Author: Landon Soto | Banner: Thomas Johnson

The stars glistened in the night sky above the large island of Okinawa with lights from houses, streetlights and the moon providing the only source of visibility in the darkness. The cool temperatures of midnight offered a reprieve from the heat of the day and the calmness of the night was pleasant; however, a sound, similar to that of a fighter jet, began to steadily gain in intensity, cutting through the peace. The sound became so forceful that it awakened people in their homes who then rushed to their windows to see what the commotion was.

Those fast enough witnessed a ball of fire falling from the heavens, no doubt a meteor of some kind and the source of the loud noise. The space object collided into the island with a large explosion of dirt and water following suit, trading one loud noise for another and people were knocked flat from the shock of the impact, the quaking ground made it seem as if the very earth was trembling in fear.

Shockwaves washed over Okinawa and the coast itself, disrupting not just the inhabitants of the island but a plethora of sea life below the surface of the water, but something far larger, meaner and powerful had also been disturbed. Deep within a pitch black trench, the sea floor quivered from the meteor collision. Feeling the disturbance, two yellow reptilian eyes shot open, piercing the darkness. A draconic head lazily rose up and shook off the dirt and debris that had been collecting over countless years of inactivity, revealing three horns that resembled a crown atop the entity’s head.

Bubbles escaped from the draconic jaws that bellowed a sea muffled roar of fury, the terrible, sharp teeth exposed for the first time in thousands of years. Claws raked the rough sea floor as the creature rose up, its emerald green, muscular arms with fins running down them propped up the owner, joints crackled from stagnation. His thick hind legs tightened, the muscles popping as the sea dragon sprang upwards and swam up through inky black water, leaving behind his deep sea dwelling, determined to discover what disturbed him from his slumber.

Waves churned as the black ocean water frothed and bubbled, the water’s surface bulged like a balloon before bursting apart as the deep sea dragon roared out to the night sky as he breached the waves. The moon illuminated his emerald green skin and bronze underbelly, the yellow eyes glowing in the darkness as they scoured the area around him. A rugged dorsal fin ran down the dragon’s back with a tail that resembled the mythical sea serpents.

Cutting through the water like a battleship, the beast appeared to have a set of wings curled up against its sides. The fins running along its jaw line, mimicking the appearance of a beard, combined with its devilish grin and crown of spikes, gave the beast a powerful and imposing image. The demon sea monster was on the move and he was headed straight for Okinawa.

Strange lights akin to an aurora borealis shined above Okinawa, any scientist in the proximity would have noticed the oxygen levels spiked beyond the normal level. Possibly the strangest thing was that there was no meteor in sight, no boulders of rubble, just a crater, raising questions as researchers had noticed the meteor had appeared to have slowed down of its own volition.

Morning had arrived and a military perimeter had already been established a few hours prior, preventing any civilian from getting too close to the bizarre scene. Scientists worked throughout the early morning to try and make sense of it all, but it appeared they were getting nowhere.

Off the coast of Okinawa a small fishing boat was already hard at work on catching fish for the markets. Everything was going smoothly, until one net reeled in an unexpected discovery. A fisherman, hauling his net, full of an assortment of fishes, onto the boat, also yielded an unexpected creature amongst the usual catch.

Starfish-like in nature, the blood red sea creature possessed a single claw at the end of each of its six limbs. Yellow strands of feelers varying in length slowly twitched and writhed under the starfish. Finally, a cluster of small yellow barnacle-like protrusions sat atop the creature.

The fisherman ran a hand over the slimy starfish, mucus coating his palm as he made an expression of slight disgust. Ready to toss the thing overboard, the man picked it up, but flinched when the center of the starfish split open, revealing its nasty innards. The fisherman had no time to react as a milky white substance sprayed out from the creature and splashed the man’s face.

The burning sensation was intense, it burned through his flesh as semi translucent smoke spiraled into the air and his cries of pain alerted the other crewmates. One crewmember kicked away the deadly starfish, while others took the man away, trying to clean his face, only to reveal the hideous burns and scars.

Looking over the boat, the rest of the crew were shocked and their stomachs knotted as their hearts sank. The water was blood red with a surface littered with bodies of hundreds, possibly thousands of imposter starfish. They crept closer, some latching onto the boat and slowly making their way up the vessel, while others floated right on by and inched ever closer towards the shore.

Gray sandals trekked along the gravel road as a middle aged man in a tank top and shorts towed his garbage behind him. The stocky man heaved the bag of trash over his shoulder and into the silver can, an audible grunt escaped his lips as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He began to walk back home, passing an alleyway that separated his home from his neighbors. A loud clanging of metal hitting the ground caught his attention as he glanced back.

Garbage spilled onto the ground as metal garbage cans were recklessly thrown to the ground, some even crumpled and bent in on themselves. The early morning sun had cast a shadow from whatever was inside the neighbors garage. The man was tempted to check, but decided against it, but after taking a few steps forward, he stopped, his curiosity winning out.

He turned back to see what had made the racket. Was it his neighbor drunk and needing assistance? Perhaps a fat raccoon bumbling about scrounging for scraps? Walking into the alley, the older man’s pace slowed down as he moved past the trash cans and peered into the empty garage. His heart lurched as he stared in disbelief at the sight before him.

A large insect-like creature was snuggled between two cars rummaging through electronics and equipment, smashing and crushing them with its sharp knife-like limbs. The man’s foot kicked a trash can by accident, causing him to swear under his breath. The creature jerked around as its single eye stared back at the man.

He turned and attempted to run but tripped as one of his sandals folded in on itself. He hit the gravel with a thud, muttering every curse word in his arsenal as his knees scraped against the ground. Flipping onto his back, sweat rolled down the man’s head as his blood ran cold. The insect-like creature was just a couple inches away from him, its bluish gray exterior was metallic like, light brilliantly reflected off its carapace. It had a large head spike and a larger spike on its back that curved towards the man. Its sharp lower mandibles were also pointed right at the older man.

Staring into the beast’s single fiery orange eye, he fumbled for something, anything to defend himself with, and ended up grabbing a broom and proceeded to swing at the insect-like creature’s head with all his might. The beast’s head jerked to the side as the wood snapped in half, leaving a splintered stump in its place. Not budging an inch, the cycloptic entity crept closer with its razor sharp legs stabbing into the gravel with every step.

Crawling back out of the alleyway, the stocky man winced as he crossed his arms in front of him, preparing for the worst. As the metallic creature moved closer, its head suddenly jerked up and looked away from the man. Moving towards a nearby payphone, the man watched as the multi legged creature reared up on its hind legs and threw itself into the machine. Realizing the blessing he had been given, he thanked the Lord above for his survival and quickly ran home, ignoring the pain in his legs.

Any other day had he encountered such a deadly and bizarre, yet, interesting creature he would have been ridiculed for recounting his tale, or left to suffer in silence knowing no one would believe him. Lucky for him, today was not an ordinary day; not by a long shot. As the insect-like beast finished tearing apart the payphone, leaving a mound of cut up wires and scrap metal behind, it began seeking out other electronic devices, scuttling about, prowling the roads like a predator on the hunt for prey.

A day after the initial sighting, many cases were reported to the authorities, as accounts of people escaping, or not escaping, bizarre never before seen creatures flooded in. Civilians were ordered to evacuate the area and soldiers swept the neighborhood streets and downtown areas, keeping their eyes peeled for the strange creatures.

Right in the center of Okinawa, a strange object began to sprout, resembling a gigantic flower budding from a makeshift pot in a destroyed building. The frame of the structure creaked and strained under the growing weight of the plant, as its roots burrowed into the ground, absorbing the nutrients of the land. Oxygen levels were measuring through the roof, and tremors became more and more frequent.

Military jeeps, holding infantry and tanks, trekked along the empty roads, their presence alone demanding respect and their tires and treads trembling the streets. Squads of soldiers hopped down from their vehicles, rifles raised, as they scoured every nook and cranny of Okinawa.

They didn’t have to search for long. Five soldiers walking down a street, noticed a strange sound, as if someone was repeatedly stabbing the street with a large knife. Slinking out from an alley, the metallic insect-like creature that had terrorized the natives had finally shown itself.

A bead of sweat rolled down one soldier’s face as he couldn’t help but ask the question on everyone’s minds. “What the hell is that!?”

“Just shut up and fire at the damn thing!” his teammate barked back, as everyone aimed their rifles at the creature that hadn’t seemed to notice them yet.

Searing hot lead struck into the creature’s hide as the bullets ripped into it, pressurized air spewed from each wound, and a sound similar to steam escaping a tea kettle emerged from the beast followed by grunts and growls. The multi legged creature stepped back as the soldiers ceased fire, taken back by the lack of blood.

As the metallic insectoid buckled under its own weight, the squad began moving closer, guns ready in case the creature was playing possum. As they got closer, more tea kettle sounds entered the mix and, to their shock, two more creatures stepped from the alley. Upon seeing their dead comrade on the ground, the creatures deemed the beings before them as threats, and charged.

The soldiers once again unloaded bullets into the bizarre beasts, as the rifles had little trouble dealing with the hostiles. Bullets tore into the creatures and they too met a quick demise, slumping to the ground with pressurized gas spewing from the bullet hole riddled carcasses. Despite their victory, there was no rest for the weary, as more creatures crawled out of alleys and vacated buildings, the soldiers readied their weapons as more metallic beasts inched towards them.

Throughout Okinawa, multiple squads of soldiers faced a similar dilemma of dealing with the multitude of beasts terrorizing the island. Their numbers seemed endless, When one wave of creatures was eliminated, another batch rapidly took their place. This was especially apparent the closer the military got to the massive flower in the center of the island.

Tanks and jeeps aimed their weapons at the giant plant, making sure to stay a good distance from the high oxygen being emitted from the flower. It didn’t take long for the military to give this threat a name, the overall name for the creatures were Symbiotic Legion, or Legion for short, taken from Mark 5:9 of the Bible. “Then Jesus asked him, ‘What is your name?’ My name is Legion’ he replied, ‘for we are many.'”

With their orders known, a plethora of soldiers kept their eyes out for the enemy Legion Soldiers. Tanks aimed their cannons at the Legion Flower, ready to destroy the foreign object. Dozens of Soldier Legion tried desperately to protect the flower, but were either gunned down by gunfire or blown to pieces by the powerful tanks.

Meanwhile, another squadron of soldiers were patrolling the shores of the island, scouting out the beach for more Legion Soldiers. One soldier walked along the beach with his teammates not far behind, paying little attention to the sand beneath him, until he felt a sizable lump squish under his boot.

Looking down, the soldier saw a strange blood red starfish with yellow fibers along each limb and yellow bulbs atop its head. The armed man kicked the creature to the side, causing the top portion of the thing to split open and spew a soapy liquid from its innards. Putting his reflexes to good use, the soldier placed his gun up to block his face, the weapon took the brunt of the attack.

Whipping his gun forward, he pumped a few bullets into the starfish, ripping it to shreds immediately. Feeling a burning sensation in his hands, the soldier gasped as the substance from the sea creature had eaten away his military grade gloves. However, what surprised him the most was the fact that his rifle showed signs of melting. The acidic liquid continued to eat away at the weapon, rendering it nearly useless.

“Stupid little shi-” the soldier paused mid sentence as he glanced to the sea and dropped his gun with a thud as the weapon hit the wet dirt. His body quivered and sweat formed on his face. He had never seen anything like it. Before him, the water on the horizon was blood red, as if everything that lived under the waves had been slaughtered and their life essence tainted the water.

Moving slowly, like a reaper, the red mass was not made of blood, but instead thousands upon thousands of the disgusting starfish, moving closer to the beach with each minute. “Holy… I need to warn the others.” The man said, a slight twinge of fear in his voice. Sprinting like a mad man, the soldier found his squad and relayed the information to them, and they, in turn, informed the higher ups. Now Okinawa was dealing with a second threat, and it would take every ounce of manpower the military could muster to defend Okinawa from the invaders.

As the waves of sea oddities approached closer to the island, in the city, the military were ready to finish off the Legion. The tanks fired their cannons with large explosions blowing chunks out of the bizarre flower’s roots, but it wasn’t enough, as the damage wasn’t what everyone was hoping it would be. Lucky for them, reinforcements were here.

