Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

Thorny tendrils lashed out, impaling thick layers of crimson rostrum, but its pain did not end there. After breaching its crustacean hide, green acidic blood seeped out, melting the internal organs around it. The painful screams of the wicked devil reverberated off the valley walls. Pain, it was a custom it rarely knew. The extended horn jutting out of its head pulsated with an inner glow, vexing its frustrations.

Hundreds of yards away, the genetic abomination known as Biollante bellowed its challenge. It was one of the most horrible roars ever heard, even the demonic beast hesitated in launching its assault. Lavender-hued energies shot out of its maw, striking the superplant in its humongous throat. Destructive energies shredded Biollante’s emerald flesh, torrents of acidic blood spraying out of her wounds. But within seconds, the plant-like chimera regenerated the damage. Though Biollante could heal her wounds, she could not numb the pain. Seeing its foe distracted, the nasal horn transformed into a sharp energetic blade and, with one swipe, chopped the tendrils in half. The rendered tendrils took refuge beneath the soil.

Destructive energies departed from its vile maw. Once more, Biollante screamed in distress as her neck exploded in a shower of sparks and blood. Not waiting for its foe to regenerate, the demon flapped its ghastly wings and flew to meet its foe head on. Hordes of tentacles sprung out of the foliage, ambushing the flying juggernaut. Biollante closed its mammoth jaws, pleased to hear the devil’s outrage. With the help of gravity, the tendrils pulled the spawn of destruction out of the sky and into the forest. Its impact caused columns of trees and dirt to erupt hundreds of feet into the air. No matter how hard it thrashed, it could not resist its tethering constraints.

Suddenly, a large shadow appeared over the fallen crustacean. Biollante charged forward, shaking the entire valley in the process. But something was amiss as the enormous plant beast came to a stop. Biollante gaped at the downed beast before it; unlike her brethren, Biollante harbored both the fury of a giant and the spirit of a human being. Her animal instincts feared the vile creature lying before it, but her spirit sensed something far more sinister. The floral around her began to sing, recounting an ancient history of a being even older than plantlife. She could only evision a glimpse of the destroyer’s past, horrified by the slaughter it wrought and the mayhem it savored. Its baptism of carnage could be traced all the way to its genetic code. It was a living sin, a creature forged to kill all life, and loved every second of it.

It was the devil of the Earth—a Precambrian terror known as Destoroyah.

Destoroyah mocked the artificial creature with its fiendish laugh, sensing the fear-induced hesitance on her part. Biollante opened her gargantuan jaws, revealing hundreds of sharp teeth. Bolts of emerald energy gathered at the base of her reconstructed throat. Sparkling acid spewed forth, dowsing the entire upper body of the crimson beast. While the tendrils were immune to the burning sap, Destoroyah was not so fortunate. Smoke sizzled off the destroyer’s bubbling carapace, it could not scream in agony because its vocals were melting. Biollante watched in silence as the demon before it sank into a puddle of dissolved flesh. She opened her jaws, roaring in triumph.

Amber hued beams darted into Biollante’s backside, creating dozens of explosions. Biollante roared in anguish, turning her massive head, surveying the landscape for her new adversary. Above the enchanted forest, hovered the anti-kaiju super robot MOGUERA, its shimmering eyes powered down. Beyond thick layers of armor, advanced gadgetry, and whirling machines, three human pilots sat in the cockpit, gaping at the digital screen in front of them.

In the center sat Major Akira Yuki, a rugged man who beheld Biollante with boredom. “I’d say we got its attention,” he muttered.

To his left, Lieutenant Koji Shinjo breathed with a heavy sigh. He gripped the joysticks, ready for battle. Unlike Yuki, Shinjo was a complacent soldier, unafraid to show at least some emotion. On the far right, Lieutenant Kiyoshi Sato did the opposite. He was younger than his copilots, all this was to him more like a dream than reality. Every few seconds, he’d grip the joysticks, then he’d recheck the controls to make sure everything was operational, and after that, he’d wipe the sweat from his face. Yuki ignored him; Shinjo, on the other hand, kept staring at him, amused.

“How are you holding up?” Shinjo asked, knowing it was a stupid question.

“Never been better,” Sato gulped.

Shinjo shook his head. “Try not to get us killed, okay?”

Sato nodded. Yuki magnified the image, zooming in on Biollante’s hideous features. He was looking for a weakness. Sensors ran a diagnostic on the glowing core nestling within its stomach. It took a full minute for the computers to determine its purpose. On Sato’s personal computer monitor, the information revealed itself.

“It-it would appear the-the glowing sack serve-serves,” Sato stuttered as he shared the information.

“Sato, stop and take a breather,” Yuki commanded, “Shinjo.”

Shinjo read the report, revealing Biollante’s core was in fact a massive organ. It functioned as both the brain and the heart, and also housed a great deal of energy. X-rays showed it funneling energy to its mouth, where it energized the organ it used to spray acid.

“In other words, we’ll stay as far back as we can,” Yuki simplified.

“You know, this wasn’t the creature we were sent to fight,” Shinjo revealed.

“Your point being?” Yuki asked.

“What-what he’s saying is, we were sent here to neutralize the Destroyer creature,” Sato elaborated.

Yuki sighed. “Our primary objective is the eradication of all giant monsters. Tell me gentlemen, am I looking at a giant monster or an endangered plant?”

“Um, both actually,” Sato retorted.

Yuki glared at him, ignoring Shinjo’s chuckles. “Still, if this creature can defeat Destroyer, then we should exterminate it.”

“Records show it to be an experiment of the late Dr. Shiragami,” Shinjo revealed. “I thought Godzilla destroyed it.” Whenever Godzilla was brought up, Yuki winced. Today was no exception. “Sorry,” Shinjo said, knowing one of Yuki’s best friends died while fighting the monster years before.

“Target Biollante’s core with the SGMs,” Yuki ordered, ignoring the past.

The cone shaped hands of the machine opened. Wedged inside, the metallic bodies of the spiral grenade missiles waited. Biollante growled, drooling acid. A part of her did not desire to kill human life; the other half was not as forgiving. Yet the human half managed to keep a level of constraint. Biollante waited to see what MOGUERA planned to do. Never before had she seen such a large, magnificent robot; though its colors were a dull silver-gray and light blue, it was an amazing machine.

“Fire,” Yuki instructed.

Two spiral grenade missiles shot out of their ports and soared to Biollante. Within a matter of seconds, they were halfway there. Tendrils burst out of the ground, swatting the missiles off course. MOGUERA’s pilots watched as two separate explosions lit up the distant backdrop, shadows and fading light danced across the flora-beast’s still shape. An eerie, grimacing aura surrounded her imposing figure as Biollante hurled more tendrils at the robot.

“Get us moving Shinjo!” Yuki barked.

Treads of the mighty machine whirred and and revved into reverse, enabling MOGUERA to slide backwards and blast the tendrils to pieces with its plasma blasters. Ripped and bleeding profusely, Biollante’s tendrils returned to her. MOGUERA watched from a safe distance, waiting for her to retaliate, yet the green goliath did not. Instead, Biollante glowered at her robotic adversary, infuriated by its intrusion.

“Why isn’t it attacking?” Sato asked.

Neither Yuki nor Shinjo knew.

Acidic saliva dribbled out of Biollante’s jaws. It took every fiber of her spirit to shackle the beast within. In the past, Biollante annihilated humans in moments of rage. For now, she had control, but that control was fragile. Should MOGUERA attack her once more, Biollante would be forced to unleash her wrath.

“Fire all weapons,” Yuki commanded, losing his patience.

Shinjo and Sato didn’t know why they hesitated. There was an unexplainable feeling crawling up their spines, a profound sense of wrong. These feelings, however, paled in comparison to the sense of dread Yuki confided. Buttons were pressed, triggers pulled.

Yellowish light illuminated the eyes of the talpid machine. Its cone shaped arms widened, exposing its spiral grenade missiles. Its chest compartment opened, making way for a maser projector. Steam hissed out of Biollante’s gruesome jaws, thorny tendrils unraveling the surface, rising to defend their mother.

It was a standoff.

MOGUERA was a machine, devoid of sentience, showing no emotion whatsoever. So when its pilots gave the command to fire all weapons, it did so in a detached manner. Its eyes fired streaks of golden light as the chest maser unleashed a controlled blast of plasma. Biollante recoiled as the energies dug into her body, vaporizing her flesh, disemboweling her organs, and spurting green acidic blood out of her ravaged pores.

Biollante’s painful wails reverberated off the colossal figure that opposed her, but the onslaught was not finished as the spiral grenade missiles jumped out of their ports. Spear-like tendrils tried to intercept them, but before they could, they were shot down by the plasma laser cannons of the silver automaton. Helpless, Biollante watched the spiral grenade missiles bury their spinning heads into her burnt core. Seconds later, the missiles detonated, engulfing her in a blinding explosion.

Amidst the blinding inferno, the pilots spotted Biollante’s wavering silhouette.

“How could it still be alive? You did hit the core, right?” Yuki demanded.

“Of course,” Shinjo replied. “Uh, I mean, yes sir!”

“Damn it, then how do we kill it?” Yuki asked.

“Dropping a nuke on it, maybe?” Sato recommended. His response did not merit Yuki’s cold glare. In fact, it made the captain actually consider using a nuclear device. But there were no thermonuclear weapons onboard. Whilst its weapons could eventually rival the output of a nuclear weapon, it lacked its immediate potency.

Shinjo peered at the computer screen. “Hold on,” he said, “sensors show Biollante channeling energy.”

“Meaning?” Yuki inquired, wanting an immediate answer.

“Meaning she needs energy to regenerate like all living creatures,” Shinjo revealed. “Biollante is harvesting energy from the soil. If we inflict enough damage, she might not be able to heal her wounds. That is if enough of her energy is depleted.”

“How much damage needs to be inflicted to do that?” Sato asked before Yuki could.

Shinjo read the data. With a heavy sigh, he replied, “A lot.”

“Fire all weapons again,” Yuki commanded. It was then Biollante retaliated, her tendrils bursting forth, entangling the talpid robot by the legs and arms. “Damn it, looks like we’re no longer out of range!”

MOGUERA’s eyes fired its lasers. A few vines were blown apart, yet many thrived to constrict and pierce. Two tendrils slithered into the cone shaped arms, ripping out the spiral grenade missiles before they could be used again. One spear-tipped vine slashed the air, targeting the chest dish. The maser retreated behind sliding armor before the tendril smashed into it. Another wrapped around its neck and head to strangle it, but the machine had no need for oxygen much to the beastial plant’s ignorance. The black nose drill activated, shredding the tendril, splashing acid over its armor.

Rocket thrusters roared to life, incinerating the binding tendrils as MOGUERA ascended high into the sky, bombarding Biollante with its energy weapons. MOGUERA’s hands closed, radiating an azure glow. If it could not deploy its spiral grenade missiles, then it would utilize its auto-tracking lasers instead. Blue lasers seared the air, joining the plasma lasers in their assault. Biollante howled in rage as explosions shredded her body.

MOGUERA hovered out of the superplant’s reach. No matter the firepower at its disposal, it could not destroy the enemy. In retrospect, Biollante lacked the means of reaching the robot. And even if she could, her spirit lacked the conviction to kill.

“So it’s a stalemate,” Yuki realized.

“Should we retreat?” Shinjo asked.

Yuki didn’t answer. As of yet, Commando Aso hadn’t given the order. If they did without his approval, they’d be chewed out, stripped of their rank, and dishonorably discharged. And if they were lucky, it’d be in that order. Then again, retreating could save more lives. If they continued fighting, MOGUERA could be lost. If the robot was destroyed, then Mankind’s efforts in protecting its people would be futile. Only Kiryu and Mechagodzilla would be there in Mankind’s time of need.

Decisions, decisions…

“Patch me into headquarters,” Yuki instructed. Shinjo did, the screen showing Biollante split in two. One showed the vile monster; but the other showed an even viler monster: Commander Aso.

Shinjo and Sato tried not to look into the Commander’s eyes. It was a sign of respect and fear. While Commander Aso was not always a grump, his bulldog tenacity was infamous. Years of fighting Godzilla and others like him had made Commander Aso a weary, livid man. He was a ticking time bomb, one that had the nasty habit of going off whenever Yuki opened his mouth.

“Commander, permission to retreat,” Yuki asked.

“What?” Commander Aso barked. At first, he was sitting behind a desk, surrounded by other military officials. Then he stood up, frowning.

“No need to blow a fuse,” Yuki said. “Honestly, the look on your face is enough to make even King Ghidorah jealous.”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear your bullshit, Major. We are not cowards! And I especially do not like being compared to a monster responsible for millions of deaths! Do you hear?” Commander Aso shouted.

“Commander, retreating doesn’t make us cowards,” Yuki refuted.

“Oh? Has the Destroyer creature been defeated yet?” Commander Aso scorned.

“No,” Yuki admitted.

“Then you stay there and finish the job!”

“We’re not fighting Destroyer anymore, we’re fighting Biollante.”

Commander Aso stared at them, awestruck.

“Biollante you say?”


