Author: Vincent Rodger |  Banner: Andrew Sudomerski


A man-made virus that had eradicated ninety percent of life on the planet. Humans, animals, and Titans alike fell to the Frankenstein-esque concoction of a disease. It spread fast across the world, turning our once green planet into a mass graveyard overnight. The cities reeked of death and decay, no sound ever heard aside from the passing wind.

Some, however, were lucky. Those that lived in cold places such as Antarctica were unaffected by the plague. The same went for the Titans that roamed the Hollow Earth.

One year had passed since the virus spread like wildfire, and how unfortunate it would be that humanity was once again on the brink of extinction.

Below the ice’s surface laid an ancient Titan, one of the gods of old. Resting, waiting for his time to restore balance to a chaotic world. His icy domain shook as atomic bombs crashed into the glacier, radiation coursing through the ice in an instant. The power of the atom flowed through the ancient Titan, and for the first time in over twenty-nine years, his eyes opened.

His scales and eyes flashed blue before returning to their natural color.

The Titan shook his head back and forth in the water, trying to make sense of the surge of power. What happened while he slept? How come he could barely sense any life signs? The leviathan began to swim up, breaking apart ice as his head ripped through the frozen water before climbing to his feet. He could feel the vast amounts of radiation that surrounded him. The Titan walked forward, cracking ice underneath his weight. He would need to find out why this was all happening, though he had witnessed countless extinction events, this may be the worst he had seen.


A song played through the deep jungles of China, the melody echoing throughout the world. The Queen of the Monsters cried out for help, hoping that someone would hear her plea. Many had believed that the world had died that fateful day, but she could sense life. Sprinkles of a rebirth laying their foundation in the small corner of the world.

She listened carefully, hoping that she would get any response. Seconds turned to minutes, but to her, it felt like eons until the cries of Titans filled her eardrums. She heard the cries of allies of old and a horde of death, each one crying out with murderous intent. A chill went down her abdomen; the Queen had heard a cry similar to these thousands of years ago. The city of Atlantis had fallen to these creatures, their last defender lost beneath the waves.

The insect goddess opened her wings before taking to the skies, she would need to meet up with the other Titans, what little remained of life needed to continue.

-Washington D.C.-

Dr. Shuzo Yoshizumi stumbled out of the White House. He had failed to stop the nukes. The scientist only hoped that the woman and child he cared for were still alive. He walked around the dead city, looking for any food or water leftover in stores. He couldn’t hunt due to the virus, so this was his only hope of not starving to death. The man walked down the streets of D.C., looking for anything even resembling a store…

The earth began to shake. The good doctor was knocked to the ground as what appeared to be pillars burst from the ruins. The scientist covered his face as rubble fell from the sky, crawling backward as a massive form began to take shape. Shuzo could barely believe his own eyes. It was a gigantic animal. A god of old, she had been written about in “Homer’s Odyssey,” an ancient Titan, Scylla, had made her return.

Shuzo began to panic. He had never heard of a creature of this size, he could only fathom the power she had. “Impossible…”

Scylla began to move through the city, she could sense the amount of dead across the planet, and it was her duty to decompose the dead. Titans had fallen just the same as the rest of life, like the petals of a flower. Their size and strength were no match for this disease. Scylla pondered if she would die of exposure, but she quickly focused on her journey; if such thoughts distracted her, she would never reach her destination.

Shuzo looked in a mix of awe and fear as Scylla marched onward, pondering as his curiosity took over. He had witnessed this beast emerge from the earth, was it possible that some of the earthquakes he picked up as a researcher were these gigantic monsters? He began to take a deep breath, trying to calm himself down from his panic attack, his body shaking as he attempted to focus. He slowly stood up, shaking the entire way, watching as Scylla began to disappear from view.