Overhead, two black stealth bombers soared high beyond the clouds, and Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs were dropped onto the flower. Explosions tore into the plant and ripped it to pieces sending plant chunks the size of automobiles flying in every direction. The entire island seemed to shake from the force of the explosion as plumes of smoke and flames billowed up into the sky. The flower was completely obliterated, nothing more than a smoldering crater filled with debris.

The soldiers celebrated as the last of the Legion were terminated, the day had been saved from one threat, now it was on to another. Their celebration was cut short, however, when the ground began to tremble and shake, as if a large earthquake had conveniently manifested itself. A muffled cry could be heard as the ground where the flower once stood began to sink and create a large pit before bulging back upwards. Military personnel watched on in terror as the ground exploded, a large insect-like creature flew out of the ground with terrifying speed, its light yellow carapace shining in the morning sun as its blue eyes scanned the area as it attempted to flee.

Evading the tanks that fired at it, the giant creature maneuvered past the weapons and headed out towards the sea. Its insect-like legs curled against its body and unlike the smaller Legion, this giant one had two insect-like eyes as opposed to one cycloptic eye. The beast’s wings flapped with incredible speed as it sped through the air like a jet. Its most prominent feature was its knife-like nasal horn that stretched outwards and glistened in the sunlight. A sound akin to a creaking metal gate emanated from the beast’s jaws.

A couple of miles away, the emerald sea dragon continued lazily cutting through the water towards Okinawa. In no rush to expend his energy, the demon sea monster stared ahead with malice in his eyes and was easily spotted by the military. Military researchers were quick to decipher just what was heading towards them and the new threat humanity was dealing with.

Ancient stories of a lost civilization named Nilai-Kanai spoke of a sea dragon named Dagahra that protected the kingdom from pollution. However, what was a shock to the researchers, was their discovery in the same tails of the red starfish creatures, named Barem, that were said to be a byproduct of this sea dragon.

Unfortunately, no documentation existed for the true nature of the giant insect-like creature that just appeared. There was little doubt it was linked to the meteor that fell not too long ago and had to be extraterrestrial in nature, and studying the deceased, smaller Legions were revealed, under autopsy, to be silicon based lifeforms with some sort of affinity for electromagnetism. The researchers gave the name Mother Legion, or simply Legion as it appeared, as it seemed to be the “queen” of the smaller creatures that invaded Okinawa.

Dagahra felt the cool sea water splashed against his face as saw the faint shape of Okinawa growing in the distance. The sea monster’s eyes caught sight of something in the distance, a speck that was rapidly growing larger. Thousands of meters away and rapidly approaching, Legion who had sensed the true threat to her rule, another apex predator, Dagahra, whose mere presence alone challenged her dominance.

Letting out a creaking, terrible screech, Legion dove down towards Dagahra, who in turn, dove beneath the waves to avoid the attack. Before arching upwards, the Legion Queen scraped the waves and flew up above the water as she scanned the surface for her opponent. The insect-like alien looked around for her opponent when, suddenly, Dagahra shot out of the water like a shark, jaws opened wide as he prepared to sink his fangs into the extraterrestrial.

If Legion could smell, she would smell the rotten breath of the dragon, he was that close to her face. However, the Mother Legion arced to the side, evading Dagahra’s nasty bite. Teeth clanged against each other as the emerald dragon dove back into the water before swimming upwards again, and growled in annoyance before breaching the water once more. Dagahra attempted to rip into the queen again, but this time she was prepared. Diving downward, Legion twisted her body and sliced her nasal horn into Dagahra’s right shoulder as she sped past him, a large gash formed with crimson blood flowing profusely from the cut.

Dagahra roared out in pain as he slammed into the water, his blood tainting the sea around him. Mother Legion screeched with joy as the life essence of her adversary flowed from his carcass. Underwater, Dagahra groaned as the salt water stung the large wound on his muscular shoulder. His eyes flared with hatred as purple energy crackled around his jaws, fueled by ruthless aggression. The demon sea monster could see the form of the Mother Legion stalking the surface, further fueling his rage.

As the Mother Legion twisted her head around, looking for the sea dragon, water erupted as a beam of purple and black shot forth, striking the insect-like queen in the chest. The Mother Legion screeched as an explosion sent her hurtling backwards and lunging out of the waves, Dagahra opened his jaws wide as he aimed straight for Legion.

Having recovered midair from the sudden attack, the Legion queen had little time to react as the demon sea monster clamped his jaws around her neck. The smaller insect-like alien thrashed and writhed in the dragon’s grip, as the terrible wings on his side unfolded and stretched outward as he too began to take flight, dragging Legion through the air as he tried to crush her neck. Legion cried out after she heard the sound of creaking and groaning. Pain shot through her extraterrestrial body as Dagahra shook his head violently, attempting to puncture her exoskeleton.

Legion managed to break free from Dagahra’s jaws, the sound of teeth scraping against the tough shell could be heard miles away. Diving down away from the dragon, Legion tried to outmaneuver the sea monster; however, no matter how fast she went, Dagahra was always right up on her.

Dagahra’s yellow eyes narrowed as the twisted grin on his face curled upwards, it seemed his opponent was at her limit, while he himself had barely exerted himself. Mother Legion suddenly ceased flying, allowing a confused Dagahra to pass overhead. With a burst of speed, Legion flew upwards and twisted her body, her nasal horn cutting into the yellow underbelly of Dagahra as sparks erupted from the sea dragon followed by a wail of anguish.

A shallow but long gash was carved into the demon sea monster and his speed began to falter. Legion used this moment to retreat, knowing full well that her current form couldn’t hold a candle to the emerald sea dragon. Before he fell into the water, a mighty purple, poisonous jet stream fired from his jaws and ripped through the air before it struck the underside of the Legion queen.

Slamming into the water with a thud, Dagahra sank below the waves to regain his bearings. A large explosion rocked Legion and she struggled to keep flight, her wings beginning to fail as they smoked. She flew upwards as high as she could, before carefully gliding down towards Okinawa.

Landing just a couple hundred meters off the shore of Okinawa, Legion began to burrow underground as she shed her wings, no longer of any use to her, no matter, the time had come, and her evolution drew near. Meanwhile, Dagahra was not far behind, and not wanting to needlessly waste energy, he lazily followed the lingering trail of smoke that led back to the large island.

Half an hour later, Dagahra narrowed his eyes as he growled in content, the little red Barem creatures he had spawned had begun their infestation. Stepping onto the beach, the emerald sea dragon began to lay waste to the enormous island, searching for his prey. Tanks and soldiers fired at the uncaring monster who was effortlessly tearing through the city.

A couple of hours of destruction passed as Dagahra rampaged through Okinawa, desperately searching for the injured Legion, and waves of tanks and jets were obliterated as purple energy tore them apart like tin foil in the process. As evening approached, Dagahra was about ready to give up, and unfolded his wings to take off and sleep in his trench. That was until the ground began to violently shake. The creature from Nilai-Kanai let out an audible growl as he struggled to keep his footing.

Any remaining tanks retreated as they struggled to find a way to put down Dagahra, now they feared what was coming next. Suddenly, the ground erupted, sending concrete and debris flying high into the sky. A familiar nasal horn jutted from the ground, the sleek silver appendage reflected the sunlight that hit it.

The demon sea monster backed up as the head of Legion poked out of the ground, her mandibles parted as a creaky metallic cry left her maw. Dagahra went wide eyed as he continued to back away, the once small and feeble creature he fought hours ago had been replaced by an intimidatingly large and bulky beast. Legion pulled her entire body out of the ground as her enormous frame practically filled Dagahra’s field of vision.

Colossal, blade like appendages stabbed into the ground as the Mother Legion looked down on the emerald sea dragon that she was now towering over. The clawed limbs on her crab-like shell twitched and writhed with anticipation, and a large silver horn atop her shell curved downwards much like her own soldiers towards Dagahra. The Nilai-Kanai monster noticed her red bumpy abdomen that occasionally pulsated with light, and for the first time in a long time, he felt uneasy.

Suddenly, Legion charged at Dagahra, the ground shaking with every step. This burst of speed from the queen forced the emerald dragon to leap into the air to avoid being trampled and stabbed to death by the silver extraterrestrial. With his wings stretched out, Dagahra flew above the space monster, and opened his jaws to fire purple, poisonous jet streams that ripped into the ground around Legion before pelting her silver hide.

Sparks erupted from Legion’s exterior as she screeched in annoyance, keeping her eyes on the deep sea dragon. Dagahra snickered as he looped around and fired another purple ray of energy, this time hitting Legion in the face, forcing the larger creature to fumble backwards slightly, another groan escaping her mouth.

Dagahra flew past Legion, careful to avoid the large nasal horn and kept hitting her silver hide with energy beams. Each hit erupted in a shower of sparks and flames that rewarded the dragon with a cry of pain. Soon the Mother Legion’s massive frame was obscured by smoke and dust as Dagahra flew past her before circling around and heading straight back for her, this time however, Legion stepped forward as she shook her head.

Legion’s nasal horn split open like a massive pair of scissors, revealing a yellow glowing bump as blue energy crackled between the two parts, the large horn atop her shell began to glow the same brilliant blue energy as it gathered in front of the pulsing organ. A blue beam of crackling energy shot forth, ripping through the air at the bewildered Dagahra, the azure ray struck the sea dragon in the chest as a smoldering crater formed, a howl of agony escaped his maw.

Dagahra lost altitude as he was flung onto his back and slammed into the concrete and buildings on the ground, all crumbling around him, his emerald body carved a trench in the terrain before coming to a halt. Dagahra groaned and used his muscular arms to flip over and push his body up as he shook the dirt and debris off of his frame, his arms felt like jelly but he persisted. Despite his crooked grin, there was no pleasure to be found in this fight, the Nilai-Kanai monster grimaced as he tenderly ran his claws along the charred wound along with the gash from their first encounter.

Groggily turning to face the space monster, Dagahra felt his heart race as Legion marched towards him, the ground shuddering beneath her titanic weight as her bladed limbs punctured the dirt. Dagahra opened his nasty jaws as purple energy erupted forth from his throat, hoping to pay back the queen for the damage she inflicted on him. Seeing this, Legion’s horn crackled with blue energy as the long clawed limbs around her head twitched and writhed.

Just as it seemed as though the purple poisonous jet stream was about to make contact with Legion’s queenly visage, the air in front of her warped, as if the beam hit an invisible barrier before it shrunk and dissipated into harmless energy particles. The purple specks of energy bathed Legion in a soft pink hue as her piercing eyes of sapphire stared indifferently at the demon sea monster.

Dagahra balked at what just transpired, he didn’t understand what happened, but he refused to believe what he saw. Rotten breath emanated from Dagahra’s toothy draconic jaws as another poisonous jet stream spewed from his gullet, then another, but the result was consistent, both beams disappeared and left no sign of any damage to the Mother Legion.

A low creaking sound left Legion’s maw as she shook her head side to side, now it was her turn. Legion’s nasal horn split open as blue energy crackled in front of the queen, the azure beam striking the ground in front of Dagahra causing a large explosion. The sea dragon cried out in pain as blue energy crackled and danced around his hide.

Smoke curled off the Nilai-Kanai monster’s flesh as he fumbled backwards. Dagahra panted as his mind raced for a solution, before settling on a plan of attack, but given how the queen had shrugged off his previous attacks, he was beginning to have doubts. Nonetheless, Dagahra unfurled his wings and tightening his leg muscles, the dragon sprang forward, a terrible howl escaping his throat.

Legion cocked her head to the side as Dagahra flew past her. As the demon sea monster turned around to face the queen’s back, the slight protrusions above Dagahra’s shoulders opened wide and revealed gaping cannon-like orifices. Red toxic mist shot into the air as crimson globs fired out of the natural shoulder cannons, striking Legion’s back, she groaned in annoyance as the balls of crimson slammed against her silver carapace.

Legion wailed in confusion as she felt the red substance stick to her back; however, there was more to the red mass upon closer inspection. Millions of Barem clung to Legion like leeches, the mutant starfish releasing their acids onto the extraterrestrial beast, and her silver exterior began showing slight hints of yellowing as the acids ate away at her silicon shell. Meanwhile, Dagahra fired purple energy beams from his mouth striking the back of Legion, forcing her forward slightly as she let out a deep groan.

Hoping to have better luck this time around, Dagahra tried his best to avoid flying in front of Legion, making sure to constantly stay on the move. Legion turned like a tank as she tried to keep her insect-like eyes on the sea dragon, but the smaller beast still had the advantage in speed. Dagahra fired more Barem from his shoulder cannons, and the vile creatures slammed against Legion’s right side, releasing their acids while they clung to her legs and abdomen.

A burning sensation began to grow and grow as Legion tried to shoot down Dagahra with a powerful blue beam of energy. Glancing down to her bladed legs, she saw the toxic starfish slowly eating away at her. The queen realized there was little she could do to stop these pests herself, it was time for reinforcements.

Legion’s red abdomen began to slowly glow and pulsate with light. In the air Dagahra flew above the insect-like queen with curiosity as he looked down on her, his yellow eyes narrowed. Suddenly, Legion’s abdomen rapidly flashed with yellow light as a black cloud appeared to billow out of the alien monster.

A hundred Soldier Legions spilled out of their queen, flying towards Dagahra like living homing missiles, their orders planted firmly in their minds by the Mother Legion: “kill the toxic sea dragon and his spawn”. Those Legion soldiers not involved in the missile attack clung to Legion’s shell and began to stab at the Barem attacking their queen. Meanwhile, Dagahra now found himself being chased high above the city by a large swarm of these aliens.

Mangled red starfish splattered onto the ground below as the soldiers cleansed Legion of her aggressors as Dagahra fired purple rays of energy to incinerate a group of Legion Soldiers in front of him. Dagahra felt a prickly sensation along his body before it quickly turned to sharp pains. The Legion Soldiers had successfully snuck onto the leviathan and began stabbing into his emerald flesh with their sharp limbs.

Dagahra tried to desperately shake off the soldiers, but it was no use, they were securely latched. The silver Soldier Legion began administering electric shocks through their bladed limbs, causing ghastly cries of agony to escape the gnarly dragon’s mouth. Unable to keep himself airborne, Dagahra began falling from the sky like a sack of bricks, his body slamming into the ground forming a large crater around his prone body.

Streams of blood flowed from the multitude of puncture wounds inflicted by the Legion. Dagahra tried to rise up, but suddenly found the world had gotten darker. As the demon sea monster tried to regain his bearings, two brilliant blue orbs pierced the darkness. He struggled to make out what they were; then it dawned on him, she, Mother Legion, was now looming above him.

If she could smile, her grin would be ear to ear, as she looked down on the smaller Dagahra. From the ground on both sides of Legion, two large metal limbs shot out from the war torn land, slicing through the air like a hot knife through butter. The Queen Legion’s large sickle-like hind legs stabbed into Dagahra’s muscular shoulders and a screech of pure agony escaped the dragon’s maw. Blood overflowed out of the fresh wounds, tricking down Legion’s sharp silver hind legs, now stained crimson.

Legion withdrew the blades as blood gushed out of the gaping wounds. The dragon’s cries of anguish fueled the queen; she would make the toxic creature pay with his blood for the pain every creature on this planet had inflicted on her flower, her soldiers, and herself. Legion let out a grating metallic screech as she swung her large nasal horn downward, carving into the weary dragon’s back.

Blood flowed like a river, weaving down the emerald bumps and crevices of Dagahra’s back, the dorsal fin along his spine was sliced in half, a large gash now running down his back. The demon sea monster howled in agony as his body struggled to support itself, forcing the dragon onto his stomach. In a last ditch effort to save himself, the puckered orifices above his shoulders gaped open as clusters of Barem were fired from the cannon-like structures, blinding the Mother Legion with toxic starfish.

The Mother Legion backed away and shrieked in shock, as Dagahra’s spawn gnawed away at her body. The soldiers still clinging to Dagahra spread their wings as they abandoned their quarry and rushed in to protect the queen. Dagahra unfurled his terrible wings as he spun around and, forcing himself to fly, headed straight for the beach. Dagahra groaned as he fell from the sky and belly flopped into the warm waters of Okinawa, sending water flying into the air. His body sunk to the bottom as plumes of bubbles escaped through his sharp teeth, the dragon’s blood blended in with the Barem in the polluted water.

Dagahra snarled and cursed the larger silver behemoth, fear melting away as his rage and hatred burned like a mighty fire that fueled the toxic beast. Despite the darkness of the water around him, crimson and violet bolts of energy illuminated the water as they danced around and beat down upon Dagahra’s frame. However, Dagahra refused to give up and began the genesis of his new metamorphosis.

Bright lights flashed from the Barem infested waters off the coast of Okinawa, but the Mother Legion paid little attention to it. The queen felt her spawn cleanse her colossal body of the Barem, as the imitation starfish were fried and skewered as they fell to the ground splattering on impact. As her soldiers continued to clean her massive frame, she noticed Dagahra had vanished.

The Legion scoured the island for the leviathan, but found nothing. However, her main concern now was cultivating a new flower for her species, not some washed up dragon. Despite seemingly defeating one enemy, the smaller multitude of beings still opposed her. Multiple maser tanks rolled out on massive tires as human soldiers readied their weapons to combat the swarm. The maser’s aimed their silver satellite dish-like weapons at Legion, who eyed the smaller machines. Sensing the electromagnetism within, the queen quickly deemed them threats.

Meanwhile, dozens of Legion Soldiers fell from the skies before their bullet riddled carcasses slammed into the pavement, the humans were successfully holding their own against the alien opposition. However, some human soldiers weren’t so fortunate, and the opposing aliens managed to pick off a few of them as they drove their bladed limbs straight through the opposing human flesh.

One soldier was thrown onto his back as he desperately tried to crawl away, but the Legion’s scythe-like limbs stabbed through his back. Blood leaked from his mouth as he fell dead. Tossing aside the deceased, the silicon creatures charged at the remaining humans with bloodied scythe-like limbs.

Bullets tore into the Legion, forcing compressed air to spew out from their wounds, the creatures soon collapsed as they ceased function. Meanwhile, the maser cannons fired blue energy rays at the Mother Legion, their energy beams pelted the weakened exoskeleton of the queen thanks to the bothersome Barem. Letting out a cry of pain as she opened her nasal horn and fired her own blue ray of energy that set the vehicles ablaze when it struck them.

Fighter jets flew overhead as they fired missiles at the silver behemoth, some slammed against her tough shell with little effect. However, one missile managed to sneak by and slammed into one of the extended limbs on the side of the Mother Legion’s shell and went up in a ball of fire, smoke curled off the mangled appendage as it now dangled uselessly to the side. Legion screeched out in fury as she snapped her head to the direction of the jets, unaware of the masers forming a perimeter around her.

A terrible scream of agony filled the human soldiers’ ears as they watched the extended limbs of a Legion Soldier stab through the chest of their comrade, her blood dripped off the sharpened silicon limbs before they were mercilessly yanked out of her body. Falling to ground lifeless, the rest of the squadron could only fire their weapons and kill the creature and its allies to avenge every fallen man and woman on the battlefield.

Elsewhere, a Soldier Legion marched along the concrete sidewalk as it heard the sound of water crashing, the silver alien craned its head towards the noise. The beach, once lined with cream colored sand that met with the cerulean blue water, was now contaminated with Barem. The blood red mass of toxic starfish continued to spread like a disease upon the earth.

Sending signals to any nearby allies, the multi-legged creature marched towards the aquatic menace, its cycloptic eye looked down on the slimy things. A Barem spat its acidic gunk square in the Legion’s eye, a screech of pain emanated from the creature as it mentally called out to any nearby kin.

Bringing its bladed leg down onto the starfish, the Legion cleaved the toxic starfish in half, more acidic liquid splattered onto the soldier, slowly eating away at its shell. As more Legion arrived, they saw the hordes of Barem and immediately, the battle for supremacy was waged.

Underneath the Barem infested waters of Okinawa, the toxic dragon tended to its wounds, energy continuing to crackle around the sea monster as he bellowed out a wrathful roar. Millions of bubbles escaped the dragon’s jaws cauterizing his wounds from the intense heat of the energy cracking around his form. Dagahra snarled as two conical spike protrusions extended from the wings above the shoulders and shoulder orifices.

The large golden bronze spikes opened and closed like the beak of a bird, Dagahra got adjusted to the new addition his evolution had brought upon him. Feeling the surge of power course through his polluted veins, the toxic leviathan pushed off the ocean floor and towards the surface, his body ripped through the water like an undersea torpedo as he grew ever closer to the surface.

A scythe-like leg stabbed into a Barem, white acidic liquid splashed to the ground as the Legion Soldier skewered the starfish and raised it up, eyeballing the blood red creature. Suddenly, the Legion felt something cold and metallic press against its neck milliseconds before a bullet ripped through its neck, shooting out the other side. Pressurized gas spewed from the fatal wound like a hot tea kettle, the Legion gazed up at its killer, a human soldier glared back, then its single eye dimmed, lifeless.

Anger bubbled up inside the young man as he yelled and kicked into the prone carcass repeatedly, venting his frustration on the alien for slaughtering or critically wounding his teammates. Off the coast, water began to bubble and froth as the Barem were lazily pushed aside. Suddenly, thousands of gallons of water shot into the air as the emerald and gold hide of Dagahra revealed himself.

Dagahra unfurled his wings and flew overhead, the soldier watched in shock as the giant frame of the sea monster flew deeper into Okinawa. The leviathan let out a bellowing roar as the Mother Legion slowly came into frame. Maser cannons fired concentrated blue lasers that seared into the silver carapace of legion, the queen screeched out in pain as the immense heat began to slightly warp and melt the silicon exterior of the extraterrestrial invader.

Legion released a creaking metallic screech as her nasal horn split open, strands of blue electric energy crackled forth like waves. The Mother Legion fired her own blue beam of energy that, lancing across the ground, resulted in large explosions ripping apart maser after maser, reducing them to melting heaps of scrap metal.

Mother Legion was slowly lumbering through her destruction when a familiar sound caught her attention. The queen craned her head up slightly trying to locate the source; turning like a tank, the multi-legged alien scanned the decimated city with her insect-like cerulean eyes.

Suddenly, three purple and black energy beams ripped into the ground, causing massive explosions that sent plumes of dirt and debris flying into the sky. Mother Legion screeched at the sudden assault, her head jerking upwards and spotting the previously fled emerald dragon. However, although he appeared slightly different, what little concern she had for the silver behemoth, was waylaid by her enthusiasm as now she had the opportunity to kill the bothersome, toxic dragon with her own claws.

Bellowing out a challenge, Mother Legion prepared herself as Dagahra grew even closer. The sea dragon cried out in return as he fired large clusters of Barem at the Mother Legion. The silver exterior of the queen was coated in red once more; and, as acid gnawed at the silicon flesh, Legion emitted a strained groan as her body became the target of assault by the nasty Barem.

Dagahra flew behind the distracted Mother Legion and purple and black energy beams fired from his mouth. The conical spikes that jutted from his shoulders opened wide and fired the same purple beams with black energy swirling around them. The ground was torn apart as Mother Legion screeched out, and upon being forced to move forward, she shook her head in an attempt to remove the disgusting starfish, but to no avail.

Mother Legion opened her nasal horn, blue energy crackling around the open appendage, and frying any Barem around that area. The alien queen swerved around in a burst of speed towards Dagahra and fired a powerful blue energy ray at the leviathan. Dagahra easily evaded the attack as it ripped through the air, disinterested in having more chunks of himself torn away.The demon sea monster let out a mocking cackle that escaped between his sharp teeth, as he goaded the towering extraterrestrial, going so far as to purposefully slow his flight speed.

Bellowing out in a rage, Legion rushed forward in a burst of speed that betrayed her massive frame. Squawking in surprise, Dagahra sped up ever so slightly to avoid being caught by the insect-like beast.The gargantuan Legion charged across the Okinawa landscape, causing the ground to tremble and shake violently as she chased down the dragon. Although soon she began slowing down and diverted her attention to the ocean in the distance.

Another terrible howl filled the air as Dagahra opened his jaws wide and fired his poisonous jet stream. The spike-like protrusions also opened up, allowing three beams to escape from the dragon and ravage the land at once. The beams carved a large trench into the beach, causing water to flood into the island, washing away cars and even smaller buildings .

Dagahra guided the water with his energy beams, tearing into the ground with ease, and grinned to himself as he had succeeded in creating a moat around the Mother Legion. The insect-like alien glanced to her sides, screeching as she found herself trapped on a sizable chunk of land. Barem lazily drifted in the water surrounding Legion, acting like the alligators that surround a large castle.

Suddenly, Legion cried out in pain as three purple rays of energy slammed into the back of her carapace, and large explosions erupted from the Mother Legion. Pillars of black smoke rolled upwards into the sky, and large scorch marks stained the once impressive silver hide of Legion. Despite the onslaught she had received from the Nilai-Kanai beast, the queen still stood proud and tall.

Purple rays of energy blew apart the makeshift island that the massive Legion stood upon, water flooded onto the land mass as Legion watched Dagahra spew beam after beam. Dagahra cackled wildly as he dived into the moat he created, spinning under the water like a top. He began to increase in speed and became a green blur, practically transforming himself into a living whirlpool.

What little ground remained under Legion was ripped apart as the surrounding water rose like a tornado that bombarded Mother Legion with gallons of high speed water, which constantly slammed into her soaking her silicon exterior in saltwater. The bulky behemoth steeled herself as she tried to stay grounded; however, even with her impressive weight, she began to feel her bladed limbs slip through the mud beneath her.

With an equally impressive display of power, Dagahra continued to spin as Legion slowly rose up into the air, the alien monster screeched in shock as she felt herself levitate. Her many limbs desperately reached out for anything to grasp, whether it be chunks of dirt or even the larger human structures, but alas, there was nothing. With her body bombarded by water and debris from the surrounding area, Legion let out a gurgled cry that barely breached past the vortex.

Dagahra cackled in glee as the muffled cries of his opponent graced his ears. Suddenly, blue bolts of energy crackled across the Nilai-Kanai monster’s frame before being flung into the hydro twister. From within the water vortex, Legion felt the bolts of energy slam into her. Black burn marks littered the queen’s hide as well as the awfully familiar burning sensation that had plagued her throughout the fight. Legion let another pained groan escape her maw as she was being assaulted from every angle.

Like a natural tornado, the lightning infused vortex glided across the terrain and towards the ocean, sucking up more water and dirt into it. The demon sea monster began to feel a wave of exhaustion overtake him from creating his largest vortex ever, he wasn’t sure how long he could keep the larger silver alien contained.

From within the vortex, Legion opened her nasal horn and charged a devastating blue beam. Despite being spun around violently, she fired her ray in hopes of hitting the sea dragon. Legion began firing multiple rays of energy, although most missed, shooting off harmlessly into the sky, one beam was fortunate enough to rip through the water and slammed into Dagahra’s side, completely halting his motion.

Dagahra cried out with air bubbles billowing out from his gullet, the large explosion forcing the demon sea monster out from the thundering vortex and onto the warm sandy beach. Dagahra rolled across the beach before slowing to a halt, smoke rolled off of the leviathan’s burned side as pain shot throughout the dragon’s body. Despite the pain, Dagahra groggily stood up on all fours, with his breath ragged he watched as the vortex gradually dissipated.

Legion cried out as the water fell back to the ocean, her colossal frame revealed to be almost completely coated in Barem. The once silver hide of the extraterrestrial was now obscured by hundreds of thousands of blood red starfish, each individual spewed corrosive gunk that ate away at Legion’s exterior.

Mother Legion fell from the air, her massive frame slamming into the ocean, and crumpling like a folded piece of paper. Water exploded hundreds of meters into the air as Legion’s knife-like limbs sank beneath the waves. Dagahra’s twisted grin seemed to widen as he unfurled his draconic wings and stretched them to full length.

Dagahra’s muscles popped as he crouched like a predator stalking his unsuspecting prey. The demon sea monster sprang from the beach like a living bullet into the air before arching downward towards the water. The dragon sliced into the water effortlessly, bubbles clouding his vision from the impact. As they dissipated, the sinking frame of Legion came into view.

The impact with the water had splattered most of the Barem on Legion’s body, exposing the metal-like shell of the queen, littered with patches of yellow and brown warped silicon clearly seen. Legion’s bulk had hit the seabed hundreds of meters below the surface, causing plumes of dirt to rise up from the impact as her legs stabbed into the ground. Legion groaned as she felt the pressure of the water and depth weighing down on her.

Appearing to manifest like a ghost from the dark blue waters, the Mother Legion saw Dagahra’s frame come into view, still a great distance away. With his opponent in sight, Dagahra emitted a low grumble as his eyes stared down the queen. Just like before, Dagahra began to rapidly spin, this time, however, instead of a vortex, the dragon’s body began to glow a brilliant red that illuminated the blue water.

Red waves of energy shot forward towards Mother Legion, as the energy attacks ominously glided through waves honing in on the queen. The Mother Legion shook her head as the appendages on the sides of her head twitched, blue electric energy crackled around the queen’s face as the water began to warp ever so slightly before her.

When the red energy wave connected with the warped space, most of it quickly compressed and dissolved into nothing, however, due to one of the claws being damaged, some residual energy slipped past the warped space and peppered the alien queen’s deteriorated armor-like exterior.

More red waves were reduced to mostly nothing before Dagahra stopped spinning and swam past the even slower Legion. Taking notice of his opponent’s damaged body, the sea dragon was filled with hope. His twisted grin widened as purple and black energy crackled and expanded in his toothy maw, itching to make her suffer more.

Dagahra fired three beams of toxic energy towards Legion. As soon as the warped barrier fell from prolonged use, Legion was bombarded with searing hot energy rays that boiled the water around her. Large explosions slammed into the queen’s body, bubbles escaping the alien’s beak-like mouth as a muffled cry of pain escaped from her. Moving back slightly, Legion felt one of her hind legs abruptly fall. Glancing back, the queen realized that she stood in front of a cliff, she quickly scuttled forward to prevent a terrible fall.

The water weighed down on the Mother Legion making movement exceptionally difficult; meanwhile, Dagahra had no such limitations, literally swimming circles around her like a hungry shark. Legion was helpless as Dagahra cackled wildly, the deep sea monster fired clusters of Barem and rained multiple poisonous jet streams from his mouth and pointed protrusions.

Explosions littered the area as fried Barem and sparks sunk to the floor below. The water became more hazy due to the smoke, but it did little to obscure Dagahra’s vision. As the smoke dissipated, Dagahra flared his teeth in a toothy grin at the sight before him. Legion’s nasal horn had been completely broken off of the queen’s face, embedded into the dirt below.

Dagahra landed onto the floor a couple hundred meters away and inspected the queen. Her head hung low as her once brilliant blue eyes were dim and lifeless, the remaining Barem continuing to eat away at her exoskeleton. Dagahra growled before letting out a triumphant roar, the world was now his to take and making him the overlord of his own personal polluted paradise.

As the demon sea monster turned to swim to the surface, something caught his attention. A faint blue glow began to glow, growing brighter by the second. Dagahra halted his movement and cautiously inched closer to the queen. Suddenly, the Legion’s eyes came to life but instead of blue, the eyes shone with blood red light.

Billions of bubbles spewed from the Mother Legion’s jaws, as the yellow organ atop her head that was once protected by the nasal horn began to glow red. The water around the pair was practically red because of the powerful glow that emanated from the extraterrestrial.

From the glowing red organ, red energy whips tipped with spears wiggled and squirmed through the water. Legion thrusted her head forward as the whips shout outwards towards Dagahra. The red energy whips straightened out and became rigid as they sped like bullets. Unable to move fast enough, Dagahra was impaled by the searing hot red rods, his shoulders, forearms, even his face were punctured and cut as the red rods dug into his flesh.

Dagahra could only let out a strained wheeze as the pain put him into a shock; suddenly, the red energy whips were then ripped out of the toxic leviathan one by one as his body jerked and twitched in response. The dragon was immediately brought back to reality as his body was yanked forward as he stumbled towards the Mother Legion.

Steam spewed from the cauterized wounds that littered his body. The dragon opened his pointed protrusions as purple energy crackled and churned in the black pits. However, before he could retaliate, the red whips were launched forth once again, the rods ripping into the emerald dragon. This time they succeeded in ripping through the terrible sea monster.

As the red rods jutted through Dagahra, some managed to break through the forearms and stab into the hind legs. Once again, the rods were yanked out of the dragon, forcing a squeal of pain to escape the toxic monster’s jaws. One energy rod ripped out of the dragon and shot back, whipping Dagahra’s right eye as blood spilled from the wound, the eyelid clamped shut swollen.

Like before, Dagahra was once again yanked forward, not too far from the Legion now. Legion let out a muffled cry as she fired the red rods once again. This time, the pain was too much, Dagahra howled in agony as he fell on his belly, unable to stand up any longer, his mind raced, the very real possibility of death made him feel fear like never before.

For a third time, the red energy whips ripped out of the sea dragon and dragged his carcass a few dozen meters towards Legion’s feet. Struggling to stay conscious, the sea dragon looked up lazily at the dark behemoth, illuminated by the ominous and intimidating red glow from her eyes and face.

Legion looked down on the dragon, in their first encounter she feared for her life, but now, her aggressor was practically dead at her feet. The Mother Legion raised her bladed arms up, ready to slam them down like sledgehammers. Her sickle-like hind legs unfolded and arched down towards the dragon as they stretched out to their full length.

The large limbs loomed over Dagahra, who stared back at the queen with hatred and fear as he was practically helpless. The queen brought down her powerful limbs, before a sharp pain shot into her back, the bladed limbs stopped a couple feet from Dagahra’s broken body.

A massive plume of bubbles billowed up towards the surface as pressurized gas spewed out of a gaping hole from Legion’s back. The queen had completely forgotten about the Barem in her bloodlust. Blinded by rage, her focus on Dagahra completely blotted out everything else. Her once strong silver shell was now yellow and brown, rotted by the acid of the toxic starfish, their acidic liquid had finally broken through the queen’s thick armor.

Legion shrieked in agony as another geyser of pressurized gas erupted from the queen’s hide, and then another. The alien queen flung her head upwards as her life force was stolen from her. Holes ripped open from her stretched out hindlegs, slowly sinking down to the floor.

Dagahra saw the opportunity laid out before him, and with one last burst of energy, the demon sea monster fired his poisonous jet streams from his mouth and all his protrusions. The purple and black beams of energy slammed into the Legion’s chest, and the red bumpy abdomen that had housed the Soldiers erupted in a fiery ball of flames.

The blast knocked the Mother Legion off of her feet, the queen screeching one last cry of misery as her body was enveloped in a seemingly endless amount of bubbles and flickering flames. Her body sunk down into the dark abyss. The once mighty queen of the Legion slowly sank and disappeared into the black void, along with the threat of the Legion conquering the planet.

Dagahra groaned as he wearily rose up, the water making it somewhat easier for him to stand. Standing atop the cliff, Dagahra stared into the abyss, wondering if the Legion would claw her way back up from the depths. Some time passed as nothing happened, Dagahra then lazily turned around and walked away from the seemingly infinite chasm.

His body ached and throbbed with every miniscule movement. Dagahra gazed up with his one good eye, wincing as this small movement alone caused tremendous discomfort. Above the waves, the demon sea dragon could see that the moon was full, such a pleasant sight that even a beast like him could appreciate it.

Dagahra didn’t have to move far before stumbling across a sunken ship. With no energy left, the demon sea monster collapsed onto his stomach and propped himself up against the corroded hunk of metal. The cold from the metal seeped into his flesh as he relaxed, his worn out body unfunded as he shut his good eye, swiftly slipping into unconsciousness.

On the surface, the militaries of numerous countries scrambled for a solution to the Barem infestation, lest they wreak havoc on their homelands. The Soldier Legion appeared to be under control as their numbers only diminished, oxygen levels were returning to normal where the gargantuan flower once stood.

A light spring shower fell upon Okinawa, like a loving caress of a mother comforting a hurt child. The worries of its residents were gone for a moment, but like all good things, nothing lasts forever. Everyone wondered just what exactly happened to the Mother Legion and Dagahra. Did they both manage to kill each other, or did one prevail and go into hiding to restore its energy?

No one knew the answer. It could be the silver alien queen, the polluted dragon, or nothing at all. No matter the outcome, there was work to be done to kill the remaining Barem and Soldier Legion, repair the broken Okinawa, and come up with a way to kill both monster rulers should they return.

The world couldn’t risk assuming both monsters had killed one another in combat, so it was up to the countries of the world to become strong enough to defend the planet and ward off any future threats that came their way.

Winner: Dagahra

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

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