Author: Joshua Reynolds | Banner: Stephanie Hughes

Nobody knows why it happened, but it did. A war unlike that of any other, a war that the Earth would never see coming. Perhaps one of them was under the hypnotic spell of an unseen evil, a sort of alien invader or demon from a shadow realm. Perhaps nobody will ever know, but when these two forces collided, the entire planet shuddered in horror. Like atomic bombs, they would leave an entire city decimated and thousands of children’s lives changed forever.

Standing on opposite sides of a district in Tokyo, two goliaths stood tall. Both famous for countless battles against all sorts of kaiju, demons, and aliens, Ultraman and Zone Fighter had come not to protect the planet from a new threat, but instead destroy each other! On the ground below them, on the streets, the people of Tokyo looked up in absolute awe, wondering just exactly why both of their beloved heroes were here.

A cool breeze kicked up and the skies began to darken as a Summer storm began to brew. Over Tokyo Bay, rain began to move up into the city, washing over the humanoid forms of both alien defenders. When a boom of thunder rang loudly, it acted as a ring bell and both Ultraman and Zone Fighter charged one another.

Taken by surprise, the people spread apart like ants, fleeing for cover as the two warriors clashed like ancient Greek gods. The paved, man-made streets splintered and exploded into dust and debris with every footstep before the massive warriors crashed together with a powerful punch to each other’s skull.

Upon impact, they both stumbled back with their own trademark sounds. Zone Fighter instantly dropped to his knees, crushing cars and people under his legs before sweeping his foot out. On each side of the street, the buildings exploded into carnage as the limb crashed through the wall, but the true effect hit Ultraman.

The quick leg sweep sent the red and silver Nebula M78 alien falling back. Just as he hit the ground, the street caving in and exploding into dust, Zone Fighter was on him. Jumping up and coming down, the giant pinned Ultraman’s hands down with his knees and began smashing his fists against the Ultra’s skull.

As he continued to punch, Zone Fighter’s fists began to become nothing but a blur as Ultraman was forced to endure the entire wrath of his opponent’s Meteor Punches. The sounds of the punches echoed throughout the dust-filled street as Zone Fighter’s assault continued. Ultraman’s faceplate began to crack, streams of red oozing out from whatever lay beneath it.

As the Ultra struggled, Zone Fighter leaned up tall, the jewel on his forehead surging with almighty power. Ultraman’s hands curled into fists as Zone Fighter continued to restrain him, and soon energy began to gather between his hands. A disk of jagged energy formed and began to churn like a buzzsaw. With a show of strength, Ultraman forced his arm free and lashed out with his Ultra Slash. The burning, tearing energy tore into Zone Fighter’s chest just before he fired his devastating attack. A shower of sparks and smoke flew out and the giant fell backward, his beam firing harmlessly into the black, stormy sky.

Quickly regaining himself, Ultraman leaped to his feet and lifted his leg. He then brought it down like a lumberjack’s axe, ready to take off Zone Fighter’s head! The other alien brought up his hands, blocking the foot and pushing back and launching a series of missiles from the launchers on his wrists. Ultraman was taken by surprise and stepped back as missile after missile exploded onto his red and silver body.

Through the smoke and fire, Ultraman’s Specium Ray fired! Zone Fighter saw this just in time and his body instantly left the ground and flew into the air like a rocket. Ultraman swiped his beam into the air, taking off the roofs of several buildings as Zone Fighter spiraled around in the air, dodging and ducking the lethal beam until it finally began to stop.

Just as the beam ended, Zone Fighter remained in the air. He pointed his fists down at the grounded Ultra and launched more of his meteor missiles! The entire street was filled with fire and smoke as countless rockets exploded. A whole mushroom cloud of destruction spread forth, ripping the buildings apart and sending Ultraman falling back into a wall of burning fire.

In the air, Zone Fighter lowered his smoking hands and looked down, his yellow eyes reflecting the carnage he had just created. Through the wreckage, Ultraman suddenly launched forward, his arms stretched out in front of him and orb on his chest blinking red.

Zone Fighter lifted his hands again, but Ultraman’s arms suddenly formed a cross. Another Specium Ray fired, and this time there was no time to dodge! The beam struck Zone Fighter in the chest, sending a cloud of smoke and fire drifting up into the storm clouds. The blue figure wasn’t finished yet, however, and as the rain doused the fires on his chest, he fired more of his missiles!

Ultraman swerved to the side to come in from the side, but Zone Fighter also turned. He flew straight ahead and the two crashed together again. Thunder boomed overhead just as they did and, hovering in the air, the two began to fight it out like scorpions. Ultraman spun around with a nasty kick, but Zone Fighter’s hands came up, grabbing his leg by the shin.

Zone Fighter spun around and released the leg. The inertia kept Ultraman flying down, spiraling out of control as he threatened to break through Tokyo Tower. Countless eyes watched on, fearing the worst as Ultraman’s limbs spread out. Like he was in water, he snapped his legs shut and pointed his hands forward. Mere meters away from Tokyo Tower’s red metal, Ultraman turned to the side, barely avoiding what could have been a devastating loss for Japan.

Zone Fighter instantly dropped from the sky to take chase, his hands firing more of his powerful rockets. Ultraman’s head turned over his shoulder, looking back at the buildings below him erupted into fire. The timer on his chest started blinking faster and faster, now beeping with every flash. He was running out of power.

His speed began to lessen, allowing Zone Fighter to close in. The blue figure’s head began to churn with power before a beam of searing energy ripped out. The energy tore into Ultraman’s back, making the famous warrior crash belly-first into a small complex. A ball of fire quickly rose up and Zone Fighter came down with a thud, ready to finish off his giant nemesis.

As the fire and dust died out over the course of the following moments, Ultraman could be seen in the rubble. His head was rolling and his color timer was flashing unbelievably fast. If he didn’t either retreat or get recharged soon, he’d die and Zone Fighter seemingly knew this…

Zone Fighter walked steadily forward as if enjoying Ultraman’s suffering. The former glory of Japan lifted his hands, again pointing his deadly bracelets at Ultraman’s form. The sight of the pending doom seemed to snap Ultraman awake. Zone Fighter fired again, and just as his first rockets launched, Ultraman launched himself from the ground!

A ball of fire rose up from where he once was as he climbed into the air, limbs tucked tightly at his side. Lowering his weapons, Zone Fighter looked up and he leaped into the air, taking chase. Ultraman looked over his shoulder, again seeing Zone Fighter chasing behind him.

The clouds above were growing darker until finally both entered the storm. In the sky, lightning crackled and rolled, striking both goliaths with deadly amounts of electricity, but still they climbed. It was growing colder and the water that had coated both fighters was starting to freeze. After several moments, Ultraman broke free from the darkness and could see the stars above. He was leaving the atmosphere and, as he left the Earth, he could feel the sun’s raw energy washing over him.

Like sponge absorbing water, Ultraman’s color timer absorbed the solar energy. Behind him, Zone Fighter broke free from the atmosphere also, his reflective eyes looking on with hate as Ultraman replenished his needed energy. Stretching his arms out to the side, the energy swirled around his flashing chest until it returned to its blueish color.

Turning around to face his enemy, Ultraman’s entire form seemed to glow in raw intergalactic power. That power began to move to his arms and gathered in his forearms. Forming a cross with his arms, the Specium Ray again fired out. Zone Fighter stopped and tried to pull back, but the beam exploded on his elbow and chest, sending the now most hated creature on Earth spiraling down.

Smoke and fire lifted up from his damaged body, but Zone Fighter refused to relent. As he charged again, hands clenched into tight fists and energy gathering in his forehead, Ultraman’s own hand began to surge with power again. Another disk of jagged energy formed and began to whiz…

Ultraman flew forward…

Zone Fighter flew forward…

A bright flash burst between both titans when they met, and soon they both began to fall, the energy in both of them draining as they did. Their bodies began to glow as they reentered the atmosphere like meteors. Ripping through the storm clouds again, the rain that touched them both sizzled and steam began to rise as they parted.

They both fell, drifting apart as they did, but from Zone Fighter, something detached itself… Eyes now dead and gray, his head fell from his shoulders! His powerful limbs flailed in the air, slowly vanishing along with his head. Ultraman straightened up his body for the landing and came down, a gigantic wall of dirt and rubble rising up on impact in a small park.

When he turned around, Zone Fighter was no longer falling. Hikaru Sakamori, the human form of Zone Fighter, fell headless to his ultimate destruction….

Winner: Ultraman