Author: Kenneth James | Banner: Tyler Trieschock

Krystalak waded through the flooded streets of Tokyo, his crystalline covered back glistening with moisture, his yellow eyes fixated on all the glowing and pulsating power crystals that had infected the city with their presence. His claws tensed in anticipation of reaching out and seizing one… Until a ferocious roar interrupted him. It reverberated off the buildings, amplifying its intensity and making it sound even more powerful. Krystalak growled in frustration. Just once he’d like an easy grab at power without someone getting in his way!

Snarling darkly he turned to face his challenger, and it was none other than the Okinawan guardian himself, King Caesar. He waded into the water, which easily came past his knees, his fists clenched and his large ears standing up as a sign of his aggression. Gold fur adorned his shoulders and head, as well as the tail that lingered in the water behind him. His red eyes fixed on the power hungry crystalline mutant, vowing that he would not be leaving this city alive.

In a burst of motion the two sped towards each other. Small waves being created in their wake and the ground trembling as they charged. Krystalak’s digitigrade legs enabled him a greater burst of speed, his crystal beard dragging through the salty water. The two collided fiercely, the fierce deity roaring in surprise as he was driven backwards, his feet sliding against the concrete beneath the water’s surface. Growling dangerously, Krystalak gave a harsh shove and instantly sent King Caesar smashing violently into the side of a building. He broke his fall with his strong hands, rubble bouncing and rolling off his body. With swift and deadly accuracy, one of the slender arms enclosed itself around the guardian’s chest, pulling him close and crystalline teeth clamping down on his shoulder!

Krystalak snarled in frustration as his teeth proved unable to pierce the golem’s hide. Grunting, the Okinawan guardian elbowed the crystalline terror in the gut with surprising force. The mineral-based monster wheezed savagely as he released Caesar from his grip, stumbling back and a clawed hand instinctively rubbing at his ribcage. The artificial shisa roared as he wheeled around with experienced grace and precision, the heel of his foot cracking into the side of Krystalak’s jaw. The mutant utilized this unexpected momentum to bring his spiked tail around and send it smacking the lion-dog across the face in turn. Both were sent sprawling to the ground, King Caesar crushing a few submerged buildings under his mass, Krystalak going shoulder first into the lower portion of a skyscraper, causing it to fall on top of him.

King Caesar was first on his feet, droplets of seawater dripping from his body, shaking his head a few times to clear it. Krystalak was busy thrashing his way out from the debris that had half buried him alive, thunder rumbling from the black sky above. Krystalak roared as he finally burst free, the multitude of crystal spikes on his back and tail glowed a vibrant purple, heralding his deadly beam as he whipped around. The prism beam shot forth directly at King Caesar, but to his shock, the lion-like kaiju sprang at him at high speeds, the beam blasting apart the ground, erupting into a massive column in its wake.

Krysalak could only brace himself as King Caesar’s knee collided with his face at full force. The crystalline beast grunted audibly, digging his gleaming claws into the pavement as he slid backwards, his back crashing through several buildings until he at last came to a stop; white blood flowing freely down his face from a considerably large crack made in his crystalline visage. His eyes narrowed to slits as King Caesar charged at him once more, vowing to make this creature pay for wounding him. Krystalak hissed hatefully before he gracefully flipped away from his adversary. Energy orbs firing from his tail tip with deadly precision, the stone guardian’s roars of pain satisfying Krystalak’s sadistic tendencies. The ground trembled as the beast landed, just in time to see King Caesar struggling to right himself. He glowered in irritation, crystal spikes crackling to life with tremendous amounts of energy.

The Okinawan guardian screamed in pain as the prism beam lanced into his side, forcing him back down and across the ground. The golem sputtered up water, his vision clouded and hazy, fur drenched and clinging to his body, but he did register the formidable fiend running straight at him. He narrowly avoided a swipe to the head and swiftly delivered a fierce uppercut to Krystalak’s jaw, but it did little to deter him. Caesar bellowed in pain as the claws of the crystal monster sliced across his chest, sparkling light erupting from his front and he staggered back, bumping and nearly shaking another structure to the ground. Krystalak almost seemed to be grinning at the sight of suffering and lunged forward, but he had fallen for the shisa’s trap. The ancient guardian merely darted to the side to avoid the rampant monstrosity, who plowed headfirst through the building Caesar had been standing in front of just seconds ago.

Krystalak roared in fury, claws swinging wildly in all directions as dust and rubble obscured his sight. King Caesar’s roar answered him in turn, with a well placed kick to the side sending him stumbling about and trampling through a submerged bridge. Krystalak regained his wits speedily, tail whipping around like a viper as it fired off more orbs of concentrated, raw energy. Caesar was sent crashing down once more, disappearing beneath the water and mentally cursing himself for not dodging fast enough. But there was little time for self deprecation. He grunted, registering the massive intake of water entering his systems as Krystalak landed on his midsection, clawed hands finding his throat and crushing it in a terrible grip!

King Caesar thrashed and flailed about in hopes of dislodging the crystal monstrosity, but to no avail. If anything his opponent’s grip just got tighter. His vision began to blur, the metals reinforced in this neck failing to suppress the pressure, his struggles growing weaker and weaker with each passing second. But despite this, Caesar knew he could not die here. He would not allow it. Clenching a fist he sent it swinging out of the water, repeatedly punching Krystalak wherever he could land a hit.

Krystalak suddenly screamed in agony, stumbling off King Caesar, struggling to keep his balance. A pillar of water burst through the surface, with the Okinawan golem sputtering and ejecting water from his mouth. The space-fairing menace had staggered back, one arm hanging limply while his free hand was clasped over his chest. Determination returned to King Caesar in those few moments; he finally found a weakness.

Leaping to his feet, he charged at Krystalak. Surprised at this assault, he took a wild swipe at the golem’s face, missing him by only a few inches. The guardian’s knee cracked into the lower jaw of the abomination, his head jerking upwards violently, clearly stunned by this. Ruby red eyes saw the pearly object embroidered on the chest of his foe, one that he had apparently struck hard enough to cause pain. It stuck out plainly on the pale flesh of the mutant, purple and crystalline in nature, save for the yellow center. Unbeknownst to the ancient deity, this was Krystalak’s heart.

Regardless of what it was, King Caesar lashed out with a strong kick directly into the heart of Krystalak. The monster let out another roar of pain as he fell hard on his back, crystal spikes skewering into the pavement and water sloshing and bubbling as he struggled to defend himself. Caesar leapt back to avoid the sharp claws and wicked tail of his downed foe, roaring in frustration as Krystalak regained his footing.

In the blink of an eye, the crystalline terror fired another prism beam, the destructive energy striking King Caesar squarely in the shoulder, the guardian spun on his heels once before sinking to one knee, clutching at his shoulder in misery. Krystalak grunted as he performed another backflip, his strong legs carried him high into the night sky as he launched several orbs of energy at Caesar.

The ground trembled, buildings breaking to bits upon Krystalak making landfall, growling in the back of his throat… Only to see orbs of his own energy soaring right at him! He grunted; his energy resistant body was able to tolerate the returning blasts, but it still caught him off guard long enough for Caesar to make his next move. Sprinting on powerful legs, the fur-covered golem bolted towards Krystalak at high speed, roaring in determination and he sprang forward. It looked as though he was gliding at the crystal monster as the sheer strength behind his jump propelled him onward. The ground shook as firm rock collided with resilient mineral and instantly took him to the ground. Anger-filled scowls flared from the extraterrestrial menace as the stalwart protector struggled to restrain his opponent, the deadly sharp crystals that adorned Krystalak’s chin making it exceptionally difficult to reach his chest. Balled into a tight clench, the mauve fist lashed out with a decisive strike, connecting with the visage of the guardian. The impact of the blow threw the mighty lion off and sent him tumbling away.

The crystal monster instantly stood to his feet and jumped at the downed guardian, claws outstretched in preparation to tear his jugular open. King Caesar roared in defiance and rammed his feet straight into his foe’s abdomen, the alabaster monster screeching in fury as he was launched away. Flying over several buildings before smashing into one of the remaining skyscrapers, falling unceremoniously to the ground as rubble and glass showered Krystalak’s body. King Caesar propelled himself forward; it was now or never.

Time seemed to slow to an agonizingly slow pace, the ground shaking with each of Caesar’s mighty footsteps. Krystalak burst out of whatever debris that had half buried him, his yellow eyes immediately spotting the Okinawan guardian charging towards him in a single, forceful determination. He stepped backwards somewhat as King Caesar charged through several small buildings in the process, water foaming and rippling in all directions. The crystals glowed with energy again, the prism beam following just seconds later, blasting into the ground where King Caesar had stood. The guardian had used every last bit of strength he could to leap at Krystalak, the world around him a total blur as he rocketed forward. Krystalak’s eyes widened in fear…

The impact resembled a thousand cannons firing all at once. Connecting the firm, brick-like foot with the chest of the crystal menace, the adversary was sent flying back for several miles, mouth parted in a soundless roar of agony and helplessness, claws outstretched limply to nothing in particular. Several cracks had appeared on and all around his crystal heart, signifying what was to happen next.

The ground shook as Krystalak made his final impact, shattering to bits. Sparkling shards of his own crystals shot up into the sky and showered the water. Pale skin fragments floated about like flower petals, slowly making their way down to rest delicately on the seawater’s surface. Nothing of Krystalak remained, save for bits of crystals and skin fragments.

King Caesar raised his head to the sky, an earth shattering roar of triumph echoing into the heavens.

Winner: King Caesar

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles