Author: Tyler Trieschock & Matt Ng | Banner: Tyler Trieschock | Narration: Matthew Reeds


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Miracle in the Dark
Chapter 2: Journey to the Past
Chapter 3: The Pilot
Chapter 4: Godzilla’s Final War – Anguirus vs. Mechagodzilla
Chapter 5: The Girl Who Can See Tomorrow
Chapter 6: Anguirus vs. Mechagodzilla – Round 2
Chapter 7: Prophecy
Chapter 8: To Endure
Chapter 9: Where the Past and Present Meet
Chapter 10: Children of Ruin

[Continued From Match 387]

Chapter 1: Miracle in the Dark

Caverns, Mt. Fuji

Deep beneath the outer slopes of Japan’s infamous volcano, a draconic entity existed in a realm of shadow. Darkness, cold, and pain were the being’s only comforts, as they had been since his imprisonment thousands of years prior. But at this moment, he chose to welcome it, to allow the sensations to engulf his frail human shell. Deprived of all other senses, the agonizing comforts gave the being a clarity it needed and so, the draconic being speculated on what action to take.

Shedding his human vestige wouldn’t be taxing nor would it bring about a threshold of pain the entity hadn’t already experienced. This path to destruction was the easiest to achieve, and the living plague that encompassed the planet would be easily eradicated by his power alone. Faster if he summoned the molten and aquatic demons from their otherworldly domains and yet, deep down, the entity knew he would come.

Engrossed in golden light, marked by the sun, the cursed god would descend upon him with righteous fury. Whether the god would perish or succeed, the entity glossed over, the details of the battle unimportant. All that mattered was that the path of direct conflict carried with it a risk, a chance he’d be forced back into the icy grip of solitude, possibly for another eternity.

All the wrath and lust for death dissipated in the entities’ dark heart. He needed to find another way.

The entity parted his eyes and returned to the natural darkness permeating his place of solitude. Channeling a miniscule ounce of power to the orbs which granted him sight banished the black that once engulfed him. Rock walls bathed in a blue glow, but the trapped god cared little of the features; instead, he focused upon his five digit appendages and the hardened blood which coated them from his recent purge.

Whatever path lay ahead, it needed to derive from the flesh which binded his true, draconic self. But what were the limits of his earthly vessel?

A sickening pop echoed as flesh and bone ripped apart. A familiar sensation of anguish pulsated from where the right index finger used to attach to the trapped god’s hand, but the pitiful amount of pain from the grisly act he ignored, simply watching the healing properties of his body at work.

Blood pooled, dried, and sealed within moments. Fresh tissue extended out of the torn digit, gradually rebuilding what the entity carelessly ripped away. To replace the entire finger would take tremendous time; however, fresh movement lured the entity to gaze where the tossed flesh had fallen. There, instead of a single digit, a new form was taking shape with a size that rivaled his own. Gazing upon the growing lifeform in his presence, the entity cherished the miracle bestowed to him.

His path forward.


Chapter 2: Journey to the Past

Monster Island – 6 Months Later

Pleasantly heated winds of the Pacific flowed over the lethargic ankylosaur as he rested in a clearing on Monster Island. It was a comfort Anguirus experienced on a daily basis, with the warm rays of sun radiating across his brown hide. But these moments of pleasure would soon fade as Anguirus fully awoke and let out a deafening yawn.

Too much time had passed, it had been far too long since his last journey to the south and with his wounds from Iris now nothing more than faded scars, Anguirus knew it was time. Primordial eyes gazed upon the landscape the ankylosaur would soon be leaving, taking note of the dense jungles beside him and the memories of the monsters that once roamed its depths.

Every tree and rock Anguirus recognized as he crossed the land. Fissures still lined the surface from when the island nearly sunk into the sea decades prior. Hardened footsteps of monsters like Gorosaurus, Baragon, and Varan lay scattered in beds of rock, but a fresh print drew irritation from Anguirus as he neared the beach. There, unleashing blasts of destructive energy upon the incoming waves from his nasal horn, Gomora stood in the ankylosaur’s way.

Anguirus growled in annoyance at the sight of the creature, knowing what would transpire if he continued forward.

Ever since Gomora’s appearance on the island, the nasal-horned beast’s consistent desire for conflict was like sharing territory with a child always in need of attention. Even the new Gabara knew well enough to leave him be, but not Gomora. While old, the beast knew not of respect, but such a lesson would have to wait to be taught for the journey ahead was long, and to risk any further delays would irk Anguirus more than Gomora ever could achieve. Too stubborn to change course and too unlucky for Gomora not to be Junior or even the new Gabara, Anguirus ventured forth toward the warm waters of the Pacific.


Compressing sand proved too irresistible a sound to ignore. Gomora’s head snapped up and his eyes shot towards the elder of the island who now strolled along glistening sand. The visible fatigue the bipedal reptile felt vanished instantly, and the dinosaur spun around, roaring in excitement. The massive arms of Gomora smashed together. Jubilant exhalation vented from his nostrils.

A tense sparring match would help break up the boredom which pained the beast since he was relocated to the isle by the humans. Throttling Gabara or sparring with Junior brought its own reward, but to challenge Anguirus, a creature he believed rivaled his age, was something Gomora desired with immense intensity. To his immediate displeasure, the spiked saurian paid his desires no mind…

Anguirus dove into the coastal waters of the Pacific, causing Gomora’s eyes to twitch with fury he had not felt since his first encounter with Gabara. The dinosaur slammed his tail upon a monstrous uplift of sand, creating a dust cloud in its fury.

He had waited for this moment – to prove himself against a near equal. He would not wait any longer!

Orange energy cascaded around its horn before a burst of power detonated on the water next to Anguirus, drawing the elder’s focus right where Gomora desired it most.

For a second, the ocean bound reptile’s eyes twitched in consideration at the belittling ploy. Moments passed, and just as he felt as if he’d courted the fleeing elder, Anguirus continued his voyage.

Gomora snarled in abject fury, his claws scratching at his chest plates in frustration. The burning desire of conflict that had filled him suddenly drained away. What could possibly be so important that he would not even accept a challenge from one such as Gomora?

His eyes moved back and forth as internal gears of thought spun until an epiphany drew him toward cresting waves. A new drive courted Gomora. He’d emulate Anguirus’s path and uncover the enticing reason that had driven him away.


Chapter 3: The Pilot

Okinawa, Japan

Fresh dust from newly disturbed gravel choked the air around a recently parked blue S.U.V. The driver’s side door opened into the mist, causing the inside man to cough as he battered the airborne fragments away with his left hand and grabbed a carry-on suitcase with his right. Brown granules stuck to the gray camo of his uniform until the young man slammed the door, blowing the annoying dust cloud away. With the nuisance taken care of, he looked into the window, ensuring his short black hair and gray, camouflage patterned uniform looked proper for the meeting about to take place. With a worried breath, Tatsunari Moribe began his stride out of the parking lot and strolled into the crowds of tourists which encompassed every direction.

The temples of the Azumi, either atop small hills or hidden in the trees resting in the valley, accompanied by dozens of men and women dressed in traditional Okinawan attire, were engulfed with foreigners. Tatsunari passed the enthusiastic onlookers and temples, walking deeper and deeper into the ancient families’ land. The trees grew larger, the path he walked ever tighter, until the light at the end of his path revealed a red tiled mansion atop a long running hillside beside the ocean. Tatsunari paused for a moment, taking in an intense breath, before he began his ascent, climbing up an eternity’s worth of stairs to an overly large front door which acted as the main entrance for the estate. His trembling hand neared the handle, but as he readied to open it and unleash all the negative emotions he knew the beautiful estate harbored, the door swung wide open.


Two arms snapped around the thirty-seven year old man like a vise. The force of the hug made him stand still, but he couldn’t help smiling at the warmth of the greeting.

“I take it you were waiting for me, Hina?” Tatsunari jokingly asked as he broke away from her embrace to return it.

The young woman stepped back with a cute smile and her short, voluminous hair swayed with her movement. “Are you kidding!? You visiting is like–the most exciting thing since I came back here.”

“How long has that been?”

Hina rolled her eyes. “Way too long. So, you know how long you’re going to stay on the island?”

Tatsunari raised his hands and shoulders in defeat. “No clue. I think some monsters left Monster Island, so I was transferred. Interception duty, just in case. If it’s like last time, it’ll probably be a week or so until I’m sent home. Fun life for a pilot, right?”

“Hey, that’ll work! I wasn’t here on your last visit, so I’ll be good to catch up. Oh, by the way, I figured out what my major is: Petrology.”

“Really, that’s–” Tatsunari recognized a brief movement far behind the teenager. His eyes flicked over to get a look, only to notice a half dozen elderly members of the family staring condescendingly from the far end of a barely lit hallway. Disgust, distrust, apathy; these emotions Tatsunari recognized, but before he could react, Hina stepped to his side and closed the door, shaking her head in frustration.

“You gotta ignore them,” she said while pushing herself against the door. “They just blame you for them not being able to–” Hina raised her hands, bending her index and middle fingers in unison, “indoctrinate, the newest Azumi princess… But wait, how did you not realize that the last time you stopped by?”

Tatsunari laughed, looking away in mild embarrassment. “Took a guess I wouldn’t be welcome so I may have not stopped by and stayed in the American barracks.”

The pilot trembled at the thought of permanently staying there for his current assignment. ‘But I’m not dealing with that smell again.’

“Ha, yeah, probably for the best. When I mentioned you stopping by, you should have heard what they said.” Hina lowered her head, crossing her arms with a look of pure disgust. She imitated a male voice while continuing, “He’s barely even family. A distant cousin trying to steal the family’s wealth.”

Hina then straightened her posture, waving her finger condescendingly toward the ground. “Tried searching for him but it’s like he doesn’t exist–no address, no phone number! Rumor has it he keeps his wife caged up in there.” She burst into laughter, her voice switching to a more natural tone. “Yeah, basically what they wanted to do to me! But, thanks to you and Miki, and the fact Nami considers me her favorite, they have no say.”

“Also helps when you can see what they’re going to do before they do it.”

A wide smile filled Hina’s face as she intertwined her fingers behind her head and closed her eyes blissfully. “Oh, you have no idea. It helped out so much when Miki came to visit.”

Tatsunari felt himself lean forward in anticipation, all the dread in his heart unable to halt the natural human instinct of listening to bad people getting righteous justice bestowed upon them. “What did they plan?”

“Oh, let’s go get some chairs because it’s a long story. To start things off, I foresaw the whole thing and trust me—it was a nightmare.”


Chapter 4: Godzilla’s Final War – Anguirus vs. Mechagodzilla

Antarctica – 1976

Azure, atomic fire burned through the ice of Antarctica, detonating in a fiery flash as the ray struck an underground lair filled with alien invaders of a distant world. The landscape contorted, fracturing as the metallic structures were engulfed in a series of explosions. As an inferno cut through the icy surface, the screams of those trapped inside were hastily cut short. Violent marauders, meticulous technicians, shapeshifting intergalactic threats; the final remnant of the Black Hole Aliens along with their base were no more, destroyed by the undeniable, unstoppable King of the Monsters.

Godzilla, the nuclear titan which razed and defended humanity throughout the Showa era, clenched his fists and roared into the blizzard which engulfed his victory over the invaders in an endless sea of white. As his roar gradually grew silent, the King of the Monster’s felt the ice rattle from oncoming titans. The mighty defender of Earth turned to look through the obscurity brought upon by the raging storm, merely to see an army of monsters come into view. The sight brought forth a proud grin.

King Kong, the ruler of Faroe island, beat his brown-haired chest in a show of support to the King of the Monsters. Strolling through deep snow, Godzilla’s rival cleared the way for a second, smaller Kong and the other creatures trudging through the white precipitation.

Gorosaurus stepped into view beside Gabara, each emerald titan shivering from the intense cold stinging their green hides. Baragon galloped forward on all four of his reptilian paws, shaking the snow off his elephant like-ears with every hop. Just above them, the brown-skinned and dorsal-spiked Varan glided, dragging the draconic serpent Manda through snow far too deep for it to easily navigate. Flying in last, Rodan soared into view, trembling from the frigid weather like his cold blooded brethren, yet they all pressed on to Godzilla’s side.

The chitter of an insect drew Godzilla’s attention away from the herd to a lone, monstrous arachnid, Kumonga, whose thorax hovered over the deep snow. In front of the eight-legged creature, Mothra flapped her multi-colored wings, leading the spider to Godzilla, but with their arrival, Godzilla felt a sense of unease take hold.

He was missing two–

An unmistakable screech echoed through the storm. From the gray which lined the horizon, Anguirus emerged with Minilla clutching the ankylosaur’s crown of horns for support. Father and son locked eyes as Minilla pushed forward to stand alone and bellow his triumph in the face of his father. With a single clawed hand, Godzilla acknowledged his adoptive son’s accomplishment, before the King of the Monsters stood tall once more, an icon for all in his presence.

Godzilla’s gaze fell on Anguirus before he nodded in genuine thanks for his assistance. Then reverberations of a distant metallic roar drowned out the angry thunder from the tempestuous sky. Godzilla’s gaze swept towards the source, and he witnessed a glowing pair of triangular eyes peering through the dismal fog beyond the dwindling inferno.

The ground trembled from the consistent footfalls of multiple, distant mechanical enemies. The two yellow, angular eyes multiplied by the dozens until the horizon was filled with the haunting imagery. The intense cold barely registered to Godzilla, but the chill of fear rattled the King of the Monster’s spine. He’d done battle with the Black Hole Alien’s mechanical creation, Mechagodzilla, in the past, but this fight would not be like those which came before. In front of him stood dozens of the mechanical doppelgangers. An army meant to conquer the Earth – the final creation of the Black Hole Aliens. To match their might, he summoned all of Earth’s strongest monsters – enemies and allies alike – and with a defiant roar Godzilla charged through the flames, signaling the start of war.

The battle for Earth had begun.


Anguirus nodded in approval and charged right behind Godzilla, roaring in support of his King while the other monsters began to gradually follow. A fresh white trail of snow burst into the whipping air from the stampede, arctic ice shaking violently off the mass which traversed its surface, yet the triangular eyes peering through the falling snow remained static from the aggressive display, replying to the approaching horde with their own explosive, signature counterattack.

Anguirus looked at each pair of eyes, trying to figure out his first target before a series of clicking sounds reverberated through the storm. Unseen projectiles tore through the air and struck the snow covered scenery around the ankylosaur. Monsters behind Anguirus screeched in agony followed by the sound of their bodies crashing down upon the ice. Explosive ordnance tore the ground asunder, fire forming around the charging beast as a few projectiles ricocheted off his spiked carapace, blasting open city-block sized holes. The stubborn dinosaur raced through the endless shockwaves and ignored the pain, eyes laser-focused on Godzilla merely to witness him vanish into the storm and violently knock six pairs of yellow eyes to the ground, leaving only one, unaffected pair nearby. With a target, Anguirus barreled through the torrent of firepower before he launched forward, coming face to face with a lone Mechagodzilla.

Anguirus’ head collided with Mechagodzilla’s chest, denting the space titanium which coated its abdomen. The mechanical titan staggered backwards, eyes flashing with energy. Releasing a blinding, rainbow-colored blast of energy from its optical orbs, Mechagodzilla aimed the deadly weapon at Anguirus’ head, yet the beast proved its cunning by anticipating the attack and managed to roll out of the way just in time. Leaping at the robotic doppelganger with ample momentum, Anguirus rammed Mechagodzilla using his shoulder, staggering the machine back a single step.

Mechagodzilla swiped at Anguirus with its right hand, but quick thinking allowed the saurian to duck beneath the strike at the last moment and spin. The momentum fueled a powerful whip of the ankylosaur’s tail, allowing the appendage to smash into Mechagodzilla’s torso, sending sparks flying. Anguirus smirked as he heard the space war machine screech, an audible confirmation the amalgamation of metal could feel something akin to pain, merely to howl himself as a volley of finger-launched missiles engulfed his form in fire.

Volley after volley unloaded upon the reptile, but lowering himself ensured his thick carapace took the explosive barrages with minimal impact. Anguirus simply needed to wait; an opening would come in time.

A minute passed under the hellish firepower, his spiked shell grimly holding strong against the relentless onslaught until the hands of the mechanical creation began to spin. Reloading for another round? Capitalizing on the opportunity, Anguirus launched himself forward, maw agape, and clamped his jaws down hard on Mechagodzilla’s left arm.

Shaking his head back and forth like a frenzied crocodile, Anguirus wrenched and tore at the space titanium arm, hoping to tear the limb from its mechanical socket. Mechagodzilla screeched then proceeded to bash its right arm repeatedly across the saurian’s snout. Every slam of metal atop flesh let loose greater volumes of blood from a grisly wound before Anguirus finally relented his grip, allowing Mechagodzilla to chop the dinosaur in the neck, sending him sprawling back into the snow.

Quickly recovering to his feet, Anguirus angled himself to block another barrage of missiles from Mechagodzilla, the projectiles exploding against his armored backside in a flurry of sparks. Under another constant volley, Anguirus launched himself backward, crashing down upon Mechagodzilla with an ice-shattering boom. Parting a few tired breaths, the beast refocused on his foe and brought his clawed hands down, denting and scratching away at the mecha’s silver body. Mechagodzilla wildly flailed in response, catching Anguirus in the face with a knee jab and cutting deep into the ankylosaur’s cheek. He squealed in pain, falling back to lick his wounds, allowing the machine the room it needed to recover upright.

Hearing a haunting, mechanical roar, Anguirus snapped back to his target, eyes wide with regret. The machine’s chest parted, revealing a previously unseen compartment, and unleashing an electrical blast at its target, who dove away to avoid the death ray. Turning his back to Mechagodzilla, Anguirus took the full force of a secondary electric current to his armored shell before he launched backward, smashing his carapace into his foe, sending the machine crashing into the snow.

This time, the saurian would not allow his enemy to arise unscathed, this the ankylosaur was certain!

Snapping his jaws on previously dented metal, Anguirus ripped and tore at the mecha’s arm. With a resounding crunch, the prehistoric dragon pulled until Mechagodzilla’s left arm ripped free of the socket, oil spraying from the ruptured shoulder of the critically damaged mecha. A howl of victory from Anguirus followed a cry of anguish as the mech unleashed its weapons in every direction. Several missiles careened into Anguirus’ torso, lasers burned through the snow and electrical currents pierced the chaotic sky.

Hunkering down, Anguirus couldn’t tell if the all-out assault was purposeful or reactionary; regardless, he still needed to end the battle. Keeping his body low to avoid the worst of the barrage, Anguirus crawled forth, his jaws ready to snap merely for the machine’s thrusters to roar to life. Unwilling to allow his foe’s escape, Anguirus clamped his maw upon the robot’s right leg as Mechagodzilla took to the air.

Anguirus hung for dear life on the airborne Mechagodzilla, who shuddered as the extra weight of the shelled saurian created a chaotic flightpath. G-forces pulled on the pair in every direction, Mechagodzilla careening through the sky like a bat out of hell.

After what seemed like hours of dizzying acrobatics to the ankylosaur, Mechagodzilla’s hazardous flight spiraled toward the ground, crashing into the icy landscape with a climactic explosion. Hundreds of tons of snow rocketed into the air, forming a frozen mushroom cloud over a fresh crater.

Coughing specks of blood, Anguirus slowly pulled himself from the mangled wreckage, leaving behind the broken body of Mechagodzilla. Distant roars and explosions indicated a battle still underway, one which needed his assistance, but as Anguirus gained back his full senses, the saurian spotted a dark silhouette through the blizzard.

Another Mechagodzilla.

Anguirus’ eyes narrowed to identify the approaching mechanical monstrosity. Unlike the last, this Mechagodzilla was pitch black in coloration, its blazing yellow eyes sizzling with emotionless killing intent. Reptilian nostrils huffed in fury and the saurian howled a challenge to this new Mechagodzilla, who stomped forward to meet the ankylosaur in combat.

A battle Anguirus’ instincts urged would not be like the last.


Chapter 5: The Girl Who Can See Tomorrow

Azumi Estate, Okinawa – Present Day

Hina and Tatsunari rested in two diametrically opposed chairs on the estate’s balcony. Laughter echoed amongst the pair, much to the dismay of those the pilot guessed were listening in on the story currently underway.

“So I told Nami and Miki not to eat the seafood, and I was right! Undercooked, and while no one was seriously food sick, you should have seen their faces an hour after eating when all the bathrooms were filled. They ran sooo fast out of this place. It was priceless!”

“Glad Miki was able to help you as much as she helped with Ayana,” Tatsunari remarked warmly before panicking from his words. “I mean, obviously different problems but–”

Hina giggled at Tatsunari’s fluster. “No no, I get it. The migraines, the nose-bleeds, fainting; all gone away because of Miki’s teachings of restraint. Most of what I can see is limited to my short term future, but I’ll take it. Checking on my future once a day is cool, but Nami is amazing; predicting Mechagodzilla weeks in advance? Now that’s incredible!” The young girl’s head swayed side to side in reverence. “Though I don’t think she ever really had any control over her gift. I think that’s why Nami isn’t doing too well nowadays.”

Tatsunari shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “How bad?”

“Well,” Hina said slowly, “she’s not always there mentally, you know? She can’t see and has a few other issues, but she’s still hanging in there. Hey – why don’t you meet her? It would make her day.”

Tatsunari’s eyes widened in terror at the idea. “They barely let me into a guest room under the stairs – if I do this, they won’t let me leave alive!”

Hina waved off the comment callously and rose to her feet with a triumphant smirk dominating her expression. “She’d love to meet you and besides, I checked the future. Can’t argue with fate, can yah?”

Tatsunari remained seated. His small brows furrowed while his eyes narrowed with skepticism. “Pretty sure I remember you saying you can only see your own future once a day? You did meet me at the door at a near perfect time.”

Hina leaned over, placing her hand on Tatsunari’s shoulder while her face beamed the tenacity of an individual caught irrefutably in a lie yet unwilling to let the fib stop them. “Look, I’ll buy you some lottery numbers tomorrow and you can buy Ayana something nice. Plleeeaaaassssseeeeee.”

A short burst of laughter escaped Tatsunari as he agreed, realizing he was in no position to refuse. “Don’t really have a choice, do I?”

“Nope!” came Hina’s victorious response before leaving for the door, unable to see Tatsunari’s upbeat expression wither away.

He couldn’t put off the confrontation any further.

He had clashed with stalkers of his wife over the years, recently bombed kaiju on the outskirts of Mt. Fuji, and challenged a tentacled monstrosity clutching only a knife in his youth, but the idea of mere human disapproval channeled so much unease. It always had and conquering his other phobias never seemed to diminish his greatest fear. The entire premise was laughable and yet…

Snapping out of his trance, Tatsunari shifted his gaze to Hina who stood waiting for him at the entryway with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Forcing an awkward smile across his face, Tatsunari took in a deep breath and he ventured forth.


Chapter 6: Anguirus vs. Mechagodzilla – Round 2

Antarctica – 1976

A guttural howl set the stage for Anguirus who charged on all fours, barreling through banks of snow to reach his ebony target. All four reptilian limbs propelled themselves down, launching Anguirus’ parted jaws toward Mechagodzilla’s titanium shelled throat to rip it asunder, yet throughout all this movement, the black metal titan remained stationary, its piercing yellow eyes unwavering. And then, with a fluidity unlike the last fallen mecha, the robot thrusted its right knee forward, taking all the built-up momentum Anguirus painstakingly collected and redirecting the force against him.

Brown hide contorted around titanium, forcing the saurian to feel every contortion and edge across Mechagodzilla’s knee, including the metallic spike at the joint’s apex. Internal muscle tore, unleashing a torrent of dark red liquid before the force of the impact, which curled Anguirus’ body around the appendage, launched the ankylosaur skyward.

Anguirus’ body spun through the air, his body so curled in on itself that his shape nearly mimicked a spiked, spinning sphere. Pain deep within his torn open gut dulled the momentary disorientation before the upcoming threat of impact forced Anguirus to decide whether to double down and curl further inward, using his shell to absorb the impact, or try to stick the landing on all fours. As the icy terrain neared, Anguirus chose the former strategy and pushed his bones and muscles beyond their limits. The end result contorted the ankylosaur’s body beyond anything the saurian ever attempted.

Crashing with meteoric force, a boom of thunder echoed throughout the blizzard. Anguirus’s ball-like form gradually uncurled within a crater of shattered ice, yet excluding the punctured abdomen, no damage was brought on by the collision. While the wound was nothing to savor, the new defensive, and possibly offensive, curled technique would need to be remembered for later.

Clawed digits pulled Anguirus from his impromptu crater where the saurian refocused upon Mechagodzilla. The black doppelganger of Godzilla was still in the exact same position, unleashing a torrent of long-range, rainbow-colored firepower upon an ally hidden in a dense screen of falling snow. While the attacked ally’s identity remained obscured, the horrid wail which it birthed affirmed Anguirus’ need to re-enter the fray and sparked the saurian’s own fury.

A fiery rage boiled within Anguirus’ veins as Mechagodzilla either registered him as dead or not a threat. Wishing to correct that error, the quadruped galloped forward, leaving a thin trail of frozen blood in his wake.

Mechagodzilla’s head whirled like a tornado, spinning one-hundred and eighty degrees. Piercing eyes illuminated with energy and then discharged a stream of laser fire, but the machine’s aim proved off. A wall of steam and smoke obfuscated the space between the battling titans. Seizing this chance, Anguirus swung his backside forward, his tail extended for an earth shaking blow.

Spiked flesh struck metal, but as metallic digits latched themselves upon the appendage, Anguirus suffered a moment of clarity, remembering the machine effortlessly striking an ally through a similar obfuscating degree of snow.

Mechagodzilla, or at least the ebony version that Anguirus was confronting, was not impaired by the frigid storm of ice swirling around them. As if confirming the reptile’s thought, Anguirus felt himself yanked airborne by his tail and slammed against the ice, disorienting the creature as his head smashed into the frozen ground. Then with a similar motion, Anguirus swung into the air once more, crashing down on all fours upon the ice, filling the air with the fresh sound of fractures.

Cracks spiraled outward upon the ice while the saurian’s right arm unnaturally jutted away, broken upon the impact, yet with the snapping of the bone located within his right appendage, any disorientation which plagued the beast vanished in the wake of abject pain. Slamming his reptilian left claws down, Anguirus jolted back, mind clear as he thrusted his back legs for a two-pronged kick. All the strength the saurian possessed struck the machine’s chin, forcing the mechanical giant to release its iron grip.

Anguirus stumbled away, gaining ample distance to study his freshly broken arm before spinning around. Reptilian eyes immediately went wide, not out of fear, but perplexed by shock as the saurian realized the dual kick had jolted Mechagodzilla’s head far enough back that its glowing gaze could possibly spot the tip of its own mechanical tail, but any hope that the battle was at an end vanished as internal gears whirled to life. The ebony robot’s head tilted back down, unsettling groans of bending metal affirming to the reptile that some type of internal damage to the neck had been accomplished, but far from anything substantial.

Unlike the fallen doppelganger, this Mechagodzilla wasn’t reactionary or willing to brawl. This was no mindless beast to be fleeced by fear or thrown by anger. Its movements were measured and calculating, and as Anguirus realized his inability to land a crippling blow so far in their one-sided brawl, incredibly intelligent. With combat experience spanning millions of years, the saurian knew a losing battle instinctually, yet with that age, a vast pool of stubbornness ensured the ankylosaur would never yield; instead, Anguirus arose onto two legs, turned around so his spiked carapace faced his armored enemy, and threw himself back with all the force he could muster.

Twin metallic hands caught the saurian’s mass and easily knocked all sixty thousand tons away like it was merely air, turning Anguirus face to face with the ramifications of his defiant actions. Yellow light peered deep into the ankylosaur’s soul, uncaring of other combatants, for there was no further denying the danger the irradiated beast represented. Anguirus to Mechagodzilla was now an unmistakable threat, and the saurian realized he’d now bear the consequences of such a designation.

Snapping forward with jaws wide, Anguirus received a thunderous blow of metal upon his broken arm. Anguirus stumbled back, snarling in agony, yet the detonation of missiles upon his unprotected abdomen changed the bitter retreat into a chaotic roll. Side over side, the saurian continued in an unending spin, an increasing momentum ensured with every hide boiling, perfectly-timed barrage.

Caught up in a torrent of fire, smoke, and disorientation, Anguirus proved helpless in halting his own movement. Every outstretching of his sole usable arm or attempt to use his legs to brake himself came under fire by scorching beams of light. There was no stopping Mechagodzilla’s destructive all out-assault, and as a metallic foot careened into his torn open gut, launching blood from reptilian jaws, Anguirus felt his long-standing life begin to fade.

A wall of metal interceded on the creature’s behalf.

The previously fallen Mechagodzilla corpse buckled from Anguirus’ rolling form, yet the bulwark proved enough to halt the saurian’s momentum, allowing the ankylosaur to come to a halt, body flipped on his shell like a helpless tortoise.

Blood bubbled and spat from numerous punctures and lacerations, saturating the snow beneath Anguirus’ writhing form. Numb appendages lay extended while eyes warily opened up to a growing shadow that’s deadly intent reasserted itself as a metal heel slammed into Anguirus’ chin.

Bone buckled beneath tens of thousands of tons of space titanium and an immeasurable floor of ice. In feeble desperation, Anguirus’ claws swiped at his enemy’s towering frame, striving with little avail to ward off the relentless pressure that was crushing his skull. Mechagodzilla’s head-crushing retribution came to a swift end as bone gave way with a sickening crack, plunging Anguirus’ head into a deep pool of warm, viscous blood.

The air was thick with burning flesh that filled Anguirus’ lungs as blood streamed from his eyes, mixing with the strange sensation of pain coursing through his veins and numbed body from the cold Antarctic temperatures. He felt battered and broken beyond repair, helpless to move or resist further punishment, but then he took notice of the ebony Mechagodzilla’s footfalls. They were gradually fading, suppressed by the howling wind all around him.

From a pool of frozen blood, he managed to recover and painfully limp back onto three legs. His mangled body was ravaged beyond recognition; charred skin and gushing gashes leaking precious life-giving liquid; a failed testament to Mechagodzilla’s might. Yet as he surveyed the ruin of his former glory, something stirred within him; an understanding of why he had been left alive.

Racking claws over the brown hide atop his scalp, Anguirus realized the cracking wasn’t from his skull, but the crown of horns that rested atop his head. They’d given way, feigning the skull-crushing crack the ebony Mechagodzilla surely was hoping to accomplish. Now, with the robot’s back turned toward him, Anguirus rallied itself for one final play. Bloody jaws snapped to the left, tearing the fallen Mechagodzilla’s missile-tipped hand clean off before galloping forward on three numb appendages.

The weight of his allies’ expectations was like a vise around his bleeding shoulders, pushing him to do the impossible. His allies, no… Godzilla needed him to succeed. Anguirus would not let defeat grasp his stubborn hide!

The ebony giant’s attention immediately snapped back as tremors rattled its heels, orbs beaming such hostility that Anguirus held little doubt that Mechagodzilla could feel, and all that it desired was his death. As the triangular sensors flashed incoming beams of destruction, Anguirus chucked the torn hand directly at the robot’s face. Silver digits spun in the air and as rainbow lights collided upon the missile-tipped digits, a blaze engulfed the titanic titan of space titanium.

Placing all his hope that the fire could blind the machine, Anguirus bellowed in anguish as he jumped hundreds of meters into the air with all the strength his three usable, albeit barely, limbs could muster. His legs curled inward. The ankylosaur’s spiked carapace contorted into a sphere stained red with his own blood. Soaring above the machine, gravity pulled all sixty thousand tons of Anguirus down, allowing his unrefined Thunderball technique to strike true.

Titanium caved in upon impact. A volley of sparks engulfed the Thunderball and as Mechagodzilla’s deformed head fell from his shoulders, so too did Anguirus uncurl and collapse upon the ice. Wary eyes gazed upon his enemy, certain he’d done what was needed. All that remained for Mechagodzilla’s headless form was to fall upon the icy surface like its mechanical brethren.

And yet, the ebony killer remained standing.

Pulsing yellow light from a small bulb atop the machine’s neck ignited a blue hue and then, affirming the machine’s death had not been accomplished even with decapitation, discharged a focused beam toward Anguirus. Such power the saurian did not expect nor could he dodge, so the beam carved across the left side of his face, burning flesh and nerve alike. A horrid cry let loose from Anguirus merely for metallic digits to wrap around the reptile’s neck and yank him off the ground.

Instinctive kicks battered the machine. Weak claws racked ebony armor, yet the feeble acts of rebellion were no match for the mechanical killer. As light gathered once more on the bulb atop the robot, Anguirus sensed there would be no surviving another strike. For the head Mechagodzilla just lost, the machine would no doubt vaporize his own, and then proceed to do the same with all the monsters the saurian helped lead to Godzilla’s war.

Anguirus knew deep down, he couldn’t win. But, he was determined to not die without giving one last gift to his allies. He mustered up all his strength for one final parting gift.

Anguirus’ lungs burned with exhaustion as he dredged the depths of his strength, calling forth a deafening roar that shattered the blizzard’s stillness. A warning, a farewell, and a roar of defiance all wrapped into one monstrous howl. Metallic digits squeezed in response, yet Anguirus refused to sequester his final act, bellowing the sonic howl for all to hear. As the digit’s pressure lessened and an explosion of sparks marked the beginning of his certain death, Anguirus refused to end his final roar.

Then he felt the Black Mechagodzilla begin to fall.

Anguirus could only part a single eye, but from the intact brown pupil, the saurian spotted the glowing bulb now shattered. Lights were fading across the machine. Sparks flung in every direction. Cracks carved through armor, an unforeseen consequence of the beast’s sonic scream. Even as Mechagodzilla and Anguirus’ bodies struck the icy terrain, the beleaguered beast waited for the titan to arise and bring about the saurian’s inevitable death; however, the dire fate never came to pass, only an impossible outcome which the saurian’s stubborn pride battled relentlessly to reject until the conclusion was all but certain.

The ebony Mechagodzilla had fallen in battle.

Against all odds and outcomes, Anguirus had emerged victorious.


Chapter 7: Prophecy

Azumi Estate – Present Day

Tatsunari’s heart raced faster than his feet as Hina led him through the winding labyrinth of the Azumi structure. The primal creaking of his military boots on the ancient wooden floorboards made him shudder, and the echoing creaks of unseen watchers followed his every step, pressing hard on his frail nerves. Finally, Hina reached the top of the staircase and warmly beckoned Tatsunari through an opened doorway she had slid to one side, unveiling a room filled with blistering light.

He shielded his eyes as he took a few steps forward. In the center of the room, an old woman seated atop a white sheet of fabric exuded an aura of serenity. Her eyes were shut tight until she stirred at the sound of their arrival, and opened them slowly to reveal two pale gray irises. On her wrinkled face was a wide smile as she questioned, “Father, have you returned?”

Hina’s cheerful expression faltered as she knelt down and rested her left hand on her grandmother’s shoulder. “No, it’s Hina, Nami.”

As Nami’s face remained rigid, her smile seemingly blossomed before Tatsunari’s eyes as she slowly reached for Hina’s hand with her right, while gripping an old cane with her left.

“Hina… Hina, hello dear. Is someone else with you? I thought I heard heavier steps on these floors. My father used to say every member has a distinct sound when you walk these halls.”

“Yes Nami, we have new family visiting from the mainland.” Hina glanced at Tatsunari, tilting her head a few times to signal Tatsunari to sit, a silent command that he felt obligated to follow. His heart pounded in his chest and a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead as he kneeled then bowed before her, shakily introducing himself, “I’m Tatsunari Moribe. My family are very, very distant relatives to your own.”

Nami’s neck softly cracked while her face shifted toward Tatsunari, her smile fading as an inquisitive expression gradually formed. “You seem familiar… ah, yes, the beach.”

He blinked rapidly, confused. “I’m sorry, the beach?” Tatsunari looked to Hina who quietly shook her head side to side, trying to relay to him not to inquire, but it was too late; the old woman had already started her story.

“Yes, you two looked so happy.” The elderly woman smiled at the memory and Tatsunari nodded along, smiling half-heartedly.

“Right… must have forgotten, but ugh–I heard good things about you from Hina.”

Nami snapped back to Tatsunari, pale eyes locked on him as if she really could see.

“Has she? I can’t imagine she would have said much. She’s always been a great listener. Never says a word.”

Tatsunari’s body twitched, and he found it hard to contain the laughter that bubbled up from the sly look on Hina’s face.

“My family talks all the time, and I’m grateful for that,” Nami said, “but with Hina, she just listens. Maybe too much.”

These last words made Tatsunari erupt into laughter, and Nami soon joined in. All his worries since arriving at the Azumi estate suddenly vanished. ”If only Ayana were here,” Tatsunari sighed.


Nami stared at Tatsunari in wonder, eyes searching her memories for some faint answer, and wishing to end the confusion, the pilot immediately moved to explain.

“My wife. She doesn’t… can’t really travel. Long story, but she has a variety of stalkers. Have to keep our house a secret or risk more cultists, cameras, letters–”

“Ayana,” Nami interrupted, seemingly transfixed by the name.

At hearing her name again, Tatsunari paused and looked to Nami for her reaction – only to see her eyes had wandered off again. Bending over, the pilot placed a single hand on the woman’s shoulder, hoping to bring her back to the present; instead, her body began to shake.

Hina moved beside her elder companion, terror seizing her as the old woman thrashed and convulsed in Tatsunari’s arms. With a silent plea in his eyes, Tatsunari urgently signaled Hina to call for help, sending the young woman out of the room in a flurry of motion. Alone and struggling to keep Nami from harming herself, Tatsunari watched helplessly as the woman slowly recovered and morphed into an almost trance-like state.

“Evil, born at the dawn of time, will return. He has returned. Be vigilant of the man and his eight-headed shadow, for only one who holds the power of a sun in their palm can stop him. Great danger surrounds the heart of the guardian and rage of the demon, and the ones which care for them–”

The old woman violently coughed, splatting mucus and other vile material onto Tatsunari’s shoulder. “Hina, please!” Tatsunari yelled, yet the pull of his clothes snapped his attention forward. With ungodly strength for such an elderly woman, Nami yanked Tatsunari by his military uniform with her right hand and grabbed his face with her left so his gaze was locked into her dull eyes.

“I can see it–I see it all. A warrior of flame. A beast of the sea in Japan’s heart. In time, the hydra will descend upon–upon the sea. Beside him, the demon of rage and a titan of death. Millions… millions will die.”

The elder violently coughed, but mustered the strength to continue her warning.

“The god will kill everyone if not stopped, and only three can.” The old woman lifted her right hand, raising her three center fingers from left to right.” A guardian. A king. A warrior… of the stars,” her voice climbed as she brought her index and center fingers together, “but only the one glowing in golden light can stop what will befall humanity.”

Tatsunari felt her icy grip on his clothes as she stared at him with petrified eyes. Her hands shook uncontrollably as her long, withered fingers clutched onto his shirt, as if grasping onto the last vestige of hope close to her.

“Warn Miki… tell her what I’ve seen before the fires come here,” the old woman whispered with such frailty it seemed her strength was escaping her body with every breath. “Tell… Hina… Leave…”

The old woman’s grip melted away. Her body collapsed back onto her bed, leaving Tatsunari staring in disbelief. A massive cacophony of running footsteps and whimpers of despair invaded the room as the extended family filled the room. He felt hands pulling him from every direction, but he remained frozen, his eyes fixated on the woman who possessed life just moments ago.


Chapter 8: To Endure

Antarctica – 1976

Anguirus’s claws ripped into the snow, dragging his broken body forward with his remaining strength. His right arm was lifeless and a freezing numbness had spread through his limbs, yet he refused to relent. Through the storm, he could hear the battle still being waged, his friend still fighting, so how could he stand by? No matter how much pain and cold he endured, Anguirus’ stubborn pride kept him crawling forward.

The corpses of fallen allies lay buried in mounds of white as he pulled himself forward. Mothra’s once majestic, colorful wings lay burning in a sea of ice beside a thorax flattened by mechanical heels. Kumonga’s eight skeletal legs were scattered across the icy landscape with no sign of its central body to be found. A small lake of frozen blood pooled from the open neck of Rodan whose head, barely attached to its original body, swung with the wind. Manda’s lengthy serpentine form existed only as charred pieces. Immense tusks and a tortoise shell were the only things left of–

Anguirus’ snapped his attention back to the last body merely to find an endless sea of white. He’d imagined it. Or perhaps remembered it. His mind was too filled with ache and static to decipher which.

Then, to his bewilderment, the ankylosaur found an immobile Kong, resting on his side in the snow. Anguirus pulled himself close to inspect the king’s body merely for two, rage-filled eyes to part.

King Kong uttered no coherent sound, only weak, raspy gasps. From a pile of snow, the ape’s left hand arose with its blood covered index finger pointing adamantly in a haze filled direction. Almost as if on cue, the screech of Godzilla echoed, attracting Anguirus’ attention. The one good eye of Anguirus narrowed in determination, and the ankylosaur turned back to Kong merely to find his eyes now closed. Wasting little time, Anguirus swung his head and dragged himself forward.

He would–could not allow Godzilla to fight alone; as long as there was fire in his veins, he would remain by his side.


A scarred reptilian hand slammed against the icy landscape, shattering it into a million pieces as a river of blood poured from the gaping maw of the King of the Monsters. Unyielding eyes that gleamed with power, surveyed the frozen wasteland before him while the desperate screeches of Minilla, clinging to his mighty right leg, went unheard.

Nine broken machines descended upon him. Each Mechagodzilla towered above Godzilla, their damaged titanium bodies shrouded in stormy white. Limbs were missing, chunks were ripped away, yet the nine remaining mecha marched forward with a clear mission: to eliminate the King of Monsters.

The missile-tipped lower arms of the last surviving Mechagodzillas raised parallel to the ground. Hands of the robots spun, stopping as their motors locked in place, primed for destruction. Eyes locked in on desirable targets while they flashed with charging energy. Chest panels flung open revealing a red bulb surging with power. All the preparation signaled an overwhelming, all-out assault no creature could survive, not even the mighty King of the Monsters.

Godzilla felt his hope and strength fading away, his eyes drifting shut as he steeled himself for his end. But as the darkness closed in around him, a faint glimmer of light pierced the gloom. A single, scaly arm thrust itself from the storm’s haze and snagged Godzilla’s attention – and that of each Mechagodzilla. There, less than one hundred meters away, was Anguirus, crawling determinedly into view.

The war machines took note of him and no doubt determined that he posed no risk to their primary objective. But for Godzilla, seeing his most loyal ally still ever defiant ignited a raging inferno in his soul. The same fire that he felt when they first collided, their struggle spanning across the planet reinforcing a message he’d never forget – to endure, to never surrender. With fury boiling in his veins, Godzilla’s eyes narrowed with determination.

The frozen tundra shimmered with a new found strength from Godzilla. Brilliant azure spines flared with a wrathful power, and the mighty King of Monsters rose from his cowering form, standing tall and proud before his enemies and ally. His gaze shifted to Minilla, still cowering in fear, and Godzilla briefly patted his head in comfort before turning to Anguirus.

A grim smile from knowing the fate about to befall him appeared across the mighty king. A simple nod signifying the appreciation of years of battling by his side, stopped the ankylosaur in his tracks as he recognized its meaning.

A farewell reserved solely for his ally, rival, and friend.

With a thunderous bellow, the King of the Monsters deafened the storm and all within his presence, a warning for all which dared challenge the Earth’s mightiest protector. The blizzard winds came to a halt as the roar echoed through the heavens, as if to obey the earthly defender, while the Mechagodzillas refocused their attention and unleashed their combined assault in an explosive payload. For a moment, Godzilla and Minilla vanished into a veil of fire and white light, the King’s roar still echoing for all to fear until it finally came to an end, unleashing an azure light which could not be contained.

The ominous, gray clouds which encompassed the region violently tore apart allowing an azure light to rival the brilliance of the sun. The glowing plume of atomic fire seemed like it would spread across the world merely to fade away as fast as it spread, allowing the storm’s presence to fill the void and obscure the final breath of the King of the Monsters.


Chapter 9: Where the Past and Present Meet

Antarctica – Present Day

Snow banks which could hide monsters, skies which blotted out the sun; the Antarctic wasteland seemed no different then when Anguirus originally traversed the harsh environment decades prior. With no storm whipping the deep snow, the reptilian found some relief in maneuvering through the terrain, even as his scales chipped from the frigid temperature. Days of travel concluded with the irradiated ankylosaur reaching the center of endless white plains, where the battle that consumed so many lives now only played out in memory.

Contorting its body one-hundred and eighty degrees, Anguirus’ long spiked tail raked thick snow like a windshield wiper. Meager sunlight illuminated long hidden ice and the shadows they contained, allowing Anguirus to turn and gaze upon the beings which lay beneath the frozen surface.

Distorted due to the sheer volume of ice, the vague silhouette of Godzilla brought forth in Anguirus a familiar pain from wounds which had long since been healed. Minilla’s small body stuck to the side of the king like a tumor while the army of Mechagodzillas which claimed the life of his ally lay scattered around him in various states of destruction. Any hope that the undisputed King of the Monsters would break from his tomb, roaring triumphantly of his victory had long since been extinguished.

The time for victory, for hope, and mourning had passed. Now, all that was left for Anguirus was to remember, to honor the fallen king.

Curling his legs inward and resting upon his tail, Anguirus closed his eyes and escaped the bitter cold around him, diving into a comforting pool of memory, narrowing in on a miniscule portion of his life which possessed his deceased friend. Moments in the past moved on without a tether to the present, allowing time to pass without a discernible reference. Whether seconds, hours, or days, Anguirus could not guess, but a sudden pull of reality ripped him from his cozy reconciliation.

Heavy footfalls rattled ice and snow. Darkness fell over Anguirus who flicked open an eye to gaze upon the bipedal creature casting its shadow upon him. Clawed digits gradually pulled back, scraping ice as he felt immense anger replace complacency. Gomora, the stubborn brute, had tracked him to the remote edge of the world.

If Gomora wished for a battle; instead, he’d receive a lesson in respect.

Anguirus’ tail whipped out, propelling snow skyward. An ice-cracking roar boomed from reptilian jaws and as Gomora’s head fell forward, Anguirus retracted his body to a pounce position, awaiting the tri-horned dinosaur’s next action. Seconds passed without movement from either creature. Anguirus vented an annoyed grunt, scanning the brute for any hint of the attack to follow only to realize Gomora was frozen in thought, staring at the tomb of Godzilla.


Lust for conflict and genuine curiosity drove Gomora’s trek across the world in pursuit of Anguirus, leading him to the one place he’d never thought he would return: despair. The weakness engrossing his body derived not of any personal loss but empathy of the fallen king. The dorsal spined creature never crossed paths with Gomora nor did he know of the mechanical enemies frozen in place within the grave, but the sight he recognized all too well.

A fight of insurmountable odds.

A victory gained from a grave cost.

Shutting his eyes to honor the fallen, Gomora hoped whatever rested did so peacefully. One day, he’d be strong enough to ensure such a loss never repeated. A promise Gomora burned into his soul with an unequal passion.


Instincts to attack the brute stubbornly receded as the horned-nosed saurian remained still. Laying down upon the snow, Anguirus remained focused on Gomora, awaiting for any sign of hostility. Closing his eyes, all the rage which previously coursed through Anguirus melted away.

Maybe there was more to Gomora after all.


Chapter 10: Children of Ruin

Caverns, Mt. Fuji – Present Day

A snap of the fingers tore white bone from pink, oral flesh, a routine occurrence for the entity dwelling in darkness. What meager pain stung inside the entities’ maw barely registered as great interest lay on the tooth and the rapidly forming flesh growing from its basin. A flick of human fingers launched the dental bone onto the stone floor, allowing the meager item to blossom like a flower.

Gelatinous flesh grew and expanded, shifting beneath the dancing flames of long burning torches. Through unblinking eyes the entity watched the transformation take place. Hours of writhing growth concluded with a human, bare of clothing and identity, sprawled before its creator.

Freshly spawned, the human’s animalistic growls echoed deep into the cavern. Nails scrapped rock and the creation bore teeth. Like a chameleon shifting color, skin transitioned features in rapid succession. Age, gender, race, size; the creation transitioned through every possible combination. Rage filled orbs snapped to the entity, staring into its dark glare, oblivious of its origination. With rabid anger, the spawn pounced with deadly intent, teeth bare and hands curled for a killing blow. Meters of distance vanished within seconds, but contact never came. Eyes once filled with violence widened in epiphany.

They were connected.

The creation fell on all fours then, as if realizing the strange method of movement wasn’t suited for its body, arose on two, legs shaking like a toddler. Its hunched posture straightened before the human fell to its knees, bowing before its creator and god.

The entity’s immobile body finally took a step forth toward the creation and placed a single hand atop its head. While the god’s mouth never opened, its voice reverberated through its creation’s mind.

‘Hyaku go-bu. Your name.’

In reverence of its designation, tears fell upon the rock covered floor. The weeping of joy proved short-lived as two robed individuals, others like Hyaku go-bu, pulled it away, vanishing outside the light of the flames which illuminated the halls of their god.

Even outside his sight, the entity felt its creation’s thoughts. Extensions of divine flesh and essence, the humanoids spawned of its meager human vestige were tethered to his true draconic self, and all the knowledge they gathered passed along to their creator. They derived perspective, a view upon the world through the eyes of a living plague.

The dominant life forms of the planet, mirrors to the suit of flesh binding the draconic entity, took full advantage of their borrowed time. What were once settlements of rock and wood scattered across Japan thousands of years ago, now reached into the heavens with foundations of refined ore. Such advanced civilizations were not rare in the god’s universal quest of purpose, nor had the entity found difficulty reducing such societies to ash, but its power was currently limited. This endeavor, the elimination of all life across the globe, would by necessity need to take another path forward.

Through its spawn’s infiltration of society, the divine being gained information, with more flowing into its mind by the day. Humanity, the supposed rulers of the planet they named Earth, bestowed a name to the malevolent being and his eight headed true-form, and while parts of the entity despised adopting such titles, it could not help but relish bringing truth to the legends inspired by its terror.

‘Tsukuyomi, the man. Orochi, the eight-headed dragon.’

The god’s mouth was twisted into an ecstatic grin as the titles of power and prestige given to him by those he was about to annihilate forced euphoric echoes from the god’s maw.

‘Is this… laughter?’ the god mused.

A sinister laughter bellowed from his throat, entering the hearts of his minions and filling them with awe and fear.

Shifting his mind to Hyaku go-bu, Tsukuyomi decided to test his newest creation. Whispers from distant spawn on the island of Okinawa noted a prophecy which forewarned Orochi’s arrival. While the details were unknown to him, what better way to test the tools under his power than to unsheathe them against such foolish human divination.

‘Reduce the island, the tellers of my arrival, and the guardian of their lands to ash. Awaken the molten demon, Kumasogami.’

Winner: Anguirus (Universal)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles