This was among the first of the Godzilla hot sauces that Jade City Foods released, part of what is now dubbed “series 1”. The Little Godzilla Kawaii Kaiju hot sauce is billed as one of the brand’s tamer, literally called “mild”, hot sauces in terms of heat. So how hot is it and what’s the flavor like? We’ll explore this jalapeno serrano with roasted garlic hot sauce, which will be the third of their hot sauces I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.


Now this is again their mildest hot sauce in the Godzilla line, at least to date. It’s ranked a 4/10, which made me curious how tame it might be. To my shock, there was a surprising level of heat. I’d actually place it above the Biollante Mutated Rose Hot Sauce, ranked a 7/10. That said, it’s no where near the Mothra Queen of the Monsters hot sauce, which I opened around the same time and that’s a 6/10.

All in all, I think for people who don’t want something hot but to taste the heat the level here should be just right.

Little Godzilla Kawaii Kaiju Hot Sauce Review

Now given that I have a pretty high tolerance for spicy food, I decided I would mix things up for this particular hot sauce. Literally. In this case I tried having a tortilla chip with both this hot sauce and Hot Ones’ The Last Dab mixed in, the latter I would consider pretty hot but enjoyable in small doses. To my surprise, the Kawaii Kaiju hot sauce kind of tamed the heat when mixed together, although they didn’t pair all that well. Figuring why not take it a step further, I mixed it with both The Last Dab and the Mothra Queen of the Monsters hot sauce. This ended up being quite good, but very hot as the heat came back. Kind of an odd experiment, but figured why not with a milder sauce.

Taste: Shake It

This is my third hot sauce from Jade City Foods and I’ll keep bringing it up: there is no dripper on this bottle. I’m going to assume the Biollante Mutated Rose Hot Sauce was an outliner for having one. While I do prefer dippers, it’s not a huge issue without one although this is a more watery hot sauce. In fact, there was a pretty clear visual distinction before opening the bottle with separation of the contents inside.

Taste: Shake It

A quick shake will resolve this, but just be warned that it’s quite easy to pour too much on your food.

Now as for the flavor, it’s a very zesty hot sauce. There is a heavy lime flavor to it with each bite. In fact, I found it to be a bit overpowering in this respect. It worked well with chicken or on a chip, but drowned out the flavor a little on a taco. It’s much sweeter tasting than some of the other hot sauces I’ve tried from them, notably the Gigan Cybernetic Slasher and the Mothra Queen of the Monsters. The latter of those two is also on the sweeter side already, so saying something that Little Godzilla’s surpasses it.

Overall, while I wouldn’t say it was bad, I wasn’t won over by the taste and found it to be limiting for how I prefer to use my hot sauces. Those who enjoy bottled lime juice, ala those in plastic that are in the shape of a lime, would probably like this hot sauce though and I will attest to not being big on those.

Kawaii Kaiju Hot Sauce Ingredients

In terms of ingredients, the Little Godzilla themed hot sauce has the following, and found in this order on the bottle:

Jalapeno, serrano, onion, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, distilled white vinegar, salt

Kawaii Kaiju Hot Sauce Ingredients

As for the health track, it’s similar to the others. That means zero calories per tea spoon, which is always great. In fact, health wise it’s pretty good save for 1 carb and the 100mg of sodium.

Final Thoughts

I prefer this to the Biollante hot sauce, but it doesn’t hold a candle to either Gigan’s or Mothra’s. It’s a good mild hot sauce, though, and for Godzilla fans who like spice but not too much, they might really enjoy this one.

As a side note, the website listing for this hot sauce calls it “Baby Godzilla Kawaii Kaiju” although it’s Little Godzilla both featured and spelled out that way on the bottle.