Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Stephanie Hughes

Ultraman soared through the skies over Tokyo, looking over the destruction that had stricken the land. What was once the busy capital of Japan was now a ghost town, covered in enormous crystals. The hero of Earth knew what had to be done. Soon, he would be upon the creator of these crystals and engage him in combat. He hoped he was up to the challenge of taking down such a beast. The doubts had little time to move about in his mind, however, as soon the Ultra brother spotted his target.


Godzilla’s intergalactic doppelgänger looked into the air, his eyes closing in on Ultraman as he approached. Knowing instantly that a fight was about to take place, the cosmic saurian summoned energy from his crystals, charging himself with his galactic power. Another call, and energy from Tokyo Tower poured into his shoulder crystals, giving him an even greater boost. The crystalline terror watched as the silver hero landed in front of him, not too far away. The two titans stared each other down, waiting for the other to break the silence and make the first attack.

Unsurprisingly, SpaceGodzilla made the first move.

His Corona Beam pierced the air, exploding around the intergalactic hero’s feet. Before the mighty warrior could retaliate, the bolt traveled up his leg to his chest, knocking him to the ground. The alien was back on his feet in an instant and charged SpaceGodzilla, raising his fist and slamming it into the monster’s jaw. As the space saurian reeled back, the Specium hero lashed out with his leg, slamming his knee into the creature’s side, making the demon cry out and fire another Corona Beam blast, but he flipped out of the way, narrowly avoiding the bolt.

Ultraman leapt into the air, planting his foot into the black hole beast’s chest, sending the beast crashing onto his back. As SpaceGodzilla attempted to right himself, he reached down and grabbed the monster’s tail, trying to lift the creature into the air, when a surge of cosmic energy traveled through the tail and blasted his hands, forcing him to let go. In a burst of light, SpaceGodzilla transformed into his crystalline flying form and took to the sky. The space monster rained Corona Beams down on the area, surrounding Ultraman with explosions.

The warrior from Nebula M78 crossed his hands and fired a Specium Beam at the flying demon, but the blast merely bounced off SpaceGodzilla’s crystal spikes, who returned fire and struck Ultraman in the chest with a Corona Beam, sending the giant crashing through a building. The corrupted counterpart neared the wreckage to investigate, when the Ultra brother broke through and flew high into the air, past his foe. As the space monster shrieked and flew up to face his opponent, the hero fired another Specium Beam, striking a void blue face and drawing out a pained shriek. SpaceGodzilla lifted into the air to face Ultraman, but the warrior easily outmaneuvered the crystalline creature, firing off another blast of the Specium Beam and, when that failed to damage the monster’s crystals, generated a Cutting Halo in his hand. He hurled the buzzsaw-like blast at the corona creature back, but even the slicing blade of the Cutting Halo failed to leave lasting damage, throwing sparks and little else.

SpaceGodzilla turned and fired a flurry of Corona Beams at his foe, which the alien ambassador managed to dodge, one, and then yet another, but the third blast hit home. Ultraman faltered but managed to stay in the air. Shrieking evilly, SpaceGodzilla flew directly at the silver interloper, who did the same. The two zoomed through the air towards each other, intent on knocking the other from the sky. Just before the two collided, SpaceGodzilla veered off to the side, slashing Ultraman with his crystals as he passed him. M78’s greatest cried out as he plummeted from the sky, crashing to the ground far below, as the combat creature peppered the area with Corona Beams, striking Ultraman repeatedly, making him groan in pain as each blast hit home.

SpaceGodzilla lowered himself to the ground, withdrawing his flight crystals. Just as Ultraman was getting to his feet, he unleashed another Corona blast, knocking him down once again, but the Bio-Quartz Monster wasn’t finished yet. His shoulder crystals flashing, SpaceGodzilla unleashed his Gravity Tornado, encircling Ultraman with its emerald energies, the hero struggling as he was lifted into the air, but he couldn’t escape the Gravity Tornado’s hold. The mighty defender was helpless as the psychic overlord telekinetically smashed him face-first into a nearby skyscraper, bringing it down upon his finned head. The attack rendered Ultraman unconscious, leaving him vulnerable to SpaceGodzilla’s wrath. The crystalline demon advanced on the fallen hero, absorbing cosmic energy into his shoulder crystals as he went. He looked down at the prone form of the savior of dozens planets coldly, generating a powerful Corona Beam in his throat.

Just then, the ground began to shake. SpaceGodzilla was thrown off-balance, but managed to grab his footing at the last moment. He scanned the area as the shaking became more intense, but he couldn’t find the source. Suddenly, something grabbed his foot and pulled it down into the street. SpaceGodzilla shrieked as he struggled to pull his foot back up, but whatever had hold of it refused to let go. His dorsal crystals flashing, the combat creature unleashed a Corona Beam that curved downward, blasting into the hole that was swallowing his leg. Seconds later, a large form erupted from the ground, screeching furiously at the alien menace.

Gomora went on the attack!

Gomora immediately began to clobber the crystal clone’s face with his clawed hands, driving the space monster away from Ultraman. He lashed out with his leg, kicking an armored knee and causing the bio-quartz beast to falter. Another kick, this time to SpaceGodzilla’s stomach, drove the creature even further back. Gomora raised his hand to strike once again, but the cosmic monster unleashed a blast of his Corona Beam, which exploded against his spiked chest and sent him staggering back. Another blast and Gomora crashed to the ground, shrieking in pain. With a speed that belied his bulk, the primeval prince was back on his feet and spun around, whipping SpaceGodzilla’s face with the end of his tail. The God of Destruction stepped back, reeling from the blow, giving the tri-horned monster an opening to attack.

Gomora charged, slamming his horned head into SpaceGodzilla’s gut. The combat creature cried out, but managed to grab onto his foe’s horns. The burrower struggled to pull himself free, but was helpless as SpaceGodzilla channeled his intergalactic energy through his hands and into Gomora’s head. Sparks erupted from the unyielding monster’s skull as the energy assaulted his body, a sight which made SpaceGodzilla cackle with evil glee. After a moment of this attack, the space monster shoved Gomora away and when the subterranean dinosaur stood back up, another Corona Beam forced him onto his knee.

SpaceGodzilla advanced on his downed foe, but Gomora was back on his feet in an instant, his horns brimming with crimson energy. A pulsing stream of energy suddenly fired from Gomora’s snout horn, slamming into the bio-quartz monster’s chest and eliciting a cry of pain and surprise. Gomora pressed on, his oscillatory wave scorching mutated flesh, until he was forced cut off his attack, taking a moment to recharge. SpaceGodzilla’s dorsal fins flashed. Expecting another Corona Beam, the ancient anti-hero unleashed another blast of his oscillatory wave, intent on not giving his opponent a chance to release his weapon. Unfortunately for the Prince of Monsters, seconds before his attack would have struck, the space demon revealed he wasn’t going to fire his Corona Beam. A crystalline energy shield popped up in front of SpaceGodzilla, not only protecting the monster from the powerful blast, but also redirecting it back at the horned reptile. Gomora had no time to react before his own energy wave slammed back into his face, knocking him to the ground in a burst of sparks. Dazed, he struggled to get back to his feet, but a blast from the Corona Beam sent him back down. Another blast ceased any further movements from the reptile. The God of Destruction made his way next to the dinosaur’s prone body and prepared to finish him off. Suddenly, he paused, curious. Where was that strange beeping noise coming from?

Flying through the air, Ultraman planted his foot into SpaceGodzilla’s shoulder, sending the space monster careening to the ground.

Gomora slowly rose to his feet and locked eyes with Ultraman. The two nodded to each other. They knew neither one of them could beat this foe on their own. They needed to combine their strength if they were to triumph. As SpaceGodzilla telekinetically lifted himself back to his feet, the two struck their respective battle poses and charged. SpaceGodzilla absorbed more energy into his shoulder crystals as he prepared to destroy his foes. Maybe together the two would provide the galactic Godzilla a worthy challenge. He unleashed a Corona Beam at the two of them. Ultraman flipped over the blast and Gomora jumped to the side, allowing the blast to explode against the pavement. Landing next to the combat creature, Ultraman kicked his side, causing him to stagger. Seconds later, SpaceGodzilla was struck in the face by Gomora’s tail, sending him back towards Ultraman. The red and silver warrior raised his hands and fired a Specium Beam blast into his thick neck, eliciting a shriek of anger from the beast.

As SpaceGodzilla turned to face Ultraman, Gomora charged in and slammed his horned skull into his crimson gut, knocking him back. The two backed away and, standing side-by-side, fired their respective beams at the cosmic conqueror. His shield was up in an instant, reflecting their blasts. Ultraman rolled out of the way, but Gomora’s shoulder got caught by the Specium Beam, bringing the heroic monster to the ground. The hero from Nebula M78 was quickly back on his feet and hurled a Cutting Halo at SpaceGodzilla, but the monster brought up his shield again. As soon as the energy blade hit the crystalline shield, both instantly shattered. SpaceGodzilla shrieked in surprise. Something had destroyed his shield!

Before he could mount another attack, Ultraman tossed another Cutting Halo at him, but this time, he threw a second one a few seconds behind it. The first one shattered as it destroyed SpaceGodzilla’s shield, but the second one kept on going, striking the monster’s left shoulder crystal. Though it failed to slice all the way through, it did manage to gash out a sizable chunk from the crystal in a shower of sparks. SpaceGodzilla cried out angrily, unleashing a Corona Beam which snaked around Ultraman before blasting him in the face, knocking him into his back.

The red energies of the super oscillatory wave blasted into SpaceGodzilla’s face, knocking him back. Gomora kept the beam firing, making sure to cause as much damage to the malicious mutant as he could. Unable to fire his Corona Beam as explosion after explosion erupted in his face, he fired one of his power crystals out of the ground like a missile. The projectile struck the burrowing beast in the back, causing him to cut off the beam and shriek in pain. SpaceGodzilla followed up with a jagged bolt of energy from his mouth, which circled around Gomora before scorching his stomach. He jumped back in pain before another Corona Beam brought him down hard. SpaceGodzilla shrieked in triumph just as another Cutting Halo chipped his left shoulder crystal. He turned around, spewing his Corona Beam as he did so. The lightning-like blast tore through the city as he swung it around before hitting Ultraman and knocking him away.

Ultraman gripped his chest as he tried to get back to his feet. His Color Timer was beeping rapidly. Gomora could sense his ally’s increasing power loss. They knew they had to finish this now.

SpaceGodzilla eyed his foes, waiting for one of them to make a move.

Channeling a large amount of power, Ultraman fired his Specium Beam at a damaged area in SpaceGodzilla’s shoulder crystal. In a burst of flames and glass-like shards, the crystal exploded, drawing an agonized shriek from the God of Destruction. He turned to blast the giant humanoid into ashes, when he felt a stabbing pain in his back. Gomora immediately began to pump SpaceGodzilla’s body full of destructive energies, unleashing his oscillatory wave inside him. The black hole beast fought fire with fire, sending a surge of his alien energies through his skin, blasting the subterranean dinosaur in the face and dislodging him. The combat creature swung his tail around, intent on impaling Gomora with the cluster of crystals on the tail’s end. But the reptile of Earth saw the attack coming and stepped back, avoiding the tail and snatching it out of the air. Before the cosmic terror could react, the Prince of Monsters tugged with all of his strength and pulled SpaceGodzilla high into the air. He shrieked in surprise as he was tossed high into the air by the primeval creature’s Herculean strength. Before the sinister space creature could activate his flight crystals, Gomora pulled down on his tail, yanking him back down to earth and slamming him into the pavement. The twisted Godzilla screamed out as his right shoulder crystal exploded, shattered by the impact. Gomora and Ultraman stood side-by-side and cautiously watched SpaceGodzilla as he slowly floated back to his feet.

The cosmic demon tried to summon more power with which to annihilate his foes, but with his shoulder crystals gone, the power that came to him had nowhere to go. Left with few options, he raised more crystals from the ground and fired them off. Unfortunately, due to his low power, only a scant few shot towards the pair. Ultraman and Gomora were ready and returned fire with their energy blasts. They easily tore through the crystal rockets, destroying them, and continued on, blasting SpaceGodzilla in the chest. The space monster brought up his shield, but only had enough strength to keep it up for a few moments before their beams blasted through it and slammed into his chest. The beams exploded against him again and again, driving the crystal monster back until he crashed into the Tokyo Tower. SpaceGodzilla roared in defiance as their beams burnt through his flesh, their energies crossing with his own, out-of-control power. Gomora and Ultraman poured more energy into their attacks, not letting up for even a second. Red and blue energy crackled over the void villian’s body as he howled into the sky, unable to deny the inevitable. In a massive ball of fire, SpaceGodzilla exploded, taking Tokyo Tower and most of the surrounding area with him. Had the pair of heroes not been shielding their eyes, they would have noticed the golden particles rising from the flames and disappearing into the sky.

Ultraman’s Color Timer was beeping non stop now. It was time to go. The mighty warrior faced Gomora and nodded to the dinosaur, who returned the gesture. Gomora watched as Ultraman leapt into the air and disappeared into the stratosphere. The reptile turned and made his way back to the hole in the ground he had emerged from. Climbing inside, Gomora burrowed his way back into the depths of the earth.

Winner: Gomora, Ultraman (Universal)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles