Author: Dao Zang Moua | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

The tolls of a large bell echoed out from a giant mountainous castle with snake-like towers. The powerful ringing alerted the citizens of the city to gather towards the central temple, for their prophets called for it. The shadow of the eternal eclipse hauntingly hung above for all to see with the shimmering light of the sun peeking behind its edges. Many had clothing that seemed to be worn from use, while the few elites in the crowd flaunted their new uniforms and dresses as they gathered around a large stone stage in front of the grand marble structure, armed spearmen surrounding it. It was here that they would receive the teachings of Tsukuyomi and that criminals would be punished for their crimes. In the midst of the crowd were three cloaked individuals watching as several priests walked upon the center stage. Walking up between them was an old man with a large wooden staff. Each priest knelt down to the Prophet as he began to speak.

“Hear my voice, and rejoice! For you shall hear the teachings of our lord who protects us all from the monsters of the world,” he said, hitting the staff down upon the stone. This silenced the people as they awaited the news. “Over the past century, our priests have passed on knowledge and taught all the words of the Gods, so that we may find salvation in this wretched world. That we remember the horrors of the past so that we may forge a brighter future for ourselves. One without the monsters and destruction wrought by reckless humans. The man eating Titans and ravenous Skullcrawlers that hunted down and slaughtered humanity. The constant war and bloodshed that unleashed terrible monsters such as Gojira into our midst. As we preach to you this morning, remember that it was only by the might of the Moon God Tsukuyomi and his mighty serpent Orochi that drove away the monsters that plagued us so. By his hand, we have created a peaceful utopia, protected from the destroyers by the walls he built to defend humanity. His moon protects us from the blight of the titans from encroaching upon our homes and wards away the evils that walk outside these walls. Thus, we shall give prayer to our lord for his kindness, to save us from our reckoning and bring us to a land of peace.”

This garnered the prayers of the people as the cloaked figures watched on carefully.

“Now that the time for prayer has passed, it is my solemn duty to inform the people that a criminal has been captured. One that sought to destroy the peaceful utopia we work hard to sustain and live our lives free from the monsters. This man wished to destroy all that we have worked for to sustain what remains of humanity and bring back the monsters that plagued us long ago.” Gesturing to the guards, a figure in an dirtied orange jumpsuit with a star symbol wearing a sack over his head was brought forth. He struggled with his bonds as the sack was taken off his face. The prisoner was an older gentleman with white hair in a mess from being manhandled onto the stage. His face was bloodied and the glasses on his face cracked as he squinted at the stone floor, adjusting to the sudden light. Once he did, he watched as the crowd around him began to boo and curse the very ground he stood upon as though he were the devil incarnate.

“Don’t be fooled! Their teachings are nothing but half truths meant to cover their tracks! They are only telling you the portions of history they want you to know!” he shouted out before he was quickly silenced by a spear butt to the face.

“Silence heretic! Hear his words and how he speaks against our teachings. This blasphemous heathen seeks to destroy that which we hold dear to us and return us to the age of destruction!” The old prophet then held out a small black and white device with a glass top. “He sought to destroy our city with this device. This man sought to kill the remnants of humanity with the power of this weapon.” The prophet then dropped the item to the ground before shattering its glass with a strike of lightning. The old criminal looked at the device hopelessly as it was destroyed. “Now we must all pray to our lord for forgiveness for this lost soul as judgment is passed unto him.”

“Yes, Prophet Tsukinowa!” the people cried out as the man stared at them helplessly. Tsukinowa bowed his head towards the castle in prayer, chanting mystical words as the priests around joined him. Among the crowd, the prisoner noticed the three hooded figures slowly moving closer.

“No! Stop! Get away! Do not get any closer!” he shouted out as the prophet and his priests seemed to awaken from their trance, Tsukinowa turning his staff towards the old man.

“Our lord has spoken, and has proclaimed that his sins must be cleansed by execution! All Hail Tsukuyomi, God of the Moon!” Tsukinowa said as lightning began to build up in his staff. Many began to bow in prayer while others cheered loudly as the old man watched in disapproval. In the crowd, one of the hooded figures attempted to move forth, but was held back by the others as the old man shook his head at them. Strands of lightning shot into the man’s body, causing him intense agony as the people watched on. His screams tore through the air as the devout prayed harder for his soul to find salvation, the enraged and the brazen few cheering loudly at the end of a supposed criminal in their nation.

The lightning soon came to an end, leaving behind a blackened husk where once stood man. “Judgment has been passed. May his soul reach the Land of Yomi and Lord Susano-o have mercy on him.” The old prophet turned around, leaving behind the charred body as he made his way back toward the temple of the gods. The guards and priests soon followed as the bells tolled once more.

As the crowd began to disperse, the three figures walked toward the stage where the old man still lied. The acrid stench of burnt flesh seared their nostrils, yet they stood close in mourning.

“Old man Hayata,” one said as he struggled to hold back his tears. The center figure placed a hand on the other’s shoulder to comfort him. Reaching out, he grabbed a hold of the broken Beta capsule, almost with reverence. A small speck of light entered the broken device as the blackened corpse dispersed into ash. Placing the device under his cloak, the three figures then turned around and prepared to leave the square when they heard a shout behind them.

“You there! What are you doing?” one of the priests roared out, causing them to stop in their tracks. Walking towards them, he reached out towards the one who had pocketed the device and twisted him around. “I asked you a question!” With a burst of speed, the center figure leapt up into the air and kicked the priest in the chest, knocking him onto the ground.

“Let’s go!” He said to his companions as they began to rush through the crowd to escape the priests.

“Stop those criminals!” The fallen priest shouted, pointing toward the fleeing suspects. The armed guards quickly began to give chase as the hooded cloaks fluttered in the air, revealing green uniforms and silver devices on their hips. Their lower faces were obscured by long cloth, preventing many from identifying any prominent facial traits. The center figure was a young man with short black hair with a determined look in his eyes. To his left was a blonde man wearing the same outfit, while to the right, the one who had taken the device, was a young woman with a stern look on her face and her hair cut short like a man’s.

“Just try and stop us,” the man in the center said as he turned around eager to fight, fists ready to swing.

“Eren, we need to go now!” the blonde whispered as he turned to his best friend. As the man readied to punch one of the guards, the girl quickly grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled him in just as wires shot out from the device on her hips. The two were quickly pulled upward as the blonde soon followed.

“Hey, Mikasa! Let me go!” Eren angrily called out. He was soon dropped as the girl twisted out of the way of a bolt of lightning. Righting himself in the air, Eren shot his anchors into a building, slamming his body into the bricks. A spear shot past his face, leaving a cut across his skin as he quickly launched himself higher. Tsukinowa seemed to growl with anger as he began to charge up his magic once more. The remaining priests around Tsukinowa too began to chant as dark magic coarsed through their bodies.

“Armin is right, we weren’t prepared for Tsukinowa himself to cast judgment on Hayata,” she said, quickly launching herself toward another building as a priest fired off a small burst of electrical magic from his palms. Below them, Tsukinowa gathered power into his staff as he fired off another powerful arc of lightning. The bolt shot towards Eren, forcing the boy to launch himself wildly in another direction to avoid its power. His eyes seemed to spark with rage at their situation, glaring at the prophet of the moon god. The prophet watched with intrigue as the cut on the boy seemed to seal itself up quickly. As the three sped off from the dark magic being fired at them, Tsukinowa stared at the black haired boy with curiosity.

“That child holds the gift,” he whispered to himself. “He could be of use to Lord Tsukuyomi if his power is brought under control.” Turning toward the castle, the old prophet seemingly disappeared as he made his way to his master.


Far from the more civilized portion of the first wall, the poorer working class citizens of the third wall rushed about through old buildings, selling their merchandise and crops of various sizes and quantities. The livelihood of the third district were mainly crop products and blacksmithing, with some merchants from the second wall bringing with them some cured meats or livestock from the ranches inside.

Three figures quickly made their way through the bustling marketplace, through alleyways and into some of the more decrepit and overgrown areas of the city. Soon enough, they came across a large, oddly shaped building coated in foliage and overgrown trees, as though it had been forgotten for many years without maintenance. A broken sign outside was the only indication that this was a museum in the past.

Most people of the third wall tended to avoid this building, a place of the past seen as blasphemy against the church’s teachings. Due to this nature, it made for a perfect meeting place for less savory characters, as they began to see more shady citizens bartering away the more illegal and dubious items and materials, including various weapons and deadly substances.

“Eren, are you doing ok?” Mikasa asked as she looked over her friend. Eren merely shrugged her hand away from his face, embarrassed at the attention as they walked through the overgrown hallways of the building.

“I’m fine” he retorted, turning his head away, “You know I tend to heal faster than others.”

“Just because your body seems to heal better than most, doesn’t mean you’re invincible Eren,” Armin shot back as they continued their walk.

Traversing past the more shady merchants, the three made their way towards a large doorway guarded by armed men with rifles from the old era. A quick glance at their maneuver gear and some ID from Armin was all the guards needed as they allowed the three youngsters past them. Past the doors were larger rooms, filled with people working out with weapons and maneuver gears. Lining various walls were lockers and rooms filled with swords and weaponry, where two figures stood over some plans. One was an older man with whitening hair, while the other was a fairly young adult male with a serious yet playful disposition to him.

“Commander Kubal, Captain Shikishima, the mission was a failure,” Eren reported with his head staring down. Armin reached into his cloak and took out the broken Beta Capsule from a pocket. “Tsukinowa himself personally executed Shin Hayata, leaving us unable to act or risk being captured or killed ourselves by the temple’s full magical might.”

The old commander looked up at the three as a distant look came across his face.

“I see,” he said, taking hold of the device and fingering a button on it. “Shin Hayata was a fine researcher and a loyal soldier, even in his old age. It’s a shame that we have lost him.” He clicked the button to see if anything would happen, but appeared disappointed before straightening his expression. Staring at the device for a moment, he held it out towards Armin. “Take it. You worked as his assistant, and it’s what he would have wanted.” Armin stared at the object in his hands as he quickly thanked the commander. The old man then motioned for the three to come forth as he stared down at a large map of the walled utopia. “Before his capture, Hayata managed to send us an encrypted letter with the location of some powerful weapons from the older era, as well as information on the possible whereabouts of the tomb of Yamato,” he said, marking several locations off the map.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Eren spoke up as the old man looked him over.

“Hayata spoke of an ancient powerful mirror needed to open the tomb during his research. He said that the prophecy he found stated that only through the gathering of a heart, soul, and body that the tomb would open, within lying a powerful force to help defeat Tsukuyomi. He believed that the mirror was one of those objects that would open the door. However, his note told us that it was held within the throne room of Tsukuyomi’s castle, making it nearly impossible to retrieve it,” he said, pondering this information in mind. After some thought, he turned towards the room of training soldiers, watching over them carefully before coming to a decision. “Attention!”

At this, all the trainees and soldiers stopped what they were doing and turned. “Cadets Sannagi, Sasha, and Jean come forth! The rest of you resume combat training!”

At his call, three people came forth as Eren clicked his tongue. One was a large bulky young man with a woodcutter’s axe on his back, while the other was a stubborn and temperamental looking man with short combed back hair. The last was a young girl with a long ponytail who held a bow on her back as she was devouring a half-eaten potato.

“You six are the most promising of our new recruits thus far, and as such, I have a mission for you.”

As he was speaking, Sasha was slowly eating her potato while Jean and Eren glared at each other.

“I see you failed your mission, I guess we couldn’t have expected much from someone as suicidal as you,” Jean whispered.

“Shut up Jean, at least I can control my temper, you selfish asshole.”

“Calling the kettle black much there, Mr. Rage Issues?”


Both of them quickly stood at attention as the commander returned to his briefing.

“As I was saying, you six are to sneak into the castle and retrieve the mirror while Shikishima takes a squadron to acquire the weapons as a double assault,” Kubal explained, keeping his eyes on the two soldiers. “Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!” they shouted as they all held their fist to their hearts.


Tsukinowa slowly made his way through to the throne room of his master, keeping to the shadows as he noticed a cloaked figure kneeling before the throne.

“I had sensed for some time there was something else within the Gobi Desert other than the Behemoth making this land fertile, but if this rose dragon is not from this world as you say, I will tolerate your… presence… in my realm until the creature has been dealt with. Think this not as a show of kindness to you creature, but as a favor to my dear wife whom you are chained.”

Bowing their head, the figure thanked the moon god before standing up, fiddling with a device on their arm before disappearing in a show of light and sparks as dimensions seemed to distort around them.

“You kill one goddess for disgusting manners in food preparation and she holds it over you for eternity,” he grumbled before turning his gaze towards the shadows. “Enter into my Light, prophet,” the man declared, his voice booming through the throne room, “Give me your report.”

“Might I ask you who you were speaking with, my lord?” Tsukinowa asked as he bowed before his creator.

“An abomination formed by mortals breaking the laws of time,” he spat, “Now get on with your report!”

Tsukinowa shook as he felt the rage his master felt at the figure that had stood before him. “The priests and nobles of the second wall are doing well keeping their districts well fed and prosperous with their ranches, but some of those in the third wall are still having trouble with their crops due to the desert creeping into their fields, leading to a minor shortage of food”.

“I see,” he spoke with caution, “Decree those who are struggling to start growing some of the hardier crops, and provide them some soil from the Behemoth to help curb the spread of the desert and enrich their lands. Otherwise, carry on with your duties then Prophet, and ensure the nobility doesn’t get too far out of line.”

Mustering his courage, Tsukinowa began to speak about his findings. “I believe I have found someone of interest my lord, someone who holds the power of your traitorous generals.”

The throne room shook as Tsukinowa spoke his words, rumbling in the night sky as the room began to fill with an evil green fog.

“Are you certain of this,” a voice said through the moonlit room, his power shaking the structure as Tsukinowa bowed in fealty. Kneeling down, Tsukinowa nodded his head once. The sound of armor echoed through the silent room as the fearsome warrior walked down from his throne. His long hair flowed down behind him held up by a metal dragon headband.

“Yes, Lord Tsukuyomi. The boy has potential within him that will give him great strength should he learn to control his hidden power,” Tsukinowa stated, holding up a mirror which showed the face of the boy to his master.

Tsukuyomi walked towards an open window as he stared out unto the moonlit city. His city. What was once a ghost town built by humanity in the desert was now flourishing under his control. It may not have been his homeland of Japan, but here the other gods of his pantheon could do little to stop him.

“I remember my anger at these worthless creatures as they ruined this planet. I wanted to completely annihilate them and leave this system a place, where only the Immortals may live, where Order is kept.” An orange glimmer in the moonlight caught his attention. Holding his hand into the moonlight, a large glowing moth landed upon his palm. “Soon, I noticed that I was doing it all wrong. These mortals are like pests; they come back no matter how many you kill. Instead of simply annihilating all of them, I’ve decided to lead them along the path to peace, but many of them were disorganized and in need of order. There were some among the mortals who saw as I did, and joined me on my path to end the conflict they started amongst themselves, but I was betrayed all the same by these insects. Their short lives will be put to use to restore my father’s world back to its former glory. Under my rule, both the planet and humanity will thrive and live peaceful and fulfilling lives of joy.”

The orange moth flew off his palm and into the moonlight as the god watched on. A large explosion rocketed in the distance causing the god to scowl in anger.

“It seems there are still some of those traitorous humans who fight against the peace that I have brought, and seek to take the people from my reign,” he berated, watching the fires burn in the distance.

“My liege, that is the location of the human’s old superweapons,” Tsukinowa stated as he stated through his scrying mirror’s vision, only to stop as the god held up his hand.

“Let them take them, give them a taste of victory before a crushing defeat. Besides, we have visitors to attend to,” he said, spying six humans sneaking over his castle walls, “one being the human you said had potential.” Turning around, he swiped his arm to the side as a sword seemed to appear from the light. He made a quick short slash before sheathing his blade. The sound of chains shattering echoed across the courtyard as two lumbering giants began to rise, moonlight focusing onto pale flesh. Sitting down on his throne, he put down his blade and awaited the oncoming battle. “Let us see if these warriors they’ve sent give me some entertainment for the night.”


The sound of footsteps echoed through the lightly glowing staircase as the six soldiers ran forth.

“Man, you’d think the guy would at least have some soldiers patrolling around his home,” Jean duly noted, staring around the empty structure.

“Guess when you’re a literal god, you don’t care much for any threats,” Armin whispered as they made their way up toward the throne room. The grumbling of Sasha’s stomach echoed through the room as everyone froze in surprise, weapons ready to be drawn.

“Sorry, all this running and leaping makes me remember when I was back at the family ranch during the hunting season,” Sasha said sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head.

“When are you not hungry, Sasha?” Jean grumbled, catching his breath, “Now let’s get that mirror and get out of here!”

“Quit complaining and keep moving, Jean,” Eren retorted, quickly passing up his fellow soldier.

“Are you trying to start something?” Jean shouted as he reached for Eren, only for Sannagi to lift the two by their shirts.

“You two really need to work out your issues,” he plainly stated, holding them as they struggled to get out of his grasp. “Hey, where did Sasha go?”

Looking around, the three noticed that their other three comrades were now missing. Sannagi dropped the two quarreling soldiers as he heard a noise in the distance.

“Crap, where did they go?” Eren asked, brushing off his pants as he stood up. The ground shook around them, nearly knocking them backwards. Catching themselves, the ground rumbled once more, Eren and Jean pulling out twin swords while Sannagi bore his axe.

“Shit, does he know we’re here?” Jean questioned, looking around the staircase warily. A shadow passed over their moon lit forms from the window as Sannagi tackled the two to the ground. As he did so, a small doll dropped from his clothing onto the stairs just as the wall seemed to implode. A large hand slammed into the staircase sending dust and debris into the air as it patted around the ruins. The sound of deep childlike laughter echoed through the hall as they backed away from the large hand searching for them. Turning around, they saw as the hand pulled out revealing a goofy faced giant as he stared at them hungrily.

“A Titan? Why are there Titans inside the castle walls?” Eren scowled, observing as it came closer.

“Shut up and let’s get going!” Jean barked as he continued up the staircase.

“Oh no, My sister’s doll fell,” Sannagi panicked, patting his clothing for the missing charm.

“No time!” Eren shouted, dragging the large man upwards as the hand reached into the tower once more.


“There is sooo much FOOOOOOOD!!!”

Sasha quickly began to rush around the large feast set within the courtyard before her, stacking food onto plates. As she was about to dig into the meal in front of her, two hands grasped her arm and yanked her back.

“Don’t touch anything.” Mikasa stated, holding back the hungry girl. “How did we get here from the stairwell?”

“Perhaps Tsukuyomi or Tsukinowa noticed us?” Armin pointed out, as he inspected the food around him. The oddity of magic was confusing for the tinkerer, having been in a tower one moment and on the ground floor of a courtyard the next. What was more confusing was why they had set a feast with no guests.

All the flames lighting the courtyard suddenly dispersed as an ominous green fog began to fall in, with only the light of the moon and the glow of the pillars remaining. Acting quickly, Mikasa grabbed onto the two young soldiers and grappled upwards towards the courtyard walls as a large fist slammed down onto the table.

“THE FOOD!” Sasha cried out as the large food covered fist slowly rose back up. She then followed the fist upward as the moonlight revealed a large humanoid creature with a deformed head staring at them hungrily beneath the green fog. It began to giggle manically as it lumbered towards them. As it reached up, it found they were barely out of reach and began to screech wildly, slamming its arms against the ground.

“A Titan? There shouldn’t be any of them within the walled districts.” The other two quickly fired their gear into opposing walls to balance themselves. The Titan then stopped its tantrum as it glared angrily at Mikasa.

“No time to waste!” Mikasa shouted, unsheathing her blades, “We have to kill it and regroup with the others! If there’s one, there might be another in the area!”

The Titan quickly roared out as it leapt upwards towards the stone faced soldier. Firing her omni-directional maneuvering gear, she began flying through the air as the Titan crashed into the tough stone walls.

“Wait up!” Armin shouted as he and Sasha pulled out their own weapons and followed suit. The three began to circle around the Titan as it got back up. Roaring out, it attempted to grab a hold of the various wires going around it, failing multiple times. Blades cut into flesh, only for the wounds to sizzle and disappear into steam as though they had never existed. Arrows tore and stuck into flesh but did little to stop the immortal creature’s rage.

The Titan roared out with violent rage as the trio swung around its body, slashing into its flesh. With another wild swing, the Titan caught hold of a wire, yanking Armin out of the air and into its body.

“Armin!” Mikasa cried out as the Titan lifted the blonde up in its arms. As the Titan lifted the human in his hands, two arrows lanced into and tore open the abomination’s eyes, blinding and enraging the beast. Mikasa quickly shot forth, only to be smacked away by a wild swipe from the mad Titan. As one eye regenerated, it lifted the screaming blonde towards its open maw. Just before the Titan could devour the stunned blonde in its hand, a shadow descended on it from behind.

“THIS IS FOR THE FOOD YOU DESTROYED!” Sasha yelled in a furious howl, slashing cleanly through the nape of the Titan, causing it to release Armin. The Titan collapsed to the ground as its body began to steam and disperse into heat. Mikasa accelerated and caught the blonde before he could hit the ground, landing carefully as she watched Sasha kicking the now dying Titan. Breathing heavily, she released Armin onto his feet and wiped some blood off her face.

“That was close,” she said as the trio stood there in the fog. “We should probably be more cautious about where we go from now on.” The sound of a collapsing body caught Armin’s attention as he turned around.

“Mikasa?” Armin coughed as he saw the strongest member of their group keel over, coughing up blood onto the ground. The sounds of violent coughs had Armin checking on Sasha, watching as she too fell over with blood dripping from her mouth, collapsing to her side next to the decaying Titan. “Sasha!” Armin began to feel lightheaded as the world around him seemed to sway. Another cough into his hand revealed blood as he fell to his knees. A low laughter echoed through the courtyard as a lone figure walked out of the shadows, the poison fog lifting.

“So all three survived the Titan’s attack?” The voice spoke as the figure walked closer to the three. “I was hoping for at least one of you to fall. If it was up to me, you three would be dead where you lie from the poison, but my master wants the true warriors alive,” the figure said as Tsukinowa walked into the light. Armin’s eyes widened as he saw the sorcerer, only for his vision to go dark.


Another fist slammed into the stairwell as the three men continued to run upward.

“Damn it!” Jean grimaced as they continued heading up, “Just how long is this stairwell and why are there no rooms?!”

Another fist slammed through the wall in front of them causing them to stop in their tracks. As it pulled outward, Jean noticed something on the stairwell in front of him.

“A doll?” he said, lifting it up. It was quickly snatched out of his hands by Sannagi as the large man held it close.

“Ah! I thought I lost it down there!” Sannagi said happily as he tied the doll down into his jacket.

“Hold up, what did you say?” Jean asked, as the Titan laughed outside the stairwell. “Have we been going around in circles somehow?”

Another fist slammed into the window behind them, trapping them between two piles of rubble as the wall broke down, revealing the sinister grin of the Titan exactly the same as it was before.

“This must be Tsukinowa’s doing,” Eren winced as he unleashed his blades. “We have to fight if we want to live!” the young soldier screamed as he leapt off the ledge.

“Guess it’s time to get rid of the night guards!” Jean exclaimed as he dove headfirst out of the tower with Sannagi in tow. The Titan swung its fist at the tower once more, sending brick and rubble flying around the three. As they fell, the three quickly latched onto the Titan’s fleshy body and began to expel gas, forcing their bodies to circle around the creature. Bricks fell from the tower only to slowly go upwards, rebuilding the broken walls and stairwell as they shifted around. “I really hate this magical bullshit,” he said in utter spite, dodging the swaying arm of the Titan.

The Titan screamed as it lifted its arms, trying to swat the humans flying around its body. Jean slashed the Titan’s eyes, blinding the giant as it snapped at the air in anger. It then yelped as Sannagi slashed through its tendons, forcing the Titan to fall to its hands where Jean sped past, tearing through the wrists and dropping the Titan to its elbows.

With a scream of anger, Eren slashed through the nape of the Titan, forcing it to the ground. With steam and heat rising around the decaying titan, the three landed down on the ground, staring up at the castle once more.

“He knows we’re here if that Titan was any clue,” Sannagi pointed out, wiping sweat off his face from the heat as they stared up at the castle. It was then that Eren noticed an armored figure staring out at them from the throne room window. The figure smirked as he held up a glistening mirror and gestured for them to come before turning back inside.

“So that’s where he is!” Eren bellowed as he fired his grapples upwards towards the throne room.

“Wait for us moron! There might be more traps or Titans!” Jean called out, quickly following after his teammate.

“These two really are troubling to keep track of,” Sannagi muttered before noticing the fire in the distance. “Hopefully their mission is going well,” the large man sighed as he turned back to the castle.

Entering through the window, Eren quickly unsheathed his blades and peered around. The moonstone structure was filled with columns of white rock, which seemed to glow with light. He soon spotted a shadowy figure standing before the throne. The shadows seemed to morph revealing a man wearing black armor. Screaming out, he quickly rushed towards the figure and readied to slash. Just before he could, Jean slammed into him from the side knocking the blades to the ground.

“Jean! I had him!” he seethed with frustration, pushing his fellow soldier off him.

“Wake up you rage-filled imbecile! You’re in an illusion!” Jean shouted back as he smacked Eren across the face. As the two began to fight, Sannagi entered the room only to be struck by a bolt of electricity which sent him into a pillar. Seeing this, the two stopped as the armored figure morphed into shadows once more, revealing Armin and the others, tied up and hanging from ropes.

“Armin!” Eren cried out as he stood up. Malicious laughter echoed through the throne room causing the two to become alert. Before they could grab hold of their weapons, a bolt of electricity slammed into Jean from behind, knocking the tough headed male out cold as his head hit the floor. “Jean!”

Turning around, he found Tsukinowa standing before him as the sorcerer revealed himself. Eren rushed towards him only for the sorcerer to shapeshift into several snakes, wrapping up the boy before he could attack. As Eren fell, the snakes transformed into ropes as Tsukinowa formed next to him.

“They are now all captured and before you my Lord,” Tsukinowa coolly said. The throne seemed to shimmer in the moonlight as Tsukuyomi was revealed sitting.

“Good.” The armored warrior stood up as the six were lifted up into the air and brought before his throne. With a snap of his fingers, the unconscious five were quickly awoken from unconsciousness before the god of the moon.

“Rejoice! For you now stand before the might of the Powerful Tsukuyomi! God of the Moon!” Tsukinowa announced from beside his master.

“Enough, I will speak to them myself.” With that said, the prophet quickly bowed to his creator before moving to the side. Walking forth, he gestured towards the six causing their bodies to fall downward into a kneeling position. “You six have proved yourselves to be ample warriors so far,” he applauded, judging them closely, “However, I only have use for one of you.”

Holding out his hand, Eren was dragged from the six as he slammed to the ground before him. His ropes were quickly unraveled as the boy moved to lift himself up. Staring at the god before him, Eren howled as he attempted to rush him, only for the god to fire lightning from his eyes. The blast knocked Eren to the ground as sparks of electricity coursed through his body. With Eren writhing on the ground, Tsukuyomi held up a beautiful round mirror from beside his throne.

“I assume you are here for the Shiratori Mirror?” Tsukuyomi stated as with a wave of his hand, the five bound soldiers were lifted into the air. With a blast of his eye lightning, the ropes surrounding them were severed, allowing Armin to catch the divine mirror being thrown to them. “Take it,” he said as he lifted Eren up by the throat in one hand, “Not even the Gods willingly go against fate, or attempt to prevent divine prophecy from happening. We will fight it, but it’ll come all the same. But I will keep this one with me in return.”

“Eren!” Armin shouted out as they rushed towards the deity, only for lightning to slam in front of them, courtesy of Tsukinowa.

“Why me?” Eren choked out as he glared up at the god before him.

“My prophet says you have potential within you, yet your face looks familiar. Speak your name, boy.”

“My name is Eren Jaeger! And I will be free of these walls!” Almost in surprise, Eren found himself gasping for breath as the god released his grip on his throat. The others attempted to get close only to stop as the prophet’s staff lit up with light, poison fog flooding in front of them as a barrier.

“Jaeger you say?” Tsukuyomi spat as he stared heavily at the boy before him. “Any relation to Grisha Jaeger by chance?” The surprise on Eren’s face told the god what he knew already, as he turned toward his throne.

“You knew my father?”

Silence filled the chamber, only to be broken by the sound of laughter. The room shook with the god’s laughter, unnerving the six cadets as the god twisted around dramatically.

“Did I know your father?” spat the moon god as he looked down upon Eren. “Child, your father was one of my finest generals during the era of chaos. He was an average fighter, yet made up for it by being a brilliant scientist.”

Tsukuyomi lifted a hand as moonlight filled his chambers, lighting up the room and revealing several Titans chained down around his castle, some having overgrowth over their still bodies, and one small Titan chained down beside his throne.

“Your father was inspired through fear of my divinity! He sought to find a way to make a Mortal into an Immortal, to find a way to fight like the gods against the threats that devastated his world.” He made his way toward the chained down Titan as the moonlight began to awaken it, causing it to thrash in its bindings. “Despite the warnings I gave him about the curses that come with immortality, he eventually found a way to give a human a way to fight like a god!” With that, he drew his sword and slashed at the Titan, cutting its head in half. Steam rose from the wound as the Titan continued to move, its head regrowing quickly. “Your father, Grisha Jaeger, created the Titans! A way for mortals to gain a form of immortality and fight back against the monsters that plagued them!”

“My father would never have done that!” Eren shouted out as he glared at the god. “He was a doctor! He saved lives!”

“He created monsters to fight monsters,” Tsukuyomi retorted, “He sought out a path to immortality and found one, through the power of regeneration and fire. Originally he modified a viral strain that allowed humans to gain power to defeat monsters while retaining their humanity, but that was not enough. His country wanted more, they were greedy for power. They saw his formula as a way to create soldiers for war. And as such they modified his formula, creating the violent Wraith substrain you see here. Mindless regenerative monsters with no humanity left within, leading to a decadent hunger for human flesh in a euphoric fervor, as though seeking out the humanity they lost. It was inevitable that they soon lost control of their weapons.”

With that, Tsukuyomi slashed the Titan’s nape, causing it to cease its movements and begin to dissolve. “When Mortals gain Immortality, it always comes with a catch. It is not in their nature for a mortal to live forever unless they ascend to godhood, and as such, nature ensures there is always a way for death to take hold. For your father’s Titans, it was their nape”.

“So why do you want me?” Eren said as he lifted one of his fallen swords off the ground. “My father died years ago when I was young, and I refuse to believe he was responsible for the creation of these monsters!”

“Your body holds your father’s Jaeger Strain within its cells, passed down through his mutated genetics. Those cells will give you the power to destroy, or save people from the monsters outside these walls,” Tsukuyomi stated walking down towards the boy. “I wish for you to serve under my rule and guide humanity to a peaceful utopia for eternity, to fix the wrongs your father’s generation and those before him created.”

Eren glared up at the god angrily. He stood up ignoring the pain in his body with the sword as his crutch.

“You call this a utopia!” he shouted angrily “Being trapped within walls! Living in fear of what’s out there! The people here remain ignorant of the millions you murdered while they were being fed your peaceful world bullshit inside here. This is no Final Utopia for humanity, this is a pen for pets and cattle!”

A deep laughter came out of the god’s mouth as he stared at the boy standing before him.

“Just like your traitorous father! He too called me mad for walling humanity inside these walls under my guidance. I did slaughter millions of humans, billions even in order to purge the pestilence your kind caused so that the natural order could be restored to this world! He and his fellow “Jaeger” Titans attempted to overthrow me once, and where do they lie now? Dead or hiding like cowards!”

Eren charged forth, swords in hand as he swung at the god. Tsukuyomi merely deflected the blows with a quick unsheathing of his sword, slashing downward onto the young soldier’s back as he passed by. A pained cry emanated from the young warrior as blood spilled from his back, yet he turned around still determined to fight.

“You call it raising cattle, but you humans are less than that to me. You are merely insects plaguing my father’s beautiful world. Your kind destroy forests and create weapons of mass destruction, finding new ways to kill themselves and their environment in meaningless bloodshed and warfare. If I hadn’t done what I did, your destructive natures would have wiped out both yourselves and this entire planet with you!”

“We need to get him out of there!” Armin shouted as he attempted to launch over the poison fog, only for Tsukinowa to block his path, a bolt of lightning knocking him back.

“You will not interrupt my master!” The sorcerer stated as he lifted his staff toward the five, walking into the mist.

Eren charged again, swinging his swords with more force at the god before him. The god of the moon laughed as he quickly knocked back both blades and slid past the inexperienced boy, slashing across his chest as he did so. Eren fell to his knees, using his swords to hold himself up as he coughed up blood.

“However, even insects have their use. Since I lowered the population of humanity and brought balance back to the world, the people here have only known happiness and joy, their bellies filled with plentiful food and their lives spent with purpose. I will ask you again, serve me, or your friends and you shall both perish,” he issued, keenly observing the young warrior getting back to his feet.

“Never!” Eren shouted as he charged forth like a bull once more. This time Tsukuyomi did not block the swing, allowing the blades to strike down and shatter upon striking his armor. Almost disappointedly, the god watched as the stunned Eren looked at his broken blades before hitting the boy in the chest with a blast of blue lightning from his eyes.

“EREN!” Mikasa screamed out as she and the others dodged around the bolts of magic and poisonous fog Tsukinowa was manipulating. The enraged boy got to his feet, only for a more prolonged lightning burst to strike him, shocking his body continuously for a few moments.

“So stubborn,” the moon god stated as he strutted forth, another blast of eye lightning firing towards the boy only for him to dodge to the side.

“I will never help you control the human race like this, I will stop you!” Eren called out rebelliously.

“Why do you humans resist my rule so much; you are mere ants before the gods,” Tsukuyomi stated.

“Even ants can take down the largest predators!” Eren snarled as he readied his broken blades, “It’s because we are human that we resist, that we fight! That’s what makes us human!” He then charged forth, screaming at the top of his lungs. Tsukuyomi fired more lightning towards Eren, only for the enraged soldier to leap out of the way, throwing his broken swords at the god. The moment Tsukuyomi turned his blasts to the thrown swords, Eren leapt forth, fist ready as he decked the god in the face. A smirk filled the boy’s face as his fist connected, only to be wiped away when an armored hand snapped around his neck and lifted him into the air. He kicked and punched at the armored god as he was held up.

“Brave yet stupid, perhaps a bit better than your father in one regard.” With a firm hold, Tsukuyomi held up the young man. “Your race is weak compared to me. What’s a mere human compared to a God?” he questioned, beginning to electrocute the warrior with his eye lightning. Eren screamed as he felt the lightning coursing through his body. The sounds of combat behind him and the panicked cries of his friends echoed in his mind as he struggled. Gritting his teeth, he glared at the god as a primal feeling began to overcome him. Eyes began to glow red like a blazing inferno as steam started rising from his electrified body. His veins began to burn red against his burning flesh like magma ready to explode outward.

“What is a God, to a non-believer!” uttered the howl of a demonic voice as a burst of steam and heat exploded from his body. Tsukuyomi released his hold to cover his face as Eren began to morph around him, massive rib bones tearing out of his back and slamming into the deity. The moment the steam began to billow towards them, Armin and Jean quickly acted as the sorcerer turned to assist his master, slashing Tsukinowa from behind. The five cadets quickly gathered together as Eren’s screams began to distort. The throne room began to crumble as giant ribs and muscle began to pierce and form through the steam.

“Let’s get going!” Jean ordered as he ushered everyone towards the nearest opening. Sasha was quick to grab hold of the mirror as the castle exploded outward. Dodging various debris, the five quickly made their way to the walls around the castle as a roar filled with the rage of humanity echoed outward. A large, muscular Titan, leagues taller than the Wraiths below, now stood in the midst of the broken castle, roaring in challenge towards the heavens.

“Eren?” Sannagi looked back dumbfounded as he stared at the glowing Titan that their friend had transformed into. The ground around them shook as the various Titans that were once captive on the castle grounds began to rise up, free from their bondage.

“There isn’t any time to waste, you guys take the mirror to the commander,” Mikasa shouted, “I’m going to try to get Eren!” The others stared at the girl in front of them as she reloaded her blades and shot off towards the castle.

“What do you mean you’re going to get him! He transformed into a Titan!” Jean raised his voice, concerned for his friend’s safety as he saw the titans starting to search for prey.

“You heard Tsukuyomi! He knows Eren’s weak spot! I can’t stand by and do nothing while my best friend is about to fight a literal god!” Armin announced as the other two watched him speed off toward the fight, astonished at his courage. Reluctantly, they shot off outside the castle walls, doing their best to avoid the wandering hands of the various titans.

The newly formed Titan stared down at the destroyed castle as Tsukuyomi stared up at its massive, rage filled face.

“So, you’ve truly inherited your father’s legacy! Show me your strength, EREN JAEGER!” Tsukuyomi proclaimed out as a large skeletal fist quickly slammed down upon him, crushing him through what remained of his castle and into the ground. Roaring out, the Attack Titan quickly began to unleash a barrage of punches into the wreckage where the god stood as his body finished forming. Stones shot into the sky and towards the city, breaking apart buildings with a large chunk smashing a hole through the castle walls. After pummeling into the ground until his hands were worn down to their wrists, the Titan roared outward in unyielding rage.

Bells tolled of disaster and warning as the citizens outside the castle walls watched this mysterious monstrosity pummeling the castle and throwing its shards into the air. For a moment, the people were confused, wondering where their god was and how this creature appeared in their safe haven. This confusion quickly turned to panic as the Titan turned its gaze to the city, the sight of other Titans slowly making their way through the hole in the wall with a look of euphoria.

The sounds of wires echoed around Eren’s head as Mikasa and Armin landed on his shoulders.

“You alright Eren?” Armin shouted, only to be forced to dodge as the Titan swiped at him. “What’s wrong!” Mikasa was quick to slash at Eren’s regenerating hands as the enraged Titan continued to swing at them.

“He might not be in control of his actions right now! Maybe he’s acting on instinct!” Mikasa assumed as the two shot into the air to avoid a fist shooting towards them, decimating another tower. As the two landed at the top of some wreckage, they watched as a smaller Titan leapt towards Eren, only for the rogue to grab it by the neck and slam it into the castle. A barrage of stomps to the Titan’s nape quickly ended its life as Eren roared violently. It was then that demonic laughter seemed to echo around the ruins and in their minds.

“Is that all you have, Mortal?” A divine voice echoed out, causing the Titan to turn back towards the throne room ruins. “Don’t disappoint me now, our dance has only started!”

An explosion blew out from the wreckage, knocking the Attack Titan through the castle walls and into the city. The force of the explosion knocked the two airborne soldiers upward as they were forced to grapple onto the nearby buildings to save themselves. Crashing to the ground, the demon of justice glared as a monstrous screech echoed through the land. From the flames and rubble of the castle rose a large eight headed monster. The humans below began to run or kneel in prayer as the titan rose to his feet.

“There it is, the legendary Yamata no Orochi!” Armin stated as the eight headed hydra of legend towered over all.

Orochi screeched out to the world as its many heads focused upon the Titan below it, the roles now reversed. Looking around, Orochi could see the Titans devouring his people, ripping them apart like petty children playing with fragile toys. The appearance of their god’s mighty beast filled the devoted citizens with hope, knowing that their god would protect them from the creatures that were attacking.


Screaming out, the Attack Titan rushed toward the eight headed hydra and slammed his fist into its wide body. He continued his assault as the hydra seemed to laugh mockingly. With a monsterous shriek, the god beast slammed his heads forth simultaneously, knocking the Titan away as though it were nothing. The ruins of his castle and its walls were crushed below as the two monsters barreled into the city. As Eren attempted to get to his feet, he watched as a shadow overtook his form, the blood red mass of Orochi falling down upon him as he reached out to stop its descent. Bulking mass slammed into arms and legs, trying to push off the heavy creature befalling it.

Orochi merely smirked as he put more pressure on the mortal. Each of his mighty heads held a copy of his consciousness, capable of thinking and acting on their own outside of the main body. As such, when one head noticed a Wraith reaching for a family of four, it immediately snaked over, its maw dropping over the smaller Titan and snapping it up in his maw. A resounding crunch quickly ended that threat as its decaying head and legs fell to the ground, the family giving thankful prayers to their god while rushing out of the warzone.

“He tore through that Titan with ease!” Armin keenly observed as he avoided the grasp of a Titan. “If he can do that to the Wraiths, what’s going to happen to Eren, even at that size?”

“We’ll just have to make sure that doesn’t happen!” Mikasa asserted as she launched towards two Titans that were between her and the battle, worried as Eren struggled to prevent the massive serpent from crushing him.


In a different part of the city, the other three cadets were speeding through the rooftops when they heard the roars of the beast. Turning around, Jean stared at the giant hydra towering over his rival turned Titan. Around the city, flames were spreading and Titans devoured the innocent citizens. Another explosion in the distance caught his attention, watching as a large object shot out of the ground and into the sky with a massive drill, rocketing off into the distance.

“Jean, what are you doing?” Sasha asked, clutching the mirror tightly to her chest. More flames and the screams of the people filled the night as the other two turned to their comrade.

“Sasha, Sannagi, get the mirror back to base,” Jean ordered, pulling out his own blades. “I can’t leave him there to face that thing and all these Titans with just those two at his side. He’ll probably die on purpose just to spite me and haunt me as a ghost!” With his mind set, Jean quickly began to head back towards the battlefield, unknowing of the help coming their way.


Concrete and stone shattered beneath the fleshy body of the Attack Titan as he struggled to hold up the massive serpent. Already he could hear the cracking of his bones and the tearing of muscle in his body as heat and steam vented heavily. Putting pressure onto his left arm and legs, he freed up his right hand as he began to pound his fist against the glowing sacs on the god beast’s chest. Orochi merely laughed at this attempt as three heads took turns smacking the Titan stuck beneath their body, tearing into his flesh and breaking bones as though toying with his helpless form.

One head kept watch over the Titan below while the others were searching around the city and firing blasts of lightning from their eyes to destroy the Wraiths menacing his city. One head then curled around to glare at the Titan beneath their body and fired a blast of lightning from its eyes. It tore through one leg and caused him to nearly get crushed beneath the hydra’s weight as the stump slammed into the ground.

With a hiss of gas, Mikasa made her way onto one of the hydra’s necks and attempted to slash at the crimson scales. The sound of metal shattering filled her ears as her blades snapped upon striking the scaly hide.

“Its scales are too tough for our blades!” Armin shouted as he slashed across the dragon hide, his own blade shattering as he changed them out. Orochi then lifted itself upright causing the two to stumble in the air to avoid crashing into his massive bulk.

As the giant hydra lifted itself, the Titan quickly rolled to the side, barely avoiding the earth crushing weight of the serpent. Steam rose from his arms and legs as they quickly began to regenerate, crisp embers flowing from wounds and forging into mighty flesh. Getting back to his feet, the rogue Titan roared out at the godly beast as he raised his fists. Orochi glared at the giant as he opened his maws. Torrents of hellish flames burst outward from all eight heads transforming the area in front of him into a scarlet inferno.

Roaring out in pain, the rogue Titan could feel his body burning from the intense flames as he rushed through. Jumping up, the Jaeger Titan quickly roundhouse kicked at the heads of the beast, striking some and sending some flames flowing skyward. The other heads quickly stopped their assault as they rushed towards the Titan, only for Eren to quickly grab some burning hot rubble from the ground and slam them into the oncoming head.

The hydra roared out in anger as it unleashed bolts of energy from its eyes into the Titan, tearing right through the corded muscles and bone, causing the titan to fall to his knees. Several heads snapped downward, grabbing onto the Titan’s limbs to lift it into the air as the other four slowly burned and blasted the humanoid, taking glee at the human’s suffering. He wouldn’t kill the boy, but he would put him through hellish pain until he decided to change his mind.

As the hydra began to methodically torture the regenerating giant, two small figures flew around his necks and body as they searched for a weakness. Mikasa and Armin slashed against more portions of the hydra’s body only to be disappointed as their blades sparked off its hide. As they shot past once more, one head grew irritated at the insects scratching his scales and quickly turned his fire in their direction.

“Move!” Mikasa shouted as the two were forced to jet themselves out of the way of the blazing inferno shooting their way. The two sped through the air as they avoided the wrath of Orochi, concerned for their friend who was still struggling in the grasp of the hydra. Acting quickly, the two sped off towards the buildings, using the cover to get out of view of the god.

“None of our blades seem to get through those scales,” Armin recounted as the two of them hid behind the hydra as the eighth head continued to watch warily for the two.

“We need to find something or else Eren’s going to be burnt to cinders!”

Refitting new blades, Mikasa quickly shot out from her cover and shot towards the hydra’s tail, spinning in the air as she attempted to slash into the tail. Sparks flew as her blades did little damage, only attracting the head’s attention as he shot towards Mikasa with flames in his maw. Screaming, Jean flew up towards the head that was readying to burn Mikasa, boosting towards the dragon’s face and slashed as hard as he could. Orochi screamed out as one of its eyes was blinded, the blades shattering and embedding themselves into his burst eyes.

“I expected you two to be smarter than that idiot!” Jean shouted out as he quickly sped off towards cover.

With a place to aim for, the two quickly maneuvered through the air to get atop the heads of the beast. Mikasa acted quickly as she sped up the body of the dragon, swerving through the writhing necks as she reached one of the heads holding Eren’s legs. With a shout of anger, she boosted down towards the dragon’s head, slamming her blades into an eye as Armin did the same to one on the other side.

The two heads screeched as they released their grip on the Titan, trying to shake the two humans off his heads. Eren’s eyes seemed to glow with life as he heard the hydra’s pain, roaring and pushing through the torture as he swung his lower body forth. Legs quickly wrapped around the necks gripping his arms as he yanked himself closer. Channeling his seething rage, he bit down on the head biting his arm, causing it to release its hold on him. Twisting his body, Eren swung around the head still biting, twisting around the head and neck and tearing a chunk of flesh out with a viscous snap. Orochi acted quickly and began to slam that neck and head into the ground, smashing the Titan’s back into the pavement.

Eren kept his hold on the neck as he attempted to strangle it, biting onto the face once more as his body slammed into the ground again. As two heads searched around for the three humans trying to blind it, the rest turned to the Titan before them, shooting forth and tearing into his skin in an attempt to pry the Titan off. Flesh and blood spilt rapidly as the godly hydra tore into the Titan’s limbs, avoiding the wild swipes trying to keep them away.

Very quickly they managed to recapture the Titan’s swinging limbs and quickly tore them off the main body with blasts of lightning, dropping the Titan’s body as he held onto the neck with his teeth. Lifting up their head, they quickly snapped forth at the wriggling body and lifted it up. Perhaps it was time to finish this fight.

Armin, Jean, and Mikasa watched in horror as the heads went to slam the body head first into the ground, unable to help out as flames shot in their direction. As the heads shot downward with the Titan, explosions rocketed across their heads, blowing chunks out of the steaming titan and sending it flying through the air.

The Attack Titan crashed through the streets of the inner wall, people screaming as his body dragged through the ground. Shaking his head free of dizziness, the Titan watched as the hydra’s heads seemed to sway around wildly as more explosions rocketed its body. Through the smoke and embers rising through the sky, a bright light burst through the carnage of the city skies. Mysterious flaming objects shot through the smoke, bursting with flames against the hydra’s body as a massive slightly rusted metal object hovered into view.

“So he did inherit our late father’s gift,” Shikishima whispered as he stared at the hydra before him, several other soldiers manning the cockpit of the mobile fortress. “Men! While the others get away with the Gotengo, we need to give the castle group some time to get out of here. Let’s see how this Super X fares against a god!”

Light shone from the front of the Super X, lighting up the titanic hydra’s body before them and revealing it in its splendor. The god of the moon glared at the man-made war machine with disdain as he quickly turned his attention to the weapon. The eyes of the hydra lit up as it fired off blasts of lightning towards the rusted titanium. The Super X’s hovering fans quickly shifted, moving the machine out of the path of the blasts as the crew responded by firing more missiles at the hydra. Explosions rocketed off the hydra’s heads as a greenish substance splattered across its vision, blinding it momentarily with toxic liquid cadmium and tear gas.

“What the hell is that thing!” Jean asked as they watched the hydra screeching in pain from the toxic chemicals in its faces, the rest of the heads quickly firing off blasts of flames at the hovering war machine.

“That must be what Captain Shikishima was sent to retrieve!” Armin stated with glee. “The technology needed to make that thing work must be astounding!”

“It’s still smaller than Orochi,” Mikasa stated, as the hydra seemed to severely tower over the man made machine and the titan their friend was stuck in. “We should try to get Eren while he’s distracted.”

More missiles fired forth from the Super X as they hovered through the sky, doing their best to avoid the flames of the hydra while bombarding it with explosions. As they readied another onslaught of missiles, one of the blinded heads covered in cadmium fluids suddenly turned its pain stricken face towards the machine, and with a massive burst of power shot lightning out of its blinded eyes, clearing the gunk off around its vision and clipping the hull of the aerial battle tank, rocking it off balance. As the war machine slowed from the blast, Orochi let loose a stream of hellfire upon the machine sending sparks flying and scorching its armor. The machine’s cockpit let loose sparks and smoke as the flames washed over them, soldiers panicking as the inferno coated their screens and began to heat up the room.

“Don’t fire any missiles, use the vulcans and hyper lasers!” Shikishima shouted as he quickly grabbed hold of a trigger and took aim, another burst of lightning sending people rocking in their seats, “We don’t want to blow ourselves up!”

Thin blue lasers shot forth from small turrets next to the Super X’s searchlight, tearing through the fire and blasting one of Orochi’s heads. The smoke and burning heat of the CO2 Hyper Lasers helped to blind the heads that weren’t covered in the cadmium and tear gas shells. Sparks and scales flew as the laser’s blasted forth. Turrets on the front of the machine and unloading a hail of bullets from their vulcans as the flames stopped. Though they did little to injure the beast, it worked to irritate the beast’s faces for the moment as they backed away from its range.

By the time the trio of soldiers managed to get to Eren’s Titan, his body was finishing up regenerating the rest of his missing limbs, though his eyes seemed dim as though he were out of juice. All three landed next to the massive Titan’s nape as steam rose up from his body. The sounds of flames and explosions rocketed on behind them as they glanced over at collapsed Titan.

“So we just need to cut into the nape and drag him out of there right?” Jean asked as he pulled out some fresh blades.

“Be careful that you don’t cut him in half,” Armin starkly reminded him as Jean lifted his blades up. Moments before he could swing them, the ground around them rumbled. A small groan emanated from the fallen giant as light slowly filled into the sunken eyes of the Titan. “He’s still going!”

The three were forced to jettison away as Eren rose slowly to his feet, gripping onto a nearby building to lift himself up. Breathing heavily, the Titan leaned his weight on the building while glaring at the massive hydra. His rage grew as he watched it spewing flames and lightning at a flying steel object, which was slowly growing brighter and more scorched with each successful blast. Feeling something on his shoulder, he turned and saw Mikasa standing there, blades ready.

“Eren, can you hear me?” she asked, tense in case she needed to jump. A small breath of hot air exhaled onto her as the Titan nodded slowly. Seeing him respond to her set her at ease as she lowered her blades. “We need to go,” she started as Armin and Jean landed on the opposing shoulder, “The others brought back the mirror and those guys are probably waiting for us to retreat.”

Rage and clarity fought in his tired mind as he struggled to make his decision, slowly inching himself upright. Suddenly his arm fell through the structure and into its foundation, sparking an idea which led his rage and clarity to combine. The humanoid leaned down and shoved his hands into the foundation of the building. Flames and blasts of energy shot overhead as the Titan roared out, tearing the ground up and lifting the building over his shoulder as the three soldiers got to safety.

“That stupid idiot is really going to try to fight again?” Jean shouted as the Titan tensed its leg muscles.

“If you don’t cut him out of there I might just do it myself,” Armin grimaced at the thought, watching his friend leap into the air with the building held high.

Orochi continued to unleash scorching flames at the war machine, half blinded by toxic chemicals and missing eyes. He could see its exterior growing more burnt and heated as his onslaught continued, the Super X already struggling to stay airborne, when he heard the familiar roar of the Titan boy. Turning one head, he was surprised and instantly blindsided as the attacking Titan slammed an entire building onto the base of his necks. Orochi screeched out in pain and rage as rubble fell from his body.

Roaring angrily, the Titan ran towards the large hydra and leapt into the air. Landing on the back of the hydra, he began to punch and kick the beast’s various heads. Each punch exploding his fists into bits of Titan flesh and bone while kicks snapped off into chunks of rage fueled force. As he went for another kick, one of the heads lashed out and grabbed hold. With one limb captured, the others lashed out as well grabbing hold of more. The Titan soon found itself held in the air by four of the eight heads as the hydra screeched outwards. Booming a fearsome roar, he began to struggle with his bonds as the four remaining heads began to fire blasts of flames directly onto the Titan’s body. The Attack Titan roared out in pain as the blistering flames once more scorched its flesh as the human within slowly began to lose the strength to continue on, quickly becoming more and more lost into his Titan.

Armin quickly shot forth and landed on the nape of the burning Titan, flames billowing around the neck as steam rose up. With a shout, he stabbed his blades down into the body, hoping he hadn’t killed his friend as he ripped it open. Inside the wall of flesh and fluid, he could see the back of Eren’s head.

“Eren!” Armin shouted out as he sliced deeper into the flesh trying to reach his friend.

“Ar…min…” muttered Eren from within as he heard the scream of his friend. Turning his head inside the Titan’s body, he could see a blurry humanoid figure reaching out to him from above, only to see a large shadow slowly encompass his vision. The sudden darkness covering his body caused Armin to quickly turn around, eyes quickly rising in fear as one of Orochi’s many maws shot down at the nape. Armin screamed out as he was swallowed by the hydra, his screams reaching the slowly dissolving Eren’s ears as he watched his friend being eaten alive. “ARMIN!”

With a massive roar, Eren forcibly began to rip his Titan’s arms outward, tearing off his own flesh in order to free his limbs, and grabbed hold of the head biting onto his nape. He began to squeeze the throat of the beast in hopes that he could prevent his friend from going down into the stomach of the beast as he ripped it off his body. With one leg on the hydra’s chest and the other at the base of the necks, the Attack Titan began to pull as hard as his burning muscles would allow. Flesh and bone began to pop as the burning Titan struggled to rip the neck free. Panic fueled adrenaline pumped through Eren’s veins as he continued to yank and tear at the neck, when a flurry of missiles and lasers blasted into the base of the neck. The combination of the stress caused by the yanking and the explosive force of the missiles and beams finally broke through the tough body of the hydra, allowing the Titan to rip the head off its crimson body with green ichor dripping below.

Orochi screeched out in pain at the loss of his head. It had been some time since something had damaged his monstrous body to this extent. More lasers shot towards his stump causing more blood and ichor to drop to the streets below, turning the dragon’s attention back to the superweapon in supplanted rage. All its remaining eyes glowed red as they shot out blasts of divine energy, slamming the machine back with godly anger.

With his body steaming and burnt, the Attack Titan ripped open the torn off neck, half relieved to see his unconscious friend still inside. Mikasa quickly dove down and lifted Armin into her arms as Eren turned his attention back to Orochi, roaring in anger from within his Titan. The moment she took off with his best friend in hand, he began swinging the bloody neck and head into the hydra like a bat, knocking its other heads back in surprise.

How dare this mortal attack him with his own head! Orochi roared out as he fired a blast of supreme lightning at the Titan, blasting off one of his arms and his legs at his knees. The Titan fell forth as it suddenly felt something bite into his remaining arm. The neck that he had torn off now wrapped around his body as the Titan was forced to withstand the torrent of energy now bombarding him.

Flames began to join the lightning beams, burning flesh alongside the explosive force which quickly caused the dying Titan to lose its energy. Just as it seemed that its assault would kill the Titan and its shifter, the Super X unleashed one last assault on the hydra from behind, as one explosion tore the decaying Titan’s upper torso and head away from the battle. As some heads went to retrieve the Titan, they were blasted by hyper lasers and flares being shot towards them to create a smokescreen distraction. With Orochi facing away from the fallen Titan, Jean quickly moved in, landing on the decaying neck as the body began to dissolve.

“You better be in there!” he cried out, slicing open the neck, revealing an unconscious and half assimilated Eren inside. Grabbing hold, he tore out Eren’s body causing a burst of steam to rise out from the body. “I’m not going to let you die here!” Jean screamed as he launched away from the battle, “Not before I kick your ass myself for this stunt!”

From within the Super X, Shikishima laughed as he watched his weak younger brother being rescued by his friend.

“They’ve finally got that idiot out of there,” he said as he took one last glance at Orochi, “Full retreat before we lose this baby.” Flying out of the flames with sparks and smoke rising from their metal, the Super X quickly fired another barrage of cadmium and tear gas missiles at the hydra’s faces, blinding it again for the moment. With the dragon blinded, they quickly activated their rear thrusters at maximum and began to rocket away from the battlefield.

Beams of lightning fired from its eyes wildly, trying to blindly strike the machine down, though none came close to the fleeing machine as it quickly flew away. Once his rage had calmed and his eyes cleared of irritants, Orochi noticed the machine was already far in the distance, too far to chase after by this point. Turning his heads, he found the Titan’s body dissolved and the human that should have been left behind missing. With a burning city around him, Orochi quickly morphed back to his godly appearance as he stared at the superweapon leaving his domain.

“Flee while you can, but you will never reclaim this planet from my clutches with the power you hold now,” he said, turning back towards his castle as the rubble around him began to fix itself. A smirk came across his face as he began to magically fix the destruction he had caused in his fight, finding some joy in the disaster as the boy escaped his clutches. “Hmph, at least I’ll have some entertainment to look forward to.”

Winner: Orochi (Heisei)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles