Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Stephanie Hughes

Dr. Stewart and Akemi ran through the streets of Tokyo, avoiding Self Defense Force soldiers at every turn. The two of them were determined to intervene on the behalf of the Brown Gargantua, to save him from a terrible fate at the military’s hands. They could hear his footsteps growing louder as they got closer and closer. They were seconds from crossing paths with him once again…

…Only to see Gaira turn the corner.

“Look!” Akemi cried.

“That’s the green one!” Dr. Stewart realized. “Let’s get out of here!”

The two turned tail and started to run as fast as their legs could carry them. But Gaira had already spotted them and began to chase. No matter how fast they ran, the beast was right on their heels. The two took refuge in a nearby subway entrance, but Gaira bent down and reached inside, trying to snatch them up. He growled in frustration as he tried to grab the two humans, who kept dodging his hand. Suddenly, they heard a strange, howling cry pierce the air. Akemi and Dr. Stewart watched as Gaira pulled his hand out of the subway entrance to see what the sound was, only to be attacked by something and knocked away.

Gaira was enraged that anything dared to attack him. He got back to his feet and roared angrily at this new being. It looked like a larger version of the little creatures he had been feeding on. He didn’t know they could get this big.

Akemi and Dr. Stewart poked their heads out of the subway to see what was going on. Akemi gasped when she saw Gaira’s attacker.

“It can’t be…” she said, her hand over her mouth. “Frankenstein?”

The human-like monster known as Frankenstein roared at the Green Gargantua, letting him know he had no intention of backing down. Though he could sense that there was something familiar about this creature, he couldn’t tell just what it was. But it didn’t matter. He would drive this beast out of the city, away from the humans.

Gaira waved his arms furiously and charged the oversized human. Frankenstein quickly leapt out of the way, then lashed out with a kick to Gaira’s leg. As Gaira staggered, Frankenstein moved in to attack, grabbing the garganuta’s arm and trying to flip him to the ground. But Gaira was much larger than Frankenstein and put his size to good use. Grabbing his shoulders, he shoved Frankenstein hard, sending him falling back and crashing into a building. Frankenstein howled as tons of debris came crashing down onto him, trying to block it with his arms. Gaira quickly made his way over to the fallen monster, snatching him by the ankles and pulling him out of the rubble. He pulled him up off the ground, then slammed him back down. Frankenstein groaned as his back hit the pavement, cracking it underneath him. He managed to get back to his feet and lunged at Gaira, but the ape-like creature swung his fist and slammed it against Frankenstein’s head, sending him staggering back.

Frankenstein wasn’t prepared for this creature’s ferocity. He backed away, trying to put distance between the two of them as he thought of his next move. But Gaira wouldn’t allow that. He advanced, reaching out for the immortal being with his clawed hands. Frankenstein dove to the side, hiding behind a building. Gaira decided to not waste any time going around it and immediately began tearing the building down with his bare hands. Within moments, the structure was almost completely destroyed, revealing Frankenstein on the other side. Just as Gaira was about to attack, Frankenstein tossed a car at the emerald gargantua. The automobile collided with Gaira’s face and exploded into a ball of fire, the flames scorching his skin. As Gaira screeched and clutched his face in pain, Frankenstein lunged forward and tackled him, slamming his head into Gaira’s gut. The two of them crashed to the ground and Frankenstein, now atop the gargantua, began bringing his fists down on Gaira’s chest with all his might.

The Green Gargantua howled as Frankenstein’s fists struck him again and again. He finally lashed out, grabbing one of his opponent’s arms, and pulled it to his mouth, sinking his fangs into Frankenstein’s flesh. The humanoid cried out in pain as Gaira’s teeth pierced his skin. He pulled his arm away, ripping his flesh, and clutched the wound as blood spilled from it. Gaira swatted him with his fists, knocking Frankenstein away and onto the street. Frankenstein stood on his hands and knees as his arm bled, trying to get to his feet, but before he could recover, Gaira had already gotten to his, and now marched towards his foe. Kicking upward, he planted his foot into Frankenstein’s gut, sending the man-like creature flipping around and crashing to the pavement. Gaira grabbed Frankenstein’s clothes, pulling him to his feet, then shoved him head-first through another building. Frankenstein shook his head, trying to regain his wits. If he didn’t do something soon, this creature would be the end of him. Standing up out of the rubble, he began running down the street. As he expected, Gaira gave chase, growling at his opponent as he went.

Dr. Stewart and Akemi watched as the two giants disappeared down the street.

“We have to follow them, Doctor!” Akemi declared before running after them.

“Akemi, wait…!” he shouted after her, but he was too late. He sighed and chased after her.

Frankenstein leapt out from behind a building, clobbering Gaira over the head with a tree he had uprooted. Gaira shrieked as the tree bashed the back of his skull, causing him to stumble. He turned around to face his foe, only to have the tree smack him in the face once more. Another whack sent him toppling to the ground. Frankenstein pounced, but Gaira kicked with his legs, sending the humanoid sprawling to the ground. Gaira quickly got back up and looked around for a weapon of his own. He spotted a streetlight and pulled it out of the sidewalk, then walked over to Frankenstein, who was still on the ground. Raising the streetlight, Gaira brought it down hard, jamming it into Frankenstein’s shoulder until it burst through the other side. Frankenstein’s head reared back as he howled in pain, blood spilling from the entrance and exit wounds. Fueled by his pain, he lashed out with his legs, kicking Gaira away. He rolled away and got to his feet, then began to run down the street again, Gaira once more chasing after him.

After a few moments of running from his foe, Frankenstein neared the harbor. He looked around for Gaira, but he didn’t see him. He could hear him, though. It would only be a moment before the gargantua found him again. He pulled the streetlight out of his shoulder, grunting in pain as he did so. He tossed it behind him, and he heard it splash as it sank into the bay. This gave Frankenstein an idea. He would drown the green, scaly beast! Frankenstein roared into the air, getting Gaira’s attention. The Green Gargantua crushed a small building underfoot as he ran at Frankenstein, his arms wide open as he prepared to attack. Frankenstein leapt out of the way, allowing Gaira to get close to the water. Gaira turned to face his foe, only to have Frankenstein slam into him, sending both creatures toppling into the bay.

Dr. Stewart and Akemi arrived just in time to see the two behemoths disappear into the water, waves crashing onto the docks.

“Oh, Frankenstein, no!” Akemi gasped. “The green one lives in the water!”

The two beasts soon emerged from the waves, Gaira’s hands clasped around Frankenstein’s neck. The immortal man instantly realized his mistake; as soon as they hit the water, his opponent appeared to be refreshed and rejuvenated, his strength seemingly returned to him in full. Frankenstein slammed his fists against Gaira’s chest as he attempted to dislodge him. Though Gaira ignored the blows initially, they eventually took their toll, forcing him to release his foe. As Frankenstein fell back, choking as he clutched his throat, Gaira turned around and picked up one of the large cruise ships resting at the dock. Lifting it high over his head, he tossed it through the air. With a mighty crash, it smashed into Frankenstein’s back. Frankenstein felt his spine and neck crack as they impacted with the ship, slamming him against the docks. Frankenstein recoiled from the hit, the blow having taken out the last ounce of fight left in him. He couldn’t take any more punishment. Even the almighty Frankenstein had his limits. However, Gaira had no intention of stopping now. He lunged forward, again clamping his clawed hands around the creature’s neck. Shrieking wildly, he pushed Frankenstein under the water and quickly followed, submerging them both.

Dr. Stewart and Akemi watched as the waves of the harbor churned violently as the two monsters fought each other underwater. A few moments later, the waves died down, and something began to rise up out of the bay…

The victorious form of Gaira roared into the sky.

The Green Garganuta looked around for a moment, tired from his battle. He turned his back on Tokyo and began making his way out to sea. Akemi watched the water with a heavy heart, realizing that the immortal Frankenstein had once again met his match.

Winner: Gaira (Showa)