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[Continued from Match 30]
[Continued from Match 35]

Gabara’s eyes opened.

Groggily, he sat upward. He shook his head in an attempt to regain his focus. He looked around. Megalon was nowhere to be seen, having left ages ago. Gabara growled. It was a good thing the cowardly beast had left, or else he would’ve had to have smashed the insect’s face in. With a mighty roar, Gabara got to his feet.

The emerald ogre was furious now! Again he had intended to unleash his electric fury upon mankind, and once again he had been foiled. First by Kong, then by Megalon. Was he destined to never destroy humanity? Was fate itself against him? Gabara cackled into the skies. He was determined to destroy mankind no matter what. This time, he would let nothing stand in his way! He began marching towards the shore.

Red King growled angrily.

He had once been the king of his island home, an undefeated champion. And then that accursed quadruped appeared and ruined everything. While the wounds inflicted by Anguirus had long since healed, Red King’s fury remained. He had wanted to fight something to sate his anger. Not fight – kill. Slaughter. Utterly obliterate!

He had been searching for such a victim for a while now, swimming from island to island. He hoped he would find one soon as he approached yet another mass of land. Sollgel Island.

Gabara reached the shoreline from the jungle just as Red King arrived from the sea. The two creatures went still and silent as they stared each other down. Their eyes locked. Within that moment, each knew of the other’s fury.

The battle was on.

The two beasts charged each other, waving their arms around and roaring wildly. Within moments, they had reached each other, and in one swift movement, Red King flipped Gabara right over his shoulder. The ogre’s eyes widened as he went flying through the air and crashed hard onto his back, his legs landing in the water. As he reeled from the impact, Red King spun around and swung his tail into the side of Gabara’s head. Gabara growled and rolled away, quickly getting to his feet. He backed up into the water and howled at Red King, who returned in kind.

Gabara charged his foe again, but Red King reached out and grabbed his arm, yanking him around and sending him crashing to the ground once again. The skull monster cackled at the green creature and began kicking at his head. This beast may not have been much of a challenge, Red King thought, but at least it was fun! Gabara got to his feet once again and lashed out at his foe, shoving the bumpy beast away. The rugged dinosaur staggered briefly but did not fall. Angrily, he went on the attack once again. Gabara lashed out with his claws, slashing at Red King and momentarily putting the mighty monster on the defensive.

Red King barked out in annoyance and spun around, his tail instantly colliding with Gabara’s legs, once again bringing the ogre to the ground. Before the scoundrel could make an effort to get up, Red King was upon him. The brute’s powerful fists rained down upon the amphibian’s face and torso. Gabara cried out as he tried to force the ruthless tyrant away to no avail. The fury burned in the eyes of the skull beast as he struck Gabara again and again. He swatted the bumpy hands away as the heinous toad tried to block the punches. Outraged and angry that he dared to defend himself, Red King wrapped his hands around the ogre’s neck. He began to squeeze.

Panicking, Gabara grabbed Red King’s arms and tried to pull them away, but it was no use. The monster’s grip was too strong. Gabara was already beginning to black out and knew he was finished unless he couldn’t remove Red King’s hands. His head horns began to glow…

Too focused on the destruction of his opponent, Red King didn’t notice the energy crackling over the horns of his enemy until it was too late. Gabara quickly reached up and grabbed his foe’s arms, Red King feeling the searing pain of millions of volts of electricity surging into his body. He immediately let go of Gabara’s throat, but the ogre kept up his electric attack. The electrified anuran slowly but surely managed to get to his feet, never once letting go of Red King’s arms. The bumpy monster felt his skin being burned and cried out in agony. Gabara laughed in his face.

A mistake.

Red King’s tail swung around and smashed into Gabara’s leg. While it was not enough to topple him, it was enough to force him to release Red King from his electric grip. The vaguely dinosaur-like creature looked down at his smoking limbs, then back up at Gabara.

Red King roared in fury!

The oppressive maniac reached out to try to shock him again, but Red King grabbed his arm by the wrist and pulled the heinous toad into him, planting his other fist into the gut. Gabara coughed in pain from the blow, but Red King wasn’t done. He grabbed the warty scourge while he was bent over and, holding him in that position, nailed the ogre’s stomach with his knee again and again. Then he pulled Gabara into a standing position and, grabbing his neck once again, flipped him completely over his shoulder. Gabara crashed to the ground with a thud and was immediately descended upon by his foe. Grabbing handfuls of warty flesh, Red King hoisted the emerald beast high into the air. With a mighty heave, Red King tossed the nuisance into the shallow waters just off the shore. Gabara landed face first in the water with another thundering crash.

Weakly, Gabara tried to get to his feet, but once again, Red King pounced on him. Grabbing the tuft of orange hair atop Gabara’s head, Red King submerged his head face-first into the ocean, smashing it against the muddy ground underneath the waves. The water bubbled as Gabara shrieked in defiance. He clawed desperately at Red King’s arms, but couldn’t reach him due to the position they were in.

With no other option available to him, Gabara’s horns began to glow… and he submerged his hands in the water. The surrounding waters lit up like a Christmas tree as Gabara’s electric bolts surged everywhere. Red King felt the familiar shock assault his legs but this time refused to release his grip.

And unfortunately for Gabara, the water now made him susceptible to the electricity’s wrath as well.

Gabara tried again and again to escape his predicament, but Red King was determined to make him suffer. The electric ogre had no idea how long he’d be able to hold out… it had been quite some time since he’d been able to breathe, and his skin was starting to scorch from his own weapon…

Red King squealed with evil glee as Gabara’s struggles got gradually weaker and weaker. Despite this, it was taking too long for the reptilian creature’s tastes and he slammed his knee into the side of Gabara’s head as hard as he could.

Suddenly, Gabara stopped moving. His arms went limp and floated in the water. His electricity stopped surging.

Red King realized he had won. He pressed Gabara’s face into the ground even harder for good measure, then pulled his head up and dashed it back down into waves. Red King reared his head back and roared victoriously into the skies, beating his chest. Another had fallen to his all-powerful might.

Red King kicked Gabara’s lifeless body away from him, then glanced around the beach. He still wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to fight another. He turned to the ocean and began wading out into the open sea once again. Yet another beast would fall victim to Red King.

Winner: Red King