Author: Eugene Tan | Banner: Stephanie Hughes

A magnificent titan surveyed her new colony from a cliff. She was the queen of her colony, her race feared throughout the universe, and this planet’s fears had been realized. The monster had taken Osaka for herself, and her ideas for world dominion would soon follow suit. Her race had overrun many a planet, and now it was her turn. Legion would have grinned in satisfaction if her knife-like head structure allowed her to as she watched the once-bustling city’s new face: a ghost town, overrun by her brethren.

Legion then turned her attention to the multiple massive pink flowers sprouting from the roads and the sides of buildings, emitting lethal levels of oxygen. However, the crown jewel of the flowers, a massive one over thirty meters in diameter, rested ominously atop the Umeda Sky Building. Not that this colony would last long anyway. The flower would explode soon, and reduce the magnificent city into a pile of rubble, launching the flower’s huge seed, filled with its brood, into another planet to colonize. This planet served not only as Legion’s new kingdom, but her base for future conquest.

As Legion contemplated future plans, glowing particles suddenly appeared from the sky, and descended lazily into the ground. Legion was both mesmerized and cautious of the beautiful sight. The dancing spores finally came to rest on the streets of Osaka, before they began to take form…

A cyclone of earth and cement was thrown over a hundred meters into the air as the shape formed. Legion could vaguely see a body as large as her own, along with tentacles, and a glowing orange orb. As the transformation neared completion, various deafening bird-like screeches emanated from the form. Finally, to signify its arrival, the being gave a terrifying roar into the air.

As the dust cleared, Legion gurgled in surprise and horror. The glittering, hypnotic spores….

….had taken the form of a monstrosity.

Resting upon a huge, hideous body of tendrils and dark plant mass was a gargantuan head, similar to that of prehistoric mosasaur or a huge crocodile. Within the terrifying, pupiless head was row after row of knife-like teeth, each one larger than a man. Extending from the huge body of this new monster were dozens of long tendrils. Many ended with jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth while others ended in deadly spears. This entity was entirely rooted to the ground to hold its immense size, rivaling that of Legion.

Enter Biollante.

Biollante was once very human, just like those who were once citizens of Osaka. But due to a tragedy, she was now a monster, unable to live her human life anymore. Although Biollante occasionally witnessed flashes of her past life, they were like eclipses, beautiful, but fleeting. Biollante was now, to the world, just like Legion: another kaiju. However, unlike Legion and her race, Biollante sought to protect the Earth from any threat that dared offend it.

Biollante immediately turned her monstrous mug at Legion, and gave the alien a roar, challenging Legion for her territory. Legion immediately felt offended. This nuisance dared to challenge her? It looked like Biollante was trying to be some…hero. The last hero that Legion had met ended up without his head.

Now that she had gotten her foe’s attention, Biollante wasted no time into attacking. She swiftly sent her tendrils at the alien queen. As they neared her enemy, the serpentine vines cackled in glee. Legion quickly expanded the long, petal-like legs around her head to form an electric, spider-web like barrier. Unfortunately for Legion, the vines just surged through and within seconds, were striking Legion all over. Legion squealed in annoyance and pain as one tendril drilled into her side, causing an explosion of concentrated oxygen to emerge from the wound. Before Legion could analyze the situation, three more tendrils stabbed her in the back and chest. Biollante, impressed by her own results, sent yet another line of tendrils at Legion.

By now, Legion was ready to retaliate. From her back, two immense, bladed legs suddenly burst from the ground behind Legion and reared into the air before Legion sent them down at the offending tendrils. The massive spear-like limbs instantly sliced off a good many tendrils. Biollante’s reply, however, came in the form of an indignant roar. Legion did not take such indignance lightly.

The alien queen’s head, shaped like a dagger and just as sharp, suddenly split into half to reveal a yellowish glowing orb. From within, glittering energy was charged up, before being launched in the form of a massive electromagnetic beam. Legion did not bother aiming at any particular tendril. Instead, the massive Mother fired it at the ground.

It was enough.

Immediately, a massive wall of fire rose before Legion. Instantly, dead and burnt vines were scattered across the battlefield. The explosion went on for almost half a minute, ensuring the destruction of any surviving vines. Legion then looked up at her enemy, and laughed eerily. Biollante could feel the heat of the flames from far away. Despite her shock at her enemy’s prowess, Biollante was not intimidated. Besides, Biollante had something up her sleeve, granted by the cells of a certain reptile….

Legion’s satisfaction turned to horror as something began to happen. The stubs that once were devastating tendrils were…well, becoming devastating tendrils again. Legion’s horn glittered once more to summon forth its destructive energies, but this time, Biollante directed a mass of tendrils at Legion’s upper body, ripping several holes in the queen’s neck and knocking her off balance. The electromagnetic beam fired off into the sky, missing Biollante’s tendrils entirely. Before Legion could get to her feet, several vines burst out of the ground behind Legion and wrapped around her back and legs, pinning her to the ground.

Then, Biollante charged.

Legion screamed in shock as Biollante’s huge mass descended upon her. Dozens of mouths ripped and bit into Legion’s exterior from each vine. Legion quickly closed her horn, and in a knife-like sweep, sliced a good many of the offending buds off. However, by that point, Biollante was already on her. Legion struggled wildly as Biollante tried another tactic, opening its massive maw, revealing her rows of razor sharp teeth. She then clamped down onto Legion’s neck, ripping through Legion’s armor easily.

Biollante did not stop there, though. She started shaking her head side to side, letting her rows of teeth act like a chainsaw while she clamped down even harder. Legion suddenly realized that Biollante was trying to tear her head off!

Legion began to panic as Biollante’s teeth worked deeper, and more oxygen began to escape. The alien queen raised her two massive back legs at Biollante and swung them down, hoping to get the persistent pest off her. The blade-like weapons dug into Biollante’s snout, causing a massive spurt of green blood to rise into the air, before splattering messily like raindrops onto the floor. However, Biollante withstood the blows, and much to Legion’s horror, the wounds sealed instantly, regenerating just like the tendrils!

Legion then opened her horn again, and charged another EMP beam, aiming this time at Biollante’s back. However, Biollante, seeing the eerie blue glow begin to emanate from Legion’s horn and orb, quickly reacted, driving Legion against a building. Legion quickly lost her aim, blasting instead the Umeda Sky Building and a certain plant form that resided atop it, causing both to disappear in a flash of fire.

Legion was enraged.

The massive Alien mother swung both legs at Biollante again, ripping clean through Biollante’s soft plant matter and impaling her snout, and with newfound rage, swung her horn, superheated by the electromagnetic beam at Biollante’s jaws at well, stabbing deep into the beast’s foul jaws, instantly setting the plants jaws ablaze. Taken aback by the blow, Biollante relinquished her bite momentarily and roared in pain, revealing massive lacerations on the monster extraterrestrial’s back. But Legion was free, and much to the alien’s relief, her head still on. Also, attached to her back legs was the front of Biollante’s upper jaw. The mutated monstrosity growled in anger, and raised her tendrils in preparation for Round 2 as her snout regenerated in seconds, quickly looking good as new.

However, Legion chose not to stay, instead performing a tactical retreat. Driving her knife-like head into ground, Legion swiftly disappeared into the ground, leaving not a trace. Biollante, though, was somewhat suspicious. Legion had just gained some semblance of an advantage, giving her all the more reason to continue the battle. Biollante looked around the battlefield for any trace of Legion. She was sure her battle was not over, and remained cautious.

As it turned out, she had good reason to be.

Suddenly, hundreds of black shapes emerged from buildings, the streets, vehicles and from the underground. They looked very much like insects, but were the size of men. They were Legion’s brood, her soldiers. The Symbiotic Legion had been called to destroy Biollante, and armed with claws and great numbers, obeyed the call with anticipation. The miniature killers opened their wings and swiftly flew towards Biollante.

Biollante bellowed in shock when the little monsters announced their arrival. She extended her vines towards the swarm, but to little effect. The Legions then assaulted her from all directions, clinging onto her side, head, and the orb that held her life source. Biollante roared in agony as pain struck her from every inch of her body. Like a swarm of bees, the Symbiotic Legions utterly engulfed Biollante, and ripped into the titan with their claws, sending green blood flying off the monster plant with every strike.

Biollante struggled and writhed in vain as she attempted to get her new assailants off her. Biollante’s massive size, normally to her advantage, was now proving to be hindrance. Biollante swayed and nearly lost her balance in her mad writhing, crashing into an office building and instantly demolishing it under her immense weight. This proved fairly useful for Biollante, seeing the impact killed and shoved off a large number of Legion soldiers. However, it did not kill enough to alleviate Biollante’s pain.

Biollante swung herself into yet another building, hoping to rid herself of more Legion soldiers. But the deadly bugs just kept coming, some flying towards her, other emerging from the sewers and subway lines. Biollante roared in pain as some began to burrow into her body. Biollante swiftly extended a jawed tendril at one Legion soldier who was digging into the faintly glowing ob in her chest. The Symbiotic Legion was instantly crushed and killed, releasing a puff of oxygen as it went, but Biollante could only pluck so many Legion soldiers. Soon, the streets of Osaka were green with Biollante’s blood.

Biollante decided to attempt one last resort. Closing her jaws (and crushing roughly a dozen unsuspecting Legion soldiers), Biollante’s snout began to charge up with bright green strands of electricity, before she opened her maw blasting a steam of acid at the Legion soldiers digging into the front of her body. In a flash, part of Biollante’s core was dissolved. Along with it, so were the bugs. Biollante then dragged her entire body weight against a city block instantly demolishing the entire structure, but also killing the remaining Legion soldiers.

Unfortunately for Biollante, the Symbiotic Legion’s were not done with their assault.

A second line of soldiers emerged from the underground, clicking their claws in anticipation. Biollante growled, deeply frustrated and, as much she hated to admit it, alarmed. Immediately, electricity began to charge around her jaws…..

Then, Biollante’s back exploded into flames.

Biollante roared in agony as her back rippled with massive explosions, almost blowing it clean off. The massive kaiju roared and writhed as another beam exploded next to her. The explosion was massive! Chunks of Biollante lay across the food capital of the world (as well as the burnt husks of a number of unfortunate Symbiotic Legions). Before Biollante could turn, a beam swept above her head, obliterating a building next to the plant monster and sending thousands of tons of rubble crashing onto Biollante. The massive plant roared in pain as her body quickly regenerated wounds.

Legion was back.

Biollante roared in bestial fury as she turned to face her old foe. This time, Legion had emerged just a hundred meters away from her. Both enemies charged towards each other, giving their signature roars as they did. As Biollante prepared her tendrils to strike, Legion suddenly spread two feathery wings from her back, and flew towards Biollante at speeds of Mach 1. Biollante was taken by surprise at her enemy’s sudden speed, and Legion quickly took advantage.

The queen bug rammed Biollante in the orb with her razor sharp horn, driving Biollante backwards. The massive plant roared in pain as Legion forced her against a skyscraper, before quickly retaliating. Around Legion, dozens of tendrils emerged from the ground. Each spear-like tendril ripped into Legion’s side and horn and forcefully dragged Legion from Biollante’s chest as Legion squirmed in agony. The tendrils then relinquished their grip, sending streams of oxygen to spray from her side, slowing Legion’s movement. Legion, however, was more worried for her horn. The brittle object had suffered severe damage from the tendril strike. Legion gurgled in rage, much to Biollante’s pleasure.

Legion swiftly noticed her foe’s pleasure, and she was not going to take it lightly. Rearing up, she swung one of her razor-sharp back legs at Biollante, but Biollante used a bundle of tooth tendrils to clamp onto the colossal structure, dragging it back to the ground, where it quickly disappeared. Biollante, in response to Legion’s attack, sent a flurry of spear-like vines at Legion, only for Legion to use her razor sharp horn to slash the offending structures off. Biollante lunged to drag her full weight onto the alien queen, but Legion was prepared this time.

Legion suddenly took to the air, causing Biollante to miss completely. She then descended onto the plant, stabbing the monster’s head mercilessly. Biollante howled in surprise, landing face first in the streets of Osaka, sending pillars of rubble flying into the air. Biollante reared her head up again, only to get slammed down by Legion’s massive body. Biollante quickly extended her snake-like buds, which swiftly grabbed onto Legion’s frame like a sort of spider’s web. Biollante, having successfully grabbed her foe, attempted to drag the monstrous space bug down. However, Legion used her own size to pull in the opposite direction. The two engaged in a brief tug ‘o war, each using their own immense strength, till the sound of creaking, ripping tendrils was heard. Biollante came to the shocking realization that her web was snapping…

Biollante quickly opened her massive maw and clamped on to Legion’s egg sac, instantly ripping it open in her massive rows of teeth. Legion gasped in horror and agony as the eggs popped like bubble wrap. Gurgling in agony, Legion swiftly came crashing down rather messily. This new enemy had gone too far, indeed. Her eggs were gone. Any chances of her amassing an army were gone. Biollante grinned gleefully, knowing her attack had decidedly been excruciatingly painful. Legion rose, her blue eyes gazing in silent anger at this preposterous offender.

Legion was now more than annoyed at this enemy. She was enraged! She had ruined her pod, her army and was possibly going to destroy her. Legion quickly wiped the last thought out of her mind. Destroy her? Impossible! There was no way this monster vegetable could destroy the queen! Legion sent her colossal back legs under Biollante and quickly began to lift them up. Biollante initially believed that Legion was trying to rip her roots off, but this intergalactic Napoleon was not so merciful. Biollante suddenly felt herself being ripped out of the ground!

Legion gurgled and screamed in unconstrained fury as she pulled Biollante from the ground with her incredible strength. Biollante’s roars of frustration and the snapping of roots satisfied Legion somewhat, but the alien queen would not stop till Biollante was lifted completely from the ground.

Biollante would not stand for this. As Legion pulled, Biollante delivered an underground weapon of her own. Dozens of spear like tendrils darted forward, ripping into Legion’s chest. Biollante sent even more tendrils rising, each either stabbing into armor or pinning Legion down. Biollante screeched vindictively, before pulling her spear tendrils in opposite directions, effectively tearing a large hole in Legion’s chest. A massive jet of oxygen burst out. Legion felt her legs slowly becoming weaker. The shock and agony from the blow was overwhelming, and Legion’s unearthly cries could be heard by whoever cared to stay in Osaka. As Legion howled in agony, Biollante released stream after stream of acid at Legion’s face. Legion swiftly sent her legs back down as she writhed in pain.

Biollante relished in her foe’s suffering.

Legion gasped weakly on the ground. Her enemy was unbelievable. No matter what damage she dealt to this monster, Biollante would simply regenerate it. On the other hand, Legion’s damages were still present and worsening. Legion stared up at her towering enemy. Her strength was mostly spent. On the other hand, Biollante was good as new. Legion struggled as Biollante clamped her massive jaws onto Legion’s head, splintering the armor across its length. Legion gurgled as she felt her horn snapping….

Biollante sank her massive fangs into her enemy, prepared to destroy this evil, this planet destroyer once and for all. Legion had proved to be a worthy opponent, but that was all the credit she would give this repulsive antagonist. Biollante felt Legion’s brittle head about to snap clean into two…

Suddenly, Biollante’s head exploded in a massive fireball.

Or her upper jaw, at least. Whatever the case, Biollante was in agony. No, she was beyond that. She was in a realm of pain, that even her regeneration was not enough. Biollante screamed in pain, much to Legion’s delight. Legion was weak, and her horn on the verge of falling off, but she would utilize her trump card on her now severely injured foe. Before Biollante could regenerate her wounds, Legion pumped another massive blast of electromagnetic energy into her chest orb, nearly incinerating it in a rippling wall of flame. To cause further damage, Legion dragged the beam up Biollante’s body, nearly tearing Biollante clean into half. The monster plant flailed helplessly as Legion rained her beams of death onto Biollante.

Biollante took a while to get back to her senses, but was quick to attack when she did. Biollante swiftly rammed Legion to the ground with her incredible weight, snapping Legion’s horn under it. Legion howled in agony as the two knife-like structures spun into the air. However, even with the loss of her horn, Legion could live to fight another day.

But for the plant, it was probably all too late. She had been mortally wounded. Green blood covered every inch of earth around her. Most of her head was gone, and her ‘brain’, the orb in her chest, had suffered massive damage. Her tendrils were but burnt stubs. Legion knew that as well. The massive insect turned and began to drag herself away from the battle scene. As Biollante keeled over, Legion suddenly spun around. Her eyes were now a vengeful crimson, and the orb, once hidden by her horn, held the same hue. From it, Legion charged another deadly weapon. Red energies slowly formed crimson energy whips that swiftly lengthened. Biollante moaned in agony as the crimson whips sliced most of her upper body off at once!

Biollante crashed to the ground with a bellow of pain, much to the alien queen’s satisfaction. Legion reared up into the air and gave a cry of victory! The titan lifted her weak body up into the air and waved her back legs in triumph. As she celebrated her triumph, Legion heard shuffling. Biollante’s movements had not ceased, and the plant monster reared up once more.

What was left of the plant monster, while doomed to die, was still willing to fight.

The monster plant charged Legion, using its remaining strength and size to drag Legion against an office building, nearly obliterating the structure. Legion’s crimson eyes flashed in anger and rage at her failure to kill this pest. Deadly crimson whips lashed at Biollante’s body, sending plant matter splattering across the streets. Ignoring the damage, Biollante gave one last echoing roar, nigh identical to the monster she was derived from, fighting till the last moment. Her tendril stubs suddenly regenerated all at once, and a hauntingly beautiful eruption of vines tore through the alien’s body. In a flash, the squealing Legion was ripped apart!

The battle had come to a shattering end. Across what had just a few seconds ago been a vicious battlefield, the once-mighty queen’s armor plates lay scattered, surrounded by a passive mist of pure oxygen. Almost simultaneously, Biollante faded away into glistening spores that filled the night sky. The brilliant dust then formed the face of the girl which Biollante had once been, before descending back to the ground to rest….


Draw: Biollante, Legion

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles