions and then other forces from the self defense forces that they easily dispatch. As Gigan is about to crush a tank containing a fearful young soldier, Anguirus appears to battle him. As Anguirus does his best to battle the space monsters, Godzilla shows up to aid him, going specifically for his old nemesis King Ghidorah. Miko calls his monsters away, and the alien beasts leave Tokyo in flames as Godzilla looks on. Again, Okamoto appears on TV to tell the populace that Miko did not want this carnage, and that the damage they now see was all due to Godzilla and the military, not Miko and his monsters! Okamoto then announces that Miko wishes to finally reveal himself to the world. Beautiful, melodic music plays as Miko, a grotesque, disembodied brain, floats into focus and tells the people, “Humans obey Miko and you will live, otherwise you will die.” Somehow, Tamura and Ishii deduct that Kyoko has been in league with Miko, and inform the police. The police give chase to Kyoko and the man in her car, but when they fire at it to no effect the man tells Kyoko that he had installed special bullet proof glass. Kyoko seems to be having doubts about her role in Miko’s plan as it becomes clear to her that the man in the car with her, though not Miko, is clearly possesed by the alien brain. The man says that Miko has realized his mistake in showing the people his true form, and that perhaps it would be best if he made a robot out of the statue Majin Toul in Science Land to house his true form. The man returns to his lair where Okamoto is resting. It is revealed that Okamoto was compliant with Miko’s demands in return for luxury and beautiful women. Also, there is no base on the moon, and instead a lone underwater spaceship in Miura Bay near Science Land. However, Okamoto tries to kill Miko’s human vessel—really an android—with a ray gun, but instead Miko kills him. Mayumi meanwhile goes to the Godzilla Tower because she had recently gotten a call from Okamoto telling her to meet him there. Instead Mayumi is accosted by Kyoko, who tries to kidnap her. Instead, Kyoko is herself captured and arrested. The authorities are shocked to learn that Kyoko’s car, given to her by Miko, does not run on gasoline and is entirely futuristic. Tamura then uses deductive reasoning from past radar locations to figure out that Miko’s secret base is under the water near Science Land. Just as he figures it out the three space monsters surface from the boiling waves. Tamura, going off of the legend, tries to revive Majin Toul to defend them, but Godzilla surfaces near the statue and Tamura must evacuate and heads for the Godzilla Tower. Godzilla and King Ghidorah begin their battle, while Tamura, Mayumi and Ishii flee in a car that is chased by Megalon. While the JSDF bombards both Godzilla and King Ghidorah, Godzilla holds onto Ghidorah as the monster tries to flee, but it takes to the air and kicks him in the neck. Seeing that Ghidorah has now left Science Land, the trio decides to head back to the Godzilla Tower but soon find Anguirus blocking the road. As it turns out, Anguirus is there to confront Megalon who was behind them. They jump out of the car as it crashes and burns, and make their way back to the tower on foot as Megalon and Anguirus battle. Gigan lands next to Majin Toul while Miko’s android tells him to cut into the statue. He takes note of the humans entering the Godzilla Tower and goes to confront them as Gigan cuts into the statue. Godzilla and Anguirus square off against Megalon and Ghidorah outside of the tower. Inside the tower, Tamura and Ishii come face to face with Miko’s human host, who threatens to kill them and Mayumi. A scuffle ensues, and Tamura is able to grab Miko’s ray gun and shoots the robot, exposing circuits in his chest. They flee from the tower while the android makes his way back to the statue, which bleeds as Gigan cuts into it! Miko sends another freak thunderstorm to engulf Godzilla and Anguirus, which are struck by hail and lightening. When Anguirus is knocked into Majin Toul, the statue’s eyes finally grow red and it comes to life. Gigan flees from the statue, but it throws its sword into the air striking the monster down. Toul heads for Ghidorah next, also injuring the space dragon with his sword as Miko’s human host begs Ghidorah not to leave him. Godzilla singles the robot out and steps on him, destroying Miko’s host for good while Majin Toul hurls his sword at Megalon. All three space monsters retreat. Majin Toul is able to find Miko’s secret hiding place, but before he does so actually speaks and warns the three humans to get out of harms way. They do so, and when Toul reveals Miko’s hideous form Godzilla incinerates it with his ray. Majin Toul returns to his place atop the cliff and turns back to stone. Tamura, Mayumi, and Ishii, along with some children, watch Godzilla leave the scene from the tower.

Return of King Ghidorah (1971) by Shinichi Sekizawa
Gengo Kotaka, a manga artist, tries to sell his editor on his two new creations: Momagon, the monster of strict mothers, and Shukra, the homework monster. The editor isn’t interested though and sends him away. In a café with his girlfriend, Tomoko Tomo, Gengo tells her of his failure to sell the design and she suggests he take his drawings to Children’s Land Amusement Park where they have just built a gigantic Godzilla Tower. Gengo takes her advice and goes there where he witnesses construction equipment hard at work building the park. Inside the Godzilla Tower he meets Kubota, who tells him that he hopes Children’s Land will be a place of perfect peace for the children. Kubota also reveals that the group has plans of somehow destroying Monster Island as a way of bringing about perfect peace. Later that night, Tomo congratulates Gengo on Children’s Land buying his designs, even if she is displeased that Momagan’s color pattern resembles her own clothes. The next day Gengo goes to the Children’s Land offices in Tokyo where a young woman comes running outside and collides with him. She is pursued by Kubota and several other men. As they give chase, Gengo picks up a mysterious tape the woman dropped and goes inside. There he meets the Chairman, who is mysteriously young looking and working on mathematical computations regarding a constellation called Space M Hunter Nebula. He tells Gengo that the company has been the victim of an enemy of peace—the mysterious young woman. That night, while walking home, Gengo is accosted by the young woman a youthful male accomplice. When the woman begs for the tape back Gengo faints. He is awoken by the woman, Machiko, later, peacefully, and she informs him that it was all a misunderstanding, and that she and Shosaku only accosted him because she believes that Children’s Land is holding her brother, Shima, against his will. Back at Gengo’s apartment, he Machiko and Shosaku discuss the strange goings on at Children’s Land and their connections to something called Space M Hunter Nebula. Just then, Tomoko walks in with a newspaper stating that a natural disaster has just struck Monster Island! Gengo goes to the Godzilla Tower to drop off his drawings to Kubota—though really he is there to look for Shima. Just when Gengo thinks he has found the room containing Shima, Kubota catches him and the tower begins to shake. An alarm announces that Anguirus has arrived! The monster body slams the tower several times, causing debris to fall and knock Kubota unconscious while Gengo flees and Anguirus ceases his attack and leaves. The next day, he tells Machiko he is sure he saw Shima inside of the tower. Back in the Godzilla Tower, Kubota and the Chairman consult with Shima about repairs to their electrical equipment which Shima begrudgingly agrees to fix. To their shock, someone has begun playing one of the stolen instruction action tapes. Machiko, Gengo and Shosaku listen to the strange tape unable to understand it and turn it off. The next day they search through government records to try and figure out who Kubota and the Chairman, Fumio, are and find a lead in Yamano City. That night, as Gengo works on his manga, he draws an illustration of Machiko stealing the tape from Kubota, turning their real adventure into a manga. Back at the Godzilla Tower, the Chairman receives word from headquarters that plans have changed and they may now move ahead with the invasion ahead of schedule. As Shima argues with them Anguirus shows up again to attack the tower, but this time they activate the tower’s laser beams and drive the monster away. Meanwhile, Machiko and Shosaku travel to Yamano City to talk to Kubota and Fumio’s relatives only to find out that the two men actually died over a year ago. Gengo goes to the Godzilla Tower again, and this time actually manages to speak to Shima through a keyhole, but is caught again by Kubota. Gengo plays it off as though nothing has happened, and Kubota gives him a package cigarettes before he leaves. As Machiko tells Gengo what she and Shosaku learned, Kubota busts through the door with two men. The cigarettes had transistors in them which he used to trace Gengo. Kubota grabs the missing action tape that Machiko took and calls them all thieves. Tomoko comes in and uses her karate skills to send Kubota and his men running. Gengo and his friends go to the police station where they inform the authorities that they must investigate the Godzilla Tower, but they are scoffed at. An alarm then sounds announcing that Mothra has just made landfall in Japan, and the larva quickly makes way for the tower. As Mothra heads across land for the tower, Kubota and Fumio play the action tape. [camera pans back from earth as tapes plays into space] In space, the huge form of King Ghidorah, flanked by Megalon and future monster Gigan, appears. On earth, Gengo and his friends surround the Godzilla Tower with plans to rescue Shima. Gengo and Tomoko run up the stairs and enter towards the top where they find Shima about to be executed by two men with guns. Gengo and Tomoko both apply karate to defeat the men and save Shima. However, all three are soon overcome by Kubota and his men. Outside, Machiko and Shosaku decide that it is time to implement their backup plan. In the control room Fumio gives their human guests the history of Space M Hunter Nebula, and how their planet became too polluted do to the human-like species that governed it until they were the only survivors. Mothra and Anguirus attack the tower, causing the power to go out revealing the grotesque insect shadows of the invaders. The tower’s laser beam soon overcomes the two good monsters but they hold their positions. Mothra looks to the sky and spies King Ghidorah along with the two new alien monsters. Megalon descends and breathes smog on Mothra, which badly chokes the larva and attacks Anguirus as well while King Ghidorah looks on in the sky. As Anguirus and Mothra choke in the smog, the three space monsters make way for an industrial area where Megalon rolls up into a ball and decimates several smokestacks. Anguirus and Mothra show up to double-team Gigan, who angrily roars at Megalon to come help him. Megalon crashes into Anguirus’s head, and King Ghidorah intervenes to turn the tide of the battle in the aliens favor. At the Godzilla Tower, the self defense forces attack, but their equipment is no match for the tower’s laser beams. Machiko and Shosaku listen to radio reports on the monsters as they drive back to the tower. Gigan and Megalon are destroying ships in the harbor, setting the bay afire while Mothra and Anguirus suffer under King Ghidorah’s attacks from the sky. When all hope seems lost the water churns and Godzilla surfaces, challenging his old rival King Ghidorah who roars back at him from the sky. Godzilla fires his ray into the space dragon, who retreats back to the tower with Godzilla following. Kubota is delighted to hear Godzilla is on his way so that they might use the tower to kill him. Outside the tower, Machiko and Shosaku arrive with a set of helium balloons and a bomb. They signal their presence to Gengo and send the balloons up to his window with a rope and the captured trio is able to slide down the rope to escape. Machiko is happy to be reunited with her brother. Moments later, the aliens spy a car fleeing the park grounds and destroy it with the laser beam. Gengo and his friends soon reveal that they are safe, and used the car only as a distraction to throw off the aliens. As Godzilla and his friends approach the tower, Gengo and his group consults with the military about the aliens, and Shima reveals it can be destroyed by an explosive on the inside. King Ghidorah uses his powerful wings to blow Godzilla towards the tower, which he looks upon in disbelief. He is soon hit in the eye with a powerful laser blast and falls to the ground. As Godzilla is pummeled by the tower’s rays, Gengo’s group sneaks into the elevator with the bomb which they hide behind a large drawing Gengo has done of himself and his friends. They send the elevator up, and the aliens shoot the drawing at first sight, blowing themselves up along with the tower’s head. Godzilla lays upon the ground, badly wounded as the heroes worry for his safety. King Ghidorah approaches Godzilla and knocks his battered body into the remains of the tower. Godzilla revives though and begins battling his old foe with a vengeance as Gigan and Megalon are besieged by Anguirus and Mothra. Godzilla throws some of the tower debris at Ghidorah, who deflects it and hits Anguirus in the head. Gigan kicks Mothra causing the larva to go limp. Mothra soon counters by spraying her webbing in Gigan’s face. Soon the combined efforts of all three earth monsters send the space monsters back to the stars. Gengo and his friends look on the smoldering ruins of the Godzilla Tower and joke about the cockroaches one day taking over the earth as one scampers at their feet. Godzilla, flanked by Mothra and Angurius, heads for the sea while Machiko laments about the dangers of earth’s current pollution. [Insert shots of pollution as Godzilla walks silently]

Monsters Converge on Okinawa: Showdown in Cape Zanpa (1973) by Hiroyasu Yamaura & Jun Fukuda
A snowy glacier is rocked by seismic activity and a massive explosion shoots forth from a crevice. Godzilla, in the vicinity, roars as he watches a huge trail of white smoke ascend into the heavens, and then dives into the ocean. The explosion even startles a sleeping Mothra on Infant Island who awakens and takes flight. Anguirus is also alarmed on another island and heads out to sea as well. As all three monsters head north towards Japan, the title appears on screen: MONSTERS CONVERGE ON OKINAWA: SHOWDOWN IN CAPE ZANPA. Radar techs in the Japanese self defense force monitor the three monsters. [“Godzilla is near the Boso Peninsula!” “Mothra is headed east—northeast over Awaji Island!” “Anguirus is in the vicinity of Oshima Island!”] Soon Godzilla, Mothra, and Anguirus all meet at Mt. Fuji while the defense forces send a deployment of maser tanks to intercept them. Though the defense force doesn’t attack, they monitor the monsters closely from helicopters and wonder aloud what they are doing there. Later, a news report covers the event and mentions that the monsters have since dispersed. Watching the report is a long-haired young man named Futoshi Kan (age 26), a reporter. Futoshi is currently at a TV studio where the program, Travel and Folklore, is soon to air. Whilst walking down the hallway, Futoshi shows the host, Aoki, a unique dagger he recently discovered. When he pulls it out of his jacket, he nearly runs it into Nami Shindo as he rounds a corner. Aoki introduces Nami, an Okinawan folk-dancer and the program’s slated guest, to Futoshi. Nami, who seems to recognize the dagger (called the “Secret Sword”), later performs a ceremonial dance on air. As she does, behind the camera, Futoshi reveals to Aoki he found the “secret sword” in a Naha thrift shop in Okinawa. As Futoshi returns home to his apartment late that night, he is attacked by a mysterious assailant who strikes a blow to the back of his head and steals the Secret Sword. Futoshi awakens the next day to be surprised by Nami in his apartment. While Nami apologizes to Futoshi for coming in uninvited, she is distracted by a TV news report that Mothra was seen in Zanpamisaki that morning. Mothra causes a surprising amount of destruction, blowing cars into the air and even causing a gas station to explode. Soon jet fighters engage the monster and drive her away. Futoshi switches off the television and berates Nami for sneaking into his apartment. Nami reveals that she has a vested interest in the Secret Sword because of recent events in her hometown in Okinawa. There, at the ruins of the old Azumi Castle used to be a fountain but it has recently dried up. This correlates with a prophecy passed down from her grandfather that when the fountain runs dry, something terrible will soon happen. Supposedly, the Secret Sword is the key to the mystery. Nami says that Mothra’s presence in Okinawa further proves her grandfather’s story. Futoshi takes Nami to his bedroom where he reveals to her the real dagger—the one stolen the previous night was in fact a fake that Futoshi brought to the studio so as not to jeopardize the real one. Nami offers Futoshi double what he paid for the sword but he refuses and tells her he’d rather go to Okinawa with her to solve the mystery of the sword. Nami agrees but unbeknownst to them, a mysterious man in dark sunglasses is eavesdropping on them. The duo board a cruise ship bound for Okinawa. Also on board are a group of men from the Earth Development Association (the EDA), which have a vested interest in Okinawan land development. The men are being interviewed by a group of reporters. The oldest of the group, Kimura, tells the reporters about the dangers of earth’s over-population and the plundering of its natural resources. They hope their newest project in Okinawa can solve these problems. Meanwhile in his cabin, Futoshi frets to Nami about his mystery assailant—whom he thinks he has glimpsed on the ship—returning to try and steal the real sword again. Elsewhere, as the ship’s captain drinks his coffee, he gets an alarming message that a huge object is fast approaching them at fifty knots per hour. The captain, along with many of the passengers, runs outside with his binoculars to spy Anguirus swimming dangerously close to the ship which is rocked violently as he swims past it. Members of the EDA watch with concern as Anguirus swims south towards Okinawa. As Futoshi and Nami return from the deck to Nami’s room, they are disturbed to find that the door has been unlocked in their absence. However, the Secret Sword is safely hidden strapped to Futoshi’s ankle. Elsewhere, in the cabin of the EDA men, Kimura comes to the realization that their Secret Sword is actually a fake and they must seize the real one. Later that night, as Nami prepares to bathe, she is abducted by one of the EDA men. Futoshi becomes concerned for Nami and goes looking for her while at the same time, the EDA men deliver an anonymous note to the captain that the young writer and the ceremonial dancer have in their possession a weapon used in a murder. This prompts the captain to seize the dagger from Futoshi. Though the EDA men ponder throwing Nami overboard, they instead lay her unconscious body on deck, and when she is found, the ship’s doctor merely believes she has had too much sake and passed out. Meanwhile, the man in sunglasses turns out to be an Interpol agent and confiscates the dagger from the Captain, then informs Futoshi of the fact when they dock in Okinawa. Futoshi and Nami drive to the castle ruins of the Azumi where they find the dried fountain and also a large stone door which they are unable to open without the Secret Sword. The Interpol agents, Tamura and his partner Noguchi, use the dagger to try and open the door once the duo has left. Unbeknownst to the agents, Futoshi and Nami are now spying on them with binoculars. Meanwhile, deep underground, the men of EDA rendezvous with a man in a white lab coat who tells them their plans are on track for tomorrow morning. He takes them to a huge room where he unveils an eerie, mechanical monster atop a gold pedestal. The scientist introduces the monster as Garugan, an 80-meter tall robot with an overkill of laser weaponry. They then toast to the machine and Kimura reveals that after Garugan decimates the human race, they plan to auction the planet off to other alien races. As the aliens leave their base via station wagon, they are followed by the Interpol agents in a sports car. Tamura has followed the aliens to a hotel under construction and engages in a gunfight with them. Elsewhere, Futoshi and Nami visit her grandfather and interview him about the fountain and the accompanying legend. Later, as Nami lazes around the pool in a bikini, she and Futoshi are beset by the Interpol agents who grab them both and dive into the pool. Just as they do so, the aliens drive by but are unable to spy their prey and leave. When the four surface from the pool, the agents reveal their true identities and the fact that they were only trying to protect them all along. They also disclose that they discovered the EDA men in Paris nearly a year ago and had been trailing them ever since. They also return the Secret Sword to Nami and Futoshi. As the group discusses the mystery of the aliens in a hotel, sirens go off and the TV airs reports of Anguirus nearing Zanpimasaki. That night, Anguirus is confronted by maser tanks and aircraft and retreats into the sea. The aliens take note of the monster’s appearance and become worried. The next morning, the heroes follow the aliens back to their base in the vicinity of Azumi Castle. Futoshi figures out exactly how to place the Secret Sword on the stone door and it opens immediately. As the four explore the cave, they happen into the alien’s lair and spy the massive Garugan. However, the aliens were aware of their presence all along and trap them in Garugan’s silo. When the monster takes off, the heroes will be roasted alive. Tamura uses a miniature flame thrower device on his person to cut his way through the iron bars imprisoning them and the heroes manage to escape in the nick of time. Garugan breaks free from his silo. The aliens, escaping in their station wagon, all congratulate one another at the sight of the mechanical menace. Garugan marches on Okinawa and makes short work of the U.S. Air Force base there. Garugan hears a monstrous cry and turns around to find himself opposed by Anguirus in the sea and Mothra hovering over him in the air. In a car, the heroes rejoice at the sight of the monsters while Tamura remarks he knew there must have been a reason the monsters converged at Mt. Fuji earlier. Garugan boils the water with his laser beams, scorching Anguirus and then takes aim at Mothra. Anguirus retaliates by leaping into the robot and body slamming him. The heroes decide that they must help the monsters and believe they can shut down Garugan by attacking the aliens. Garugan wades into the ocean, looking for Anguirus who has disappeared underneath the waves. Underwater, Anguirus bites into Garugan’s leg, while Mothra attacks its head. Garugan responds by unleashing its full arsenal on the monsters who are quickly overwhelmed by Garugan’s firepower. Godzilla makes a dramatic entrance, though the aliens still believe their monster will triumph. The three monsters team up on Garugan and at one point, Godzilla and Garugan’s ray blasts collide. The aliens arrive at Naha Airport where they board an awaiting Cessna. As the plane takes off, the heroes chase it down in their car to no avail. Futoshi curses as the car skids to a halt but Tamura calmly steps out then takes a detonator out of his coat pocket and the plane explodes. “I planted a bomb on the Cessna last night,” he explains knowing full well it was the aliens’ plane. In the fiery wreckage, Futoshi and Nami are shocked to see the true form of the aliens as ape-men. Garugan seems weakened by the aliens’ defeat, and falls into the water after another blast from Godzilla’s ray. Godzilla communicates to his two allies to deliver the killing blow. Mothra flies to Anguirus and airlifts him over Garugan, dropping the spiky monster on Garugan’s head. The machine is knocked underwater and when it resurfaces, Mothra picks it up by the head and flies it high into the air but still it attacks her. When she releases it, Godzilla trails its fall to the sea with his atomic breath and the robot begins to melt into nothing. Godzilla and his cohorts roar in triumph. Later in the day, water again flows from the fountain now that Garugan’s silo has been destroyed. Watching in celebration are Nami and her grandfather holding the Secret Sword. Later, Nami and Futoshi see the Interpol agents off on a Boeing 747. Nami asks Futoshi if he plans to return to Tokyo but he says he plans to stick around and study more Okinawan folklore to her delight. Futoshi makes a remark about Godzilla who stands around Garugan’s remains with Mothra and Anguirus still celebrating their victory with large, white clouds in the background.

Japan S.O.S.: Godzilla’s Suicide Strategy
(Date Unknown) by Hiroyasu Yamamura
In the middle of the night at the Prime Minister’s private residence in Shibuya, a mysterious man clad in sunglasses approaches the house. When police order him to stop and open fire, their bullets leave him unfazed and he incinerates them with a light beam. The man marches into the Prime Minister’s bedroom and tells him that he is the private messenger of the Titan Star People of Galaxy 23 and that, “I’ll help you out of public life. I want you to sell Japan’s land and the people of Japan to our star.” The Prime Minister refuses and the messenger tells him that he has ten days to reconsider before the alien disappears. The incident is reported in the media and is laughed off by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet as an extremist posing as an alien. However, a young scientist named Yosuke Mitsumoto investigates the location of Galaxy 23 and sees that it is soon to be consumed by a dark nebula. Yosuke is even able to tell that the star has similar weather conditions to earth, though no one but his fiancé Emi, a reporter, takes the claim seriously. Emi and her photographer Zentaro are given an assignment to do a story on Godzilla, whom they search for via helicopter piloted by the unpleasant Hayato Ichimonji who has an attraction to Emi. The helicopter eventually spots Godzilla in the Japanese Alps of all places. Shrouded in fog, Godzilla points to the sky and roars before disappearing from view. Later that night, Emi wonders what the monster was pointing to. Yosuke tells the Air Force about Godzilla being riled up by something in the skies but they too ignore the warning. As it turns out, Gigan, now under the control of the Titan aliens, is approaching earth from space. The next day, a mysterious hurricane suddenly generates in Suruga Bay and heads for Japan. When the defense forces again won’t heed Yosuke’s suspicions, Emi gets Hayato to fly them close to the storm in a twin engine Cessna to investigate. In a stunning maneuver, Hayato flies them right over the eye of the storm where they can clearly see Gigan in the center, somehow manipulating the hurricane. This time when they warn the Air Force, they respond by sending a missile, but it is too late and the missile is deflected and detonates in Kyushu where it does terrible damage. As a result, Japan’s livestock and agricultural economy is devastated. When the hurricane approaches the Japanese Alps, Gigan is confronted by Godzilla and runs away. However, the Titan aliens have a backup plan to deal with Godzilla—Chamelegon, a robot monster made of a special alien metal invisible to the naked eye. The invisible Chamelegon is loosed upon nearby cities and uses ultrasound to alert Godzilla to his presence. When Godzilla shows up to battle the monster, which the populace cannot see, they believe Godzilla to be attacking them. [“Godzilla is crazy!” “Godzilla is destroying the city!”] The defense forces attack Godzilla with air and ground forces and Hayato’s sister is injured in the conflict, turning him against the monster. Emi and Yosuke, on the other hand, spy Chamelegon through an infrared lens and learn the truth. Hayato joins the battle via the Air Force’s helicopter corps and strikes Godzilla’s eyes with a missile. A chemical dye is then launched at Godzilla which blinds him in both eyes. Chamelegon disappears and Godzilla staggers off into the Alps where he is later presumed dead. When Hayato learns what he has done and that Chamelegon was to blame, he is racked with guilt. “The nuisance of Godzilla is defeated at last!” shouts the Titan commander in jubilation. When food is sent to Japan from other countries as part of a relief aid, Gigan and Chamelegon destroy the planes carrying them. Guerrilla troops of the Titan Aliens also set fire to warehouses storing food so that there is a food shortage crisis in Japan. Meanwhile, a guilty and starving Hayato searches the Japanese Alps for Godzilla with Emi, who begins to develop romantic feelings for him. “Godzilla is dead…” they conclude. The ships of the Titan aliens appear in the skies over Tokyo. The aliens demand that Japan surrender to them and that they are to signal this by flying a white flag from Tokyo Tower the next morning. Government leaders discuss the ultimatum immediately in an emergency Cabinet discussion. While they do, the people that fear hunger and death demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament. Other demonstrators demand a confrontation with the aliens. Now a torn country, Japan begins to collapse from the inside. The Prime Minister appeals to the populace on television. “If Japan surrenders, the Titan star people will attempt to conquer the whole Earth next. Now is the time for the Japanese people in order to save the whole world, to devote themselves!” The next morning, instead of a white flag hanging from Tokyo Tower, it is the flag of Japan signaling the people are ready to fight. Gigan and Chamelegon march on Tokyo but are opposed by the self-defense forces. An angry Hayato tries to confront the monsters in his helicopter but is shot down. Just as Gigan is about to step on him, Godzilla bursts forth from beneath the ground. Hayato watches in tears as the blinded Godzilla goes into battle to save him. “Hang in there, Godzilla!” he shouts. A tearful Emi and Yosuke also watch the battle. Using sound alone, Godzilla confronts the two space monsters and wins. Hayato cries in happiness at Godzilla’s victory. Several days following the invasion, Hayato boards a jumbo jet for Europe, sad that Emi has seemingly chosen Yosuke over him. However, when he gets on board, he discovers Emi is already there waiting for him…

King of Monsters: Godzilla Resurrected (1978) by Shuichi Nagahara
A cargo ship, the Fuku Maru, sails through the Pacific Ocean. On board are brothers Isamu (age 23) and Tamotsu (age 29) and their father Captain Ryuzo Kagami (age 62) along with the rest of the crew. Ryuzo mentions how they will soon pass Bikini Atoll when suddenly a fog rolls in and the skies become dark. Thunder strikes and then an explosion rocks the boat and they wonder if it is an underwater volcano. The ship is sucked into a swirling vortex, and later the family awakens in a strange underwater cave. There they find the bodies of their fellow crewmen drained of blood, and also notice a strange craggy rock formation. Tamotsu and Ryuzo are soon attacked by giant bloodsucking parasites. His father and brother now dead, Isamu escapes the creatures by jumping into the ocean and swimming through an underwater tunnel until he finally reaches the surface. There, he is eventually rescued by a fishing boat. At a nuclear power plant in Japan, the Science and Technology Agency security manager Tadashi Tachibana (age 35) presides over a meeting regarding traces of radioactivity recently found in the ocean. Later, he reads of the Fuku Maru accident and its lone survivor which piques his interest. Yoshinaga Okamoto of the Marine Accident Inquiry Agency interviews Isamu. Okamoto reasons that the vortex that swallowed the Fuku Maru is likely responsible for hundreds of ship disappearances over the years and compares the area to the Bermuda Triangle. Tachinaba tries to see Isamu but can’t due to the onslaught of reporters at a press conference. Later, Isamu angrily recounts the story of his family’s death to Tachinaba in a hallway after the press conference is over. [A flashback of the event is inserted here.] Isamu wants to team with Tachinaba, who is going to Bikini Atoll to study the insects he dubs “Shokilas”, to kill the parasites. Tachinaba bids his pregnant wife Mie goodbye and sets off for the Pacific. Meanwhile, the Taisho Maru, a freighter containing nuclear waste (which it plans to dump illegally), is sunk by an unseen force and bursts into flame. On the research vessel, Isamu boards a small submersible with Tachinaba and together, the duo finds the underwater cavern. Isamu notes that the giant rocks he saw earlier have vanished. Tachinaba informs Isamu what he saw was likely Godzilla’s dorsal plates and that the monster has now likely revived and left. In Tokyo, Tachinaba, reunited with his wife, regrets that he will likely be away researching Godzilla when the baby finally comes. At work, Tachinaba is introduced to Dr. Sakharov of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Sakharov reveals that Godzilla was recently sighted in the Soviet Union after a nuclear accident there. They watch a film of the accident and eventually Godzilla makes a dramatic entrance which enrages Isamu. Dr. Sakharov reveals the area was plagued by giant insects—the Shokilas—afterwards. Later that night, Isamu goes for a swim with his lover Eiko and recounts the story to her. On the news, Tachinaba sees that uranium from the power plant has recently been stolen. The thieves, believed to be extremists, were sighted stealing the plutonium and speeding away in a refrigeration truck. Tachinaba and his boss Shinada track down the extremists and try to negotiate with them when Godzilla appears, attracted by the stolen radioactive materials. People across the nation watch in awe as Godzilla returns to Japan, including Mie who fears for her husband’s safety. Godzilla chases the truck into an amusement park and corners it near a haunted house and a Ferris wheel. The truck detonates in a huge explosion leveling the amusement park. However, Godzilla absorbs the radiation. People across Japan panic and try to evacuate Tokyo in fear before Godzilla can arrive there. In the chaos, there is a huge car accident which causes an explosion along an interstate which Tachinaba and Shinada barely escape. Mie becomes so stressed that she goes into labor during the evacuation, and as she gives birth, Godzilla is sighted in the area. Later, Tachinaba manages to find Mie’s dead body in the hospital after Godzilla passes. While the monster becomes embattled with the defense forces, Godzilla blasts helicopters from the sky with his atomic ray. Isamu and Eiko glimpse Godzilla in action as well but manage to survive the chaos. The next day, there is a montage of the destruction/aftermath on news across the world. During an aerial search for the monster, Godzilla is discovered resting on the seabed. A submarine is sent to intercept Godzilla—which he destroys—while the government discusses their next steps to confront the monster. Godzilla soon resurfaces near the Nankai Nuclear Power Plant. In an effort to distract Godzilla from the plant, flares are launched into the air but Godzilla attacks nonetheless. As the self-defense force is powerless against Godzilla, a Godzilla Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters is established. Someone gives the Prime Minister the idea of an induced eruption at Mt. Mihara. Even after the death of his wife, Tachinaba is still reluctant to kill Godzilla while Isamu is ready as ever. However, Tachinaba agrees to lure Godzilla to Mt. Mihara with plutonium via boat, the Kongo Maru, which Isamu will pilot. The inhabitants near Mt. Mihara evacuate as it begins to erupt. Wearing radiation-shielding clothing, Tachinaba and Isamu take the plutonium up Mt. Mihara. Godzilla surfaces and follows the plutonium trail up to the mouth of the crater but is bathed by the erupting lava for his trouble. The characters watch in sadness as Godzilla screams as the lava burns his skin. Yet, Godzilla still manages to crawl off the island and slip into the sea. Everyone is silent. Later, Godzilla is traced back to Bikini Atoll, where he is confronted by combined U.S. and Soviet military forces. In a spectacular naval battle, Godzilla confronts and destroys destroyer-class ships and submarines until the Russians finally nuke him. Blood bubbles from underwater as Godzilla disappears and is presumed dead. Months later, Godzilla surfaces on the American coast, his eye set on a nuclear power plant…

A Space Godzilla (1979)
by Nobuhiko Obayashi, Mitsutoshi Ishigami & Sakio Hirata
In Arizona, at the Hughley Radio-Astronomy Observatory, Dr. W.C. Wiseman has received strange radio waves from a dark nebula. His Japanese assistant, Taro Seno, reinforces that a dark nebula should swallow all energy and therefore it should be impossible for radio waves to be coming from one. In Japan, while walking along Kujikiri Beach, five-year-old girl Momo stumbles upon the dead body of Godzilla. Soon after, the defense forces are spraying the corpse with preservatives while reporters swarm the carcass. Dr. Fukuda, a biologist, and Dr. Ohira, a pathologist, determine that the cause of Godzilla’s death was diabetes. An autopsy of grand proportions takes place wherein cranes drag out Godzilla’s intestines and helicopters lift out the monster’s liver. Godzilla’s brain is loaded onto a truck under the supervision of Dr. Miki and taken to Tsukuba Science City. Upon examination, it is determined the brain is, in fact, not dead. Taro Sano recognizes the brain waves as being similar to the radio waves from Wiseman’s dark nebula. Back on the beach, Dr. Nakasone, an authority on laser photo coagulation, halts the progression of malignant cells in Godzilla’s body. Momo is besieged by reporters and tries her best to hide from them, eventually hiding inside of Godzilla’s carcass. There, she finds a baby Godzilla and tells the scientists. The baby is removed from the womb and placed in a water tank for preservation. Professor Nakasone gives a briefing to the Prime Minister on his efforts to cure Godzilla’s diabetes. The Prime Minister advises him not to revive the destructive Godzilla. Elsewhere, Momo sings a lullaby to the baby Godzilla in the tank. Later, Professor Miki brings in a psychic to communicate with Godzilla’s brain. The psychic tells the government and the press the true nature of Godzilla. In fact, the monster is a female alien named Rozan from the Planet Godzilla. Rozan hoped to return home to give birth to her baby before she became ill. Learning that Rozan’s baby is alive, Chairman Nanino of the Humane Treatment of Animals Society begins a passionate “Don’t Kill Godzilla” movement with the help of Momo. The campaign is successful, and the Prime Minister decides to help the monster and her baby return home. Rozan’s body is repaired/reconstructed into a rocket with the baby inside her—along with a pair of Momo’s red shoes. Momo is allowed to hit the ignition button and Rozan launches into space and soon warps out of the Milky Way Galaxy. When Rozan is attacked by a group of rock-like flying alien birds, she detaches her own arm to distract them in order to get away and protect her baby which she has named Ririn. Later, Rozan warps into the desert of space where her body becomes distorted like a piece of origami. Rozan gouges out her own eyes and throws them into space, causing an explosion which frees Ririn and herself from the space desert. Back on Earth, one of Momo’s eyes is mysteriously injured and she must wear an eyepatch. Rozan finally reaches the Planet Godzilla and releases Ririn to go find his father while she rests in space. The planet has been overrun by the Sumerians, a group of aliens resembling monsters from earth myth. The most fearsome of these aliens, all of whom are female, is General Gamoni. Ririn is captured by the Sumerians and brought before their queen, who delves into Ririn’s memories of earth. The queen decides to send a virus to earth that will cause the human population to go insane and kill each other. When Ririn refuses to help the Sumerians they torture him, which Momo can somehow sense on earth. Rozan senses this as well and awakens, while Ririn’s father, Kuunin, heads to the palace to rescue his son. He and Rozan arrive at the same time but the Sumerians burn her from the sky. Rescuing Ririn, Kuunin retreats back to a cave with other surviving members of the Godzilla species. To their surprise, a pair of Sphinxes (part of a slave race ruled over by the Sumerians) arrive and offer their help in overthrowing the evil aliens. The Godzillas and the Sphinxes storm the palace and overthrow it. Kuunin and Ririn battle Gamoni atop floating debris above the planet’s atmosphere. Ririn bites the general’s leg, while Gamoni’s snake-like neck constricts Kuunin. At the last moment, Momo’s shoes project a lullaby from earth that distracts Gamoni long enough for Kuunin to tear his head off as the Sumerians watch. The Sphinxes leave the planet in a pyramid spaceship while Kuunin sadly reflects on the state of the earth. He suggests that someday Ririn, who wears Momo’s boots around his neck, return there.

Godzilla Resurrected (1980) by Akira Murao
During the eruption of Mt. Kiso Ontake in the Japanese Alps, reporter Shinpei Muraki flies over the volcano in a helicopter to take photographs. In the chaos, he believes to see a dinosaur emerge from the crater and snaps a photo of it. He also spies a young woman—Akikuko Inamura, daughter of the famous Dr. Inamura—fleeing the scene, carrying what looks to be a prehistoric fern. Muraki rescues her and the two depart the erupting volcano. Soon after, a U.F.O. is spotted over the Shinshu-Matsumoto area. When Japanese Air Force fighter jets intercept it, they discover a pterosaur-like monster and are subsequently destroyed. Muraki and Akikuko conclude this new incident is related to the dinosaur they saw emerge from Mt. Kiso Ontake. Akikuko also introduces Muraki to her father, Dr. Masao Inamura, who has just invented the first “Laser Nuclear Power Plant” at the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute using a new element dubbed “reiconium”. As the trio discuss recent events, they take note of a mysterious ship sinking in “Devil’s Triangle” on the news. Dr. Inamura recognizes the ship, the Shigefuku-Maru, as belonging to the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute and fears it may have been dumping nuclear waste illegally. Survivors of the ship wind up in a strange cave inhabited by man-eating plants and giant parasites. Only one crew member, Isao Kagami, escapes. Elsewhere, Muraki and Akikuko continue their investigation into the monster which takes them to Kurobe Dam, where a new reptilian beast dwells beneath the surface. Akikuko, drawing on her Chinese heritage, theorizes that all three creatures may be the same form of the transforming monster Bagan, a creature from Chinese mythology. The military confronts the monster only to have it disappear and soon afterward, are confronted by the Ape Beast. The creature also disappears and is replaced by the flying Dragon Beast. Akikuko and Muraki are assigned to a Monster Task Force to help counter Bagan. Meanwhile, as Isao Kagami is rescued, he recounts his horrifying tale and reveals to the world that he saw a sleeping Godzilla. Dr. Inamura returns to the area where the ship sank with Kagami to investigate but they are intercepted by a nuclear submarine full of spies who wish to kidnap Dr. Inamura to learn how to manufacture reiconium. Kagami saves Inamura, but in the process crashes the submarine into the underwater cavern and awakens Godzilla. At the same time in the Northern Alps, the defense forces unleash all their resources on the Ape Beast, including a new super weapon dubbed Flying Angel, only to have Bagan transform into its Dragon Beast form. The Dragon Beast flies south where it battles the revived Godzilla. The battle is short-lived and Godzilla soon resurfaces on Kujukuri Beach heading for the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute. The defense force launches another new weapon, the Giant Basu, alongside the Flying Angel to deal with the Water Beast. However, Bagan makes short work of the super weapons. Bagan intercepts Godzilla at the Kanto Atomic Energy Plant, where the mythical monster overpowers Godzilla and causes him to collapse onto the nuclear reactor. However, Godzilla absorbs the nuclear energy and revives, stronger than ever. He blasts Bagan from the sky, killing the beast for good. Godzilla slips back into the waters and leaves Japan in a state of panic. The nations of the world hatch a plan to inject Godzilla with reiconium and then ignite it via laser beam from a satellite which will cause nuclear fission within Godzilla’s body. However, a bedridden Dr. Inamura refuses to help. Akikuko is off trying to salvage some belongings from an old Inamura family home when Godzilla appears. Akikuko barely escapes the monster by running into the sewers where she is nearly killed by poison gas. Later, she and other survivors try to escape to a mountaintop by gondola lift but a fire started by Godzilla kills the power, stranding them. Eventually, Akikuko is rescued by Muraki and this dangerous turn of events inspires Inamura to use the reiconium on Godzilla. Godzilla is lured to the Bayonnaise Rocks in the Philippines where he is bombarded with the reiconium and then blasted with laser beams from the satellite Red Bird. Godzilla’s body turns white and then vanishes in an explosion. As Dr. Inamura watches the explosion from a nearby boat, he sees a vision of his dead wife and then drops dead himself. Later, Akikuko learns her mother died of radiation poisoning from Hiroshima when she young and that her father had suffered from radiation poisoning most of his life as well. She and Muraki read in her father’s diary that Godzilla is immortal, and will always survive so long as nuclear energy exists on earth. True to the doctor’s prediction, months later, Godzilla washes ashore in the U.S. near a nuclear power plant. His eye snaps open and the monster king lets loose a defiant roar.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters in 3-D (1983) by Fred Dekker
When a meteorite collides with a national defense satellite in space, a nuclear warhead is accidentally launched at the earth. When it detonates in the South Pacific, it awakens a giant prehistoric monster. Soon after a Japanese fishing trawler disappears but later is found badly burned. It is towed into San Francisco where it is examined by the U.S. government. Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, Dana Martin sneaks aboard the ship where she finds a prehistoric trilobite and a badly burned survivor who stumbles out of the shadows mumbling, “Gojira…Gojira.” Dana takes the trilobite to paleo-biologist and dinosaur expert, Gerald Balinger. On Oto Island in Tahiti, American Special Forces troops bear witness to a giant creature that comes ashore and destroys a small village. Meanwhile off the coast of Mexico, Navy Colonel Peter Daxton is leading an investigation into a sunken Russian sub. Watching him the whole time is his arch nemesis, the Russian agent Boris Kruschov, whom Daxton maimed in a fight years earlier. Where Kruschov’s hand should be is now a retractable steel blade. Daxton recovers two nuclear missiles from the sub and takes them back to the U.S. Daxton also discovers a videotape revealing what sunk the sub: a giant reptilian monster. After this Daxton returns home to his son Kevin—a misfit who has a love for lizards and Houdini-style escape tricks. Daxton doesn’t stay home for long and is soon called back to Mexico where a lizard “the size of a house” has washed ashore. Daxton takes Kevin and Dr. Balinger along and concludes the beast (killed when it attacked the sub) is a dinosaur, though the military believes it to be from outer space. Balinger tells Kevin the tale of Godzilla—a Japanese myth—as the carcass is shipped off to Presidio, Texas. Off the coast of California surfaces the dead beast’s parent, a giant reptile several hundred feet tall. He destroys an oil derrick and tanker. This recent attack leads Balinger to conclude that another member of the carcass’s species is still at large. Later, when researchers studying the dead baby Godzilla begin to faint, Dr. Balinger reasons the beast is a type of living nuclear reactor with regenerative properties that predates the dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Kruschov kidnaps Kevin and uses him as leverage to demand that Daxton return the two nuclear missiles to him. Using his Houdini magic tricks, Kevin escapes Kruschov. Both seem to be killed when Godzilla surfaces near the Golden Gate Bridge, where the monster toys with cars trying to get away. The military arrives to confront Godzilla with tanks which cause him no major harm and seem only to anger him. Godzilla smashes the bridge with his fists, destroying it, then proceeds to trample Ghirardelli Square before heading on for the heart of San Francisco. As Blackhawk choppers and F16 fighter jets battle Godzilla, Daxton, Balinger, and Dana launch a plan to lure Godzilla back out to sea via calls of the baby Godzilla (taken from the sub recordings) and then kill him with the two nuclear warheads. Balinger and Dana go to Alcatraz Island to play the recordings of the baby Godzilla while Daxton readies the nukes on a chopper. Before he can take off, Kruschov, with Kevin in tow, reappears and demands Daxton hand over the missiles. As the chopper becomes airborne, the two enemies fight over the city. As Daxton hangs from the chopper and nearly meets his doom at the blade hand of Kruschov, the Russian suddenly falls out of the helicopter. Godzilla, immediately below, catches the Russian in his hand and then incinerates him. After the chopper crashes, Godzilla goes on an all-out rampage, roasting tanks with his flame breath and then literally tearing the city apart as though in search of something. At a critical moment, Godzilla finds the warehouse where his dead offspring lies just as Dana activates the recording. Godzilla heads for Alcatraz. Daxton and Kevin haul one of the nukes from the wreckage to a waiting Scorpion-78 helicopter prototype and fly off for Godzilla. As the chopper takes off, Daxton’s co-pilot falls out, resulting in Daxton asking Kevin to fire the warhead at Godzilla. “I’m sorry,” Kevin says as he fires the nuke into Godzilla’s roaring mouth. As Godzilla falls to his knees in pain, Kevin falls from the chopper and the beast catches him in his giant hand. Kevin weeps as Godzilla takes his final breath.

Godzilla Resurrected (1983) by Shuichi Nagahara
As Mt. Otake erupts, Director of the Information Science Center, Shinpei Muraki, flies over the volcano in a helicopter to observe. From the air, he spies a young woman—Akikuko Inamura, daughter of the famous Dr. Inamura—fleeing the scene. Muraki lands the chopper to rescue her. Together, the two develop film Muraki took of the eruption, and are shocked to see what looks to be a Tyrannosaurus being spewed from the lava. They decide to take the photos to Akikuko’s father, along with Dr. Radner, a nuclear physicist. They are surprised to find two masked men trying to abduct Dr. Inamura who suddenly flee upon the sight of the others. These terrorists were after Dr. Inamura because of his ability to manipulate “reiconium”, a new kind of cleaner and more powerful nuclear energy which has the potential to be used as a weapon. Later, reports of monsters begin appearing around Japan. A giant ape is seen near Lake Saiwa and in the same region, a reptilian water monster. Akikuko deduces that all three beasts, including the Tyrannosaurus, are different forms of a monster from mythology known as Bagan. Meanwhile, a freighter in the Pacific (in the process of illegally dumping nuclear waste) is mysteriously sunk. Survivors wind up in a strange cave inhabited by man-eating plants and giant parasites. Only one crew member, Tagami, escapes and later theorizes the cave was actually a part of Godzilla’s body. Tagami connects with Dr. Inamura and confesses the illegal dumping. Dr. Inamura goes to the seaside nuclear facility to investigate and finds himself kidnapped by the terrorists. As they lead him to a submarine docked nearby, Godzilla surfaces on the trail of the nuclear waste. The terrorists flee and Godzilla absorbs the waste’s radiation. At the same time in the Northern Alps, the self-defense force unleashes all of their resources on the Ape Beast, which retreats into a tunnel in the side of a mountain. A flying Dragon Beast emerges from the mountain and takes to the skies where it decimates a squadron of jet fighters. Injured during the fight, the Dragon Beast dives into the water and rejuvenates into a new form, the Water Beast. The defense forces launch several of their newest weapons to deal with the Water Beast. Among them are the Giant Basu, a vehicle with a giant arm capable of picking up a submarine, special planes used by the Flying Angels called VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) fighters, and also the Super Beetle, a submersible capable of an amazing range of motion underwater. The Water Beast is found in the Sea of Japan and torpedo blasts manage to sever one of its arms. Just as the defense force feels they have gained the upper hand, Godzilla appears and begins battling the monster, who transforms back into its dragon form and attacks Godzilla from the air. When Godzilla injures the beast, it heals by transforming back into its water form. The Super Beetle arrives as Bagan changes back into the Dragon Beast, and between the two battling monsters, the super weapon is destroyed. The Dragon Beast flies off onto a mountain top and transforms into the Ape Beast. Godzilla follows and the Ape Beast attacks Godzilla, badly tiring the monster. Godzilla collapses and the Ape Beast disappears. When Godzilla rises back up some time later, he heads for the Kanto Nuclear Power Plant and absorbs all of the plant’s radiation. Ready for a rematch, Godzilla tracks down Bagan still in his Ape Form and delivers a fierce beating. Changing back and forth between its various forms, Bagan soon begins to take on traits of all three at once revealing its true form. Unable to regenerate itself anymore due to Godzilla’s attacks, Bagan finally falls into the water, dead. Next, Godzilla destroys the Numazu Factory Complex and then ignites an oil field on fire before slipping into the sea. The defense force implores Dr. Inamura to use his reiconium on Godzilla, who has surfaced in Izu. Inamura refuses, fearing the weapon is too powerful. Akikuko, who is riding on a ropeway while on her way to the family cottage in the Hakone area, finds herself stranded when Godzilla cuts the power to the area in his rampage. Muraki comes to her aid as part of a helicopter rescue team but the chopper is overwhelmed by the number of people in need of rescue. Muraki drops off with Akikuko and departs. The two watch as Godzilla blasts the rescue chopper from the sky. In need of a fast escape, the two find a hang glider and escape on the wind currents. Akikuko returns to her father’s laboratory and begs him to use the weapon against Godzilla, now having seen the monster’s ferocity first hand. Dr. Inamura agrees, and a trap is baited for Godzilla on Beonase Atoll with radioactive fuel. However, the device malfunctions and Dr. Radner must go in to fix it. He is successful but Godzilla crushes him underfoot. Dr. Inamura presses the activation button for the reiconium weapon and nuclear fusion begins in Godzilla’s body. The monster screams and dives into the sea. A huge explosion occurs and all are sure that Godzilla has perished. Dr. Inamura grieves for Dr. Radner and says, “As long as I shall live, I shall fight for peace in this nuclear age.” Months later, Godzilla’s body washes ashore on the west coast of the U.S. near a nuclear power plant. A narrator states, “As long as nuclear energy exists on Earth, Godzilla will live.” Godzilla’s eyes shoot open and he lets out a bellowing roar. [Title GODZILLA RESURRECTED flashes across the screen once more.]

Godzilla vs. Biollante (Draft 1, 1985) by Shinichiro Kobayashi
A fishing boat is sunk by a mysterious fish monster in the night. The next morning, reporter Sayaka Mikumo and photographer Ken Ichijo find a body on the beach clutching a handkerchief on which is written the word “Biollante”. When it is discovered the dead man was an employee of biotechnologist Dr. Genzo Shiranui, the duo go to see him and his assistant Makoto Tachinaba. Dr. Shiranui tells Sayaka that the man had gone fishing days earlier, and that was the last time he saw him which perks her suspicions. After Sayaka and Ken leave, Shiranui confronts an agent from the Middle Eastern Adelia Republic, the country which is funding his newest project dubbed Biollante. The agent says he had the employee killed because he was going to divulge the secrets of Biollante. Another tanker is sunk in the Japan Sea by a fifty meter monster the survivors say looked like a cross between a rat and a fish. Dr. Mikumo, father of Sayaka, investigates the creature with his daughter and both go to Dr. Shiranui’s lab where the geneticist confirms to them that such a creature is not possible in nature but could be genetically engineered in the future. As Sayaka leaves the lab, she hears a faint voice calling to her though she isn’t sure what it is. Dr. Shiranui consults with Tachinaba that the creature must be Deutalios—a rat/fish hybrid that escaped from the lab some time ago. The scientists then turn their attention to their newest experiment, a poisonous plant from India which they inject with special nutrients via radial rays. Shiranui cryptically remarks that he is sorry that “it is not a rose like she would have liked.” Elsewhere, Sayaka tells Ken about the voice she keeps hearing though Ken laughs it off. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the sea near Oshima Island, Godzilla begins to stir. Sayaka returns to Shiranui’s lab to further research her article. When the doctor ushers her into his office, she notices a photo of a young woman next to a rose. Shiranui informs her that is his deceased daughter, Erica. Sayaka asks if it is possible to prolong people’s lives through biotechnology but Shiranui says such an act would be pointless in our overpopulated world. Shiranui does tell Sayaka he believes perhaps one day scientists could create a new life form similar to a human with self-sustaining energy like a plant. Before he can elaborate, a tech bursts into the room to inform the doctor something has gone wrong with Biollante. As it turns out, the plant monster has escaped. When she arrives home, Sayaka finds the self-defense forces questioning her father about the sea monster. Once they leave, she asks her father what Biollante means and he explains that it comes from the Norse legend of Violan, a water nymph. As the two discuss Shiranui’s comments on extending human life via plant cells with Ken, news comes that Deutalios has come ashore in Tokyo Bay. The monster defeats the defense forces with its claws and flicks jet fighters out of the air with its whip-like tail. Suddenly, the water near Oshima Island glows, and a familiar blue ray shoots into the sky, destroying a jet fighter. Godzilla surfaces, Deutalios retreats, and the revived Godzilla stalks him underwater. That same night, Sayako has a dream where she is in a rose garden. When the roses bloom, they reveal tiny human faces that cry out to her. Sayako awakens and wonders if the dream was a communication from Biollante. The next morning, Ken fills her in on his research into Dr. Shiranui’s past. Shiranui’s wife died giving birth to their daughter Erica, who herself died at age 21 from an illness. Shiranui and Erica’s fiancé Tachinaba left the country for several years to do research which Ken and Sayako theorize has to do with Erica and Biollante. In Yokohama Bay, a massive tidal wave is followed by Deutalios and Godzilla who engage in a savage battle. The citizens flee beneath the battling monsters’ feet. The military attacks the kaiju and as Deutalios stays on land longer and longer, its skin begins to shrivel and change color. As Sayaka and Ken hurry to watch the battle, she again hears the voice of Biollante calling to her. Instead, she rushes to Dr. Shiranui’s lab while Ken stays behind. The forest around the lab cries out to Sayaka as roses begin to bloom everywhere. Sayaka confronts Shiranui, standing near Erica’s beloved piano, and asks if Biollante is a fusion of Erica and a plant. Shiranui confesses this is indeed the case and that the Adelia Republic is funding the experiment which he feels Erica would be pleased about. Sayaka responds, “Then why does she cry out to me?” Dr. Shiranui is shocked that Erica would communicate to Sayaka and not him and Sayaka accuses Shiranui of killing a man to keep Biollante a secret. Shiranui passes the blame onto the Adelian Agent, who overhears the conversation and chases after Sayaka after she flees the lab. Back in Yokohama, a laser canon severs Deutalios’s tail. Godzilla pounces on the weakened monster and sinks his teeth into its throat, killing it. The monster king then proceeds to feast upon the beast’s flesh. When the military attacks Godzilla, he completely obliterates them with his atomic ray and then heads for Shiranui’s lab. Sayaka runs through the forest as the Adelian agent pursues her. Sayaka runs towards the only light she can see through the darkened forest, which turns out to be a fire started by Godzilla, now only 100 meters away. Dr. Mikumo and Ken arrive in a helicopter to rescue Sayaka but are unable to take off again once they land because of Godzilla. A hush falls over the forest and birds fly away in fright. Soon, the whole forest begins to bristle with life. The ground cracks open and water shoots forth followed by a sharp cone-like object. Biollante has emerged at last. The forest begins emitting an antibacterial mist which irritates Godzilla’s eyes. He sets the forest ablaze, but soon a heavy fog settles on the forest which extinguishes the flames. Seeing that his radioactive ray is now useless, Godzilla charges at the blooming Biollante, who shoots a white pollen into his eyes. Godzilla falls backwards destroying the lab, killing Tachinaba in the process of retrieving Erica’s cells. Biollante then attacks Godzilla with vines and more pollen. When the defense forces join the fray and attack Godzilla with laser canons, the beams sear the pollen into his skin. Godzilla falls in pain and Biollante blooms a second blossom that reveals a human face within. Incensed, Godzilla blasts Biollante in the face and she explodes into thousands of spores. The defense force continues its attack on Godzilla, who retreats to the sea. As Biollante dies, Dr. Mikumo remarks, “If Godzilla is the bastard child of nuclear technology, Biollante is the gift child of biotechnology. Man has made another terror with his science.” Back in the lab, one of Biollante’s vines is lovingly wrapped around the dead Tachinaba. Afterward, it uncoils and begins playing a melody on Erica’s piano as the spores dissipate into the night sky.

Godzilla vs. Biollante (Draft 2, 1985) by Shinichiro Kobayashi
In the ruins of Shinjuku, ceveral CIA agents collect chunks of Godzilla’s skin blown off by the Super X. As they cross the Narita Bridge they are ambushed by another party who kills them, steals the samples, sets the car afire and pushes it off the edge into the sea. The enemy agent hails from the secret organization, Arabian Knights, and believes Godzilla to be an incarnation of the Egyptian god Sobek which resembles a crocodile. The agent takes the cells to Dr. Shiranui in hopes he can fulfill an ancient prophecy by which in resurrecting Sobek (i.e. cloning Godzilla) will cause their Arabic country to become a world super power. The agent tells Shiranui they will fund him with their oil monies, and that he should complete the project in five years. After the agent leaves, Shiranui’s assistant Tachinaba appears and states that with the G-cells they can complete their Biollante project at last. [INSERT TITLE HERE] Two years later Shiranui has an advanced new lab thanks to his secret funding, operating under the guise of genetically engineered vegitables and plants. In fact, Shiranui is injecting the genetics of his daughter Erica, dead for ten years now, into the plant he and Tachinaba call Biollante. Erica, who was a brilliant pianist, died of an incurable disease. A college student, Nozomi Saegusa, manages the Shiranui greenhouse, and has for the past several days been hearing the voice of a woman calling out to her, though Tachibana brushes off her claimes. As Shiranui and Tachibana give the Arabian Knights an update on their efforts being unsuccessful to clone Godzilla so far an aid rushes into the room to tell them something is wrong with Biollante. The hybrid plant has been damaged after an earthquake and begins to die so Shiranui decides to inject the G-cells into the plant. Late that night, as Shiranui joins the cells of Biollante and Godzilla together another ominous earthquake occurs. A submarine near Oshima Island discovers lava leaking from the ocean floor, yet the government insists Godzilla will stay put. However, it would seem a huge mass is traveling in the lava flow towards Mt. Fuji below the ground. As earthquakes continue, Shiranui’s lab is damaged, and the Adelians fear that the divine cells have been damaged, but Shiranui assures them that they are safe. However, Shiranui doesn’t tell them that they are safe within Biollante, which escaped during the earthquake. From a distance the CIA observes Shiranui and the Adelians, fully aware of the Sobek revival plan. Strange flowers begin to bloom around the nearby forest, and a 30cm tall flower with the face of a human that spews poison gas is even reported! That night, CIA agents go to collect samples from the mysterious plant in hopes of acquiring the G-cells, but they are attacked by the plant and killed. That night, Saegusa has a dream about a plant within a dense fog. The next morning she goes to tell Dr. Shiranui and Tachinaba and they take her with them to investigate Biollante, but the plant has already disappeared and unbeknownst to them it is gestating in Lake Yamanaka. The Arabian Knights soon learn that Shiranui used the cells to create Biollante and are furious, having wanted a Godzilla/Sobek clone instead. In a hotel near the forest where Biollante was last sighted, Saegusa has a dream about Biollante and goes sleepwalking in the forest. When CIA agents are about to grab her, Biollante’s vines kill them. Tachibana awakens and sees Saegusa’s hotel door room has mysteriously been left open. He and Dr. Shiranui go out to look for her. They find her asleep in the grass and take her back to the hotel where she is examined by a doctor. Could it be that Biollante is really talking to her? The ground begins to shake. Godzilla bursts from under the ground near Lake Yamanaka, and the Arabian Knights are pleased to see that Sobek still lives—though they know it was not Shiranui’s doing. The defense force arrives to battle him with jet fighters which Godzilla easily destroys. The defense forces deploy a new mech, ZEUS to deal with Godzilla. Shiranui, Tachibana and Saeguesa drive through the countryside because the girl says the plant is calling to her again. They notice that all of the leaves have turned prematurely to Autumn due to the giant plant sucking the forest’s life force. Godzilla battles Biollante, who retreats into Lake Ashino. The Arabian Knights see Godzilla resurrected, and wonder if the giant plant monster is the doing of Shiranui. The ZEUS is dropped off by helicopter to battle Godzilla, and actually manages to drive the beast back to the sea by reflecting the monster’s own ray back at it. Saegusa tells Shiranui she can no longer hear the plant calling to her as they stare at Lake Ashino. Back at the Shiranui Institute, the doctor confesses to Tachibana that he used all of the G-cells to save Biollante when it was dying—thus explaining its huge growth spurt. The two have a fight, Tachibana thinks they should give the JSDF the knowledge to defeat the monster but Shiranui disagrees, wanting Erica to live on. Tachibana picks up Saegusa, hoping to use her link to the plant to find it. Unbeknownst to him, the girl is developing feelings for him. Tachibana consults with the defense forces camped out at the lake and tells them the plant must be destroyed because it has the ability to reproduce and grow indefinitely. The major in charge says they cannot poison the lake because too many people live in the vicinity. The Arabian Knights kidnap Dr. Shiranui from the Institute. Tachibana looks out at Lake Ashino with Saegusa, who says she isn’t hearing from the plant, and both wonder if it is dead. Tachibana tells Saegusa about how a trip to Africa, where he witnessed mass starvation, encouraged him to get into the bio-engineering of new food sources. It was at an institute in Switezerland ten years ago that he met Shiranui. Tachibana also has the idea to hybridize humans and plants to ensure the human races survival! Saegusa at that moment realizes that Erica’s cells are trapped within Biollante and becomes angry at Tachibana, who doesn’t understand the pain he and Shiranui have caused Erica’s spirit. After she berates him she runs away and goes back home (I think she is Erica’s student). As Tachibana stirs from a restless sleep, at the bottom of Lake Ashino Biollante continues to grow. The CIA discusses Saegusa’s psychic connection with Biollante, wondering if they should grab her. In a warehouse, the Arabian Knights torture Dr. Shiranui and threaten to burn him alive if he doesn’t confess the connection between the strange plant monster and their G-cells. Meanwhile, the CIA abducts Saegusa from the Shiranui Greenhouse. Tachibana, worried about the missing Shiranui, gets a phone call at the Lake Ashino hotel, and the Arabian Knights tell him they will trade the doctor for their research notes regarding the G-cells. Tachibana agrees, though Saegusa insists upon going with him (at this point, the CIA is either trailing her or she is working with them). Tachibana and Saegusa meet the Arabian Knights at the designated spot. The CIA ambushes and overtakes the Arabian Knights, while Saegusa maneuvers the car to rescue Tachibana and Shiranui and they can get away from the chaos and they head for Lake Ashino. At the lake, a huge 80 meter tall rose has grown from the depths as fascinated onlookers observe. To see if there is anything left of Erica on the inside, Tachibana plays her favorite melody on an outdoor piano at the hotel beer garden. But, Saegusa gets no response and concludes that the plant is now only a monster. Furthermore, Tachibana realizes it was Godzilla’s radioactive ray that caused the plant’s growth spurt. The defense forces show up to battle Biollante with planes and tanks, but the plant’s far reaching vines swat down the planes and pummel the tanks into the ground. Just as Tachibana realizes that Biollante wants to use Godzilla as an incubator to enter its final form, Godzilla rises from Sagami Bay. ZEUS again confronts him, but Godzilla melts the giant reflector and heads for Biollante. The CIA, still eager to get their own G-cells, circles Godzilla in a helicopter. They fire a tranquilizer with enough power to knock out 5,000 elephants into the monster. It doesn’t phase Godzilla, who blasts the chopper from the air. A strange calm falls over the forest, as if nature is readying itself for battle, as Godzilla approaches Biollante. This time, Biollante basks in Godzilla’s ray, soaking up the radiation becoming stronger. The plant envelops Godzilla in its vines, and then, a cone-like protrusion from Biollante’s bud begins to spray a poisonous pollen on Godzilla. Using its huge petals like a butterfly’s wings, it blows the pollen onto Godzilla. Biollante drags Godzilla closer and closer as the monster continues to fire its ray. A human face begins to emerge from the middle rose bloom to everyone’s astonishment as the huge plant drags Godzilla closer and closer, presumably to eat him. As Biollante absorbs more and more of Godzilla’s radiation it becomes too much for the plant, which grows so quickly that it explodes into a huge pillar of flame. The surviving Arabian Knights watch Godzilla and the pillar of fire with a religious significance. At the lake shore, Saegusa again hears the cry of Erica, only this time she sounds peaceful and content. Shiranui and Tachibana also hear it, relieved that Erica’s spirit can now escape the body of the plant. A wounded Godzilla lumbers back into the ocean.

Godzilla: Legend of the Asuka Fortress (1985) by Shinichi Sekizawa
A computer screen displays a message that by the year 2000 the following events and technology could be possible. A single automobile creates a cloud of dust in the wilderness. The driver is Kiichi Ono of the world peace Unicom League. Two men ride in the rear seat—both members of the ruling party. In the front passenger seat is a lieutenant colonel in the self-defense force. They are discussing something called the Hedgehog Plan. They come upon a huge hill which reveals itself to be a moving fortress complete with tentacles. The men marvel at the huge fortress, and Ono flips a switch opening a hidden gateway behind a rock and they drive inside. The go into a huge underground control room and meet a tech named Miko. They witness a field test where the Asuka Fortress eliminates staged enemy combatants. The combatants, represented by red dots on the computer screen (and allies in green), are neutralized one by one in rapid succession. “It’s almost like a video game,” one of the representatives says. Ono shows the computer’s efficiency by eliminating a single field mouse on the battlefield. At the home of the sickly Dr. Yasuto Ito, creator of the Asuka Fortress, Mine Sasaki from the JSDF is there to talk to him about his creation, impressed by its defense capabilities. When he asks where the benefactors came from, Dr. Ito tells him that it was the Private Sector. At the Prime Minister’s office, Ono and the Prime Minister sit across from one another at a table discussing the fortress. Miko sits in a corner drinking coffee while talking to the Prime Minister’s daughter, Masayo. A photographer, Yoshita, is there photographing the two. The trio’s talk turns to Godzilla, in “artificial hibernation” somewhere in the Japan Trench. [Yoshita’s VO to shots of Godzilla asleep on ocean floor] Yoshita explains Godzilla was put to sleep via special electromagnetic waves several years ago. There is even a Godzilla Hibernation Management Center that monitors the beast’s body temperature and other vitals. Back in the Asuka Fortress, Ono mentions that the Prime Minister has given his approval for them to create an unmanned helicopter to function as part of the Asuka Fortress A.I. Something seems to go wrong with the unmanned chopper, and later Miko tells Dr. Ito about the incident. Ito wonders if Ono is up to something nefarious, while unbeknownst to Ito, his nurse eavesdrops on them on behalf of the Prime Minister. Back at the fortress, Miko converses with the Asuka A.I., which tells him it senses an enemy in the form of Godzilla. Miko reassures the A.I. that Godzilla is asleep in the Japan Trench. A jet flies over the Pacific Ocean carrying Yoshita who watches as the unmanned helicopter is being tested out. Yoshita tries to take a photo of it, but none of them turn out for some reason. Miko is called in to check on a weird circuit in the fortress. While there, he consults with the Asuka A.I. regarding strategy in the game of chess. At a meeting, the Prime Minster announces plans to expand on the Asuka Fortress to make it even more of a weapon than before. It is his plan to use it to force the world to unite into peace. Around the same time, the Asuka Fortress refuses a command, which Ono sees as a huge red flag, but the Prime Minster refuses to back down and has Ono carted off by four men. The Prime Minister then gives his spy, Ito’s nurse, orders to kill the doctor. Ono breaks away to warn Dr. Ito in his home. The nurse enters Ito’s room concealing a gun under her medicine tray, but before she can shoot the two men the unmanned helicopter shows up and destroys them all. In his limo, the Prime Minister is informed that both men are dead, and he ponders what to do with the remaining staff that are loyal to Ono. As the Prime Minster drives towards the fortress, a huge cloud of dust stirs as the fortress begins to move across the landscape. At Miko’s apartment, the Asuka Fortress contacts him in the presence of Mine, Yoshita and Masayo. It informs him that it is enforcing “Operation Death” and proceeds to obliterate the Prime Minister and his whole cabinet. Knowing that the machine could destroy the world, Yoshita suggests reviving Godzilla. Since it will be too difficult to convince the remaining bureaucrats to revive Godzilla, they hack into the Godzilla Hibernation Management Center to revive him themselves. The Asuka Fortress learns of this, and as Godzilla surfaces the unmanned helicopter attacks him over the moonlit sea. Godzilla loses the battle and sinks into the sea. The chopper returns to the fortress where it is repaired by the fortress’s tentacles inside. An onslaught of military equipment, including tanks, is led by a jeep carrying Sone of Heaven and Lt. Colonel Mine Sasaki to confront the fortress. Miko says they can harm it via the solar turbine in its reactor, however, their attack proves futile. Meanwhile, Masayo is helping some children cross the road when Ono, in fact alive and well, pulls up in a car alongside her. Later, Miko and Yoshita don’t believe her when she tells them of her encounter. The Asuka Fortress detects Godzilla’s presence, and the beast surfaces on the Numazu Coast. The fortress mobilizes at 30km per hour towards Godzilla and the two converge at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The two size each other up and the fortress fires a laser bullet canon at Godzilla which doesn’t affect the monster much. Godzilla manages to inflict some damage on the fortress via his nuclear breath though. The Fortress lassos Godzilla with a huge chain, and a gargantuan match of tug of war proceeds. Godzilla breaks free and the battle ends in a draw. The fortress retreats while Miko and Sasaki marvel at the chain and wonder what it is made of. Miko mentions that the Asuka Fortress has still not played its “trump card.” Miko returns to his apartment to find it ransacked and Yoshita beat up. Yoshita says Ono did it. The two develop a photo that Yoshita took and can see that Ono’s eyes no longer have pupils. Therefore they deduct this Ono is a robot clone. Miko again tries to program the fortress to stop its death mission but it won’t comply. The fortress continues to repair itself and adds the laser bullet gun to the unmanned chopper. Godzilla walks through the night until he comes upon a set of high voltage towers constructed by the fortress that are even taller than he is. Godzilla bites into the transmission line. Elsewhere, the robotic Ono kidnaps Masayo and takes her back to the fortress. Yoshita, Miko and Sasaki plan to enter Asuka through a hatch to rescue Masaya as Godzilla walks through the forest to confront the Asuka Fortress once more. The unmanned chopper flies overhead and the trio worry it has spotted them, but instead it flies on to battle Godzilla. The men make ingress while it battles Godzilla who destroys the chopper. The men find Masaya strapped to a chair inside and Ono, who can breathe fire, attacks them. The men manage to blast a hole in Ono’s chest, revealing wiring, and the robot ceases to function. Godzilla, meanwhile, is tiring of battling the fortress, which has the monster in a death grip. Miko uploads a computer program named Katsura into the fortress which disables it, saving Godzilla. Miko and his friends escape in the nick of time as Godzilla fires his ray into a breach in the fortress’s hole. It explodes, ending the threat of the fortress forever. Miko, Masaya, Yoshita and Sasaki watch as Godzilla gradually slips into the sea.

Godzilla 2 (1986) by Kazuki Omori
[in red letters the title: GODZILLA 2] In 1984, as Godzilla battles the Super X in Tokyo, in the subways below a group of Bio-Major agents await the monster’s departure to go on a mission—“Operation G”—to collect G-cells. The three agents successfully collect the G-cells after the monster leaves, but are spotted and chased after by the defense forces. The three agents evade the JSDF only to be shot down by the Arabian agent, SSS9, who takes the cells back to Saradia with him. Dr. Shiragami is called early in the morning to freeze the cells upon their arrival and goes to the lab with daughter, Erica. Dr. Shiragami consults with Abdul Zalman, who oversees the facility, in English when an explosion rocks the complex. Terrorists have bombed the lab and killed Erica in the process. Five years later, psychic girl Miki Saeguesa, and her handler, Asuka Okochi, pay Dr. Shiragami, now in Japan, a visit. Shiragami, now wearing an eye-patch over his right eye due to the attack, has invited Asuka’s protégé to see if she can communicate with his genetically engineered roses, which he neglects to mention are created with Erica’s cells. Miki is unable to communicate, so Asuka bids the doctor farewell. As they drive off, one of the roses tilts its bud in their direction and calls to Miki psychically but it is too late. Asuka enjoys dinner with Kirishima in the Godzilla memorial Lounge where they discuss the dangers of bio-technology. The next day, Miki alerts Asuka to the fact that all the children at the psychic research center have had the same dream: Godzilla’s awakening. Asuka confers with Goro Gondo in the JSDF, who also passes along the news to Kuroki who charters a chopper to fly over Mt. Mihara with Miki Saeguesa. After a meeting with the Prime Minister, Gondo and Kuroki discuss the possibility of using Anti-Nuclear Bacteria (ANEB) on Godzilla. To make the bacteria more effective, they agree they should obtain Godzilla cells from the Okochi Foundation. They pay a visit to Dr. Shiragami who declines working on the ANEB project due to losing his daughter because of the G-cells. Kirishima pays visit to Asuka’s father at the foundation to obtain the cells when a tremor occurs near Mt. Mihara. The tremor damages Shurangama’s genetic Erica hybrid roses. Feeling the G-cells can save them, he suddenly changes his mind about working on the project and requests the cells. Godzilla stirs ominously within the volcano. Kirishima and Asuka discuss the surprising recent events over a drink while Shiragami injects the G-cells into the rose hybrid. Kirishima is at Dr. Shiragami’s lab when Asuka and Miki pay a surprise visit because Miki says she can hear the roses calling to her. Dr. Shiragami becomes nervous that his experiment will be discovered and tells the duo the roses were destroyed in the earthquake. In his lab, the Godzilla hybrid rose begins to grow rapidly. At Mt. Mihara, Gondo investigates the possibility of Godzilla’s escape in the event of an eruption. In the event of Godzilla’s appearance, Kuroki readies the creation of a new type of liquefied cadmium to be sprayed on Godzilla in the form of a gas. Also waiting in the wings is the Super X-2 with its fire mirror. Kirishima and Shiragami, who have been working together on the G-cells, enter the doctor’s lab one night to find a hostile agent from the corporation Biomajor. There is a struggle between the agents and Kirishima. They knock him unconscious, and when he comes to he can see the agents threatening to destroy the massive new super plant unless the doctor tells them the secret of the ANEB. One of the agents threatens to light the giant rose on fire if he won’t talk to Shiragami’s horror. Dr. Shiragami reveals the G-cells came from the Okochi Foundation, just as SSS9 enters the house guns blazing. The Biomajor agents keeps the rose and runs outside to his car while SSS9 pursues him. As the bio-major agents drive off, the plant begins to stir and attacks him sending his car crashing into Lake Ashino as SSS9 watches. In the aftermath of the attack Kirishima chastises Shiragami for combing the Godzilla DNA with the plant, though Shiragami explains he felt it was the only way to preserve his daughter’s cells. That night Miki has a dream that she’s Erica in the waters of Lake Ashino calling for Asuka. The Prime Minister’s office receives a threat from Bio-major to hand over the ANEB to them or they will release Godzilla via explosives planted on Mt. Mihara. On Lake Ashino, Biollante (so named by Dr. Shiragami after Norse myth) attacks a pleasure craft as onlookers gather along the shore to watch in fear. Asuka and Miki show up alongside Dr. Shiragami and inform him that Erica’s spirit is within the plant. Colonel Gondo and Kirishima meet the bio-major agent for the hand off, but are ambushed by SSS9 who grabs the case and speeds off in his Mustang. Goro tries to get into the bio-major van containing the abort switch for the explosives to no avail. The explosives detonate and Godzilla emerges from Mt. Mihara. Major Kuroki immediately dispatches helicopters which spray a yellow, cadmium mist on Godzilla. Godzilla wades into the sea unharmed. Asuka feels she should go to Tokyo in case Godzilla attacks, but Miki tells her Erica is pleading for her to stay. Godzilla is intercepted by the Super X-2 which successfully deflects him from Tokyo. However, when Kuroki is informed that the ANEB was stolen he tells the press Godzilla is still in battle with them in the Uraga Straight as a way of grounding air travel from Haneda Airport to keep SSS9 from escaping. Gondo, Kirishima engage in a high speed car chase to try and catch SSS9 who appears to be headed for Osaka. At Lake Ashino, Miki implies Erica’s spirit seems to be fading from the rose when suddenly she senses Godzilla coming their way. Godzilla passes through Odawara at the same time that Gondo and Kirishima are chasing SSS9. Due to the chaos, Gondo loses SSS9. The Super X-2 meanwhile scopes out Biollante at Lake Ashino with Kuroko marveling at the plant monster over the monitor. Godzilla appears on Lake Ashino and Super X-2 attacks him by firing missiles and super napalm from behind. Godzilla knocks the Super X-2 into the lake with his tail, the weapon continues its attack in its submersible mode firing at Godzilla’s feet. The sight of Biollante’s underwater vines causes Kuroki to pull the Super X-2 out of the water and it surfaces between Godzilla and Biollante who are sizing each other up. Godzilla fires his ray into the machine which reflects it back at him. Biollante then wraps the Super X-2 in her vines and tosses the machine into the lake where it becomes non-responsive. Godzilla approaches Biollante with great curiosity, but the plant monster attacks him. Godzilla fires at Biollante’s roots so the monster begins to back away. Biollante hides itself under the water as Godzilla searches for her, and finds the beast by tugging on one of its roots. Biollante surfaces and hits Godzilla on the head. Godzilla responds by tearing off Biollante’s own head and throwing the rose bud on the waters as he sets the stem of the body aflame. Dr. Shiragami is shocked, but then sees a light dissipating from Biollante’s burning body as Godzilla wades back into the ocean at sunset. Kuroki uses helicopters as well as Miki to track Godzilla’s movements while the Super X-2 is repaired at Lake Ashino. Godzilla surfaces in Osaka Bay and Asuka begs Kuroki to let Miki to try and turn him around. Kuroki doesn’t think she is able and sends the Super X-2 to intercept Godzilla at Naruto Bridge. However, the machine isn’t at full capacity and Godzilla easily gains the upper hand in battle. Against orders Miki and Asuka drive out onto the bridge where Miki distracts Godzilla via her telepathy. Miki seems for a moment to be turning Godzilla around from the bridge when suddenly he becomes angry and Miki collapses. Asuka carries her to their jeep and speed off as Godzilla begins crushing the bridge. At the last moment Asuka is thrown from the jeep, which lands safely with Miki, and Asuka grabs onto a steel beam as the bridge disappears beneath her. Asuka drops to the lower level, not too far beneath her, and survives. Godzilla continues his battle with the Super X-2 and melts the fire mirror, thus destroying the machine. At the Osaka airport, Gondo and Kirishima search for SSS9 and find he has boarded a flight for Hong Kong. Just as the plane begins to leave, all flights are grounded for fear of Godzilla, now in the area and within range of striking them from the sky. Kirishima then spies the ANEB container coming down in the baggage claim and grabs it and absconds with Gondo. SSS9 informs his superiors in Saradia of what has happened. His boss then tells him to move onto his next assignment: killing Dr. Shiragami. Gondo loads the ANEB into a rocket to fire into Godzilla advancing on Osaka. Gondo and four other soldiers fly past Godzilla, leering down at Osaka Castle, in a helicopter which drops them off on a rooftop. Gondo fires his first shot into Godzilla’s leg. When the monster turns and advances, several more shots are fired and the men evacuate by helicopter but Gondo chooses to stay behind and fire one last shot into Godzilla’s mouth. Godzilla, in his anger, kills Gondo and destroys the New Otani Hotel. While visiting Miki in the hospital with Asuka, Kirishima suddenly realizes that Godzilla’s body temperature is too cool for the ANEB to work and needs to be heated up. An artificial thunder control system is then constructed in Godzilla’s path as a way of upping the monster’s body temperature. On their way to the control center, Shiragami and Kirishima discuss collecting more Godzilla cells, with Shiragami stating that if they don’t do it someone else will. Miki Saeguesa awakens from her sleep to tell Asuka Biollante is returning soon, so they rush to the command center. Godzilla enters the Thunder Control System and the operation commences with Godzilla being struck by lightning. Godzilla begins to slow, the ANEB is taking effect as Kirishima predicted. Godzilla falls to his knees and Kuroki orders a final helicopter strike on the monster. Godzilla, enraged, fends off the choppers and stands blasting them and other artillery with his ray. Suddenly the sky takes on a strange hue and a huge red rose bloom descends from the heaven dropping its petals to the ground. Biollante’s tendrils envelop Godzilla, and the giant plant begins to fly like a butterfly with Godzilla out to sea. Godzilla blasts Biollante with his ray, again setting the plant afire. Biollante plants herself in the ocean and a strange, reptilian head emerges from the middle of her body. But, as Godzilla tries again and again to blast more rays he begins to lose the ability due to the ANEB. Dr. Shiragami sheds tears for both monsters stating, “Godzilla and Biollante aren’t monsters, but the men who made them.” Suddenly, a white light dissipates from Biollante’s dying body, which everyone takes to be Erica’s departing spirit. Okochi appears beside the group with a jar of freshly collected G-cells to show Dr. Shiragami. But, the doctor says he will never again work with the Godzilla cells. At that moment he is shot from afar by SSS9 who gets away. Kirishima listens to Shiragami’s dying words, begging him to be careful with his research and let well enough alone. [pan to outer space] Biollante’s giant rosebud floats in orbit above the earth.

Mothra vs. Bagan (1990) by Kazuki Omori
[First shot is of the earth in space, the camera zooms closer into the vicinity of Asia] When an avalanche occurs in the Himalaya Mountains, a huge black shadow emerges from the debris. Meanwhile in Tokyo, a young woman named Masako Tezuka (age 26) is giving a symposium on the earth’s environment and its future [shots of melting icebergs and the tropical rainforest are shown]. When Masako is ridiculed, she drives home with Ando, a documentary producer, and ponders quitting. Over dinner, Ando and Masako look over satellite photos of a huge egg recently discovered in Borneo. They wonder if it is a dinosaur egg and decide to make an expedition to find out. At the Global Environment Headquarters, their boss Fukasawa (age 50) shows them photos of the avalanche in the Himalayas caused by global warming. Though Fukasawa wants to send them there, Masako insists upon going to Borneo to investigate the egg. Meanwhile, houses begin to shake from huge footfalls in a small Nepal village which is soon consumed in a fire. Later, a monk observes a black mountain that has two glowing eyes that soon destroys his monastery. In Borneo, Masako and Ando are introduced to their photographer, Takuya Fujito (age 24), that will be accompanying them. Also there is their trip manager, Joji Minamikaki, who informs the group that their guide to the egg is a young boy raising objections from Masako. At Nepal University, Fukasawa investigates the recent incidents and is shown pictures of the decimated village which reveal huge footprints and claw marks. Someone brings up the legend of Bagan, a horrible monster from ancient legend. Back in Borneo, the crew speeds through the jungle in a jeep on their way to the egg. They come across a small village where they are offered food and hospitality by the natives. They show the villagers satellite photos of the egg and the natives say it belongs to the “guardian angel of the forest,” Mothra. The next morning, the group travels up river by raft. While camping, they discover a cave with a huge mural on the inside showing Mothra battling a monster their young guide identifies as Bagan [Cut to Bagan in the Sea of Bengal submerging himself]. Next, the explorers discover the giant egg and begin filming it. In Calcutta, a helicopter observes Bagan [still a huge black form with no description]. Back in the cave in Borneo, the crew suddenly spies dozens of eyes in the darkness and two sets of smaller eyes watching them. In Calcutta, Bagan’s form is finally revealed as a “devilish” monster with horns and sharp claws. Fukasawa is called in his hotel room that night to be advised of the monster’s presence. Bagan begins burning the city down with his ray. Back in Borneo, the group can hear singing coming from behind the egg and spy two tiny women who run from them in fear. They are then flanked by several muscular native guards, who warn the camera crew to leave by next morning or they will kill them. The group agrees to be gone by the morning and one of the small beauties smiles at Masako. However, the smarmy Joji sneaks away from camp that night and knocks out the tribal guards with gas bombs then abducts the fairies. Joji takes the only boat back to the mainland, leaving the rest behind. The remainder of the group must run to escape from the angry natives and flee across an old suspension bridge, which breaks as the natives throw spears at them. The natives stop trying to catch the crew and instead begin to chant. In the distance, the giant egg begins to hatch. The fairies sing as a larva crawls from the egg. Masako, Ando, and Takuya decide to pursue Joji and travel over the jungle by hot-air balloon. From the balloon, they observe the larva heading out to sea, hot on the trail of the fairies in Joji’s possession. Meanwhile in the Bengal Sea, a submarine follows Bagan. The Mothra larva attacks the Singapore airport where Joji has just landed, with the trio of heroes hot on his trail. People in the airport begin to panic and the fairies cry out to Mothra as she is attacked by military helicopters while destroying the airport. Mothra counterattacks by taking down the helicopters with her silk webbing. Tanks and missile launchers attack her while the heroes escape by car. Masako, Ando, and Fujito have tracked Joji to a hotel in the city while Mothra proceeds on to Singapore. They figure out Joji is going to Malaysia by train next [cut to Joji at train station]. While Mothra crawls through the Singapore canals, she is attacked by missiles and a full military assault. The wounded Mothra then spins her cocoon on a hotel to the amazement of the locals, while the heroes chase Joji on the train. The fairies sing on the train while Joji sleeps and Mothra spins her cocoon. The military decides that the next morning they will attack the cocoon with MB 96 heat ray guns. In the Malacca Straight, Bagan sinks the submarine that has been following it. The next morning, the MB 96 heat ray guns attack Mothra’s cocoon but the monster survives. She emerges from the cocoon in her winged adult form and takes to the skies. The heroes finally catch up with Joji just as Mothra arrives and begins flying next to the moving train trying to get at the fairies. The conductor increases speed so that they can escape into a tunnel and avoid Mothra. However, they soon realize it is not a tunnel but the faraway black form of Bagan. The train slams to a stop, killing Joji in the process. Bagan attacks Mothra with its lasers. The two monsters grapple and Bagan’s sharp claws cut Mothra badly. Mothra fires a prism beam which scorches Bagan’s face. Mothra grabs Bagan by the tail and flies him out to sea. Masako wakes up in a Bangkok hospital where she reunites with Fukasawa who informs her that he has been on the trail of Bagan. Fukasawa says he must go to the airport to get someone he thinks can help find Bagan [cut to international airport to reveal Miki Saegusa]. Fukusawa takes Miki to see a paleontologist and gives her a briefing on Bagan and asks if she can search for it at sea by helicopter like she did with Godzilla. Miki stares distantly and says she can sense someone calling for help. “Who?” Fukasawa asks and she replies, “Mothra.” Miki, Masako, and Fukasawa drive off to find the fairies. Miki suspects they are in Ando’s hotel room, who apparently absconded with them after the train wreck. Ando is at a business meeting to sell the fairies to a rich investor though Mothra comes to Bangkok before Ando can seal the deal. Mothra battles jet fighters over the sea and destroys them with her prism beams. Ando runs back to his hotel room to find Masako, Miki, and Fukasawa with the fairies. Masako angrily berates him and he tells her he wanted to sell them use the money to buy the documentary center for her. Mothra arrives and causes damage to the hotel while the fairies communicate telepathically with Miki. They tell Miki the history of Bagan and Mothra, while the military debates whether or not to open fire on Mothra with people so near her. The fairies tell Masako that Mothra sealed Bagan in Himalayan ice but since humans have caused global warming, the icy prison melted and Bagan was able to escape. The rising temperatures also triggered Mothra’s egg to hatch. Miki indicates she senses Bagan and there is a tremor in the earth. Out at sea, Bagan develops wings and shoots into the air. Communication occurs between the heroes and the military who learn that the fairies can calm Mothra. Just as Mothra is about to land to pick them up, Bagan descends from the sky and mounts Mothra like a horse, strangling her from behind. Mothra knocks Bagan onto the ground but he quickly shoots his ray at her. Mothra crashes to the ground and Bagan approaches her from behind, lifts her body into the air, and begins biting her while Miki and Masako scream in terror. Mothra is mortally wounded but manages to escape. Takuya asks if that is the last Mothra. The fairies sing, and in a cutaway scene back to Borneo, a second Mothra egg is revealed. It hatches as the fairies sing and the newborn larva sets off for Bangkok. Mothra rams a building into Bagan from behind. She then picks up Bagan and flies it off to sea once again. Mothra flies the beast to an island where she meets with the larva and dumps Bagan into the sea. Bagan blasts the larva with his death rays while Mothra attacks with her prism beams from the sky. The larva spins its web around Bagan while the adult Mothra distracts it. Bagan walks onto the island and begins kicking the larva about, while the heroes watch from a helicopter. Mothra sheds her last weapon, poison scales, on Bagan. As Bagan chases Mothra out to sea, the larva webs his feet causing him to trip and fall. Within moments, Bagan is confined entirely in webbing. Mothra airlifts the monster with plans to confine it to the deep sea. Mothra drops Bagan into the Japan Trench and dies. The next morning on the beach, the fairies are about to depart on the larva Mothra. They warn the heroes that if the environment deteriorates further, then Bagan may again awaken. They ask that the next generation not undo Mothra’s hard work. Masako looks at Mothra’s dead body at sea and remarks about the state of the environment. She and a reconciled Ando, as well as the others, head back to civilization in the helicopter. Deep beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean the familiar form of Godzilla begins to stir.

Godzilla vs. the Mysterians (1990) by Mick Anger
[1957] An intense battle takes place against the invading Mysterians by the Earth Defense Force, which causes the aliens to retreat into space. Unbeknownst to the EDF, as three of the Mysterian saucers leave earth’s atmosphere, one saucer containing the chief scientist and others doubles back and heads for the western hemisphere. A narrator explains that for the past 32 years, the remaining Mysterians have worked in secret advancing their technology in leaps and bounds. Yet they still have not solved their main dilemma: their inability to reproduce due to Strontium 90 poisoning. [“Time is running out for the rebel Mysterians. They are growing old. They must make one final effort to renew their race or perish forever from the face of time.”] [Main Theme and Title Credits]. [1990] In Tokyo, a mother who runs a karate school picks up her young son from a theater—where he has been watching a giant monster movie—so they may leave for vacation to America. Her husband, an entomologist, plans to study a new species of butterfly found in the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile in a secret underground base, the rebel Mysterian leader and the chief scientist are still no closer to repairing their race’s inability to reproduce. So far, the chief scientist has created a cavalcade of hideous hybrid mutations in his efforts, though he mentions to their leader that through the study of Godzilla, who thrives upon radiation, they may be able to survive. At the same time, the family touches down in Las Vegas where they meet with Professor Lacey, a widower, and his daughter, a young computer genius. The Mysterian saucer arrives on Monster Island to kidnap Godzilla. A sea monster breathes fire on it, vaporizing the saucer. Despite the efforts of Godzilla and Anguirus, the saucer captures Godzilla with a tractor beam and flies away. Anguirus pleads with Rodan to fly after the saucer. Rodan reluctantly agrees, picks up Anguirus, and the two monsters trail the saucer. At the Grand Canyon, a puppy-love romance blooms between the boy and the girl as the father searches for the strange, new butterfly. Instead, the children spy it and are caught by a Mysterian patrolman just as the saucer returns with Godzilla. The parents become alarmed when their children fail to return and go off in search of them. Meanwhile, news reports tell of Anguirus and Rodan heading for America, as well as strange U.F.O. sightings near the Grand Canyon. The mother and father find the spot where the children disappeared and are themselves confronted by a Mysterian. The mother attacks him with karate. Still, the parents are captured and taken inside the Mysterian base. The commander, admiring their secret hybrid monster weapon Hira-jin, is delighted at the sight of a new female. Rodan and Anguirus leave a trail of sonic-boom induced wreckage in their flight across America prompting the military to attack the beasts at Hoover Dam. However, the arrival of a Mysterian saucer changes everything and a laser blast severs Rodan’s leg, dropping Anguirus into the lake below. Back at the base, the father overpowers a guard with karate and plans to free Godzilla. As he does so, he witnesses the release of Hira-jin, a Gila monster robot hybrid, sent to battle Rodan and Anguirus. Worrying that the monster battle may set off underground nuclear missiles, the military launches the missiles so that they may detonate harmlessly in space. After Hoover Dam is destroyed, the girl manages to free Godzilla via computer. He subsequently runs loose through the base causing chaos. Hira-jin arrives in Las Vegas and battles Rodan and Anguirus. As the family escapes the chaos, they find themselves in Hira-jin’s silo, which can lift them to the surface along with Godzilla. Rodan claws Hira-Jin’s eye and Anguirus body slams the cyborg as Godzilla surfaces. The family decides to look for Professor Lacey, who is somewhere in the city, before they evacuate. As one of the nuclear missiles takes off in the desert, Godzilla catches it and absorbs its nuclear power, then proceeds to blast Hira-jin in the face. As the battle rages, the family manages to find Professor Lacey, who has taken refuge with a hooker. Hira-jin blasts Anguirus into the Space Needle and, as Rodan swoops in to attack, Godzilla uses this as an opportunity to approach the distracted monster. Instead, Hira-jin blasts Godzilla and Rodan simultaneously, sending both monsters crashing to the ground. Watching the carnage from an escaped saucer, the rebel commander and the chief scientist argue about the recent turn of events and begin to fight. One of the nuclear missiles strikes their ship destroying the last of the Mysterians. Rodan grabs Hira-jin by the arm and airlifts him high into the air causing the arm socket to separate from the body. The cyborg falls to the desert sands below. Godzilla and Anguirus close in for the kill. Playing a round of rock volleyball as they had on Monster Island, Godzilla, Anguirus, and Rodan hurl a boulder into Hira-jin’s head, delivering the final blow. The next day, the family departs back for Japan and the boy leaves the girl with his Tokyo Giants’ hat as a symbol of his affection.

Godzilla vs. Gigamoth (1991)
by Koichi Kawakita, Yoji Yoshida & Marie Teranuma
After a pacific island is polluted by illegal nuclear waste dumping, much of the plant and animal life mutates. When the island is hit by a typhoon, a massive egg is unearthed and slips into the sea. As news of the island spreads, numerous researchers converge on the area, among them Murakami. During his investigation, he meets a tiny girl named Mana (20 cm in size) who tells him the giant egg is Mothra and warns him great danger awaits if the egg hatches away from the island. Before Murakami can warn the authorities, the egg hatches. A normal, healthy Mothra emerges as well as another larva, horribly mutated by the radiation. Aggressive and evil, the other creature is dubbed Gigamoth. As Mana and Murakami arrive in Japan to tell the authorities what they know, Mana senses the presence of Godzilla, himself attracted to Gigamoth’s radiation. Gigamoth grows at a rapid rate, shedding its skin as it does and treks across the country until it arrives at Kanto Nuclear Power Plant. It then engages Godzilla in battle near the plant. Mana transports herself into Gigamoth psychically so she can confront Godzilla. Gigamoth cocoons Godzilla and nudges him into the sea but then breaks from Mana’s control to cocoon itself around the nuclear plant and absorb its radiation. Mana teleports herself outside of Gigamoth before the self-defense force attacks the cocoon with a freezing weapon. Having no effect, Gigamoth emerges fully grown except for its wings, which do not yet allow for flight. Godzilla breaks free from the cocoon and intercepts Gigamoth at Atami, where the mutated insect absorbs energy from his radioactive ray. Through this, Gigamoth again grows larger and gains the ability to fly, retreating through the sky. Meanwhile, Murakami works on an antibody bacteria to cure Gigamoth to neutralize its ability to absorb radiation. Mana has a different plan, however, and teleports Murakami inside of Mothra in hopes that he can control the monster while she controls Gigamoth. Mothra rejects Murakami’s presence and the plan fails. Gigamoth lays eggs in the Fuji area and is again intercepted by Godzilla. The defense force bombards both monsters with Murakami’s anti-nuclear bacteria which manages to neutralize Gigamoth but not Godzilla. A flying Mothra, controlled by Mana, arrives on the scene and immobilizes Godzilla with her pollen. Mothra, however, is mortally wounded by Godzilla’s ray and flies to the downed Gigamoth. Mothra’s evil twin stares her down and then plunges its horn deep into Mothra’s body. Fluids ooze out of Mothra and onto Gigamoth and begin to dissolve. Both monsters are enveloped in a mist. A bright flash of light occurs and a new monster, the true form of Mothra, emerges. Mana, who teleported out of Mothra when she first crashed, stands next to Murakami, who beseeches her not to reenter the new Mothra because he loves her. Mana tells him not to worry; his destiny lies with someone else. Mana bids him farewell and teleports inside Mothra, who ensnares Godzilla in a cocoon and plunges both herself and Godzilla into the ocean. Later, no traces of either monster are found. Months later, Murakami returns to the island where he met Mana hoping to reconnect. To his amazement, a normal human-sized Mana steps out of the water only to reveal that she isn’t Mana, but an oceanographer. The two fall in love, and Mana’s prediction comes true.

Godzilla (Draft 1, 1993) by Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio
Off the coast of Alaska, a salvage ship is excavating nuclear reactor cores illegally dumped there by the Soviets. A mysterious explosion rocks the ship and a crevice spurting a red-black fluid spurts from the ground. Dr. Keith Llewellyn is called away from his wife Jill and daughter Tina to the sight of the accident, where government men are already carting away the red liquid. Keith explores a frozen cavern and discovers what he thought to be stalagmites are the claws of a 247-foot long dinosaur. He stands atop the frozen beast’s head only to have it open its eyes. The creature rises from the cavern killing Keith and everyone else in the process. The dinosaur-like creature heads south where it surfaces in the Kuril Islands near Japan and destroys a fishing village. A fisherman spies the monster and assumes it a legendary monster named Godzilla. Twelve years later, Jill Llewellyn is now the head of a top secret military operation, the St. George Project based out of Massachusetts. It is dedicated to finding the monster last seen six years ago when it destroyed an oil tanker. Jill is displeased to find out her new co-director on the project is Aaron Vaught, a bestselling author who theorizes that dragon legends were based upon surviving dinosaurs. Vaught and his assistant, Marty Kenoshita, found themselves on the government’s radar after sneaking into a Japanese mental hospital to interview the fisherman who first sighted Godzilla. The fisherman showed Vaught drawings of Godzilla battling a Gryphon-like chimera that appeared in his dreams. Vaughn theorizes that if Godzilla exists, then his nemesis surely does as well. Shortly thereafter, a probe crashes into Lake Apopka in rural Kentucky which causes fish and frogs to rain down on a nearby town. Jill has other problems besides the monsters, and learns her daughter Tina (age 16) has been arrested for trying to steal a car. Back at the “Godzilla womb” site in Alaska, two guards notice a strange light emanate from an undiscovered cave. At the same time, the alien probe stirs at the bottom of Lake Apopka and slithers into an underground cave where it mutates several bats into gigantic probe bats with twelve foot wingspans. Jill, Aaron, and Marty investigate the activity at the Alaska site and Aaron theorizes the seeping fluid would have awakened Godzilla had he not been awakened prematurely twelve years ago. In the new cave seen by the two guards, the trio finds the strange remnants of an ancient civilization. A small microbe drifts from the ceiling and implants itself in Marty’s neck, which goes unnoticed by everyone, Marty included. Meanwhile, the monsters stir in their respective corners of the world; in Kentucky, the probe bats mutilate a herd of cattle and Godzilla capsizes three fishing boats in the Pacific Ocean while pursuing a school of fish. Godzilla is sighted again passing underneath an oil tanker and the military theorizes the monster is headed for San Francisco. Jill, Aaron, and Marty arrive at the Presidio, where a command post has been established, but Marty becomes mysteriously ill. A submarine and a battleship are sent to attack Godzilla which destroys in short order using an atomic breath attack. When the military considers using a nuke on Godzilla, Aaron argues that because of his atomic breath, Godzilla himself is a nuclear reactor. Jill comes up with a more effective idea—to use the red amniotic fluid to induce Godzilla into another state of suspended animation. Fire trucks spray the red fluid into San Francisco Bay as Godzilla arrives and the monster collapses. He is then transported to Massachusetts via six super-helicopters. Tina sneaks into the massive hanger containing Godzilla and feels empathy for the monster which she feels is more akin to a force of nature. Jill catches Tina and sends her to Manhattan to stay with her aunt. Meanwhile, Marty has evolved into an alien being which warns Jill and Aaron of an evil alien race that colonizes planets by sending out probes. The probe then mutates the local fauna into doomsday beasts that overtake the planet. In this case, the Gryphon, which is still forming at the bottom of Lake Apopka. The alien then reveals to them that Godzilla is a safeguard against the aliens created by an ancient earth-based civilization, created from dinosaur genes. Aaron deduces Godzilla was on his way to Kentucky where the strange events have been happening, and himself sets out for Lake Apopka at once. There, he meets local store owner Nelson Fleer who takes Aaron scuba diving in the lake. Together, the two discover the Gryphon, the creature from the old man’s drawings with the body of a cougar, the wings of a bat, and a tongue of snakes. The monster is awakened by the divers and surfaces before flying to Virginia where he decimates Clarksburg. Godzilla senses his foe’s act of terror and awakens despite his red fluid-induced coma. Godzilla destroys the hanger and drops down on all fours to crawl into the water. As both monsters seem to be headed to New York City, Jill drives there to find Tina, but is temporarily trapped when Godzilla steps on the Queens Midtown Tunnel. She manages to escape and find Tina just as Godzilla begins to battle the Gryphon. However, due to a restraining device implanted in his neck, Godzilla is unable to fire his ray at the monster. Attack choppers distract the Gryphon while another chopper lowers Aaron and Fleer onto Godzilla—knocked out by the Gryphon—to remove the restraining device. The Gryphon blasts the chopper, leaving Aaron and Fleer stranded on Godzilla. Jill and Tina send a gasoline truck careening into the Gryphon to save Aaron and Fleer, who repel off Godzilla as explosives they planted detonate to destroy the restraining device. Godzilla blasts the Gryphon with his ray, turning the tide of the battle, and pursues the monster across the East River. Godzilla creates a steam cloud that blinds the Gryphon by firing his ray across the water. Godzilla tears off one of its wings but because of the monster’s healing abilities, it reattaches. The Gryphon flies high in the air and then prepares to dive bomb Godzilla. The waiting monster jumps at the last moment and slices open the Gryphon’s underbelly with his dorsal plates. Godzilla then rips his foe’s head off and torches its body. Jets close in to kill the wounded Godzilla but Jill, now realizing Godzilla serves a purpose as the earth’s protector, manages to call off the strike. She, Tina, Aaron, and Fleer watch as Godzilla wades back into the ocean.

Godzilla (Draft 3, 1994) by Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio
A salvage ship in the Arctic is out to collect nuclear reactors dumped by the Soviets when they witness a strange phenomenon: the snow catches fire and the earth begins spurting a strange red fluid. Husband and wife doctor team Jill and Keith Llewellyn are in the middle of an unseen romantic romp on the floor when a phone call interrupts them. Both of their presences are requested at the accident site. Just when the two decide to finish their fun, a helicopter lands in their front yard. “Now, the government gets efficient?” Jill bemoans. As the neighbors come outside to investigate [“I don’t care how high-up they are… Ever since they moved in, it’s one disruption after another.”] fifteen-year-old Tina Llewellyn goes outside to try and flirt with one of the helicopter pilots, much to her parents’ consternation. They bid her a loving farewell and fly off for the Arctic. There Jill, a chemical expert, examines the amniotic fluid while Keith and Tucker, a young military escort, explore a cavern containing a giant dinosaur-like monster. Keith is shocked when what he assumes are stalagmites turn out to be giant teeth and that the “small cave” he just entered is the creature’s mouth. The monster awakens, and in the process brings the cavern down on Keith and Tucker, killing them. Jill gets a quick glimpse of the monster’s head before being knocked unconscious. Meanwhile at the Taki Islands near Japan, a fisherman named Junji witnesses the monster come ashore during a hurricane. It eats the village’s entire catch of fish for the day and also some trees before returning to the water. One year later, bestselling author Aaron Vaught—who has written a book entitled The Waking Dragon—and his assistant Marty Kenoshita break into a mental institute to see Junji who is reluctant to speak to them until he sees a familiar creature in Aaron’s book. As Junji takes the two men back to his room, a squad of military men led by the grimacing Pike discovers Aaron’s car parked outside the facility’s fence. As Junji shows the two men drawings he did of the monster—which he calls “Godzilla” based off legends from his grandfather—Pike and the doctors burst into Junji’s room and arrest Aaron and Marty. Elsewhere, a strange probe crashes into a lake near Traveller, Utah. As it crashes down, a gigantic dome rises from the ice at the Godzilla Womb site. Back in Traveller, the town’s hillbilly residents watch as frogs rain down from the impact of the probe in the lake. Among them is cave diver Nelson Fleer who mutters, “Damn. I hate weird shit.” In the skies above on a private jet, Pike reveals himself to be a government agent in charge of the St. George Project to Aaron and Marty and offers them a place on his team. When Aaron and Marty arrive at the St. George Project’s base of operations in Massachusetts, they are shocked to find a huge aquarium in the facility, which Pike tells them is to store the “beastie” if they ever catch it. Aaron is introduced to Jill Llewellyn, head of the project, who dismisses him as a crackpot. She feels Aaron will want to study Godzilla while she wants it dead. Before the two can talk further, Jill is called away to deal with Tina who was caught trying to hotwire a military jeep on the base. Tina and Jill argue on the car ride home about the death of Keith and what it has done to them. As the argument reaches a fever pitch, Jill receives a message involving the womb site and has to leave. In Utah in the depths of Lake Apopka, the probe moves itself into an underground cave and mutates several bats for a sinister purpose. Jill, Aaron, and Marty fly to the Godzilla Womb site in the Arctic where more fluid has begun to flow from the ground and the mysterious dome-shaped object has emerged. The trio explores the interior of the dome which appears to be made of an entirely organic bio-engineered material of an advanced civilization. Aaron theorizes that Godzilla was awoken prematurely and that man was meant to find this dome-like structure first. As they explore the strange room, a microscopic organism falls from the ceiling and burrows itself into Marty’s cornea, who simply thinks he has something in his eye. Back in Utah, a probe bat swoops down and abducts a cougar, which it takes back to the cave. Back in the Arctic, Jill receives word that Godzilla just capsized three fishing trawlers in the Pacific and appears to be headed towards the North American coastline. Marty seems to have something to tell them but collapses to the ground and is rushed to a makeshift medical facility within the dome as his body begins to change rapidly. Marty is transported to better facilities while Jill and Aaron travel to San Francisco to witness Godzilla’s arrival near the Golden Gate Bridge. With Pike, they watch in amazement as Godzilla destroys the military weapons sent to attack him. They are especially perplexed by a fiery blast emitted from the monster’s mouth. Godzilla marches past the decimated military and Pike ponders nuking the beast before it can destroy San Francisco. Aaron theorizes that Godzilla is in fact a living biological nuclear reactor himself. Jill then gets the idea that the red amniotic fluid was a tranquilizer to keep Godzilla in suspended animation. The fluid is then sprayed into the bay where depth charges are also planted. Aaron watches from the Golden Gate Bridge as Godzilla is subdued by the fluid and incapacitated by the depth charges before he sinks into the water. Moments later, Godzilla resurfaces and grabs onto the bridge, seeming to stare eye-to-eye at Aaron before finally passing out. In Utah, the probe bats attack a local church terrifying the congregation and carrying some of them away to their lair. Nelson Fleer and the town sheriff arrive at the aftermath and wonder what has happened. Back in San Francisco, Jill is enraged to learn that Godzilla is to be kept alive as a rare specimen by order of the president. At Fort Tuscarora, Tina watches her mother discuss the monster on the news. The news shows a helicopter lowering a device onto Godzilla’s neck that will keep him from firing his atomic ray. The helicopters, four in all, lift Godzilla into the air and begin their journey to Fort Tuscarora. Aaron has gone to the hospital to see Marty, whose body has almost completely reformed itself into a new entity with a flat, eye-less face. They discuss Godzilla and Marty tells him he has been having dreams about the creature. Back at the fort, a military engineer apologizes to Jill about the newly-constructed hanger to hold Godzilla. The engineer was informed the monster was 250 feet tall but was told nothing about the tail, and so it now sticks awkwardly out the hanger. Aaron, meanwhile, is trying to figure out where Godzilla was headed and orders one of the men to scan the news for strange anomalies. Jill finds Tina looking at Godzilla in his holding tank. She berates her daughter for sneaking in but Tina argues that even though the creature killed her father, it is so large it probably didn’t know what it was doing and is more or less a force of nature. Aaron has travelled to Traveller, Utah, where tabloids have reported strange anomalies. While in the local diner, he meets Fleer, whom Aaron hires to be his guide to Lake Apopka. Back at the hospital, surgeons puzzle over how to save Marty, who has now grown pure black eyes. Before they can do anything, a clawed hand grabs the doctor and tells him to stop. Some form of alien entity has taken over Marty and demands to see Jill. Jill goes to see the alien, whose consciousness seems to switch back and forth between it and Marty’s. Marty tells Jill of a colonizing race of aliens who send probes to planets and use the life forms there to create doomsday beasts, which Jill naturally assumes to be Godzilla. But Marty tells her, “No. Not Godzilla. Another.” Marty goes on to explain that the threat has already arrived, and the probe is creating a doomsday beast that will eventually destroy humanity. In Utah, despite being a shell of its former self, Aaron and Fleer look upon Lake Apopka in awe and prepare to take a dive. Back at the hospital, Marty explains to Jill that he is part of an alien race that once lived on earth back when it had three moons. They created Godzilla out of dinosaur genes to protect whatever life the planet may support later on. As Marty lies dying, Jill asks him how to kill Godzilla to which he responds, “Can’t…kill…Godzilla.” Underwater in Lake Apopka, Fleer and Aaron explore a cave system. At one point, the dead body of the mountain lion floats past Fleer giving him a good scare. The two eventually surface in an underground cavern where they find a huge paw. When Fleer lights a flare to get a better look, it awakens the fabled doomsday beast itself, the Gryphon. The beast has the body of the cougar, and later, Aaron and Fleer realize what they assume to be the walls of the cave are the Gryphon’s massive bat-like wings. When the beast opens its mouth to roar, it reveals a tongue of snakes. Aaron and Fleer dive back into the water to swim for safety just as one of the snakes bites at them. As the Gryphon rises from Lake Apopka, Godzilla begins to stir at Fort Tuscarora. The Gryphon chases Aaron and Fleer in the latter’s jeep, but the men drive it under an overpass and ingeniously jump out. The Gryphon keeps pursuing and destroys it, then flies off for Traveller, which it subsequently annihilates. Aaron and Fleer come across the wreckage and Aaron invites Fleer to come with him back to headquarters. From the air in the St. George Project jet, Aaron and Fleer watch the Gryphon head east and report this to Jill at the base where Godzilla is about to escape containment. The monster breaks free and seems to make eye contact with Jill for a moment, before dropping down to all fours and slipping into the ocean. Later, the St. George Project calculates that Godzilla and the Gryphon are both heading for Manhattan much to Jill’s horror as that is where Tina is staying. Jill takes off for the city while Aaron advises the crew to order the evacuation of the Big Apple. Jill approaches Manhattan via a Huey helicopter but once the pilot lays eyes on the Gryphon, he refuses to take Jill any further than Wall Street. Aaron and Fleer watch the Gryphon destroy the Statue of Liberty from a makeshift command post near Manhattan. Godzilla comes ashore oblivious to the destruction he causes and at one point steps on a group of looters. He and the Gryphon find each other and a battle of tooth and claw begins as Godzilla is unable to fire his ray because of the restraining device. The Gryphon hurts Godzilla badly with energy rays. Jill finds Tina in her sister’s apartment building and the two reconcile then make plans to get off the island. The Gryphon stalks Godzilla through the streets of New York City and then swoops down to attack the beast only to learn it is merely his reflection in the World Trade Center. The two titans continue their battle and collapse one of the towers while Aaron realizes Godzilla can’t use his ray. When Aaron suggests removing the restraining device, Pike objects but is outranked by an admiral who authorizes Aaron and Fleet to remove the device via C-4 explosives. The two board a helicopter and Tina manages to get through to command asking for a rescue. She is told that is impossible at the moment. Jill knows Aaron will help her and heads toward Godzilla, now knocked unconscious by the Gryphon. While gunships distract the chimera, Aaron and Fleer repel from the chopper onto Godzilla’s head and plant the C4. Pike causes the Empire State Building to fall onto the Gryphon, injuring it. With the Gryphon down, Pike orders his pilot to attack Godzilla even if it costs Aaron his life. Bullets rip into Godzilla as Fleer and Aaron take cover behind his dorsal plates. The Gryphon revives and crashes both Pike’s and Aaron’s choppers. He then lands and begins to approach Godzilla while Fleer works hard to place the explosives. Jill gets Tina to hotwire a truck and then sends it careening into the Gryphon in hopes it will buy the two men some time. However, the Gryphon manages to sidestep it and gives Jill a knowing look. Mother and daughter take cover. The errant truck strikes a gas main behind the Gryphon causing a huge explosion. Fleer and Aaron repel off Godzilla as the explosives detonate causing the restraining device to fall from his neck. Godzilla immediately blasts the approaching Gryphon with his ray and does some damage but the flying monster heads for the East River. While Jill and Tina intersect with Fleer and Aaron, Pike crawls from the wreckage of his chopper alive and well. Jill yells at him angrily when she sees him but the Gryphon soon crashes into the street near them. Pike shoots it with a machine gun which garners its attention. The group runs for a tunnel to take cover but the Gryphon catches Pike with its tongue of snakes and eats him. Fleer boards a truck and tells the others to get on board with him. The Gryphon absorbs Pike’s knowledge and characteristics into its consciousness and sets its eyes on the restraining device. The Gryphon approaches Godzilla with the device full of the red fluid but Godzilla outmaneuvers the monster by blinding it with steam by blasting water with his atomic ray. The Gryphon crashes into the Brooklyn Bridge which Godzilla entangles himself into whilst trying to get to his enemy. The Gryphon uses the cables to shock Godzilla with electrical power. Back in the tunnel, Godzilla’s foot comes crashing through, causing it to flood with water. To avoid the overpowering current, the heroes take refuge in a Subaru. The plan works and they buckle themselves in as the car is carried away in the currents. A truck soon careens into them, though, and causes it to fill with water. Aaron is trapped under the steering wheel and Tina, Fleer, and Jill must escape without him. Back on the surface, the Gryphon claws at Godzilla as he tries to drown it before it manages to escape into the air. After getting a breath, Fleer and Jill return for Aaron and manage to free him before heading back to the surface. Meanwhile, the Gryphon engages in one last power dive towards Godzilla who at the last moment, jumps and slices the Gryphon’s belly open with his dorsal plates. Godzilla then decapitates his foe, lights its body on fire, and spikes its head on a tower on the Brooklyn Bridge. Jill, Aaron, Fleer, and Tina emerge from the tunnel to witness Godzilla’s victory only to find the poor monster immediately fired upon by U.S. fighter jets. Jill spots the Huey pilot who ditched her standing by his chopper. She orders him to take her into the air and when he refuses Tina holds him at gunpoint. The pilot takes them into the air and intercepts the jet fighters. Jill engages in a parlay with the admiral in charge and argues there could be more space monsters headed for earth which only Godzilla can stop. Reluctantly, the Admiral agrees and calls off the attack, though Godzilla is still so weakened that he collapses into the sea. Tina and Jill embrace sadly as Jill takes Aaron’s hand. However, Fleer spots Godzilla swimming away beneath the waves.

Godzilla: Super Wars (1994) by Shogo Tomiyama
A NASA exploration space shuttle is found covered in a series of strange crystals that emit a peculiar music. On earth, on Mikado Island in the East China Sea, Baby Godzilla, who has grown to twenty meters in length. Dr. Yodobashi goes to G-Force to recruit two members, Isao Sakura and Hikaru Iro, with a bad reputation who mostly hang around the G-Force bar. The duo are in charge of G War Unit, which head new mecha unit descended from the Super X program. She wants them to be escorts for Project T which will see Miki Saeguesa go to Mikado Island to try and peacefully control Godzilla. Meanwhile meteors containing strange, small eggs have crashed down on Mikado Island where Baby Godzilla investigates. Dr. Yodobashi, Dr. Seongnam (mafia guy?), Akaho Ishimaru, Miki and X and X all head to the island not just to test out T-Project, but also investigate the meteors. On the island, the experiment with Godzilla is a success, but it is interrupted when the alien eggs burst open. Giant dragonflies pop out and begin terrorizing Baby Godzilla who battles them in the forrest. Even Hikaru tries to help out the baby dinosaur in his battle vehicle Bellera(?), but Godzilla soon breaks free from the telepathy to aid his son but it is too late and the dragonflies abscond with Baby. The last transmission of the space shuttle is finally learned, which states that the devil is coming to earth. [Space Godzilla is shown for the first time approaching earth from space] Mysteriously, traces of G-cells are found in the crystals. The dragonflies appear in Kyushu, and begin building a crystal altar in Mt. Aso. The dragonflies on Mikado Island abscond with baby Godzilla and fly him to the Kyushu fortress. Fairy Mothra and the Cosmos appear before Miki Saeguesa to warn her that a space monster born of Godzilla’s cells is coming to earth and has destroyed several planets already. Mechagodzilla II is launched into space to deal with the approaching monster with Sakura as one of the Mechagdzilla pilots and Hikaru piloting the mech codenamed Mars. In the battle, Mechagodzilla is badly damaged though Sakura foolishly refuses to give up. Hikaru must rescue him and ends up badly injured as a result. Both mechs return to earth. Sakura is suspended for his actions, while Hikaru is hospitalized. Sakura’s suspicions are aroused by Akaho Ishimaru, who he believes is up to no good and follows. Godzilla surfaces in Fukuoka and makes way for Mt. Aso, where Space Godzilla is keeping the Baby Godzilla as a way of luring Godzilla into a fight. Space Godzilla enters earth’s atmosphere. Hikaru feels guilty about the island because he feels the Baby Godzilla was kidnapped due to their meedling and Godzilla was unable to protect his son. Godzilla battles and destroys the dragonflies at Mt. Aso and then takes on Space Godzilla. Godzilla is able to rescue his son, but is badly wounded in the process. Space Godzilla flies back to space. Sakura’s investigations into T-Project prove that all is not what it seems, and there is a plan to profit from it nefariously. The plan seemed to be to clone Miki’s telepathy to then control Godzilla’s rampage deciding what to destroy and rebuild in the future. The conspirators kidnap Miki Saegues amidst the chaos with Space Godzilla and place her in Dr. S’s laboratory, though S is not in on the conspiracy. Fairy Mothra appears before Sakura and shows him where Miki is being held. The Deputy Commander of G-Force is behind the scheme. Sakura rescues Miki amidst an intense gun battle. Reinforcements arrive courtesy of Fairy Mothra’s tipping off Dr. Yodobash, in fact not in on the evil plan, and the conspiracy is put to an end. With that problem solved, the focus shifts back to Space Godzilla which has crystalized an entire city. G-Force ponders using Miki’s telepathy to guide Godzilla towards Space Godzilla for a combined assault with Mechagodzilla II, but there is no need as Godzilla is already heading that way. Sakura is reinstated to G-Force and flies Mechagodzilla II (merged with the Garuda) to the city where Space Godzilla and Godzilla are currently battling. While Godzilla confronts Space Godzilla on land, Mechagodzilla and Garuda attack from the air. When efforts to destroy Space Godzilla fail, Dr. Yodobashi tells Sakura Mechagodzilla II was inset with a new chemical fusion for a powerful self-destruct sequence that could kill Space Godzilla. Sakura sets the self-destruct sequence and plans to escape via Garuda. When he has difficulty getting inside due to a malfunction, Miki uses her telepathy to open the connecting hatch between Garuda and Mechagodzilla allowing him to escape. Godzilla then blasts Mechagodzilla II causing an immense explosion that takes Space Godzilla with it. Miki watches happily as Sakura, along with Hikaru appear before her. Later, on the cliffs of Mikado Island, Baby Godzilla roars at the sight of his father returning home.

Godzilla (Draft 4, 1995)
by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio & Don Macpherson
On June 10th, 1999, an alien probe ascends from the surface of Jupiter and streaks towards earth where it knocks a satellite from the sky. A fisherman named Junji and his son Hiro are on the ice in the Arctic when a red blood-like fluid gushes from the surface. A fissure erupts nearby and creates a crevice filled with the liquid. Five days later, scientists Richard and Jill Llewellyn receive a phone call in the middle of the night requesting they come to the Arctic to investigate the fluid. There, they find Junji and Hiro being detained by the government while barrels of the red liquid are being taken from a huge cavern. While Jill analyzes the fluid, Richard investigates the cavern. Inside, what he first thinks to be stalagmites turn out to be the teeth of a huge dinosaur-like creature some 247 feet long preserved in the ice. Richard climbs atop the beast’s head when suddenly it awakens and the cavern collapses. Jill sees part of the huge monster’s head emerge from the ground then later wakes up on a helicopter where she is informed by a military man named Pike that she is the sole survivor of the incident. On June 29th, an alien probe crashes down in Lake Apopka near Traveller, Utah. The crash causes frogs and fish to rain down on the nearby town. After her husband’s memorial service, Jill is visited by one of his former students, Aaron Vaught, now a bestselling author on dragon myths and dinosaurs. He tells Jill he believes the outpost was destroyed by a huge dinosaur-like creature and that she may not be the only survivor of the attack. Back in Utah, the alien probe mutates several bats into five foot tall monstrosities and sends them out to collect more specimens for it to mutate. Jill and Aaron sneak into the Hawking Post Trauma Care Unit and find Junji the fisherman, who tells them he saw the beast and recognized it as “Gojira”, a monster of legend. Aaron has heard of the legend, known as “Godzilla” in English. Junji shows them drawings of Godzilla fighting another monster—the visions of which came to him in his dreams. Pike walks in on Jill and Aaron and when confronted by Jill, Pike surprisingly allows Jill, Aaron, and Junji to return to the cave to try and figure out what they are dealing with. On June 30th, Jill, Aaron, Pike, and Junji return to Godzilla’s cave where they find more of the red amniotic-like fluid flowing. Aaron recounts the Godzilla legends theorizing the monster may have awoken to battle the opponent glimpsed in Junji’s dreams. In the cave, the four find remnants of a strange advanced ancient civilization. As they investigate, a tiny alien organism swoops down and burrows itself into Junji’s eye causing him to he scream in pain. They rush him back to the infirmary. Doctors are shocked to see Junji’s body reconfiguring itself and he is rushed off to another location along with the red fluid. Back in Utah, a herd of cattle is mutilated by the probe bats, who take the severed parts back to the alien probe. Witnessing the attack is survivalist Nelson Fleer. Meanwhile in the Pacific Ocean, three fishing boats are capsized as Godzilla passes by unseen beneath the waves. On July 1st, Pike brings Jill and Aaron to a command post in Presidio, where they listen as a submarine is destroyed by Godzilla. When Pike brings up nuking Godzilla, Aaron postulates the red fluid could be used to keep Godzilla in a state of suspended animation just as it was in the cave. Godzilla is trapped in San Francisco Bay using the liquid when Jill sprays it straight down his throat from a helicopter. The monster collapses and is later airlifted to Massachusetts via six super-helicopters. In Utah, Nelson Fleer’s wedding is attacked by the probe bats, who abscond with several of the guests. On July 3rd, Jill and Aaron argue back and forth as to whether Godzilla should be killed or studied while Jill’s fifteen-year-old daughter Tina argues that Godzilla is a force of nature that cannot be contained. Jill sends Tina to stay with her sister in New York. On the base hospital, Junji has been completely taken over and reformed by the alien parasite, a remnant of a long-vanished civilization that safe guarded earth from alien invaders by creating Godzilla out of dinosaur DNA. Junji tells Aaron and Jill how the evil alien colonists send a probe to planets to create “doomsday beasts” out of the local creatures who will then conquer the planet by the time the aliens arrive. Junji expires and Aaron tells Jill that Godzilla was likely headed to Traveller, Utah, where the giant bats have been seen. Jill and Aaron go to Traveller and meet up with Fleer, who equips them with scuba gear and takes them into the depths of the lake. There, Jill finds a huge paw attached to the final form of a doomsday beast called the Gryphon. The chimera has the head and body of a cougar, a tongue of snakes, and the wings of a bat. When Aaron lights a flare, it awakens the monster and the three flee for the surface. Moments later, the Gryphon explodes from the lake and takes to the air. It lands in Traveller and devastates the town, killing Fleer’s new wife in the process. Wanting revenge, Fleer returns with Jill and Aaron to Massachusetts. Godzilla senses the presence of his enemy and breaks free of the containment tank of red fluid then slithers into the sea. On July 4th, when it is ascertained both monsters are headed straight for New York City, Jill flies there in a helicopter to pick up Tina. The pilot drops her off in Central Park 30 miles from Tina’s location as the Gryphon flies into town. As Jill reunites with Tina, Godzilla and the Gryphon begin their battle. However, due to a military device attached to Godzilla’s neck, he is unable to fire his atomic ray. The Gryphon gains an upper hand in the battle and knocks Godzilla unconscious. Aaron and Fleer are lowered onto the monster’s neck via helicopter while attack choppers distract the Gryphon. In one of the choppers, Pike shoots a missile into the Empire State Building causing it to topple down on the Gryphon. Still intent on killing Godzilla, Pike goes to take the monster down but the Gryphon attacks his chopper and sends it crashing to the ground. As the Gryphon heads towards the still unconscious Godzilla, Jill and Tina send a gasoline truck hurtling into a gas main. The resultant explosion sends the Gryphon back into the skies. Aaron and Fleer manage to remove the device and Godzilla awakens. The duo repel off the monster in the nick of time and Godzilla blasts the Gryphon with his ray, badly wounding it. As the Gryphon struggles on the ground, it is approached by Pike who blasts the monster with a machine gun. The attack has no effect and the Gryphon gobbles down Pike with his tongue of snakes. Absorbing Pike’s memories, the Gryphon becomes aware that the device on Godzilla’s neck can render his atomic ray neutral. The Gryphon grabs the device with intentions of putting it back on Godzilla, but instead the super-dinosaur smacks it out of the Gryphon’s talons with his tail. Jill, Aaron, Tina, and Fleer are rescued by a helicopter as the battle continues into New York Harbor. Godzilla sets off a fireworks display near the Statue of Liberty which attracts the Gryphon. As the beast comes flying toward him, Godzilla uses his dorsal plates to slice open the beast’s stomach. Godzilla then pulls out the Gryphon’s heart, decapitates it, and spikes its head on the Statue of Liberty’s torch. Fighter jets close in on the wounded Godzilla to kill him but Jill intercepts in her chopper and convinces them to stop. One of the jets fires a missile at the helicopter. Godzilla catches the chopper in mid-fall and places it on the crown of the Statue of Liberty before roaring in victory and slipping back into the sea.

Gamera 3 (Incomplete Story Treatment, February 1998) by Kazunori Ito
In early 1999 in Southeast Asia’s rain forest, Mayumi Nagamine and her assistant Shimabuku discover a new Gyaos nest with freshly-hatched eggs. At the same time, a survey vessel of the Japanese Coast Guard, which includes Yoshinari Yonemori, is conducting a survey of the sea bottom where they discover a Gamera graveyard. [Insert TITLE here]. Later in Tokyo at the Yasho Marine Insurance Company, Naoya Kusanagi is to meet the beautiful Mito Asakura of the Kyoto Office of the Imperial Household Agency. She is there to inspect the curved jewels found four years ago by the company but Naoya tells her that all of the jewels were mysteriously cracked apart during the Legion attack when Gamera revived in Sendai. This event has been particularly hard on Asagi, who clasps her broken jewel often. This fact bothers Asagi’s fiancé, Miyuki Uozumi, who feels his lover is too hung up on Gamera. Meanwhile in Tanimura Prefecture, Ayana Hirasaka and her brother Hayao now live with their aunt and uncle after the 1995 battle between Gamera and Gyaos in Tokyo killed their parents. Ayana has a tenuous relationship with Moriya, the heir to a family that guards a mysterious shrine and whom has a crush on her. Inside the shrine is a magical stone decorated with strange patterns said to be related to the Ryuseicho—a mythological monster. When Ayana is dared to move the stone by her classmates, she does so to everyone’s shock. In tampering with the stone—actually an egg—Ayana has awakened the Ryuseicho. Meanwhile, Nagamine has returned to Japan where Mr. Saito requests her to present an appeal regarding the Gyaos to the Environmental Agency. Saito is cooperative and Nagamine’s proposition to capture and study the new breed of Gyaos catches the attention of Asakura, who is in league with a Taoist mastermind named Kiyomori Kibi. Kibi visits the Sapporo Science Museum where he meets with Asagi and asks her, “What is Gamera? What will you do if Gamera becomes hostile to humans?” On the streets of Tokyo, Nagamine thinks she spies her former partner, Inspector Osako, as a drunken bum in the streets. Nagamine tries to help him, but he denies that he is Osako and asks her to buy him sake. Back in her village, Ayana learns the mythical history of the Ryuseicho which is tied to Chinese astrology. Out at sea, Gamera engages in a two-on-one battle against a pair of Gyaos, both of whom he defeats. The corpse of one of the dead Gyaos drifts ashore in the Irako Cape near Aichi Prefecture. Saito theorizes Gamera killed the Gyaos as evident by the huge tears and claw marks on its body. A new strategy group is then formed within the defense agency. Among its numbers are Colonel Watarase, who helped to defeat Legion. Watarase makes waves for disagreeing with a report that considers Gamera as a threat equal to or even greater than that of the Gyaos. Among those spearheading the plan to destroy Gamera in secret is Asakura and Kibi. Meanwhile, Miyuki continues to struggle with Asagi’s depression over losing her link to Gamera and angers her when he presses the issue. Nagamine analyzes the Gyaos cadaver under the cooperation of Mr. Miya and focuses on the possibility that this new mutation was dependent upon the environment in which the Gyaos hatched. Back at the village, Moriya is angry at Ayana for moving the stone which has hatched the Ryuseicho that Ayana is now nurturing. Though his family questions Moriya about the incident at the shrine, he doesn’t rat Ayana out and protects her and the baby monster. Nagamine meanwhile uses radar reports to track the Gyaos to their nests in Tanimura Prefecture but when she shares this information with Saito, the reception is cold. The committee would rather focus their attention on finding Gamera. Nagamine leaves Shimabuku behind to go investigate the location herself. On her way, she again confronts Inspector Osako, who this time is grateful when she asks him to join her on her investigation. At Tanimura Prefecture, they run into Moriya, who after some prying, reveals the existence of a new Gyaos-like monster, the Ryuseicho. Ayana encounters the growing Ryuseicho in the forest which grabs her when she tries to run away. Moriya, Nagamine, and Osako happen upon the location just as the monster takes flight. As they lose sight of the monster, Gamera flies overhead in pursuit. Gamera and the Ryuseicho make landfall in Shibuya where their battle causes tremendous casualties and damage, most of it caused by Gamera. As such, Gamera becomes public enemy number one when the battle is over and the Ryuseicho escapes. Asakura and Kibi’s plan to turn Japan’s military might against Gamera is sanctioned though Nagamine still contends that Gyaos is the main threat. Naoya Kusangai travels to Kyoto to meet with Asakura and reunites with Asagi along the way. Nagamine meanwhile has come to the realization that Kibi and Asakura want the Gyaos to prevail, hence their spearheading efforts to kill Gamera. In an aerial battle, countermeasures are launched against Gamera as he tries to battle the Ryuseicho over Kyoto, the site of the final battle [treatment ends here].

Godzilla 2 (1999) by Tab Murphy
In the aftermath of Godzilla’s attack on New York, Nick Tatopoulus is invited to a government warehouse to study the creature’s dissected remains. Ridden with guilt for killing such a unique animal, Nick washes his hands of the project and sets out to explore the sewers in hopes of finding a surviving egg. Instead, Nick finds a surviving hatchling trapped under debris and frees it. Nick buys out all the fish at a local meat market to feed the baby, who is unable to hunt for itself. When the military comes to scour the sewers, Nick throws an overcoat over the baby, who now regards him as his mother, and takes him to the docks. There, he prods the baby into the ocean and it swims away. [CUE TITLE]. Two years later, a series of mysterious events plague the world. An empty cruise ship drifts ashore in Australia. An entire Fiji village is wiped out. At 37,000 feet, an Indonesian jumbo jet is sliced in half with no bodies found in the wreckage. Leading the investigation is General Hicks, who eventually receives reports of a giant egg in a New England town. When he arrives, it has been destroyed and again no bodies of local residents can be found. Hicks sends for Tatopoulus, in the process of marrying his sweetheart Audrey Timmonds in Vermont. As a strangely unhappy Nick enters the limo, it speeds off leaving Audrey behind. The driver is none other than Phillipe Roache, now working for General Hicks. Though Nick doesn’t believe Godzilla is to blame for the disasters, he agrees to aid Phillipe in solving the mystery. The two focus their search on the Australian Outback, where they meet biologist Anna Charlton. Though she claims to be studying dingoes and has seen nothing unusual, the duo believe Anna is hiding something and tail her through the bush. They lose her and become stranded when they hear a familiar roar and spot a fully-grown Godzilla, several three story tall teenaged Godzillas, and a smaller specimen they nickname “the runt”. When a pack of dingoes attacks the runt, the Godzillas flee and Nick and Phillipe are caught in the middle of a monster stampede. Anna saves the two in her jeep and frenetically manages to avoid begin crushed by weaving in and out of their giant legs. When they get to safety, she tells them, “Okay, so maybe I have seen something a little unusual.” When Phillipe attempts to contact Hicks through the radio, Nick pleads with him to stop until Anna, fiercely protective of the creatures, shoots the radio. Nick tries to persuade Anna that he is here to preserve the species but when Anna recognizes him as the man who killed the first Godzilla, he has to fess up and admit to her and Phillipe that he rescued the new Godzilla when it was a hatchling. To prove to Phillipe the new Godzilla is benevolent, he drives the jeep up to it and draws attention to himself. Though Godzilla begins to step on him, he stops and finally recognizes Nick from New York. Meanwhile, outside Sydney Australia, a new gigantic egg appears. Hicks arrives to investigate and is disturbed that he has lost contact with Nick and Phillipe. In the outback, Anna reveals the results of her research, namely that a Godzilla can reproduce only once and the size of its brood depends upon the potential of the environment for food. Just as Phillipe begins to come around to Nick and Anna’s thinking, Godzilla mysteriously disappears. The three trail him to the ocean where he disappears in the depths. They wonder if Godzilla is responsible for the raids after all when suddenly, a huge school of fish is driven to the surface by Godzilla’s atomic ray. The fish become stranded on the beach as Godzilla’s young come to enjoy their feast. Now, the trio has their proof Godzilla hasn’t harmed any humans. To investigate just what might be causing the attacks, the group travels to “Monster Island” the spot of the French nuclear tests that originally created Godzilla. In scuba gear and wetsuits, the group discovers a blue whale three times its natural size. Though they observe many mutated creatures, none are large or powerful enough to be causing the accidents. Moments later, a strange buzzing sound is heard and the island is beset upon by giant wasp-like insect carrying human victims. In addition to the flying insects are wingless ones that collect the humans and herd them underground. Nick, Anna, and Phillipe observe a huge winged insect they dub the “Queen Bitch.” The trio concludes that Godzilla and his brood are the only predators capable of stopping the insects and a plan should be hatched to lead them to Monster Island. Just then, Phillipe looks disturbed and reveals to his friends he did manage to tip off General Hicks to the Godzillas and that they should leave at once. Enraged, Nick attacks Phillipe and Anna breaks up the fight. They return to the outback to find all of the Godzillas dead except the adult and the runt, now on the run from Hicks and his missile launchers. Nick races towards the front of the line catching up with Godzilla and causing Hicks to call a ceasefire. Godzilla shows his gentleness to Nick—who tell him he’s sorry—but also shows a look of betrayal and burrows into the ground disappearing with the runt. Phillipe informs Hicks of their mistake in killing the Godzillas and that a bigger threat awaits. Just then, word comes from Sydney that the egg is hatching. Hicks surrounds it with military weaponry but doesn’t destroy it. The Queen Bitch arrives to protect the egg and destroys all the military weapons in the process. Godzilla bursts forth from the pavement and battles the Queen across Sydney but becomes temporarily paralyzed when she stings him in the throat. The Queen then kills the runt when it attacks her before abducting Anna when she tries to defend the poor creature. Enraged at the sight of his dead baby, Godzilla roars and then torches the larva egg with his fiery breath. The Queen screams and takes to the skies, headed for Monster Island with Godzilla in pursuit. Nick, Hicks, and Phillipe board a helicopter bound for the island. On the way, Hicks hands Nick a note informing him that his marriage has been annulled. As Nick has been fighting an attraction to Anna, he doesn’t seem to mind as he races off to rescue her. A garrison of jet fighters attacks the flying insects as they approach Monster Island. The insects succeed in bringing them all down, including the chopper, though Nick, Hicks, and Phillipe manage to survive. Godzilla surfaces and is attacked by the flying insects, which he incinerates with his breath. Nick and Phillipe infiltrate the underground hive where they incapacitate several of the bugs to free captured humans, Anna among them. Just as they are about to escape, the Queen Bitch blocks their way. Godzilla’s head bursts through the side of the wall biting into her and saving Nick at the last second. Godzilla again battles the Queen but this time, manages to kill her. Hicks then points all of his remaining weapons at the exhausted Godzilla, believing himself to be doing the right thing. In a surprise move, all of the captive humans form a protective line around Godzilla and in the front is Phillipe himself. Hicks realizes Godzilla is now an asset to humankind to be protected, and lowers his weapons, resulting in cheers from Godzilla’s protectors. Another surprise occurs when the runt, who is still alive, swims ashore and happily reunites with its parent. Later, Nick, Anna, and Phillipe watch as the two Godzillas swim out to sea.

Frankenstein vs. the Human Vapor (1963)
By Shinichi Sekizawa (first draft script)
Late at night, in the Frankenstein family cemetery, a group of men break into an old mausoleum. Inside, they find a mysterious tomb inscribed, “Here lies the Frankenstein Monster sealed here in the name of God.” The men open the tomb…
In a jet airliner that has just landed in Hong Kong, the stewardess is shocked to see a set of empty clothes sitting where a man had sat during the flight. Mizuno the Vapor Man is in Hong Kong. Elsewhere, Japanese journalist Goro Maki is in Hong Kong on assignment with a co-worker. As the two pull over to the side of the road to remove a piece of wood blocking their way, a strange fog seeps into their red sedan. Moments later the car takes off—Mizuno has stolen it. Goro walks into the Hong Kong police station at the same time that the stewardess is reporting a missing passenger who disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Another person is at the station to report that her daughter’s dead body was stolen…
Inside a laboratory, the dead woman is revealed as the newest experiment of Dr. Gildor, a disciple of Dr. Frankenstein. Helping the doctor is a grotesque giant of a man—in fact, the resurrected Frankenstein Monster. A delivery van with equipment arrives at Gildor’s secluded home and is followed by Mizuno in the stolen red sedan. Gildor sends the Monster out to see who the car belongs to. He finds it empty and kicks it over a cliff, which the medicine delivery staff notices from afar. Back inside, Gildor and the Monster continue their experiment and are successful in reviving the girl… but only for a moment and then she dies again. Soon after, a mysterious figure walks into the laboratory and introduces himself as Mizuno from Japan. Dr. Gildor says that no one may see his lab and live and sends the Monster to kill him. Frankenstein’s Monster picks Mizuno up by the neck but he just laughs and dissolves into his gaseous form.
At the police station, Goro is trying to get in on the investigation of the disappearing man from the plane when employees of the medicine delivery company come in to report seeing a red sedan being demolished. Stating that is his stolen car, the police and Goro are off to Dr. Gildor’s house. At Gildor’s lab, Mizuno reveals that he wants the doctor’s help in resurrecting his dead love, Fujichiyo. Mizuno says he will fund the doctor’s experiments if he will. Gildor says he is willing to try but even if he revives her body, her soul is not guaranteed to return. Suddenly, the police arrive at the house to question Gildor, who refuses to let them enter. Goro, who is riding with the British Hong Kong police, asks about the doctor and the policeman informs him he has heard Dr. Gildor is obsessed with researching the real life Dr. Frankenstein.
On his flight back to Japan, Goro unknowingly runs into Mizuno on the plane. Dr. Gildor is also there and below in the baggage hull in a crate is the Monster. Fearing that they may be arrested upon arrival, Mizuno goes below to free the Monster before they land as they fly over Suruga Bay. Mizuno turns into his gas form to shroud the monster as it makes its way up to the main passenger cabin where it tears the door off. One of the captains shoots at the two men and their Monster, mortally wounding Dr. Gildor. Mizuno and Frankenstein’s Monster parachute out the plane as Goro not only snaps a photo, but also catches a photo of Fujichiyo that Mizuno dropped.
Back in Tokyo, Goro takes the photos to his editor and begins an investigation into who the woman in the photograph is. Meanwhile, while driving in the countryside, Mizuno beseeches the Monster to help him revive Fujichiyo even though Gildor is dead to which the Monster reluctantly agrees. The duo go to the cemetery to dig up her body and Mizuno reveals he has done his best to preserve her body with a special chemical when she was buried. The Monster inspects the body and says that it is in good enough condition that they can try though the burns on the skin will be an issue.
Meanwhile, Goro figures out the identity of the woman in the photo. Mizuno has bought an observatory to conduct his experiment in. Inside, the Monster stares out the window at an old dead tree that he says reminds him of his resting place. Mizuno looks over Fujichiyo’s body and tells her he will see her again soon. The first step in the operation is to repair Fujichiyo’s burned face, which the Monster does his best at. However, Mizuno is outraged when he sees the Monster’s work on her face and attacks him. While being strangled by Mizuno, the Monster manages to state that the skin grafts may heal later but it will take time so Mizuno lets up. Meanwhile, the police have been contacted by Fujichiyo’s younger sister, Mayumi, who says that her grave has been vandalized recently. Goro, also at the station, shows her the photo he found. The two begin to suspect that Mizuno the Vapor Man may be behind the incident at the grave.
On a lonely road, Mizuno attacks the transport of a blood bank to steal blood needed for Fujichiyo. The police see this and pursue Mizuno in his jeep. To shake the police, Mizuno grabs the blood in his gas form and floats from the jeep which crashes into a train and explodes. When Mizuno returns, Fujichiyo’s face has been returned to its former beauty through some form of regenerative process known only to the Monster.
On the very night that Mizuno attempts to revive Fujichiyo with electricity, Goro and Michi, his editor, drive to the police station to tell them of Mizuno’s observatory. Just as Fujichiyo begins to revive, Goro and the police arrive and demand Mizuno come out. Mizuno begins shooting at them and then runs to see Fujichiyo who quickly expires. Mizuno again attacks the Monster in a rage, shooting him in the chest but the Monster says that only God can put him to rest. A lightning strike again revives Fujichiyo. Mizuno runs to her side but she is not yet able to speak. The Monster accompanies Mizuno and Fujichiyo out the back door and stabs Mizuno in the neck with a syringe. Within it is a chemical that won’t allow Mizuno to transform into his gaseous state. The Monster picks up Fujichiyo and walks with her out into the lightning storm as the police shout at him to stop. He sets Fujichiyo down and disappears when he seems to fall off a cliff.
The next day, Mizuno is kept sedated in the jail while a doctor examines Fujichiyo. Mizuno escapes from his jail cell and makes his way to Fujichiyo. Eventually, while listening to the radio, Fujichiyo gets up and begins to dance, though still says nothing. The Monster then unexpectedly breaks into her room and absconds with her. Goro and the police follow the Monster’s footprints to the observatory. The Monster is headed for the tree that he says looks like his resting place. Goro confronts the Monster first, asking him to let him take Fujichiyo away from there. The Monster refuses and Mizuno shows up on the scene. He shoots the monster several times in the chest and then runs up to Fujichiyo who still does not recognize him. The monster revives and begins battling Mizuno, dragging him into a swamp. Finally, Fujichiyo recognizes Mizuno and runs after him getting trapped in the swamp’s quicksand. All three sink as Goro looks on, unable to do anything to help. Finally, at their last moment, Mizuno and Fujichiyo join hands as they sink into the quicksand to their doom.

Inter Ice Age 4 (1966)
By Kobo Abe (synopsis of the novel)

The Soviet Union has just developed the world’s first super computer, “Moscow-1”, which can predict both weather patterns and political trends. In Japan, Dr. Katsumi of the Central Computational Technology Research Institute creates a similar super computer, the “KEIGI-1”, which can replicate people’s brainwaves in addition to predicting the future. “Moscow 1” has recently predicted that in the future, the world will be one of communism which raises tensions between the U.S. and the Soviets. Due to this upsetting the political climate of the world, Katsumi is forbidden from predicting the political and economic future by the Japanese Government.
Dr. Katsumi and his assistant, Tanomogi, decide to test their computer by following a seemingly random man to predict his future. Katsumi and Tanomogi follow the man to the apartment of his mistress. The next day, the duo learn the man was mysteriously murdered. Though the mistress has confessed to the crime, Katsumi obtains the dead man’s body and uses the computer to download his last memories to identify the killer for certain. As the man didn’t see his attacker, the identity of the killer remains a mystery but the duo learn the man was killed shortly after his mistress had an abortion. Stranger still, the mistress sold the fetus for ¥7,000 to a research group and then committed suicide. Katsumi’s investigation soon switches gears, now focusing on the mysterious fetus which leads him to a huge laboratory specializing in the adaptation of land-based life into sea life. Though he can’t prove it yet, perhaps the fetuses are being changed into humans who can live underwater?
Around this same time, Katsumi’s pregnant wife is advised by her doctor to have an abortion, which she does. Katsumi is shocked to learn she too was paid ¥7,000 for the fetus. Katsumi then becomes concerned that his own fetus is to be made into one of these strange new life forms. Tanomogi mysteriously manages to set up a tour of the underwater breeding facility for Katsumi. At the facility, they meet Dr. Yamamoto who shows the two how he has manipulated the fetuses of dogs, pigs, and cows to grow gills and survive underwater. However, no mention is made of underwater humans and Katsumi doesn’t ask, fearing for his life. When Katsumi contemplates exposing the facility he receives mysterious, threatening phone calls.
Katsumi decides to hook his wife up to the KEIGI-1 machine to see if her memories of the abortion clinic are, in fact, Yamamoto’s lab. It is Katsumi’s hope that he can break into the lab and save his offspring from becoming what he thinks will be a grotesque, inhuman creature. Before he can take his wife to the lab, Katsumi gets another phone call and realizes the voice on the other end is his own! The voice explains to him that it is his own creation, the KEIGI-1. A hired killer then escorts Katsumi to his own lab where he learns an astonishing conspiracy. Tanomogi had been in league with Yamamoto’s laboratory the whole time and was the killer of the stranger they were following. However, it was KEIGI-1 that ordered both the trailing of the man and the murder itself. Tanomogi had secretly input Professor Katsumi’s own mind into the machine, in essence making KEIGI-1 a clone of Katsumi’s brain that can predict the future. As such, Katsumi learns he has been manipulated by his own creation since bringing the machine online.
Seeing into the future, the machine predicted the onset of a fourth ice age and as such, deemed the creation of Yamamoto’s new aqua-humans (called Aquans) a necessity for the survival of the human race. KEIGI-1 has also dictated that Katsumi should be killed for fear that he will expose the program before it is ready. To give Katsumi one last chance, Tanomogi, Yamamoto, and the other conspirators show him a video prediction of the future where the earth’s surface is nearly completely submerged and the Aquans become the dominant species on the planet. They also reveal to him that his unborn son was taken from him to become an Aquan as a gift so that his lineage can live on.
Despite seeing that the Aquans ensure a survival of sorts for the human race, Katsumi argues that his own machine’s predictions may not be 100% certain. Tanomogi and the others become resigned to the fact that Katsumi must die lest he expose them and the hired killer approaches Katsumi from behind…

Project X (196X)
Author Unknown (treatment)
On May 10, in the year 197X, NASA announces new plans from the Andromeda program to include the following individuals: Lt. Jack Cunningham, David D. Nelson, Maj. Kelly Connors, Maj. Cooper, and Capt. Susan Steuilla. The purpose of the mission is to both research and claim the moon as a territory of the Earth. On the mission, they are to orbit the moon three to four times and study the gravity, magnetism, radiation, and the living environment of the moon. Astronauts will then depart the Andromeda ship in a smaller craft and land on the moon, collect samples, and return to the mother ship. The astronauts will train for the mission until May 20th and will go to Cape Kennedy to inspect the rocket on May 27th with the launch scheduled for some time in June.
Before the mission, some documents are stolen from Cooper who alerts the FBI. The culprit turns out to be Burke, a reporter friend of the astronauts. The astronauts defend Burke and it is eventually proven Burke didn’t steal the documents, only someone pretending to be Burke. Still, the theft brings Cold War tensions to a height and the base remains on high alert as preparations continue for Andromeda’s launch. To the Americans dismay, the Soviets beat them into launching their own ship into space to study the moon. However, the Soviet craft is struck by a freak asteroid leaving the crew stranded in space. The Soviet prime minister calls the U.S. president to ask him for help. Everyone, including the five astronauts, agree that they should rescue the stranded cosmonauts.
Technicians work around the clock to get Andromeda ready for space far ahead of schedule. A Russian tech also arrives in the U.S. to help. Andromeda launches into space to save the cosmonauts and Cooper and Nelson go out into space to retrieve one of the men left floating there. Inside the ship, Susan tends to his needs. A problem arises when it is learned that the Andromeda won’t have enough fuel to return to earth and they are running out of oxygen. Japan sends a rocket into space full of air and fuel for Andromeda. Still, it isn’t enough, and Andromeda must land on the moon. The Russians reveal they have an old space craft, Chiyaka No. 3, stranded on the moon from 1969 that can be repaired and launched into orbit. The Russians share their data with the U.S. in order to repair the ship, which successfully launches and carries the astronauts back to earth.

The Flying Battleship (1966)
By Shinichi Sekizawa (treatment)

The Super Noah flying battleship takes off into the skies and soon disappears. Later, a strange man delivers a threat to the World Population Task Force in Tokyo, stating that a hydrogen bomb will be used to attack the conference hall by the organization MOO. The man is arrested but later escapes police custody and is shot. Yamoto, a reporter, asks him if he has anything to do with the disappearance of the Super Noah as he dies. To his surprise, the man wasn’t threatening an attack, just warning of one and belonged to the Super Noah crew dedicated to destroying MOO. That same night, Professor Nobuyuki, a famous botanist, heads off for the Amazon.
Delegates gather for the population conference and no bombs are found. However, a hydrogen bomb satellite descends from the skies, ready to attack. It is thwarted by the Super Noah, which arrives on the scene in the nick of time. The battleship disappears leaving everyone to wonder not only where it has gone, but what the enemy organization MOO’s objective is. Word also comes back from the Amazon that Professor Nobuyuki was lost when the expedition was attacked by a giant killer plant in the jungle.
Yamoto goes to see the professor’s children, Masaru and Emiko, who end up connecting him to a mysterious, beautiful jewelry designer, Kanami Todo. Yamoto begins investigating her while, across the world, reports come in that the flying battleship is attacking various ships at sea in the Pacific. When Masaru and Emiko are captured by men from MOO, Kanami and Yamoto rescue them and are pursued by an evil MOO flying warship. Kanami takes Yamoto and the children to a hidden base in the Kurobe Mountains built by her father. There is the Super Noah, which takes off to fight the MOO warship over Tokyo Bay. The battle ends in a draw but soon after, the MOO base’s whereabouts are discovered and the Super Noah sets out for the Amazon to rescue Dr. Nobuyuki.
MOO’s plan is to use the sun’s energy to power a death ray from a satellite in space. In the Amazon, the Super Noah is opposed by a monster plant and the MOO’s own flying warship as they rescue the professor. The MOO operatives escape in their warship to the satellite. Kanami is unable to pursue due to damages to the ship. Instead, a rocket is launched at the satellite, destroying it and the MOO warship.

The Flying Battleship (1966)
By Shinichi Sekizawa (first draft script)
The Super Noah flying battleship takes off to the skies. At the Morning Daily News, social correspondent Goro Yamoto is set to cover a population summit. Though Goro would rather cover the Super Noah, he heads to the World Population Task Force Seminar. While there, he and photographer Anne witness a TV broadcast showing the Super Noah disappearing from the air. Soon, a man in a strange foreign military uniform claims the conference will soon be under attack by a hydrogen bomb but he is labeled a loony and taken away by the police.
At Haneda Airport, Goro and Anne begin their next assignment, attending a press conference for famous botanist Professor Nobuyuki, who is departing for the Amazon to search for a legendary “dragon plant.” There at the departure are his two children, Masaru and Emiko. Near them is a mysterious woman connected to the children whom Goro takes a liking to. Meanwhile, the man arrested for disturbing the conference escapes his jail cell and is shot by an assassin in a nearby car. As the man dies, he warns a detective to be on the lookout for an organization called NOO. He also begins to say something about the Super Noah but expires.
The next day, Goro and Anne return to cover the population conference. There, they interview Jack, an American from NASA and they talk about the murder of the man who warned of an attack on the conference. Just then, a strange commotion occurs outside: something is descending from the clouds! It is a hydrogen bomb satellite inscribed with the letters “NOO.” Before it can reach the conference, a flying battleship appears on the scene and destroys the detonator on the device, rendering it ineffective. Loudspeakers on the ship state that it is the Super Noah and that the world needs to be on the lookout for NOO, which will try to destroy them. The ship flies away and disappears.
The next morning, Goro receives word the professor has gone missing in the Amazon so he and Anne go to the professor’s house. They interview Masaru, who despite his young age, wants to go to the Amazon to rescue his father. That night, they stay at the house to watch over the children and are attacked in a drive-by shooting by men from NOO. At the last moment, they are scared away by Jack who was secretly tailing them. Goro asks Jack who he really is but he refuses to answer.
In the jungle, the professor and his assistants are attacked by monstrous vines and captured by armed men. Meanwhile, Goro has tracked down the mysterious female friend of Nobuyuki, who he finds doing archery. Goro suspects the woman, Kanami, of being the daughter of Dr. Todo, who disappeared back in 1930. On TV, a news report comes on that the flying battleship has just sunk a ship in the Pacific Ocean. Kanami says that can’t be because Super Noah is our ally. Later, Masaru receives a phone call from someone pretending to be Goro telling him that they have found his father. Elsewhere, Goro follows Jack until he finally reveals that he is an aerospace investigator and that there have been thefts at aerospace facilities across the world recently. Kanami and Anne pull up in a car alongside them asking if Goro called the children to which he replies that he did not.
Knowing the children have likely been kidnapped, Kanami reveals the children’s shirt buttons have trackers in them, so the heroes use a special radar to track them to the airport where NOO men are taking them. The four pile into Kanami’s sports car and follow the NOO car to Yokohama Port, where the villains board a boat with the children. The heroes chase them in a boat through Uraga Straight and manage to rescue the children. Soon, they can hear something in the clouds: it is the Super Noah! No, actually it is the NOO’s sinister version of the flying battleship which begins firing a heat ray into the water at the boat. Kanami’s special boat evades the heat ray and accelerates with a special rocket thruster. They all jump out of the boat and into the water just as the ray hits the boat. The NOO warship assumes them to be dead and flies off.
In the Amazon, Dr. Nobuyuki is writing a note in a bottle, which he conceals from two NOO men who come into his room to ask again if he will work for NOO. The professor refuses and the men tell him he may soon change his mind. When they are gone, he tosses the bottle into a nearby river. In NOO’s underground base, the mastermind of the whole plot, the Black Conductor, reveals that he is creating a giant satellite that can magnify the sun’s rays to destroy the earth.
Back in Japan, Jack and Kanami drive down a lonely road in her car. Jack suspects that Goro is there and finds him in the trunk eating a sandwich. Kanami switches on a special gas and puts them both to sleep! When they awaken, they are in a hidden underground base. They marvel as Kanami shows them around and Goro notices a photo of Dr. Todo who died in 1965. Kanami confirms Goro’s suspicions: Todo was her father and he died shortly before the ship became operational. Goro and Jack marvel at the sight of a wall of water where the Super Noah sits and as Kanami shows the men around the base, one of her men gives her a report that a NOO ship has arrived in Tokyo Bay.
Kanami orders the Super Noah into action and the battleship bursts from Kurobe Dam as the NOO warship devastates Tokyo. When Super Noah arrives on the scene, it is ambushed by a second, hidden NOO warship. A spectacular aerial battle takes place between the three flying ships and the Super Noah defeats one via special laser turrets. The ships enter a thundercloud and both are struck by lightning. Both are forced to give up pursuit of the other.
In the Amazon, the professor’s bottle is found by some children playing by the river. Back at the NOO base, the Black Conductor informs the professor he let him throw the bottle into the river on purpose as he wants the Super Noah to come try to rescue him. He then reveals the reason he wanted the professor was due to his knowledge of botany. When the earth is scorched with the satellite, the conductor wants to reform the world to his liking.
At the Morning Daily News, Goro’s editor berates him for not revealing what he knows of the recent fight over Tokyo Bay. Goro soon receives a call from Kanami. Since he kept his word not to write a story on the Super Noah, she will let him be a part of Professor Nobuyuki’s rescue team.
Goro and Anne travel to Kurobe Dam, where Anne reacts in shock to the Super Noah. There, they are also surprised to see Masaru and Emiko helping out. Jack, meanwhile, commands a ground rescue unit underway in the Amazon in the village where the bottle was found. The Super Noah flies to the Amazon and dives underwater. A NOO ship fires a torpedo at them which Super Noah deflects with a laser blast. The battleships take their fight to the air where it is the Super Noah’s lasers vs. NOO’s heat rays. Super Noah gains the upper hand and NOO retreats as Kanami follows in her battleship. The Black Conductor is enraged as he watches on his monitor but is still confident that his satellite will destroy the world. He also takes solace in the fact that the Super Noah will not attack the base so long as they have Dr. Nobuyuki.
The Super Noah approaches the base and NOO counterattacks with their heat rays. Kanami and three of her men descend from the ship into the jungle and find the faux hut village that hides the NOO base. They are quickly captured and the Black Conductor flashes a projection of Kanami into the sky where the Super Noah crew can see it and demands they land or Kanami dies. The ship lands and the NOO operatives plant explosives all over the ship. Before they can detonate, however, Jack arrives on the scene to rescue them. A gunfight ensues between NOO and the Super Noah crew and the Black Conductor gets away to fly to his satellite. Kanami and her crew send a rocket to destroy the satellite, ending the threat of NOO.

The Human Torch (1974)
By Masahiro Makoto (first draft script)
Chihiro Kurokawa, the eldest daughter of a wealthy coal family arrives back in her ancestral village via a lonely train. She is picked up by the new family servant, Mr. Mizutani, who drives her to the family estate where her younger sister Ryuko is getting married. Ryuko’s fiancé, Masahiko Sugiyama, is himself the wealthy heir to another coal company so the union is being celebrated as a powerful business move as well. The sisters’ drunk uncle, Shunsuke Kurokawa, interrupts the wedding, carrying on about an ancient curse and is escorted out. That night, Ryuko is killed in a mysterious accident when an ornamental dragon falls from the ceiling. Sugiyama, Chihiro, and Junko (the youngest sister) find the horrific sight of Ryuko’s dead body. Roll opening credits.
After Ryuko’s funeral, Chihiro and Sugiyama discuss whether or not they think that the death really was an accident. Sugiyama also asks Chihiro to look at one of Ryuko’s recent paintings of a fire. Chihiro does so with Junko and they find a disturbing painting of the local villagers tormented by a huge fire. A note falls out of Ryuko’s sketchbook warning her not to marry Sugiyama or else. Meanwhile, Yoko, the third oldest sister, is being encouraged to spend time with the grieving Sugiyama in hopes that he will fall in love with her.
Takizawa, the family secretary, drives Yoko, Sugiyama, and Chihiro to the family’s mine. Blocking the entrance to the mine is Shunsuke with a crowd of people. He berates Sugiyama as though it is his fault Ryuko died and warns Chihiro to stay away for her own safety. Later, the family is out bird hunting in the woods and Sugiyama again discusses Ryuko’s painting with Chihiro, reiterating that he thinks the death was no accident. Sugiyama also begrudgingly admits that Chihiro’s father, Takeshi, and step-mother, Yoshiko, are trying to join Yoko and himself together as a political marriage (Chihiro’s mother died many years ago and her father’s next three daughters were through his second wife). Yoko watches with great jealousy as Sugiyama and Chihiro talk. Takizawa comes up next to Yoko and implies that perhaps Chihiro is trying to get Sugiyama for herself. Elsewhere, Takeshi throws his cigarette into the brush and it catches fire in the grass abnormally fast. The fire surrounds him and badly burns his legs, though Takizawa saves him and he is brought back to the mansion to recuperate.
The family doctor, Maki, asks how things are progressing with Yoko and Sugiyama. He warns Takeshi and Yoshiko that they should try to get the two wed before Sugiyama finds out about Yoko’s schizophrenia. Chihiro, meanwhile, is with Genosuke, the old family servant, in his quarters. Mizutani comes in and tells Chihiro that he thinks she should head back to Tokyo soon. Later, Chihiro and Sugiyama research Ryuko’s painting and discover it is based upon a hellish legend related to the village coal mine. Upon returning home, Yoko seems jealous Chihiro has been with Sugiyama again. Yoko offers to make Chihiro a drink and drugs it with sleeping medicine.
That night as Chihiro sleeps, Yoko sneaks into her sister’s room and tries to inject her with a syringe with a deadly chemical. Takizawa, Yoko’s secret lover, catches her in the act and stops her, telling her that it would be too suspicious. The next morning, Takizawa encourages Chihiro to return to Tokyo. As the two argue, Mizutani informs them that the art room is on fire. Chihiro is mortified as the room contains a portrait of her deceased mother. After the fire is put out, Chihiro goes to visit her mother’s grave in the cemetery. She is visited by Mizutani who tells her that he also did not have his mother for very long. Once again, he suggests that she return to Tokyo. Meanwhile, Maki the doctor is treating Takeshi’s burns and reveals that Yoko and Takizawa are secretly lovers. Enraged, Takeshi beats Takizawa harshly and tells him he is not worthy of his daughter.
Later that night as the family eats dinner, Chihiro announces she is returning to Tokyo the next day. Indifferent, a drunk Yoko goes back to her room to take a bath. As she slips into the water, the sound of a gas leak is heard. In Chihiro’s room, Junko begs Chihiro to take her with her. Mizutani walks in to bid Chihiro farewell and also informs her that he will work to restore her mother’s burned painting. Just then, a scream rings out. Yoko is found dead, floating in the bathtub poisoned by carbon monoxide. Later at the funeral, Yoko’s mother asks Maki if foul play was involved. Suddenly, the candles near Yoko’s casket envelop it in a supernatural fire and Yoko’s body is consumed and disappears.
Chihiro goes to Sugiyama’s laboratory to tell him she thinks Yoko’s death is due to a supernatural flame human. Sugiyama agrees and tells her of a legend that said men who worked in the coal mines for too long had skin so saturated with coal that their bodies could ignite into flame. Sugiyama gives Chihiro a special X-ray film and tells her to photograph the phenomena the next time it happens to determine who the flame human is. That night, a flame human emerges from the fireplace as Yoshiko watches in horror. It disappears leaving a delirious Yoshiko muttering, “I’m sorry, Kishiro, I’m sorry.” This disturbs Chihiro, as Kishiro was her mother’s name. Outside, Shunsuke Kurokawa, the crazy uncle, can be heard laughing.
Chihiro goes to Genosuke’s house to ask about her mother but when he is too evasive, she declares she will go see her uncle Shunsuke. Unbeknownst to her, Mizutani is eavesdropping. As Chihiro looks for her uncle, she suddenly falls over unconscious. Meanwhile, Shunsuke is captured by Takizawa, who tries to beat a confession out of him, thinking he is the man responsible for the deaths. Meanwhile, Maki cares for Yoshiko, who is sure that she and Junko are the next to die. As the duo talk of secrets long buried, a tape recorder catches their every word. Takeshi listens to the tape recorder later on. He calls Maki into his office and confronts him for misleading him for so many years. Apparently, Maki helped engineer a cover-up for Takeshi, only it didn’t go the way he always thought that it did. As a result, Takeshi shoots Maki dead. Takizawa then comes from behind the door to reveal he planted the tape recorder and gave it to Takeshi. As Takizawa now knows of Takeshi’s horrible secret, he is able to blackmail him into promising him Junko’s hand in marriage.
Takizawa disposes of Maki’s body while Chihiro awakens in her room where Junko tells her Mizutani brought her back to the mansion. She also cries and tells her that she is to be married to Takizawa. Takizawa walks in on the two sisters and tells them there is nothing they can do to stop him from taking over the family. He opens his shirt to reveal a multitude of scars he has received over the years from their father beating him. As he advances towards them another scream echoes throughout the house. The flame human kills Yoshiko, though Chihiro snaps a photo with the X-ray camera before the being disappears. At the lab, Sugiyama and Chihiro discover through the photos that Mizutani is the flame human!
Chihiro goes back to the mansion and begins following Mizutani down an underground cavern. There, she discovers not only her mother’s painting but her diary as well. As she reads, she discovers her mother was pregnant with another child before she died. Chihiro goes to a sickly Genosuke to demand the truth and he finally relents. Her mother had become pregnant and Takeshi had her burned alive and sent Genosuke to clean up the mess. To his astonishment, the baby survived! Genosuke spirited the child away and kept its true parentage hidden. As Genosuke dies, Mizutani walks in on Chihiro and sheds a tear. Chihiro begs him not to kill Junko next. Mizutani acknowledges that Junko is innocent in this but she must die to punish her father. Mizutani leaves as Chihiro goes after him.
Mizutani materializes through Junko’s fireplace in her room, but as soon as he moves to attack, the room is flooded with a coolant. Takizawa has set a trap for the flame human. The trick works and the flames on Mizutani’s body are put out; he seems to be dead. Takizawa sets about burying Mizutani in a hole when Takeshi appears holding a gun. Rather than feeling grateful, Takeshi takes the opportunity to shoot Takizawa, who falls into the very hole he dug for Mizutani.
Later, inside the mansion, Chihiro berates her father now that she knows the truth. She, Junko, and Sugiyama leave as Takeshi begs Junko to stay. Back at the grave, Mizutani’s hand breaks the surface as thunder and lightning clap in the distance. Mizutani blocks Sugiyama’s car on the road and Sugiyama turns back with the women, heading for the mansion. The trio runs inside and locks themselves in a room. Mizutani burns himself through the door as the three run into an underground corridor that will lead them back outside. Takeshi is burned alive when the mansion comes crumbling down. As Chihiro, Sugiyama, and Junko watch from outside, Mizutani’s laughter echoes through the air.

Invisible Man vs. the Human Torch (1975)
By Jun Fukuda & Masahiro Makoto (first draft script)
Detective Shiro Saijo and partner Teranishi are engaged in a car chase with several bank robbers. Saijo fires at the men from his car and the getaway car crashes into a wall, bursting into flames. The robbers, who jumped out at the last minute, run into the Shirikawa Chemical Plant where Saijo and Teranishi pursue. Saijo follows one of the robbers into a room containing a cyclotron—a particle accelerator—where they scuffle over control of the robber’s gun. The gun fires a bullet into the cyclotron, causing it to malfunction. The robber gets away and kicks Saijo into the cyclotron. Roll opening credits.
Saijo awakens in the hospital surrounded by his boss, Sugiyama, and Teranishi who informs him that he has been unconscious for five whole days. They congratulate Saijo as a hero but remind him he needs at least a month’s worth of rest. Saijo, completely wrapped in bandages, is given some medicine to accelerate the healing process and he goes back to sleep. Saijo awakens alone. Wanting a cigarette, he begins to unravel the bandage on his hand. To his shock, his hand is gone! He unravels more bandages to find his whole arm gone. Saijo steps in front of a mirror and is horrified to find that his whole body is now invisible. A nurse walks in on the sight of the bandages crumbling to the floor and screams. The nurse leaves the room and Saijo rematerializes, leaving the other nurses to find Saijo out of bed. They make him lie back down and Saijo begins to think the medicine given to him may have caused a strange reaction. Saijo settles into bed to read the paper and is shocked to see news that his old friend, Koichi Shimada, has died in an accident while testing a new type of race car at the Fuji Speedway. Saijo stands at his window, watching the sunset, as he sadly reflects upon his friendship with Shimada.
Saijo attends Shimada’s wake at his home in Tokyo, where he meets Shimada’s wife, Taeko. Also in attendance is Shimada’s boss, Yoshiro Iwakura, President of Iwakura Co., Ltd. Saijo wishes to see footage of the accident to determine if there was any foul play. Though he can’t be sure foul play was involved, Saijo becomes suspicious when he observes a mysterious woman from the wake, Sachiko Kagawa, watching the accident. The same day as the wake, Taeko told Saijo that Shimada’s diary was stolen from their home. Saijo goes to Sachiko’s place of work, where he confronts her on the suspicion that she stole Shimada’s diary. A man with a scarred face attacks Saijo, while Sachiko runs away. Saijo overpowers the man and catches up to Sachiko, who confesses she stole the diary for a man named Takeshi Anesaki, a gangster.
Sachiko takes Saijo to Anesaki’s hotel, who is down in the boiler room reading Shimada’s diary. A man made entirely of flame appears before Anesaki and strangles him with his flaming hands. Saijo tries to put out the fire on Anesaki when he walks in, but it’s too late. Anesaki is already dead. Saijo picks up pieces of the charred diary for investigation. Meanwhile, Taeko has been invited to the mansion of Mr. Iwakura, her uncle, who expresses concern for her wellbeing and extends an offer to live with him. Back at his office, Saijo tells Teranishi that he believes foul play was involved in Shimada’s death while Teranishi is sure that it was just an accident. Saijo wants to keep investigating Anesaki and goes to a club owned by his partner, Marumi. Saijo spies on Marumi and his men, but he is caught, beaten, and captured.
Saijo awakens tied to a chair, alone in a room with the contents of his coat scattered across the floor. He spies some of his medicine and recalling what happened the last time he took it, rocks his chair onto the floor, using his tongue to lick up one of the pills as he hears footsteps approaching. When Marumi’s goons enter the room, they are shocked that Saijo has disappeared. Saijo then begins to beat up the men who are terrified and confused by what is happening. Saijo leaves and goes to see Taeko, to ask if she had ever heard Shimada speak about the gangsters. While there, an intruder breaks into Shimada’s old office, but when Saijo opens the door, the man is gone. Saijo runs outside to follow the man, who hops into a car and speeds away. Saijo gets in his car and a chase ensues. The intruder’s car crashes and bursts into flames on a bridge. The driver emerges on fire, much to Saijo’s shock. To escape Saijo, the burning man jumps into the water and disappears.
Saijo collects strange black ashes found at the scene as well as a lighter that has Shimada’s initials carved into it. Saijo takes the lighter to Taeko who recognizes it and says they bought it on a trip to Sweden. Saijo also has the strange black residue analyzed in the police lab. The technician tells Saijo that the residue is human and proceeds to tell him a story about coal miners whose skin became so saturated with coal that they themselves became flammable. The tech tells Saijo that this sample contains sulfur, ammonia, methane, and hydrogen, which is not normally found in humans. The two theorize a burning man is on the loose who can ignite his own skin without harming himself.
Meanwhile, the gangsters reconvene at the club and come to the conclusion that Shimada is alive. As they fear, that night Shimada comes to exact his revenge on the men. Even their bullets have no effect on Shimada, who subsequently kills the club’s owner, Tsukisa. Saijo arrives on the scene and calls Shimada’s name. The flame man ignores him and runs away from Saijo and into a waiting car. Saijo shoots at the driver of the car and is sure he nicks them in the arm. Saijo then breaks the news to Taeko that her husband is alive. Saijo is somewhat distraught with the callous manner in which Shimada murdered the gangsters, though Taeko begs him not to arrest her husband. Before he goes, Taeko reveals to Saijo a letter she received requesting she come to a warehouse in Tokyo Bay. Saijo goes there, but Taeko secretly tails him there. Saijo is attacked and Taeko is kidnapped by the gangsters, who take her away and question her about Shimada’s whereabouts. Saijo, in his invisible form, ambushes the men and they retreat. Instead of materializing, Saijo spies on Taeko as she dresses a wound on her right arm. He realizes she was Shimada’s mystery driver and has known all along!
Saijo follows Taeko to a swampy marsh and materializes as she gets out of her car. He tells her he has investigated Shimada’s past and found out that his father was killed by the mob fifteen years ago. Saijo accuses Taeko of having known Shimada was still alive. At that point, Shimada walks out of the shadows, revealing himself to Saijo. Shimada tells Saijo of his tragic past, where the mob killed his father by trapping him in a barn and burning him alive, which Shimada witnessed and barely escaped himself. Saijo reassures Shimada that he will see to it that those men go to prison but Shimada says that is not good enough for him and intends to kill them all. Saijo draws his gun on Shimada to arrest him. Shimada tells him that five years ago, he modified his body to be immortal and that his bullets will only spark flames from his skin. The two men begin to fight and rain falls from the sky. Saijo takes another capsule and disappears before Shimada’s eyes and the fight continues. However, Shimada can track Saijo’s movements by watching his feet splash in the mud. Shimada shouts to Saijo, “You have modified yourself just like me!” Shimada shoots Saijo in the arm and blood drips onto the ground as Saijo runs away. Shimada shouts that no matter what, Saijo will not stop him from fulfilling his purpose.
Saijo returns to Shimada’s home and finds a secret underground room with a strange machine—the device Shimada used to turn himself into a flame human. Back at the club, Yoshihiro Iwakura and his secretary, Kajiura, are meeting with Tsukisaka. As it turns out, Iwakura is in cahoots with the mob. Shimada causes a gas line to explode in Tsukisaka’s office, killing him, though Iwakura gets away. Saijo, who has been tailing Shimada, materializes in front of him and confronts him for trying to kill Iwakura. Shimada reveals that Iwakura was always in league with the mob and he will kill him no matter what. Saijo and Shimada fight again and Shimada dives into the water to escape. Just then, Taeko drives up and Saijo tells her he believes Shimada only used her to get close to her uncle, Mr. Iwakura. Taeko then reveals that she knows this and their goal is mutual. Iwakura killed her father so she also wants him dead. Saijo reveals to her that he overheard Iwakura saying he has invented a special gun to kill Shimada with and that he must arrest him to save Shimada’s life. Taeko, not wanting Saijo to take their revenge away from them, shoots Saijo in the arm and leaves.
Taeko goes to Iwakura to take him up on his offer to stay with him for safety. That night, she sneaks into his room to kill him, but Iwakura is wise to her plan and stops her. Next, Iwakura learns that Tachibana, one of the club managers, has been feeding Shimada information all along. He forces Tachibana to call Shimada at his usual time to tell him that Taeko is being held prisoner in Iwakura’s mansion. Tachibana tells him he will let him in through a secret underground tunnel. When the call is over, Iwakura has Tachibana shot in the head.
As planned, Shimada walks into a trap in Iwakura’s mansion and Iwakura pelts Shimada’s arms with the special fire gun that can harm him. Just when Iwakura is about to deliver the death blow, Taeko jumps in front of him and takes the shot, dying instantly. Outside, Saijo breaks into the mansion in his invisible form and makes his way downstairs where he knocks the fire gun from Iwakura’s hands.
Another fight breaks out between Saijo and Shimada, who shoots Saijo, again drawing blood. With Saijo down, Shimada returns his attention to Iwakura, setting him ablaze and killing him. Saijo fears that Shimada will never stop his killing spree and gives him one last chance to turn himself in as Teranishi and the rest of Saijo’s squad arrives. Shimada shoots at the detectives, so Saijo grabs the fire gun and kills Shimada. The flaming form of Shimada attacks Saijo as he dies, eventually melting away into nothing. A depressed Saijo walks away into the sunrise.