Author: Joshua Reynolds | Banner: Jackson Morris

A small village at the basin of Mount Fuji was asleep. The farmers and workers lay in their beds. Those not asleep listened to the peaceful chirp of crickets and the hum the nighttime brought. They’d be asleep in no time. It was going on 1:00 AM when the first change came. The crickets suddenly became silent as if a predator was on the hunt. A moment later, a flash of man-made light ripped through the streets, blasting through the windows as if the sun had risen early. Several people sat up, rubbing their eyes as more flood lights tore across the ground.

That’s when the shaking came.

Thunderous footsteps made their small homes bounce. A roar, an all-too familiar roar, then filled their minds with fear. It was the tremendous roar of Godzilla himself! The sound of helicopters buzzing became louder and soon an explosion ripped through one of the huts, a missile had missed its mark!

Zilla ducked its body down, dodging another warhead and allowing it to explode on the streets, kicking up a storm of tan dust and smoke. The mutated iguana hissed and turned around, running through the small buildings with no care for those inside. Suddenly something caught its eye as it reached the end of the village and saw the tree line.

A giant stood, arms crossed over its hairy chest. Using the hides of deer as clothing, the giant Frankenstein’s Monster growled as Zilla came to a grinding halt, claws digging trenches in the ground. Behind the monsters, three helicopters appeared and circled around. Frankenstein suddenly burst into action, throwing his arms to the side and charging the mutation.

Zilla hissed and turned around, but Frankenstein was on him! The humanoid leaped into the air and came down. The giant grunted as the lizard’s sharp back spikes cut into his flesh, but the force drove Zilla head-first into the ground. The monster jerked and thrashed until it brought its whip-like tail up, striking Frankenstein’s back! The German-Japanese kaiju shrieked and was flung to the side, a clear wound visible from where the tail whipped him.

The iguana spun on all fours before standing up, roaring as Frankenstein followed. As the giant stood, his hands clenched a small truck, hiding it from Zilla’s view. The spawn of atomic tests began to rush Frankenstein, but the humanoid turned on his heel and smashed the truck down on Zilla’s forehead! The monster screamed in rage as blood began to trickle down its boxy skull. The truck itself disintegrated into scrap.

Before Zilla could move again, Frankenstein wrapped his muscular arms around its throat, trying to strangle the life out of the NYC killer. The mutation would have none of it and stood upright for one brief second, hoisting the artificial human off the ground, leaving them to flail helplessly. The lizard monster fell backward, and Frankenstein was body-slammed onto several small homes. Frankenstein screamed and began to crawl away, but Zilla’s jaws clamped shut on his shin!

As blood began to gush from where the teeth penetrated, Frankenstein again reached out, grabbing another vehicle. As he tried to kick at the boxy face of the mutant iguana with his free leg, Frankenstein tossed the car into his opponent’s snout! A small blast made Zilla drop his opponent, bringing up his arms to pat out the flames on his nose. As the reptile snorted and coughed, Frankenstein quickly regained his composure and lunged, tackling Zilla to the ground!

The giant gripped at his throat, squeezing with all his might as he thrust his other arm down, gouging at the lizard’s eye! The mutation struggled and slashed at Frankenstein with its claws, but the human didn’t relent and fought through the razor-like cuts forming on his torso and arms.

Suddenly Zilla took a deep breath. Frankenstein roared defiantly, not expecting what would follow. The iguana’s jaws opened up and a blast of flammable gas and wind ripped into Frankenstein’s face! The monster fell backward, rubbing his face and trying to regain his vision. Zilla roared again and jumped to his feet. The lizard charged, clamping his jaws down on Frankenstein’s arm.

The giant struggled, but ended up falling! Zilla quickly dropped; spinning his body around like an alligator would do to its prey! It only took a few spins before a sickening pop was followed by the tearing of flesh! A fountain of red gore was shot into the ground and Zilla fell back, holding the twitching arm, from the elbow and on, in his mouth! Frankenstein shouted and crawled away, his stump spilling countless gallons of blood onto the ground.

As Frankenstein screamed in pain, Zilla stepped back, grabbing each side of the arm with his own and gnawing as if it were a gigantic turkey leg. Dissatisfied with the taste of the mutated flesh and blood, Zilla dropped the bloody limb, letting it flop on the ground where the fingers began to dig into the soft soil, trying to crawl away. Shaking its head and smearing the blood on its jaws, the monstrous iguana stepped forward, crushing the twitching hand under its taloned foot.

Frankenstein rolled on the ground, crawling away. Soon the giant screamed in pain again as Zilla’s jaws latched onto his shin! Triangular, shark-like teeth tore into the soft, human flesh. As quickly as he bit down, Zilla ripped his head away, tearing with it a bacon-like strip of skin. With a snarl, the monster tossed the bloody piece to the side. Frankenstein continued to howl, reaching forward in an attempt to grab anything that he could use as a weapon.

By now the pair had gotten closer to the small population, and the giant reached into the streets. His hand wrapped around a truck. With a shriek, Frankenstein rolled onto his back and kicked out, whacking the beast in the forehead with his foot. As Zilla backed away with a hiss, the giant tossed the truck at Zilla’s head with all of his strength! The truck shattered on impact, the gasoline that remained inside caught aflame from a spark.

A small ball of orange and red fire spread forth between Zilla’s eyes, making the creature howl. Zilla continued to back away, shaking its head as Frankenstein scrambled to his feet. The human rolled to the side, reaching for yet another vehicle. As Zilla patted out the rest of the flames, Frankenstein trucked forward.

Just as the lizard-like kaiju looked forward, Frankenstein leaped into the air, holding the unfortunate car in his grip. Coming down with a hammer-like blow, Frankenstein crushed the car up the side of Zilla’s skull! Another small explosion ripped outward as Frankenstein pulled his arm away. As the giant gained some distance, Zilla shook his head and took another deep breath.

Frankenstein was prepared for what he thought would happen and brought up his remaining arm to protect his face, but something else came. The breath Zilla breathed combined with the flame produced by Frankenstein’s last attack and a stream of fire was thus born. The flames washed over Frankenstein’s forearm, quickly making the giant scream in pain again. In reaction, the giant lowered its arm, and the flames tore into his ugly face! The human fell back in a heartbeat, its entire upper torso and arm engulfed in flames.

Zilla snorted and shook its head before releasing a loud cry. The mutation stepped forward, making the Earth shake with every blow. Frankenstein was still alive and struggling, but as the fur and skin on his body turned to ash, the lizard planted a firm foot on its burning chest. The giant screamed again, this time turning into a wheeze as Zilla put his weight on his foot, instantly breaking ribs.

The burnt arm of Frankenstein came up, grabbing the leg, but it was futile. With a final roar of ultimate victory, Zilla’s jaws came down again, clamping around Frankenstein’s throat! With the moon shining in its fullest behind him, the monster ripped his head upward, holding a large, bloody chunk of meat in his jaws. Spitting out the mutated, disgusting flesh, Zilla released another cry of victory. Frankenstein’s struggles became less and less, his arm sliding down the monster’s leg as the legendary monster finally died, drowned in its blood and the victim of a mutated iguana!

Winner: Zilla

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles