A complete translation of the 150 page considered draft for Godzilla X Varan, Baragon and Anguirus: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, as seen in the 2022 Japanese publication Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Completion (ISBN: 9784798627793). Following the story translation is a “staff message” interview with GMK modelers Fuyuki Shinada and Takuya Yamabe from the same book.

Director Shusuke Kaneko penned 3 early drafts – Varan x Baragon x Anguirus Giant Monsters All-Out Attack: Godzilla 2002, Varan X Baragon X Anguirus Giant Monsters All-Out Attack: Godzilla 2002 PROT2ND, and Godzilla 2002 ver.3 – before a significant amount of the story and characters were further fleshed out by Keiichi Hasegawa in his 49 page draft, Varan X Baragon X Anguirus: Godzilla Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

In this 5th version of the story, much of the foundation has already been laid for the familiar characters Yuri Tachibana and her father, as well as a majority of the supporting cast. In previous iterations, the Gotengo (or equivalent) was to play an important role in defeating Godzilla, but the familiar superweapon would be phased out over time by the D-03-equipped Satsuma. The draft shared here would also be the final one to prominently feature Varan and Anguirus as the Yamato Guardian Monsters before the two were replaced by Mothra and King Ghidorah respectively.

As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

~ Joshua S.


©Toho Pictures, Inc.
Produced by Toho Pictures, Inc

Produced by Shōgo Tomiyama
Producer Hideyuki Honma
Screenplay Keiichi Hasegawa/Masahiro Yokotani/Shusuke Kaneko
Director Shusuke Kaneko

YURI TACHIBANA (Discover Channel employee)

TACHIBANA (Admiral in the Self Defense Force/Yuri’s father)

TAKEDA (Novelist in training/Friend of Yuri)

KADOKURA (Head of the Planning Department at Discover Channel)

KUMI EMORI (Self Defense Force/Information Management Department)
MIKUMO (SDF/top brass)

HIROSE (SDF/second lieutenant)
KOBAYAKAWA ( 〝 / Information Management Department)
SAKITA ( 〝 / Captain of the Aizu)
MIYASHITA ( 〝 /〝 adjutant)



Others, etc.


1 SDF/United States Fleet HQ, Yokosuka

Admiral Tachibana is giving a briefing in front of a large group of new graduates.

TACHINBANA “In 1954, about fifty years ago and long before you, ladies and gentlemen, were born, Japan was met with a fearsome disaster. That disaster was Godzilla.”

The newly graduating soldiers listen nervously, at wrapt attention.

TACHIBANA “The capital of Tokyo was transformed into a battleground, and many of your predecessors gave their lives, using all the effort at their disposal to finally bring down Godzilla. In the years since World War II, this is the only true battle we of the Self Defense Forces, created under the auspices of the pacifist constitution, have yet experienced. Since then, Japan has maintained a peace boasted of both internally and externally. However, this does not mean all threats towards our country have been exterminated.  At the end of the last century, destruction brought on by cryptids has affected lands throughout the world, with the most notable example being when America was attacked by a giant lifeform bearing a striking resemblance to Godzilla itself.”

From the back comes the murmuring of blonde-haired soldiers wearing piercings.

SOLDIER A “Huh, so it was Godzilla after all?”

SOLDIER B “America calls it Godzilla, but Japanese academics don’t recognize that nomenclature.”

Tachibana continues.

TACHIBANA  “We cannot rule out the possibility that Godzilla will attack our country once again, and we must not forget that our vigilance cannot be taken for granted. People hold varying opinions on the matter, but I believe Godzilla is still alive.”

Newspaper reporters are covering the speech from the press section.

NEWSPAPER REPORTER A “…If Godzilla is alive, the military budget can be raised as high as they want.”

Reporter B’s cellphone vibrates, and he picks it up.

NEWSPAPER REPORTER B “An American nuclear sub is…?!”

Reporter A looks questioningly, but then his phone too vibrates, and he picks it up. Reporters throughout the press section begin receiving calls, picking them up, and become startled by what they hear on the other line. The press section becomes a mass of confused noise.

An orderly runs up to Tachibana.

TACHIBANA [Following a perusal] “It’s a call to mobilize the Combined Fleet. It’s not for battle.”


2 Same/Naval General Staff/Communications Room

Signalman B is sending off communiques on the transmitter.

SIGNALMAN B “SOS received from US nuclear submarine in the oceanic region xx kilometers off the coast of Guam. The cabinet requests that the Maritime Self Defense Forces be dispatched to provide disaster relief based upon the Treaty of Amity and Commerce Between the United States and Japan.”


3 In front of the QFRONT building, Shibuya

Yuri Tachibana (21), laden down with bags, stops to look up at the giant television screen before hurrying off towards the Pantheon.

TV NEWS “The Maritime Defense Force and Combined Fleet have arrived at the scene, and have started joint operations with the US military. They are hoping to engage in a search of the seabed using Japan’s most cutting edge technology.”



Many illuminated beams intersect in a soundless, dark void.

A fleet of DSRVs (deep-submergence rescue vehicles), small manned submersive pods named Satsuma, are conducting a search on the ocean floor.

There are two people per pod, and the submersibles are equipped with arms.

As the brightly illuminated lights slip across the seabed, they come upon what looks to be the remains of a submarine. Multiple beams then gather upon that point.

Satsuma Unit 1 approaches the wreckage.

× × ×

Inside the pilot house of Unit 1.

Second Lieutenant Hirose and Navigation Officer Sugino are in the midst of operating the pod.

HIROSE “Unit 1 is on approach to target… [Muttering] This has to be the result of an explosive accident.”

Just then, the sand on the ocean floor begins to rise about, and they can tell that a massive ocean current has begun to flow. Amidst thunderous noise,  the various Satsuma pods are tossed about by the current.

Sugino takes the control column, panicked.

SUGINO “The current has rendered navigation impossible!”

× × ×

Unit 2, spinning about, impacts with a boulder on the seabed and takes serious damage.

× × ×

Hirose, seeing this, expresses terrible shock.

× × ×

For a brief moment, something resembling a giant dorsal fin appears in the light of Unit 1’s beam, and then disappears. Sugino grips the control column and attempts to illuminate whatever he had just seen.

The dorsal fin moves about, and then disappears completely.

× × ×

WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS “Requesting damage report. Were you able to observe what the object in motion was?”

HIROSE “Unit 2 has taken grievous damage. Requesting rescue!”

WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS “Report details regarding nature of massive object in motion!”

HIROSE “[Yelling] I can’t believe my own eyes!”






5 Newspaper Headlines

“Two Maritime Defense Force Vessels in Distress Following US Submarine Rescue Operation”

“State-of-the-Art Submarine Satsuma Unit 1 Sinks to Ocean Floor”

“Was This Caused by a Seabed Vent Current?”


6 A panoramic view of the Sea of Trees, with Mount Fuji in the background



A reporter stands in front of a camera.  Yuri taps a clapperboard with numbers written on it, swiftly tearing off the record paper affixed to the back of the clapperboard’s slate, pressing start on a stopwatch just as the cue is given.

Obediently, the reporter begins to speak when the director gives the signal.

Filming is being undertaken by a small team.

REPORTER “In recent years, here within the Sea of Trees that stretches out from the foot of the sacred peak of Mt. Fuji, there has been a continued rash of missing persons cases. In order to bring you the mysteries of the divine beasts of legend, spoken of since times immemorial, our news team is about to set foot into the forbidden lands even the denizens of nearby villages refuse to enter. [He turns his head at the director’s signal] Huh?”

The camera pans towards a pond. Within the pond, the AD, Takagi, is shaking a mass of grass, rustling about, and suddenly throws a rock some distance. With a plop,  spray leaps out from the center of the pond.

REPORTER “Th-there’s s-something there!”

Yuri puts up with the purposefully studied tone of the reporter’s raised voice.

DIRECTOR “All right, cut!”

YURI “[Expressing doubt] Huh?”

DIRECTOR “[Displeased at Yuri] I said, ‘cut’.”

YURI “So, we’re not going to get b-roll of the ripples in the pond?”

CAMERAMAN “[Obeying] Alright, [to the assistant] get it running. [To Takagi] Throw another stone.”

DIRECTOR “Yuri, I’m the director here.”

YURI “[Readying the clapperboard] Ah…”

DIRECTOR “I’m the one who makes those decisions!!”

YURI “[Pressing down on the stopwatch] My apologies.”

DIRECTOR “[To the cameraman] Go ahead and get a shot of the ripples.”

CAMERAMAN “I’ve already got the shot.”

YURI “[Looking at the monitor] Ok… Ah, [noticing something] Excuse me, but.”

The director, gritting his teeth, glares at Yuri.

An assistant from the village hall comes running up,  subordinates trailing behind him.

ASSISTANT VILLAGE OFFICIAL “Hey! Yer all are part of the media! You ain’t got yer filming permits!”

The news team freezes.

DIRECTOR “Uh… well, this is a news program.”

ASSISTANT “Just what does throwing stones have’ta do with the news!?”

SUBORDINATE “I looked up the Discover Channel. Shouldn’t you all be ashamed of your show? Focusing on the occult, ghosts, and monsters.”

DIRECTOR “Yes, but we present it all in a very serious manner…”

ASSISTANT “Bet you want to make us out ta’ be some sorta haunted village. We get by here on healthy, normal tourism. The worst thing someone could do is ta’ ruin our image and keep tourists away. You go and tell lies ‘bout us, are you gonna hold yerself accountable with what results? Stop all this and head on home, right now!”

YURI “Please wait just a moment! The children of today love mysteries and strange events. There was a film in America based on a legend about witches that was a huge hit, and the location where it was set is now experiencing an unending tourism boom.”

ASSISTANT/SUBORDINATE “Huh? [They find themselves listing to Yuri’s story]”

YURI “And not just that. What people are really interested in now is whether or not monsters truly exist. They say that, fifty years on from Godzilla, we’re beginning to forget what it was like during that disaster. There could be no better timing than this moment to call forth tourists to your village.”

ASSISTANT “…Are you in charge here?”

At that moment, the ground begins to shake with an ominous groaning.

ASSISTANT “Ahh! It’s a big one! S-save me!”

In a panic, the assistant official clings onto Yuri.

The Sea of Trees sways, and leaves fall down from above.

YURI “Please calm down!”

Takagi jumps out of the pond, yelling “hot!!” As everyone watches, steam begins to waft from the pond, and suddenly the water surface is boiling.

Everyone reacts in shock.

YURI “[To the cameraman] Film this!”

DIRECTOR “I told you, I’m the director!”

An unnerving voice, like that of some beast, emanates from an unknown region. The earthquake clams down. All present shudder, glancing around the forest.

TAKAGI “Wh-What was that?”

YURI “It’s just the sound of the wind.  There are air holes all over this area… [Taking notice of the assistant still clinging to her] It’s all right now.”

ASSISTANT “Ah… [He lets go, blushing] Might could be I got a bit scared there. That was the first time I’ve been in such a big earthquake, see.”

YURI “[Amiably] May we continue our filming?”

ASSISTANT “Go right on ahead.  You’ll give a proper plug for Izumi Village, right?”

YURI “Yes [She smiles at her crew].”

The crew, with the exception of the director, are overjoyed.

YURI “Huh? [She looks off into the distance]”

A an old man (Isayama) has been looking in their direction. However, when Yuri looks aside for a moment, the old man disappears.

YURI “…[Suspicious] Someone from the village?”




A couple are kissing in the passenger seats of their parked car.

Then, a group of motorcycles, flags fluttering from affixed poles, drive into the parking area with a cacophony of noise.

The couple is startled, and the youths on their bikes encircle the couple’s car, pulling our iron pipes as they do so.

COUPLE “Ahhhhh!!!”

The car’s glass windows are shattered; the passenger vehicle is mercilessly destroyed.

Amidst a variety of noises, the screams of the couple are quieted.


The attacks on the car come to an end.

MOTORCYCLE DELINQUENT BOSS “Not much in the way of prey here. We’re off!”

The motorcycle delinquent posse starts their engines.

The man and woman in their wrecked car quake with fear, crying.



The delinquent gang whizzes by on their bikes, engines throttling. They overtake slow-moving long-distance trucks, high speed-drifting past them.

DRIVER “[In a rage] Shut that noise the hell up! Hurry up and disappear, you punks!!”

The gang enters a tunnel, one bike after another.


10 A view of the MOUNTAINS – NIGHT

A great shaking occurs alongside a muffled sound, like a great rumble.



The shaking causes the delinquent biker gang to swerve off course.

One bike, then a second, and then one after another all tumble to the ground.


The biker gang comes to a stop.

The truck stops at the tunnel entrance.


Cracks begin to appear in the ceiling, and the inner wall begins to crumble.

The biker gang members attempt to do a hurried u-turn, but they panic, each trying to drive their motorcycle in a different direction, exchanging angry shouts at each other.  All the while, sand and earth rains down on them from above.

From some unknown place comes the roar of a beast.

DRIVER “!!!”

The ceiling suddenly collapses. The sight of the biker gang, caught up in the tunnel’s collapse, floats within the truck’s headlights.


Amidst the collapse, beyond the cloud of dust, for a moment a gigantic eye can be seen to open. The beast roars.

DRIVER “[Looking on in terror] Oh, oh god!!”


12 Tokyo/In the vicinity of Azabu (The next morning)

A chic 3-story white building.

The sign reads “CSTV Discover Channel.”


13 “Discover Channel”/Planning Room

Yuri has spread out a map on the director of planning, Kadokura’s, desk, and is explaining.

YURI “The earthquake that caused the hot springs to appear last night also caused a tunnel to collapse on top of a biker gang 150 miles to the north in Niigata Prefecture.”

KADOKURA “And just what does that have to do with anything?”

YURI “Nothing. But we can make it look like there’s some sort of mystery here.”

KADOKURA “You’re asking me to put together additional budgeting for another location shoot?”

YURI “We’ll make it a day trip.”

KADOKURA “And you want me to switch you in as director? I’m betting that’s your real goal. You’re such a bad little girl, Yuri.”

YURI “That’s incorrect! It should come in the form of a recommendation from you…”

KADOKURA “You’re supposed to be a script supervisor, right?”

YURI “I hold the concurrent positions of editor, AD, and AP.”

KADOKURA “I’m the one who’s overlooking that fact. It’s all me. Let’s grab a meal and discuss the details of your future. How about tonight?”

YURI “[Put off by the look in the department chief’s eyes] I’m sorry, I’ve got plans.”


14 Nakagocho/The collapsed tunnel

An inspection of the scene is being facilitated by the local police.

MALE REPORTER “All those caught in the collapse were boys in their teens. Their families and friends at school are all deep in despair, the sound of their tears-“

High schoolers are mugging for the TV cameras, flashing V-for-Victory signals.

× × ×

Kobayakawa of the Information Management Department [wearing a suit] and a local police detective, Aoki, are staring at a bike covered in dirt and dust.

AOKI “It collapsed so suddenly. Surely the children did not suffer.”

KOBAYAKAWA “Were there any witnesses?”

AOKI “[Hesitating] There was a truck driver, but…”

× × ×

Inside of a van, the driver, wrapped in a blanket, quakes with fear while being questioned by the police.

DRIVER “Stupidly large mouth, eyes, ears… like the stone guardian lions at a shinto shrine, with a terrible voice… It was feasting…”

KOBAYAKAWA “[Staring at the man]…”

DRIVER “It had to be Godzilla! Godzilla!”

× × ×

In a ditch by the roadside lies the fallen helmet of BOY A.

As Kobayakawa picks up the helmet, a gelatinous liquid drips languidly off of it.



15 A Japanese-style pub

Takagi drinks with Yuri.

YURI “Y’know, I wish I hadn’t been born a woman.”

TAKAGI “Huh, why? [In a quiet voice] Especially when you’re so appealing.”

YURI “[Unable to hear what Takagi said] Being a woman is annoying as hell. There are so many things that’ll piss you off. [Noticing someone in the entrance] Hey there!”

Takagi looks, seeing that Takeda has arrived.

Takagi and Takeda greet on another, giving each other suspicious looks.

YURI “You’re young comrades, so why not talk about our hoped-for futures?”

TAKEDA “…In that case, I thought we’d talk about that material we’d spoken of.”

With that, Takeda takes out a weathered copy of The Record of the Three Sacred Beasts Who Defend the Country.

TAKEDA “I found a pretty interesting incident revolving around this online.”


16 Ministry of Defense/Panoramic view (with title) – NIGHT


17 Same/Information Management Department (with title)

Kumi Emori, an administrator dressed in her uniform, with documents in hand.

EMORI “There are quite a few very shared aspects between the incident at the foot of Mt. Fuji and that in Niigata.”

KOBAYAKAWA “It’s an undiscovered active fault, and the hypocenter is exceptionally shallow.”

EMORI “And the residue you spoke of? Was it some sort of animal saliva after all?”

KOBAYAKAWA “The detailed analysis results will be available from tomorrow.”


18 Akita Prefecture/Lake Tazawa (with title)/Scenery – LATE NIGHT


19 A rest house by the lake shore/Front – LATE NIGHT

A pet dog barks ferociously, bark, bark, bark!


20 Same/Inside – LATE NIGHT


Glass shatters, as a group of youths break into the store.

Talking in flirtatious voices, they toss every last item in the store, from beer cans, snacks, and souvenirs, into cardboard boxes.

At the front of the store, the dog continues to bark, bark, bark.

YOUTH A “[Looking backwards] Loud piece of…”


21 Lake Tazawa/Lake shore – LATE NIGHT

Men and women dance, yelling out coquettishly, as the loud sound of a karaoke set reverberates.

The youths with their cardboard boxes return from the rest house.

YOUTH B “You get any booze?”

YOUTH C “[Lifting cardboard box above his head] We’re gonna drink till the break of dawn!”

The dog’s barking can be heard from inside of the cardboard box held onto by YOUTH A.

YOUTH B “You’re telling me you picked up a dog?”

GAUDY WOMAN “I hate dogs!”

YOUTH A “We’re gonna get rid of this witness.”

× × ×

YOUTH B kicks over a small statue of Jizo, patron bodhisattva of children, near the lake shore.

The youths place the Jizo statue inside of the dog’s box.

The dog lets out a yelp following a dull thud.

× × ×

The youths head out into the lake on a boat.

× × ×

The darkness of the lakebed.

Slowly, something shifts its focus towards-

× × ×

NIGHT, the surface of the lake.

From onboard the boat, with a woosh, the youths lift up the box with the dog inside and attempt to forcefully throw it into the lake. Suddenly, the lake surface is alive with waves.

Bam! A powerful shockwaves hits them head on.

The boat capsizes, sending all the youths tumbling into the water.

YOUTH A “[Enraged] The hell! This ain’t funny! Who the hell-?”

Suddenly, YOUTH A sinks into the water.

GAUDY WOMAN “Haha, what are you doing, Hiroki…?”

Splash. The gaudy woman also sinks.

YOUTH B “[Panicked] H-help! Someone- someone, help… Argh!”

The last among them sinks, and their friends alongshore realize the gravity of the situation. Gathered by the lake, they see right in front of them-

Suddenly, the silhouette of a giant monster emerges from the depths.

A shadow larger than a building stands out in the moonlight.

The screams of the youths are erased by the beast’s roar.


22 Tokyo/Nakameguro/The road in front of a condominium – LATE NIGHT

A taxi comes to a halt, and its door opens.

Takeda emerges, shouldering a dead-drunk Yuri.


23 Condominium/Hallway

The elevator door opens, and Takeda walks out, holding onto Yuri.

TAKEDA “Do you have the key?”

Yuri mumbles, half unconscious, yet manages to search through her bag and hand over the key to Takeda.

At the same time, suddenly, the door opens from the inside.

TAKEDA “-?!”

The door has been opened by TACHIBANA. For a moment, the two men stand, frozen. Takeda timidly averts his eyes.

TAKEDA “Ah, I’m, um, bringing Ms. Yuri back home…”

TACHIBANA “[Chillily] Why, thank you for your graciousness.”

Yuri becomes aware of her father’s presence.

YURI “Father, you’re here? [She gives a drunken, mocking salute] Your eldest daughter, Yuri, has returned home.”

TACHIBANA “Enough of that. [To Takeda] Thank you for your assistance.”

Takeda hands Yuri off to her father.

TAKEDA “Think nothing of it. E-excuse me.”

He flees the scene.

YURI “Be careful out there…“

TACHIBANA “How unsightly. Leaving a young, drunken woman in a state like this.”

YURI “[Suddenly alert] I’m not drunk.”

Saying this, she tries to enter the condo, only for her knees to buckle.

TACHIBANA “[Supporting her] First you drink some water, then into the bath with you!”


24 On the television, a TV reporter stands by the LAKESHORE

REPORTER “A mysterious mass disappearance of youths has occurred. Here, at Akita Prefecture’s Lake Tazawa, thirteen campers who had been making merry into the dead of the night have vanished with the coming of the dawn, leaving not a trace behind!”


25 YURI’s CONDO/Dining room

Tachibana wipes down the table and sets the silverware. The sound of the television set can be heard.

Yuri, hung over, her eyes half-asleep, still manages to properly fry up an omelet.

× × ×

Father and daughter eat breakfast facing each other.

TACHIBANA “How’s work?”

YURI “Ship-shape.”

TACHIBANA “That sort of work environment must come with its frustrations.”

YURI “All my coworkers are good people, so I’m enjoying myself on the daily.”

TACHIBANA “I can’t watch your show in good faith.”

YURI “Well, no need to watch it, then.”

TACHIBANA “I think you need to stop associating the word ‘news’ with your program.”

YURI “The reason we have sponsors is because people actually want to watch the show.”

TACHIBANA “It’s truly too much. Can’t you find some more respectable material to cover?”

YURI “We’re all doing our best on a limited budget. It’s not a channel meant to appeal to people as rigid as you, dad.”

TACHIBANA “The young man yesterday…”

YURI “That’s just Takeda.”

TACHIBANA “Are you two going out?”

YURI “Just friends.”

TACHIBANA “Workplace friends?”

YURI “Nope. He helps me out with my reporting some times. He’s an apprentice horror author.”

TACHIBANA “If you’re dating, that would have been the right time for him to properly introduce himself. I was a bit flustered myself.”

YURI “[Laughing] I’m telling you we’re not together, so there’s no basis for that sort of formal introduction. All that happened is he tried to bring a drunk woman back to her home and you showed up all of a sudden to loom over him.”

TACHIBANA “Sounds like I got in your way.”

YURI “Nope, you saved me, really.”



Yuri sits in the window seat. Beside her sits Takagi, and in the seat across from her is Takeda.

Yuri is inspecting a digital video.

TAKAGI  “You tap the menu and adjust the exposure.”

YURI “I’m well aware.”

TAKAGI “…Are you angry?”

YURI “Why do you ask?”

TAKAGI “Because I’m a lightweight.”

YURI “Just why would I get angry over your inability to hold your liquor?”

TAKEDA “You must be lamenting your inability to drink with us to the end.”

TAKAGI “As if.”

TAKEDA “Be at ease. Nothing happened.”

YURI “What are you talking about?”

TAKEDA “Are you going to be able to put up with this on-air?”

YURI “I’ll be fine. The screen is really messed up, by the way.”


27 Near Mt. Fuji’s Sea of Trees/Motosu Police Department (In the AM)

Yuri, Takeda, and Takagi walk down the hallways, guided by a POLICEMAN.

POLICEMAN “Our village here has become pretty famous, you know. All of a sudden, people are coming to live in the middle the village’s portion of the forest, saying Godzilla is going to show up, roaming all around the place…”



The three are shown into the room by the police officer, where OLD MAN ISAYAMA lies with his back curled up, muttering.

YURI “Huh?… This is the old man from…”

TAKEDA “You know him?”

YURI “Maybe I’m mistaken…”

POLICEMAN “He was disturbing an old shrine in the sacred lands of Shakagatake… Everyone says there’s been an old man attacking other temples, destroying the sacred objects within. Did you read about that on our website?”

TAKEDA “Yes, that’s how we learned about this event.”

POLICEMAN “[Boastfully] I’m in charge of our website.”

Isayama becomes aware of Yuri, and approaches her.

YURI “[Stiffening up] Pleased to meet you.”

He suddenly garbs Yuri’s hand, planting something in her palm and forcing her to make a fist over it.

YURI “-?”

ISAYAMA “[Whispering] The time has come… And little time remains to us.”

YURI “……”

Yuri stealthily opens her hand – the object is strangely shaped, stone-like.

YURI “……?”

ISAYAMA “That is the stone of Angira.”



An underwater video is playing on a screen.

In the video, which occasionally breaks up, for a moment a giant “dorsal fin” passed across the screen. Meanwhile, the video is often completely taken over by noise and static.

TACHIBANA “Second Lieutenant Hirose.”

HIROSE “[Standing up] The video is from the underwater camera from the DSRV I was piloting.”

TACHIBANA “Did you also witness this phenomena with your own eyes?”

HIROSE “Yes. It appeared approximately 50 meters in front of us.”

TACHIBANA “In your own opinion, what do you believe this to be?”

HIROSE “The dorsal fin… of some giant lifeform.”

Those in the room burst out into a frenzy of noise. Emori and Kobayakawa are both there in the midst of it all.

MIKUMO “Admiral Tachibana. That is not enough for us to proclaim that what we see here is Godzilla. We must pledge ourselves to build up further detailed study before making a careful announcement of our findings.”

TACHIBANA “I worry that we are already too late. If the shadow here recorded is in fact that of Godzilla, and it is possible that the atomic material from the vanished US nuclear submarine has been taken into the creature’s womb, then I propose the official proclamation of an alert status.”

MIKUMO “Even if we were to suppose it was Godzilla, with us having now passed half a century since the creature’s attack on the Japanese mainland,  perhaps we can guess at to why Japan must once again suffer damage. If our enemy is simply a monster without the ability to plan, then the likelihood would be much greater that Godzilla would appear in Indonesia, or Australia, or China.”

TACHIBANA “Then why did Godzilla come to Japan 50 years ago? There has still yet to be an answer provided to this question that all can comprehend. Beyond knowing the reason, we cannot decide how unlikely it would be that the creature would, in fact, return to Japan.”

MIKUMO “In that case, maybe he bears some sort of grudge against Japan.”

The commissioned officers laugh.

Secretary HINOGAKI of the Naval General Staff, clad in a suit.

HINOGAKI “I will inform the cabinet. But don’t get too hopeful.”

TACHIBANA “What exactly does that mean?”

HINOGAKI “We have to accept that the increase in military budget necessary to carry out large-scale vigilance operations will induce demonstrations from the masses.”

TACHIBANA “Then why not announce the possibility of Godzilla’s return beforehand?”

HINOGAKI “We shall be the ones to decide whether or not to take that course of action.”

MIKUMO “Even if we were to say that Godzilla has in fact returned, our firepower easily outmatches what we possessed upon our establishment 50 years ago.”

TACHIBANA “Although there are surviving documents that claim weaponry was no use against Godzilla.”

MIKUMO “Wouldn’t our modern military make easy work of Godzilla?”


30 Within the grounds of a Shinto shrine – EVENING

Isayama stands within the shrine grounds. Yuri mans the video camera, while Takagi records audio with the digital audiotape. Takeda stands off to the side.

ISAYAMA “Godzilla won’t die even if you hit it with a cannon. Do you know why? After all, even if the radiation from a nuclear bomb granted a surviving dinosaur an unnatural vitality, if it’s a living creature, it should still be able to die. But you can’t kill Godzilla with weaponry.  This is because Godzilla is a mass agglomeration of residual feelings.”

TAKEDA “Residual feelings……”

ISAYAMA “In other words, a deep-seated grudge.”

YURI “A deep-seated grudge… like a curse or divine punishment?”

ISAYAMA “The souls of innumerable humans whose lives were so cruelly ended during the Pacific War are stored within Godzilla.”

YURI “Um…”

ISAYAMA “In response, the gods of Yamato are awakening from their long slumber in order to protect the country. However, the Japan of today shuns the gods, fruitlessly coveting the concept of peace.”

YURI “Uh, no matter how much you may claim that…”

ISAYAMA “At this rate, the gods will abandon Japan. If the gods do not awaken, the country will be burnt to ashes by Godzilla.”

TAKEDA “[From the side]  That’s why you’ve been breaking taboos set down through time immemorial? You’re doing it to revive the guardian deities of Yamato?”


31 Discover Channel/EDITING BAY

A close-up on Isayama speaking plays over the monitor.

YURI’S VOICE “I do have one question.”

ISAYAMA “[Stares at the camera]”

YURI “If Godzilla is the incarnation of those whose lives were lost in the war, why exactly would he want to destroy Japan?”

ISAYAMA “Because people have completely forgotten them.”

YURI’s voice “Excuse me?”

ISAYAMA “The screams of so many people, lost to history and to the past. That feeling of deepest regret.”

The video suddenly cuts off, ending.

Department Head Kadokura stands behind Yuri.

KADOKURA “So you believe this old man’s story, Yuri.”

YURI “It’s a wild fantasy, but one with some power to it.”

KADOKURA “It’s reminded me of a story about Godzilla I heard from my old man”

YURI “As far as the person telling the story is concerned, it’s true.”

KADOKURA “You know, my family lost people to the Godzilla attack.”

YURI “I’d like to do some deeper research on this issue. Is that alright?”

KADOKURA “Here’s hoping the real deal doesn’t show up in the meantime.”



Thunder!! A rough ocean surface in the midst of a violent squall.


33 Magonoteshima – NIGHT

Whitecaps smash against the quay, bursting into foam.

A small village on the coast is weathering a direct hit from a typhoon.




In a room, guests with the look of salarymen play mahjong.

MAN A “So I guess no diving tomorrow, either.”

MAN B “Want to stay up all night playing mahjong? Don’t think I’ve pulled all all-nighter session since university.”

MAN C “Can’t believe I took my first vacation in a year for this.”

MAN D “There we go. Woo pin, ron!”


Sudden shaking sends the tiles flying.

MAN D “! That was a haneman hand!”

Bam! Bam!

The shaking grows closer. Dust sprinkles downwards.

The typhoon report on the television is in chaos.

MAN A “[With trepidation] This is no earthquake.”

MAN B “Then what is it?!”



The shaking causes pots and pans to fall one after another.

The proprietress is in a panic.



A man in a light summer kimono is relieving himself, and opens the window directly in front of him with a great deal of fear.

URINATING MAN “[Terrified] God-… God- God- God…”

The camera pulls away from this man’s terror-stricken face.

As soon as the camera has pulled away entirely from the building-


A giant, black leg steps on the inn, completely smashing it.

From inside the storm comes GODZILLA’s roar.

Lighting has allowed us to momentarily view the terrifying expression on Godzilla’s face.


37 The novelist Araki’s room

An ostentatious nameplate reads “TAIHEI ARAKI”


38 Same/PARLOR

A hoard of documents are spread out on a table, in front of which Yumi and Takeda are drinking canned beers and conversing. The stone is also set down on the table.

YURI “[Paging through a book] Humans aren’t the only things that have memories. The Earth itself remembers. If we can only learn to listen, they must have much they can tell us of.”

TAKEDA “Those are the words of the Hopi tribe of the Native Americans, right?”

YURI “Bingo.”

TAKEDA “There is the idea that theses stones are in fact an ancient storage medium. To put it in today’s language, they’d be like CDs or magnetic discs.”

YURI “In a stone?”

TAKEDA “It’s like how applying huge pressure to granite containing a good deal of quartz can cause it to take on electricity. They say it might be possible to make these stones into a storage medium by making use of this aspect of the material.”

YURI “And many of the sacred objects enshrined in Shinto shrines are stones, right?”

TAKEDA “Many of the historical ruins found overseas as well.”

YURI “Hey, hey, you know how people say the true nature of the soul is electricity, right? If you could seal a soul up inside of a stone in the form of spiritual energy… [With a start, she suddenly grasps the concept]  Then, that old man was aware of that, and was…”

TAKEDA “He’s trying to release the spirits held within the sacred stones, allowing them to posses the Yamato monsters!”

YURI “I can’t believe the words that are coming out of my mouth, but… If a god were to appear…”

TAKEDA “The types of gods that old man talks about are not like those described in the ancient tome, The Kojiki. They are something older… from a time when the mountains, seas, and lakes of this land existed in pure nature, and were worshiped for the spirits within. Baradagi, Baragora, and Angira are all such gods.”

YURI “In that case, what about Godzilla?”

TAIHEI ARAKI shows himself at this moment.

Araki “Little Yuri! It’s been a while!”

YURI “[Now acting professionally] Sir, thank you very much for your recent television appearance!”

ARAKI “I’d be happy to appear as much as you like. Even though the pay is lousy.”

YURI “Beg my pardon. Please come on the show again!”

She sees the good-spirited Araki to the door.

TAKEDA “His fee is too expensive, so we’ve been told never to host him again.”

YURI “That’s fine. Because you’re filling in his place well enough.”



SIGNALMAN B is communicating to Emori’s location.

SIGNALMAN B “Communication with Magonoteshima in the Ogasawaras has ceased.”

EMORI “Could it be the typhoon…?  Surely the Japan Coast Guard has been called up.”



SIGNALMAN C  “There’s been a mass disappearance in Mount Fuji’s Sea of Trees.”

EMORI “The Sea of Trees? I’m off.”


40 Television Screen

A female reporter stands in front of the Sea of Trees.

REPORTER “We’re here covering the sudden disappearance of approximately 50 members of the cult group ‘Philosopher’s Congress.’  The believers have set up a shrine in the depths of the Sea of Trees, with loud religious music being heard from the deep forest late into the night. Then, this morning, a local tourism employee…”


41 The foot of Mount Fuji/AOKIGAHARA, the Sea of Trees

An on-site inspection by the police.

Trees lie, mowed down, all about. The shrine is ruined, its original form impossible to perceive. Giant speakers lie overturned.

Finding a gelatinous substance that has dripped down onto the wreckage,

EMORI “Is this identical to that found in Niigata?”

KOBAYAKAWA “They think it’s something like saliva.”

A detective comes up, showing a photograph to Emori.

DETECTIVE “These photos were developed off negatives found among the personal items of one of the cult members.”

Staring at the various photos handed to her,

EMORI “These are dated from yesterday…”

In the photograph, a few young cultists are lined up together, smiling.

She lines up the scenery around her with that in the photograph.

EMORI “[Puzzled] It’s disappeared.”

The photograph. In the background behind the cultists, a beak-like protrusion is visible.

Whatever it is, it’s now disappeared without a trace.

KOBAYAKAWA “[Looking] It would be a bit strange for this to be part of their religious alter.”

EMORI “It’s pretty big, if we compare it to size of the people around it.”

KOBAYAKAWA “For it to have disappeared means…”

EMORI “Someone left and took it with them… Either that, or it moved on its own.”



An acoustic engineer shows Yuri and Takeda around a soundproofed booth.

ACOUSTIC ENGINEER “[Encouraging them to take a seat] Wait just a moment. I’ll get it ready.”

TAKEDA “Thank you.”

YURI “What are you checking?”

TAKEDA “Although the similarities between the Niigata and Tazawa incidents could still be perceived as mere coincidence, this morning’s news out of Fuji has cemented it for me. The three disappearance cases do have some something in common.”

YURI “You mean the way they correspond to what’s written in The Record of the Three Sacred Beasts Who Defend the Country? I also noticed it. I agree that it seems all too much to only be coincidence.”

TAKEDA “The sound of the engines of a biker gang. The hard rock played by the youths. And the religious music of the cult. In all the disappearances, there is the constant element of the production of loud sound.”

YURI “……Sound.”

TAKEDA “Those loud noises must have served to associate with something that caused the Yamato monsters to awaken. In other words…”

The acoustic engineer reappears.

ACOUSTIC ENGINEER “Before we begin the analysis, I’d like you to first listen to the raw audio. This is some rare audio here, collected from a destroyed television tower in 1954.”

YURI “[To Takeda] So what these monsters associated those sounds with were…”

TAKEDA “[Nodding] The roar of their natural enemy – Godzilla.”

The acoustic engineer flips the switch on.

The overwhelming roar of Godzilla resounds throughout the booth!

YURI “……!”


43 The sky above MAGONOTESHIMA

Anti-submarine patrol planes fly in, the weather now clear and sunny.

× × ×

The cockpit.

PILOT A “[Over the wireless] We have arrived at the sky over Magonoteshima. It appears that the village on the island is in a state of near complete destruction. I repeat-“

× × ×

Directly below the patrol plane.

We can see the mercilessly destroyed village.

× × ×

VOICE OVER WIRELESS “Can you confirm any survivors on the island?”

PILOT A “Reducing elevation and commencing search operations.”

From the rear seat comes the voice of the copilot.

COPILOT “Hey… was there always a mountain in that location?”

PILOT A “- A mountain?”

× × ×

A gigantic rocky mountain. No, rather, the line of serrated dorsal fins can only been said to be part of some gigantic creature.

× × ×

PILOT A “[Gazing out] That’s… Surely not?”

× × ×

Just as the patrol plane reduces its elevation, suddenly, the giant rocky mountain has stood up!

A jet black monster stands in a daunting pose. It is…

PILOT A “God…… Godzilla!!”

× × ×


Godzilla’s roar reverberates around.

PILOT A “Mayday! May-!”

× × ×

Godzilla catches up with the fleeing patrol plane with surprising speed, crunching down on it in a single bite!!



HINOGAKI is walking at a brisk pace, TACHIBANA nearly nipping at his ankles in pursuit.

TACHIBANA “You still don’t intend to announce that Godzilla has survived, even at this late juncture? The military has experienced casualties!”

HINOGAKI “The pilot may have been mistaken.”

TACHIBANA “But those at the scene reported that he was an exemplary soldier! The man clearly signaled that what he had seen was Godzilla!”

HINOGAKI “And yet the island is completely empty! There’s no sign of anything there.”


45 The Chief Cabinet Secretary’s PRESS CONFRENCE

The Chief Cabinet Secretary speaks amidst the flashing of press cameras.

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY “An analysis of the report from the Defense Force has now been conducted. The result of the careful consideration of the particulars is that we believe that both the attack on the US military nuclear submarine and the destruction of Magonoteshima in the Ogasawaras was carried out by Godzilla. We have just proclaimed a state of emergency in the waters around our nation.”


46 Television screen

A political commentator appears on a news show.

HOST “How do you view the announced SDF theory that Godzilla is alive?”

POLITICAL COMMENTATOR  “It seems that there are plans being put into motion to downgrade the Ministry of Defense to a governmental agency, and to cut the military budget. In that case, could there be a more perfect timing to try to upset those plans? Unfortunately, Godzilla simply isn’t out there.”

× × ×

A military analyst appears on a TV gossip show.

ANALYST “I imagine there must be many citizens concerned with the statement made by the SDF.  I want to tell the military not to make such inappropriate use of the phantom called Godzilla.”


47 Discover Channel/PLANNING ROOM

Yuri is talking on the phone.

YURI “You’re not going to win Father of the Year when you won’t tell me anything, Dad.”



Tachibana is on the phone. We cut between Yuri and Tachibana.

TACHIBANA “What would you have me say?”

YURI “That it’s Godzilla! You know that I’m in the news business. I could have had a scoop!”

TACHIBANA “I’ve told you, you’re not in the news business. And even if you were, I can’t leak military secrets. Don’t confuse private and public affairs, you fool.”

YURI “What do you mean, ‘fool?’”

TACHIBANA “It means I’m not going to coddle you. If you want to have pride in your work, don’t depend on your parent.”

YURI “I’m trying to tell you that I have information for you. Important information!”


49 On the Pacific

Various antisubmarine helicopters hover over the water’s surface.

In unison, they all drop dipping sonars into the sea.

× × ×


Sonars break the water’s surface, plunging into the depths.

× × ×

The nearby sea.

The new all-purpose destroyer Aizu lays at anchor.


50 Aizu/CIC ROOM (Combat Information Center)

A radar panel is embedded in a section of the wall.

Officers observes the monitor. The captain, SAKITA, enters the room.

SAKITA “Status report.”

MIYASHITA (adjutant) “No report of Godzilla as of yet.”

SAKITA “Three days since we started.  To think that he’s evading capture in a dragnet of this size…”

MIYASHITA “I wonder if he could really be out there. There are many in society denying the existence of Godzilla.”

SAKITA “The situation isn’t much different here in the military world.”


51 Ministry of Defense/Entrance

Yuri and Takeda wait in reception.

The soldier at reception finishes their internal phone call.

RECEPTIONIST SOLDIER “You’re Admiral Tachibana’s daughter!”

YURI “Sorry for being such a good-for-nothing daughter.”



Takeda and Yuri explain their findings to Tachibana as he looks over their documents.

TAKEDA “Baradagi. Baragora. Angira. The sacred lands in which the three holy guardian beasts are said to slumber are all extremely close to where these disappearances have occurred – or, rather, they essentially occurred right on top of the sacred lands.”

TACHIBANA “Then let me ask you this: why are the gods, who are supposed to protect Japan from Godzilla, hunting down Japanese people?”

TAKEDA “The guardian deities of Yamato are no guardians of the people, nor of the Japanese state.  They protect the general concept of the country, which since time immemorial has included nature itself.”

TACHIBANA “[Grasping the point]  Ah, so ‘country’ as in the meaning of the ancient Japanese word.”

TAKEDA “It may be that the youths who perished no longer hold fear for the gods of our land.”

TACHIBANA “What about the founder of that new religious sect?”

TAKEDA “Who could be less god-fearing?”

TACHIBANA “So you two are telling me you really believe in all this?”

YURI “I’m still on the fence… But, when we were in the Sea of Trees and that pond suddenly began to boil, I did hear an ominous roar… and that old man’s words had a strangely convincing air to them.”


A knock on the door in heard.

TACHIBANA “[Turning to look towards it] Enter.”

HIROSE “[Bows upon entering the room] It’s second lieutenant Hirose. I’ve returned from my investigation of the area around Magonoteshima.”

Disconcerted, Yuri and Takeda rise from their seats.

TACHIBANA “Thanks for your efforts. [Aware that Hirose is taking notice of the two others] This is my daughter.”

Hirose bows. Yuri and Takeda greet him, nervous.

HIROSE “The island was in a terrible state.”

TACHIBANA  “The cabinet meeting this morning has called a stop to the search for Godzilla.”

Both Yuri and Takeda express surprise.

TACHIBANA “The order to call off the search was given at the scene.”

YURI “[A rude aside to Takeda] He couldn’t even tell his own daughter.”

HIROSE “Well then, what shall be our new countermeasure?”

TACHIBANA “The military will continue to be on alert. The government, however, has begun to revise their story away from the theory of a survived Godzilla. Damn… it seems this era of peace has allowed us to all forget the terror that is Godzilla.”


53 The foot of Mount Fuji (concurrent)

A small wayside shrine sits by a wind hole.

ISAYAMA enters, flashlight in hand.

His face is consumed with an expression of impending doom.

TACHIBANA (V.O.) “It was 1954. I saw Godzilla.”


54 Ministry of Defense, INTERIOR/Reception office

Tachibana speaks in front of Hirose, Yuri, and Takeda.

TACHIBANA “I can remember the scene that night, so clearly even now. The night sky was dyed a bright red by the flames. Amidst it all walked a giant, dark shadow. Buildings, railways, steel bridges; they all lay in ruins, burnt to nothing. It was truly a hell on earth.”



TACHIBANA, a boy of only five years old, is jostled about by fleeing people. On the opposite bank of the river he’s standing on, he can clearly see it – Godzilla.

VOICE OF TACHIBANA “Godzilla looked to me like a god or a demon, or perhaps an ogre – even a specter of some kind. I lost all sense of control, fleeing amidst all those other people trying to run away. Before I realized it, I’d lost track of my parents. I’d never see them again. And my baby sister, only recently born…”


56 Ministry of Defense, INTERIOR/Reception office

YURI “……”

TACHIBANA  “This is an old tale from more than 50 years past. And yet, I have not forgotten it, not even for a single day. As long as I live, I will never forget the human screams I heard that day.”


57 The foot of Mount Fuji – EARLY MORNING

Interior of a moss-covered wayside shrine.

Isayama mutters some mystic words.

Suddenly, the enshrined sacred object begins to shake, clattering about.


58 Meteorological observatory, Gunma Prefecture

An observation official talks hurriedly on the emergency line.

OBSERVATION OFFICIAL “Yes! As I said, the monitoring equipment is working as normal! Yes. It’s the hypocenter! The hypocenter is moving around beneath the earth!”


59 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department

A straight red line stretches across a map of the Kanto region.

SIGNALMAN B “Meteorological observatories from multiple locations are reporting monitoring abnormal hypocenters.”

SIGNALMAN C “At this very moment, the hypocenter is moving in the direction of Shizuoka Prefecture.”

EMORI “Sitrep on warnings issued to the prefectures in its path?”

KOBAYAKAWA “They’ve been informed, but the situation is still murky, and preparations are not being made in timely fashion.”

EMORI “Call Admiral Tachibana.”



YURI “Have whatever you’d like. It’s my way of saying thanks. Even if Godzilla doesn’t show himself, I think we have an interesting episode on our hands.”

TAKEDA “I was moved by Admiral Tachibana’s story. Turning it into a mere commercialized hook somehow feels a bit…”

YURI “Are you calling me a defective daughter, rebelling against her distinguished father? I’d prefer you didn’t repeat that tired analysis.”

TAKEDA “No, I actually want to tell you that I think you’re a strong person.”

The restaurant television is showing an earthquake news flash.

ANNOUNCER “Regarding the localized earthquakes occurring in various locals, the Japanese Meteorological Agency has announced that an extremely strange phenomena is occurring – the hypocenter seems to be on the move.”

YURI “[Turning towards the TV] Did they just say that the hypocenter is moving?”

TAKEDA “That’s…”

ANNOUNCER’S VOICE “The starting point of the hypocenter was Niigata Prefecture, moving due south towards the Kanto region, with it being estimated that the hypocenter will move into such prefectures as Kanagawa and Shizuoka, where it will…”

YURI “…It’s the Yamato monster.”

TAKEDA “If it came from Niigata, it can only be the Guardian deity Baragora.”


61 In the mountains

Amidst a thunderous roar, a gigantic mound moves, toppling trees in its wake.


62 Restaurant/PARKING LOT

Yuri, riding in a 4WD car, stares fixedly at a map.

YURI “I’m going to forestall the appearance of the Yamato monster.”

TAKEDA “Your opponent is moving underground, you know.”

YURI “The Yamato monster is heading for Godzilla… The hypocenter is moving in a straight line due south. It’s aiming for the Pacific.”

TAKEDA “So, you think that means Godzilla is going to come ashore?”

YURI “The Yamato monster might show up on land even earlier than that. Thinking that some noise is actually Godzilla’s roar.”

She traces a straight line on a map, encircling one specific location.

YURI “The Fuji Speedway.”


63 Shizuoka Prefecture/GOTEMBA CITY


The roar of exhaust splits the ears! The uproar of the cheering crowds!

Dozens of GTs rush around the long course.

It’s developing into a fierce competition, with cars racing neck and neck.


64 Information Management Department

Tachibana has arrived. He’s receiving a report from Emori and Kobayakawa.

TACHIBANA “Niigata, Lake Tazawa, Mount Fuji’s Sea of Trees…”

EMORI “Perhaps there is a giant creature, different or perhaps akin to Godzilla, moving about underground.”

TACHIBANA “…It’s unbelievable.”

EMORI “I hesitate to even make this report. And yet… If we consider all of these circumstances, then we must…”

TACHIBANA “No, when I say unbelievable, I mean… That all these places would coincidently correspond to certain folk legends.”

KOBAYAKAWA “You mean The Record of the Three Sacred Beasts Who Defend the Country.”

Emori looks on questioningly. Tachibana is shocked.

KOBAYAKAWA “I’m surprised that you’d know of that legend, Admiral.”

TACHIBANA “Notify Naval General Staff to be on the alert, and then summon the top brass.”


65 Fuji Speedway/VIP SEATING

SENGOKUHARA “Stop the race?! There’s no way we could do that!”

EMPLOYEE “They say there’s a possibility that the moving hypocenter is a giant lifeform.”

SENGOKUHARA “A giant lifeform?”

EMPLOYEE “In other words, a monster. Like Godzilla.”

SENGOKUHARA “Fool! Godzilla isn’t coming! Even if he was around, there’s no way he’d be coming here! Monsters are just—“


Suddenly, the stands experience a terrible shaking!

SENGOKUHARA “M-monsters are just…”


The ground splits open, and a huge amount of dust spills out from the depths of the earth.  At the same time, multiple cars crash head on into the debris. One car after the other goes up in flames!

SPECTATOR “Hey! There’s something out there!”

From within the pluming black smoke, a single horn from a gigantic lifeform emits a light.

BARAGON emerges from the ground, revealing his brown, monstrous form.

The stir of the crowds turns to screams, with the stands engulfed in panic!

Sengokuhara, overcome by the surging crowds, lets out a shriek!

SENGOKUHARA “It’s G-Godzilla!!”


66 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department

SIGNALMAN B “Incoming call from patrol plane! The moving hypocenter has emerged above ground!”

SIGNALMAN C “According to our information… It’s the giant beast, Godzilla.”

EMORI “Godzilla?!”


67 A speeding 4WD car

Takeda is driving.

To his left, Yuri stares at real-time data coming in over her mobile PC.

YURI “Oof. Looks like they’ve already shown up.”

TAKEDA “[Shocked] Shown up? …The monster?”

YURI “But it’s just as I surmised. They’re at the Fuji Speedway.”

TAKEDA “Hey, isn’t that confidential information? How are you…?”

YURI “I took this from my dad’s mobile back there. The password is my mom’s birthday. Easy-peasy.”

A phone call comes in on Yuri’s phone.

YURI “[Picking up] Yes. What is it, Takaki?”



The room is full of motion. Pressing a phone receiver against his ear,

TAKAKI “It’s crazy down here! Godzilla showed up at Mount Fuji!”


69 Speeding 4WD car, INTERIOR

YURO “They’re mistaken! It’s not Godzilla, it’s the Baragora-”


70 Discover Channel/Production department

TAKAKI “The line was dropped.”

KADOKURA “[Arriving] Was that little Yuri on the phone?”

TAKAKI “She says that the monster isn’t Godzilla, but Bara… gon?

KADOKURA “Baragon?”


71 Gotemba City/Mountain District

The gigantic form of Baragon moves above ground.

In the air, a SDF patrol helicopter hovers.

It observes every detail of Baragon’s movements.

PILOT B “The target’s body length is approximately 30 meters. Skin is reddish, it walks on all fours. Currently moving towards the region around Subarashiri, Gotemba City.”


72 Ministry of Defense/LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM

The gathered top brass take their seats around the table.

HINOGAKI “A red monster? So it’s not Godzilla?”

OFFICER A “[Distributing documents] It would appear the the information from JGSDF Camp Takigahara​ and the patrol vehicles on-scene are at odds with one another.”

TACHIBANA “Please tell us the opinion of the information department.”

EMORI “It is very likely that this is the giant beast that was seen in Niigata.”

TACHIBANA “So you are of the opinion that this is a separate beast from Godzilla.”

MIKUMO “How could there possibly be so many monsters like this? We should immediately move in the land troops stationed on coastal patrol.”

TACHIBANA “But what about the alert for Godzilla?”

MIKUMO “The situation has changed. We must adapt to these new circumstances.”


73 Shizuoka Prefecture/NUMAZU CITY

A quiet port town facing Suruga Bay.

Fishing boats return to port from nearby waters amid a cloudy sky.



An older fisherman helms the rudder. A younger fisherman listens to the radio.

ELDER FISHERMAN “Hey. We’ve almost made port.”

YOUNG FISHERMAN “Old man. They’re saying a red Godzilla showed up in Gotemba.”

EDLER FISHERMAN “Godzilla ain’t red.”

YOUNG FISHERMAN “They say he’s heading this way.”

ELDER FISHERMAN “Impossible! Stop harping on about that and prepare to weigh anchor-“


Suddenly, the ship’s bilge is tossed upwards, and the fishing vessel leans to one side!

ELDER FISHERMAN “[Astonished] Wh-what is that?!”


A roiling sea tosses the fishing vessel about like it was on a thrill ride!



The fishermen by the breakwater look on, dumbfounded.

FISHERMAN A “L-look at that!!”

The sea level swells up, taking on the menacing form of an umibozu giant emerging from the depths.

The fishing boat, caught up and lifted towards the heavens by the swell, drops off the wave like a leaf from a tree!

Finally, the seawater covering up the watery mass breaks loose, raining down, exposing jet-black skin.

FISHERMAN B “[Terrified] Godzilla!”

The great monster, Godzilla, looms over the ocean.


The very atmosphere seems to quake with the overwhelming power of the roar!

The glass windows of the storehouses and fisheries on the coast shatter in unison.


76 Gotemba/Mountain district

Hailed by Godzilla’s appearance, Baragon roars!


77 The foot of Mt. Fuji/The wayside shrine by the wind hole

The enshrined object of worship. Isayama prays.


78 Ministry of Defense/Large conference room

TACHIBANA “The monster is currently in the mountain district. Should we not launch an aerial bombing attack before it reaches the city?”

MIKUMO “It’s still too soon for that. We can’t even issue the order to mobilize.”

OFFICER B “[Picking up the phone] Godzilla has appeared in Numazu Port!”


HINOGAKI “Did you say Godzilla?!”

MIKUMO “Then just what is that thing in Gotemba?”

TACHIBANA “Has he made landfall? …He slipped through our dragnet.”


79 Numazu Harbor

The huge physical form of Godzilla moves through the port, smashing through the fishing market, emerging on dry ground at last.

Fishermen attempt to flee in a panic.

The camera performs a rapid zoom-in on Godzilla.

It traces the rivuleted form of Godzilla, moves upwards, capturing the monster’s bestial face, then pulling back long, spinning.

× × ×

Laborers rush out from refrigerated warehouses in a tumult.

Godzilla is already right in front of them, visibly approaching; before they can flee, rubble is already raining down on the workers. The laborers scream.


80 In Numazu City

Godzilla continues his attack. The municipal sirens echo throughout the city, mixing with with screams of the people trying to flee the urban area!

Without an ounce of pity, Godzilla crushes cars underfoot!


81 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department

The department receives streams of complex, overlapping information. Emori has returned.

SIGNALMAN B “Godzilla is moving through the urban area, resulting in casualties.”

EMORI “[Impatient] And where is the call for attack? …Shouldn’t we end this meeting?”


82 Within Numazu City limits/ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Fleeing children. Teachers are guiding them. Their screams and crying voices are drowned out by the thunderous sounds of Godzilla destroying their school building!


83 The Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train, in motion



ANNOUNCER “This is an announcement. We have received notification that a large organism resembling Godzilla has come ashore. In order to ensure your safety, this shinkansen will now make an emergency stop.”

The passengers are in an uproar.

FEMALE STUDENT “What, are they serious?”

SALARYMAN “What are we supposed to do if the train stops here?!”


85 Same/Driver’s seat



86 The bullet train tracks/View from the driver’s seat

Suddenly, Godzilla’s leg appears directly in front of the train!


87 Shinkansen/Drivers’ seat



88 Same/Train, INTERIOR

The emergency break is engaged, and the passengers are sent flying, screaming.


89 Shinkansen tracks near the mountains

Even as the shinkansen continues to move forward, Godzilla’s foot comes down, colliding with the train cars.


The train cars bend, winding around each other. One after another derails, impacting and flying through the air.

× × ×

Inside of the train cars, the passengers scream. The scene is like a painting of hell itself.

× × ×

Chunks of the train cars fall, mangled, to the ground.

× × ×

Godzilla’s dorsal fins begin to emit light, and with the beast seemingly irritated by the impact on its leg, it bathes the train tracks with its atomic breath.

The tracks violently explode.

A portion of the track has been scooped out, resulting in a valley-like terrain.


90 Ministry of Defense/Large conference room

OFFICER A “Godzilla is currently wrecking havoc in Susono City. He’s leaving a pathway of ruin, and continues to move north.”

OFFICER B “The Hyakuri Base F7J formation is in a state of readiness, and are waiting to receive permission to attack.”

TACHIBANA “We must make haste… Secretary!”

HINOGAKI “The emergency cabinet meeting is currently convening.”


91 Mishima City limits

The 4WD speeds towards Gotemba.



Takeda is driving. Yuri is in the passenger seat.

TAKEDA “Yuri… aren’t you scared?”

YURI “I’m scared, but the fear is nothing compared to my desire to see this for myself.”

TAKEDA “The guardian deities of Yamato may attack us… By the way, did you bring that stone with you?”

YURI “It’s in my bag. Do you think it’ll serve as a warding amulet?”

A helicopter passes overhead, letting loose a thunderous roar.

YURI “A news copter!”

She immediately flips on the car radio, where a news flash is playing.

ANNOUNCER’S VOICE “Godzilla has destroyed the Kodama Shinkansen no. 646, and is now advancing in the direction of Hakone. The national cabinet is currently convening.”

YURI “Follow that helicopter.”

TAKEDA “You are aware this is just a car, right?”

YURI “[Her eyes sparkle] But it’s heading for Godzilla! The monster is finally here!”


93 Mishima City/Daiba River

Godzilla advances on the hilly country.


94 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department

KOBAYAKAWA “[Searching through the data] …Just as I thought.”

EMORI “What’s wrong?”

KOBAYAKAWA “I’ve used the data to postulate the path the monster in Gotemba will take.”

EMORI “……?”

KOBAYAKAWA “There’s no doubt now. It’s heading for Godzilla.”


95 Gotemba

Baragon crosses the Tokyo-Nagoya Expressway, heading for Godzilla.


96 Ministry of Defense, INTERIOR/HALLWAY

The top brass, including Tachibana, Mikumo, and Hinogaki, are making haste.


97 Same/Information Management Department

HINOGAKI “[Entering the room] Where is Godzilla?!”

EMORI “Currently in Hakone. He will reach the capital area by early morning tomorrow.”

TACHIBANA “[Looking at the clock]  If we mass our firepower near Yokohama, we can make it in time to prepare to intercept.”

MIKUMO “How are you so certain that Godzilla will come here?”

TACHIBANA “I can only say that it will occur because the same thing happened 50 years ago.”

MIKUMO “We cannot base military strategy on mere conjecture!”

TACHIBANA “With Godzilla as our opponent, conjecture is the just about the only thing we can rely upon.”

MIKUMO “Would you please shut up? I’m trying to think.”

EMORI “There’s another monster in Hakone!”


98 Hakone/Gora

Sirens wail in the hot springs town at the mountain’s foot; people flee.

The gigantic form of Godzilla moves amidst the towering background of the mountain range!


99 Owakudani

Baragon appears in a barren lava plateau.

Helicopters encircle the beast, patrolling the skies above.



Some youths have gathered at the observation desk. They gaze off at Baragon in the distance,

YOUTH A “Damn! Now that’s a real monster!”

GIRL A “Wow, isn’t it kinda cute?”

YOUTH B “I’m gonna snap a pic to remember this by!”

The young men and women go to pose with Baragon behind them, but look up as Godzilla suddenly appears from the other side of the mountains.

GIRL A “[Noticing] Ah…Ahh!”

The youths are in a panic as the mountain crumbles. Before they can flee, they’re caught up in the resulting landslide.


101 Owakudani

Baragon lifts up its head, staring fixedly in Godzilla’s direction.

BARAGON “[Howls menacingly]”

Godzilla demolishes the observation tower, glaring at Baragon.

The two great monsters stand facing each other across the desolate lands.

But Godzilla is clearly the more massive of the two!

Godzilla, overwhelmingly larger at almost three times the size, looks down upon Baragon.

× × ×

A news helicopter flies in from the sky above.

CAMERAMAN “The scale is completely different!”

× × ×

Ministry of Defense/The mid-air intersection of the patrol helicopters

PILOT B “This is dangerous! Draw back the civilian aircraft, you idiots!”


102 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department

The top brass listen to the report.

KOBAYAKAWA “The two monsters are about to fight amongst themselves.”

HINOGAKI “We have a relay from a commercial broadcast in Hakone!”

All involved hurriedly gather around the television.


103 Owakudani/Lava plateau

Baragon rushes forward, not even flinching at the difference in stature.

Godzilla simply waits, not moving an inch.


104 Same/Mountain road

The speeding 4WD.

The images of the two beasts plays on the monitor.

TAKEDA “[Watching the TV screen] The broadcast is coming from that helicopter!”

YURI “[Bitterly] They got to it first.”


105 Hakone/Owakudani

Bam! The sound of the impact of flesh meeting flesh!

At last, the two great monsters have come to blows!

Bang! Baragon is sent flying by a kick from Godzilla.

Baragon is knocked to the ground time and again by Godzilla’s one-sided attacks.


106 Same/Ropeway/In front of OWAKUDANI STATION

The 4WD pulls up and comes to a stop. Takeda and Yuri step out of the vehicle, watching the battle between Godzilla and Baragon.

YURI “[Terrified] This is Godzilla… the real thing. He’s huge.”

TAKEDA “Godzilla’s been intercepted by the guardian deity of Baragora.”

YURI “That’s no god. That’s a living creature!”

TAKEDA “It likely started as a surviving prehistoric dinosaur. From there, it became possessed by the spiritual energy of innumerable souls… [Thinking]  Does that mean that Godzilla is the same?”

YURI “We have to start taking some pictures of our own.”

She takes out her digital camera.


107 Owakudani

Godzilla continues to press his merciless attack on the prostrate Baragon.

He kicks Bargon into the air, slamming down with his tail.

The crack of bones breaking echoes.


108 The helicopter in the sky.

CAMERAMAN “Getting these shots is killing me!”

DIRECTOR “Idiot! Why the hell you feelin’ sorry for a monster?!”


109 Owakudani

Baragon, covered in wounds, jumps up!

He bites down onto Godzilla’s upper arm.

But Godzilla doesn’t even show any pain, using only his upper body to throw Baragon against the rocky mountain!


110 Information Management Department

All watch the television.


111 Owakudani

Godzilla uses his tail to send the struggling Baragon flying in the direction of the media helicopter!


112 The helicopter in mid-air



113 Owakudani

Baragon crashes bodily to the earth, as the media helicopter explodes into flames.


114 Information Management Department

The television feed is cut off, and all are left at a loss for words.


115 Same/Ropeway/In front of Owakudani Station

YURI “[Mutters the words] They’re dead.”


YURI “The people who were on that helicopter… they’re dead!”

With a jerk, she falls to her knees.


116 Owakudani/Lava plateau

Baragon becomes entwined with the ropeway as he struggles to rise.

Godzilla turns to face the struggling Baragon.

His dorsal fins begin to glow a pallid, blueish-white hue.


117 Hakone/Ropeway/In front of Owakudani Station

TAKEDA “…This is dangerous.”

Takeda grabs onto Yuri, still grasping her camera, compelling her to flee, taking refuge in the station building.


118 Owakudani/Lava plateau

Godzilla unleashes his atomic breath!

Baragon, along with the ropeway station, is bathed in pale flame!

The aftershocks of the explosion smash the station; the building crumbles.


119 Hakone/Ropeway/In front of Owakudani Station

Takeda uses his body to shield Yuri.

Chunks of concrete cascade from the exploded station onto the two of them.

Takeda raises his head.

Yuri is bleeding from her head, passed out.

Takeda “Yuri!”


120 Owakudani/Lava plateau

Baragon, heroic to the end, lets forth his death knell from within the flames!


121 Akita Prefecture/Tazawa Lake/(Simultaneously)

The lake surface reverberates.


122 The foot of Mount Fuji/Sea of Trees/(Simultaneously)

The trees shake with extreme violence.


123 Same/The wayside shrine by the wind tunnel

The sacred object within the shrine is knocked down by the shaking.

ISAYAMA “- [He lifts his face upwards]”



The needle on the seismograph begins displaying an abnormal oscillation…


125 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department

SIGNALMAN B “Both the Akita and Shizuoka meteorological observatories have confirmed abnormal hypocenters.”

EMORI “[Aghast] Does that mean… that we have another monster about to appear?”

KOBAYAKAWA “If there are three deities who protect this land, then there must still be two remaining.”


126 Hospital/LOBBY

The injured are carried in, one after another.

Doctors and nurses rush around, nearly overwhelmed, and the scene looks just like a wartime field hospital.

A special news program plays on the television in the lobby. The newscaster lists off the damage reports from various locations.

Yuri gazes at the TV screen, a bandage wrapped around her head.

As she does, a boy of around five stands stock still in the lobby, his face looking sad and helpless.

Yuri calls out to the boy.

YURI “Where are you dad and mom? Are you lost?”

The boy looks at the news cast with an anxious-seeming expression,

Boy “Is everyone gonna die?”

YURI “It’ll be fine. Because there are people out there fighting. We even have guardian deities on our side.”

The boy takes notice of the digital camera, Discover Channel logo affixed, sat next to Yuri.

BOY “Are you from Discover Channel, lady?”

YURI “Do you watch it?”

BOY “[Nodding his head] Then have you ever seen a monster before, lady?”

YURI “[Laughing] Yeah, I saw a friendly monster. So believe in this lady, ok?”

Yuri rustles the boy’s hair.


127 Same/In front of the entryway

As Yuri attempts to leave, Takeda stands in her way.

YURI “It’s just a flesh wound.”

TAKEDA “It’s too dangerous.”

YURI “I’m not asking you to come with.”

TAKEDA “I’m worried about you.”

YURI “Anyway, I’m leaving. Give me the keys.”

TAKEDA “You’re not getting them.”

YURI “……”

TAKEDA “Don’t go. Let’s stay here.”

YURI “……”

Yuri reenters the hospital, seemingly having given up.


128 Same/Single room

The room is overflowing with the injured.

Takeda returns to the room, gripping a canned soft drink. He looks for Yuri, but she’s nowhere to be found.


129 Odawara city limits

Along the roads, clogged with unmoving traffic of those trying to flee, a man tries to close the shutters on an old bicycle shop.

A voice calls out from behind the old shopkeep.

YURI  “Please sell me a bicycle.”

The shopkeep looks behind him, to where Yuri, the bandage wrapped round her head, stands. At a glance,

OLD SHOPKEEP  “I sold all of the basket-affixed bicycles, since those sorts of bicycles are convenient at a time like this. But Godzilla has headed off towards Ninomiya, and he probably won’t be back.”

Yuri looks back inside his shop, takes the closet mountain bike, takes out multiple 10,000 yen bills, and hands them over.

YURI “Send the receipt to Discover Channel.”


130 Information Management Department

As Hinogaki passes a letter to Mikumo,

HINOGAKI “Vice Admiral Mikumo, as of this moment you have been placed in charge of intercepting Godzilla.”

MIKUMO “I humbly accept this position.”

Tachibana looks on, his feelings mixed.

HINOGAKI “[Simultaneously] From this moment, this place will be the provisional operations room.”

MIKUMO “[To the signalman] Give the sortie order to the flying corps!”


MIKUMO “We’ll turn the beast to ashes within three minutes.”


131 The urban center, in chaos

Great crowds of people seeking refuge. Cars stuck in traffic.

Amongst it all, Yuri alone sprints in the opposite direction, seated on her bike.


132 Television screen

The Prime Minister’s Residence. The Chief Cabinet Secretary carries out an emergency report.

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY “The result of the cabinet meeting has been the decision that the government will mobilize an anti-Godzilla interception via the SDF. Currently, they have begun a search-and-destroy operation.”


133 Discover Channel/Production Department

Kadokura and the others watch an interview on television.

TAKAGI “So they’re thinking of launching a war in the middle of the city?!”

KADOKURA “Go pick up some provisions. Food, water too.”

TAKAGI “The convenience stores are still open, right…?  Gotta buy some bags of Kappa Ebisen shrimp chips, and some chocolate too…”

The phone on the desk rings.

TAKAGI “[Picking up] Ms. Yuri?! Where are you… What? A live broadcast?!”


134 Town – NIGHT

Yuri peddles her bike, cellphone in hand.

YURI “So I’m going to send you footage of myself following in Godzilla’s wake using my cellphone. That’s right. I want you to give me tonight’s time slots.”


135 Discover Channel/Production department – NIGHT

Yuri’s voice plays in the room,

YURI’S VOICE “The main thing was ‘the mystery of the Hibagon.’ But people no longer seem to encounter that legendary beast.”

Takagi and Kadokura watch on.

KADOKURA “Yeah, of course.”

With a gesture, the staff leaps into motion as one.

TAKAGI “[Seemingly about to cry] Be careful, Ms. Yuri.”


136 Near Hadano-Nakai

Godzilla moves amongst the mountain region next to the Tokyo-Nagoya Expressway.

The sound of aircraft fills the air above, and Godzilla looks in the direction it emanates from.

The F7J formation begins its bombing run.

Godzilla disappears amidst explosive flame.



Yuri, pushing forward on her bicycle, seeing a flash of explosive light in the distance, followed by a delayed, deep noise.

Yuri, startled, continues to grasp onto her phone, filming what lies ahead.


138 Godzilla, being bombed by the second formation


139 Discover Channel/Production department

Yuri’s footage is transmitted to the computer screen at low speed.

Kadokura, watching, holds his breath.

Takagi faces the camera in a simple broadcast booth.

TAKAGI “Our department ace, our pure single flower, the lily who blooms on our garbage heap of a channel,  Yuri Tachibana, is sending us footage from near to the scene of the disaster!”

Kadokura glares at Takagi, saying “what the hell?”

TAKAGI “We believe that her audio should be connecting momentarily. Good luck out there, Tachibana!”


140 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department

Mikumo sits in the quasi-commander’s chair. Behind him is Tachibana.

AIR CONTROLLER A “The bombing has had no effect!”

MIKUMO “[Tormented] They’ve missed their marks! They lack in proper training. Use the air-to-air missiles!”


141 Near Hadano-Nakai

The F7Js carry out missile wave attacks.

The missiles log the trajectory to Godzilla, angling down towards the monster.

Godzilla’s form in enveloped in explosions. However, when the smoke clears, Godzilla reappears, seemingly unfazed.

The F7Js press their attack, this time using machine gun fire.

The aircraft formation repeats its machine gun attacks, looking like mere bugs flying around the gigantic Godzilla.

× × ×


The pilot is under stress.

PILOT A “Damn it! Take this!”

× × ×

A single F7J flies in extremely close, firing its machine guns.

× × ×

A separate cockpit.

PILOT B “Sakamoto, do not approach any nearer!”

× × ×

Godzilla simply swats the approaching F7J, destroying it.

PILOT B “[Screaming] Sakamoto——!!”

The F7J tumbles downwards in flames.

× × ×

PILOT B “[Sounds of grief]”

× × ×

Godzilla switches his posture, swinging his tail upwards.

F7Js plunge through the space besides the tail.

× × ×

PILOT B “Arrrgh!!”

× × ×

The swatted F7J falls from the sky, aflame.


142 Bypass

Yuri continues to hold her camera, shaking.


143 Information Management Department

Mikumo stands dumbfounded.

SIGNALMAN B “Commander, please give the order.”

MIKUMO “…Conduct circular flybys of Godzilla and stand by.”

× × ×

In the corner of the room, Tachibana draws near to Hinogaki.

TACHIBANA “Fifty years ago, could our military really have defeated Godzilla? I’d always doubted that, all while being taught to have pride in that military. But look at this situation! If there’s something you know about this, then you better hurry up and say it!”



144 Godzilla advances


145 Yuri chases after Godzilla on her bike, camera in hand

YURI “[To her cellphone] Godzilla hardly seems to have taken notice of the SDF attacks. Could he be heading for Tokyo?”


146 Discover Channel/Production Department

Yuri’s footage plays on the computer and the monitor, with her voice also being broadcast.

YURI “In the past, I have made up falsehoods and spread fabrications over the airwaves. Now, with this reality standing in front of me, I’m filled with the desire to reclaim all that I’ve lost via my actions.”

TAKAGI “[Emotionally moved] Ms. Yuri.”


147 Information Management Department

HINOGAKI “Fifty years ago, Godzilla disappeared, a result of unconfirmed toxic calcification. There is no one left alive who knows what that compound was. In truth, it’s said that standard weaponry had no effect on Godzilla. The Defense Force was completely unable to halt Godzilla’s advance. I myself was aghast when I learned of this.”


HINOGAKI “However, if this was made public, people would start to claim that the military is no longer necessary. But there was no reason to believe that Godzilla would return to Japan once again. In order to protect the existence of the military, for fifty years it has been necessary for successive Defense Force officials to hide the truth. That has been my job, and it’s just the way it has to be. Don’t look at me like that!”

Suddenly, the top brass gather around Tachibana and Hinogaki.

Emori rushes over to Tachibana.


EMORI “Might Ms. Yuri Tachibana be your daughter, Admiral?”

TACHIBANA “That is correct, but…?”


148 Town – NIGHT

Yuri, speeding on her bike, films Godzilla.

YURI “Godzilla is heading towards Tokyo! This is no dramatized television show! This is our reality!”


149 Takeda, in the speeding 4WD – NIGHT

YURI’S VOICE “So many people have had their lives snuffed out by Godzilla! Meaninglessly burned away in an instant by Godzilla’s atomic breath!”

TAKEDA “[Mutters]…What a willful woman.”


150 Information Management Department

Tachibana watches the the broadcast in shock.

TACHIBANA “What are you doing, fool? You’re going to get yourself killed.”

EMORI “Based upon the laws controlling the public mass media, we will have to put her under our protection.”

TACHIBANA “Arrest her.”


151 The Mount Fuji heights/Sea of Trees

Trees are toppled as a sharply pointed carapace begins to rise.


152 Same/Wayside shrine of the wind tunnel


The shaking causes fissures to run through the sacred object.

ISAYAMA “- [Raises his face skyward]”


153 Akita Prefecture/Lake Tazawa – NIGHT

The surface of the lake suddenly erupts in chaos.

In an instant, a giant shadow bursts from the lake surface like a bullet from hell!

A white monster (VARAN) roars!

Giant wings like those of a Japanese flying squirrel open, gliding through the night sky!!


154 Ministry of Defense/Information Management Department – NIGHT

SIGNALMAN B “A giant beast has flown out of Lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture!”

All present, shocked, turn to face the signalman.

MIKUMO “So another… thing has appeared?”


155 The foot of Mount Fuji/Sea of Trees

The peak of a low, rocky mountain. Isayama stands stock still.

ISAYAMA “[Stares off into the distance]……”

Suddenly, the ground splits asunder, and tree after tree of the Sea of Trees falls into the void!


156 Nightlife district

Yuri, peddling on her bike, perceives a sense of heat coming from the bag on her back, and worried, she stops. She reaches into her bag and takes out the stone she received from Isayama.

YURI “……?”

× × ×

The Sea of Trees…

The golden form of the monster ANGUIRUS has appeared.

× × ×

Yuri, staring at the stone, suddenly sees the image of Anguirus flash across her mind.

YURI “The guardian beast of Angira…”

× × ×

The Sea of Trees…

As Anguirus howls, Isayama’s body crumbles, falling, disappearing as it’s swallowed up by earth and sand.

× × ×

YURI “[In confusion] Is it coming? …Huh? Why am I able to see it? …Is this a supernatural ability? …Maybe not.”


157 Hakone/GORA

Dark clouds hang in a sky filled with the rumble of distant thunder.

Lightning suddenly strikes the dead body of Baragon.

Sparks erupt all around the monster’s corpse.


158 Information Management Department

SIGNALMAN B “We’re receiving reports from Mount Fuji’s Sea of Trees of a new giant beast!”

MIKUMO “[Rage] What the hell is going on here? This isn’t Monster Land!”

EMORI “What about the flying lifeform?”

SIGNALMAN C “It is currently flying west-southwest.”

EMORI “Could it be heading towards Godzilla?”

KOBAYAKAWA “The monster’s directionality supports that conclusion.”

MIKUMO “You’re saying that we’re about to see another monster-on-monster brawl?”

SIGNALMAN C “Report coming in that the body of the giant beast in Hakone has disappeared!”

EMORI “[To Tachibana] Just what is it that’s about to occur?”

TACHIBANA “[Quietly, to Kobayakawa] How does it turn out in the legend?”

KOBAYAKAWA “The three guardian beasts force their enemy into the sea.”

Tachibana walks briskly towards Mikumo.

TACHIBANA “Commander, please put me in charge of the combined fleet.”

MIKUMO “We cannot order a naval bombardment. The coast is directly next to the urban center.”

TACHIBANA “No, I need it so that we can fight side by side with the monsters.”

MIKUMO “[Unable to understand] Side by side with the monsters?”

TACHIBANA “At this point, if we don’t make common cause with the monsters, there will be no one who can stand against Godzilla.”

MIKUMO “Have you gone mad? There’s no way a monster would act in accordance with the will of mere humans.”

TACHIBANA “But the truth of the matter is that the red monster did fight Godzilla. If we can interpret this as some sort of unknowable enmity between the monsters, then we should make use of that enmity. With conventional weapons of no use, we are in need of a new way of thinking. Please, turn the leadership of Operation Yokohama over to me.”

MIKUMO “…So rather than entreat the gods, you would have us entreat monsters.”

KOBAYAKAWA “In order to avoid confusion, shouldn’t we give a name to each of these monsters? Either way, they need names!”

MIKUMO “Why is it… that you seem to be enjoying this?”


159 An overview of the Defense Force interior

Regular soldiers listen to the broadcast while on standby.

BROADCAST “Currently, there are multiple monsters, including Godzilla, within the national borders of Japan. From now on, according to a notice from General Staff, the red monster shall be known as Baragon, the flying monster as Varan, and the golden monster as Anguirus. We repeat…”


160 The Aizu/Deck

A helicopter makes a deck landing, and Tachibana accompanies Hirose down from the rotorcraft.

Miyashita approaches them and salutes.

MIYASHITA “The captain is waiting! The entire crew is honored from the bottom of our hearts to be able to come under your command, admiral.”

TACHIBANA “We’ve brought the developed D-03 missile. It’s still a prototype, but we have reason to believe it’ll be effective. In truth, it’s an anti-Godzilla weapon that’s been in process of being developed for some years now under my personal jurisdiction. I request that you promptly load it onto a missile boat.”

MIYASHITA “Yes, sir!”

HIROSE “So you were able to predict that this exact situation might arise?”

TACHIBANA “For some time, there had already been rumors that conventional weapons hadn’t worked on Godzilla. I couldn’t let those rumors persist and do nothing about them, now could I?”


161 Yokohama/CHINATOWN

Residents flee under instruction of police officers.

ANNOUNCEMENT “Please close gas stopcocks, leave on your lights, and flee. Please leave lights on in order to assist in the Defense Force operations, then exit the region.”

Soldiers run in the opposite direction of the fleeing masses.

FEMALE RESIDENT “Good luck, soldiers!”


162 The Aizu quietly navigates the waters off Yokohama Harbor


163 The Aizu/BRIDGE

The night scenery of Yokohama stretches out through the view from a telescope.

Sakita is looking at it all.

SAKITA “For us to have to turn this beautiful night scene into a battlefield…”

TACHIBANA “I must admit, it would have been the greatest honor for us to be able to retire from duty without having achieved any actual combat experience…”

SAKITA “So, you felt the same way.”

TACHIBANA “The feelings of soldiers guarding their countries, stationed in far away places, have remained unchanged since ancient times.”


164 Yokohama City – NIGHT

A reverberating roar!

From the space in between the towering skyscrapers appears Godzilla!!

The self-propelled missile unit spreads out, with each soldier setting their sights in the direction of the approaching monster.

COMMANDING OFFICER “[On the wireless] Prepare to fire!”

Suddenly, an eardrum-piercing shockwave explodes in the sky above.


A giant shadow descends from the skies at breakneck speeds.



165 Yokohama City – NIGHT

YURI “[Looking skyward] The guardian deity of Baradagi…!”


166 Yokohama – NIGHT

Varan clings to the surface of the Continental Hotel, then smoothly kicks off into the air.

Godzilla gives a quizzical look as Varan flies directly above, then moves into a sudden nosedive. The resulting intense shockwave rips into Godzilla’s flesh!

Godzilla, not even flinching, lets fly its atomic breath, which impacts with Varan’s body!

Shatter! Varan grasps onto another building. The monster rotates its head 180 degrees, glaring at Godzilla.

VARAN “[Intimidation]”

GODZILLA “[Answers with atomic breath]”

The atomic breath makes a direct hit on the building, which explodes! Varan deftly manages to avoid the blast by taking flight.

× × ×

The hills of the Yamanote District…

Yuri disembarks from her bicycle. She records the battle occurring in front of her eyes from on high.

× × ×

Varan soars. Once again, the monster has struck Godzilla with a shock wave attack!

× × ×

COMMANDING OFFICER “[On the wireless] Entire company, begin bombardment!!”

× × ×

At once, all the missiles are aimed and shot at Godzilla!

The overwhelming firepower bathes Godzilla from tail to head, and the monster howls!!

× × ×

COMMANDING OFFICER “To the sea! No matter what, you must drive Godzilla back to the water’s edge!”

× × ×

Flash. Godzilla’s dorsal fins begin to glow!

Atomic breath is flung out in all directions, mowing down the ground units and destroying the battle helicopters the were providing strategic support from the skies!!



Thud!! The atomic breath explodes a nearby building!

YURI “Ahhh!!”

Yuri tumbles down, dropping her camera.


168 Discover Channel/Production department – NIGHT

TAKAGI “Yuri!!”


169 The Aizu/CIC ROOM

Tachibana is giving commands.

A signalman reports on the loss of all units.

SIGNALMAN A “The main force has been obliterated!”



170 Defensive line – NIGHT

Godzilla roars from amidst the flames!

Numerous spikes extend into his abdomen, piercing up from the ground below.

GODZILLA “[Groan of anguish]”

Anguirus appears from within the earth.

The spikes impaling Godzilla retract, returning inside of Anguirus’ carapace.

Then, from another direction underground, emerges the charred form of Baragon.

× × ×

YURI “[Standing up] Baragon survived?”

× × ×

Varan also lands on the peak of the Yokohama Marine Tower.

At last, the three amassed great monsters surround Godzilla.

As one, they all unleash a war-cry!!


171 The Aizu/Deck – NIGHT

Tazaki and his forces watch over Baragon and Anguirus, who have appeared in the burning Yokohama Harbor.


172 Same/CIC Room

SIGNALMAN A “Anguirus and Baragon have appeared!”

TACHIBANA “……So they’ve arrived.”


173 A road near the Yokohama Bay Bridge – NIGHT

YURI “The guardian deities of Yamato… with Godzilla…”



Anguirus howls! Its massive form leaps forward!

The razor-sharp horns on the beast’s head thrusts into Godzilla’s flesh!

GODZILLA “[Enraged]”

Godzilla’s dorsal fins begin to glow, and the beast lets burst forth its atomic breath!!

And yet, in an instant, Anguirus responds by reflecting Godzilla’s heated rays off its beak-shaped carapace!


175 Above the road near the Bay Bridge – NIGHT

YURI “Do your best!”

Picking up her fallen camera, she points it anew, and sets off.


176 Defensive Line – NIGHT

Godzilla is toppled by his own atomic breath, reflected back at him!

At that instant, Baragon bites down on Godzilla’s tail, stopping his movements! Simultaneously, Varan’s shock wave, shot from on high, smashes Godzilla, causing great pain.


177 Aizu/CIC Room

TACHIBANA “All missile boats, proceed to the bay interior. Carry out general offensive from ocean surface!”


178 Above the road near the Yokohama Bay Bridge – NIGHT

Yuri bikes forward, holding her camera. In front of her lies a military traffic control stop.

SOLDIER “This area is off limits. Please seek shelter elsewhere.”

YURI “……”

Yuri stands her ground, grinning, then attempts dash through the gap between the soldiers.

But she’s seized by the soldiers.

YURI “[Struggling] Hey, let go of me! Let go!”


179 Discover Channel/Production control room – NIGHT

KADOKURA “[Sighing] So this is as far as we go, huh…”


180 Defensive Line – NIGHT

Varan switches its roost, flying over to Yokohama Landmark Tower.

GODZILLA “[Slowly rises]”

Baragon is grasping onto Godzilla’s knees.

Varan spreads out both of its wings and makes a sudden descent, menacing Godzilla.

Godzilla is unable to move, facing directly forward. Then, the instant Varan is about to make impact, Godzilla kicks Baragon upwards – the beast collides with Varan. Varan and Baragon crash to the ground.

Godzilla spews fire in their direction.


181 The Aizu/Bridge – NIGHT

Sakita “[Aghast]”


182 Same/CIC room

SIGNALMAN B “All ships are within firing range of Godzilla!”

TACHIBANA “D-03 torpedoes, prepare for bombardment. Attack target is Godzilla.”


183 Yokohama Bay – NIGHT

The amassed small-scale missile boats. Last in line is the Aizu.

The D-03 launchers loaded on the missile ships all aim towards Godzilla in unison.


184 Yokohama/A pier near the foot of the mountains – NIGHT

Varan and Baragon lie collapsed on the ground.

With a pained death knell, Baragon’s body melts away into a gelatinous mass, breaking apart. At last, even the monster’s bones crumble to nothing.


185 Information Management Department

KOBAYAKAWA “Baragon has…”

MIKUMO “……Been annihilated?”

× × ×

Anguirus rushes towards Godzilla, who is letting out a victory roar.

Godzilla, enraged, lets loose its atomic breath.

Anguirus reflects the attack back with its mightily firm shell.

But Godzilla’s powerful tail hits Anguirus and sends him flying, and the monster crashes down into the warehouses!


186 The Aizu/CIC room

All sight lines lock on to Godzilla.

SIGNALMAN B “The D-03 torpedoes are ready to launch.”


187 Missile boat/Deck – NIGHT

One after another, the gunports on the equipped D-03 torpedoes firing cannons open.


188 The Aizu/CIC Room

TACHIBANA “Fire D-03 torpedoes!”


189 On the ocean’s surface – NIGHT

The D-03 torpedoes all launch as once from the missile boats.

The shells descend from a high altitude, nearly reaching the ocean surface, then hop up right before hitting the coast. One after the other, they impact with Godzilla!

GODZILLA “[Roars]”

Drills gouge into Godzilla’s jet-black skin. However, the torpedoes are unable to penetrate Godzilla, and explode!


190 The Aizu/CIC Room

SIGNALMAN A “The D-03 torpedoes have had no effect!”

TACHIBANA “[Frustrated]  Even the D-03s can’t pierce Godzilla’s skin.”


191 A PIER near the foot of the mountains – NIGHT

Godzilla aims his horrifying atomic breath over the ocean surface, and lets loose!


The missile boats, taking direct hits from the atomic breath, explode one after another.


192 The Aizu/CIC Room

On the tactical screen, the missile boats vanish in the blink of an eye.

SIGNALMAN B “[Heartbroken] The missile boats are being bombarded. Loss rate at 80- no, more than 90%.”

As the words are spoken, suddenly, a massive shaking!


193 Same/Front of ship deck – NIGHT

Hit by the atomic breath, the deck sustains terrible damage.

Crew members are sent flying.


194 Same/Bridge – NIGHT

HIROSE “[On the wireless] The bow of the ship’s deck has been hit!”

SAKITA “Confirm damage status!”


195 Yokohama Bay Bridge – NIGHT

Staring out at the armada burning on the water,

YURI “[In a daze] It can’t be……”


196  Pier by the foot of the mountains – NIGHT

Anguirus stands up, and charges towards Godzilla!

From the opposite side, Godzilla halts the blow.

Numerous spines from Anguirus’ shell stretch out, piercing Godzilla!

Godzilla steps back once, then pushes Anguirus with shocking force, spinning the monster over with a single movement!

A further terrible blow from Godzilla’s tail impacts Anguirus’ outstretched spines into the ground, after which Godzilla bathes Anguirus’ unprotected abdomen in atomic flame!!

Anguirus, engulfed in the explosive flames, crashes together with the crumbling pier to the water’s surface! At the same time, the ground underneath Godzilla also collapses. His massive form sinks into the sea!


197 The Aizu/CIC Room


TACHIBANA “[Nodding] Godzilla has been injured by his battle with the other monsters. If we can get a direct hit on those wounds using the D-03, we will obtain victory.”

HIROSE “The launching system was damaged by the previous impact. How could we… Ah! Could you mean…?”

TACHIBANA “We’ll have the DSCRV arm hold onto the D-03 and fire from close range.”

HIROSE “It can’t be done!”

TACHIBANA “Godzilla is currently in the ocean. This is our only chance.”

HIROSE “I will go.”

TACHIBANA “No, I will.”


198 The water’s surface – NIGHT

Godzilla shows his face.


199 The Aizu/Aircraft hanger

Tachibana heads for the Satsuma.

Hirose catches up with him.

HIROSE “Admiral Tachibana! Please allow me to go. I’m the better pilot, sir.”

TACHIBANA “But I know the D-03 better. In order to inspire his troops, the general mounts his horse and cuts through the enemy lines. Even such blatantly outdated tactics can, at times, find success.”


TACHIBANA “[With a wry smile] Please watch my back.”


200 Godzilla slowly approaches the destroyed dock.


201 The DSRV Satsuma launches from the Aizu.


202 The Satsuma/PILOTHOUSE

Tachibana confirms the D-03 mounting on the monitor.


203 Ocean surface – NIGHT

The DSRV, grasping a D-03 torpedo in its mechanical arm, heads towards Godzilla.

However, Godzilla is already moving towards the pier……


204 The Aizu/CIC Room

MIYASHITA “Godzilla is coming ashore!”

HIROSE “Admiral Tachibana is heading towards Godzilla. All forces, direct all remaining firepower at Godzilla. Prevent it from making landfall.”


205 A road near the Yokohama Bay Bridge – NIGHT

The frenzied movements of soldiers.

Inside of a jeep stopped on the shoulder off the road sits Yuri, a dejected look on her face.



Yuri looks on in confusion at the suddenly frenzied soldiers.

JEEP WIRELESS “The Admiral himself is heading towards Godzilla. The strategy calls for him launching a D-03 underwater at point-blank range. All units possessing firepower are to employ said weaponry to stop Godzilla while still underwater, and to lend their support to the Admiral.”

YURI “……Father?”

A single soldier clambers into the jeep.

SOLDIER “I’ve kept you waiting. I’ll now take you to the evacuation site.”

YURI “[Taking the microphone] Hey. What exactly does that mean? Why is my father…”


207 The Aizu/CIC Room – NIGHT

Yuri’s voice comes over the wireless.

YURI’S VOICE “He’s the admiral. Why would he be on the front lines?”

Hirose, having been listening, expresses surprise.

HIROSE “…Ms. Yuri?”


208 DSRV/Pilothouse

TACHIBANA, similarly, is listening to the sound of Yuri’s voice.

YURI “[Over the wireless]……So, couldn’t someone else have done it?”


209 Jeep, interior – NIGHT

Yuri is surprised to suddenly hear her father’s voice reply on the wireless.

YURI “F-Father?”

The following scene is shown in cut-reverse-cut.

TACHIBANA “So you’d rather the person being made to go this mission was someone you didn’t personally know?”

YURI “That’s not the issue.”

TACHIBANA “I’m in the middle of my professional duties. If you have something to say to me, I’ll have time to listen after operations have been completed.”

YURI “I’m in the middle of my ‘professional duties’ too, you know!”

TACHIBANA “I believe I already told you. What you do isn’t journalism. Find a safe place to evacuate to and wait there, obediently.”

YURI “I still have to do what I have to do. And that’s my problem.”

TACHIBANA “That’s the exact same for me. I have to do what I have to do.”

YURI “……”

TACHIBANA “Is someone there? Turn the mic over to them.”

SOLDIER “Yes, sir?”

TACHIBANA “That’s my daughter. Could you please do as she asks?”

SOLDIER “B-but, sir…”

TACHIBANA “I’ll take responsibility for her actions.”

YURI “Don’t try to act all cool. I can take responsibility for my own actions.”


YURI “More importantly, promise me. Promise me that you’ll be coming back.”

TACHIBANA “…I promise. But that goes for you, too.”


210 Road near the Yokohama Bay Bridge – DAWN

The door closes with a bang as Yuri climbs out of the jeep.

YURI “……”

She turns back at the sound of a car pulling in.

It’s Takeda’s 4WD.

Within the car is Takeda, a wry smile on his face.


211 A road leading to the Bay Bridge – DAWN

Takeda’s speeding 4WD.

Takeda is driving.

In the passenger seat sits Yuri, grasping her camera.


212 Pier at the foot of the mountains – DAWN

Godzilla is on the brink of coming on land.

Unnoticed by Godzilla, the waters behind him begin to roil, and Anguirus surfaces!

× × ×

Yuri and Takeda are shocked.

× × ×


Anguirus bites into the scruff of Godzilla’s neck. The monster is preventing Godzilla from coming ashore, trying to pull Godzilla back into the water’s depths.


213 The Aizu/CIC Room

HIROSE “Anguirus is attacking Godzilla…?”


214 On the bay bridge

Takeda’s 4WD comes to a stop.

Yuri and Takeda step down from the car.

The DSRV heads towards Godzilla above the ocean’s surface.

Yuri hands the camera over to Takeda.

YURI “Takeda, take the camera!”

× × ×

Anguirus holds onto Godzilla with all its might as the monster violently lashes about.

× × ×

DSRV. Pilothouse.

TACHIBANA “[Muttering] Anguirus, you truly are a guardian god of Yamato.”

He pulls on the control column.

× × ×

The DSRV dives into the sea.

× × ×

Information Management Department……

The DSRV monitor is projecting its recording.

EMORI “Admiral… Please, may you be safe!”

× × ×

Yuri, with Godzilla and Anguirus at the waters edge behind her, stands in front of the camera being handled by Takeda.

YURI “A warrior of the Defense Force is piloting a submarine that should be able to defeat Godzilla.”


215 Discover Channel/Production control room

Yuri is appearing on the monitor. Kadokura, Takagi, and more watch on.

YURI “We do not know if their strategy will prove effective. Now, allow me to show you their battle, waged to protect our nation…”


216 People throughout the country watching the video stream

On a home television,

On a workplace television that has been watched through the night,

At the cafeteria in a 24-hour service area,

At each, people wait with bated breath in front of the TV, watching over it all.

We see a boy watching the television in a hospital room alongside his parents.

BOY “It’s that lady……”


217 On the Yokohama Bay Bridge – MORNING

YURI “No matter what happens, I will show you how they are fighting to the death in order to protect our future! Right up until the end…”


Suddenly, the sound of massive waves echoes around the environs-

TAKEDA “[Taking his eye off the camera] Yuri!”

YURI “!”

× × ×

The gigantic entwined bodies of Godzilla and Anguirus approach the Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Godzilla’s dorsal fins emit a pale light.

Godzilla shakes off Anguirus, who has been tenaciously clinging onto Godzilla’s neck with a bite that won’t let go, throwing the monster towards the Bay Bridge and letting loose his atomic breath.

The middle section of the Bay Bridge takes a direct hit from the flames and is blown asunder.


× × ×

The violent shockwave sends Yuri falling off the guardrails!

YURI “[Screaming]!”

Crack. Within a hair’s breadth of losing her, Takeda has grabbed onto Yuri’s arm. Yuri’s body hangs from the bridge, held onto by Takeda’s arm alone.

Staring down at the distant, choppy sea directly below-

YURI “[Terrified] Takeda…”

TAKEDA “[Desperate] Yuri!”

× × ×

The center area of the Bay Bridge crumbles, and the two great monsters sink to the ocean floor beyond the bay!


218 Under the sea

Anguirus and Godzilla, still entangled with each other, sink into the depths.

The DSRV continues its underwater voyage towards the sinking Godzilla.

× × ×


Tachibana presses the D-03 torpedo launch button.

× × ×


The D-03 launches from the DSRV.

It plunges towards Godzilla.

But Godzilla mows the torpedo down with its gigantic tail.

The D-03 torpedo bursts apart.

The resulting shockwave causes the DSRV to lose control.


219 On the Bay Bridge

Water sprays up from the ocean directly beneath Yuri, still being held onto by Takeda. The entire bridge shakes violently.

YURI “Let me go! We’re both going to fall!”

TAKEDA “I’ll protect you, no matter what!”

YURI “……Takeda!”


220 The Aizu/CIC Room

Hirose stares at the DSRV monitor video.

HIROSE “We still have one last shot at this……”


221 DSRV/Pilothouse

Tachibana endeavors mightily to restore the ship’s composure.

As he does, the ship is hit by a massive shockwave!


222 Under the sea

Godzilla has used its great hands to clutch firmly onto the DSRV.

× × ×


TACHIBANA “[Groaning] …You bastard…”


223 Pier at the foot of the mountains

From amidst the rubble, Varan begins, staggeringly, to stand up.


224 On the Bay Bridge

Takeda desperately tries to pull Yuri upwards.

But he begins to slip, and suddenly the two are both falling.

At that exact moment.

Whoosh! Varan glides through the air.

It passes underneath the shattered Bay Bridge.

When they come to, Yuri and Takeda are riding on Varan’s back.




Yuri and Takeda grasp onto Varan’s spines for dear life.

Directly below lies Yokohama Bay.

Varan’s body, brutally beaten, begins to disintegrate.


Varan spreads out his membranes, and begins a gliding decent to the waters surface, making impact-



226 Above the water

Yuri and Takeda are sent flying by the impact of the water landing.

× × ×

Varan dives down towards the seabed. At the same time, the monster’s body is breaking down, dissolving, its bones beginning to become visible.

× × ×

Yuri and Takeda are tossed about by the ocean currents.

The broken stone of Angira has fallen from Yuri’s pocket. The stone lets off an eerie light, rapidly sinking towards the seafloor like something possessed-

× × ×

DSRV/The pilothouse monitor

Tachibana sees a ray of light travel down towards the seabed with great rapidity, just like a comet.


× × ×

Varan’s body turns to bone, crumbling apart.

× × ×

Anguirus’ cranium lies down upon the seabed, sucking in the light as if absorbing it.

The next moment, Anguirus’ eyes open with a burning intensity.

× × ×

The revived Anguirus springs at Godzilla.

Godzilla is pinned down onto the ocean floor.

The DSVR manages to flee from Godzilla’s grasp.

× × ×

The DSRV pilothouse shakes fiercely.

Tachibana struggles to right the vessel, staring at the monitor.

Anguirus’ face can be seen through the mud kicked up from the seabed.


227 Above the sea

Yuri and Takeda emerge from the ocean surface.

Takeda swims towards Yuri, embracing her.

But she doesn’t respond.

TAKEDA “Yuri!”


228 The ocean floor

Anguirus and Godzilla grapple with each other.

Godzilla bites onto Anguirus’ neck, tearing out a chunk.

Anguirus, its power gone, begins to break apart, its whole body crumbling, reduced to mere bones, which subsequently dissolve to nothingness.

× × ×

The DSRV pilothouse.

Tachibana makes his decision, pushing down the control column.

× × ×

The DSVR orients itself in Godzilla’s direction, and begins making for the monster at high speed.

Godzilla, threateningly, opens up its mouth and emits an underwater roar!

× × ×

The DSVR pilothouse.

The monitor is filled entirely with the image of Godzilla’s gaping mouth.

× × ×

The Information Management Department…

KOBAYAKAWA “…It can’t be.”

EMORI “Admiral!”

× × ×

The Aizu/CIC Room

HIROSE “[Taking the wireless] ……Admiral Tachibana! Please come back!!”

× × ×

The DSRV dives inside of Godzilla’s mouth!

× × ×

The DSVR pilot room.

A bursting, violent shockwave!


229 Godzilla, INTERIOR

Ba-bump, ba-bump. The sound of massive palpitation.

The DSVR slips and slides down Godzilla’s pitch-black gullet. The searchlights trace along the wet, glistening inner walls.

× × ×

The DSVR pilothouse……

Tachibana has passed out.

Suddenly, behind him stands Yuri.

Waking, Tachibana looks behind him.

YURI “……Father.”


Yuri takes Tachibana’s hand.

YURI “Don’t give up!”

We can hear a voice calling to Yuri as if from far away.

TAKEDA’S VOICE “……Yuri, Yuri!”


230 Yokohama Bay/Pier – MORNING

YURI “-”

She spits up seawater, coughing violently.

TAKEDA “Yuri!”

YURI “Takeda……”

TAKEDA “[With a smile of relief] I’m so relieved…”

YURI “[With a start of realization] Father. My father is-”


231 Godzilla, INTERIOR

The DSVR pilothouse.

Tachibana has regained consciousness.

TACHIBANA “Here I go, Yuri.”

Tachibana presses the D-03 torpedo firing switch.

× × ×


The D-03 torpedo fires inside of Godzilla-!!


232 Yokohama Bay/Pier (morning)

Falteringly, Yuri stands, looking down at the ocean surface.

Suddenly, the water surface begins to roil.


Godzilla appears from the ocean surface!


Godzilla roars!!

He looks backwards, glaring fixedly at Yuri.

Yuri and Takeda back away, filled with fear.

And from Godzilla’s neck wound comes-


The pointed end of a meat-shredding, spinning drill appears!

The next moment, an explosion!!


Godzilla lets out a final death-knell roar, and collapses into the sea.


233 Under the sea

Godzilla sinks into the depths.

From the gurgling blood-colored bubbles emerging from Godzilla’s gaping wound –


The DSRV flies out!


234 The Aizu/CIC Room

HIROSE “The DSRV is……”

SIGNALMAN B “It’s surfacing!”

× × ×


The surface hatch opens, and Tachibana’s face is revealed.

× × ×

YURI “[Smiling] You came back……”

Then, at that moment.

The ocean surface again begins to roil.


From the waters bursts Godzilla, his body covered in wounds!


The oncoming waves throw Tachibana from the top of the DSRV and into the ocean.

Godzilla roars!!

Tachibana, treading water, looks up at Godzilla.

Godzilla stares fixedly at Tachibana.

From Godzilla’s perspective, Tachibana, Yuri, and Takeda are all lined up in a perfect row.

His dorsal fins emit a pale glow.


Godzilla opens his mouth wide.


Takeda and Yuri close their eyes.

Then, the very next moment.

Godzilla’s atomic breath bursts forth, but not from his mouth – the radioactive blast surges from the wound at the nape of his neck, a straight line headed skyward.


The wound opening rips, gaping open, the atomic blast firing intermittently in the wrong direction. Godzilla struggles to somehow get the blast to fire from the right direction, but instead, his own atomic breath begins to destroy the monster himself.


At last, Godzilla has used up the last of his strength, and begins to crumble from the battered wound on his neck. With a final, deathly howl, Godzilla breaks apart, almost melting.

Yuri, Takeda, and Tachibana, still floating on the water, stare on in shock.

TAKEDA “Godzilla just…”

YURI  “……Disappeared.”

TACHIBANA “[Look upwards]……”


236 The Aizu/CIC Room

Cheers of joy are raised.

We see Hirose’s smile of relief.


237 Information Management Department

The signalmen exchange smiles.

Hinogaki and Mikumo breathe a sigh of relief.

Kobayakawa appears relieved.

Emori is reduced to thankful tears.


238 Discover Channel/Production control room

KADOKURA “[Clapping with great affection] A job well done.”

TAKAGI “[Approaching] Department head. About the interview with Old Man Isayama.”

KADOKURA “We’ll use it as an insert. I’ll trust you with safeguarding the interview.”

TAKAGI “The thing is… it’s disappeared.”

KADOKURA “Disappeared? What has?”

TAKAGI “The image of the old man no longer appears in the footage.”

KADOKURA “Wh- That’s impossible. [His smile hardens] Are you certain?”


239 Yokohama Bay/Pier – MORNING

Yuri and Tachibana, having returned to shore safe and sound, go to greet one another.

TACHIBANA “It would seem that we both made good on our promises to each other.”

Yuri breaks down in tears.

YURI “Welcome back, Father!”

TAKEDA “[Has on a celebratory smile]”

The tears welling in Yuri’s eyes sparkle beautifully in the morning light-






Fuyuki Shinada [pictured right]

Modeling assistant
Takuya Yamabe [pictured left]


Excited about Varan, Baragon, and Anguirus

Shinada When I was asked to be a guest at the 2000 Asian Fantasy Film Expo, on the airplane back I happened to be sitting next to another guest – Mr. Shusuke Kaneko. That was the first time I heard about this particular project, and my first interaction with it was being asked “would you make Godzilla for us?” I got excited about the idea of Godzilla fighting Varan, Baragon, and Anguirus [laughs].

Yamaba  You got pretty into it, huh [laughs]. I heard about it from you later on, and while I thought the monster line-up was really wonderful, in the end it all got turned upside down, didn’t it.

Shinada  Before [the monster line-up was changed], the three of us –  [Shōgo] Tomiyama, Mr. Kaneko, and myself – were talking it all over at Toho HQ. On the whiteboard, there was this image drawn out of three puppy-sized monsters surrounding this much bigger Godzilla. The issue was, “there’s too much of a difference in size here – how are we going to film it?”  So we were thinking up methods on how to deal with it. From there, we even made miniatures, but in January of the next year I got a call from Kaneko, saying “Toho decided it’s not going to be Varan and Anguirus. They’re going with King Gihorah and Mothra instead.” I was shocked, like, “whaaat?!”


Initial Conception of the Monsters

Shinada The early rough sketches had Anguirus on four unbent legs, but Yamabe told me “he won’t be able to move like this.”

Yamabe Realistically speaking, a person wouldn’t be able to get into the suit and move around on four stiff legs, and their head wouldn’t be able to fit into the neck section. I was just shooting everything down [laughs].

Shinada  Anguirus was a monster who walked on all fours in the initial script, with icicle-like spines all along his back, and was portrayed as being freely able to extend his spines to attack Godzilla. So I envisioned him like the legendary Qilin. However, all that was lost when the monster was switched to King Ghidorah……

Yamabe Originally, Anguirus was to be an ice monster, and the only commonalities you could find between Anguirus and Ghidorah in terms of “ice” would be that the latter was once frozen in ice.

Shinada Anguirus is a freezing monster; Baragon is monster of geothermal energy. It was written that the two of them can create wind using the differences in their temperatures, in formation with the wind monster Varan who attacks using flight. Although in the final decisive battle in Yokohama, Baragon, who had been defeated in Owakudani, was to appear once again from underground to challenge Godzilla, but without the point of the three monsters being able to attack in that formation, the special characteristics of this grouping of three was pretty much lost. I do have to admit that was a bit of a disappointment. Varan was one of my favorite monsters, but I guess that when thinking about what our audience would want, I figured [the change in monsters] couldn’t really be helped.

Yamabe [Up until the decision to change the monsters] Shinada was saying “this is how we could make Anguirus work.” But I was like, “there’s no way a person could position themselves that way.” Shinada would be like, “we could make it like this, and then their posture would be like this,” but I’d respond with “but in the end, the suit will cover the entirety of the wearer’s body, and you’re wanting this section to be supported by the wearer’s head? They’re not going to be able to move in that posture!” We kept up those sorts of discussions from June all the way till the end of the year.


Looking Back at 20 Years Ago

Shinada It was more than a little difficult to have to create Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah all simultaneously [laughs].

Yamabe Because we didn’t have Anguirus or Varan, both of whom we’d originally wanted, and now we had to make King Ghidorah, too.

Shinada  In particular, it was a small, heroic King Ghidorah. Even changing his alignment seemed like enough to cause backlash, and since fans probably felt that King Ghidorah should be huge and strong, I sort of felt like our job was more like putting a bell around the neck of a cat, you know [laughs].

Yamabe Even though we were under pressure, no doubt about it, our motivation really came from the idea of creating Godzilla. And this was something we could call “the Shinada Godzilla.”

Shinada If I think about it now, at the very least I would have wanted to make Godzilla at a normal size. [Mizuho] Yoshida was in the Godzilla suit, and I can only imagine how heavy it was for him to wear.

Yamabe 20 years have passed, but our time on the movie resulted in such good memories. Although looking back at the making-of, there are quite a few parts that make me go “was that all there was to it?” [Laughs] I feel we did a pretty good job, making something and delivering it, then moving on to the next thing and delivering that too – all in the course of only a few months.

Shinada When it went public, I had thought “people are going to have all sorts of things to say to me about this,” but seeing that there’s enough interest for a book like this to be made 20 years onwards and that there’s still some remaining popularity means that, when all is said and done, it became part of history. It makes me happy. I’m so incredibly pleased that people are still enjoying “GMK” to this day. Things were tough back then, but it was worth it. And I want to thank everyone who purchased this book and is reading it.


Fuyuki Shinada (しなだ・ふゆき)……Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1959. Founded Vi-SHOP in 1994 via Rainbow Co., Ltd. and Buildup Co., Ltd. Became affiliated with Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. in ’09.  Was in charge of modeling for a wide range of monsters in many Tokusatsu productions. In terms of Godzilla movies, beyond the monsters that appear in the film in question, he also made Biollante (Godzilla vs. Biollante, 1989) and Godzillasaurus (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, 1991).

Takuya Yamabe (やまべ・たくや)……Born in Tokyo Prefecture, 1962. Worked with Rainbow Co., Ltd., Buildup Co., Ltd., Vi-SHOP, and Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., always working alongside Mr. Fukyuki Shinada, each time being involved in the modeling of numerous monsters. In addition to model production, he also often engages in handling maintenance, etc. at filming locations, and has earned the complete trust of Mr. Shinada.


Cinematic render by The Toku Society. Anguirus model by Snake151, Godzilla model by ByNEET.