This article is a comprehensive K.W.C. frequently asked questions (FAQ). It covers everything from allowed combatants to the process behind the banners that are featured in each match. We hope this answers any questions you may have had about the K.W.C. and helps you with any matches you plan on writing in the future!

For more information on the Multimedia material, please refer to the K.W.C. Multimedia Archive.

1. How to Make a K.W.C. Match
2. The Rules of the K.W.C.
3. General Factoids of the K.W.C.
4. And Now, the Combatants!
5. Forms, Assists, and Usage in the K.W.C.


So! How do I get into the K.W.C.?

First, write a match in Google Docs or make a video, audio drama, or comic, then send it to us. If it meets our approval, then you’re in! However (and this should go without saying): Do not steal someone else’s work. If you do, then you will be banned from the K.W.C. and any stories that you may have in the K.W.C. will be taken down and all further stories you send in will be ignored and deleted.

Where do I send it once it is finished?

Send it to the email address below, where our Verifiers will review your match. If they think it is good enough, they will send it to the Editors, who will then send it to the Operations Manager to be posted to the site. For Google Doc, please set it up so anyone with the link can view, or share directly by adding the Verifier email under the “Share” feature.

K.W.C. Submissions –

I didn’t get a response. Does that mean my match didn’t make it in?

Not necessarily. Please keep in mind that our verifiers have a lot of K.W.C. matches to read, not to mention they have other, non-K.W.C. things to do. You should receive a response, but it may just take time.

It’s been a week and my match still isn’t up yet! What’s taking so long?

Keep in mind that even if your match makes it in, matches aren’t always posted in the order they are received. You could be waiting for weeks or possibly even months before it’s posted. The K.W.C. Staff and Toho Kingdom Administration do have a little something off the Internet called a real life (as we all do). Be patient, and your match will be up in time.

How is the banner for my match handled? Do I request what I want on it, or…?

When you send in your match, be sure to include the location it takes place in (Tokyo, Monster Island, New York, Planet X, etc.), as well as time of day (day, night, evening, etc.). Once your match has been given final approval, a banner will be made to finalize your match by one of our several banner creators.

Are there quality standards for a match?

Yes. We acknowledge that most of the people who contribute to the K.W.C. will be amateur writers (and we do not mean amateur as in bad, moreso the technical definition of non-professional and/or new), so our standards are not astronomical, but they are still present.

Setting down a proper rule set for what is and isn’t “good” is difficult, as writing is subjective of course. Just make sure your match is understandable, not overly repetitive, and in general isn’t a slog to read. We aren’t asking for the quality of the world’s greatest writers, just something that people will enjoy reading.

My match got rejected, what should I do?

Don’t be disheartened. You likely received criticism and pointers in the rejection email, so, take those. We are all constantly growing as people, and constructive criticism is vital for that. So understand the issues with your match/general writing, work on them, and improve yourself.

Read the matches on the site for good examples of what to strive for in terms of writing (without just copying them, of course). And remember, you can always improve, even our best writers are constantly getting better.


Can two or more people co-write a match together?


Can I call dibs on a match?

Yes. We actually have a whole thread based on calling dibs, which you can find [here].

Can I call dibs on several matches?

No. We’ve had some issues about this in the past. It’s unfair to others who may also want to do a particular fight if you’ve called dibs on ten or so matches. Just call dibs on one match at a time.

Can I write a sequel to someone else’s match, or can I build a grand, epic storyline? How do I keep track of all this?

Yes you can! We have the K.W.C. Continuity Registry that details all the ongoing or concluded series’. Note: Though other matches make small nods to other matches, it doesn’t guarantee that they’re connected.

Can I include a Chapter System for my match?

Of course! Just be sure you have the Chapter breaks included, and the rest will be left to the Operations Manager to organize it. But this is completely optional; it is not a requirement for your submission. However, if included, keep it neat and reasonably organized!

Can I write insanely one-sided matches? Do combatants need to be written with the same amount of power as in the movies?

As long as it meets the minimum length requirements and treats both combatants reasonably. No Grand King Ghidorah being killed by Baragon’s Heat Ray unless justified in some way.

Matches like Match 154: Monster X vs. Gabara were written before this rule was solidified. The K.W.C.’s rules change constantly, we are not perfect and as well, change is important when needed.

Are rematches (for example, another King Kong vs. SpaceGodzilla) allowed?


Are subtitles (Biollante vs. Gabara: The Really Epic Battle of Total Awesomeness!) allowed?

We are open to alternate titles, though no full-fledged subtitles, the only exception is if the fight is a rematch, in which case it will be titled “Combatant A vs. Combatant B: Round 2” (or Round 3, Round 4, etc). However, you can request an alternate title to the banner per your suggestion, but we will still use the traditional naming convention for the main page (this helps with future Round 2s and so forth).

What is the limit of combatants I have to use in order to get a proper subtitle for the whole match?

At minimum 9 participating at once. We will need (or will try to come up with) a subtitle in this instance. Any less will use the traditional naming system.

Can there be movie/media inspired rematches? A la, Heisei Godzilla vs. Destoroyah or Showa Anguirus vs. Showa Mechagodzilla?

Absolutely! We’ve already done so with the likes of Match 298, Match 266, and Match 190, all which feature characters who’ve fought in their respective movies/media, so long as it isn’t a play-by-play of the original fight and either offer something completely different or do new things with the match up.

It said on Gojipedia that Zilla can shoot acid from his stomach. Can I use that in a match?

For future reference, please look to Toho Kingdom’s Monster Bios or Wikizilla, so long as it is reliably sourced.


What the heck does ‘K.W.C.’ even stand for, anyway?

“Kaiju War Chronicles.”

I’ve got a cool idea for a match, but I don’t think I can/I don’t want to write it myself. Can I request that one of the K.W.C. writers write it?

Absolutely! You can request which combatants are fighting and even where they fight, if you care to. However, that’s all. You can’t request who the winner is. That’s up to the writer and they will write the outcome however they see fit. The request can be made [here]. Don’t request it in the Facebook comments on the Blog section.

Also, just because you can request a match, please don’t go requesting match after match after match. After a while, it starts to get annoying. Requests are better saved for a period where nobody’s writing anything.

Is there a limit to how many combatants are allowed in a single match?

Not at all. For example, Match 100: Everyone vs. Everyone features a whopping 49 combatants.

Can you tell me if Combatant A will make it into the roster?

What, and ruin the surprise? Not a chance, Sparky. Just be patient and enjoy the K.W.C. matches as they appear while you wait for new combatants. However, we do have a thread on the forums for combatants we’ve made public, but don’t have matches yet.

Why does Combatant B always lose every match they’re in?

Wins and losses aren’t everything. It’s more important for a combatant to have matches under their belt than none at all. So please, be content that they even have a match up at all–because it means someone was willing to write with them to begin with.

How do I switch the main page banner? Or even alternate between the icons in the combatant pages?

Simple: Ctrl+F5 on Windows devices, or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac to do a Hard Refresh. Keep in mind if you’re not seeing it as it should, make sure to clear your Cache and cookies to remove all the old data. If not, then it may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before you can see the page(s) as intended.

So how’d all this get started, anyway?

We have a refurbished section dedicated to that–to look at the gradios history and its authors and artists, check out the K.W.C. Studio Tour!


There are so many combatants in the K.W.C. roster! Are there any that aren’t allowed?

Yes. Only combatants that had Toho involvement are allowed, either by direct creation (Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Gaira, Zone Fighter), distributing the film in theaters or on TV (Gamera, Legion, Ultraman, Gomora, Goliath) or other related media (Bagan, Krystalak, Obsidius, Skullcrawler). Any whose media were not explicitly created/distributed by Toho are not applicable to the K.W.C. Among the off limits creatures are (but not limited to):

  • The Asylum creations (Kolossus, Mega Shark, Mecha-Shark, etc.)
  • Attack On Titan anime/manga series (Beast Titan, Female Titan, etc.)
  • DragonBall series (Oozaru, Hirudegarn, etc.)
  • The rest of the Gamera series and other Daiei properties (Showa Gamera, Showa Daimajin, Garasharp, Zedus, etc.)
  • Godzilla NES Creepypasta (Red, Solomon, Acacius, etc.)
  • Jurassic Park series (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Indominus Rex, etc.)
  • The other iterations of King Kong (1933, 1976, 2005, etc.)
  • The Pacific Rim franchise (Gipsy Danger, Knifehead, Obsidian Fury, Apex, etc.)
  • Power Rangers / Super Sentai (Goldar, Megazord, Dragonzord, etc.)
  • The Transformers franchise (Optimus Prime, Megatron, the Dinobots, Unicron, Metroplex, etc.)
  • Any Ultraman-related kaiju/seijin not listed [here] (please also reference the TK Movies List for any unlisted in the Monster Bios)
  • War of the Monsters series (Agamo, Cerebulon, Congar, Kineticlops, etc.)
  • And everything else not immediately covered (Agon, Audrey II, Charles Barkley, Clover, The Deadly Mantis, Dinocroc, Supergator, Gfantis, Guilala, etc.)

Even if a combatant is directly related to Toho and Godzilla, they must either have a suit, figure, or a detailed 3D model to use for the banners. Otherwise, they’d look out of place when fighting the “rubber suit” combatant. They must also have a list of known powers and characteristics (so we know what we’re writing about).

Wow, that’s a lot. Am I allowed to add any new combatants to the roster, then?

The K.W.C. Staff calls the shots of who gets in and who doesn’t. If you have a suggestion, please post in the K.W.C. section on who we should add and why we should add them. Staff will take it into account, though don’t expect a response.

Why are the names different? I see that Legendary Godzilla isn’t addressed as “Godzilla (MonsterVerse)”. What’s up with that?

There are various reasons for the different naming, but most of it stems from the addition of a combatant before Toho Kingdom updates with the official bios, with only prior-hand information to work off of. In the case of the MonsterVerse, Godzilla (Legendary) was added before this news came to light. For all intents and purposes, what we have is what we’ll stick with.

Am I allowed to write combatants as their canon heights? Ergo, 50-meter Showa Godzilla against a 100-meter Heisei Godzilla?

While it will be unlisted for the Combatant Statistics, you’re more than free to have any of the combatants be their canon sizes. Be mindful this doesn’t mean that 100-meter scaled monsters get downscaled, just more along the lines of “if it’s their official height(s),” then it’s fine.

In addition, please preface this in your submission, that way the Verifiers will have clarity of what to expect and can be relayed to banner makers.

Hey, some of these characters have stats I can’t find anywhere! Are they official?

Obviously not, but it needs to be addressed that to fill in some of the blanks, giving estimates of heights and weights that aren’t officially found anywhere else. Please do not use the K.W.C. as an official source for stats, it’s just fanfiction, even if we try to adhere to the source material to the best of our ability.

So, mechs like the Gotengo and Super-X fought kaiju, but they aren’t kaiju. If they’re being incorporated into the K.W.C., shouldn’t those matches count in their win/loss ratio?

Machines are an iconic staple to the kaiju genre, and have been officially recognized as equally viable combatants; and in general, non-kaiju entities are on the table, so long as they’re able to fight kaiju and are of large scale. While other options are being considered, it may take time before they are implemented.

In the past, like in Match 108: Godzilla® (Heisei) vs. Dogora, the Gotengo was used in a support role. Going forward circa Match 400, we are opting to disregard those matches and focus on submissions where they are purposefully a combatant.

What’s the rule on writing alternate interpretations of the combatants?

As long as it’s not too drastic a deviation from their nature, it’s okay. While the K.W.C. has been looser in the past with character depictions, it is generally recommended to adhere to the material provided within their respective properties. While it isn’t to say you can’t have Millennium Gigan be a servant of the Nebulans, we have other options available, and it would be best to use them.

Can I make up my own version of a combatant for a match? Like, can I have Ghidorah grow an extra five heads, or make Anguirus be able to fly, or have Mothra transform into Megalon?

Negative. If you want to do that, it needs to be in an unrelated fanfic, not a K.W.C. match.

Then why do past K.W.C.s get so much creative liberty (like Match 133’s Mechani-Kong or 150’s Jet Jaguar)?

The K.W.C. is a long-standing part of Toho Kingdom and has undergone different creative heads over time (like Thomas Fairchild, Christian Salabert, and Tyler Trieschock), and therefore had the flexibility to do as they wanted. What they have done are the exceptions to the rule. While the same can be said with current management, every creative head has a different outlook at how flexible they can be when it comes to interpreting and reinventing these characters. But to reiterate, we do try and keep in best interest in adapting these characters faithfully and not take it beyond the current boundaries, unless it is permitted otherwise.

Are we allowed to use Crossover material in the K.W.C.?

Afraid not. Crossovers generally aren’t Toho involved properties, therefore cannot be used. However, if the crossover in question has an original creation or a new incarnation of a Toho creation (i.e. Shin Ghidorah from the Godzilla vs. Evangelion 4D Ride, or Red Ronin from the Marvel Godzilla comics), then it can be considered.

Why not? And what “counts” as Toho? I see Toho-Towa, Toho Video, Toho International… Aren’t they all part of the same thing?

Yes they are; all of Toho’s subsidiaries are under Toho Company Limited. However, the K.W.C. was set up with keystone guidelines; to simplify, the K.W.C. can only take from Toho when it’s either produced in-house by the subsidiary or if they’re distributing Japanese-related productions (unless it’s distributed by Toho Company). Licensing out the characters to other companies does not count. Anything that is included outside of these parameters are through the permission of the Toho Kingdom higher-ups for usage in the K.W.C.

I kinda wish I could write with combatants that aren’t Toho-related in this sort of system.

Good news, you can! The forums have the Kaiju War Chronicles Expanded (K.W.C.E.), which allows combatants from pretty much everything! Please read the K.W.C.E. FAQ for additional information in regards to that section.

Can I send my K.W.C.E. submission through the email? I don’t have a Toho Kingdom account.

You’re more than free to. Just send an email with a link or file containing your work to and be sure the Subject line indicates that it’s a K.W.C.E. submission. Likewise, be sure to provide a personal userhandle / pseudonym to be addressed by.


Are transformations and alternate forms allowed?

Yes, and they are all visually represented either on the main Combatant Statistics page or on the Forms & Assists page, which should provide all the information that you will need.

However, for simplicity’s sake, here are Forms that are not approved for use:

  • Legendary Mothra Larva.
  • Eternal Mothra.
  • Iris’ previous forms.
  • The Millennian.
  • The Giant Meganulon.
  • The Gryphon’s Traveling Probe.
  • Reiwa Godzilla’s 1st form.
  • Godzilla Junior using his lesser forms (Baby, Little).
  • Godzillasaurus mutating into Heisei Godzilla.
  • EX-Gomora.
  • Chaotic Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala.

What’s up with the “Universal” characters? What’s the criteria for them?

Specially denoted “Universal” characters are given the mixed treatment by applying another incarnation of a character over another. This is primarily used to help with banner-making for hard-to-find characters, though there can be leeway with this. In cases like Gigan, it’d be optimal if there is an official publication that depicts this kind of incarnation hybridization to work off of, like Rulers of Earth or the Atari-Pipeworks trilogy.

However, sometimes it’s more important to update characters to gauge writing interests and allow flexibility for one character over the inclusion of many.

What are the qualifications for a monster to be made Universal?

The incarnations must be nearly indistinguishable in terms of power set. Take, for example, Showa Anguirus and Millennium Anguirus. One could write a match with Anguirus and never specify which one is being used, and it would be impossible to tell which one is being used. Now obviously this is somewhat flexible in regards to the likes of Showa and Reiwa Ultraman, due to their differing origins, however the same basic rules apply due to having the same power sets. If official material connects two incarnations as being the same being, such as Gigan in Rulers of Earth or Kamacuras in the prequel novels to Polygon’s anime movie trilogy, that also allows for Universal to be applied.

Is there a limit to how many different incarnations of the same combatant can be in the K.W.C.? I’d love to see Godzilla 2000 vs. Godzilla Earth!

There is no limitation per se, however it is up to K.W.C. Staff to apply the best versions of certain characters to avoid redundancy. If the incarnation is different enough from the others already included (like the difference between Grand Ghidorah and Desghidorah, or Shin Godzilla and Godzilla Ultima), it will be taken into consideration. If the difference isn’t all that big, however (like how Grand Ghidorah is basically just Showa Ghidorah on steroids), then most likely not (or will possibly shift into Multimedia if there’s a better option). Making a Universal version isn’t off the table either, however, we don’t need 10 different versions of the same beast running around.

What happened to the “Retirement” system? Wasn’t that a thing?

Yes, it used to be. However, that has turned into the Multimedia Exclusivity system; please check the Multimedia Archive page for more information.

Hey, there’s a monster in a match that’s not even on the K.W.C. roster! The heck?

Occasionally, you’ll see a kaiju pop up who isn’t technically part of the match it’s appearing in. As long as the monster doesn’t actually take part in the match and affect its outcome drastically, then this is allowed.

For story purposes, can we have non-combatants assist or defeat another combatant?

No, as this directly violates the involvement of a non-combatant. However, there is leniency with them killing off hordes/swarms as long as they don’t sway the results too heavily, like in Match 150 or Match 262.

Am I allowed to have Assists to aid combatants in a K.W.C.?

Yes you can, please look to the Forms & Assists page for more details for that. Keep in mind that the primary combatant must remain standing for it to count as a win.

Can an Assist-type character be used as an actual combatant, or…?

No, they are required to appear with the monster they are associated with (i.e. Showa Minilla appears with Showa Godzilla, and so on) and not be aids to other unlisted combatants. However, the situations where something happens to turn the tide of battle is perfectly fine, even if it’s the Assist fighting their primary combatant. Though the Assist combatant cannot partake in future matches if the primary combatant is dead or absent in any subsequent sequels.

Can an Assist-type character become a regular combatant?

Yes, we have a Graduation System where an Assist-type character can (within reason) become a participant like those found in the Combatant Statistics page. The requirement is using them, and if a character is used frequently enough (or through popular vote), Staff will decide if they are worth including. They will then be retired from being an Assist and be brought over to the main roster where they can be used for free reign in matchups.

Are there combatants that can come in multiples? If so, who?

What’s the extent of outside powers that goes beyond the films? Can I use the various powers from the Pipeworks video games (Titanosaurus and Varan’s sonic beams, Megalon’s magnetic vortexes, etc.)? Or even scrapped abilities, or powers that aren’t from Toho sources?

It is our decision of what powers beyond the films are included or not. Any and all powers available are listed on the Combatant Statistics page. While we may be flexible for the sake of variety, don’t hold your breath. If you have a suggestion, please cite two sources and we will take it into account (the staff also operates in this system, though only the Operation Managers have the power to override).

Admittedly, we’ve had to bend a few of our own rules to make some combatants more capable fighters in the K.W.C. This is why Gomora has his Super Oscillatory Wave when only the Ultra Galaxy version of the character possessed the ability or why the Titans from Attack on Titan have their source material abilities (which Toho had no involvement in). To a lesser degree, this is also why Battra can transform back and forth between adult and larval forms or Shin Godzilla’s extensive catalog of allowed adaptations.

Can I have Shin Godzilla adapt in any way aside from what is outlined in the list of powers? And what even are half of these adaptations?

Please refrain from having Shin Godzilla adapt in ways outside of what is outlined in his list of powers. We hope that what is present will be sufficient for any prospective writers seeking to utilize the character. The drafts and information provided in the movie are simply being used as limits to ensure people cannot simply do whatever they wish with Shin Godzilla’s adaptation, and that he is within the same guidelines as the rest of the roster. While they can often be stretched as new information and opinions surface, outright breaking them will always be disallowed.

For information on Shin Godzilla’s new capabilities, please refer to this forum post compiled by Andrew Sudomerski.

Are we allowed to have combatants be given upgrades/buffs through means outside of their movepools/natural abilities, like the Godzilla Unleashed crystals?

That’s fine, as it can help shake up the dynamic of the match! As far as sources beyond the movies go, these are the ones in the all-clear:

    • Matango
    • Critical Mass
      • Note: Those listed as [Aliens/SDF/Misc] cannot attain Critical Mass, as the in-game feats don’t display a point where the Gotengo undergoes this transformation in-game.
      • Requires the presence of the crystal energy to do so; no sporadic transformations.
    • The Power Surge Crystals (Fire Surge, Electric Surge, Speed Surge, etc.)
      • Note: Same as above in regards to Aliens/SDF/Misc combatants.
      • Can be depicted as both the Wii and PS2 iterations; use as visually depicted.
      • Each Surge can only be used once per match (can reset per match if it’s an ongoing story).
      • One combatant can hold multiple Power Surges.
      • Requires the presence of the crystals.


    Have a question not already in these K.W.C. frequently asked questions? If you have any questions of your own, or if something is unclear, feel more than free to comment below!