Author: Vincent Rodger & Andrew Sudomerski | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

[Continued from Match 370]


The metropolis of Japan continued its usual process in the morning, the streets being crowded with people doing their routine. Walking to work, going to meet with their significant others, children going to school after a long morning. The sound of cars moving across the roads filled the ears of those within the city, the peace of the land of the rising sun returning after days of horror across their country.

Then, suddenly, everything proceeded to stop. Citizens quickly got out of their cars and began to flee in all directions, fear shaking them as flying saucers appeared in the sky. The memory of Xilien ships that once invaded the Earth decades ago still fresh in many minds.

Beneath the invading force sat giants curled into tight-knit spheres, their eyes closed and their rage pacified as they were placed onto the ground.

From the G-Force base, the Prime Minister watched the invasion force place their slaves into the city. Sweat ran down his forehead as he turned towards his desk and pressed a button before speaking.

“Gordon, grab Haruo and Akane. The city is being invaded by the Xiliens, and with Kiryu and the Gotengo out of commission, you three are the only real defense against the invasion force. If you can get enough members aboard the Goten underneath the facility, you can manage to turn the tide that way as well…”

Silence over the radio continued, not an answer being heard for what felt like an eternity. Could something have happened to his soldiers before the invasion force had even arrived? Had they been abducted by the invaders? Had Akane betrayed them after searching for the boy?

The man had a million questions and worries rush through his mind as he witnessed what held the monsters in place simply disappear, tension rising as their eyes snapped open and began to get to their feet before unleashing their respective mighty roars into the sky, the war had come to Tokyo.

The frosted ankylosaur of the Yamato clan charged forward, crushing all in his path in mere seconds. The primeval allosaurus stomped forth towards a park, hoping to devour the citizens within the area. The gigantic shrimp chirped as he slammed his pincers into the buildings near him, causing rubble to fall into the streets below and crush cowering civilians.

The Smog Monster released a gleeful chuckle as it took to the skies in its flying form, spreading death across the city as pollution was released from its body. The fallen guardian of a long lost kingdom released a howl as he leaped into the sky at the approaching helicopters, smashing them into an inferno with a simple kick. The gigantic mantis shrieked as it began to devour soldiers and citizens alike, enjoying the taste of their ichor and flesh filling its maw.

The Spiega of Sollgel Island released a cry as it slammed its legs into approaching tanks and buildings, crushing the opposing force with ease. The artificial pretender to the throne roared before it fired a golden ray at the military, burning them into oblivion with ease. The pterosaur took to the sky, unleashing a roar as they surveyed the ground.

The mutant iguana charged headfirst at the G-Force building with a thunderous roar, raising its arm above its head and aiming the limb at the structure. The Prime Minister quickly closed his eyes, thinking about every accomplishment that he had made across his career. He had only hoped that every action that he had taken was for the betterment of his country.

Only then could he truly rest.

The reptile’s arm struck the building, making the room collapse in a single strike. The Futurian slave continued to rip into the building, chunks of rubble soared into the air before slamming into the ground around them. A golden bolt shot down from the sky, striking the structure and sending the kaiju flying backward. They crashed on their back as they bore witness to a new arrival.

Muscle, bone, and skin quickly formed in the shape of a gigantic humanoid. Red eyes filled with rage stared down as black hair flowed in the air, a ghoulish howl being unleashed from the new arrival’s maw before he charged forward at the mutant.

The war for Tokyo had begun.

Before the mutant iguana could process what was happening, the newcomer swung at the Futurian slave. Only for the reptile to duck under the blow and ram their head into the humanoid’s stomach, pushing him back before slashing into his chest with their talons. The soldier wrapped his hands around Zilla’s throat before placing his foot on their stomach and throwing her overhead.

The reptilian mutant crashed into the city, buildings crumbling in an instant as Haruo rose to his feet. The Jaeger Titan charged forward as they released a roar, the defender of humanity looking to dispatch of the mutant quickly, but before he could reach his target, another form slammed into him. He was tackled to the ground in an instant.

Haruo attempted to shake himself free but his attacker managed to pin him to the ground, the human’s eyes widening as he realized what was attacking him.

King Caesar of Okinawa.

But how could he be here? Last he had heard the golem had been relocated to Skull Island years ago. He did not recognize the lizard, so had they gained new monsters since he last heard? Regardless, how could they have escaped from the island? Surely they would have been stopped from escaping to the mainland by security.

Did something happen to the island?

All questions he would have to ask later, the Titan shifter quickly focused on the battle at hand. He opened his maw and wrapped his jaws around the liger’s shoulder, forcing King Caesar to release a yelp before being thrown off the Jaeger Titan. The artificial life form rolled across the concrete jungle as Haruo got back to his feet.

The Attack Titan took a defensive stance as Zilla began to circle around him, he would need to be on guard if he is to take both opponents. The golem rose back to his feet before charging at Haruo, prompting the mutated iguana to follow suit.

Haruo managed to dodge the slash from the reptile, only for the shisa’s knee to strike him across the jaw. The lower mandible shattered as he was sent flying, rolling across the ground before prompting himself to stop and get back to his feet. Steam rose from the broken maw as the demon of justice charged forward, prompting the huntmaster liger to quickly do the same. The two humanoids clashed with their hands wrapped around each other, a shockwave being sent out as they headbutted each other.

The two growled before Haruo quickly turned the tides of the battle, pushing back his opponent’s wrists. Causing the artificial life form to grit their teeth as pain forced them to their knees. The captain raised their leg to kick the shisa away, only for Zilla to leap upon his back and knock him off balance. Causing him to crash to the ground as King Caesar rolled to the side, growling as he got back to his feet.

The mutant reptile slashed into Haruo’s back with their talons, ripping into flesh and drawing blood as they wrapped their maw around the soldier’s shoulder blade. This urged the Attack Titan to release a roar of rage before he reached behind him, grabbed his attacker, and tossed them into the city in front of him.

Panting as he got back to his feet, steam rose into the sky with every breath. He couldn’t lose here, an army of kaiju was invading the entire city. He was the last line of defense, if they failed, every sacrifice would have been for nothing.

He turned his glare to the approaching King Caesar, his eyes glowing red with rage as he spotted the beast.


The earth shook, sirens blared, civilians retreated for their lives as the army of monsters attacked Tokyo. Gordon looked above, his lower half trapped underneath concrete from the collapsing building, sounds of battle reaching his ears quickly. Haruo was giving them hell, the best he could anyway.

“Kid didn’t think about what would happen when he transformed,” the captain of the Gotengo looked at the debris covering him, even if the concrete wasn’t there, he could feel metal bars piercing his stomach. “Though I guess he knew that we would all be fine…”

The “hero” of Japan raised his hand to his mouth before biting into it, a quick flash of lightning striking Gordon in an instant. Steam rose from the building as bones and muscle quickly formed a body, then came skin and an armored hide. With a mighty howl, the Armored Titan jumped toward his ally, joining the oncoming battle.

The forgotten god of desolate ice roared with fury, as he spotted the humanoid. He saw a worthy opponent in the Jaeger Titan and wished to challenge the warrior. Kumonga leaped to the Titan’s side, hoping to make a meal out of the humanoid.


Akane crawled over to Eren, both of their wounds healing from the collapsed building coming on top of them. “Hey…” the young man took in deep breaths, though his healing factor was working, the toll it had taken the last few days had made Eren’s Titan abilities take longer to kick in. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Are you?”

“For the most part… I can’t seem to transform. I can’t help defend the city from whatever is attacking…” Akane pondered for a moment, trying to think of a plan as she placed herself next to Eren against the wall.

“Did you have anything on you for when you were captured?”

“As a matter of fact… I did have some gear…”

Akane raised her hand and pointed down the hall toward a door. “Down that hallway, you will find where the JSDF keeps prisoner’s possessions. Go grab them and flee while you still can.”

“I can’t just leave these people behind… Their lives are in danger, I can’t just run away and do nothing. I am a soldier after all.” Akane thought to herself. He wasn’t wrong in his argument… But after all that had happened, she couldn’t think of a response to Eren. She didn’t know what it meant to be a soldier anymore.

“Look… I dragged you into this mess… No sense in staying now. Leave while you can… I’ll distract them,” Akane rose to her feet, her wounds completely healing, she lifted her thumb to her mouth, imitating what she saw Haruo do. “And Eren… I’m sorry for all this trouble.” She bit into her thumb, lightning surrounding her being. Eren watched as the young woman transformed into her Titan form…

The world went mute as a third lightning bolt struck the building. A massive red hand swept through the resulting cloud, revealing the form of the giant. The army of monsters stared at the new arrival, the shadow casting over them. The Colossal Titan had arrived.


Eren quickly ran down the hall toward the room which held his equipment. The young soldier charged forward at the door, breaking it down as he entered the room. Sirens continued to blare as the hero of the walls began to search the room for his gear. “Come on, come on.” Sweat ran down his forehead as he heard the battle above him, the city was being ravaged and all he could do was look for his gear. Hopefully, he’d be able to help in some way soon.

From below the collapsing building, a giant hand rose and latched onto the sides of the crater created by the Titan shifters’ transformations. A grim smile lay on the face of a gigantic human as it crawled out from the building, followed by others of its kind.

Eren looked in horror as the Wrath Titans emerged, this was the beginning of his era… This was where it all started. Memories flashed before his eyes, remembering when his home was taken, when he fought his brother to protect humanity, all those lives lost due to monsters created by man… He clenched his fist, drawing blood from his palm, his mind filled with rage before he began to remember what he needed to do.

The young man looked for his gear, searching every shelf before finding a bag filled with his ODM gear. Putting it on and running toward the hole the Titans emerged from as they began to follow suit. Launching himself into the air, his eyes widened as he bore witness to the war he found himself in. He only hoped that the city could survive the attack, he felt useless knowing he couldn’t help fend them off. He only hoped that Akane could do her best in these circumstances.


The leonine creation of Atlantis charged at his rising foe, attempting to break the distance quickly. Haruo rose to a defensive position before his ear twitched, alerting him of the oncoming attack from behind.

The mutant iguana’s dorsal spines illuminated a bright blue before their eyes quickly flashed green, a stream of atomic fire unleashed at the Jaeger Titan’s back. The captain quickly dropped to the ground, evading the flames and making them strike King Caesar across his chest. A roar of pain emanated from the ancient golem as smoke rose from the blast point, the liger forced onto one knee.

Zilla charged forward at impressive speeds, concrete breaking with each step before they leaped into the air. Roaring with fury as they attempted to pounce onto Haruo’s back, the beast was met only with the Attack Titan’s backhand. They were sent crashing into the ground with a thud and an urgent cry of pain.

The captain immediately returned his attention to the downed shisa, seeing the artificial guardian be practically on top of him. Raising his arm before slashing at his foe’s chest, he landed his mark as Haruo attempted to make some distance by moving backward. King Caesar attempted to once again cut into the Titan’s flesh but was forced by the soldier managing to wrap his hands around the limb and throw him overhead.

The creation of Atlantis howled as he soared through the air before crashing face first into the rising Zilla, the pair roaring into the heavens as a shockwave of pain washed over them. Concussions being given to the pair in an instant.

Now was the right time to strike, both invaders were severely weakened. Haruo got into a running position, before the screams of humans caught his ear. The Jaeger Titan turned to see utter horror, his eyes widening as the worst possible scenario had occurred.

The Wraith Titans had escaped.

The smiles across their hideous forms pierced the souls of the innocents as they were raised to their maws and devoured, bones being crushed in an instant with a crunch.
An invasion force had arrived and the government’s experiments had been unleashed onto the public, the odds of saving even a third of the city had gone down massively, but he would be damned if he would let all those that perished die in vain.

The manifestation of humanity’s rage echoed throughout the land, causing the giants to cease their activities and turn their attention to the Attack Titan. Standing amongst the rubble, glowing pink as steam rose to the sky as he declared war upon them, losing sight of the two downed opponents in his fury.

The horde of man-made monstrosities began to charge forward at the abnormal Titan, Haruo taking a defensive position as they mindlessly approached him.

One with lanky arms attempted to swing at him, only for the hero of humanity to deflect the attack and then proceed to strike it across the jaw, sending the Wraith to the ground in an instant. The abomination attempted to get back to its feet, only for Haruo to attack while the abnormal was down. Roaring as he lifted his leg before slamming it repeatedly into the nape, blood spraying into the air and the environment until steam began to rise from the corpse.

Another attempted to jump him from behind to catch him by surprise, but a primal animal was nothing more than that. The Attack Titan quickly swung backward, the back of his fist striking the side of the Wraith’s skull and sending the head flying by the force of the impact. The limb crashed into a skyscraper, glass shattering into a thousand shards as blood splashed across the building.

The body of the Wraith collapsed onto the ground, steam rising from its body as it began to heal the damage done to its head before the captain raised his leg once more and stomped on the nape, killing the inhumane experiment.

The soldier turned his attention to the approaching roars, discovering two more were on top of him before he knew it. Haruo unleashed a howl into the sky as they bit into his shoulders, drawing blood from the demon of justice before the man raised his leg and managed to kick one away. The flesh from the shoulder was ripped away, making Haruo cringe underneath the nape.

The second Wraith Titan held on for dear life with their jaws, shaking their head back and forth to rip into the Jaeger Titan’s flesh. Blood filled its maw and Haruo’s chest before the soldier grabbed onto the top of the skull and forced it backward, breaking the jaws in one swift movement.

The Wraith Titan fell to the ground attempting to scream with blood gurgling within its throat, only for the abomination’s life be silenced by the Attack Titan’s heel. Blood covered Haruo’s foot as he raised it out of the corpse, steam following quickly after.

Not far away the guardian of Okinawa and the mutated reptile painted, catching their breath as they watched their adversary rip into the flesh of the other humanoids. King Caesar growled as he finally returned to his feet, his opponent had lost sight of the true threat. That would cost him.

The fallen guardian reached down to Zilla, lifting up the mutant to their feet before nodding. It was time to finish this.

The pair quickly charged forward with ferocity, hoping to catch the Attack Titan off guard. Haruo quickly turned to spot the destructive duo, the manifestation of humanity’s rage took a defensive posture, only for another Wraith Titan to sink their fangs into his back. His eye shifted his gaze to this new target, distracting him as the two invaders slashed into his chest and stomach with their talons.

Haruo let out a roar of anguish before quickly managing to lift his leg and kick the mountain god away, King Caesar stumbling before regaining his footing. Zilla reached out with their maw, wrapping her fangs around the Jaeger Titan’s arm with a tight grip. Flesh and muscle were ripped asunder as they thrashed their head back and forth.

With all his might, the Attack Titan pulled the Wraith Titan closer before sinking his teeth into the nape of the man-made monster. Lifting the abomination into the air before slamming it into Zilla’s skull, forcing release as the iguana was slammed into the ground. Blood exited the maw as teeth flew and ringing echoed in their mind, a concussion being added to the mix.

King Caesar attempted to intervene, only to be met with the Wraith Titan’s weight as Haruo swung the body directly at his head. The force of the blow sent the shisa tumbling into a building, crushing it under his weight.

The Attack Titan released the Wraith from his maw before examining his wounds. Though the healing factor he possessed was taking effect, his wounded arm had been stripped clean of flesh to the bone. It would take time to be at his full strength again, he would need to be careful on his next move.

He turned towards the downed mutant before wrapping his hand around their throat, lifting them up, and slamming them into the concrete. Rubble and blood flew into the air as the Titan Shifter continued the assault. Ichor ran down Zilla’s face as they barely held consciousness, their vision becoming blurry as they were finally dropped onto the ground. Only for new pain to emerge as Haruo pulled his leg back and kicked them into the stomach, sending them flying into the battlefield.

Blood splattered across the ground as Zilla made contact, their body completely motionless. Their lungs felt like they were going to burst as they struggled to breathe.

King Caesar pushed the rubble off of his form, rising from the destroyed building with dust covering his sight. The shisa moved forward and immediately spotted his target looming over Zilla, forcing him to take action instantly.

The liger charged forward, roaring as he leaped into the air and attempted to strike Haruo’s head with a swift kick. The Titan shifter quickly managed to block the attack with his arm, causing the limb to snap as he was sent into a building.

The Jaeger Titan jumped back up as soon as he was thrown to the ground, roaring with fury as he charged forward. Steam rose from his wound into the air as he quickly broke the distance between himself and the shisa.

The huntmaster reached out with his hand, wrapping it around the Attack Titan’s charging skull before slamming it into the concrete. Adrenaline rushed through the human’s veins, heat beginning to build from the inside of his mass as his muscles glowed a hot pink. Though this did not stop the Atlantean creation from repeating the process until Haruo reached out with his hand, grabbing the invader’s wrist and snapping it in two.

Steam erupted from the Titan’s form as King Caesar screamed in agony, Haruo forcing him to his knees like a simple commoner as he raised his foot to the liger’s chest and kicked him with full force. The invader was sent through the battlefield once more, crashing into a building before coming to a full stop.

The Attack Titan lifted his head into the air and released a ghoulish howl filled with animalistic rage.

His hatred for the invader manifested as steam rising from his body, the heat burning him from within. A wild and sudden sensation overtook his mind, pulsating from the newfound stress. Haruo looked back at the downed Liger, only for his eyes to widen as he witnessed the Wraith Titans begin to surround the downed golem. King Caesar roared at the approaching abominations as he rose back to his feet, only to be met with sinister smiles as they reached outward for him.

“What… Was that?” Haruo stared in stunned confusion and disbelief. Had… Had he commanded the Wraiths to his aid? And if he had, how? They were simply not interested in the invasion force due to not being one of the Jaegers or humans. Yet they began to surround King Caesar like a pack of wolves on the hunt.

The young soldier turned towards the still downed Zilla, seeing the reptile barely holding onto consciousness. Haruo’s head filled with the same ringing, disorientating hum; but he had to remain resolute. Focusing his eyes at the dying lizard, Haruo raised his hand, pointing it directly at the mutant…

Then, the Wraiths all turned in unison, spotting Zilla amongst the rubble. The horde quickly charged at the iguana, their maws dripping with saliva in anticipation of devouring flesh.

The golem’s eyes widened as he realized what was happening, charging forward in an effort to stop his ally from being ripped into shreds, only for Haruo to intercept him, tackling him to the ground, sending shards of concrete into the air. The Attack Titan quickly got on top of his downed opponent, pinning his arms and legs with his own weight. The Liger looked up, thrashing as he watched them grow closer to the mutant. He knew what was about to happen and all attempts to force his enemy off were in vain, as the scream reached their ears.

Zilla’s consciousness had returned, screaming in agony as thousands of teeth ripped into their flesh and began to tear them apart. The Wraiths stared at the suffering animal with a gleeful smile as they began to devour them alive, blood splattering across their form with every bite.

The mutant began to charge their atomic energy, unleashing a stream of flames from their maw, managing to force many of them off of their form.

The smell of smoldering flesh reached everything within miles as Zilla made their last stand, but it was not enough. They attempted to kick the attackers off, swipe with their talons, sink their fangs into the enemy’s flesh, but it was all in vain…

Zilla unleashed a blood-curdling cry as their legs were removed, organs spilling out from the body as steam rose into the air. Blood filled their maw as they attempted to continue to swipe away at the enemy, but their vision and strength began to disappear… This was it.

One final scream left the mutant as the Wraiths pulled at the head, ripping the entire limb off of the body. Their last cry of fear was distorted as their vocal cords stretched before being silenced.

One down… One to go.

Haruo reached down with his open maw, seeking to end the charade with sinking his fangs into the golem’s skull, but a king would not go down this easily. King Caesar slammed the back of his head into his attacker’s face, breaking the nose and several teeth in a single strike, causing Haruo to lose control of the situation. The fallen guardian quickly rolled out from under the Titan shifter, regaining his footing and taking a defensive stance.

The demon of justice quickly returned to his feet and howled into the air as he locked eyes with the fallen guardian of Okinawa. He was running low on energy, he could feel it from his lungs to his vision. He would need to hurry in putting an end to the shisa before moving on to the rest of the invasion force.

The two stood still, waiting for the other to make the first move.


-Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean-

The stillness of the oceanic waters fell eerily silent. War on the topside forced every living thing to retreat to the depths, fearing for the worst. A change in the monotony of routine, disrupting the flows of entire ecosystems in which they thrived. But their pleas were heard, and the lifeblood of the Earth called for her greatest champion…

A rumble shook the silent ocean, a large and dark body swimming through it effortlessly. The leviathan veered to the surface, he could feel the energy of countless monsters as he drew near his destination. Conflict had fallen, and it was his duty to restore that balance. Rage fueled his determination to end this blight and save the planet.

Glass-cut jagged spines tore the oceanic surface asunder, speeding towards the metropolis as fast as he could. Although his head remained dipped underwater, his greater senses informed him he wasn’t going in alone. Beta-wave patterns signaled to him of a partner of old, a symbiotic ally telling him of her arrival. The ancient Godzilla looked up before returning to his course, he was thankful for her aid in the oncoming battle. Ever since their battle with the ebony hydra, they had grown a liking to one another. Always fighting side by the side to protect the planet they both held so dearly.

From above, the small figure of Mothra flapped her mighty wings and began to pick up the pace. They needed to hurry if they were to arrive in time.


Although undeliberate on her part, Akane steered her Titan through the cramped streets of what had once been Tokyo. Her Colossal Titan was without question the largest entity in proximity of the battlefield; but was size all that mattered in war? Glaring yellow eyes scanned the warzone; she couldn’t find Eren anywhere, though she felt confident he would find his belongings and get the hell out. Off in the distance, she found her compatriots; there was without question a resentment that would ripple into the future, but now wasn’t the time for grudges. She saw Haruo dealing with the shisa-like golem and the swarming Titans, though she couldn’t fully make out the event transpiring. Even further still was Gordon and his Armored Titan, no doubt seeking out a challenge to quench his bloodlust. Typical.

But for Akane, there was no room to assist, as she had her own set of challengers to contend with.

As the government’s stash of Titans kept the attention of the invader’s pawns, Akane looked at the bipedal reptile that dared approach her. She recognized the shape of the being, without a doubt a member of the Godzilla species. Its single row of silvery dorsal plates ran down its back, with a rounded face and a more agile build compared to the one she was familiar with. No matter the type or circumstances, Godzillas were dangerous, and she knew to be cautious of them.

Quick to rush to Godzilla’s side was another theropod. Wait, why is Gorosaurus here…? Akane thought, jolting in confusion, as she was sure one had resided on Skull Island. But whether or not this was an escapee or simply another member of the species, this Gorosaurus proved to be a threat to humans. It had to be stopped, and she would show her combat prowess to the fullest.

But there was one problem; an oversight from the bevy of circumstances that occurred one after another. A reality that became very apparent in the moments before the clash. Shit. Going to have to wing this. Those words were for her own assurance, even if they would be problematic with how she would operate the Colossal Titan.

The Gojiran emitted a screeching warcry, its silvery spines illuminating a golden light. Akane’s eyes widened, but she couldn’t force the Colossal Titan out of the way before being bombarded by the blazing yellow stream. Akane and her Titan grunted in irritated pain, with the muscle strings torn to shreds by Godzilla’s power. Clutching the open wound, trickling with lava-like blood, the superheated giant stumbled down to its knees, using its free arm to hold onto a nearby structure to maintain balance.

Swinging its arms in a commanding gesture, Godzilla ordered Gorosaurus to take the charge. The primeval allosaurus glared at the target right in front of them, snarling in prehistoric fury before sprinting in a mad dash towards the Colossal Titan. Jaws drooled in savage anticipation, the enlarged theropod getting in range for a physical brawl. The moment it could, Gorosaurus propped itself up by its tail, arming its legs for its devastating Kangaroo Kick at the Titan.

Realizing she only had mere seconds to react, Akane forced her plodding arm that rested on the structure to intercept the tyrannosaurid plates of meat, grasping them by the ankle in a firm vice grip. Using the forward momentum against the dinosaur, the Colossal Titan clumsily shifted around on its knees and pulled the allosaur off the ground, tossing the prehistoric hunter with a powerful swing. The gray-scaled beast sailed through the air, its hide smashing into a nearby structure, bringing the entire thing down onto the carnivore.

Although the Colossal Titan was formidable in raw power, Akane’s lack of experience proved to be the ultimate detriment. With no training on her newfound Titan powers and an invasion force to contend with, she had to make do with what was at her disposal. She forced her Titan to rise to its feet, only to stumble when another golden blast bombarded her back, ushering a scream of pain from the monstrous giant. Muscle fibers ruptured in bursts of blazing heat and volcanic ichor, leaving Akane little choice but to redirect her attention to the menace that stood before her. With a heated breath, the Titan began to mend the damage sustained, steam rising from her frame as the fleshy craters were sewn shut.

Taking a battle stance, Godzilla unleashed a whirring shriek as he stampeded through the vacant, ruined streets. Then, in a spring-propelled bound with his three-toed feet, Godzilla leapt into the air and crashed against the enormous humanoid, tackling the super-sized giant and forcing it to the ground on her back. Relentless in nature, the reptilian foe bashed against the frail fibers of the Titan, shredding them apart with his bare fists. Lava-like blood oozed from her chest as the Colossal Titan sluggishly thrusted her right hand towards the atomic leviathan, outstretched for a massive palm strike.

Successfully connecting with the visage of the invader, the Colossal Titan used all her strength to shove the abominable creature off of her, throwing the nuclear menace into a dense, compact line of apartment complexes, rolled flat by the hefty mass of the reptile. As she rose to her feet, fists clenched in hand, an eruption of debris served as a stark reminder of the presence of Gorosaurus, who screeched a warcry at the humanoid behemoth.

Growling in primal fury, Gorosaurus shrieked as it covered the distance, following through with blind determination. The superheated giant turned, raising her fists in preparation to go on the offensive. Before the dinosaur could sink its teeth into bare muscle, Gorosaurus twirled and swung its lithe tail, the blunt extension crushing and snapping the thigh of the crimson nephilim. The Colossal Titan uttered a rageful cry of agony, throwing its fist towards the primitive allosaur. But moments before the giant fist could land a decisive strike, another worm-like tail swept at the Titan’s achilles’ heel, its bulk scrunching the nerves and tendons, a loud crack emanating from the ankles. Crippled and unable to stand, the Colossal Titan collapsed onto the ground, only supported by its other limbs.

It wasn’t long before she was dogpiled by the two squamate reptiles, Gorosaurus chomping down into the Titan’s trapezius, pulling back and tearing the sinew from the figure of the giant. Simultaneously, Godzilla joined the fray as he pummeled his fists into the crimson human, unwavered by the Titan’s naturally superheated body and blood. In mere moments, the end of the Colossal Titan drew ever closer…

Akane was thrown into a furious panic; her brain contracted to the point of light-headedness, rage fueled her determination, but an overwhelming sense of dread and grief tugged at her heart. Seething breath vented from her clenched teeth, forcing her Titan to quickly turn and swing up, but it wouldn’t respond to her commands.

“Shit, shit, shit!” she cursed under her breath, her Titan flailing and sprawling as it was torn from the ligaments. Deep down, she felt her energy funnel into her core, channeling the might of her Titan, her eyes blazing in furious determination. “GET BACK!” Upon shouting from within the nape, the Colossal Titan began to swell and surge in searing heat, culminating from within. Godzilla remained unaffected, although Gorosaurus twitched from the building heat.

Then, both Akane and the Colossal Titan echoed a monstrous roar.

Suddenly, a violent eruption emerged from the fallen Titan, geysers of steam rushing over the reptilian beasts. With a hellish scream, Gorosaurus reeled back as his mouth filled with steam, forcing the dinosaur to stumble clumsily back. The sheer force of the emission threw Godzilla off her form, whirring screeches reverberating from the reptoid as it was pushed off the mangled humanoid.

When the explosive blowback diminished and the rumbling quieted down, the Colossal Titan rose up on its feet. The upper torso was a shadow of its former prime, thinned and lanky. Fingers lightly twitched, the only sign to prove that the host was alive and conscious. From within, Akane panted fervently, almost in disbelief at what had transpired.

“H… How the hell did I do that?” She flexed her Titan’s fingers in amazement and curiosity, trying to rekindle that peculiar sensation. Mentally, she pretended as if to concentrate her body heat into her palm in a focused point. Just as she did that, a burst of steam emitted from the Titan’s own palm, taking her aback. Akane nodded, comprehending the nature of her Titan’s abilities.

Scanning the surroundings, the Colossal Titan veered its attention to the closest enemy within range. Laying flat on its side and spastically twitching, Gorosaurus frothed with bubbly dribble, trying to quench its dried-out mouth. The auditory receptors of the dinosaur were deafened, only able to make out the muffled footfalls of the Colossal Titan approaching him. With unfocused eyes, Gorosaurus could only witness as the Titan drew its right leg back, then careening it at supersonic speeds. The compact foot collided against the belly of the allosaur with a violent snap, effortlessly flinging Gorosaurus from the ground and into the air in a moment’s notice. A concussive shockwave resounded as the shock from the impact rendered Gorosaurus unconscious in midair, unable to scream as the theropod smashed against a line of complexes, vanishing amidst the dust and debris from the impact.

“Good,” Akane sighed in relief, “That’s one down. One more to go…” She kept a vigilant eye out for Godzilla, wherever the infamous beast laid. While it may have been the haze generated by her Titan that obscured her vision, she couldn’t locate Godzilla anywhere. Instead, what she found were a pair of crimson eyes piercing through the veil, then a splurging slop. Before she could even react, acidic sludge splattered against the Titan’s abdomen, sizzling the bare muscle exposed to the creature’s toxicity. The Colossal Titan’s thinned frame allowed the corrosive sludge to dissolve the muscle tissue far quicker and more efficiently, growing cause for concern.

A concern that was only amplified when she heard mocking laughter come from behind.

The Colossal Titan turned and saw another set of glowing orbs, then another, then another… As the creatures came into view, the quadrupedal Hedorahs stared down the super-sized giant, almost eager to destroy their adversary and bathe the world in pollution and destruction. Akane gritted her teeth and could only mutter in utmost disdain.

“Oh goddammit…”


Heavy footfalls smashed the pavement under his bone-covered feet. Adorned with a magenta glow and billowing steam, the Armored Titan’s pale blank eyes scowled at the invasive interlopers. Smothered in layers of pink, spaghettified flesh of the nape, Gordon adjusted his Titan body to charge. A deep breath cleared his consciousness of the tussle with Akane and the captive; right now wasn’t the time to settle the score. But if the chance allowed, beating that kid to a pulp would be immensely satisfying.

A wild burst of steam escaped the Titan’s jaws, his whole body itching for a real challenge.

Fearsome red eyes glared at the monstrous human, the golden Anguirus bursting into a quadrupedal sprint nearly the same instant as the Armored Titan. The foundation beneath their feet quaked under their might, coming to a head when they inevitably crashed into one another. Crescent horns drove into the grooves of the pale-plated armor, oozing blood and heat from the punctures. Firmly wrapping his fingers around the neck of the verglas nodosaurid, Gordon summoned the strength of his Titan to dislodge the primal beast with a powerful press, gearing up his free arm for a devastating blow.

Raising his arm high above, the Armored Titan swung down with a monstrous hammerfist, bashing it against the visage of the freezing dinosaur. The once hailed Angira of the Yamato clan yelped in squeamish pain, battered by the relentless fury of the Titanized human. However, aid quickly came to the xanthic ankylosaur, as the arachnid sprung into action with a tremendous leap from its strong legs. Gently gliding across the air, Kumonga landed atop the bone-planted Titan, thrusting her many appendages into the creases of the Armored Titan.

Violent steam and blood ruptured from the coordinated points, forcing a grimacing grunt from the host of the giant. With a swift and heavy kick, the Armored Titan deterred the golden, freezing monster away, freeing it from his grasp. Reaching his hands over his head, Gordon grappled with the enormous arachnoid, pulling it off of him with relative ease. As the puncture wounds closed shut, sewn flesh covered by a crystalized hardening, the gigantic humanoid held the spider in an ironclad grip, swinging around and tossing the arthropod into the Midtown Tower. The ensuing crash brought the entire structure tumbling down, burying the spider-like kaiju under its immense weight.

Just as Gordon finished the maneuver, the wailing cries of Angira were quick to make themselves known, the golden beast lunging forth and biting into the right forearm of the Titanized warrior. Crystalized bone and superheated blood were quick to fill the maw of the ancient animal, and the Titan was more than ready to respond in kind. Before he could, a cold swelling enveloped the enclosed area, indicated by a sky-colored light. In the following moment, a sudden chill ran throughout the Titan’s nervous systems, no longer registering heat or sensation within the bitten arm. A thick sheet of coating layered the once heated arm, icicle-like skewers erupting from around the point of impact. Without a moment to spare, the Armored Titan pulled back and shredded the tendons that once connected the elbow joint to his frozen-over forearm, with steam rising from the Titan’s arm as a sign of regeneration.

With the torn limb still in its mouth, Anguirus casually thrusted his head back, tossing the useless limb off in the distance. Crashing amid the streets of Tokyo, the Titan’s arm dissolved into a misty fog, vanishing into embers long before the ice around it melted into water. The two giants glared at one another, Gordon seething as he clenched his one remaining hand until his knuckles cracked. Regeneration would take a bit, and even more to restore the armor plating of his missing arm. Readying himself in a fighting stance, the Armored Titan was more than ready to continue this bout.

Unfortunately for Gordon, any concerns about dealing with this single threat was thrown out when the heaping mass of the Midtown Tower began to shift and move. Two long appendages burst from the ruins, shoveling away the debris as Kumonga emerged from the collapsed structure. Such an experience was recalled back on its native home of Solgell Island during hibernation, effortlessly shaking off the crumbling concrete and glass as she reared up and prepared her next move. Opening her anterior orifice, a silky spray of dense webbing shot through the sky, entangling the gargantuan humanoid before her. Though the web did little to deter the one-armed Titan, who began to radiate the internal heat in a pinkish glow to melt away the web that clung onto his armor.

Sprinting on all-fours, the golden freezing monster galloped towards the Titan, screaming at full blast. Quickly, Anguirus turned, swinging his clubbed tail at the enormous human, shattering the armored kneecap of the Titan. Gordon howled into the sky, losing his footing and collapsing onto his knees, falling under his weight. Steam poured from the stumped limb, forcing the Titan to rejuvenate its lost arm; but with it only came the flaky flesh, for the hardening process would take a considerable amount of time, time in which Gordon didn’t have on his side. Regardless of the dire circumstance, the Armored Titan tried to rise, only to be throttled by a hard tackle from Anguirus, slamming into the bony armor of the Titan. The gargantuan humanoid rolled across the ground, barreling through buildings effortlessly as he was shrouded under the dust and debris.

The Armored Titan exhaled a heated sigh, his bony armor slowly growing over his exposed forearm. Something needed to be done, and fast. But before he could do anything, more webbing rained down from above, coating the plated humanoid under a thick sheet of silk. Although his natural body heat mitigated its pronounced effects, the tangling web proved nevertheless irritating and troublesome to deal with.

Pulling the strands off his body, the Armored Titan felt the frost from the four-legged dinosaur permeate the air as Angira went in for another hard-hitting tackle. Rearing his bone-plated foot back, Gordon delivered a devastating interception connecting with the jaw of the golden freezing beast, throwing the nodosaurid off its balance, plunging through the ruined cityscape. Without ample time to waste, the host of the Titan forcibly prioritized the crystallization process of his regrown arm, coating it in a thick white sheet of newly refurbished bone.

Blank white eyes turned to the other, Kumonga, and began to charge in a mad sprint. Gravel and lobs of debris flew behind the Titan in his crazed dash, hoping to render the spider monster in one brutal body slam. But the arachnid’s eight pointed legs pressed into the broken pavement, leaping back as the white Titan zoomed past, barely missing the destructive blow. Like emergency brakes, the Armored Titan slammed his feet and skidded to an unruly and abrupt halt, with dirt and asphalt jettisoning behind his trail.

Before he could retaliate, the predator of Solgell Island chirped as her legs wrapped around her prey, forcing the giant human to his knees. The Armored Titan slowly pried the mighty appendages apart with his brute strength, but not before Kumonga slipped her stinger in-between the cracks in his armor. Venom quickly ran through the Titan’s superheated veins, eliciting a roar of anguish as the self-proclaimed “Strongest Man.” Wrapping his hands around two of Kumonga’s legs, the Titan pulled with fearsome might and performed an overhead swing, slamming the giant spider on her back.

Bringing his arm back, the Titan prepared to deliver the finishing blow as the hand was further enhanced with additional hardening, steam rising from the fully-formed hand. But before the deed could be done, the beast from the land of Yamato intervened with a powerful lunge, biting into the crystalized calf with a rupture of steam and blood. The great guardian beast began to tug, pulling the humanoid away from the arthropod. Using his free foot, the Armored Titan kicked in repetitious fashion against the glenohumeral joint of the regal creature, hoping to pry the beast off of him. In irritated rage, Anguirus released his toothy grip of the Titan’s leg, backing away in the process.

Gordon rose to his feet, rushing to grab the ice-borne deity by the neck and throttle it to death. But this was not meant to be; an ethereal glow radiated from the icy jaws of the ancient beast, quickly discharging an azureus, jagged stream of freezing cold. The least the charging humanoid could do was brace himself for the inevitable, guarding his face from the brunt of the attack. Then like a vicious blizzard, the freezing ray connected to the giant’s forearms in a burst of furious winds, coating the white-armored warrior in overgrowing permafrost.

The cold chill sapped the intense heat from the Titan, dwindling the once vibrant pink flesh into a pale, desaturated blue. Gradually, it crawled across his arms and seeped into his bulky shoulders of the stubborn soldier. When the beam ceased to be, the Armored Titan nearly dropped from the overwhelming freeze, shivering from the cold that permeated his body. Despite this, this did not detract from the subtle movements Gordon detected with his Titan’s enhanced hearing, knowing full well that the eight-legged freak was about to make a move.

Springing to action with a bountiful leap, Kumonga prepared to anchor her spiked limbs into the Titan, eager to pump more of her toxins into the nearly immobilized warrior. But the Titan wasn’t going down without a fight; forcing his hands together in a cusp, a fumbling, but nevertheless decisive swing arced around to meet with the spider head-on. The sledgehammer strike smashed against the exoskeleton of the giant arachnid, hurling Kumonga into another skyscraper, once again bringing the structure down on her. This act, however, wasn’t without its repercussions. The bony armor that had protected his hands had shattered, losing their durability in lieu of the frost beast’s weapon. And although the Titan’s regenerative prowess was forcing the venom out of its system, Gordon knew countering Kumonga would leave him open to another strike.

This was going to be trouble.

Suddenly, a crown of horns rammed into the posterior of the Armored Titan, forcing the Titan to stumble and roll over himself. As he forced his Titan to stand, steam rolled off his face as Gordon struggled to maintain balance. With his hands bare, he grabbed rubble and slammed it into the feral beast’s visage. As the clump shattered without so much as leaving a mark against Angira, the Armored Titan used that impromptu distraction to shoulder ram the golden ankylosaur, throwing the quadrupedal animal to the ground. Gordon raised his Titan’s foot up in hopes to stomp the Yamato interloper in, but the fearsome fangs clamped onto the white giant by the foot, pulling him off his feet and onto his back.

With a disdained screech, the Armored Titan attempted to get back up, to continue this bout. But a swift and brutal thwack in the face once again proved the formidability of Anguirus, the club-like tail shattering the face plates of his armor. Once again, Gordon was humiliated and thrown to the ground, seemingly at the mercy of this creature from the distant past. Vexing his rage and anger, steam spewed from his parted jaws, a show of determination that would incur his wrath.

Raising his eyes, a burning fire surged from deep within. His itch for a fight was still strong.


The two giants stared at each other with malicous intent, the pair heavily breathing as the scent of blood filled the air. The sound of chewing seemed like nails on a chalkboard even in the war zone, making the fallen guardian slightly cringe. The crushing of bones echoed within his ears like a drum, all while the feelings of rage began to bubble up.

Zilla did not deserve such a fate, the mutant deserved to see this day to the end and maybe one day be freed from their masters. The huntmaster Liger observed the idle Titan, looking for any weak points or movement from the humanoid. It had successfully managed to seal Zilla’s fate and put him on the defensive, even breaking his bones. This one was not to be underestimated, he would have to beat the Jaeger Titan soon if he wished to see the next sunrise.

Within the nape of the Attack Titan, Haruo breathed heavily. This battle had taken a great toll on his body, his healing factor working constantly to fix the damage from the pair. Though he had succeeded in murdering the iguana, the young captain still had to deal with the Okinawa golem. His fellow Jaeger Titans had their hands full, leaving him alone to deal with the shisa.

‘You are putting up quite the fight…I guess I shouldn’t expect less from a species that managed to damage the first Mechagodzilla.’

The two stood silent as they got into aggressive fighting stances, a heavy air hanging above the two as moments seemed to be hours.

Haruo charged forward before jumping into the air and pulled back his arm, his full strength going into the swing. But the lion god was quick to grab his fist in midair and proceed to pull him closer, the shisa lifting his other arm and slamming it into the Attack Titan’s elbow. The limb snapped in a single strike, earning a howl of anguish from the humanoid as he fell to his knees.

King Caesar reached down to the ogre’s face before pulling his head back and slamming it into his opponent’s, breaking the nose and sending Haruo tumbling to the ground. Blood poured from the wound as he attempted to regain his footing. Right as he felt himself rise from the ground, King Caesar closed the distance and struck an uppercut, sending the Attack Titan into the air before crashing on his back.

Steam rose from his jaw as his healing factor forced the bone back. The Attack Titan quickly rose to face the golem once again, roaring as rage consumed the soldier. With a powerful leap, strong hands were hoping to wrap around the enemy’s throat. But the invader deflected the attack and attempted to kick the downed defender of mankind, only to fail when the Jaeger Titan wrapped his legs around King Caesar’s own. Monstrous strength slammed the artificial golem into the concrete, earning a pained yelp before Haruo was quickly on top of him.

The demon of justice raised his arms into the air, violently swinging his fists and crashing them repeatedly into the golem’s form. Cries of pain resounded from the invader’s maw, retaliating with an upward swing of his talons, flesh being sliced open and ejecting blood from the wounds. It poured onto the pair, covering them in ichor, King Caesar managed to throw Haruo off of him with a powerful shove.

Tumbling and rolling over himself, the soldier rose quickly to his Titan’s feet, only to see that his enemy had vanished. “Son of a bitch, where did it…” Before he could complete that thought, Haruo took a quick look at his surroundings, costing him his victory.

From the sky, the leaping King Caesar dropped with the grace of a coryphée, slamming his leg into Haruo’s Titan head, crushing the skull and thrusting the masculine beast downward with remarkable force. Blood sprayed across the battlefield as the Attack Titan let out a cry of anguish. Consciousness seemed to fade away as a blurry image of his opponent came closer. The huntmaster liger reached down and wrapped his talons around his damaged Titan’s skull.

With blocky and canine incisors, the golem smiled as he forced his fingers into the Jaeger Titan’s eyes, forcing a roar of pure agony from the warrior. Blood gushed from the eyes and maw before a pop, the head being ripped in half with one swift move. Without a means of self-sustaining, the corpse of the Attack Titan collapsed, unmoving.

The shisa reached over to a destroyed building, pulling it above his head and slamming it into the destroyed skull. Brain matter and blood quickly splattered onto the ruins that surrounded them as the final blow had been dealt.

King Caesar panted before falling onto his back; the abomination had been vanquished. Zilla was avenged, and their success rate had risen immensely. The liger listened to the sounds of war and quickly returned to his feet; his comrades needed his aid. The shisa looked towards the Wraith Titans that continued to devour Zilla, the man made abominations reducing the reptilian mutant to nothing more than bone and blood.

The golem seethed with frustration witnessing the mass feeding. Though their leader had been eliminated, he could not risk the Wraiths joining the battle.

Within the nape, Haruo took deep breaths. Anxiety ran through his mind as he heard the roar of his adversary and the tearing of flesh. Though he was lucky that he was not crushed, fear still ran through his mind. As the Jaeger’s body began to dissolve, he needed to wait. His healing factor would quickly repair the damage and hopefully he would be able to traverse the hell that surrounded him.

“Need… to find Gordon.” Haruo murmured to himself, shifting his priorities to saving his fellow soldier. But his mind was stuck recollecting the bizarre miracle that occurred. “What… The hell was that?” He stood in confusion, unsure of what to make of it. He flexed his fingers, trying to stimulate the sensation that allowed him to control Titans. But nothing. Haruo exhaled a heavy sigh, awaiting his body to be in reasonable condition.

“Is this my Titan’s power…?” He recollected all the time in training, getting occupied with using the power of the Titans in his hands. But in all such instances, not once did he recall the mental strain that took its toll on his body–not his Titan’s. For that matter, he didn’t even know if his Titan even had a gift, not unlike the modified Armored or Colossal Titans. But whatever the case, if he could tap into whatever it was, then perhaps they would stand a better chance at whatever crawled out of the woodwork. In the meantime, he just had to make sure he didn’t get spotted…


A loud gurgle signaled the attack, the amphibious Hedorah leaping from the broken asphalt unto the red giant. Its caustic sludge clung onto the heated fibrous tissue, allowing the diminutive smog monster to hold a firm grip atop the Titan. But Akane was not one to back down, raising her hand and plummeting it into the slick tadpole-like alien. Perpetual muck and deposits oozed from the freshly made wound, the acidic contents spilling onto the ground from the foul-smelling creature. But such an act would not be without its consequences; for in doing so, the anemic hand of the Colossal Titan began to dissolve, reduced to the raw bone in a matter of moments.

Still, with all her might, the Colossal Titan tore the anomalous organism off of her, thrusting it to the ground below with an enormous splatter. As her hand came out of the pollutant entity, there was little else other than bones and bundles of nerves, which even then corroded into steam from the chemical reaction happening at the molecular level. Hoping to make it quick Akane raised her foot up to trample the hideous fiend, only for another of the Hedorahs to intervene with a barrage of sludge along her back. Strings of muscle sizzled away from the solvent, rendering it down to the spinal cord.

Turning around with speeds that belied its size, the Colossal Titan lunged for the other Hedorah that sat atop the still-standing buildings, successfully able to plunge it through the eye sockets. And rather than let her hand be eaten away by the chemical compounds, the hand charged with immense heat, burning within the smog fiend like a blazing furnace. Shrieking a dying wail, the Hedorah was quickly reduced to rigid ash, left to crumble into countless specs of dust. Fortunately for Akane, even if her hand had been compromised, it was at the very least not from the acidity of the opponent.

Just as quickly as she disposed of the Hedorah, the others swarmed her. Propelled by gaseous flight, one of the land-based Hedorahs tackled the Titan’s upper torso, throwing the giant off its equilibrium. Pressing the skeletal hand against the amphibious sludge, corrosion reduced the bone into steam. Acidic pollution burned the hand to nothing, leaving exposed bone and muscle incidentally tipped like a spear. Without reservation, the Colossal Titan skewered the bone-tipped stub into the smog fiend’s thick skin, bursting a bile of flowing sewage from its body. Chemical components broke down the stub even further, threatening to eat away up until the elbow. But a fearsome roar blasted from the Titan’s maw, lifting and hurling the sludge beast down into its splattered brethren, the two foul cretins slushing and fusing together abnormally.

The four pairs of crimson eyes gazed upon their attacker, whose blazing eyes signaled utmost rage and fury from the host that operated it. The Colossal Titan raised its foot above them, the sole ignited with fiery wrath, the Hedorahs’ screaming in fear as they recognized their imminent ends. Upon impact, an explosive blowback of heat and shockwaves flattened the nearby structures in a volcanic eruption, reduced to rubble and shattered glass. The Hedorahs solidified into chiseled rock before being further whisked into dust, leaving little left but charred clumps. However, the aftershocks threw the Titan off her feet, one foot crippled as she was caught by a standing skyscraper. With an irritated grunt, Akane forced her Titan to pull itself out, leaving millions of embedded debris in the back of the Titan.

Despite her best efforts, doubt dwindled in Akane’s mind. The more steam she used, the more compromised her fighting capabilities became. She needed to to give it her all, but was her all going to be enough against the destructive threat they faced now? There was only one way to find out.

Directing her determined eyes ahead, she saw another of the fiendish tadpoles taking flight, a repeated tactic of the Hedorahs it seemed. The Colossal Titan reared her diminished hand back, proceeding to thrust it forward with all her remaining strength. The lanky hand intercepted the airborne polliwog, puncturing the slick slime of the smog monster. Without reservation, Akane discharged superheated steam within the polluted pest, hoping to reduce it to clumps much like she had done to the previous Hedorahs. The cretin unleashed a trilling cry of agony, but Akane was quick to notice something off. This one, it wasn’t being dried out like the others… Had she used up too much of her Titan’s composition?

Gutted by her burning hand, the Hedorah squirmed vicariously, trying to pull itself away from the searing pain. Its eyes twitched and squinted, seemingly dying in her presence. Though moisture still remained, the movements of the sludge beast began to slow…

Then its eyes snapped open.

A porous hole expanded, blasting a clump of gunk at the Titan, smothering her visage in acidic sludge. Although she was not inflicted by the burning fluids, Akane more than certainly felt it. She screamed in wretched pain as her Titan’s sight was taken away from her. It didn’t take long for her to notice that the rancid fiend escaped her grasp with an audible snap of her forearm, though she wasn’t able to keep tabs of its whereabouts. Her only clue was the sloshing slime the foul creature produced and the crying echoes of other members of its kind. Their mocking cackles did not go unnoticed.

Even in her ruined state, Akane tried to force her Titan to move, do something. But the most she could do was to keep the Colossal Titan slouched against the structure behind her, dropping down in a sitting position. She needed the eyes to return, but that was easier said than done. Steam rose from the missing portions of her Titan, attempting to reconstitute a broken body. But this idle waiting allowed her panic and anxieties to settle; and just as if her fears came true, a nauseous stench overwhelmed her from within the nape. Akane mistook it for the sludge on her face, but this smell was far more potent. And the answer came just as suddenly…

…With a singular, warbling laugh.


Crystalized bone grazed against frost-covered scales, rupturing in a sparky display as clenched fists scraped past the visage of the mythic dinosaur. Sharp fangs retorted by clamping down on the thick layer of armored flesh, tugging at the limb and viciously shaking its head. With a vigorous pull, the dense and compact armor began to fracture, and strands of pink fibers tore from the Armored Titan’s elbow socket. The primal animal wrested the limb from the giant, dangling in the jaws of the freezing goliath. Bloodlust stirred in the soul of the Titan, though an almost demented thought hoped this fight would never end. But he knew it had to.

Even at such a close range, the Armored Titan shifted into an immediate sprint, body slamming Anguirus with his full weight. Glistening scales cracked under pressure, oozing blood from the newly formed apertures exposed to the elements. Anguirus screamed, releasing the loose appendage from his grasp as the glacial beast was sent careening through the air, only stopped when his mass started skidding against the ground. The quadrupedal dinosaur eventually came to a stop, obscured by a thick sheet of dust and debris. In an effort of self-preservation, Anguirus curled into a tight sphere, with its icicle-laced carapace serving as its only line of defense.

Gordon grunted. He hadn’t seen any signs of Kumonga, and now, even with an arm missing, he felt like he was finally gaining the upper edge in this battle. Strategy was never his strong suit; he was the muscle, and it was the only thing he needed. Not an iota of guilt was felt in his ruthless soul, his pride wouldn’t allow it. Gravely asphalt crunched underneath his footfalls before the white Titan shifted into another charge. As long as his determination willed it, Gordon would never falter, no matter the circumstances.

Another burst of speed accelerated the Titan’s legs, once again sprinting in a mad dash towards the fallen ice deity. But he had barely taken any more than a few strides before a set of multicolored beams tore into the white giant’s shoulder, sparks and blood bursting on impact. This halted his forward momentum with a clumsy and stuttering fall, only catching himself by collapsing onto his knees and arm. Twisting his head, the Armored Titan turned to the sudden attacker that dared interfere with the fight.

The figure was one all too familiar. A bipedal reptile with a rounded head, wormy tail, and a set of three-toed feet. But Gordon knew there was something amiss. Its eyes didn’t have an organic component to it, as they were but silver lenses. And upon closer inspection, he realized the scales of the creature were ragged and torn, even burnt. In the midst of its dark scales, patches of pitch black metal were interspersed across its reptilian body. In an unsightly manner giving away its artificial form, the clawed arm rotated by the wrist, tearing flesh to reveal more dark metal.

He had assumed this to be a member of the Godzilla family, one he vaguely recalled Akane handling. Given the case, if he had to take a gander, it was probably a shift in directives that sent the mechanical menace to him instead of remaining fixed on Akane. Even with the odds stacked against him, he would prove why he was the “Strongest Man.” With slow and heavy steps, the Armored Titan began to crystalize his chest and shoulders in an attempt to brace for any kind of impact the false organism had in store.

With time being imminent, the false Godzilla began to burn a bright light. The white fire coruscated off the Titan’s gleaming armor as the once reptilian Godzilla’s true form began to take shape. When the flames died down, the true nature of the attack was revealed. Forged from black metal, its frame merely mimicked that of the monster king, but with stiffer rocket fingers and a shorter tail. Silver lenses became much more pronounced, and its wrists spun rapidly as if calibrating. The robotic reptile was branded with an “MG3” insignia embedded on its left arm–

–The intruder was none other than Mechagodzilla!

And Gordon would show him what for.

Entering another monstrous sprint, the Armored Titan closed the gap in long strides, crossing his arm and stump over his face for safe measure. The weight of the additional hardening made each footfall reverberate with greater intensity than before, erupting in a billow of scattered debris and sailing dust. Gordon kept a tight focus, knowing full well he would be entering hell at any given moment.

And his assessment proved correct on that front.

The black-clad Mechagodzilla reared back, raising its spinning hands as they clicked into place. Without issue or warning, the fingertips of the mechanical goliath erupted into explosive bursts as the salvo rushed the white Titan. Rain of furious hellfire and shrapnel drenched the oncoming humanoid in a paroxysm of insufferable rage and agony, each missile expanding into a superheated shockwave of fire and heat. The intense recoils from the explosive impacts forced the Armored Titan to an abrupt and blundering stop, spinning out of control as he crashed into the ground.

Gordon didn’t need to know his Titan’s conditions; he could feel them. The fracture that lined his reinforced chest, the profuse steam gushing from the wound. Missiles soared aimlessly overhead, merely annihilating whatever rubble stood behind him in a burning conflagration. He had to think of something, do something. Perhaps he could break the calf armor for additional speed to intercept the alien automaton, or even try to further harden himself to brace for the hell to come, or–

—Gordon threw any plans he had out the window when he saw the chest compartment of Mechagodzilla flip open. The burly man hastily tore himself out of his fleshy prison, knowing full well he had to abandon the Titan to live; or at the very least, not find out how much his body could tolerate. In a geyser of steam, the muscular man ripped out of the nape region, hightailing it to the shoulder cluster as soon as he could. Just as he did, a blazing orange light flashed from behind him, leaving the man only a moment to process before the concentrated bolt tore into the Armored Titan’s blank face, cleaving the white giant effortlessly in two.

The aftershocks of the orange bolt threw Gordon off his feet, blowing him away into the air against his own volition. Although he was out of the Cross Attack Beam’s range, it did little to buffer what came next. Falling from a great height, Gordon could only brace himself for his inevitable meeting with the broken concrete. He was a man made of muscle, one endowed with special abilities that alleviated death from his mind. But was this truly the case? It was time to find out.

Little option was left at Gordon’s disposal, recklessly using the brunt of his right arm to absorb the impact. A fatalcrack fractured his right arm, shattering it and dislocating from the socket. Gordon’s anguished screams were drowned out by the hailing missiles soaring above him, but now wasn’t the time to recuperate. Drenched in a profuse sweat and red in the face from the pain, Douglas Gordon forced himself onto his two feet and began to run towards the nearest structure, keeping hidden from Mechagodzilla’s line of sight.

Once the Armored Titan began dissipating, the black metallic reptile ceased fire. It disposed of the target accordingly, and with a whirl of its hands, reloaded a specialized set of missiles. Turning its attention inward, Mechagodzilla blasted a set of revolver missiles into the ruined Tokyo, bombarding the dreaded cityscape in torrents of flames and shrapnel. Nothing would survive the terror of Mechagodzilla.

Fortunately for Gordon, the mecha’s priorities shifted, with its back to him. He felt gracious, giving the time needed to heal. “Dammit, why didn’t I transform…?” Gordon vexed, only to realize his shortcoming. He had exhausted his Titan’s abilities in his fight against Anguirus and the others, and no doubt the Titan’s stamina took a toll during the battle. Something to be amended for next time he used it.

But before he could get comfortable, a sudden chill overcame him. Heavy footfalls indicated the creature was quadrupedal in nature and, much to his dismay, easily identifiable with what it was. With a honk, Anguirus called out to anything nearby. Then, almost as if responding, the mound that had once been a skyscraper began to shift and move. With long, spindly legs erupting from the debris, Kumonga emerged from her prison, meeting with the golden dinosaur. Such a sight made Gordon grimace. The two monsters that expended most of his Titan’s energy back up and kicking.

The red eyes of the xanthic ankylosaur scanned the ruins, observing for any suspicious activity. As the Armored Titan vanished into purple embers, Anguirus leaned in to where the decaying corpse was, sniffing around. A chilling wave overcame the puny human once more, keeping his breathing to an absolute minimum.

This wasn’t good…


Having lurched from the burning wrath of the Colossal Titan, splattering the giant in the face with its acidic sludge, the polliwog Hedorah landed with a muddy splurch. Its body had started to harden, but fortunately it had enough moisture in its body to operate without issue. Crimson eyes stared at the pathetic sight of the gaunt humanoid, its face muddy and both arms missing. Hedorah sat in silence at first, letting the snapped-off arm dissolve into steam through its body’s chemical makeup.

Content, the terrestrial Hedorah began to crawl with muck-like steps towards the dried up corpses left from the explosion. Its body smothered them, humidifying them with putrid liquids in an effort to resuscitate them. Although their exteriors hardened over, their innards retained some fluids–which in turn stirred the creatures to life. Cracking through their former shells, the other two Hedorahs began to haughtily laugh. Their demise had been evaded, and now it was time for retribution!

They sang in a chorus of mocking cries, their individual bodies melding into one another. As a new, more horrifying form gestated into a singular entity, a blazen flash of pink light washed over the area. Sewn together and growing exponentially, the once diminutive Hedorahs merged into a towering supercolony; with a warbling laugh, the bipedal Hedorah approached the fallen Colossal Titan with an almost malicious glee, secreting a noxious fog in the process.

Steam rose from the humanoid’s frail body, but its healing factor wasn’t as accelerated as it had been. Clearly, at least from Hedorah’s perspective, the enemy had been worn down. Oval-shaped eyes flashed in a bright crimson, with concentrated light sparking from the lacrimal caruncle, resulting in a jagged beam rocketing from the eyes. Scarlet bolts tore into the Colossal Titan, uttering a hellish wail from the exhausted Titan. Chemical explosions ruptured what was left of its body, though the residual stench permeated the area with toxic smoke.

The assault continued up until the Titan had vanished, blasting the humanoid to kingdom come. The chunks and pieces that remained sizzled into nothing, as if the giant never existed. Then the rest of its body went too. Hedorah was content with this, although its reserves had still been expended from the fight. It needed to consume, rejuvenate for the obstacles that inevitably lied ahead. Its eyes scanned its surroundings, only seeing the chaos from the utter devastation to the greater metropolitan area.

Exploiting the faults and cracks in the streets, Hedorah began to break down into microscopic pieces, disseminating the broken road. Tadpoles swarmed down the crevices, dripping into the sewers that remained from the onslaught. This would be the sustenance it required, consuming all in its path until it had the power it needed.

To bring the world to its knees.


-The Moon, UN Base

The three leaders of the invasion force watched on the television screen the news of their onslaught, smiling with glee as humanity had been put into a panic. Soon all of the JSDF and Earth Defender forces would be destroyed and their might would prove victorious.

“See doctor? Your planet is doomed to our might. Resistance is futile.” Dr. Miyajima turned toward the Xilien commander, trying to keep his emotions in check as the young tyrant taunted him and his colleagues.

“You are just a boy trying to play king, a fool who believes himself to be above others for simply existing. Humanity will not go down without a fight, we drove your people back once, we can do it again.” A moment of silence passed as the Xilien Mutant pondered on his response before discharging a bolt of lightning at the doctor, lighting up the room in an azureus glow as the doctor hit the wall.

“Dear doctor, I don’t think I am above you cattle. I know I am above you,” The Regulator walked over to the fallen body of the professor, grabbing the man by the hair and lifting him off the ground. “You have no idea what storm is approaching, do you? You haven’t the slightest idea the hell I will put you through for your people’s sins.”

“Stop!” The Regulator turned toward Dr. Ichinose, electricity coursing through his fingertips. “Why are you doing this? What happened between our people was decades ago, our two people signed a treaty. Why throw that away!?”

“Because my elders are fools that believe that I could forgive those that took my father from me.” The room fell silent… The men all looking at each other, each not knowing how to respond to such words until Dr. Kusmi stepped forward.

“Your father may have fallen due to the Earth, but we fought in self-defense. There is no need for any more bloodshed between our people, please call off the attack. It will only create an endless cycle of agony.”

“Your pathetic treaty has never meant anything to me, how do you not understand this?” The Regulator took in deep breaths as he tossed Dr. Miyajima into the others, leaving his unconscious form to the humans before turning to his allies. “Soon the Earth will be nothing but a barren wasteland. When the three generals arrive in Tokyo, their combined might will destroy these infidels with ease.”

“I could not have said it any better,” Chuck said with a grim smile before the Futurian turned back to the screen, with a sudden rush of fear running through his veins.

“How is this possible!?” Glen began to back away from the screen, not believing what he was witnessing. “They aren’t supposed to rise for years, and yet they are here!”

The other two invaders looked in awe as a bronze form of legend showed itself, all hope of victory going down within seconds for Chuck. Though he would never admit it to the others, it had seemed that the fight had just gotten more complicated.

“Ripples in time have caused this Glen,” The Futurian turned towards his acquaintance as he spoke, waiting for what he would add. “When we first arrived, we had incidentally created the Godzilla that destroyed our King Ghidorah, and then when we had returned Emmy had brought her ‘Demon of Justice’ to this present. Ultraman had arrived at the scene, an event that was not told within our own history…”

Chuck slammed his fist into the desk that stood in front of him, they had created this scenario. They had traveled across the timeline to gather their forces and before then they had altered the time stream again and again.

The Futurian returned his attention to the television, clenching his fist as he continued to watch the ongoing conflict. His mind began to brew another scheme…


The soldier of the future sat on a rooftop, panting as he had attempted to regain his breath. It was a miracle that he was not turned into a paste during the conflict. Though the enemy had suffered losses in the conflict, and the Wraiths finally disposed of, there was much work to be done.

As he looked through the warzone, he spotted the corpses of the fallen invaders and evaporating Jaeger Titan alike. Near the blue theropod carnivore was a humanoid build, though he could not tell which Titan it was due to the heavy amounts of steam from the body.

The soldier lost in time quickly used his ODM Gear to propel himself forward, needing to know which of the Titans he had spotted… His eyes widened as the identity was unveiled.

The Colossal Titan had been slain.

Eren jumped rooftop to rooftop, hoping to get to her before another immense battle destroyed her body from within the nape. She had betrayed her government for him, throwing away everything she knew up until that point just to save a stranger. He needed to repay her, and if the price was his life, then so be it.


Cascading sweat began to freeze from the exasperating chill, though Gordon refused to move from his only hiding spot. He had to let his broken arm calcify and break into place, and more importantly, not be spotted by the enemy. The air drag from the ankylosaur’s clubbed tail was audible to his ears as it lingered overhead. Had Anguirus known of Gordon’s whereabouts, perhaps he would’ve been smitten right there and then.

Minutes passed, but for Gordon it felt like hours. Neither the golden monster nor the giant spider vacated the premises for him to make an escape, and he was becoming uncertain how long his body could stand the bitter cold. Only the warmth of his regenerating arm, sizzling with steam, kept him company. But a faint hope sparked when he heard the rumbling of iron treads paving over the jagged roads. Such obnoxious droning caught the attention of the two giant monsters, and Gordon knew it was now or never…

For the ancient deity once revered as Angira, these metallic pests were nothing more than obstructions to be dealt with. The Type 90 Tanks began to blast out shells in rapid succession, almost in unison, bombarding the enormous targets in a blaze of explosive blowbacks. Although the barrage forced Kumonga back, Anguirus stood his ground, his mouth permating with an ethereal glow. Then, in the moment that followed, a jagged wave of ice-cold energy spewed from the giant’s maw, drenching the rows of tanks in ice–freezing those within them alive.

With a grunt, the golden freezing monster turned, noticing an insignificant speck in the distance. The man ran with all his might, but it was nothing the ancient deity couldn’t handle. In a few short steps, the quadrupedal dinosaur leaned in with jaws agape. Soon enough, the man would be in his stomach, ensuring the genocide of humanity would continue. But just before he could, a wave of skyward missiles detonated against his golden hide, stopping Anguirus’ pursuit of the human. F-15 fighter jets soared over them, the creature’s red eyes tracking their path.

But the moment he did, he saw something far in the distance–

–More F-15s flew overhead, although their target wasn’t him or any of his compatriots. Missiles fired from their ports, lighting up the darkness on the horizon with blazing hellfire. With each eruption of smoke and fire, the fearsome figure became evermore apparent. Even Kumonga became transfixed at the sight before her. Through the fire and flames, something was approaching.

Something big, ancient, and dreaded.

Seemingly even without uttering a sound, the invasion force came to a sudden stop. Anguirus and Kumonga continued to stare, realizing this fight was far from over. Sailing the skies, Rodan took notice of the hulking monstrosity down below. Ebirah and Kamacuras, who had been gnawing on the remains of the Titans, also took heed. King Caesar roared at the being, even if it did nothing to attract its attention. Mechagodzilla ceased fire, twisting its head a full one-hundred eighty degrees, scanning at the target before them.

The monstrous being stood tall, towering over everything with its sheer height. As its presence became clearer, its more defined features became more prominent. Spires jutted from the shoulders, each lined with ivory blades. Thick hardwearing armor covered the intense musculature beneath it, adorned in a shimmering bronze. It ignored the flurry of missiles exploding against it. A long, whip-like tail dragged across the earth beneath its feet, not even urged to respond to the measly weapons that dared to harm its being.

The bronze monster snorted, scanning the various invaders that befelled this land. What had once been a prosperous forest had long since been paved over for these obstructions, this concrete jungle that suffocated the life out of the once fertile soil. In many ways, the destruction brought on by these interlopers was a net positive. Perhaps life would return to this barren dirt. But the Earth beckoned his wrath, his utmost fury; for they were an infection that needed to be purged, and it was a wish the beast would happily oblige.

With a deep and powerful bellow, Bagan declared his arrival.

Ebirah and Kamacuras chittered amongst each other, their instincts urging them to flee. But the frequencies that influenced them amplified tenfold, removing all doubt from their feeble minds. They had strength in numbers and the firepower of Mechagodzilla at their disposal. Certainly, victory would be theirs for the taking. Kumonga chirped in reply, lifting herself up to intimidate the mountainous beast; but she could barely reach the hips of the colossus.

Up in the air, the white Rodan circled around the horned titan that challenged them, almost petrified at the sight. But despite it all, Rodan knew there wasn’t much of a choice. With her binocular vision, the winged pterosaur continued to maintain aerial buoyancy, keeping an ever watchful eye on Bagan.

The ancient Yamato beast could only stare in fear; this titan of legends standing before him in the modern era. The last he recalled encountering the bronze devil was during the feud between the primal monsters and the fearless warriors who sought to purify their souls. A towering monolith of destruction, a phantom who acted on the will of the Earth, a punisher who was the vanguard of the forests and valleys of the world. Anguirus barked at the massive superbeast, challenging the elder god and his fearsome might. Bagan only responded by curtly glaring at the golden ankylosaur.

King Caesar snarled, the Atlantean construct flexing his claws and shifting his feet in the gravel for the fight that was to come. The ancient golem likewise saw the black figure of Mechagodzilla calibrating for an attack, ready to unload a barrage of firepower equivalent to a nuclear warhead.

But the ears of the lion god perked up.

Off in the distance, the sky darkened with a rolling thundercloud, blanketing the hellscape Tokyo had become. Flashes of lightning crawled over the dark nimbostratus clouds, followed by a thunderous cacophony that echoed across the battlefield. A gentle rainfall sprinkled from the overcast that hung above, quieting the fires that kept the city of Tokyo lit into hollow smoke. But even amidst the booming thunder, there was another peculiar noise that caught the shisa’s attention.

He looked to the sky, noticing a subtle, blue light soaring the dark heavens. A spinning disk made itself visible to the naked eye, azure flames jettisoning from four distinct ports along its sides. Suddenly, two of the ports ceased its spewing flames, allowing chelonian limbs to emerge from them. A tusked head and a pair of clawed hands burst from the disk’s form, revealing the true identity of the intruder. The flying terrapin released a mighty roar, his large eyes locking with the liger. The progeny of Atlantis, the guardian of the universe, Gamera was at last here.

Accelerating his thrusters, Gamera made a direct beeline for King Caesar. If it was one less monster for Bagan to contend with, then he would abide by the will of the Earth. He recalled seeing a very similar creature in his past; another creation of the fallen Atlantis, much like himself. Even if this golem differed from his former ally, even the mere thought of putting down a potential ally made his heart sink.

In the moments leading to the collision, Mechagodzilla was quick to direct its head towards the airborne chelonian. Silver lenses targeted the artificial lifeform, prepared to bring it down with a set of Space Beams. But just before it could fire, lightning cracked as an anomalous flash swooped down from the clouds above, racing on air as one would on land. Enriched by its electrical prowess, the white beast rammed into the black metal machine at full speed, dragging the automaton across the ruined Tokyo in a near instant.

King Caesar stared agape at what had just transpired, unable to fully process the speed of the other monster. This nevertheless left him open, feeling a heavy slam as Gamera collided against his rocky exterior, forcibly taken off his feet as the armored tortoise removed him from the field of battle, vanishing near the horizon.

Bagan snorted. His pride felt he did not need the help, but so long as he could sastiate his bloodlust, then it mattered little. So long as Gamera and Balkzardan didn’t get in his way. Slamming his tail against the ground, Bagan uttered a growling rumble at the challengers he had to contend with. Ivory spires sparked with electricity, glaring at the motley crew of critters before him. The five remaining giants all screeched in defiance, staring death in the face.

For Bagan, this was a pathetic sight to behold.


The shisa roared with fury as his opponent took him into the sky, the lion god attempting to force himself free with strikes to the terrapin’s armored stomach with his knees, only for the attacks to not properly reach.

Gamera looked down at the golem before raising his arm that was wrapped around his face and beelined for the ground at top speeds. The moment that they were close enough to the surface, the guardian of the universe slammed his enemy into the ground. The immense speed destroyed the concrete with ease, carving a deep trench as King Caesar was forced to endure the pain.

The Ryukyuan deity roared out in agony before he was raised back into the air, quickly spun around, and thrown into the sky. The golem crashed through a series of buildings before coming to a complete stop as he made contact with a skyscraper. Before the fallen guardian could react, flames began to surround Gamera’s maw before unleashing a ball of plasma at the downed invader, landing a direct hit with the attack. Flames engulfed the shisa as a gigantic explosion overtook him, releasing howls of anguish into the air as the skyscraper collapsed on top of him.

Large emerald eyes looked through the flames, attempting to locate his target in case they had survived the attack, only to be met with nothing. Gamera sighed before turning his back to the flames and started to look for others he could pick off, only for his attention to return to the burning area as King Caesar emerged with fury.

Springing out of the flames and charging at full speed, the golem pursued the prodigy of Atlantis in blazing anger. Before the terrapin could effectively react, the burning liger jumped into the air and struck the shelled warrior in the plastron with a heavy drop kick, forcing the giant turtle to stumble before catching his balance.

The huntmaster liger landed in front of his opponent before swinging his arm in a backhand, smacking Gamera and pushing him aside just a bit. The golem was running low on energy, feeling himself grow weaker as the battle continued. His confrontation with the Attack Titan was taking its toll.

But he would give it his all, all the same.

While having the upper hand, the shisa attempted to strike the artificial turtle, only for Gamera to catch his fist with his jaws. One of his tusks punctured stone-hardened skin in an instant, with alchemic fluids flowing from the wound as King Caesar let out a cry of agony. Suddenly hoisted into the air, the archaic lion struggled in the hands of the chelonian bioweapon, trying to pry itself free. Directing a firm series of punches against the armored plastron, King Caesar managed to force the terrapin to release his grip, causing the golem to use the flat chest as a jumping board, shoving Gamera back as he backflipped into the warzone.

The liger snarled as he quickly adjusted himself, orders within his mind forcing him to his feet before charging directly at his foe.

Gamera, having regained his equilibrium, reared his arm back as his elbow spike emerged from his arm joint before slashing frontward, cutting into the charging liger’s chest with one swoop. King Caesar rolled across the ground as fluids poured from the wound and maw, coughing up the ichor as a result of the attack.

The golem looked upward from the ground as the terrapin approached, attempting to lift himself from the ground, only to collapse once again. He needed to at the very least tire this guardian down for the others. If he was to fall, his death would not be in vain!

Gamera reached down to the struggling shisa, the artificial life form attempting once last desperate claim to life by slashing at the turtle’s flesh with his claws, managing to slightly carve miniscule trenches in the arm.

King Caesar continued to groan as Gamera raised him up to his eye level from the back of his neck before wrapping his hands around his head in a choke hold. The turtle quickly twisted his neck, killing him in an instant. The shisa’s body dropped like an anchor, motionless as artificial blood fell from his eyes and nose. Gamera looked upon the body of the fallen, letting out a sigh before closing his eyes.

A moment of silence for the dead. The creations of Atlantis grew fewer, soon Gamera would be truly alone in this world. There was nothing that could be done for it; for its lifelike appearance, King Caesar was anything but. But this was a war, his duty to the Earth was the first priority.

The Guardian of the Universe turned his head, looking upon the living mountain being surrounded by the rest of the invasion force, waiting to see what the mythic dragon’s next move would be.


Rubble flew into the air as the mechanical doppelganger was dragged across the Earth by the thunder god. Calculations quickly ran through their electronic mind, attempting to find the best counter before endangering the mission.

The door on the cosmic monster’s stomach opened, revealing a weapon before it unleashed an orange bolt of energy. The impact caused Balkzardan to scream as he was shot off of his prey, landing amongst the ruins on his side.

The elemental watched as Mechagodzilla got to their feet, a metallic screech reaching his ears as the robotic reptile turned their attention to their attacker. Quickly aiming his hand before his target got to his feet, unleashing a hailstorm of missiles, the projectiles passing by building and striking the earth, missing the intended target.

Balkzardan quickly ran past the destructive projectiles, appearing to the naked eye as a bolt of lightning as he slammed into Mechagodzilla’s chest, causing the invader to stumble back before attempting to catch him. But the thunder god swerved to slam into the mechanical hide at intense speeds, wind rushing past them in an instant.

The third Mechagodzilla screeched as they slammed through buildings, crumbling them to dust with their immense weight. The robotic copy swung his arm backward at the approaching beast, only for his target to dodge the attack and slam into their chest once again. This time, managing to fully knock the robot onto their back.

Quickly, Mechagodzilla retaliated with twin rainbow beams from his eyes, hoping to strike Balkzardan down…

The deity unleashed electrical energy from his maw, the Tornado Bolt clashed with the Space Beams. Energy pulsed back and forth as each put their all into their attacks, the light becoming blinding for the thunder god before a sudden explosion erupted from the beam clash.

The pair roared as they were sent flying in opposite directions, smoke rising from the Balkzardan’s form as he slammed into the ground. The living storm quickly got back to his feet and surveyed the surrounding area, attempting to spot his opponent through the thick dust in the air.

A metallic screech exited the enemy’s maw through the dust, prompting the god where his target was, and without a second thought, charged straight through the dust at full speed. Electrical energy surrounded his being as he charged his Spark Dash…

Balkzardan screamed in agony as he was met with Mechagodzilla’s Neo Barrier, the obstacle causing the god to be slammed backward as smoke rose from his face. Pain rushed through his being in an instant.

The mechanical menace’s barrier remained operational, waiting for the elemental to make his next move. Rage fueled the guardian as he called down the power of the storm, bluish white lightning struck the barrier at full power, only to remain unfazed by the attack.

Balkzardan snarled as he looked for an opening, quickly finding the answer at the top of the barrier. It didn’t wrap around the entire being, this was his chance. Once again the divine being called to the dark heavens, sending down a bolt of electrical energy to his target. Striking true on the head of the mechanical doppelganger, it caused Mechagodzilla to unleash a digital screech as they immediately ceased functionality to their barrier.

The invader stumbled backward as their head quickly rearranged itself, their face once again facing their opponent. Mechagodzilla prepared to unleash hell upon the guardian when suddenly Balkzardan unleashed another Tornado Bolt, striking the bionic monster across the shoulder. Sparks flying as the double screeched into the air, it was time for a new strategy.

Thrusters on the bottom of Mechagodzilla’s feet ignited, flames bursting beneath them as they began to take to the sky. Balkzardan chuckled as the enemy attempted to gain an advantage, taking the conflict to the sky would be a mistake for the robotic invader.

The storm brewed above, clouds puffing with rage as thunder cracked and lightning struck the ground. Round two had begun…


The war against the elder god began with a shrieking howl, Angira barking an order and issuing his compatriots to surround their gargantuan opponent. As the crimson prawn and the verdant mantodea scattered in order to take the living mountain at the sides, the pallid pterosaur dove in from above, making the first move against the colossus. Her supersonic speeds zipped past the brutish monolith, using her wings as blades. Sparks flew across the great dragon’s chest armor, leaving only a hollow scratch on its calcified surface. Wind and dust erupted following the sonic boom, with Rodan maneuvering skyward to regain altitude. Loose and miniscule debris forced Bagan to squint, if only mildly hindering his vision.

Sharp daggers and exposed gums became visible with Bagan’s irritation, growling at the pests that dared defy him. In retort, the golden Anguirus responded with a glow from his maw, followed by a beam of sky blue light. The freezing ray struck against the feet of the goliath, coating them in deep permafrost and icicles. A grunt escaped the dragon’s vocals, nictitating his eyes from the dust that had obstructed him. Anguirus went in for another shot, discharging another blue lance of energy at the behemoth. But Bagan proved quick to respond, holding his clawed hands up in front of him. An invisible force field neutralized the supercooled ray, protecting the armored dragon from any noteworthy harm. Using his natural bulk, Bagan tore free from his futile imprisonment, allowing his feet to move once more.

The two reptilian beasts locked eyes, Anguirus galloping around to find an optimal position to keep up the ranged assault. Meanwhile, the fluttering wings of Kamacuras made themselves known as the mantid swooped past, trying to cut a deep gash in the flesh of the earthly demon. But this proved to be of little avail, leaving only a minor scratch across its surface. The mighty dragon barely heeded the insignificant strike, keeping eyes firmly locked on the gold ankylosaur. Before he took action, however, he did finally register the efforts of the crustacean that lurked beneath his feet… Barely.

Swinging and slashing with its claws, Ebirah tried its damnedest to peel the thick armor off Bagan’s ankles. Its crisis scissors were tools of battle, capable of leaving bloody wounds against the most rigid surfaces. But here, it seemed there was at last armor that surpassed the sharpness of its claws! And the only result the decapod had to show were measly white lines that grazed upon the ankles. Bagan chuckled in amusement, bending over and swiping the caridean from the ground by its smaller claw.

Ebirah wailed and shrieked as it was forcibly brought up to Bagan’s eye level, the demon beast using his other hand to grip the large claw as well. The forest phantom was here to punish; but given how quickly he could make mincemeat of these pests, he wished to savor the moment. Perhaps had the danger been more imminent, he would’ve crushed the shrimp-like lobster under his heel, ending its misery. But in this moment, the sea-dweller was only under his mercy so long as he willed it. And such gracious patience wasn’t going to be for long.

With a firm pull in opposition directions, Bagan stretched the lesser and greater claws to their absolute limit, all without tearing the limbs off–but all while making Ebirah suffer in excruciating pain. But rather than a beam of ice as anticipated, a spray of webbing began to rain down upon his tri-horned visage. Bagan ignored the webbing of Kumonga, though the crustacean hostage thought to make the most of the situation. Dangling in the air, Ebirah swung its long abdominal tail and arced the tail fins to smack Bagan directly in the face, visibly jerking from the impact.

Finally, a chance to hurt the devil!… Though all the measly attack did was enrage the dragon even more.

Having lost his mercy, the horned beast drove his protruding nasal horn into the wailing crustacean–lodging itself face-first, then goring the rest of Ebirah in the process. Torn asunder and a shadow of its former self, the impaled Ebirah was quickly discarded from the face of Bagan, tossed to the ground without a second thought. An amusing sniff from the burly creature picked up the scent of ammonia, a residual leftover from the deceased crustacean.

But something else assailed his nostrils. The foul stench of polluted air resonated in this demolished landscape. A reminder of the sins placed against humanity; its egotistical destruction and disregard for life. This infuriated Bagan to no end, but right now wasn’t the time or his mission.

Enraged eyes traced the miniscule webbing to its source, locking eyes with the eight ocelli of the arachnoid. A squeamish chirp resounded from the spider, who reared back and raised her two front limbs. From her frontal orifice, another spray of silken string rained down on the living mountain, but for him this was nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Electricity danced along his protruding head horns, melting the webbing from the heat it produced, snaking down his left arm. He’d dispose of this cretin in one fell swoop.

Before he could, an overwhelming droning overtook his hearing from the supersonic wakes. Then from both sides, the large bodies of Kamacuras and Rodan zoomed past the gargantuan dragon, claws and spiked chests slashing at the armored spires attached to his shoulders in an explosive display of sparks. This only forced him to lurch forward, taking half a step. Rage-fueled eyes gleamed at the two airborne monsters, both of them parting in opposite directions. Bagan vexed his frustrations with an irritated growl.

Then, rather abruptly, a ghostly howl exited from the golden visage of Angira, charging forward in a hasty sprint, each step breaking the road beneath his feet. With a powerful bound, the Yamato beast leaped and snagged his jaws into the electrified arm of the armored colossus. Bagan uttered his disdain, more than prepared to use his other claw to pry himself of this wretch. But despite the electrocuting pain, the maw of Anguirus ignited in a blue glow and burst into a sparkling display of icy powder and spiky stalagmites, freezing over the hand of the dragon. A deep, rumbling hiss emanated from the bronze devil. His hatred for the golden one was becoming ever more apparent. The creature felt familiar to him, but in his millennia-long slumber, memories of the past were but mere mirages of a time gone by.

Enraged and bitter, Bagan directed his attention towards the pest that clung to him, using his free hand to grab him by the back of the neck and pry him off. Anguirus had to determine his next course of action, and quickly. However, it became obvious he had to shift to defense, curling into a ball as the mountainous force of the colossal dragon reared back and threw the glacial sphere with tremendous power. Even in his protected state, his balled body was sent sailing the skies, spinning near endlessly until he crashed into the ground with a resounding thud, erupting in an explosion of dust particles and loose remnants.

Just as he finished, Bagan saw the gigantic spider make its move, jumping with all eight of her appendages and crashing against the torso of the mighty dragon. Though her spiked legs did little against the bony armor, Kumonga tried to thrust her face into the demon beast’s, hoping to insert her stinger into a groove or the eyeball. But such a feat would prove for naught, as Bagan used his free hand and gripped one of the arachnid’s many legs, yanking her off without much effort. Kamacuras, hoping to get another strike in, rushed towards the towering mountain of bronze and ivory, bracing its raptorial forelegs for impact.

However, the ancient, oriental deity was swift to retaliate, using Kumonga’s body as a makeshift projectile. With a powerful swing, tearing the limb off the giant spider, Bagan sent Kumonga hurtling towards Kamacuras, both arthropods screaming as they collided against one another. The demon beast puffed a satisfied grunt. Though it was his duty to protect the planet, savoring their pained cries brought him great joy.

The ears of the vicious behemoth heard the rumbling of supersonic flight behind him. Bagan was no fool to be bested by such a maneuver again, or at the very least he prided himself in that. The turbulence from Rodan’s flight path made it ever apparent she was going in for another strike, hoping to chip away at the armor of the bronze devil. But the forest guardian flicked his whip-like tail from behind, all without acknowledging the efforts of the bleach-white pterosaur. In an instant, it lacerated the spiked chest of the sky-borne warrior, hurdling the flying dinosaur to the ground. With a screeching wail, Rodan roared at the ruthless dragon god as she flapped her wings, trying to buffer the inevitable collision as she ran aground.

Dazed and disoriented, the insectoids scrambled to get back to their feet and recalibrate. Opening its tegmina, Kamacuras shuddered its hindwings to ensure they were in operational order. Kumonga, meanwhile, used her many limbs to flip herself right side up, though suffered from a limp from her torn off leg. The once calm, blue eyes flashed red with fear-induced excitement, her primal instincts urging her to run. But the sonic frequencies influencing her commanded her to stay and fight, to the bitter end. And so she would.

Looking up at the gargantuan monolith before them, Kumonga chirped at the giant. She saw Kamacuras snap its tegmina shut, shifting its chromatophores to blend in with the environment. However, as she gazed upon the tyrannical opposer, a sinking feeling overtook her instinctual gut, almost as if he could feel her fear…

And Bagan smiled.

Electricity surrounded the tri-horns on Bagan’s head, encasing his upper torso in a chaotic dance of sparkling lightning. Coursing through his body, the electric flare melted the ice that encased his left hand, enabling his raw strength to shatter the fragile frost that once imprisoned it. Ionized gasses warped as electric strings began to rise into the air, manifesting into diamond-tipped shapes. Looming above the mighty Bagan, the energized lozenges awaited further command.

Almost as if with minds of their own, two of the electrified rhombi began to soar, swirling around to their respective targets. The first pinned its aim at Kumonga, who tried to retaliate with a spray of her web. But against the searing heat it produced, it melted away into nothing as the diamond-shaped projectile effortlessly tore through it. All Kumonga could do after that was await its inevitable demise, erupting into a cacophonous blast of explosions and ruptured body parts.

The second likewise approached its mark, homing in on the wounded pterosaur that was struggling to rise to her feet. The angular shape of light plunged directly towards her, stabbing through the flesh and bones of the winged beast, uttering a hellacious scream of agony as she was consumed by the explosion. For as quick as it came, the residual effects became all the more obvious as Rodan began to cough up her own blood, more of it oozing from her fractured chest. All she could do was look up with her binocular vision, watching as Bagan scanned for his next target…

Draconic eyes surveyed the hellscape, trying to find any noteworthy signs of life. Beyond the corpses of his reckoning, the last two–the giant mantis and the freezing ankylosaur–were nowhere to be found; the former seemed to have vanished, and the latter seemingly nothing but a crater. Residual electricity from his torso began to quietly snake up his right arm, in case of any surprise att–

–The crackling of rubble alerted him. In a moment’s notice, Bagan turned to the source of the miniscule sound, seeing strange movement among the wreckage. His eyes couldn’t see the figure, but it no doubt had to be a trick of the enemy! The last lingering diamond swooped into action, hurdling itself towards the oncoming mantid. Without missing a beat, Kamacuras’ wings spread out and took immediate flight, zipping over the broken asphalt at supersonic speeds. Unable to redirect its trajectory, the blast of energy collided against the ground in an explosive display, missing its target entirely.

In a mere few seconds, Kamacuras knew it would be upon the living mountain, eagerly hoping to strike across the beast’s eyes… But Bagan had other plans. Raising his electrified arm, the deity swung in the air, discharging an X-shaped projectile from his fingertips towards the oncoming insectoid. Without a moment to process, the bulbous eyes of Kamacuras began to dim; and in the following moment, the mantid body broke apart into sliced chunks, splattering the putrid innards of the dead Kamacuras across the battlefield.

His vigor for combat and his bloodlust could only be satiated so much; these cretins provided little fight. He yearned for a real challenger! Perhaps the monsters the other two were fighting could’ve done so? Bagan amusingly chuckled, who was he kidding? They would’ve been felled all the same. These invaders were nothing but pests. Truly, what a disappointment. But at the very least, he would have fun slaughtering the last of them.

Bagan turned his eyes to the most visible, one who was hanging by a thread. Weakly, the white pterosaur rose to her feet, struggling to keep her battle stance. Try as she might, Rodan flapped her wings and kicked up a wild dust storm, blowing debris against the thick armor of the mighty dragon. Bagan didn’t even have to try, the wind having no effect upon him as he casually buffered through it. Raising his right claw up, electricity began to crawl up his arm. This would end it!

Then suddenly, the ground beneath them began to quake, giving Bagan a moment of pause. It wasn’t much to figure out a potential candidate, but was the golden one truly able to burrow? Responding from below, the ground suddenly erupted in a cluster of sharp and pointed icicles, piercing into his soles and embedding themselves into his thick armor. For once, their measly attacks stung! Bagan tried to force himself out, though the situation proved itself rather tumultuous for the giant dragon.

Nodding in appreciation, Rodan screeched in defiance of the angered demon. She would give it her all, no holding back. A bound of her powerful wings propelled her to the sky once more, soaring overhead as she began to circle around the cumbersome devil. Even with her mahogany blood dripping from her chest wounds, she had to try–to the uttermost end.

Shifting with his colossal weight, the stupendous beast snapped the spires as if they were mere twigs. The broken spines retreated underground, vanishing from sight. But the moment he freed himself, another set of icy clusters erupted from beneath, further penetrating his thick and bony armor. Enraged and irritated at the engrossing situation, Bagan began to cloak himself with intense voltage. Strings of lightning rose into the sky, warping and forming into another triad of electrified diamonds.

Then, mustering all her strength, Rodan took to the sky. Even in her bloodied and drastically weakened state, she accelerated to supersonic velocity in a matter of seconds. Much to the ire of the ruthless guardian, Bagan remained focused on feeding his next attack, amplifying its potency tenfold. These two pests would perish to his wrath, and he would make sure of that. Ferocious eyes kept track of the white pterosaur, who circled around his proximity with impressive dexterity. But it was then that Bagan felt the air pressure shift around him, accumulating into a cone-shaped twister that gradually built on itself. Though he felt nothing of it as the wind breezed over his incredible armor and tremendous weight.

Loose rubble, broken spines, and smashed vehicles became part of the fold, consumed by the razor winds and supersonic turbulence left behind. The mounding tornado began to take form, becoming denser by the second as its roaring presence became more pronounced. Unlike those formed from the clouds, this twister remained stationary, collecting all matter of loose objects in its turbulent wrath. Even the amplified Diamond Storm resting above the powerful dragon began to be swayed by the winds around them.

Despite Rodan’s best efforts, Bagan could only smile in a sickening glee. Such a pitiful “last resort.” Her demise was simply an inevitability. With only his thoughts, he commanded the energized triad to move; two to the ground, one at the bothersome avian, if only to put it out of its misery.

Like before, the twisted diamonds spurred into action, trajecting directly as their host’s request. But then a strange occurrence overtook them; instead of tunneling through the ground or detonating against an avian dinosaur, the force of the gale robbed them of their original pathway, sucked into the vicious vortex and spiraling around the rugged air that formed in the supercell. To an outsider, it looked as if the signature weapon of Bagan became a natural extension of the tornado itself, lighting up the dark twister in an array of electrified lights.

Bagan uttered his displeasure with a booming holler, only to realize the air being sucked out of his maw from the low-altitude tornado. He was quick to snap his jaws shut, keeping what he could within him. Bagan could only wince and peek between his eyelids at the destructive display, continuing to build its panoply of wild debris. Then, rather suddenly, the bleach-white body of Rodan soared directly past him, almost deliberately. It was in that moment he realized too late–

–As an explosive blast of condensed electricity bombarded him by the side. Although his brandished armor withstood the blast, anger flowed like lifeblood in his veins… The pest dared use his own attack against him! And there was little doubt the other two would follow suit. Holding his hands out in front of him, a force invisible to the naked eye guarded Bagan’s anterior, awaiting the inevitable moment the rhombi would collide against him. And just as he predicted, they drilled against the invisible barrier. Although remarkably powerful, they wheezed and struggled against the force field that protected their host from his own power, until they eventually dissipated into mere sparks and fizzled away.

While the demon beast knew full well that he could try in vain to lash out wildly, the real chance of his projectiles being used against him dawned on his brutish mentality. But likewise too was a moment to reflect on a reckless error on his part. Mahogany fluids splattered against his face and nostrils, its peculiar iron scent giving away what it was. Blood. His bloodlust and urges forced him to think irrationally, when in reality it didn’t matter what happened next. The supersonic pterosaur known as Rodan would die, and she neared death’s door. All he had to do was wait…

No matter how hard she pushed, it still felt like it wasn’t enough. Certainly, she had harmed the devil with his own devices, but it wasn’t enough to cripple him. Her body was well beyond its natural limits, overexerting itself to the point of dizziness and fatigue. Death came for her long ago, all she was doing was prolonging the inevitable. Her supersonic flight came to a slow, her mind overwhelmed by a shadowy fog as she lost consciousness. Without a sharp and steady mind to guide her body, Rodan spiraled out of control and shot out of the turbulent supercell like a bullet from a gun.

Flung from the twister at rapid speeds, the large white body of the winged pterosaur crashed into the outskirts of what had once been Tokyo. The prehistoric warrior flipped and tumbled as her body formed a deep trench in her wake, eventually skidding to a stop on her back. Bruised and bloodied from the ordeal, Rodan felt her waning power ebb away as her eyes became encroached by the comfort of death. Then with a last gurgling warble, Rodan drew her last roar… And with a soft thud, died.

The tornado created by Rodan began to lose its shape, disassembling and scattering the loose objects all across the vacant metropolis. When the dust settled, there stood the towering figure of Bagan–and his rage-fueled eyes snapped open. Now there was one more to settle the score with.

Warm blood trickled down the stalagmites, gradually freezing with the frozen spires. Such pain was a mere contrivance next to the many battles Bagan had fought throughout his lifetime of destruction. Blood was stained on his hands; though he did fight at the behest of the planet, there wasn’t a moment gone by where he indulged in his affairs. Spilling blood more than necessary, punishing the idle for their silence. All in the name of the Earth… With a flick of his wrists, Bagan’s primary claws extended threefold and, arcing his colossal mass downard, cleaved the icicles cleanly.

The spines of Angira retreated into the depths, but Bagan’s ruthlessness demanded his presence. Thrusting his left arm into the soil below, the thick mass effortlessly tore through the surface and plunged itself underground, and it seemed the find wasn’t a long one. The demonic dragon could feel his extended claws slice into scaly flesh, hearing the muffled screams of Anguirus from beneath. Bagan’s opposable thumb hitched onto what felt like the outermost ridge of the creature’s carapace, and with a tremendous heave, pulled the ice-borne deity from the earth.

Torn from the warm embrace of the Earth, left in the path of the ice god was a glowing blue light, illuminating against the golden scales of the Yamato beast. And just as quickly, it faded. The red eyes of Angira could only stare at the hulking tyrant he was tasked with destroying… But that proved to be a herculean feat for any one monster. Bagan proved why he was one of Earth’s most powerful and fearsome guardians, but the ancient Anguirus was still enslaved to the will of the frequency. It was not his will to continue this uphill battle, but the will of his masters that he die trying.

Options were limited for the avatar of ice. His spines were still reconstituting, useless until they hardened and solidified; energy reserves were on the down low, with fatigue settling in. This battle would cost him his life, but he had to try. Shifting in Bagan’s firm grip, Anguirus flung his clubbed tail at the giant behemoth, successfully connecting with the dragon’s visage. Wrath brewed in the dragon’s heart; such impudence would not be tolerated any further. He would be sure to put him in his place. Bagan dislodged his fingers from the frozen monster’s body, exchanging it for the short tail using his free hand. Rearing back, Bagan slammed the supernatural animal into the ground with all the force he could muster. Blood dripped from the victim’s nostrils, his ears ringing from the colossal impact he endured. The wild Anguirus screamed in agony, letting out one last howl before unconsciousness took hold of him.

Seeing his foe immobilized, Bagan heaved the prone form of Anguirus and tossed him into the ruined city. The limp body of the golden freezing monster blundered and rolled through the debris, unmoving as he finally came to a stop. But the creature breathed, and so long as he did, he lived. Sparks and electric flare coiled around Bagan’s right arm, channeling it into his fingertips. If now was the time, the extermination of these pests was just!

…Only for a wailing bellow to disrupt the bronze titan’s efforts. Turning his head, Bagan faced the source from this hellscape. The living mountain spotted an everso familiar visage, a distinguishable figure recognized from the ancient world. The shelled silhouette of Gamera emerged from the fire, issuing Bagan to stand down.

What? Bagan recoiled at the ludicrous order. This was the enemy at their last ropes! If he so wished, the ruthless dragon could slay the alleged “guardian of the universe” and usurp him if he so chose! Though Bagan knew better; the Earth had chosen Gamera to be part of the fold of protectors. The mind of the chelonian guardian housed great wisdom, something that Bagan did not inherit. And for that, the bronze dragon held back the killing blow, letting the man-made creation do his thing.

Gamera approached the unconscious ankylosaur with a heavy heart. Many had been slain here tonight, though he had wished it turned out differently. The Earth beckoned her mightiest warriors here to exterminate the threat, but he knew some of them had been mere animals at heart without malicious intent. But even so, would their freedom have only spiraled into more destruction? He couldn’t save the King Caesar he fought because its artificial nature was never built to absorb mana, and he had no other methods to terminate the frequency that controlled these monsters at the source–not at the expense of the living that needed their aid. But here was a chance to do something about it.

In a world gone by, humanity used mana to purify wild beasts into guardian monsters. So too would Gamera put this effect into practice. A twinkling golden light projected from the fingertips of the terrapin, gently placing them atop Anguirus’ forehead and nose bridge. The lifeblood of the Earth flowed through the unconscious beast, its head sparkling with red electricity, cutting off the source and purifying his body. When all was said and done, Gamera exhaled a sigh as he turned and walked towards Bagan. There was no need to kill Angira, and hopefully when he awoke, he would return to the world reborn as a protector of the planet.

Large emerald eyes stared at the colossus, meeting the mountainous dragon eye to eye. Gamera inquired of the beastial tyrant to spare the golden one’s life. He was a creature displaced in time, stolen from an olden world, but was still in a place he could call home. Bagan simply let out a soft, albeit reluctant, roar, assuring him that this tiny life would be spared from his wrath. There were others that still needed to be dealt with.

Gamera nodded, pointing his clawed finger over in the distance. Mana levels were plummeting rapidly, and the source indicated something horrific was soon to emerge. Gamera shifted his pointer finger to the sky, where lightning flashed amidst the turmoil. Their ally, Balkzardan, was in need of aid. He would supply the backup needed to fend off the metallic threat, while Bagan handled the growing thing brewing in the darkness. A wide smile crossed Bagan’s face; finally, something to challenge his might.

With matters concluded, azure flames jettisoned from Gamera’s legs–propelling him into the sky to meet with Balkzardan. Deep in his heart, he felt grateful Bagan was an ally of the planet, even if he was haughty more often than not. Bagan was a strong and powerful titan, and little doubt in his mind that the dragon could’ve just cut him short right there. He’d be a nigh-unstoppable threat in terms of sheer strength. But now wasn’t the time to ponder on what ifs; accelerating his boosters, Gamera sped off to catch up with the ensuing fight.

Per the guardian’s request, Bagan snorted in delight. Turning his back on Angira, the massive dragon rushed in strides to the epicenter of this gestating threat. But the further inland he went, the more noticeable the foul stench wafting in the air became. This smell, he had caught a whiff of it earlier… But why hadn’t he seen any signs of it? Just as he thought that, an abandoned smokestack erupted into flames, catching the brute’s attention. The forest guardian turned, spotting a lumped figure rising out from the flames.

A pair of oval-shaped eyes gleamed a bright crimson, highlighting its yellow iris and black pupil. Sludge-like minerals drenched its shape, bipedal in nature. Long hands drooped in front of it, raising them into the air as an intimidation display. All the while, the beast swung its tail back and forth, eyeing Bagan in the distance. Hedorah was massive, gargantuan, but even its totality fell short next to Bagan. But this was not a worry; everything Hedorah needed had been acquired, sapping the former metropolis of all of its polluted worth.

Bagan boomed a warcry, challenging the smog monster in a battle for the fittest. With his upper torso sparking with electricity, Bagan was ready to end its existence.

The pair of glossy eyes narrowed and focused on the incoming demon, lowering its hands in anticipation. Now was time to demonstrate its fullest potential and bring this beast–no, the world–to its knees!


Thunder roared as Mechagodzilla traveled through the storm, the dark clouds enraged with static electricity at the presence of this intruder. Balkzardan quickly followed behind his target, the thunder god’s confidence growing as the mechanical doppelganger foolishly took to the sky. The elemental unleashed a roar as they charged directly at their opponent, electrical energy filling his maw as he charged his Tornado Bolt.

The third invader Mechagodzilla quickly took action to evade the attack, the bolt of lightning firing past the target and instead shooting into the clouds. The bionic monster quickly turned towards the earth defender and unleashed his Space Beams, this time landing a direct hit upon the benevolent deity.

A roar of agony exited the god’s maw as blood sprayed through the sky, the elemental falling backward before catching himself and snarling. If the mechanical doppelganger could smile, it would do so as it heard the cries of anguish from the organic life form. The rush of inflicting pain onto others fulfilled the AI within a sinister glee.

The robotic menace suddenly came to a stop, shifting in an upright position while still maintaining its sole thrusters for balance. It turned to see lightning attempt to strike them down. The bolt of electricity barely missed its mark, shifting Mechagodzilla’s attention towards the clouds. The AI processed the harsh weather conditions as they attempted to locate their prey. Perhaps they had disappeared within the clouds themselves?

A possibility that must be met with swift action. The mechanical copy brought their hands out, rapidly rotating before firing explosive projectiles into the clouds, hoping to strike true. Moments passed and there was no sound of impact. This was a trick, the organic was hoping for them to upload everything they had in all directions. Clever, but futile in the end.

Quickly the mechanical dragon turned, raising their arm out as Balkzardan attempted to surprise them. But this only resulted in his skull colliding with the enemy’s arm, causing him to spin uncontrollably as blood flew into the air.

The dark copy let out a metallic chuckle as the god was wounded once again, aiming their silver eyes towards the deity as they began to slow down. Finally coming to a complete stop, the thunderous mammal saw their mechanical foe simply staring.

Mechagodzilla attempted to once again land a direct hit with their Space Beams on their target, only for Balkzardan to quickly dodge the attack and make a beeline for the cosmic monster. Electrical energy surrounded him as he slammed himself into the Godzilla-like imposter, denting metal as Mechagodzilla was thrown out of the sky.

A mechanical screech exited their maw as they crashed into the ruins of Tokyo, debris flying into the sky as smoke rose from the dented armor. Mechagodzilla returned to its feet before turning towards the sky, immediately seeing the deity charge at him once again.

Their hands quickly rotated before unleashing a barrage of missiles at the deity, his eyes widening as he made quick maneuvers to evade the explosives, only for a few to land a direct hit. A series of explosions engulfed the thunder god, his roars of anguish echoing through the battlefield as they slammed into the ground with a thud. Smoke rose from his form as ichor spilled onto the ruined streets of Tokyo.

Mechagodzilla wasted no time, quickly breaking the distance by charging forward at full speed. The robotic colossus closed the gap between itself and the downed deity before he could even react, pulling its leg back and remorselessly kicking the god in the chest repeatedly.

Ichor splattered across the robot’s form in an instant. Balkzardan attempted to stand, only to be met with blows from the invader’s arms, repeatedly striking his skull with their full force. Cries of pain echoed through the battlefield with each strike, consciousness almost fading as the deity collapsed into the ground.

The battle had quickly turned to Mechagodzilla’s side, the brute mecha overwhelming him with sheer power alone. His full strength was lost as quickly as it came.

Was this the end of his story? Facing off against a war machine from the stars and barely even making a difference? He would disgrace the Earth, fall so easily while the others managed to push back the invasion.

No. Get up… Get up!

Balkzardan released a war cry towards the mechanical copy with all his strength, lightning striking the battlefield with immense hatred within his soul. He would destroy what stood in front of him at all costs!

Mechagodzilla aimed its hand at the downed skull of the earth defender, seeking to scatter the heroic kaiju’s brain matter across the battlefield… Only for something to call their attention

High above them within the storm, a challenger approached from above. Flames surrounded his maw before unleashing a ball of plasma at the mechanical invader, causing the head to quickly turn and fire Space Beams to intercept it.

An explosion engulfed the sky once they made contact, but then the artificial being charged forward, bursting from the flames at full speed as he roared.

The Guardian of the Universe landed amongst the ruins, debris flying into the air as he made impact. Smoke covered the vision of the doppelganger as their attention was drawn away from the wounded deity. Surely, they did not retain the strength to fight let alone stand. They would kill the turtle then return to finish off Balkzardan with a swift hand.

Gamera looked past his foe spotting the wounded guardian on the ground, he hoped to buy him some time to heal from his wounds. He was going to need it if they were to finish the growing thing that Bagan was facing.


Piercing eyes glared at the abomination before him. The forest deity flexed his claws as he shifted his sparking body to make himself look more imposing than he already was. He’d show this foul fiend what for, it would suffer his wrath! Manipulating the coursing energies around him, strands of lightning ascended over the towering behemoth, morphing into diamond-like spurs. The eradication of this heinous devil was not an option Bagan could afford to pass up on, and he was sure to relish every second of it.

Hedorah focused on the azure lozenges above the mountainous tyrant, almost entranced by their electrifying beauty. But even their dazzling light revealed a horrifying reality to the smog monster; its humid, sludge-like skin could feel the electrogenic properties of the orbiting rhombi, a sensation that brought dread and fear upon the polluted alien. Unnatural instincts informed the toxic spore that death would be brought upon it if it became entangled in the towering dragon’s electric might. And there was no exception to that.

But the time to act was now.

Crimson eyes began to intensify as Hedorah glared at the monstrosity that opposed it. As it did, the enormous sack that clung to its back began to swell and expand, filling up with sulfuric gasses waiting to spill. Bagan thought nothing of it, issuing a command of attack as the Diamond Storm rocketed from their stationary orbits and honed in on the sludge creature’s coordinates. Without missing a beat, jagged bolts of scarlet energy whizzed out of the lacrimal caruncle of its eyes, aimed precisely for the airborne targets swerving right towards the polluted fiend. A cascading explosion of electric pulses and toxic chemicals resounded in a fiery blast, but only two of them had been neutralized. The third was still active and in its sights. Using its unnatural physiology, Hedorah leapt to the side with a spring-propelled bound, evading the detonation of the blast at the last second.

Yet it wasn’t to say it avoided all of it, however.

The near impact of the blast left an electric aftershock in its wake, leaving a tingling sensation flowing through the smog monster’s body. A mere taste of what was to come if the polluted spore wasn’t quick on its feet. In retaliation, a porous pod exposed itself to the open and plastered a far-ranged bile of acidic sludge against the dense armor of the legendary dragon. Though its caustic properties sizzled away at the bronze bone, a quick and electrified finish made short work of the burning mud long before it could leave a permanent scar. With a fearsome glare from nature’s mightiest warrior, Bagan funneled his electric prowess into his right arm, raising it up.

Then, with a decisive swipe, fired off the arrow-like projectile.

The X-shaped slash grazed by the side of the swerving lump of pollutants, the creature’s physical fortitude allowing it to hold together despite the damages. A horrific shriek resounded from the alien animal, feeling its side violated by the unintentional dehydration from Bagan’s attack. A sudden rush of fear flooded its mind, only to be anchored by a violent rage that kept it going. This great beast of the Earth had to perish by its hands! And for its next method of attack, Hedorah charged forward with another tremendous leap, like a puppet pulled on strings, nearly flying in the air as it readied a body slam against the towering monolith.

Seeing the strange occurrence unfold before him, Bagan embedded his large and enormous legs into the broken earth below. Such forces trembled beneath his feet, vibrating the ground at such ferocity that one could mistake it for aftershocks of a large earthquake. At the moment of impact, the large body of Hedorah collided against the living mountain of bronze and ivory, but such a tactic barely even pushed the guardian back. But it was at this moment Bagan went on the offensive; drawing out his extended claws, coated with his electric might, the demon dragon plunged it straight into the vile body of the smog monster, electrocuting its innards with a sickening delight. Although Bagan felt his hand being eaten away by the corrosive mud, he knew his resilient armor would hold out until this cretin was all but dispatched of.

So much for a challenge. Victory was his for the taking!

Hedorah’s shrills echoed across the vacant battlefield, suffering from the thunderous torment of the devil god. But even amidst the agony, part of this had been a deliberate move on its part. Widening its crimson eyes, Hedorah began to flash an assortment of pinks and magentas, transmogrifying its bipedal figure into a more compact discus shape. In doing so, the gasses that filled the sack on its back began to compress out of the tube-like orifices of its new flying form, dispelling an unnatural amount of sulfuric acid mist in tremendous quantities. In an instant, the toxic smog consumed Bagan with its acidic wrath, forcing the grand and towering tyrant to pull out his claw from the flying Hedorah’s body.

If Bagan could breathe, then he could die.

A wild burst of dirty smog cascaded from the epicenter, rolling in waves of thick clouds that crushed everything around it. The fallout tainted life from the soil, corroding it in rust and sulfur, sapping the lifeblood of the Earth. A horrendous hacking pandemonium trembled from the core of the nasty fog, with ensuing spilling of saliva and regurgitation splattering on the ground below. Growing weak and weary from the sudden loss of breathing, a destructive aftershock shook the earth as the towering giant collapsed onto his hands and knees, wheezing for air. Tears welled from the acidic agitation, groaning in agonizing pain as the near-blinded Bagan aimlessly lashed out with his hands, feet, and tail, trying his damndest to fan out the thick cloud of sulfuric gas.

This was getting ridiculous…

After being freed from the demon’s grip, the discus organism hovered in low altitude, spewing noxious mist from its exhausts. A satisfying chirp reverberated from its vocal tract, orbiting the fallen forest guardian like a vulture to dying prey. When Hedorah decided to descend upon the ivory dragon, it was only appropriate to inflict insult to injury. Its eyes lit up, darting jagged chemical bolts into the thick armor of the warrior beast. Exploding and darkening the bronze shell that covered the demon’s body, the Hedrium rays scorched and scarred the exterior of the living mountain, the vile creature emitting a haughty laugh as it did so.

When its descent became critical, another flash of pinks and magentas signaled another transformation. Returning to its large, bipedal state, Hedorah slammed its entire mass upon the prone body of the violent dragon, clasping its oblong feet and perching upon the rugged armor of the powerful beast. The movement of the devil became exponentially weaker the more prolonged he was exposed to the tremendous gasses that filled the air. Then, with wicked glee, a foul and permeating stench overpowered the sulfuric cloud as liquidated mud flowed from the bowels of the alien spore onto its fallen foe.

Bagan could only howl in whimpering misery, all the while Hedorah stood atop, manically laughing at the suffering it inflicted. How the tables have turned! Although the fight was far from over, it seemed the worst among them was soon to be handily dealt with…


The wounded thunder god watched as a new ally arrived to his aid, though he could not truly see who it was due to the loss of blood. All he could hope for was to heal as another bought him time and repay the debt he owed this new beast.

Gamera roared at the alien automaton as he charged, flames surrounding his maw as he stormed through the ruins. The mechanical doppelganger prepared to unleash another volley of projectiles, only for hot plasma to strike across its chest. The blowback pushed it away as the turtle closed the distance.

Mechagodzilla swiftly fired its Space Beams from its eyes, attempting to strike true, but luck was on the terrapin’s side. The gigantic turtle quickly dodged out of the way and grabbed ahold of his enemy’s arm before lifting the war machine into the air and slamming it into the ground. Hot plasma surrounded his maw once again before unleashing fire balls directly at the downed invader.

The mechanical invader quickly swung upward at its adversary, pushing Gamera back as it made it back to its feet. Seeing an opening, Mechagodzilla continued to assault the guardian, repeatedly striking his skull and chest before the Atlantean creation reached out and grabbed both limbs.

The cosmic monster released a digital screech before unleashing flames from his nostrils, forcing Gamera to relinquish his hold on them. The artificial life form yelped in pain before a barrage of missiles struck his form, bright green ichor launched from the wounds as Gamera roared in agony. Smoke rose from his wounds as he slammed backwards into the ground, ringing echoed in his ears as he vomited blood.

Mechagodzilla approached the downed kaiju, aiming his hand at the skull of the reptile. If the war machine could smile, it would do so as it watched the hero fall…

A bolt of lightning struck the top of the machine, causing it to release a digital screech as they collapsed onto the ground. Balkzardan breathed heavily as he forced himself to his feet, though he did not have close to the time required to properly heal he needed to aid the guardian of the universe before it was too late.

As Mechagodzilla returned to its feet, the thunder god charged forward. Lighting trailing behind him as he attempted to circle around the mechanical menace, aiming to catch it off guard, only for the robot’s head to quickly spin around in an attempt to unleash his Space Beams at the charging elemental.

Gamera quickly reached up, grabbing ahold of Mechagodzilla’s arm and pulling, causing the cosmic monster to miss its shot entirely. The beams shot into the sky as the guardian slammed into it at full speed. Sparks flew as Mechagodzilla unleashed a digital screech, crashing into a nearby building.

Gamera quickly got back to his feet and began to slam them into the machine, forcing the robot’s form to go further into the concrete and ash with every strike. Balkzardan quickly joined, electrical energy surrounding his tusks as he began to rip into the Space Titanium. Sparks flew upward as the pair began to finally inflict damage, the metal giving away and tearing asunder.

The two charged their elemental attacks, aiming to finish this quickly with a decisive blow.

Mechagodzilla, however, had other plans.

The sadistic machine quickly ignited its jet boosters, managing to dodge the assault in a flash. The two looked towards the flying adversary turning around, Balkzardan immediately went to charge headfirst at the approaching enemy. But what awaited him was Mechagodzilla unleashing another volley of Space Beams at him.

The elemental dodged the attack just in time, only for the beams to strike their true target. Gamera’s shoulder erupted with a geyser of blood, the turtle roaring in pain as his flesh scattered across the battlefield.

Balkzardan grew rageful witnessing the display, wishing to end his opponent, but when he returned his attention to the task at hand, Mechagodzilla had slammed into him at top speeds. The two crashed into the earth, debris flying into the sky as the living storm roared in anguish.

Mechagodzilla took to the skies once again, letting the deity roll across the battleground before slamming into a building, glass and steel falling over from the resulting impact. The thunder god breathed heavily as he watched the robotic monster turn around before landing onto the ground, the fire from its jet thrusters ceasing as it made contact.

The third invader Mechagodzilla walked forward, releasing mechanical screeches as it approached the downed deity. Balkzardan coughed up blood as he forced himself back to his feet, electricity surrounded his being as he charged forward. The war machine quickly opened every port it could before unleashing all of its projectiles, the explosives igniting as they made contact with the ground. The legendary beast managed to dodge every attack as he charged forward before slamming into his adversary.

When the dark copy went to strike at the deity, Balkzardan simply vanished and struck another part of the body. He was going so fast as to leave afterimages after every attack, making it impossible for Mechagodzilla to track as it was being assaulted at every front.

The robot attempted to strike in the opposite direction, hoping to intercept the elemental. This only resulted in the thunder god sinking his fangs into Mechagodzilla’s right hand, and with a swift movement removing it from its form. Sparks sizzled out as Balkzardan dropped the limb onto the ground.

The robot stared at what remained of its arm, circuits sparking as they continued to try to function.

No matter.

Mechagodzilla returned its attention toward the pair that would dare stand against his masters. The robot unleashed a metallic screech as it stepped forward, aiming to unleash hell once more. The guardian of the universe quickly retreated into his shell before blue flames erupted from each leg hatch, taking to the sky as he spun at a rapid speed directly at the doppelganger

The robot raised its hand into the air, aiming to strike down the approaching guardian. Though before it could fire, it was interrupted as Balkzardan slammed into its form. The attack missed its target before Gamera slammed into the machine at full force, knocking the invader onto the ground.

As the guardian returned to the ground, he began to notice more dents and wires sparking. The black paint began to be chipped away, and though it was not very noticeable, the robotic terror was starting to melt. Gamera knew that he needed to bring the heat.

Flames once more began to surround his jaws, his twin tusks glowing a bright yellow as the intensity began to grow.

Mechagodzilla rose from the ground, covered in ash and heavily damaged before the terrapin unleashed a volley of fireballs at the rising mecha, sending it back with each blast. The robotic copy stood still for a moment, sparks shooting out from its broken limbs.

They could finish this one and return to the true threat nearby!

The thunder god charged forward, electrical energy trailing behind him as his horns glowed a bright vibrant yellow. The living storm forced his tusks into the hull of the alien invader, sending electricity throughout the body of the mecha. The deity attempting his best to short circuit the machine…

Gamera only had a moment to comprehend what was happening beforehand as a blinding light engulfed his vision, his eyes widening with horror as the explosives inside Mechagodzilla detonated. The guardian unleashed a roar of pain and fear into the sky as his scales burned and he was sent reeling…


Movement slowed to a crawl, the life and strength of the mighty dragon being extinguished by the poisonous pollutants propagated by the alien organism. Slimy and vile eyes gleamed at the fallen demon, carefully eyeing him until his spirit diminished from the husk he called a body. Acidic steam sizzled off the bronze armor, eating Bagan alive until he’d inevitably be reduced to dust and bones.

However, a burning starlight caught the smog fiend’s attention; radiant with a fiery orange glow, its obscured beauty was the fixation of the crimson-eyed creature from the Dark Gas Nebula. What it didn’t realize were the effects soon to follow, rocked by a devastating shockwave that threw the sludge beast off its prey and warped the smoggy air around it. In spite of this, the toxicity hung low, unmoved by the sudden blast of rushing air.

Hedorah rose from its rough landing, scanning its surroundings for anything off or peculiar. But the first oddity wasn’t from sight, but rather sound. The resounding echo of shredded air forced the titanic bile to redirect its eyes to the horizon, with the blazing light dimming. From the blast mark, a hurling body careened into the broken and fractured cityscape, the earth shaking rigorously from the violent impact. Once the dust had settled, it was then Hedorah could make out the shape of this fallen star; its feline-like body structure and twin tusks were the only identifiers of the deceased. Balkzardan laid as a corpse, charred beyond visible recognition and involuntarily bleeding out from its open wounds.

It was without question that Balkzardan was gone from this world. But kaiju have had a habit of unexpectedly making their contributions post mortem…

Preparing its ignition, Hedorah fired off darts of chemical beams at the corpse, enshrouding the marred body of Balkzardan in an explosive display of fire and toxicity. The chemical makeup of the beams ate away at the unmoving corpse, ensuring the true demise of the storm guardian. Twisting its head, Hedorah saw through fish-eye lenses the rain of petals decorating the sky. Black metal scattered across the battlefield, evermore evident that Mechagodzilla was truly disposed of. However, even further off, there was one more figure… One Hedorah would never let live. Flashing in multitudinous fuchsian colors, the sludge creature shapeshifted into its discus flying form, its crimson eyes steadfast on the last visible target in sight…

The chelonian protector let out a groan as he spat blood onto the ground, the ringing in his ears became deafening as his vision was obscured. The terrapin rose to his feet, standing tall for a moment, breathing heavily. He had no priestess, no way of properly healing.

His ally had made one mistake and it cost them his life, and now he himself was heavily wounded. Blood poured from the wounds across Gamera’s form, the gigantic turtle looking across his body, discovering massive shards of Mechagodzilla had lodged their way into his flesh from the detonation. He turned his head behind him, attempting to find Balkzardan’s corpse amongst the ruins, only to discover a crater in the explosion’s wake.

The artificial life form closed his eyes for a moment to respect the dead, the elemental deity deserved better than to be slain by his own attack. Gamera returned his attention to the thing he felt, the smog returning to poison the air after being disrupted, his lungs feeling as if acid had been poured into them. The Atlantean creation ceased his breathing as he walked forward, sealing his jaws shut and making sure he did not breathe through his nostrils.

Though it was faint, very faint, he felt Bagan’s energy nearby. It seemed that if they were to survive what he sensed within the smog they would need a miracle. Gamera felt it down to his core that this was the truth. Despite how he viewed life, the least he could do was awaken Bagan once more and destroy this threat to the planet…

In front of the terrapin, the smog began to glow red in the distance, seeming as if it was a glowing ruby amidst the ruins. The sight quickly alerted him to what was to come next. A red bolt of energy shot forth, bombarding against the plastron and immediately dropping the giant to the ground. An uttered groan of pain rushed through his body, forcing his maw to stay shut as to not breath in the fumes.

If he was to breathe, he would suffocate to death. The enemy was counting on this, it was toying with him!

Hedorah gurgled as the colossal pollution beast awaited a reaction, the blast striking true unto the battlefield, but missing its target. The wounded guardian barely managed to dodge the attack, ichor spilling to the ground as he forced most of his weight on his right leg. Unable to hold himself upright anymore, as his left leg had been broken by the explosion, adrenaline running its course.

The Flying Hedorah stared down at the wounded guardian, chuckling to itself as he struggled to even move. It mattered little how much effort the fool would try to win this battle. It would end the two guardians, and then choke this world with its presence; the last river running black, the last plant going extinct, fumes burning the very atmosphere of the planet to ensure life would never appear on this planet again.

The evolving pollution monster circled around as Gamera forced himself to move forward, sensing Bagan’s energy signature dropping rapidly. He needed to hurry and revive the ancient deity, or this entire world would suffer.

Hedorah shot a beam of energy from its eyes, this time landing its mark against Gamera’s shell, the terrapin’s cry of pain being muffled as he continued to march forward. Adrenaline pushed him through the pain; if he was to die here, he would die giving this world a chance. The turtle finally saw the bronze dragon, cracks and black marks laid across his form, smoking from the onslaught.

Just a little closer…

Gamera reached his hand out to the dragon, mana surrounding his hand causing it to glow yellow, ignited as if fireflies had surrounded his limb. Only together could they win, only together could they survive what was creating the smog.

Hedorah shot out a crimson beam of energy from its eye, the energy traveling across the ground before landing on the terrapin’s hand, scorching it immensely as green blood scattered and gushed from the wound. Gamera fell on the ground as he groaned with his gritted fangs, the pain making it hard to not scream in agony, but he pushed on, crawling towards the downed, bronze deity.

The smog monster grew tired of this foolishness, seeking to end the terrapin’s life, it charged forward. A trail of pollution followed as it descended, energy building within the sensitive organs once again. They would strike down the last hope swiftly and without mercy!…

A bright glow engulfed the alien’s sight as the smog began to dissipate, the flapping of wings echoing as a living comet stood still. The being chirped at Hedorah as it charged forward, they would dare disturb the planet’s balance and for that they would be silenced with swift action. The smog monster cried out as it grew closer to the anomaly, not being able to fully see what it was. As it raised its claws above their head and slammed the limbs, the manic pollutant beast was sent to the ground and crashed among the ruins.

Hedorah croaked as it began to flash magenta rapidly, once again changing form to its final form. The behemoth stood amongst the ruined city as it turned its gaze to the one responsible.

Gamera looked up at the star, its wings continuing to beat away the smog and clear the air, the terrapin being able to breathe once again. He took in rapid deep breaths, savoring the fresh air after minutes of smog, the turtle recognized the energy signature of this being.

It was her, his queen. And with her arrival, he would come to aid.

This world had a chance.

Mothra, Queen of the Monsters, had arrived to defend her home once more, her God Rays illuminating the vacant and devastated battlefield that was engulfed in darkness. The moth chirped at Gamera, asking if he was okay. The terrapin let out a small groan, confirming to her that he was alive. She had sensed that there were others sent by the planet to defend herself, but it seemed that Gamera was the only survivor. Her heart sank at the realization that she was not fast enough to aid the others. Now all she could do was avenge them and help slay the smog monster.

Gamera continued to crawl forward, his hand finally grasping the crown of Bagan’s head as it turned into a bright gold. A dazzling display danced around his fingers, the golden mana had purged Angira’s mind from the enslavement, surely it could awaken the forest guardian.

The terrapin closed his eyes as he focused his life energy into the wounded dragon, his strength quickly leaving him as he put more energy through. The bronze deity’s body twitched as his heart began to beat once again, strength returning to him as Gamera collapsed onto the ground unconscious.

Bagan’s now glowing eyes opened, the dragon quickly rose to his feet as he felt life flow through his veins once more. The forest guardian boomed a powerful roar into the sky as he returned to the battlefield. The living mountain looked down and saw Gamera wounded and unconscious, ichor flowing from the open wounds onto the ground. He was alive, but barely, the artificial being forced into hibernation after transferring his mana into him.

The forest deity nodded to the fallen reptile, thanking him for giving him and this world their last hope. If he survived this ordeal, he owed the terrapin his life.

Bagan turned his attention to the threat at hand and the new arrival, sensing the energy he hadn’t felt since the fateful duel with Orochi many moons ago. The divine moth had come to intercept this new threat, though he and her kind had not always agreed on things, he would owe this one for arriving to aid.

The dragon’s train of thought ceased as he felt water against his feet, causing the deity to turn his attention behind him. The guardian devil smiled, as what approached sealed Hedorah’s fate.

The ancient king of the titans stepped forward, flexing his muscular form as Hedorah took notice of his presence, the smog monster chirping at this new challenger. Jagged dorsal spines covered his back and tail, sharp claws twitched in anticipation, yellow eyes staring with malice as razor sharp fangs were revealed in the creature’s maw. The king puffed in his chest before unleashing a roar at the invading alien.

Godzilla, the Apex of Strength, had at last emerged onto the mainland. Finally catching up to his fellow guardians, though he felt remorseful at the loss of life from his untimely arrival. The apex’s gaze shifted to Gamera, the hero of children clinging to life as his healing factor began to make work on the wounds.

He then spotted a dismembered corpse of a kaiju in the distance, the only thing recognizable being twin tusks that sat on its form. The skin charred and blood oozed from the carcass, parts of the thunder god scattered across the battlefield, Balkzardan had been slain. The ancient king returned his attention to Hedorah, growling as he got into a running position. It had dared slay one of Mother Earth’s guardians and bring about the destruction of this once lively city.

Godzilla charged forth with rage, each step breaking apart what remained of the environment. Hedorah braced for impact from the oncoming reptile, only for Mothra to fire a ball of silk at the smog monster. The attack splattered directly in the creature’s line of sight, covering the face momentarily as the Titan Alpha slammed his bulk into the pollution beast.

The silk quickly dissolved as Hedorah’s body devoured it, the smog monster laughing as the ancient Godzilla raised his hand, slashing into the chemical beast’s flesh. Upon inflicting the wound, smoke rose from the hand of the prehistoric reptile as black goop was sent flying. The king screamed as he backed away, giving Hedorah a chance to fire the Hedrium Ray, striking Godzilla’s shoulder blade and triggering an explosive burst across his upper body.

The alpha titan raised his leg above Hedorah’s form, aiming to stomp on the alien, only for sludge to slam into his chest. Godzilla cried out in agony as he finally let Hedorah free, smoke rising from his chest from the pollution.

As the acidic behemoth rose to its feet, Bagan charged forward, electricity surrounding his arm as he aimed to puncture Hedorah. His plan had almost worked to rid the universe of this disgusting intruder, now he would end this with swift action!

The Dark Nebula entity quickly evaded the attack before slamming its mass into the dragon, merely halting the behemoth in its tracks before once again unleashing its Hedrium Ray across the forest deity’s chest. Bearing the brunt of the pain, Bagan mustered his almighty strength to hurl the gargantuan pile of sludge off of him, though the ensuing impact did little to harm the amorphous organism. Hedorah’s eyes remained lighted in a crimson glow, discharging bolt after bolt of its Hedrium Rays. Despite the noxious fumes from the explosive blasts, Bagan remained vigilant and put his hands in front of himself, neutralizing the jagged bolts that vanished into thin air. Even if no harm was inflicted, Hedorah chuckled in amusement as it continued its onslaught.

However, a rageful shrill caught the multicellular organism’s attention. When Hedorah turned to the source of the obnoxious sound, the stench-filled ghoul was greeted by the sight of a brilliant, blinding light. A confused trill emanated from the towering sludge beast, their sight becoming compromised from the illuminating God Rays that blinded it. Redirecting its target from the dragon to the moth, jagged bolts tried aimlessly to strike the divine moth, only to miss each subsequent time. Panic was overwhelming the foul cretin, trying its damndest to eliminate this pest from its sights.

This gave Bagan the ample opportunity to push forward.

Electrical hues wrapped around his body as he charged forward, slamming his mass into Hedorah’s form with a vicious body strike, sending the beast soaring through the ruined city at Mach speeds. Unable to recalibrate, the extraterrestrial screeched as it made landfall with a thunderous crash. The alien attempted to rise to its feet, only for Godzilla to slam his foot into their back as his spines illuminated blue, his maw becoming a gateway to power as his atomic blast was unleashed upon the invader.

While the radiation within the flames merely caused an electrifying spark from the chain reaction of its chemical makeup, it still stung. The heat was drying out its moisture, something Hedorah needed to survive. The smog monster was quick to make action and lifted itself up, forcing Godzilla backward before crashing into a building, still pouring nuclear flames. Ceasing the discharge, the ancient, alpha predator growled as he was quick to catch himself and immediately charged forth once again.

Hedorah went to fire another Hedrium Ray, only for Mothra’s stinger to stab into their eye. The goddess screamed as sludge quickly emerged from the organ. The Queen of the Monsters quickly retreated as Hedorah screamed in pain, the smog monster fired off sludge directly at the moth, only for its vengeance to be cut short as Godzilla slammed into their mass.

He pushed the fiend into Bagan’s form, the forest deity smiling as he raised both hands above his head, slamming them into Hedorah’s cranium, causing the pollution beast to crash into the ground with a hideous screech of pain.

As its form rose up, it locked eyes with the charging alpha titan, seeing a glimpse of the reptile before he slammed his foot into the grotesque mass. Bagan returned the favor by slamming his foot on its back, holding them in place as Godzilla reached down and began to slash furiously into Hedorah’s form, sludge scattering in all directions as the monster king roared.

This was enough.

Hedorah began to flash rapidly in bright magentas, changing its form once again and separating into the horde once more, multiple flying and land forms laughing as they surrounded the trio, the three roaring in unison as they charged forward.

Three diamond shaped objects appeared in the sky, glowing bright before being sent down at the horde, managing to instantly eliminate some of them. Bagan extended a mocking grin as the land type Hedorah screeched in pain before being reduced to ash. The wrathful deity making the invader feel just a taste of what they had done to him filled the dragon with pride, a feeling that would continue as he ravaged through them.

Among the set of discus Hedorahs that took to the skies, Mothra pursued them with utmost perseverance, pinning her diminutive body upon one of the manta-like creatures and slashing open the frail flesh with her scythe-like appendages. Although they burned from the residual toxicity that lurked within, she had successfully drawn blood, spraying all across the sky as the Hedorah reverberated an anguished plea. The other veered in from behind, charging its optic lasers with the intent to kill. Noticing this, the cerulean moth pushed off the wounded Hedorah, avoiding the jagged, scarlet bolt in the nick of time.

Twisting in midair, Mothra took flight and aimed to shred the other Hedorah with her natural defenses. But alas, a sudden jolt of chemical energy darted from the eye to the imitation eye that graced her wing, rendering the majestic insect unable to fly, catapulting towards the ground. Although it was a rough landing, Mothra caught herself by firmly planting her dexterous limbs on the broken concrete, prepared to take flight once more. But before she could, the slimy warbles of the diminutive Land Hedorahs caught her attention as they surrounded her. They were eager, hungry for more. But she wouldn’t stay for the party, igniting her God Rays that dispelled the hideous creatures into the distance, then with a powerful flap, she recalibrated her flight and continued to pursue the airborne ones.

Azure wrath fired upon the smaller land Hedorahs that approached, causing the smog monsters to recoil in pain. But they still continued forward, quickly surrounding the monster king. Another blaze swooped over the terrestrial-based aliens, torching them in the fury of blue flames. Godzilla bellowed a booming roar, asserting his authority over the smaller creatures. But they did not heed his warning. One of the Hedorahs leaped up, smacking its body across the face of the ancient leviathan. Another followed suit, then another and another until Godzilla lost his equilibrium, collapsing onto the ground. Repeatedly the Hedorahs battered their amorphous limbs against the king’s tough hide, eating away at his armor plating with their acidity.

All the while, the great demon beast roared defiantly. The furious deity slashed the air, sending a wave of electrically imbued energy at a cluster of Hedorahs. Their screeches brought great pleasure as their demise was imminent. However, this was not the last of them. Sickening plops curled around the giant dragon’s tail, knowing full well the Hedorahs had full intentions to smother him to death. Channeling his bioelectric energies, Bagan flicked his whip-like tail, throwing the foul abominations through the sky, solidifying from the coursing electricity. Then, as they hardened, they scattered into billions of fractured pieces upon impact.

Bagan grew weary of this “game,” determined to vanquish the threat posed by this hideous fiend. For they were the only ones that could. All that mattered now was persistence and seeing it through to the end…

Playing a tight balancing act in maintaining aerial buoyancy, Mothra swerved to her left. A jagged bolt zipped past her, barely grazing her wings. Turning still, the divine moth made a full u-turn as she raised her massive stinger, shrieking with the fury of Mother Nature. As her small body slammed against the anterior of the organic saucer, she plunged her giant stinger into the crimson orb of the foul alien. Hedorah screeched in trilling agony, mud-like blood spraying from the freshly carved wound. Mothra likewise shrieked in resounding pain, feeling the chemical compounds disintegrate her natural exoskeleton. Pressing against its slimy skin, Mothra sent the airborne Hedorah spiraling out of the air, towards the vicious Bagan. She was confident he could dispose of it.

But where was the other one?

Her blue compound eyes surveyed the surrounding skies for any trace of it, and it didn’t take long to register its trajectory. But her eyes widened when she realized the nature of the situation. The second flying Hedorah veered downward, its eyes discharging bolt after bolt down to the ground. And at the surface lay the smothered monster king, trying to tear the damned cretins off of himself. The chemical beams erupted around the fallen apex predator, piercing through the layer of Hedorahs and burning his armored skin. Such a state made the invincible Godzilla look helpless by comparison.

She knew what she had to do.

With a loud, shrilling chirp, Mothra accelerated in speed, hoping to sideline the descending saucer. But the Hedorah was quick to evade, veering out of the way as Mothra zoomed past, falling close to the ground. If nothing else, she was prepared to give it all. She saw his continual suffering at the hands of the dreaded pollutant, hoping to vanquish the darkness once and for all! Her body began to shine in holy majesty, the God Rays exhuming Godzilla with tremendous winds and divinity as the Hedorahs scattered.

His will proved strong, but his flesh was faltering. But with the beauty and grace of the divine moth upon him, there was a warmth that brought comfort in this cold, harsh battle for the world. But such luxury was only for a moment. Mothra uttered her last screech before a pair of crimson bolts took her from the back, tearing through her body without thought or remorse. In an instant, Mothra was gone, scattered as a wave of shining light and luminescent dust.

The light of hope for this world’s salvation.

Even though she had died for him and his long-gone kind time and time again, a heaviness sank in the depths of Godzilla’s soul. Their symbiosis tied them together, which made it all the more painful when they were torn apart. But as a parting gift, the beautiful scales slipped through the cracks of Godzilla’s physiology, coursing new life through his aged veins. A flash of red permeated his body, his rage building more and more. Now was not the time for grief; the fight would never allow him to. With the light fading away, the lurching darkness returned–with eager and utmost delight.

The Hedorahs covered the mighty king once more, his screams of anguish being silenced as the horde converged on top of him. The smog monsters laughed with glee as smoke rose from the body, their acidic makeup beginning to take its toll. It burned through flesh and muscle within seconds, they would reduce the ancient titan to sludge!

A bright red glow began to illuminate through the horde, the beings of the Dark Gas Nebula crying out in pain as Godzilla forced himself up, their forms steaming as scales flashed red. The ancient alpha predator unleashed a roar as his chest glowed bright orange, the cracks within his scales turning into a crimson red as power spread throughout his body, embers rising into the sky as the process continued to engulf his entire form.

Lightning struck the earth as the ascension began. Though he did not have power over the storm, it seemed as if Mother Earth herself was acknowledging his power. The monster king flexed his claws as the power reached his arms, his tail slamming into the ground as steam rose from the power limb, the reptile puffing in his chest before unleashing a gateway into oblivion. His atomic flames now burned with fury as the elemental power returned back to his head, engulfing his face before ceasing.

Godzilla now stood reborn as a deity, the steel that remained around him melting at his presence, a thrum echoing across the land before the scarlet beast unleashed a roar at the horde.

Burning Godzilla had arrived.

Bagan smiled with pride, it has seemed that the symbiosis between the queen and king has awakened a power within them, the ancient dragon sensing the two now bound by spiritual energies.

If this was any other day, he would have challenged the ancient alpha, his hand shaking with excitement at what was transpiring, though that would have to be saved for another time. The mighty forest deity moved out of the way, wishing to see this display of strength from the ascended King.

The airborne Hedorah from above quickly fired their Hedirum Rays at the beast, the energy attack only being absorbed into Godzilla’s form, prompting him to smile as he opened his maw. A gateway to Hell revealed itself before unleashing a stream of scarlet atomic flames, the power quickly washing over the saucer, disintegrating it to ash. Then with a quick flex, rageful flames washed over several members of the horde, causing them to scream as they attempted to retreat.

Their attacks were now useless and the alpha could now kill them! It mattered not that they were immune to the radioactive material, the power boost had simply disintegrated those who tried to flee in vain!

Energy bounced between his dorsal spines like lightning as the ancient King raised his leg, energy climbing before unleashing an Atomic Pulse across the battlefield. From the booming pulse, Mothra’s wings spread out from his back, the large dome of energy burning away the fleeing Land Hedorahs in an instant, the symbiosis-combined roars haunting the last moments of the horde.

The other Flying Hedorah, missing an eye, attempted to pummel Godzilla’s form with acidic sludge, hoping to melt away the burning god, only for all hope to be dashed as the pollution burned away before it could even harm the beast. Atomic energy once again climbed into his maw before unleashing his signature attack at the approaching fiend, the power of the atom rushing towards it. Before it could take evasive maneuvers, it was overtaken by the flames.

The few remaining Hedorahs attempted to flee past Bagan, the fear within them forgetting the forest deity’s presence before electrical energy surrounded his head, with three rhombi appearing in the sky. Their diamond forms were sent to the ground and slammed into a few of the Hedorahs, the energy burning through them until all that remained was dust.

The phantom beast reached down and grabbed a remaining Hedorah, the smog monster yelping in fear as he tossed it at the walking star, Burning Godzilla’s jaws sinking into it before thrashing his head back and forth as he reached up with hands. Heated talons sunk into the pollution beast before ripping in two, the two halves burning into embers rising into the sky within a moment.

The divine fire charged forward, each step melting the ruined concrete beneath his feet as he entered a sprint. Raising his foot before slamming it into one of the hordes, burning it in an instant as another Atomic Pulse engulfed the area. As long as breath left his lungs, he would make sure none of them escaped on this day!

The attack engulfed a large portion of the fleeing horde, only having three remaining as they attempted to get to the sea, their gurgled cries of fear being silenced by the burning god’s rage. The elemental once again charged forward, this time lifting his tail and swinging mid run, managing to strike one of the last smog monsters into the sky. The strike burned across the pollution beast’s form as they caught fire, slamming into the ground.

The last two ignored the frequency within their mind, somehow pushing past it as animalistic instinct took over, the predator quickly becoming prey as atomic energy climbed up their attacker’s throat. The flames bursting forth and striking them both with swift precision, the pair cried out in agony as the flames consumed them. Dropping onto the ground, flailing in a last attempt to cling to life, only to stop moving as their souls left their bodies.

Ash flew into the sky as flames burned at the ruined city, the crimson lord of the planet roaring to the heavens as the energy disappeared, the king’s appearance quickly returning to his original form. Godzilla took in deep breaths as he forced himself to stand, he had slain the last of the invasion force here, but the battle had taken quite the toll on his body.

Though he would need to put the rest of his strength into what was to come, turning in unison with Bagan as they sensed what was to come.

The war had not finished, they were heading straight to their destination. He wished to recover before facing the Golden Demise, but it seemed that might not be as long as he hoped…


Skull Island Facility

Doctors surrounded Miki as she screamed in her sleep, the young psychic seeing a lifetime of genocide and hatred within the Xilien creation had brought a great strain on her mind and body. A void that those with weaker minds could not hope to escape.

The young woman’s mentor watched from outside of the room, watching as the doctors injected a sedative into her arm.

“Ken,” the older man turned to see Dr. Ibuki standing beside him, “She is going to be okay.”

“How the hell do you know that, Goro? She looked into the mind of that abomination. There is no telling what being exposed to such evil will do to her.”

“She once connected with Godzilla, and though it brought a strain on her mind, she retained herself in the end. I have faith she will be alright.”

Ken continued to stare down at the floor, though the words brought a sense of hope, he still feared the worst for his apprentice. She was still so young, with a whole life in front of her. He only hoped that she would make it through this endeavor.

Goro walked forward, reaching out with his hand to place on his friend’s shoulders, only for the sound of rushing footsteps to catch their attention. The two men turned to see Dr. Azusa running toward them, panting as a look of hope lay on her face.

“Dr. Ibuki, we have found a life sign among the dead! Kong survived!” Ibuki’s eyes widened in shock before responding.

“Send in as many medical teams as we can, it is a miracle that he was even capable of surviving that onslaught, and I will not let him perish.”

“Yes sir!”

The good doctor had felt useless during the slaughter of Earth’s defenders; they stood and watched as the best line of defense for their planet was butchered. But they could at least save Kong.

Goro Ibuki quickly followed Azusa Gojo into the headroom, the pair looking to join the medical team on the surface.


The Walls, Timeline 139

The two Futurians walked down from the bay of their ship, a futuristic gun wrapped onto the young woman’s back. She took a breath of fresh air as she looked at the group of people waiting for them.

“You two are finally ready I see.” The pair looked to the newly appointed captain of the Scout Regiment, gaining a glare from the soldier.

“Apologies Captain Levi, we needed to check on the systems before we left.” Emmy said as she approached her horse, quickly climbing onto the animal.

“Then let’s get a move on then.” The group began to move forward, starting their journey to a mechanical city beyond the walls. M-11 quickly charged to the front of the group, making sure that the path in front of them had no threat. Their journey was long and it was better to keep all cards close to the chest than risk failure.

Winner: Bagan, Godzilla (Legendary)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles