Author: Eugene Tan | Banner: Stephanie Hughes

Titanosaurus roared as he walked through the city of Beijing, crushing houses and smashing down buildings as he did. The colossal dinosaur grunted in confusion as he turned through the metropolis. The last thing he knew, he had been dormant at the bottom of the South China Sea before he was awoken by the sonar of a gigantic underwater…thing. Now, Titanosaurus, a relic from the past, found himself lost in his own world, albeit one that had been consistently transformed over a period of 65 million years.

Titanosaurus noticed a pair of green flying objects swerving towards him. The dinosaur lunged at them in a temperamental anger, swatting one of the planes out of the sky in an explosion of fire. The second fighter jet launched a pair of missiles at the prehistoric monster, but the explosion only served to leave a charcoal stain on Titanosaurus’ skin. The aquatic beast roared in unconstrained fury and knocked the remaining jet into a building with his finned tail.

Suddenly, the dinosaur noticed another flying object approaching him. This one was smaller than the jets, but it seemed to be far more confident in its attack strategy. It simply flew in a straight path towards him, unstopping. As the figure flew closer, its form began to show. It was humanoid, but its skin was definitely not organic. It also appeared to be getting bigger. It was probably due to a trick of the lights, or his old eyes, or probably the fact it was flying faster then he thought…or maybe it was really growing larger. In a matter of seconds, the being was nearly as large as Titanosaurus and effortlessly rammed into him at supersonic speeds, instantly bowling the huge dinosaur over.

Jet Jaguar landed on its feet. The robot was the creation of great scientist Goro Ibuki and its artificial intelligence programmed it to defend the Earth at all costs; however, his programming also gave him ingenuity and smarts, as well as general freedom. The robot deduced that this monster was probably not evil, but nonetheless was a great threat to the Earth’s security. Jet Jaguar would either immobilize or kill it, at any cost.

Titanosaurus struggled to his feet, grunting as his temper increased. Had he not been so confused and furious, his relatively intelligent mind may have been curious about the shiny being. However, Titanosaurus only felt anger, frustration and some fear, actually. The creature’s fixated grin was somewhat eerie. Nonetheless, Titanosaurus let out a battle cry and without wasting another second charged forward, jaws first, at the shiny humanoid.

Jet Jaguar was already prepared for such an attack. He waited for the dinosaur to come close before doing a couple of back flips, dodging his enemy’s charge. Titanosaurus stumbled in surprise and fell face-first onto the Beijing Bird Nest Stadium, crushing the billion-dollar structure in his stumble. Jet Jaguar would have sighed if he could. Kaiju had a habit of smashing up national monuments that took years to build in a matter of seconds. Jet Jaguar then got into his battle stance. The dinosaur was clearly strong, but he was rather slow, basing off what he had seen. Jet Jaguar wasn’t very strong, but he was fast and agile. He would exhaust his enemy before moving in for the kill.

Titanosaurus swatted chunks of rubble off himself before analyzing the situation. This enemy was faster than he was, but was clearly physically weaker. He could use his superior size to intimidate his enemy with battle cries. Titanosaurus bellowed with an odd, gurgle-like cry, but Jet Jaguar wasn’t programmed to be afraid of such trivial displays.

Titanosaurus was getting sick of intimidation tactics, and decided to storm towards his foe, but this time with more caution. Titanosaurus suddenly performed an incredible leap, landing in front of Jet Jaguar, stunning the cyborg. This foe could leap farther than his proportions would seem to allow. Before he could analyze the situation further, his enemy swiped him across the face with a finned tail, knocking Jet Jaguar off his feet. The cyborg quickly got back up and dodged a powerful swipe from Titanosaurus, only to get bitten in the shoulder by the creature’s prehistoric jaws and forced to the ground by the monstrous animal.

Titanosaurus was surprised. His enemy was definitely not covered in any ordinary skin. It was somewhat-bitter tasting and strangely grinded upon contact. This material was unlike any he had ever seen. Nonetheless, he bit on, until the shiny nuisance delivered a good karate chop to his snout, forcing him to let go. Jet Jaguar then kicked his foe in the side, knocking his enemy aside before he somersaulted away. This time, he readied himself for any surprises this prehistoric beast could pull off.

Titanosaurus got up, hurt, but not by much. The saurian then pounced towards Jet Jaguar and attacked with animalistic viciousness, something that Jet Jaguar was not used to. Gigan and Megalon were both deadly adversaries, but they attacked methodically. This form of attacking was insidious and chaotic. Titanosaurus swiped and snapped his prehistoric jaws at such speed that Jet Jaguar was beginning to have trouble dodging, even with his readiness for any incredible leaps his foe pulled off. He couldn’t keep up his tactic much longer. The silver cyborg then delivered a good punch into Titanosaurus’ chest, but the dinosaur merely took a few steps back. The aquatic dinosaur was built to take physical blows, and a single punch wasn’t going to take him down. He rubbed his stomach and prepared for his enemy’s second assault.

The two kaiju stared at each other in a standstill. The brief exchange of blows had proved they were in for a long confrontation. Titanosaurus had trouble hitting such an agile enemy, while Jet Jaguar’s blows were not dealing much damage to his foe. The two opponents just gazed at each other for a few long moments. However, Jet Jaguar’s human-like resourcefulness quickly took over and he decided to take advantage of this whole staring contest. Suddenly, a brilliant flash of light emanated from the robot’s eyes, piercing right into his enemy’s.

The prehistoric titan gurgled out a squeal of excruciating pain as the lights flashed him straight on, causing his primitive eyes a temporary blindness. Even this simple flash of light felt like a cutting laser. Having lost his most important sense, Titanosaurus was unable to react as his foe ran in kicking and bashing the aquatic beast with his robotic limbs. Jet Jaguar’s blows weren’t particularly strong, but they came in great numbers, and soon the dinosaur was struggling on the ground as Jet Jaguar dealt blow after blow. The titan was very resilient, but then again, there are only so many stones an elephant can take.

The robot stepped on Titanosaurus’ tail and punched the dinosaur on the stomach. This new enemy sure could take hits. Nonetheless, Jet Jaguar wasn’t going to lose this offensive advantage easily. He targeted the kaiju’s limbs first, strategically delivering a few well-placed punches onto them and succeeded in breaking his foe’s right arm with a volley of blows onto the shoulder and wrist. Jet Jaguar was indifferent to his enemy’s roar of agony and his writhing, numb body as he reached for the other arm. The robot realized he had to act fast, though. Titanosaurus’ sight could well recover soon. He had to deal as much damage as possible by then. However, Titanosaurus was already coming up with a plan of his own.

The saurian kaiju performed a couple of side-rolls, blindly crashing into a few buildings in the process. As Jet Jaguar made his way towards him, the organic monster suddenly sent his tail sweeping side to side, causing a powerful hurricane that instantly blew the surprised Jet Jaguar off his feet. Titanosaurus swiftly got to his feet, albeit with some difficulty due to the abuse that Jet Jaguar had dealt his limbs. He swept his tail side to side again, trying to buy himself more time to fully regain his composure. Jet Jaguar, however, was too resourceful for his own good, avoiding the powerful hurricanes by ducking behind buildings, crouching and other amusing tactics. By the time he was ready to confront Titanosaurus once more, the saurian was back in action, in a battle pose vaguely resembling that of taekwondo.

Jet Jaguar somersaulted at his foe, and Titanosaurus, as if in response, did an incredible leap into the air. As the two foes prepared to collide, Jet Jaguar landed a kick right on the neck of the leviathan, busting a couple of veins, causing a burst of blood to emerge from his foe’s fang filled mouth. In reply, Titanosaurus landed his own kick onto Jet Jaguar’s head…and sent the cyborg flying across the city. The aquatic giant landed clumsily on his back and blood still trickled down from his mouth, but otherwise he was satisfied. Jet Jaguar lay against a skyscraper roughly 500 meters away, lying still with his head cocked to the side. Apparently, the head was a fine spot to strike, as the shiny thing seemed unable to see now. Titanosaurus roared in indignance at this pest who had wounded him so badly, and even broken his right arm. However, their grudge would end now.

Jet Jaguar struggled weakly. His enemy’s kick was incomprehensibly strong, far stronger than his swipes or bites. This creature was really surprising, peculiar even. Pity Jet Jaguar wasn’t going to receive any more surprises, as he felt a pair of jaws sink into his legs and lift him 200 feet into the air, and smash him onto the ground again and again…

Meanwhile, a good distance away, a man in a suit watched the battle come to a close. Jet Jaguar had been defeated, but it mattered little. Both Goro Ibuki and Jet Jaguar were tools of the Anti Megalosaurus Force, or rather, the government. This tool had been destroyed, but they would soon have another one. He turned to a helmeted officer on his right, who gave him a nervous nod.

“We only got a small, uncontaminated sample of the monster’s blood. The rest of it was filthy.”

“It will do. Tell your men to send it back to the lab ASAP. Oh, and one more thing, remember to put it between the Godzilla and Rodan samples….”

Winner: Titanosaurus