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Two figures walked down a golden corridor, past people dressed in full black and blue body armor. One was a young man with messy, black hair, obsidian body armor, a leather trench coat, and a visor. Walking beside him was a young woman with brunette hair that touched her shoulders. She wore a sleeveless black tank top, with green leather pants, and a large black collar with white rims resting on her shoulders. A jet black cape swayed behind her as she continued to maneuver the spacious, golden halls.

Doors the same color as their surroundings slid open, revealing a black and silver control room. Both figures entered, looking out past the large window in front of them. A golden, rectangular chamber with black markings along the walls, light panels illuminating the space, was on the other side. The young man snickered, folding his arms as he sighed.

“Landes, it is finally time to settle this debate, we can finally be put to rest,” he simply said, staring out into the golden room.

Rolling her eyes, the young woman responded. “How cute, you feel the need to prove yourself. Afraid that your monster has lost some steam recently?” The retort made the young man sneer.

“How dare you, my monster has brought many civilizations to their knees! While you were off gallivanting in the future, I commanded the Xilien army with an iron fist!” He snarled.

“Right, you mean you backstabbed the old leader because you never agreed with his methods? He was a sweet old man, and more than twice the leader you’ll ever be. Honestly brother, I don’t understand what goes on in that little brain of yours,” Landes stated, taking notice of her sibling’s fist clenching.

Removing his shades, the Xilien leader glared at his younger sister. “That old fool refused to move with the times, his ideas of peaceful takeovers and undercover meddling were too slow for my liking. Under my reign, we as a race have prospered at an unprecedented rate.” He glanced back to the massive room on the other side of the window.

The Xilien leader pressed buttons on a panel, one side of the spacious room lit up as the other side began to do the same. “You’re always boasting about your monster’s power, Landes, but it’s time I teach you why my Monster X is the strongest monster of all.”

“Oh please, your dragon always needed my little Gororin to help pick up the slack, your beast wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for my loveable monster.” Landes coolly fired back. Clearly agitated, the Xilien leader growled as he finished inputting commands into the control panel.

Inside the gold room, two white lights struck the ground as the monsters were teleported in. Appearing on the far left, a humanoid monster stood tall, covered in pearl white boney armor. Ink black muscles bulged and tightened as steam escaped his jaws. Red eyes flared to life as a forked tail whipped the air.

He was adorned with draconic skulls on each shoulder, one eye lighting up on each. Four eyes glanced around the room, muscles popping as Monster X looked up to his master, slowly nodding. The skeleton dragon turned his attention to the monster manifesting before him.

After the image of the monster finished uncoiling, the white light faded, leaving behind a small, blue cactus ball. At first nothing happened, the seemingly immobile succulent made no movement. Suddenly, two half crescent eyes formed on the cactus, piercing yellow eyes glaring at the larger dragon before it.

Monster X scoffed, he had fought alongside the cactus in many battles, now he was being pitted against him. Gororin emitted a low rumbling noise, knowing exactly what he was summoned here for. Glancing upward to his master, he gazed upon her beauty, hoping to make her proud once more.

Popping his knuckles, Monster X let out a guttural growl, staring down the cactus monster. Gororin’s eyes narrowed, sizing up the skeletal dragon before him, knowing full well just what the bone armored humanoid was capable of.

The leader of the Xiliens snarled, throwing his arm forward, “Monster X, beat down that puny runt and prove your superiority!”

Landes merely rolled her eyes. “Gororin, show this brooding bonehead who the strongest really is!” The brunette shouted as she whipped out a fluffy, cotton candy colored hand fan.

On command, Monster X fired a volley of golden gravity beams, striking the ground in front of Gororin. In response, the blue cactus ball rolled away from the energy beams, careful not to be struck. He stopped, flanking the gargantuan draconid, the succulent fired a barrage of needles at the armored monster. Most needles bounced off the boney armor, but a few dug into the exposed inky black muscle. Monster X grunted in pain as he turned to face the spherical beast.

Monster X grunted in shock as Gororin sprung forward with incredible force. The spherical saguaro slammed into the skeletal dragon’s face, needles shattering against the armor that covered the meteorite monster’s face. Monster X fumbled back, hot steam escaping his jaws.

Clutching his face, Monster X yanked a few needles from his exposed lower jaw, snarling at the xerophyte. Gororin let out a low rumbling noise, rolling around to the back of his foe. The cactus ball fired a barrage of needles that harmlessly bounced off the natural armor, but embedded themselves into the flesh.

Red eyes darting towards the blue succulent, Monster X twisted around and fired another wave of golden gravity beams. Gororin’s eyes shifted from half crescents to wide eyed ovals as he was struck head on by the beam attacks. He emitted a low rumbling sound as he was sent hurtling across the room.

Slamming into the golden walls, Gororin fell to the ground, his body smoking. Up in the observation deck, the Xilien commander rubbed his hands together eagerly. “Excellent, Monster X is a true war machine, the crown jewel of our monster army.”

Fanning herself, Landes watched as her monster glared at the skeletal dragon. “Don’t count out Gororin just yet brother, my monster is just getting started.” She grinned as she continued to fan herself.

Circling the armored humanoid, Gororin fired more needles at Monster X. The skeletal dragon side-stepped to avoid the sharp needles. The spherical fiend fired another wave of needles, but this time, his foe leapt into the air as he somersaulted over the cactus needles. Before he could land, a powerful force struck his back, knocking the air out of him.

Slamming onto the ground, Monster X groaned as he felt more needles jabbed into his ebon muscles. Gororin rolled along the ground with increasing speed, making a beeline for the meteorite monster. Attempting to rise up, Monster X found himself floored.

Gororin came around again to run over Monster X, failing to notice the golden glow in the armored alien’s eyes. Before Gororin could strike the dragon, a large explosion sent him flying, tumbling along the gold floor.

Rising up from the smoke, Monster X scratched his face, snarling at the slight pain on his snout. Gororin shook his body, regaining his wits, the living cacti went wide eyed as a bony foot sped towards him. Monster X kicked Gororin, the force of the attack sent the blue succulent hurtling across the room.

The cactaceaen orb ricocheted off the side of a wall, bouncing back towards Monster X. Hot air escaped the Xilien warrior as he roared at the diminutive opponent, twisting around and kicking Gororin into the wall again, who bounced off towards the dragon once more. The interstellar warrior continued the cycle, the golden wall starting to dent and crack as Gororin was repeatedly slammed into it. Bouncing off the golden interior, the plant monster sped towards Monster X, and this time, the cactus fired a wave of needles in every direction.

Needles dug into Monster X as his concentration was broken. Instead of the armored portion of his foot hitting Gororin, the blue cactus ball embedded himself into the exposed sole of the skeletal dragon. Monster X howled in pain as needles sunk into his foot, tipping over and landing flat on his armored back.

Gororin forced himself off the bony humanoid, leaving needles lodged in the foot. The succulent circled around his foe, meanwhile the armored alien utilized his levitation to hover in the air and dodge the charging cactus.

Golden gravity bolts rained down from above as Monster X tried to hit the moving cactus ball. A golden energy bolt cut in front of Gororin, the explosion sending the plant flying. The bony dragon landed on the golden floor as he yanked the needles out of his foot, ignoring the droplets of blood splattering on the ground.

Both alien warriors stared down one another, smoke rose from Gororin’s frame as miniscule drops of blood oozed from his wounds. In the observation deck, Landes had a sly grin on her face. “You must want Monster X to unleash his Keizer Ghidorah form, right brother? Is the impulse gnawing at you? Just know that by doing so, means you prove me right, Gororin is just too strong for that bag of bones,” Landes stated as she watched her monster, continuing to fan herself.

The Xilien Leader sneered at the comment. “The Keizer transformation is unnecessary. Your little cactus may have gotten some good hits in, but I am confident Monster X will cement his spot as number one amongst his monster brethren.” Raising his clenched fist, the Xilien leader grinned at the idea of Landes admitting defeat.

Bursting forward with incredible speed, Monster X bolted towards Gororin. The dragon low kicked the plant monster, sending him flying. Instantly afterwards, the skeletal dragon fired three golden gravity bolts that knocked the succulent out of the air. Gororin fell from the smoke cloud, emitting a low rumble as he charged at the Ghidorah.

Firing a wave of needles, the plant monster watched as his foe held up his armored arms to block them. Gororin sprang off the ground, wanting to cave in Monster X’s skull. The skeletal dragon grunted as he leapt into the air, manipulating gravity to his favor, he twisted in the air and dodged the blue ball.

Red eyes glowed a golden hue as more gravity streams rained down from above. Gororin tried to bounce away, but was once again bombarded by pure concentrated energy. He tumbled along the golden floor as scorch marks tainted the pristine room.

Gororin rumbled as he bolted forward again, his yellow crescent eyes occasionally catching glimpses of Monster X hovering high in the air, looking down on him. The cactus ball came to a halt and fired another barrage of needles, and like clockwork his foe once again raised his arms to protect himself. Instead of springing forward like before, Gororin bounced to the side, flanking X.

The cactus monster fired more needles, this time shifting the barrage ever so slightly. Monster X suddenly felt a twinge of pain in his right shoulder, screaming out in agony as his fingers curled. The red eye in the right shoulder head was impaled, blood flowing like a river from the wound.

Looking to his injured eye, X reached out to pull the needle free. Gororin, however, seized an opportunity, firing a final wave of needles. The skeletal knight howled in agony as cactus needles dug into his black muscles. One lucky needle embedded itself into the left eye on Monster X’s face, temporarily blinding him.

Roaring in fury, the skeletal dragon fired a frenzy of gravity beams, incinerating the needles in his eyes. Gororin bounced around frantically as Monster X had seemingly gone berserk. He was once again pelted with gravity bolts as he was flung backwards, smashing into a wall.

Monster X clutched his eye as he saw Gororin stuck in a small crater in the wall. Feeling his blood boiling, the destroyer of worlds slowly marched towards the dazed cactus ball. From above Landes let out a small gasp as she looked on at her prized Gororin. His needles were taking far longer than normal to regenerate, his yellow half crescent eyes now thin rectangles.

Footsteps echoed throughout the Xilien-made room. Gororin tried to fire more needles, but they were slower and had little force. Most bounced off of Monster X’s chest. The meteorite monster swiped a needle out of the air, inspecting it. The Ghidorah looked back to Gororin and twisted his wrist towards the succulent, flicking the needle back. The cactus winced in pain as his own needle was lodged between his eyes.

Hot steam emitted from Monster X’s mouth as he stopped, now a mere few meters away from Gororin. The Xilien commander snickered as he folded his arms, staring down on his warrior with pride.

Flicking his forked tail, the dreadful humanoid reared back his fist, howling in rage as he threw his bony fist into his aggravating foe’s body, followed by another. Plumes of steam spewed from Monster X’s jaws as he threw a flurry of punches at the succulent, sounds akin to shotgun blasts echoing throughout the golden room.

Gororin groaned as he fell onto the floor. His navy blue body was littered in purple bruises, parts of his spherical form swelled as a result of the assault. Monster X huffed as he stared down at his opponent, reaching out and plucking off any remaining needles on Gororin.

Landes’ nostrils flared as her fists clenched, shouting, “Enough! I concede,” she said softly. The Xilien commander snapped his fingers, on command, Monster X stopped his actions. The Ghidorah stood up and placed his foot on the cactus ball.

Letting out a sigh of pleasure, the Xilien leader put his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket. “Ah, the sweet taste of victory. Monster X, give Gororin a farewell gift.” The bony armored humanoid shoved the plant monster aside, his blood red eyes shining bright. Gravity Bolts shot forth from the skeletal dragon’s eyes, engulfing the cactus in a massive explosion.

“I said enough you bastard!” Landes shouted, shoving the pale young man, causing him to burst out into hysterics.

“Priceless, absolutely priceless!” The commander jeered.

“You’re insufferable!” Barging past her sibling and out the observation deck, Landes pulled aside a nearby Xilien woman. “Get Gororin in a healing chamber now!” She commanded, the Xilien scurrying away with haste.

Monster X let out a deep guttural noise as he watched the smoking cactus ball lay unconscious before him. Suddenly, a white cone of light engulfed Gororin and the succulent dissipated in a flash of light. The victor crossed his arms as the red in his eyes faded to black, a cone of light whisking him away as well.

The Xilien commander sat alone in the observation deck, staring out into the now empty combat room. He was satisfied, he proved to his sibling that he and his monster were the superior beings. Still, a small gnawing sensation lingered in the back of his mind, for a split second, he considered going after Landes, but as soon as it came, it vanished.

Now he sat alone, in deafening silence. Nothing but him and his thoughts.

Winner: Monster X

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