“That explains why our satellite transmission was disrupted,” Commander Aso admitted. “It always had the habit of jamming our instruments.”

“Commander, we’ve tried everything. Biollante cannot be stopped, not like this.”

Commander Aso scowled. “So you attacked Biollante without my permission and now you want to retreat with my permission? Who the hell do you think you are? This is worse than the time you tried killing Godzilla with a bullet!”

Yuki had enough. “Shinjo, terminate the transmission.”

Once more, Biollante filled up the entire screen, bringing an end to Commander Aso’s tantrum. Though nobody said anything, all three pilots silently agreed they’d rather be with the monster than with their Commander. Eager vines flailed around her, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. It was a menacing sight, as Biollante was reputable for towering above most kaiju. Only the brave or the insane had ever dared to fight her. MOGUERA’s pilots pondered if they were both.

To ease the tension, Sato took his eyes off the leviathan to face Yuki.

“You did try killing Godzilla with a bullet, didn’t you?” he laughed. “I almost forgot!”

Yuki wasn’t laughing.

“Shinjo, get us out of here,” Yuki decided at last. “We’re retreating.”

“Without the Commander’s approval,” Shinjo warned.

Yuki didn’t say anything more. Nodding, Shinjo did what he was told. Beyond the cockpit walls, hidden machines clattered to life, relaying the new commands, thrusters burning up more fuel. But then an alert popped up on Shinjo’s screen, an erratic energy signal was detected inside Biollante.

“Wait, something’s happening,” Shinjo declared.

Smoke seeped out of Biollante’s flesh. She writhed in agony as destructive energies flayed her body, destroying her tendrils. Biollante roared, focusing her unearthly eyes on MOGUERA. In a flash, her benign spirit was usurped by the beast within. She could not control her fury anymore. Acid poured out of her mouth, dissolving fields of trees in an instant. Her efforts were futile, for no matter how hard she sprayed, her acid could not reach MOGUERA.

The robot didn’t retaliate.

“It thinks we’re attacking her,” Sato noted.

“What is attacking her?” Yuki demanded.

Shinjo didn’t know.

Waters churned beneath Biollante’s bulk. Crimson bolts surged through her veins, ravaging her insides. Flashes of light and green energies slithered out of her core, trying to reconstitute from the inflicted damage, but her cells were being attacked on a molecular level. Slowly, the beast’s plantlike flesh dissolved from its pores. It was disgusting. Her bones and entrails were exposed now. Sato tried not to vomit. Shinjo watched in horror as Biollante eroded before his very eyes. In desperation, the genetic mutation initiated her own physical demise, a cloud of glowing spores obscuring her damaged figure. To escape death, Biollante returned to her primitive state, where spirit and nature alike thrived. MOGUERA watched in silence as millions of spores ascended to the heavens.

“Is Biollante dead?” Sato asked.

“No,” Shinjo said. “According to our data, Biollante has done this before. She’ll settle in Earth’s orbit, feeding off sunlight until she has enough energy to rejuvenate. We haven’t seen the last of Biollante.”

“But what did this to her?”

Computer diagnostics answered Sato’s question. Alarms blared throughout the cockpit. Emergency overrides offered their recommendations. Yuki sat up, glaring at the bubbling soil, the spot where Biollante once stood.

“Oh my God,” Shinjo exclaimed. “I’m detecting high-levels of Micro-Oxygen!”

Yuki retained his composure. “Then we’re not leaving, not yet.”

“MOGUERA’s fighting capacity has been limited to 45%. There’s a chance we won’t win,” Sato reported, unable to mask his dread.

“Then see to it that we do.” It was all Yuki had to say.

A long sharp horn rose out of the churning soil, and Destoroyah’s fearsome face followed. MOGUERA’s pilots watched in awe as the vile abomination sprouted out of the ground, its power restored. It had used the water in the soil to corrupt Biollante’s body, a byproduct of the Oxygen Destroyer, the deadliest chemical weapon ever conceived. Destoroyah used its inheritance to enact vengeance, though it knew Biollante still lived beyond its reach. It would’ve felt regret had it not known about MOGUERA. Now, it could unleash its rage upon this insolent robot and its foolhardy crew.

Putrid wings unfolded, razor sharp claws twitched, its maw fumed. Its devilish tail swished the air, flattening scores of trees. It wasn’t its size or its gruesome head that merited fear. No, it was its insidious eyes. Souls that had survived Destoroyah’s wrath swore they had seen the fire pits of Hell in those loathsome orbs. MOGUERA’s pilots bore witness to their testimony.

The vicious hellspawn shrieked its challenge to the hovering robot. MOGUERA answered in kind, streaks of lasers shot out of its optics, searing the crimson carapace of the opponent. Destoroyah snarled, not out of pain, but in disappointment. It expected better sport. No matter, if the humans desired death, then it shall grant their wish. Destoroyah opened its jaws, spraying lavender-hued energies, grazing one of MOGUERA’s thrusters, destroying it. Losing altitude, the anti-kaiju superweapon plummeted. Destoroyah stomped toward the downed robot, its horn energized. In the cockpit, steam sprayed and sparks flew, Yuki wiping blood off his brow. He surveyed his crew, hoping they were in better shape than MOGUERA. Shinjo was motionless. Sato assessed a damage report, ignoring the burns on his face.

“What’s our condition?” Yuki asked.

“We’re lucky to be alive!” Sato screamed back.

“How’s Shinjo?”

Sato reached over, touching his friend’s pulse. “He’s alive.”

“We may not be for long,” Yuki whispered. Sato looked up, seeing Destoroyah marching closer. Without delay, Sato’s hands flew across his keyboard, issuing numerous commands.

Though it was minus one thruster, the others roared to life. It was enough to get it off the ground, but too soon did its pilots realize it was flying straight for Destoroyah. The arthropodic destroyer caught the massive robot, embedding its claws into its hull. At point blank, MOGUERA activated all its available weapons. Plasma lasers fired out of its eyes. Azure-hued beams seared out of its cone shaped hands. Its chest maser poured streams of plasma. The humans could no longer see the malicious devil as it became lost in a sea of blinding lights.

Amidst the lightshow, Destoroyah howled in frustration, relinquishing its hold. MOGUERA continued firing its onslaught, blood spraying out of its ruptured chest. But Destoroyah did not waver, wading through MOGUERA’s barrage until, at last, it was close enough! Energy enriched its horn, extending to great lengths as the crimson demon swiped its head down, aiming to slice the robot in two. MOGUERA managed to avoid a mortal blow; its drill and left arm, however, were not so fortunate. Destoroyah snarled. It came so close to killing both of its foes! The damage it sustained was too much to bear. In seconds, it broke down, lost in a cloud of embers.

Sato blinked in disbelief. “We did it,” he gasped.

Yuki wasn’t so sure. He’s fought and defeated these giants many times, but they always returned. Perhaps luck was finally on their side? Fate disagreed when the alarms sounded.

“Strange,” Sato mumbled, eyes glued to the computer monitor.


“Uh, Micro-Oxygen has been detected,” Sato started before going pale.

“Sato, what’s wrong?”

“It’s been detected inside MOGUERA!”

MOGUERA lost power. For a brief second, darkness was all the humans knew. Then a red luminance flooded the cockpit. Yuki unbuckled his seat belts. Sato sat frozen in fright. Running over to a hidden cabinet, Yuki retrieved an assault rifle, and in seconds, had it assembled. There was an eerie silence in the cockpit, as if the outside world didn’t exist. Sato stared at the blank screen, praying the power would come back. Man had forgotten what the world was like before science reigned. Here, Sato felt helpless. Yuki gripped his shoulder, shaking the fear out of him.

“Get your act together,” Yuki grumbled. “We need to get to the escape ship!”

Sato nodded. Wiping the sweat out of his eyes, Sato sprung to action. He grabbed Shinjo, lifting him over his shoulder. There was only one way in and out of the cockpit, and that was through the metal doors. Yuki typed in a four-digit code, but the metal doors didn’t open all the way. Putting the assault rifle over his shoulder, Yuki pried the doors wide enough to fit through. He peaked out, wary of every corner. Ahead of him was the elevator. It’d take them down to the escape ship.

“Shit,” Yuki cursed. It was out of power. They’d have to take the long way.

“What is it?” Sato coughed.

“Elevator won’t work. We’ll need to use the escape shafts.”

Sato gulped. Yuki stepped into the dark hallway, assault rifle drawn. He moved to the other end to open a door. It’d lead to a ramp, allowing them to climb down a series of ladders, before reaching their destination. Now Sato really didn’t like carrying Shinjo. Answering his prayers, the backup generators kicked on. The elevator was operational!

“Looks like we’re back in business, huh?” Sato quipped.

Yuki opened the door. A pair of yellow glowing eyes greeted him. Demented they were, soulless. Yuki jumped back, squeezing the trigger. Hot lead pelted the crablike Destoroyah’s gruesome visage. The gunshots made Sato jump. Yuki hollered for Sato to get inside the elevator as Yuki emptied all his bullets into the devilish beast. It hissed a fiendish laugh, mocking the human. Energy crackled around the sharp edges of its face. It wanted to show Yuki the proper way in taking life. Yuki jumped out of the way as destructive energies discharged out of the arthropod’s mandibles, burning a hole into the wall. Yuki ran over to the elevator, reloading. The multi-legged creature crawled into the tight hallway, shrieking.

It was several feet tall. Unlike Destoroyah’s gigantic state, the juvenile walked on four crablike legs. A crimson exoskeleton weaved its monstrous figure. Yuki stared into those burning orbs once more. For a brief moment, Yuki thought he was looking into the eyes of Beelzebul.

“Yuki, come on!” Sato screamed.

Yuki jumped in. Frantic, he pushed the button, praying the doors would close fast enough. As the doors started to close, the gleaming eyes of the diminutive Destoroyah peaked around the corner, eyes flashing. Yuki and Sato didn’t move a muscle. It took them a full minute to realize the doors had closed and the elevator was taking them to their destination.

“At least we’re safe—” Sato started, until Shinjo’s hand covered his mouth. Both Sato and Yuki were surprised to see him awake.

“Please, don’t jinx us again,” Shinjo pleaded in exhaustion.

“Can you walk?” Yuki inquired.

Sato helped Shinjo stand, until he started tipping over. “Nope,” Shinjo groaned as Sato caught him.

Once more, Sato flipped him over his shoulders. “Damn it,” he whined, “you need to lose some weight! You weigh more than the monster!”

“We’re here,” Yuki exclaimed. The elevator came to a stop. When the doors opened, all three were relieved to see the escape ship. Yuki crept out of the elevator, assault rifle at the ready. He wanted to be sure the area was secured. Unable to wait anymore, Sato rushed out, lugging Shinjo to the escape ship.

Then he froze in terror. On the ship’s reflective surface, he could see a Destoroyah clinging to the ceiling. Having been spotted, the crustacean jumped down, attempting to skewer the humans with its sharp legs. Sato pulled Shinjo down and rolled under the craft, right as the legs punctured the floor. Yuki pelted the macabre creature with a barrage of bullets. Even with the gunfire rattling his ears, Yuki didn’t relent, but the bullets bounced off its carapace. Yellow eyes focused on Yuki. Knowing what was going to happen next, Yuki jumped behind the craft as lavender-hued energies annihilated the floor where he once stood. Unsatisfied, Destoroyah crawled over. Yuki checked to see if his comrades were fine, relieved to see they were.

“Sato, I have a plan,” Yuki whispered.

Crawling over to the craft’s tail, the Destoroyah spotted the assault rifle’s barrel. It charged, believing it to be held by its prey, but realized the assault rifle had been abandoned.

“Now,” Yuki shouted from his hiding spot. The Destoroyah grabbed Yuki with its tail. It squeezed him so hard Yuki felt like he was going to be cut in two. Through clenched teeth, Yuki screamed, “Do it, Sato!”

At the helm of the ship, Sato activated the ignition. Flames shot out of the rocket boosters, engulfing the miniature Destoroyah. Above the burning fuel, Yuki panicked. If he were any lower, he’d be fried! As the foul demon turned to charcoal, glowing spores dropped out of its jaws.

“Shut it off, Sato! Shut it off!” He demanded. Sato didn’t shut it off all the way. It was just enough to ensure Yuki wouldn’t be barbecued. He fell into the ash covered floor, disgusted by the smoldering stench.

“You okay, Yuki?” Sato asked over a voice speaker.

Yuki was about to say yes, until the glowing spores started to grow bigger.

“Uh, I think I just discovered how they reproduce,” he replied.

“Oh, fascinating,” Sato joked. “How about we stay here until they get bigger? Maybe we can teach one how to play fetch?”

Yuki entered the ship. “Let’s get out of here.”

Once again, the rocket boosters flared. The ship flew out of its holding bay, soaring above fields of green. Behind them, MOGUERA stood in silence. It would take months for it to be cleansed of the Destoroyah spawn, and even longer for it to be repaired.

“At least we’re alive,” Sato said in delight.

“Until the Commander finds out what happened,” Shinjo murmured. “Does a vacation sound good?”

Lighting a cigar, all Yuki could do was chuckle.

“I’d say the timing couldn’t be better.”

Winner: Destoroyah