Author: Maddison Foust | Banner: Maddison Foust

Bountiful rays of sunlight poured down onto sandy island beaches whilst palm trees rustled briskly in the breeze. Birds chirped and bugs buzzed as they too basked in the day’s warmth. Waves gently licked at the sand, reflecting the luminance off the water’s surface with a sparkling beauty. The weather would be considered perfect by most, painting the island as a tropical paradise with its lush foliage and portrait-esque mountains. It would seem like a flawless resort at first glance. But, like all good things, there was a catch.

Sparkling saltwater exploded out in every direction as the skull of an emerald serpent burst from the sea. A whale helplessly thrashed between Manda’s gargantuan teeth, crying out in agony from its many puncture wounds. The Muan deity paid its whines no bother, though. He was busy scanning the island’s perimeter in search of a place to settle down and eat. His long body drifted gently in the settling waters, a soothing feeling for the dragon. Even a monster such as himself couldn’t help but appreciate the island’s pleasant aura.

Spotting a nice location, Manda’s winding body shot through the ocean at incredible speed, bringing him to his destination in no time at all. The dragon pulled himself onto the beach and curled up on the warm sand, meal in tow, purring contentedly as he did. For a creature as titanic as himself, even the largest of the cetacean family only took one or two bites to consume, but Manda was hardly bothered. It was more than enough for him.

Curiously, as the undersea hunter finished his snack, he started to detect soft tremors in the earth. He cocked his head slightly, looking down at the sand below him. From their inception, the vibrations only grew, rapidly turning into incredibly violent quaking. The snake’s eyes widened to their limit, frantically scanning their surroundings for the cause of the disturbance. It was made clear when the earth itself exploded upward right in front of the dragon, revealing Megalon’s shrieking head.

The serpent jumped backwards, practically tripping over his own coils before clumsily skittering back into the water. He was abruptly halted, though, by a single clawed foot falling on his tail. Megalon clapped his drills together and chortled, an action mimicked by the newest arrival: Gigan. The cyborg twisted his foot in glee, applying increasingly painful amounts of pressure onto the appendage. Manda cried out fearfully, his tail starting to bruise. This only incited another round of laughter from the two kaiju.

Gigan eventually let up, but not before swinging a kick into the thrashing tail for good measure. Once the serpent had slithered out of sight, the duo turned to one another, clanging their strange arms together as a sign of victory. But it wasn’t long until the adrenaline earned by their cruel sense of fun wore off, and the two found themselves strapped for ideas. They sat down on the beach to gaze blankly off into the horizon; a pretty sight for sure, but it went unappreciated by the daikaiju. As if to complete the scenic picture, a flock of seagulls flew by, something which drew Gigan’s interest in particular. But a second’s passing revealed it to be for all the wrong reasons, as he immediately opened fire on the flock with his Laser Knife.

It was at that moment an idea appeared in the cyborg’s mind. He hastily hopped to his feet, chirping proudly at his companion. Megalon cocked his head and roared in response, thinking for a moment that his friend was bragging about incinerating birds. Gigan backed up a bit and struck a fighting pose to clarify. It was a challenge. A challenge to see which of them was the strongest. The Seatopian god chortled, rising to his feet and striking a battle pose of his own. He accepted.

The two locked claw and drill together respectively, mimicking a grip to the best of their abilities. Both allocated their weight solely to pushing, attempting to break the other’s footing in a shoving match of titanic proportions. But despite their best efforts, neither cyborg nor insect were able to gain a single foot of ground. A sense of frustration resulted from their stalemate, spurring them to shove even harder. Yet still, neither budged. If this had gone on any longer, they may have ended up calling it off, but a better plan materialized within Gigan’s mind.

Cackling to himself, the alien “accidentally” stepped on Megalon’s foot, eliciting a cry of shock. Caught entirely off guard, the beetle was quickly overpowered by the cyborg and thrown to the ground. Megalon shot a glare up at his extraterrestrial friend, emitting an accusatory roar. All Gigan had in response was a sly shrug.

Annoyed, Megalon got to his feet and pointed at the Nebulan with a screech. He demanded round two. Gigan obliged, readying himself into a fighting stance once more. The pair grappled not only in much the same way as before, but to much the same effect. Growing impatient at their evenness, the kaiju fought harder than ever to topple the other. The sheer force exerted even sent their feet backwards through the sand, leaving massive trenches in their wake. Yet despite this, neither faltered. Just as it seemed no victor would emerge, an unseen object appeared out of nowhere and tripped Megalon. With his footing lost, he was beaten in no time at all.

The subterranean was much quicker to his feet this time, roaring in anger at his friend. Gigan scoffed, or more accurately, made as close to the sound as his robotic vocal cords would allow. He had won fair and square. However, the Seatopian was not convinced. He shrieked once more, insisting that the cyborg had used his tail to trip him. The space hunter feigned shock and disbelief, vehemently denying such slanderous accusations. Megalon stamped his feet in response, unwavering. Demandingly, he screeched for another rematch. The alien accepted, and they once again began wrestling.

Like the two times before, they were perfectly even. But, suddenly, Megalon flashed his horn a brilliant gold hue. Gigan cried out as the light shone right in his eye, causing him to lose focus and stumble. A moment later, the cyborg was belly-up on the sand, and Megalon finally reigned victorious. He hopped around, clapping his drills together and chortling madly. If Gigan’s face were capable of such a thing, his expression would’ve changed into a scowl. He angrily chirped, kicking a cloud of sand up at the beetle’s face.

Instantly, the Seatopian deity ceased his celebration and fell on his back crying. Multiple tons of sand had covered his lidless eyes, causing him to flail his limbs wildly in an attempt to rid himself of it. Gigan got to his feet and snickered. Enraged at this, his companion rolled and leapt directly at him. The cyborg cried out in surprise as Megalon’s bulk crashed into his own, sending them both crashing into the shallow seabed. Gigan pulled both of his Hammer-Claws up and shoved the subterranean off of him, sending him rolling away. The avian monster stood up, shrieking in outrage. What was Megalon’s problem? Naturally, as Gigan had thrown sand into his eyes just a minute prior, Megalon replied with every bit as much outrage.

Gigan didn’t seem to care though. He thought of it as an eye for an eye. But the beetle god wasn’t nearly as satisfied with that answer. What was the tail tripping for, then? The fearsome monsters spent minutes screeching at the top of their lungs, their respective blood pressures boiling. Eventually, something snapped, and Megalon body slammed his cybernetic comrade. Gigan struck back with a kick to the gut, swiftly forcing the deity to back off. He used the opening to charge in, whacking Megalon in the face with the rounded top of his right Hammer-Claw. Not missing a beat, the Seatopian responded in kind with his drill arm.

Gigan threw a jab with his sickle hand, striking Megalon right between the eyes whilst barely avoiding the sharp point connecting. The insect only stumbled for a moment, proceeding to respond in kind once again. The space hunter’s visor would’ve widened in panic if it was capable. He quickly ducked, barely avoiding getting his vision impaled by the drill tip. A bit shaken up, Gigan was left wide open to a kick in the ribs from the oblivious burrower.

He fell on his back huffing and puffing, winded from the strike. But as Megalon approached, his feelings of fatigue and worry were soon overtaken by blind rage. The cyborg’s spiked tail lashed out, smacking the deity upside the head. Megalon narrowly managed to hold his footing, only to be thrown into the deep end by a lightning fast slash to the skull.

A groove was carved into his chitin from the sharpened Cosmo Steel, but the damage was obscured by the massive splash that followed. Gigan waited with bated breath for the Seatopian to lunge out from the sea in retaliation, but it never happened. As the seconds went by with no response, Gigan’s temper began to fade. Rage was replaced by worry; worry that he had knocked out or even killed Megalon with the blow. The concern disappeared in an instant when the alien’s auditory receptors picked up a faint rumbling noise, now replaced by panic.

He attempted to escape the affected zone as the rumbling intensified, but alas, he wasn’t nearly fast enough. Gigan’s footing broke away, collapsing in on itself to swallow the cyborg in one fell swoop.

Megalon let out a taunting shriek as he watched his newly formed sinkhole trap the cybernetic assassin. Sure, the Nebulan creation may have been skilled on land, but how would he fare submerged in water? As it turned out, not well. Not well at all. Gigan helplessly flailed his arms and legs, doing his best to swim. But as a creature with steel blades for hands and feet, swimming was far from his strong suit. Megalon continued taunting from above, goading him to give up and admit defeat. Such was an impossibility for a monster as proud as Gigan, but knowing he couldn’t swim his way out, he tried a new strategy.

Hammer-Claws stabbed through the pit’s walls in an attempt to climb, only ending up cutting gashes into the wet sand and mud. After slashing the sand to pieces, he began to realize this wasn’t going to work either. He cursed himself, kicking the torn up wall in anger while Megalon laughed.

Both monsters froze when they felt the rumbling.

The kick had pushed the sinkhole’s structural integrity over the edge, and now it was all coming apart. Megalon looked down with concern, his cruelty beginning to fade when faced with actual harm coming to his friend. The sympathy instantly vanished when Gigan’s Laser Knife blew apart the sand he was standing on, causing him to fall into the collapsing pit as well. The duo were both consumed at once by hundreds of tons of land falling on top of them. Their cries of fear were drowned out all the same, and soon they were completely buried.

The wreckage stood still for only a moment; no longer than that. Two energy beams, one of scarlet and the other of gold, blasted through the sand in a massive explosion. Freed, Gigan shot out of the water using jet propulsion while Megalon simply swam. Megalon quickly broke through the waves, stomping toward shallower waters. What he failed to notice was the shadow hanging over him, rapidly increasing in size.

The deity roared in surprise as the space hunter fell on top of him, sending them both crashing face first into knee deep water. Megalon rolled to dislodge his attacker, but Gigan was quick to his feet, for he was angrier than ever. Using his hooks as fists, he swung a punch into the beetle’s face, flooring him the moment he got up. Leaping on top of Megalon, the cyborg started using the blunt ends of his hooks to repeatedly slap the beetle’s face. Though the strikes hardly inflicted injury, it was more than enough to warrant a counterattack. Megalon’s mandibles split apart to fire off a napalm grenade. The attack backfired spectacularly when the organic bomb bounced harmlessly off Gigan’s face, ricocheting directly into the subterranean’s gaping maw.

An explosion blasted to life within the insect’s throat, causing plumes of pitch black smoke to pour endlessly from his open mandibles. Though unintentional, the thick smog near instantaneously enveloped Gigan’s vision, forcing him back. Megalon laid on his back groaning for a minute with Gigan watching from afar, waiting for the smoke emission to calm down. Eventually, it did, allowing the extraterrestrial to approach. He cautiously poked the beetle with his spiked foot, silently wondering if he was down for the count. The answer came when the cyborg leaned down for closer inspection, putting himself in prime position for Megalon to leap up and bash his forehead into Gigan’s own. The hit forced both monsters away, but neither were out for long. Gigan’s jets flared to life, launching him straight into the opposition. Though the deity immediately toppled, his cybernetic companion continued on past him until he reached dry land.

Megalon charged inland, shrieking as he ran. Gigan did the inverse, only to be hit in the neck by a drill. He struck back by stomping on the burrower’s foot as hard as he could, eliciting a screech of pain. Megalon backpedaled, discharging another Napalm Grenade, this time at the cybernetic slasher’s feet. Thinking fast, he kicked it toward Megalon who, in turn, kicked it back to him. The bomb exploded, blasting Gigan multiple meters through the air. With the prospect of mercy nowhere in his mind, the furious beetle wasted no time pouncing on the downed avian.

The two wrestled for dominance, rolling back and forth across the beach’s length. Megalon pinned the alien, only for the tables to turn at a moment’s notice. This continued on until their struggle made its way to the base of a nearby mountain, allowing Megalon to pin the alien against it. Not wanting to be outdone, Gigan lunged forward, chomping down on his shoulder. Megalon unleashed a terrible scream, letting up instantly and backpedaling to escape the Cosmo Steel teeth.

Pressing his advantage, Gigan swung a claw across the dirt and at the deity’s eyes. Dirt, rocks, and even trees soared directly into his vision, blinding the subterranean. Megalon cried out, aimlessly stumbling about while he desperately tried to get the debris out of his compound eyes. Unable to see where he was stepping, the beetle’s foot caught on Gigan’s tail, causing him to trip and fall on his shell.

The cybernetic slasher rose to his feet, leaping into the sky and falling onto Megalon with his elbow extended downward. The subterranean defensively raised up his legs to block just in the nick of time, protecting his torso from the slam. Gigan got up, squawking in frustration. He tried again, but his elbow drop was blocked in the exact same way. Determined to land a hit using the move, he went in for a third, but Megalon rolled out of the way mid-fall.

Both monsters got up, staring one another down. They began to circle slowly and deliberately, taking careful steps and never daring to avert their gaze. The nonstop circling eventually brought Gigan next to a rather large boulder, giving him an idea. His Hammer-Claws clamped around the spherical rock, only to fumble it as he tried pulling it off the ground. The boulder rolled out of his steel claws mere meters off the ground, landing softly on the grass. Gigan tried again, but once again miserably failed to pick up the potential projectile.

His attention was pulled away from his attempts by laughter. Megalon watched the display in amusement, clapping his drills together. His cybernetic comrade roared defensively, but it did nothing to quell the beetle’s teasing. Gigan threw up his arms and squawked, stepping away from the troublesome stone. Megalon took the challenge, walking toward the object with the utmost pride. He closed his drill arms against both sides of the boulder, lifting them up in unison. The boulder did not follow.

Megalon looked down in confusion whilst Gigan began to laugh, pointing at the stone’s edges. The drills hadn’t even begun to lift the rock; only managing to scrape dust off the sides of it. Determination in his heart, the beetle tried again. But alas, it did nothing more than the first try. He stared down, face betraying a sense of bewilderment. Gigan approached his confused friend, overcome with a sudden and intense investment in getting the rock lifted. Cupping his blades together below the boulder to form something approximating a ring, he lifted. The attempt came close, but it ultimately wasn’t meant to be, for the rock slipped through the space between his Hammer-Claws.

Inspired, Megalon tried something similar with his drills. He slid them both under the boulder; flat sides facing up. It seemed his makeshift platform would be the successful configuration, but it ended in tragedy when the stone rolled off and fell back to the ground. The duo’s shared memories of their fight disappeared as they tried to figure out how to lift a rock, spending the coming hours brainstorming and testing different ways to approach the problem.

They never did end up finding a way, though. A fact that Manda was all too quick to gloat about when he emerged from the water once more, taunting the pair with his lion-like roars. Gigan kicked the boulder in response, sending it soaring all the way out to sea and crashing into the serpent’s face. Gigan and Megalon turned to face each other as Manda sank, clanging their strange hands together in victory, laughing madly.

Draw: Gigan (Universal), Megalon (Universal)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles