Author: Harley Jameson | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

Waves lapped the shores of Osaka gently. An entire city held its breath as a monster from its past was standing on the beachfront, head to the wind and staring intently towards the ocean. G-Force tanks and military personnel were hovering around the quadruped, keeping a cautious eye on him if he decided to turn his attention back towards the city. This time however, Anguirus had no intention of wading through Humanity. He was waiting for something else.

The waves grew harsher as the tide pulled in. The water swelled up, cascading down in a giant torrent as a creature long thought dead by many suddenly surfaced. A long, thick tail slapped against the water, spraying it everywhere. Jagged-teeth jaws parted and a deep, horrific roar echoed across the shores of Osaka.

Anguirus pawed at the ground, crouching down on his forelegs and snarling at his ancient enemy. He backed away as Godzilla lumbered onto the shore and the two began circling each other as they had done back in 1955. Rearing his head, Godzilla fired a blistering yellow atomic ray that swept across the G-Force militia and set them ablaze with thundering explosions, coating the coastline in searing flames.

Without any warning, Anguirus galloped forward and pounced onto Godzilla, knocking the King of the Monsters over in a furious bloodlust that had laid dormant in the beast for decades. Sand and earth were sent flying as both monsters clawed and grappled against each other, rolling across the ground. Anguirus shunted Godzilla on his back, rearing up on his hind legs and slamming them down against Godzilla’s chest.

Godzilla flailed underneath Anguirus, succeeding in shoving his feral opponent off of him and quickly kicked out, breaking a few of Anguirus’ teeth as he scrambled to his feet and fired an atomic ray at his opponent, the beam skidding across Anguirus’ shell harmlessly. Godzilla flung himself at his foe with equal veracity, throwing his whole weight at Anguirus who deftly swiveled to the side and slammed Godzilla’s legs with his spiked tail, causing the King of the Monsters to crash to the ground with an unnaturally high pitched shriek.

Seizing his chance, Anguirus moved forward and forced Godzilla’s face into the sand with his front legs, leaning down and biting at the neck of his opponent. Ripping into the flesh with sheer hatred as the odd sound of metal tearing suddenly screeched in the air. Shaking his head angrily, Anguirus dug his heels into the ground and tore harder at Godzilla’s skin, starting to rip it off completely.

Finally, with one last savage tear, Godzilla’s skin had nearly been ripped off his body entirely. The light shone off dull space titanium as the mechanical imposter stood to his full height. A gigantic stream of fire from the creature’s nostrils forced Anguirus back, burning the skin held between his teeth into ash. Hands spinning into place before locking, Anguirus glared at the machine he had been waiting for.

Mechagodzilla stood motionless in front of Anguirus, waiting new orders from its robotic controller hundreds of miles away. No one had anticipated that Anguirus would seek Mechagodzilla for revenge after what had happened the last time, and Mechagodzilla’s head twitched a bit as sparks flew from the deep gashes made by Anguirus’ savage attack.

After a few moments of tense silence, Mechagodzilla screeched and unleashed absolute hell upon Anguirus. From its nostrils, a gigantic plume of fire roared out across the battlefield. Missiles, Space Beams, and Cross Energy Attacks were fired from all open ports on Mechagodzilla, shrouding the whole battlefield with a thick layer of smoke and dust as Anguirus’s shrieks were lost to the cacophony of noise being produced.

Through the debris, a massive spiked ball bounced outwards. Smoking and charred, Anguirus’ thunderball attack collided against Mechagodzilla’s chest, sending sparks flying and the machine stumbling backwards. Uncurling on the ground, Anguirus rammed himself shell first against the machine, causing more sparks to fall over him as Mechagodzilla tumbled to the ground, still firing wildly with his missiles that exploded harmlessly against each other in the air.

Anguirus grabbed Mechagodzilla by the arm, dragging it ruthlessly across the ground in a frantic attempt to rip the imposter’s arm clean off. Smoke and sparks whirred from Mechagodzilla’s arm before the loud roar of rockets exploded beneath Mechagodzilla. Feet turning into thrusters, Mechagodzilla began dragging Anguirus across the sandy ground, hurtling across the ground before Anguirus was finally forced to let go, tumbling across and splashing into the surf as Mechagodzilla spun around and angling upwards before landing right back on its feet.

Chest port opening, Mechagodzilla opened fire with its Cross Attack Beam towards the half submerged Anguirus. The quadruped let out a massive shriek of pain as electricity surged across his wet body, spasming and seizing up in pain. Foam began to froth from his mouth as he stumbled back onto the sands, only to get blasted in the face with a couple of Space Beams and sent floundering onto his shell from the force, nasal horn and forehead horns shattering on impact.

Curling up into a ball despite the agonizing pain coursing through him, Anguirus rocked on his back and sprung forward onto his legs again, swinging his tail like a bat to deflect a couple of incoming missile and sending them spiraling into the ocean. Howling like a demon, Anguirus barreled forward and launched himself at Mechagodzilla, ignoring that his whole body was bathed in the high heat of the Destro Fire and tackling the robotic monster onto the sand one more time. Smoke curling around his charred body, Anguirus began beating his forelegs against Mechagodzilla’s chest and head, cranking the already damaged neck joints dangerously against the sand.

The groaning of metal forced the electronic sensors of Mechagodzilla into panic mode. Engines rattling and the whole machine radiating heat, a massive jet of fire erupted from its nostrils, forcing Anguirus scrambling back to avoid getting burnt as a wide stream of glass suddenly appeared where there was once sand. Mechagodzilla whirred its head the other way, beating itself against the sand and digging through it, not even bothering with standing up as its head rotated faster and faster, a blue barrier surrounding the downed Mechagodzilla.

Pushing itself up, Mechagodzilla’s head stopped spinning suddenly and unleashed another Space Beam at Anguirus, the ground exploding behind the bleeding and charred monster. Trembling, Anguirus wobbled slightly and began moving forward slowly, grunting when more missiles exploded against his bruised shell. He could feel it start to crack underneath the intensity and power of Mechagodzilla, but he refused to be beaten again by this mechanical imposter.

Swaying and bloodied, Anguirus gave a hell-raising shriek and sprinted forward, ignoring as chunks of his shell were blown apart thanks to Mechagodzilla’s firepower. Anguirus tackled the machine, sending both crashing back onto the surf again. Anguirus reared up, slamming his forelegs down against the machine’s head. Sparks flew dangerously as Mechagodzilla flailed, desperate to remove Anguirus off of it.

Screaming bloody murder, Anguirus kept slamming his forelegs down on Mechagodzilla’s head, denting the metal and causing the machine to start seizing and firing its weapons at point blank range, fire and missiles exploding upwards as Anguirus was finally thrown off with violent force.

Mechagodzilla tried to rise to its feet, only to crumple as its head burst into flames. Anguirus slowly dragged himself to his feet, panting roughly and watching the flaming wreckage of his opponent. Satisfied that his opponent was finally defeated, he let out a howl of victory before going back to his waiting spot on the beach, laying down in the sun to recover from his injuries.

Winner: Anguirus (Universal)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles