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Welcome everyone! This article is an expansive behind the scenes overview of the K.W.C. over the years, alongside artwork we’ve commissioned and their respective artists, statistics, and general history that has been documented about the K.W.C.

1. General History
2. Statistics Overview
Contributing Authors
Banner Designers
Commissioned Illustrators
Audio Narrators
Multimedia Creators
3. Art Museum
Older Banners
Event Month Banners
Rotational Banners
Announcement Banners
Commissioned Art
4. The End


A detailed overview of the the history of the Kaiju War Chronicles, its inception, and where it evolved from there.

1998 – 2003

The Kaiju War Chronicles began life under the moniker “Toho Monster Wrestling Federation” (T.M.W.F.) back as early as 1998 (though maybe existed even earlier, with a much larger roster), and was one of Toho Kingdom’s earliest included features for the website. With the exception of a pronounced section dedicated to Arenas, most of the core attributes would be carried along the K.W.C.’s lifecycle. Notable contributors of the era included Anthony Romero, Forrest Freund, and James Webster.

In 2003, though, Toho Kingdom would be contacted by the lawyers of Toho. Their legal team made a series of demands for changes required to the website, largely focused on copyright and utilized imagery. However, an exception was the T.M.W.F. section.

It is believed that due to the fact that the T.M.W.F. contained Toho in the name that the team took particular focus on this section of the site. This resulted in the section having to be renamed to something without Toho, leading to it being rebranded into the K.W.C. that it’s known as today. It also included that this section feature its own copyright disclaimer and that certain copyright status needed to be called, such as the reserved symbol when using the name Godzilla.

(The K.W.C. circa 2004. Snapshot taken using the Wayback Machine, with the Arena image unfortunately corrupted.)

In the aftermath of the changes, site owner Anthony Romero, unsatisfied with his earlier writings, deleted most of his older submissions.

For purposes of documentation, there are two distinct match lists pre-2003 before the final alterations were made, as well as a list to known submissions that don’t have a number attached to them. As a side note, the 1998 year was simply when Combatants were added to the roster, matches themselves came along during the 1999-2000 period.

  • Early T.M.W.F. Era (1998-2000s)
    • Match 1: King Kong (Showa) vs. Gabara
    • Match 2: Jet Jaguar (Showa) vs. Gorosaurus
    • Match 3: King Ghidorah (Heisei) vs. Hedorah (Showa)
    • Match 4: King Caesar (Showa) vs. Gigan (Showa) vs. Mechagodzilla (Showa)
    • Match 5: Rodan (Heisei) vs. Battra
    • Match 6: Godzilla (Heisei), Anguirus (Showa) & Manda (Showa) vs. Kamacuras (Showa), Ebirah (Showa) & Gezora
    • Match 7: SpaceGodzilla vs. Sanda
    • Match 8: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Orga
    • Match 9: Iris vs. Destoroyah
    • Match 11: Gorosaurus vs. Kumonga (Showa)
    • Match 12: Godzilla (US) vs. Titanosaurus
    • Match 13: Legion vs. Megaguirus
    • Match 14: Biollante vs. Dagahra
  • Unattributed T.M.W.F. Submissions
    • Moguera (Heisei) vs. Shockirus vs. Mutant (Showa)

The next big step came when Thomas Fairchild (formerly Singleton) came aboard.

2003 – 2007

(The K.W.C. Main Page circa May 2006. In order to access the page, it was required to press the “Matches” tab from the original directory above.)

On November 27th, 2003, the K.W.C. was officially rebranded, with Fairchild promoted to be in charge of the section. Debuting shortly after with Match 9, with other submissions that was soon to follow. Along with Fairchild, another prominent contributor was Christian Salabert, who proved to be instrumental with the creation of the feature-defining K.W.C. Banners in 2007. Together, the duo would continue to cultivate the K.W.C. gradually over the years, molding and shaping it into what we know of today.

2007 – 2014

On October 10th, 2007, Christian Salabert was officially nominated as staff, celebrating the occasion by way of a double feature with Match 35 and Match 36. They both continued posting matches on a semi-regular basis, generally dropping them in potential week-long periods of updates or spreading them out through the months. However, a crash from Salabert’s side prevented the creation of additional banners, and without anyone with the technical skills or programs to maintain the role, the K.W.C. went under its first hiatus through the year of 2009.

In 2010, Stephanie Hughes was brought onboard to keep the flow of matches along with the creation of her banners. Likewise, the K.W.C. received a wealth of submissions from an entire spectrum of writers, including Kenneth James, Joshua Reynolds, Eugene Tan, Hayes A. Jones, Kristian Zatkoff, and others. Salabert was eventually able to resume active banner-making duties, alongside a new talent in the form of Jackson Morris. With this, a prosperous era for the section flourished for years to come.

(The K.W.C. Main Page circa 2014. The style of the banner remained consistent during its 7 year tenure.)

During this time, Fairchild and Salabert tried to push for more unconventional inclusions as part of the roster, including the allowance of animated combatants. While such a feat proved futile at the time, the end result for this internal push enabled the inclusions of Crustaceous Rex and Cyber Godzilla in the K.W.C.

But the situation came to a head in 2014 when the growth of submissions became too exponential to handle. Between that and with the duties primarily at the helm of Salabert (as well as additional real life responsibilities), the frequency of K.W.C. updates declined, becoming practically nonexistent aside from the update for Match 141 in January of that year. With the worrying lack of updates, an outcry from the forums demanded a change, with a proposal laid out by Tyler Trieschock to better circulate and alleviate the flow of matches off Salabert’s shoulders. However, amidst much deliberation and discussion, and with great reluctance, it was decided the time of Thomas Fairchild and Christian Salabert would draw to a close…

2015 – 2022

Ultimately stepping down at the end of 2014, the responsibilities of the K.W.C. were passed along to Tyler Trieschock. Assembling a collective team of volunteers, Trieschock lead through the submissions with the revival of the K.W.C. in January of 2015 with Match 142, pressing onward where the previous holders left off.

Along with the older submissions, new ones came in through the flow as well. New writers include Thomas Eckert, KeSean Johnson, Connor Clennell, Harley Jameson, Jolene Steinard, Alex Williams, Matthew Freese, Vincent Rodger, Joshua Strittmatter, and plenty more! And likewise the growth of banner creators expanded significantly, rallying in the ranks of Andrew Sudomerski, Landon Soto, Dao Zang Moua, and Matthew Williams, to name a few.

(The K.W.C. Main Page circa February 2017.)

With Trieschock at the helm, a plethora of new K.W.C. features have long since been added and become primary mainstays of the section, including Event Months, the Animated Battles (currently the Multimedia Matches), a greatly expanded FAQ, the Continuity Registry, the ambitious artwork banner project (seen below), the bi-annual surveys, and the yearly K.W.C. Awards.

On top of that, Trieschock focused on organizing a regular schedule to ensure that the K.W.C.s were released on a consistent basis of nearly every 10 days, as opposed to the more sporadic updates of the past. Once the K.W.C. moved to the WordPress Blog format (circa Match 257 on May 2019), organizing submissions became faster and more efficient. Meanwhile, Andrew Sudomerski was officially promoted and recognized on May of 2017 for his efforts (though voluntarily joined in 2015), making great contributions to the section, the Monster Bios, and managing a YouTube channel with the Kaiju War Chronicles Committee (shortened to the K.W.C.C.) podcast. He and his brother were also instrumental for the hefty amount of overhauls to the section’s main page and Combatant Statistics section.

At the beginning of 2020, Sudomerski undertook the monstrous task of polishing, refurbishing, and up-converting the first 256 submissions into the current WordPress Blog format (an ongoing endeavor as of now), working diligently alongside Matthew Freese and Brendan Sheehan in the process. With the restorations, the old links of the original matches have been erased, only accessible through the Wayback Machine. However, all of the banners over the decades have been recovered, and are viewable down below.

In 2022, Trieschock took a step down and allowed Sudomerski and Freese to take reigns as co-operation managers.

2022 – Current

With the dawn of a new era, another overhaul to the section was in order. In late 2022, with Match 400 on the horizon as another milestone marker, Sudomerski began to greatly expand and reinvigorate the section by further organizing the information provided, paving the way for the Forms & Assists page and the K.W.C. Studio Tour.

(The K.W.C. Main Page circa January 2023, before the Match 400 updates.)

After taking a year-long hiatus, Trieschock made his return to supervise and help provide for the K.W.C. with new inclusions such as audiobooks for select matches and a general supervisor for the K.W.C. Multimedia. With him, Matthew Reeds became the first audio narrator to lend his voice to the section.

On January 1st, 2024, after much debating and discussing between K.W.C. Staff and site owner Anthony Romero, a teaser was dropped for the inclusion of Crossovers in the K.W.C., which later was publicly revealed on February 1st. Crossovers had previously been forbidden by Romero due to lack of Toho connections, but finally relented due to a series of compromises that made it work.

And all of this leads to… Now. This is currently where the K.W.C.’s story is at, and is currently ongoing as you are reading this. Most of it has been continuing the traditions and trends set up already, but there will be much more to be expected in the future. More monsters! More fights! The greatest battles on Earth… Or elsewhere!


These are compiled data focused on the many contributions of our many, many writers and banner artists over the decades, past surveys and their results, along with other factoids. What better way to celebrate than to recount all of our collective achievements and accomplishments?

Current Total Roster Count: 124 Combatants
Most Used Combatant: Godzilla (Heisei) – 46 Matches
Combatant with the Most Wins: Godzilla (Heisei) – 27 Wins
Combatant with the Most Losses: Gigan (Universal) – 22 Losses
Combatant with the Most Ties: Godzilla (Heisei) – 9 Ties
Longest Break: Cyber Godzilla – 119 Match Absence [from Match 200 to Match 319]
Match with the Most Combatants: Match 100: Everyone vs. Everyone – 49 Combatants
Match with the Most Author Collaborators: Match 275: Cataclysm of the Monsterverse
Match with the Most Banner Collaborators: Match 363: Titanosaurus, Varan (Universal) & Gorosaurus vs. Godzilla Ultima
Longest Match Word Count: Match 420: Attack Titan, Jet Jaguar (Showa) & Ultraman Jack vs. Gamera (Heisei) vs. Super X [84,829 words]
Shortest Match Word Count: Match 20: Gezora vs. Kumasogami [698 words]



The 2019 Awards & Feedback Surveys [Blog Post]
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K.W.C. 2024 May Announcement – “A New War Approaches” [Blog Post]
K.W.C. 2024 June Announcement – “A Hero’s -Rebirth-“ [Blog Post]






This is the most we have right now–and hope more will continue to expand the K.W.C. with their talents!


Here is the section completely dedicated to everything art-related culminated over time–from older banners, replaced banners, commissioned 2D and 3D artwork, and whatever else we could find in the woodwork!


These are banners either long thought missing or replaced with their contemporary HD remasters.

(Classic and Early Match 1 (later Match 0) banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Classic and Early Match 2 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 3 and Match 4 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 5 and Match 6 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Classic and Early Match 7 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 8 and Match 10 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Classic and Early Match 9 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 11 and Match 12 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 13 and Match 14 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 15 and Match 16 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 17 and Match 18 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 19 and Match 20 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 21 and Match 22 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Classic and Early Match 23 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 24 and Match 25 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 26 and Match 27 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Classic and Early Match 28 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 29 and Match 30 banners. Made by Christian Salabert. The latter was the first match to shift into the “Godzilla” font, but with some differences.)

(Early Match 31 and Match 32 banners. Made by Christian Salabert.)

(Early Match 33 and Classic Match 34 banners. Made by Christian Salabert. 34 was the first banner to lead the longtime staple of “solid red Godzilla font”, with every match preceding it being replaced at a later point.)

(Classic Match 53 and Match 65 banners. Made by Christian Salabert and Stephanie Hughes respectively.)

This section will be periodically updated as new banners come along.


This is a compilation of all the Event Month banners made over the years, alongside their corresponding entries!

(Mechagodzilla May-Hem banner by Jackson Morris.)

Release Schedule: May 2016

  1. Match 170: Bemular & Goliath vs. Mechagodzilla (Showa)
  2. Match 171: Mechagodzilla (Showa) vs. Gomora
  3. Match 172: Anguirus (Universal) & Baragon (Universal) vs. Mechagodzilla (Showa) & Monster X
  4. Match 173: Mechagodzilla (Showa) vs. Gomora & Moguera (Universal)
  5. Multimedia #3: Mechagodzilla (Showa) vs. Ultraman (Universal)


Mechagodzilla May-Hem marks the very first (among many to come) K.W.C. themed months!
– Match 170 started as a fake-out for the introduction of Showa Godzilla, an idea petitioned, implemented, and teased by Sudomerski.
– Multimedia Match #3 is part of the Event Month, despite being released in early June.

(MUTOber banner by Jackson Morris.)

Release Schedule: October 2017

  1. Match 208: Gororin vs. Godzilla Junior vs. MUTO
  2. Match 209: Kumonga (Universal) vs. MUTO
  3. Match 210: MUTO vs. Anguirus (Universal) vs. C-Rex
  4. Match 211: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. MUTO vs. Skullcrawler vs. Mechani-Kong & Orga


– Match 211 was originally unplanned to be part of the Greyshot151 Series, just a simple collaboration between Sudomerski and Trieschock, but was requested at his behest, with the inclusions of Legendary Godzilla and the Skullcrawlers coming in early in development.
– Match 210 had been written with the desire to expand the original line-up of planned matches, and was completed in a week.

(Yogust banner by Jackson Morris.)

Release Schedule: August 2018

  1. Match 235: SpaceGodzilla vs. Gezora, Ganimes & Kamoebas (Showa)
  2. Match 236: Kumasogami vs. Kamoebas (Showa)
  3. Match 237: Gezora vs. Gororin
  4. Match 238: Dagahra vs. Ganimes, Gezora, Kamoebas (Showa), Manda (Universal), Titanosaurus & Varan (Universal)

(Legendary May-Hem banner by Jackson Morris, featuring the model work of dopepope.)

Release Schedule: May – June 2019

  1. Match 257: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. Varan (Universal) vs. Sanda
  2. Match 258: King Kong (Showa) vs. MUTO
  3. Match 259: Bemular vs. Godzilla (Legendary)
  4. Match 260: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. Kamacuras (Universal)
  5. Match 261: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (Legendary) – Round 2
  6. Match 262: Red King vs. Skullcrawler
  7. Match 264: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. King Kong vs. Mechani-Kong vs. Kiryu


– This was the first Event Month to expand to 2 months, whereas most lasted for only a month.
– It also introduced the K.W.C. to the WordPress Blog format.
– Match 275 was the original finale, but due to time constraints, it had to be pushed back.
– Match 263 is not part of Legendary May-Hem; it was inserted in preparation for what became 275.
– After Match 264 marks the start of higher quality standards in the K.W.C.

(Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe banner by Andrew Sudomerski.)

Release Schedule: June – July 2020

  1. Match 296: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Kiryu
  2. Match 297: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Armored Titan
  3. Match 298: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Iris
  4. Match 299: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Gamera (Heisei) – Round 2
  5. Match 300: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Everyone


– Match 303 was originally slated to be part of the Gamera Month; was pushed back to debut the Armored Titan and excess of matches for the month.

(Attack on December banner by Andrew Sudomerski.)

Release Schedule: December 2020

  1. Match 315: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Colossal Titan
  2. Match 316: Armored Titan vs. Trilopod
  3. Match 317: Attack Titan vs. Rodan (Legendary) vs. Kiryu
  4. Match 318: Sanda & Gaira (Showa) vs. Attack Titan & Armored Titan


– The Japanese kanji featured translates 巨人月 (Kyojin gatsu), or “Titan Month.”
– Match 318 was the first AOT-related match to put a greater emphasis on source material elements, compared to the more movie-based influences of previous matches.
– The completion of 318 was down to the wire; it was uploaded the same day it was finished.

(King Kong: March of the King banner by Andrew Sudomerski.)

Release Schedule: March 2021

  1. Match 325: King Kong (Showa) vs. Jet Jaguar (Showa)
  2. Match 326: Rodan (Universal) & Baragon (Universal) vs. King Kong (Showa) vs. Kumasogami
  3. Match 327: Gaira (Showa) vs. King Kong (Showa)
  4. Match 328: King Kong (Showa) vs. Black Moth
  5. Match 329: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. King Kong (Showa)


– Match 330 isn’t a direct part of the King Kong: March of the King event month; however, it can be considered a spiritual finale (can you find the hidden Legendary Kong?).

(The Month of Ultraman banner by Connor Clennell.)

Release Schedule: December 2021

  1. Match 354: Godzilla (Reiwa) vs. Bemular
  2. Match 355: Red King vs. C-Rex, Cyber Godzilla, King Cobra, Ts-eh-GO & Zilla
  3. Match 356: Zone Fighter vs. Gomora
  4. Match 357: Ultraman (Universal) vs. Godzilla (Showa)


– Following below is an early prototype banner for the Ultraman Event Month. Also made by Clennell.

(Gigan 2022 banner by Landon Soto, featuring art by Christian Gonzalez.)

Release Schedule: March 2022

  1. Match 364: Gigan (Universal) vs. Mechagodzilla (Showa)
  2. Match 365: Gigan (Universal) vs. Gomora
  3. Match 366: Zone Fighter, Ultraseven, Godzilla (Heisei), Jikiro, Gigan (Universal), Zandora, Bemular, Gezora, Ganimes, Kamoebas (Showa) vs. Mecha-King Ghidorah
  4. Match 367: Gigan (Universal) vs. Attack Titan & Armored Titan


– Match 370 was originally going to be the finale of Gigan 2022, but had to be pushed back for more time.
– Below we also present an early prototype of the Gigan 2022 banner! Also made by Soto.

(Shin Resurgence banner by Andrew Sudomerski.)

Release Schedule: July 2022

  1. Match 377: Balkzardan vs. Godzilla® (Reiwa)
  2. Match 378: Godzilla® (Reiwa) vs. MUTO
  3. Match 379: Godzilla® (Heisei) vs. Godzilla® (Reiwa)
  4. Match 380: Godzilla® (Reiwa) vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary) vs. Mothra (Universal) vs. Rodan (Universal) vs. Biollante


– An audio drama was planned for the month, but never panned out accordingly.
– Was originally going to be a send-off to Shin Godzilla; but when Trieschock stepped down, that decision was ultimately rectified.

(Saturday Morning March banner by Andrew Sudomerski, Dao Zang Moua, and Matthew Williams.)

Release Schedule: March 2023

  1. Match 401: Mothra (Legendary) vs. Cyber Godzilla®
  2. Match 402: Monster X vs. Gororin
  3. Match 403: Godzilla® (Showa) & Ultraman (Universal) vs. Orga
  4. Match 404: Attack Titan & Super X vs. Orochi (Heisei)


– This marks the first GIF banner for the K.W.C. Event Month banner!
– Due to compression issues, the banner is only viewable by clicking on the image.

(Virtual Monstrosities event banners by Landon Soto and Matthew Williams)

Release Schedule: July 2023

  1. Match 411: Godzilla® (Heisei) vs. Balkzardan
  2. Match 412: Obsidius vs. The Visitor
  3. Match 413: Godzilla® Junior & Ebirah (Universal) vs. Titanosaurus & Krystalak
  4. Match 414: Bagan vs. Godzilla® (Legendary), Gamera (Heisei) & Grand King Ghidorah


– Both images had an interactable component where clicking on the image swapped between the two banners.
– Banner A (by Soto) was inspired by box-art covers, with Super Smash Bros. Melee being of particular influence.
– Banner B (by Williams) was influenced by the in-game titles screen of Godzilla Domination with additional flare, as well as doubling as a “Character Select” screen.

(Yamato November event banner by Connor Clennell)

Release Schedule: November 2023

  1. Match 421: King Caesar (Universal) vs. Kumasogami – Round 2
  2. Match 422: Kaishin Muba vs. Godzilla Junior & Gotengo (Universal)
  3. Match 423: Utsuno Ikusagami vs. Destoroyah
  4. Match 424: Orochi vs. Team Guardians
  5. Multimedia #10: Daimajin vs. Baragon (Universal), Varan (Universal), Anguirus (2001), Mothra (2001) & King Ghidorah (Millennium) vs. Gyaos (Universal)
  6. Match 425: Yamato vs. Bagorah


– Marks the first time since 2016’s Mechagodzilla May-Hem where a Multimedia match is featured as part of an Event Month.
– The event banner was specifically requested to feature a hidden Yamato (can you spot it?).

This section will be periodically updated when Event Months come to a close.


These are a collection of all the banners that are added to the rotation, along with their associated artists! If you want to see them, execute a Hard Refresh on the main K.W.C. page (Ctrl+F5 for Windows, Cmd+Shift+R for Mac).

(Portraits, icons, and background art by Christian Gonzalez. Can be found around the web on Instagram, ArtStation, X/Twitter, and DeviantART. )

(Portraits and icons by E.J. Su, who is available on other websites such as Instagram, X/Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantART.)

(Portraits and icons by Hiroshi Kanatani. Be sure to follow Kanatani, known for Coaraptor: Kaiju of the Wind and Dinosaur War Izenborg, on his Instagram!)

(Portraits and icons by Zid. For those inclined, you can follow Zid on his personal Instagram, X/Twitter, and his website for more of his fantastic artwork!)

(Portraits and icons by Yo★Nakano. Nakano also has an X/Twitter in which you can follow him!)

(Portraits and icons by Noah Cortez, who has an X/Twitter and Instagram!)

This section will be periodically updated when new banners are added to the rotation.


These consist of our handcrafted banners to reflect new announcements.

(The initial teaser banner for “When Worlds Collide” by Connor Clennell, including a bonus uncensored version)

(The “When Worlds Collide” banner by Vincent Rodger)

(“A New War Approches” banner by Vincent Rodger)

(“A Hero’s -Rebirth-” banner by Andrew Sudomerski)

This section will be updated per new banner reveal.


All the banner artwork commissioned over the years. Massive credits to E.J. Su, Christian Gonzalez, Angela Rizza, Zid, and Thomas Johnson!

Axor model by vrahno. Though not commissioned, K.W.C. Staff did seek permission for his model.

Anguirus (2001) model by Snake151.

Bagorah model by LDN-RDNT, commissioned for the K.W.C. He is also available on Instagram.

Bakan’s various forms modelled by Digiwip. The 1980-iteration was also used for the Resurrection of Godzilla cutting room page.

Gryphon model provided by LDN-RDNT. The model is taken from the graphic novel adaptation of Godzilla ’94, viewable here.

Kaishin Muba model crafted by dopepope. It was commissioned as early as 2016.

King Cobra model crafted by dopepope.

MUTO Prime custom figure created by kaijufanart_david on Instagram. The above model is an older version.

Rhiahn model by dopepope. Had already been made before requesting its use for the K.W.C., just with additional polish.

Super Godzilla model crafted by Digiwip. An alternate “American” version also exists.

Trilopod Beta (top) and Trilopod Alpha (bottom) made by dopepope, commissioned for K.W.C. use.

Ts-eh-GO and the Nightmare Scorpion models created by dopepope. Commissioned for K.W.C. use.

Mega Monsters Krollar and Triax models created by dopepope. Commissioned for K.W.C. use.


And thus concludes the K.W.C. Studio Tour! Really hope everyone enjoys the presentation, and look forward for future updates to come! For any additional reading, please check the FAQ section for additional coverage.