The man began to think. Maybe he could study these beasts while he made his way to where they evacuated those at the Antarctica base, giving him something to do while he made the long journey. He began to run, though he had no chance of catching up with Scylla on foot, he could follow her tracks. Just as life seemed meaningless, he had not two, but three reasons for living.


-Odo Island-

The water rose across the bay, crushing buildings underneath its immense weight. The mighty Titan placed one foot in front of the other and began to march across the small island, looking for any humans. The sound of the waves and passing wind were the only things the mighty Titan could hear. No animals… No humans. He began to believe his search was to no avail; all he could sense was death. If humans were here, they would have come out of their homes, he would have heard cheers or screams, but he heard nothing.

The alpha’s heart began to sink. He had a particular fondness for humans. Even though they were destructive, they had soul and spirit. The Titan released a roar of dejection and rage across the heavens, for it was the only way he could mourn for humanity…

Suddenly he heard cries from his fellow Titans. He was not alone. He turned towards the source and spotted three. The mighty Behemoth, the gentle Mothra, and the ruthless Battra. When they had awakened, they began their search for life just as Godzilla had, but unlike their alpha, they had found the foundations of a rebirth. Mothra cried out to her king, trying to tell him of their discovery when his scales once again flickered blue.

They all stopped in place as they made landfall, each sensing the amount of raw energy that was stored inside of their king. It was like he was a living bomb.

Godzilla stood confused as to why their body language began to change to a more hostile posture. He gave out a soft roar, asking his subjects what the meaning of this was. Mothra shrieked at the monster king, his heart sinking even more. He was a danger to all life. The atomic energy had been tunneling through his veins, building up to that of a living atom bomb. He looked at the three, knowing what was going to happen next. They would protect what remained of life to their dying breath, but just like that small pinch of life, he was alive. Did he have no right to live?

The monster king let out a soft, mournful roar at the triad. He would never have thought it would come to this, the ones he cared for turning on him when he needed them the most. Mothra attempted to let out a response, only for Battra to charge at the alpha, discharging pillars of purple light at the once crowned “King of the Monsters.” Godzilla roared in pain as he was pushed back by the erupting blasts of explosive rage.

With a snort, the dark moth was due for recompense; his spines illuminated once more, atomic energy quickly climbing up to his throat before firing his nuclear blast at the god of destruction. Battra cried as the blue flames bathed his armored hide, pushing him back as the alpha rose again to his feet. He was quicker than ever before; the atomic radiation boosted his speed and abilities tenfold. No doubt a fierce battle would commence, one to determine the fate of the few lives that persisted.

Behemoth dragged his knuckles into the ground, roaring and charging at the reptilian leviathan. The mammalian Titan passed by the fallen Battra, slamming his body into Godzilla’s torso, shoving him back. The monster king roared before wrapping his hands around his attacker’s tusks, quickly overpowering the mammoth and throwing him to the ground.

The queen flew into the sky before activating her God Rays, scattering a blinding holy light that descended on the pair of Titans. Godzilla cried out as the light took his sight before being struck in the side by the sloth-like mammoth’s tusks, the nuclear giant stumbling backward as he tried to regain his footing, only to be struck once again by Behemoth.

Mothra quickly flew down, raising her sharp pincers as she descended towards the ongoing battle. Battra returned to the skies, hoping to aid his relative. Frantically the king shot out his atomic blast, tossing and turning, hoping to strike one of his opponents. The atomic flame scorched the side of Behemoth, burning his skin and fur, leaving him crying out in pain as he quickly moved out the way.

The goddess of nature struck the top of Godzilla’s head, her talons cutting into flesh as she quickly returned to the skies. The monster king roared in agony as he stopped unleashing his atomic breath, blood running down his face. As he began to open his eyes again, seeing through the blood, Battra charged. The divine moth slammed into Godzilla’s torso, wrapping his legs around his foe’s chest, discharging waves of energy into the alpha’s body. The leviathan let out a growl of anger as he grit his teeth, smacking the deity of destruction to the side, his talons cutting ribbons into the exoskeletal hide. Battra cried out in pain as he fell onto the ground, crashing violently and carving a trench in his wake. Raising his horned head, Battra witnessed as Godzilla lifted his trunk-like leg, prepared to cave his skull in. The dark moth fired twin beams at his foot, cutting into scaly flesh.

Blood sprayed as Godzilla roared and fell backwards onto the ground, his scales and eyes once again flickering blue. He could feel the power within him climbing as if it was begging to be unleashed…


-The Pacific Ocean-

The screams of the horde echoed for miles, their craving for flesh intensifying as they approached Odo Island. The Gyaos were hungry, and they were tired of devouring their kin.

Two flew in front of the rest, a pair of Hyper Gyaos leading the charge. One had a blood-red coloring to its dried skin and a couple of black eyes, while the other had a bleach white tone and brimming crimson eyes. The pair of alphas could feel a small group of Titans nearby, and they would taste the flesh of a fresh kill.

They would devour all that remained of life.


Behemoth charged forth, rage fueling his actions as he prepared to beat Godzilla senselessly into the ground. But a mighty swipe from the king’s tail smacked across his face and cut into his eye, knocking him to the side, giving the monstrous leviathan ample time to rise to his feet. Spines illuminated before firing another atomic ray at Behemoth, shielding himself under the protection of his large, fur-coated arm in defense. The roaring animal groaned in pain as he attempted to push past the flames, their heat resistance serving as the only line of defense for the great beast. Mothra descended once again, shooting out a ball of web at Godzilla, striking his eyes and rendering him blind once again. Behemoth quickly ducked under the swinging arm of the ancient alpha predator before striking him across the jaw with his fist, a groan of pain exiting the reptile’s maw as a spray of blood landed across the sands below.

With one hand, Godzilla attempted to remove the webs from his eyes while with his free hand swinging out, hoping to strike Behemoth, only to miss and once again be struck by the gentle giant’s fists. Godzilla tumbled back once again before he was stabbed from behind, Mothra’s stinger piercing into his shoulder. Blood flowed down his arm as she backed away, aiming to not be torn asunder during this conflict. The leviathan roared with rage as he finally managed to tear away the webs. Behemoth swung out, only for the king to bite into his hand, drawing blood as he tugged and swung his head side to side, ripping into his opponent’s palm as if it was paper.

The mammalian Titan screamed in pain as Battra soared the skies, stopping in mid-flight and releasing poisonous scales onto Godzilla. The king released Behemoth from his grasp and kicked him away before turning his attention towards his assailant as the poison rain began to take hold. Godzilla could feel his strength leaving him. If this continued, it would be the end of him.

He fired an atomic blast at Battra, shoving him away once again. As the divine moth fell, he fired twin energy blasts at the king, one striking across his chest and the other detonating the ground behind him. Godzilla roared in pain as the beam cut through his chest, blood spraying across the battlefield as he backed away.

Godzilla looked around him and saw the three regaining their strength. The king snarled before unleashing a roar, charging at the downed Battra. The alpha Titan raised his leg and slammed it on Battra’s torso repeatedly, smashing the dark warrior’s armor until it shattered. But a powerful tug that did not go unnoticed, Behemoth pulled the king by his tail, forcing him off of his feet and proceeding to spin around. With a mighty heave, the great beast threw the nuclear leviathan onto the measly village that had once bustled with life, now nothing more than a shadowy memory of humankind’s dwellings.

Godzilla rolled on his stomach and attempted to rise, only for Behemoth to raise his fists high above his head and slam them on top of his skull, sending him crashing downward. His jaw bounced off the ground, breaking his chin and knocking several incisors out of their sockets. His vision became blurry and blood fell from his mouth, shaking his head back and forth, trying his best to reorient himself. With a swift and decisive swipe from his tail, they collided against Behemoth’s legs, knocking the hairy giant to the ground with a resounding crash.

Mothra charged at the reptile before being swept away by Godzilla’s tail, spinning in the air before catching herself. She stared into his eyes and saw… tears. His heart was filled with rage and sadness at the betrayal of his comrades, but none hurt him as much as she did.

Godzilla roared before charging with extreme speed at the goddess, only for Battra to strike him across the jaw, sparks erupting as he flew by. The monster king swiped at the divine moth, striking his abdomen and drawing blood. He cried out in pain as he turned around and charged at Godzilla, attempting to slam into his chest. But this tactic was only countered when the ancient alpha predator grabbed ahold of the insect’s thorax, lifting him into the air before slamming him onto the ground. Mothra charged forward, attempting to save her kin, only to be met with a stream of atomic fire, the monster queen chirping as she tried to put out the flames across her body.

Battra attempted to shake free from his enemy’s grasp, only for Godzilla to squeeze harder with his left hand, reaching around with his right hand and stabbing his talons where head and thorax met, ripping into chitin as he pulled.

Behemoth, having regained his footing, attempted to rush on his limbs to save the god of destruction, only for the sound of shearing to fill his ears. The dark moth’s torso fell onto the sand, yellow blood oozing from the wound. Godzilla turned to face the mammalian Titan, ichor pouring through his fingers as he held the decapitated head of Battra. The gentle giant’s eyes widened as he watched the head of the fallen god roll from Godzilla’s palm onto the ground, his eyes darkened and lifeless.

Mothra screeched in utter horror as she charged, her wings tattered and burnt. The nature deity swiped at the king’s head, only to miss and almost be caught in the jaws of the alpha Titan. The mammoth sloth-like Titan charged forth, thrusting his mighty tusks at the dying king. Godzilla lurched under the swinging protrusions, smacking his head against the hairy belly of the benevolent Titan, ushering a wheeze from the giant.

Godzilla attempted to charge his atomic breath, only for a series of fireballs to plaster the leviathan from the side. A cry of agony erupted from his maw as he fell to the ground, smoke rising from his form as he watched a new arrival land. High in the sky, they watched a spinning Titan, its limbs exiting a shell as they landed on top of the ruined village that once stood there. Twin tusks jutted from its lower jaw, distinctly pointing upwards, attached to a being resembling the modern turtle. Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe, had arrived.

Gamera bellowed as the monster king rose to his feet. The presence of a thousand suns emanated from within the Titan lord, which was what brought the guardian to this spot. Though he had felt the emergence of the Gyaos from this dead world, he would need to deal with the ancient alpha predator first, for he was the true threat to what remained of life. The creation of Atlantis looked over at Behemoth and Mothra, nodding at the pair. Together, they could end Godzilla once and for all.

Godzilla rose to his feet, his scales glowing fully blue. His eyes became like stars, a loud thrum following as he stood up. He wouldn’t be put down like a simple commoner, he was a king!

As he roared into the heavens, those that had opposed him knew that his full strength had been realized, the surrounding villages and forest burning as a result of the transformation. Mothra observed in particular horror, seeing a bastardized version of their symbiosis’ culmination. The sand beneath his feet turned into glass before shattering under his weight, heatwaves generating off his overheated body…

Burning Godzilla had been born.

The blue flame roared before charging at Mothra and Behemoth, leaning forward and carried by his powerful legs. The pair knew death would be imminent if he managed to get ahold of them, so they attempted to part ways from each other, hoping to avoid the clutches of the towering leviathan. Unfortunately, Mothra became the burning tyrant’s first target as the giant veered in her direction. In a stunt that defied expectation, a monstrous leap was achieved by a firm push from his legs and tail, sailing the skies like a flying fish with a trail of radioactive residue following behind. His arms grabbed hold of the miniscule moth as his colossal body slammed into the sands below, pinning her to the soft ground.She could only scream as her chitinous armor and fur burned away.

Steam rolled Godzilla’s eye, but the mournful cries told it all. He didn’t want to do this, but they had made him, it didn’t have to be this way! Though anguish filled the monster king’s mind, he knew, in the end, that this was the only outcome.

The seared Mothra cried out in tormenting pain before the great Titan rose to his feet, silencing her under the weight of his foot. The last sound heard was a firm crunch before the nature goddess stopped moving, burnt to a husk. Behemoth watched in horror before attempting to flee from the Titan lord, fearing for his life.

Gamera activated his jet boosters and took to the sky, discharging balls of plasma at the Titan king. He circled the nuclear leviathan, knowing full well that if he was even hit once by this transformation, he would be done for. Godzilla stumbled as the plasma struck him, turning his attention towards the flying menace. He could deal with Behemoth later, this new arrival would need to be handled now. Dorsal spines began to charge before the mighty king shot out a ray of death at the artificial Titan. Gamera’s eyes widened as the beam blazed past him, only missing by pure luck.

Gamera retracted his head and arms into the shell, unleashing strains of fire as he spun towards the blazing leviathan, striking him across the chest before flying back into the sky. Godzilla stumbled and to his surprise, the attack had damaged him, but the sheer heat had sealed the wound completely.

The energy left over from Mothra began to disperse into the sky, passing into Gamera. The turtle didn’t know what was happening, but he felt his strength rising. The Guardian of the Universe cried out to Behemoth, drawing up a plan to take down the leviathan. The mammalian Titan shook his head up and down before charging behind Godzilla and attempting to pull his tail. He pushed through the pain until his arm began to catch fire, forcing the good-willed Titan away, screaming in pain.

Godzilla turned around, facing Behemoth. What was his plan? Surely he knew that such a pitiful attempt of an attack would only end with regret and pain. Pathetic. The monster king roared before firing a strain of atomic fire at the mammoth, only for the Titan to dodge the onslaught of energy, erupting in a trail of fire behind the hairy giant. Gamera swooped in and knocked the mighty king to the earth, landing in the spot where Behemoth once stood. Godzilla began to rise to his feet, energy climbing before suddenly… It stopped. The energy that once emanated from his form began to cease its climb, his scales returning to their original hue. This wasn’t good.

Gamera flexed his claws before charging headfirst, striking Godzilla’s stomach with his head, pushing him back before slashing at his chest, drawing blood in the process. The nuclear leviathan cried out in pain before attempting to fire an atomic blast… Only for nothing to come up. It seemed he had used so much power in such a short time that his runaway nuclear might had abated, temporarily at least. Somewhere deep inside he still felt the irregularity, but it was too deep to matter currently. His energy drained, he could only rely on his sheer strength and determination to survive, though his powerful will began to crack as doubt slithered into his mind.

The last hope grabbed the mighty Titan king by the throat, attempting to slam him onto the ground, only to be thrown across the sands into what remained of the village. Behemoth charged forth with rage, attempting to stab Godzilla with his tusks, only to be met with a swift kick to the skull, knocking him to the ground.

The two looked at each other as they rose, their breath becoming heavy, though he was surely weakened, Godzilla was still a force to be reckoned with. He began to approach before suddenly stopping, he could hear something coming… Something horrid. Turning his gaze towards the sky behind him, the king’s eyes widened as the horde approached. With hideous screams, they announced their arrival, the creations of Atlantis, the shadow of evil, the Gyaos snapped their jaws viciously, drool and blood falling from their maws.

Gamera roared with fury. He knew they would cross paths eventually, but he had hoped to deal with Godzilla before going to stop the horde. Behemoth recognized these screams, but had never had the chance to see them for himself. He had failed to save the civilization along with his fellow Titans thousands of years ago; maybe now he could avenge those they failed to save.

Behemoth and Gamera looked at each other, turning a concerned glance at Godzilla. If they were going to survive, they would need to do this together. Each walked over to the sides of the leviathan, locking eyes with him, making the mammalian Titan feel sorrow within his heart. Usually, he would enjoy fighting alongside his king. But given the circumstances, he was uncomfortable with this alliance. Godzilla flexed his body before charging headfirst at the horde, almost as if he awaited death. The white Gyaos screeched as it charged at the king, while the red Gyaos roared with anticipation as it narrowed its sights at Gamera, knowing this was her mortal enemy.

The horde surrounded Behemoth, hundreds biting into his dense fur, while the others shot their sonic beams into the mammal, slicing his flesh apart. Blood sprayed onto the ravenous fiends, the Gyaos licking their teeth with joy in their wicked hearts. As the mighty mammal swung his tusks and body in circles, he killed dozens of the smaller Gyaos in an instant, their bodies crashing onto the ground as nothing more than puddles of blood. Behemoth cried out in pain as they tore into his flesh, and unlike the monster king or Atlantean creation, he had no extraordinary abilities.

Gamera reared his head back, discharging a plasma fireball at the red Gyaos, scoring a direct hit onto the chest of the abomination. Wracked in pain, the winged ghoul pressed onward, slashing its talons at the guardian before firing a sonic beam. It missed the head, landing a direct hit on the shell before bouncing off, tearing into a dozen of the smaller Gyaos before cutting a hill clean in half. The last hope of humanity paid no attention to the destruction as he sank his tusked maw into the foot of the shadow of evil, shaking his head violently. Grabbing the abomination with his hands and pulling down, the chelonian guardian slammed the devilish monster onto the ground, a plume of sand and water vapor erupting from the earth. The Gyaos screeched in pain before firing another sonic ray at the terrapin, cutting into the left arm of the guardian.

The neonate protector released a pained shriek as he wrapped his free arm around the Gyaos’ neck, tightening his grip as he thrusted the shadow of evil into the earth. Smoke rising from his maw as heat began to swell, gestating plasma in his maw. The Gyaos cried out as it felt the rage of the guardian inch ever closer, burning and boiling its skin. The burning kaiju attempted to squirm out of the ironclad grip, but the abomination was stopped by Gamera ripping its throat out. The Gyaos twitched as it drowned in its gurgling blood, movements no longer in its cognitive control.

And another fireball made short work of the suffering devil in a blaze of explosive fury.

Having dispatched the sloppy opponent, too gluttonous for its own good, he turned to his wound, watching as green blood flowed down his arm like a river. An angry grunt escaped from his maw, casting his attention towards Behemoth and the horde. Seeing his ally in danger, the chelonian warrior took wide gaits, firing plasma at the horde, striking a small group that flew next to the mammalian Titan.

Behemoth continued to shake the horde off of him, slamming them into the ground or striking them out of the air with his tusks. Blood spattered across the mammal’s fur and the sands beneath him.

A small group of Gyaos latched on, sinking their teeth into their mortal enemy’s flesh and swallowing it whole. Gamera grunted in pain as he swatted them away, grabbing a few of them midair and tossing them into the ground, ending their pitiful existence. The pair turned towards each other before directing their sights at Godzilla. They would only waste time if they focused on the horde; the best they could do was bring the fight to him.

The monster king roared as the Gyaos fired a sonic beam, cutting into his leg with ease. Godzilla screamed with rage as he attempted to strike the abomination out of the sky, only to be denied as the Gyaos evaded every swipe thrown at it before biting into his scaly hide. The alpha Titan growled as he reached behind him, grabbing the vile artificial organism by the throat, proceeding to slam them into the ground with all his might. The Atlantean vulture screeched as they shot out another Sonic Scalpel, cutting into the arm of the leviathan. Godzilla roared in pain as the blood sprayed into the air, the monster king releasing his grip around the abomination’s throat, earning a bite upon his hand.

The Gyaos violently shook its head, ripping flesh with their fangs. Godzilla cried out as he swung, throwing the experimental lifeform across the hillside.

The albino beast let out a squeal of pain as they crashed into the earth, attempting to rise back up, only for the leviathan to sprint rapidly. Godzilla howled in utmost fury, his mighty footfalls shaking the earth before being abruptly thrown aside by Gamera’s tremendous force. The monster king let out a groan of annoyance as the man-made creature opened his maw and sank his twin fangs into his shoulder. Blood flowed from the wound as flames surrounded the turtle’s jaws, burning the open wound. Godzilla roared with agony and rage, reaching down and hoisting the Atlantean creation around like a ragdoll, tossing him free and ripping chunks as Gamera was sent crashing into the ground.

The guardian of the universe watched as the alpha Titan approached. Growling as he rose to his feet, he was ready to finish the fight.


The pure-white cretin flapped its powerful wings, rebalancing itself back to its feet. But before it could resume the task before it, the mammalian Titan grappled it from behind, wrapping his hands around the abomination’s shoulders. With a tremendous heave, Behemoth lifted the filthy abomination into the air before slamming them into the ground.

The albino ghoul guttered a hellish cry, raising their head up, only for their eyes to widen when they saw Behemoth bring his tusks high above its head, preparing to smash them into his target. Quick to react, the white Gyaos fired a Sonic Scalpel, cleaving effortlessly through the spiked tip and cutting into the right eye and forehead of the protector of nature. Behemoth let out a booming cry as he swung his protrusions downward, only to miss when the Gyaos jumped out of the way and returned to the sky.

Blood dripped from the guardian’s face, splashing into the disheveled ground created by the impact. Behemoth looked to the sky with his one remaining eye, spotting the Gyaos circling around and directing its sights to him. The wretched monster reached down, snapping their jaws violently onto the guardian’s back, ripping flesh and throwing blood into the air. With a hellish echo, the devilish fiend beckoned the lesser members of its kind.

The horde approached, aiming to devour the guardian. Behemoth cried out in pain as he stood up on his back legs, forcing the Gyaos to back off. With a swift and powerful turn, the forest deity struck the monstrous bird across the jaws, hurling it into the earth.

Behemoth sprinted into action, aiming to stab through the monster’s flesh with his remaining tusks. The albino raised its head and glared at the oncoming beast, shooting its Sonic Scalpel at the charging mammal. The golden lance sliced into the external incisor, dismembering bone. The upper half of the tusk fell to the ground, almost tripping Behemoth. The mammalian Titan struggled and pushed onward, enduring the pain as the horde of evil followed closely behind. His heartbeat echoed through his mind. He knew that he was not going to live through this, but he would make sure every action he had left would leave a mark.

The Gyaos leapt into the sky, attempting to put distance between itself and the raging animal. only for Behemoth to wrap his claws around one of their legs, pulling them downward to the earth as he snapped the limb. A cry of anguish left the vile avian’s maw, summoning the horde which aggregated the living mountain, their jaws sinking into the flesh of Behemoth. The guardian released booming trills as he dug his claws into the chest and neck of the alpha Gyaos, ripping into its throat and chest. The Gyaos fired another blast, cutting into the shoulder, sending a geyser of blood into the sky as Behemoth continued to rip into the abomination.

Blood spattered across his body and landed around them, the mammalian Titan’s eye a blood-red, filled with crimson rage as adrenaline rushed through his body. The Gyaos’ body was turned into mush. Behemoth stood over the body as the horde ripped into his flesh. With a powerful swing of his body, they splattered against his muscle-bound body, crushing them in an instant before sprinting away. He wouldn’t die to some horde, he would fall protecting this world against the king.


Gamera cried out as he was slammed against what remained of a village, blood falling down his maw as Godzilla approached. The guardian attempted to swing upward, only for the monster king to reach out and sink his teeth into the arm of the guardian. The man-made Titan screamed in pain as the ancient leviathan ripped into his flesh. Gamera began to charge a volley of fireballs, when Godzilla kicked his head, misdirecting the flames away from him. Then, with a firm grasp, Godzilla latched onto the terrapin’s arm and began to pull. With all his strength, the fallen guardian ripped the lower arm clean off. Gamera roared with fury and anguish, green blood staining the ground and his body.

Godzilla stepped back and tossed the limb away, watching the turtle squirm in pain. The leviathan attempted to fire an atomic blast, only for it to once again be denied.


He would not be delayed, he was a king. He could summon forth his atomic energy, he just needed to focus. His dorsal spines illuminated blue, the power of the atom flowed through his veins once again. His eyes were a bright blue as the atomic blast crawled up his throat as he reared his head back, about to unleash his almighty attack…

Behemoth slammed his body into the fallen king, forcing the blast to miss the target, the beam striking the land to the side, exploding upon impact. Rage boiled over as Godzilla looked to his one close ally, grabbing Behemoth by the back of the neck before kicking his knee at full force, shattering it. The mammalian Titan protector released a cry of anguish as his former king wrapped his hands around his throat and turned, snapping his neck, sending out a shockwave from the immense forces involved. The corpse of the protector of nature fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The ancient alpha predator turned towards the rising Gamera, moving forward to finish what he started, when the Gyaos horde surrounded him. Biting into his rocky flesh, Godzilla quickly turned, smacking what he could with his tail before swiping at what remained with his hands as he walked through. They were mere pests, if he were to focus on them, then he could finally end this charade.

Gamera stood tall, taking in deep breaths as the monster king approached through the remains of the horde. He doubted that he would survive the battle, the guardian cursing at himself knowing he had failed in defeating Godzilla… until he felt a presence.

The rest of Mothra’s energy had transferred into the artificial kaiju, though it had been unknown at the moment of her death, the power had finally run its course. He felt a sudden boost in energy rise through him, his eyes widening as his vision was no longer blurry, strength returning all the while. Gamera looked down at his dismembered arm and knew that he could not face Godzilla on his own. Normally this would raise great concern for the beast, but he was more than confident that he could still win this. His chest opened up to reveal a bright light, the fallen king flinching as the light began to blind him. The horde of Gyaos all roared in anger and confusion as the light appeared, charging headfirst at the gigantic turtle. Gamera was filled with determination as energy began to gather into him, the Earth’s mana fueling the guardian’s ultimate attack.

The monster king attempted to fire another atomic breath, only to be denied once again. The Titan snarled before charging at full speed, adrenaline pushing through as his determination to live kicked in.

Gamera unleashed a roar of fury before the energy was released in a single gigantic beam of Mana, engulfing the Gyaos in a matter of seconds before reaching Godzilla. His life flashed before his eyes as the light began to surround him. He remembered his life in prehistoric earth as the planet’s guardian, forcing the golden demise into an icy prison alongside his allies; He remembered when humanity had dropped a bomb of unimaginable might and when he rose to destroy the parasite known as Shinomura. He had a good life and even in death, the Earth would remember him, not as a king… but as one of the trillions of life forms that had graced it.

The Mana Beam consumed Godzilla and with an unholy scream, he made one last claim to life, one last cry to the world. Skin peeled off, quickly revealing muscle and bone before being turned to ash. Gamera stopped the onslaught of Mana, falling to the ground with his arm being placed on his knee. He had done it… he had saved what remained of life. The guardian looked up into the sky and looked upon the sun, listening for the cries of more Titans. He heard them one after another, calling for a gathering. The gigantic turtle quickly retracted into his shell and took off into the sky with blazing speed.

Hope ran through his form as he flew towards his destination, those that had been lost today would not be forgotten. Gamera would help defend the Earth with what remained of life, for life is wonderful.

Winner: Gamera (Heisei)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.