Author: Joshua Reynolds | Banner: Stephanie Hughes

Above Monster Island, the sky was gray. The other monsters, Anguirus, Baragon, and even the mighty Godzilla had left this land during the so-called war between the worlds. One, however, had stayed behind. Bluish legs smashed through the forest canopy as he sought his favorite meal: Kamacuras, but even his favorite bug had seemingly gone extinct in this rough time. It had been almost three days since he last ate and Gorosaurus was on the hunt, but he couldn’t find hide nor hair of any suitable meal. At last, after six hours, noise caught his ear…

He slowly lowered his triangular head and softly crawled forward. He peered over the green tops of dozens of palm trees and his round, pure black eyes fixated on a small deer grazing. Somehow, miraculously, the kaiju wasn’t spotted by its food. When it moved forward, lifting its large feet up and lowering it, the deer’s head looked up and spotted the drooling dinosaur.

In a heartbeat the deer took off, vanishing into the trees. In an explosion of dust and trees, Gorosaurus charged. In less than ten seconds he had cleared an entire portion of the jungle, ripping up trees and the ground for the escaped deer. The dinosaur finally stopped and lowered its head, sighing with a deep sound.

A slow hour passed and the sun was starting to set, darkening the gray sky. Small trickles of rain began to fall, and as Gorosaurus moved back toward the beach, a shine in the sky made him look over. Confused, the dinosaur looked over his shoulder just to make sure the sun was where it was a few moments ago.

Narrowing his eyes, the dinosaur looked forward again. It was clear now that it wasn’t natural. The color was simply its reflective-mirror like surface. It was perfectly round with three triangular spikes latched onto the bottom…

Inside the Xillien Mothership, the leather-dressed, self-styled leader sneered at the sight of the blue goliath. “So this is Gorosaurus, huh?” He half-laughed, obviously not impressed as the beast’s tail patted the ground.

From behind the pale alien, an old, bald one emerged. “There is a peaceful-“

“NO!” The warlord declared, whipping out his laser pistol and shooting his superior in the skull. Just as the dead body of the former president of the Xillien race flopped on the ground, the youngster spun around. “Monster X! Get it!”

From beneath the ship, a square opening appeared. What emerged was obscured by mist, but the dark figure splashed into the water! Gorosaurus stood upright and tilted his fanged head as the Xillien ship slowly rotated in the sky.

“Now you overgrown gecko, you will feel the wrath!”

Gorosaurus’ eyes followed the water where the object had landed. He stepped back, growling as the sand turned into clouds beneath his huge feet. He began to dig trenches as a dark, humanoid shape appeared mere feet under the water. After over a minute, the water rose up and split apart. The dinosaur let out a deep, thunderous roar as Monster X, the skeletal warrior from the skies, let mist drift from his silent maw.

The two monsters, as opposite as opposite could be, stood their ground. In the distance, the clouds were growing even more violent, showering parts of the island with rain. When thunder boomed over the sky, Gorosaurus roared again and charged forward!

Monster X wasted no time and split his arms to the side. His four red orbs of eyes flashed with golden bliss as bolts of energy leaped forth. The four bolts merged into two large ones and whipped across the ground before smacking into Gorosaurus’ legs! The dinosaur fell to a stop, crying aloud as steam drifted up.

Monster X let out a demonic chuckle as he walked forward, more energy surging and ringing in his eyes. The alien began to close the distance before firing again, ripping his powerful gravity bolts across the saurian’s scaly back. When the beams struck, a ball of fire rose up.

Through the smoke and flames, Gorosaurus emerged charging. Monster X was caught off guard and braced himself as the dinosaur splashed through the ankle-deep water and collided with him. The dinosaur’s jaws came down, clamping tightly on the alien beast’s wrist. X let out a whine and struggled, bringing his other arm up and dealing multiple blows to Gorosaurus’ temple.

The two struggled in the water as the dinosaur’s razor-sharp teeth began to rip into X’s black fresh. A strange, vile fluid began to drip into the water, but still Gorosaurus refused to release him. After several blows to the skull, the dinosaur twisted his body, but didn’t release, pulling Monster X forward before spinning and releasing. With a moan, Monster X was sent hurtling to the beach. He landed with a blow, his armored skull bouncing off the sand.

The dinosaur shook his blood-covered jaws and began to march forward. Monster X rolled over on, more beams of golden energy launching at the titan. Several explosions expanded from the dinosaur’s chest, making the giant scream in both pain and rage. As Gorosaurus fell to his knees, flakes of burnt flesh falling from his blue chest, Monster X stood up!

Before Gorosaurus could stand up, the alien charged forward. Midway through he leaped into the air and began to spin. Pointing his horns at the dinosaur, Monster X crashed into his damaged chest, stabbing the boney spear-like horns into Gorosaurus’ chest. The dinosaur screamed in pain as streams of red began to pour out as Monster X pulled himself out and spun around. His forked tail smacked into his snout, shattering several teeth and almost making Gorosaurus fall into the water.

The alien chuckled again, but the fiend soon had to react quickly. Faster than Monster X could tell, the dinosaur had leaned back on his tail. The sea literally exploded into a wall of water as he lashed out with his most devastating attack: the kangaroo kick! The alien tried to jump back, but could only lessen the damage. The powerful blow smashed into his chest, knocking every breath of air out of his body.

Like a rocket, Monster X was sent hurtling back. The demon crashed back first, limbs flailing as his breathing became harsh. Gorosaurus began to move forward, shaking his head as Monster X began to rise, keeping a firm arm across his crushed chest.

Monster X groaned and extended his arms, more beams of gold bliss launching at the approaching prehistoric terror. The dinosaur quickly reacted, ducking down, having learned of the lethality of the beams the hard way. The arcing bolts crashed into the water, instantly turning to steam and making the water bubble. Growling at this, the alien lowered his arms and quickly tried to charge again…

Gorosaurus let out a thunderous roar and charged also…

The two were less than a dozen yards away when Gorosaurus quickly stopped and leaned back on his tail. The X didn’t have time to escape again as the inertia from both of them carried them forward a ways still. Like a professional baseball player striking a ball, Gorosaurus’ feet smashed straight into Monster X’s skull.

It took less than a second, but for the Xillien Leader watching, it lasted a lifetime. The kick virtually snapped the spine of Monster X, making the bony plates shatter so the spine could pop out. The armor on the head split like an egg and the eyes on its face ripped out from their sockets…

When Gorosaurus landed on his feet, Monster X laid a hundred yards away motionless. The blood red eyes on his shoulders were now black. His skull was caved in and indented with the impact area virtually shattered, exposing his brain. The head was pushed down as if a giant hammer pounded the skull into the shoulder! The blue dinosaur beat the ground with his tail and snorted as he smelt his own burnt flesh.

With a snarl he looked down at his vanquished enemy and slowly turned, looking back at the Xillien ship. Inside, it was as if the dinosaur was staring directly at him. And like a spoiled child the leader jumped up and down… “DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!”

Winner: Gorosaurus

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles