Author: Vincent Rodger & Andrew Sudomerski | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

[Continued from Match 317]


G-Force staff ran outside of their base of operations as Kiryu landed in front of the facility. Soldiers aimed their guns at the captive Attack Titan, prepared to shoot the humanoid if it made any sudden movements. The Mechagodzilla roared at the humans below as he motioned with his free hand towards the side telling them to get back. The humans ran away, as the wires went back into the cyborg, dropping the captured giant onto the ground below. Kiryu then opened up his left hand, kneeling down and gently putting the unconscious Akane onto the ground.

Medical officers and soldiers rushed to her side, picking up the wounded pilot before rushing inside. She needed help, and fast.

Kiryu’s eye dimmed as the guardian’s power had finally run dry. Soldiers surrounded the rogue Titan’s body, waiting for the being to make any sudden movements…

Eren burst from the nape which was quickly followed by a thick cloud of smoke. Blood covered the young man, he held both of his blades in each hand, the soldiers opened fire but missed due to the thick steam. The man lost in time threw one of his swords at a soldier, stabbing him in the throat and killing him instantly. Eren ran through the smoke, dodging the bullets as fast as he could while he made his way towards another soldier. Quickly slicing the man’s leg, forcing him to the ground before he held the blade to his neck.

Sweat ran down the soldier’s forehead as the group of trained officers stopped their movement. Their rifles aimed at the young man, waiting for their chance for Eren to make a mistake. Worry ran through Eren’s mind, he needed to think of something and fast, or he would miss his rendezvous with Emmy.

“If you all back off now, I’ll let this man live. I don’t want to bring any more harm but if I have to I wi-” A sniper high above the group took his shot. A tranquilizer made its mark on the back of the young man’s neck, the drugs inside kicking in as the needle pierced his skin. Eren began to lose consciousness, dropping the sword in his hand as he fell.

The soldiers surrounded him, his vision began to darken as he passed out. “We need this one alive.”


-Planet X-

“What have we told you about making plans without our authority, child?”

The Regulator turned around meeting the glance of his elders before being pushed aside by them. Chuck approached the head Xilien, reaching out his hand for a handshake. “So what shall I call you?” the Xilien reached out, shaking the Futurian’s hand.

“Our people do not have names, but you may call me the Controller. Now, what brings you to our planet, human?”

“The Earth has been a target of many extraterrestrial species. The Mysterians, the Black Hole Aliens, and of course your people. None have succeeded in the past.” Chuck reached into his pocket, pulling out a holographic projector. “We have acquired some monsters from Earth’s past, present, and future. With these, your people could take over the planet.” The Xilien commander nodded before giving a response with no emotion.

“And what do you gain out of this, Earthling?” Chuck smiled, before showing a hologram of the one who defeated his masterpiece.

“All we ask is that you destroy this beast… This Attack Titan.” The Xilien pondered for a moment before giving an answer.

“What did this Attack Titan do to you? Defeat your conquest? Kill your monster?”

Chuck gritted his teeth but tried his best to not show his annoyance. “We made a clone of King Ghidorah, the very creature your people used decades ago.”

“You mean the pretender?”

Chuck and Glen stepped back in surprise, waiting for an answer. “The Ghidorah that you used as a basis for your monster, was a pretender to the throne. He was not the entity known as King Ghidorah as we originally thought,” the Commander pointed out the window in their base. Chuck and Glen walked towards the window, their eyes widened as they saw what the Xilien was referring to. “They are known as many things across the stars. The Golden Demise, the King of Terror, the One Who is Many, the Apex of Wishes. Your people call him King Ghidorah, but our people call him… Monster Zero.” King Ghidorah laid on the planet’s surface asleep, their body slightly moving as they breathed in and out.

“How could I have made this mistake? I cloned the wrong Ghidorah…” Chuck grew angry but restrained his emotions the best he could before being stunned once again. Three more monsters approached the sleeping King. “Is that Gigan? I had believed that he was slain decades ago by Zone Fighter.”

“Gigan was indeed destroyed by Zone Fighter and Godzilla. We received his corpse and upgraded him to what you see now.” Gigan screeched, trying to wake up King Ghidorah. Behind Gigan stood two monsters, both unrecognized by the Futurians. One resembled a cactus, yellow beady eyes lighted the area and thorns poked out of its green body. Gororin tried to hide his anger at Ghidorah, for he did not want to agitate the destroyer of worlds.

The second behind Gigan was humanoid in nature. Skeletal armor covered the being from head to toe, twin-connected tails hung from its back, Monster X crossed his arms. Waiting for his superior to wake up. “Those are my creations, Gororin and Monster X.”

A moment of silence passed before Chuck reached into his pocket and grabbed a small button. “With your permission, I would like to commit an experiment.” The Commander stood still before motioning a hand gesture, giving the human permission. Chuck pressed the button, from his ship beams of light emerged. Ghidorah’s eyes slowly opened, their form rising as the light engulfed the area. Monster X, Gororin, and Gigan turned, seeing monsters emerge from the light.

The creature smelled of the ocean, dorsal spines ran down its back, a long slithery tail swung back and forth. The mutated iguana stood like a velociraptor, Zilla looked at the four monsters that stood in their path, ready to attack if they were ordered. Next to Zilla was a monster from an ancient age, the evolved Allosaurus flexed his claws, licking his lips as he stared at Gororin. Gorosaurus was hungry, and if his master would allow it, he would eat the plant. “If you have brought monsters from the past and present, when did you grab this Gorosaurus? Cause if it is from the past, it could create a paradox with the current monster.”

Chuck looked towards the Commander with a grin, his pride taking over as he spoke. “This Gorosaurus is not the same as the one on Earth currently. We grabbed him from Mondo Island, the species roamed freely there.” The commander nodded once again, having no emotion as he returned his attention towards his guests’ ship.

A soul-chilling howl echoed from the light, a large ankylosaur emerged, yellow icy scales graced the being. Spikes covered the monster, eyes a bone-chilling red. Ghidorah recognized this being, they had killed one of its kind while attacking a blue and green world a lifetime ago. Gigan remembered another of its kind as well, he had cut into the flesh of one while trying to conquer the Earth decades ago. Angira, the Yamato Guardian of the sea, had returned.

A large crustacean screeched, clapping his pincers together, the newly discovered Ebirah was ready to brawl. A gigantic mantis flew out of the light, hovering above her fellow monsters before landing among them, Kamacuras screeched, following in her peers’ example. Kumonga, Hedorah, and a white Rodan flew out of the light, each of them roaring as they exited.

Gigan felt his heartbeat slow down, that was the being that destroyed his world… The Smog Monster had attacked many years ago, what seemed lifetimes ago for many. The cyborg chirped into the air and was ready to charge, but once again orders ran through his head, stopping him in his tracks. If he was ever given the opportunity, he would kill Hedorah for what he had done to his homeworld, to his people.

The last monster exited out from the light, the lion king roared as he stood by the others, flexing his three-clawed hands as he approached. The Commander once again turned towards the human pair but before he could ask his question, Chuck began to speak.

“He is a prototype for the Okinawa guardian, King Caesar from the days of Atlantis. One of many who fell to the Gyaos and Garasharp hordes… Until we grabbed him from the past.”

The Xilien Commander pondered before he finally said what was on his mind. “What is it that you plan to do here, human?” Chuck smiled before pressing the button once again, the monsters bowed before King Ghidorah. The four monsters stood in confusion, the group of monsters was just ready to attack and now they were bowing before their alpha? Ghidorah stood in a mix of surprise and confusion before opening his wings and roaring into the skies. The Xilien pondered for a moment before turning towards Chuck.

“The thought of invasion has crossed my mind, human… But if we were to once again try to invade the Earth, we would violate the treaty between our people. Humanity will retaliate and my people would be thrown into a conflict that they never asked to be a part of. I’m sorry but I’m afraid this alliance is quite impossible.”

Chuck grew frustrated.“Then why listen to us at all? Why let me release my monsters onto your land?”

“It is polite to listen to those that are speaking to you, is it not? I allowed you to speak and propose this alliance, but I never said that we would join forces with you humans.” The Commander lifted a hand, the Xilien soldiers raised their weapons, aiming at the pair of Futurians. “I must ask that you leave, or face your demise to the finest in the Xilien’s army.” Chuck and Glen looked at each other, sweat falling from their foreheads. If only they had M-11 with them, he could take down this room of soldiers by himself…

“Damn you, Emmy.”

Lightning struck the Commander across the chest, sending the Xilien leader onto the ground, smoke rose from the blast mark. The Xilien soldiers turned their weapons toward the source of the blast, seeing The Regulator standing with a grin, electricity surrounding his fingertips. “Traitor!”

“The real traitor is that old fool. We get a chance to avenge those lost to humanity and he stands there, not taking that chance. All because he is afraid to get his hands dirty.”

One of the elders spoke up. “You have gone too far this time, Regulator. We will have your head for this.” The young Xilien cracked a smile.

“I would like to see you try.”

The Xilien soldiers opened fire at the Regulator, Chuck and Glen got onto the ground, wishing not to be caught in the crossfire. The Kaizer dropped down and rushed over to the Futurians, throwing them into the air before placing his right hand onto the floor. Time seemed to slow down as electricity ran through the floor, electrocuting the Xilien soldiers. Their bodies falling limp, their skin melting revealing muscle and bone. Chuck and Glen both got up quickly, fearing for the actions that were to come next.

“Don’t worry humans, I’m not going to kill you.” the Xilien super soldier turned towards the pair, “I’m joining you.” Chuck and Glen relaxed their bodies and regained their composure as their new friend approached. “We must hurry. It won’t be long until the bodies are found. We must dispose of the corpses before we, at last, have our revenge.”

Chuck smiled, ready to enact his revenge upon the beast that had wronged him.


Screams echoed through the halls as blood poured down the young man’s body. Steam rose from his wounds, his breathing became heavy. Two men stood above the boy, both with very fit builds. The older of the two grabbed Eren by the hair, pulling his head up, blood dripped from his mouth and nose. “Hey, Harou, how long do you think he is going to last before he breaks?” His younger acquaintance walked over, sitting next to his superior.

“I don’t know captain, let’s find out.” Harou got up and walked over to a bloody bench, pushing the chair underneath it and picking up a crowbar that was among the various tools and weapons that laid across the bench.

The door slammed open, Harou and Gordon turned towards the noise, seeing a man in a black and white suit walk through. Both captains stood to have their attention to the man in the suit.

“Mr.Prime Minister, we were not expecting–”

“Leave us.”

Gordon grew annoyed, reluctantly leaving the room. Harou followed close behind, closing the door behind him. The Prime Minister stood above Eren, lighting a cigarette and taking a quick puff before offering it to Eren. “I don’t want anything from you bastard.” The Prime Minister shrugged before taking another puff.

“So young man…how did you escape our facility?”

“I didn’t escape from anywhere…I don’t even know why I am here.”

“I don’t believe you for a second, seeing as you have the same Titan form as another of our members.” The Prime Minister grabbed the chair from the other side of the room, sitting in it, staring at the chained teenager. “Now, I ask you again…how did you escape our facility?” Eren took in deep breaths, lifting his head up.

“I told you…I didn’t escape from any facility. I have already told your goons where I came from…”

“And what did you tell them, young man?” The Prime Minister took another puff, waiting for Eren to answer. Tapping his fingers on his knees, growing impatient. “You wouldn’t believe me.” the young man chuckled. “The others didn’t believe me…”

“Try me.” A moment of silence passed before Eren responded. “I told them that I’m from the future.”

The Prime Minister took another quick puff, finishing the cigarette. “Are you with those Futurians?”

Eren was caught off guard by the Prime Minister’s calm demeanor. He wasn’t shocked by the fact of time travel or the Futurians threat. The young man had to keep on his toes.

“No… I don’t work with bloodthirsty killers. I was sent back in time to stop them, in which it seems that I did. I’m just waiting for my ride home.”

“I see…” The Prime Minister got up from his chair and walked towards the door. Silent as he left the room and the door closed shut behind him. Eren pondered in his mind, what was going to happen to him?


Akane opened her eyes, squinting as the light in her room blinded her. She covered her eyes, trying to see what was around her. The room had white walls, and equipment surrounded her as if surgery had taken place. She looked down at her body, a hospital gown covered the young lieutenant, no wounds were to be found. The last thing she remembered was passing out while Kiryu battled the target. She climbed out of bed, tumbling towards a window sill before catching herself on it. “Careful lieutenant. Don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

The young woman turned around, seeing a smile on the Prime Minister’s face as he walked in with Captain Harou and Captain Gordon. Akane saluted her superior before asking him “Sir…what happened? The last thing I remember was Kiryu and the target battling as lava began to surround us.”

His smile disappeared. The Prime Minister turned towards Gordon, “Close the door.” The American captain complied, closing the door before grabbing a seat. Harou put himself against the wall, waiting for his superior to begin talking. “When Mount Fuji erupted, it wiped out most of the forest. We had to use a Firefighter Jet Jaguar to put out the fires and save what remained of the area. You were successful in your mission, the Titan host was captured. Kiryu is undergoing repair as we speak.”

Akane collected her thoughts before asking her superior another question. “How many were killed in the crossfire?”

The Prime Minister paused before sighing and walking over to Akane, putting his hand on her shoulder. “We don’t have an exact number but… Possibly in the thousands.” Akane’s body began to shake. She failed. Emotions and thoughts of judgment rushed through her head as a tear began to roll down her cheek. “Don’t blame yourself, young Akane… You did the best you could in the situation.” Akane walked over to her bed, sitting down and staring at the floor as she realized her mistake.

“How did I survive? I lost so much blood…” The Prime Minister looked over at the two captains. Harou nodded before grabbing a knife and slicing into his arm. Akane looked up and was in shock at the display of self-harm. With seemingly great restraint, steam rose from the wound as it closed up, healing the damage that Harou had just inflicted on himself. He tossed the knife to Akane, landing in her lap, the small amount of blood splattering across her legs.

“You are one of us now. If you don’t believe me… Try it for yourself.” Akane looked down at the knife before looking at the two captains.

“What do you mean by one of you?” Harou rolled his eyes as he approached her.

“What do you think? You are now a Titan Shifter. Like myself and Captain Gordon, you were chosen to become a host of immense power to protect the country against kaiju threats and, if needed, the world against a threat.” Akane’s eyes widened in shock. “It was the only way to save your life. You had lost so much blood, your organs were damaged beyond repair… Until you were injected with the serum. You’re lucky… We didn’t even know if it was going to work. Most people just turn into mindless monsters.”

Akane got onto her feet, knocking the blood-covered knife onto the ground. “What do you mean ‘most people?’”

Harou got closer to Akane, the two looking into each other’s eyes with nothing but malice towards each other. “Experiments require test subjects, no? Us three are the only ones that still had our sanity and retained our human forms after the serum was injected. You knew of more Titans. You knew that the captive could have been one of the escaped subjects.” Rage filled Akane’s being, she put her finger on Harou, interrupting his train of thought.

“I didn’t know they were the people we were supposed to protect!” The Prime Minister stood up separating the two before violence broke out.

“Both of you, lower your voices. We don’t want anyone to get suspicious of our conversation.” The two looked at each other before Harou headed towards the door, opening it and leaving the room. Gordon followed the captain, both of them waiting for their superior to leave the room.

The Prime Minister pointed towards the closet. “Your military uniform and some extra clothes are in the closet. I will return when you have cooled down.” The Prime Minister left the room as Akane stared outside her window. Pondering on what to do next.


-The Moon, UN Base-

Professor Miyajima walked down a white hallway. Late to his morning meeting with the fellow leaders of the United Nations Space Station. For his work finding out that Mechagodzilla was made from space titanium all those years ago, the scientist rose high in the scientific community, eventually reaching the position he is now in.

He pressed his badge against a wall, opening up a door and revealing his colleagues. Dr. Ichinose was deeply rewarded after his rediscovery of Titanosaurus. So much so, he was given a job at the space station to find a way for marine life to be on the moon.

Dr. Kusmi turned around with a grin, happy to see his friend and coworker. The leader of the famous Sherbert Operations was hired to try to make the moon inhabitable.

Astronauts Glen and Fuji were the only two to not be scientists at the station. Both were hired as UN negotiators for extraterrestrial life after they negotiated with the Xiliens in the sixties.

The five men shook each others’ hands before taking their respective seats in the room. “I would like to thank everyone that could come today. I know that every minute counts, so I appreciate the attendance. Due to the Futurian attack that has occurred recently, security on the facility will be tight and the Super-X3 project will be moved here in case of an impending attack. Shipments of supplies such as food and water will be heavily guarded and monitored.”

The five men pondered the news given to them before Dr. Kusmi spoke up. “Will our research be affected? Will we have to change how we conduct experiments or–”

The room shook as sirens blared. The windows closed shut with an armored seal. The room turned red, the men all looked at each other all feeling a mix of fear and confusion. “Is this an emergency drill?” Dr. Ichinose asked the rest of the room. “None were scheduled for today, this must be an emergency shutdown.”

Screams echoed throughout the walls, the men all looked towards the door. Fear and confusion filled their minds before the door blasted open, the men sent to the ground, the door hanging on a mere hinge. The doctors coughed as smoke erupted into the room, which was quickly followed by the smell of iron. Blood smeared across the Regulator’s uniform, the Xilien wiping away the rubble and blood. “Disgusting,” the man looked around the room as the men rose to their feet. “So who would be in charge of this facility?”

“That would be me.” the Keizer looked towards Dr. Miyajima with a warm smile.

“I apologize for the mess doctor. But if you all remain calm, no harm will come to you and your friends.” Chuck and Glen walked in, both wearing cocky smirks, with them feeling pride at the destruction of the station.

“How is this possible?” Doctor Miyajima said towards the pair of Futurians. “We thought you were destroyed by Godzilla when he killed your monster.” The pair began to chuckle, almost in sync with one another.

“Then you are all fools. If we were destroyed by Godzilla’s wrath then who would have unleashed Mecha-King Ghidorah only a night later?” Glen began to chuckle, amused with his colleague’s teasing of the doctor.

X took a deep breath as he turned, faking a smile as he did so. “My friends, no need to bother ourselves with such primitive life. Let us watch the fireworks.” The Keizer turned towards Dr. Miyajima. “Would you be of use and open the armor plating?” The doctor reluctantly walked over to the table and pressed a button, opening up the blast doors revealing true terror…

The workers of the station all looked in horror as Gigan stood outside. The Xilien superweapon chirped before flying off towards the Earth. A three-headed golden hydra passed above, meeting up with Gigan as they entered the atmosphere. “Is that… King Ghidorah!?” X smiled as Dr. Miyajima recognized the hydra.

“The true King Ghidorah. The destroyer of worlds. He will reduce your planet to that of what it was eons ago. Lifeless and covered in fire and brimstone.” Dr. Miyajima fell to his knees, panicking as the Xilien’s words sank into his head.

A meteor flew past the moon, heading straight to the planet. A single flying saucer followed the three, aiming to join with their forces.

Dr. Ichinose opened up a locket wrapped around his neck, revealing a photo of the woman he loved thinking to himself. “Soon Katsura. I’ll see you soon.”

“Now witness… The end of your world to this deadly alliance.”


-Skull Island Facility-

Goro Ibuki walked down a hallway with his assistant, Azusa Gojo. Both were late to begin their shifts, for his work on Jet Jaguar and the recreation of Mechani-Kong, Dr. Ibuki was given the opportunity to become chief among the Skull Island Facility staff. An opportunity he greatly accepted. Dr. Azusa Gojo had been taking care of Godzilla Junior ever since he was a baby, for that she was given a position on Skull Island to help monitor Junior and the other monsters.

The pair walked into the control room and saw that the crew was panicking. Both doctors rushed towards their positions, Goro’s eyes widened as she read the readings. “Dr. Ibuki, our instruments are picking up four unidentified flying objects breaking through our atmosphere. If these readings are correct, they will be heading straight here.”

Goro stroked his bread, pondering on what precautions to follow. “Do we contact the moon base?”

“No sir, the whole facility has gone dark.” This troubled the good doctor’s mind. It seemed that this was sabotage, but by who was the real question. Goro pressed the screen in front of him, making sure that the island’s defenses were armed. To his surprise, everything seemed to check out.

“What about NASA? Or the JSDF? Is there anyone that we can reach?”

Dr. Gojo shook her head with a face filled with dread. The doctor thought to himself for a moment before standing up. “Listen up men!” The group of scientists turned from their seats, giving their superior their attention. “Activate Jet Jaguar and Mechani-Kong. If we are being attacked by extraterrestrials, I want this island secured and protected, do you all understand me!?” The group of young men and women stood up, saluting. “Yes sir!”

Two people stood in the corner of the room. Ken Yano had received visions in the past of Godzilla and Hedorah’s confrontation in the 70s, and his apprentice Miki Saegusa. They were used to calm down the monsters if they were to become a threat to themselves or others. Both stood behind Goro, Miki pressed her hands against her head, filling with terror as she felt the presence of malice incarnate. Possibly worse than everything that the planet has faced thus far… Worse than… Him.

“What is it, Miki?”

“Sir… I can feel their presence. Four monsters are about to turn this island into a kaiju graveyard.” Though Yano had lost his abilities long ago, he had been teaching Ms. Sagusa from his experiences. He knew by the tone of her voice that something was indeed coming. He could only hope they would survive the threat.


The sky above began to be engulfed in darkness, the clouds becoming black as yellow bolts of lightning coursed through. Thunder echoing across the island, an alarm for those that dwelled here.

The wild life watched as the sky had become what was seen eons ago when a dark destroyer emerged onto the island and slaughtered what remained of the guardians. The earth rubbled as one of the inhabitants arrived onto the scene, the tenacious ankylosaur standing tall as he awaited the others. A spiked carapace covered his back as horns topped his skull. His scales being gray in color, his posture being on all fours. His spiked tail swung back and forth across the ground as he anticipated what was to come.

He had seen much battle in his life, but what he sensed was coming made the warrior feel unease.

Water erupted next to the dinosaur, making Anguirus turn his attention to his arriving comrades. The beast was covered from head to toe with spiky red armor, twin pincers repeated to clamp together as it emerged to the surface. The sea monster screeched as it crawled onto the land, its large eyes watching the storm above.

The gigantic shrimp knew not what was coming but perhaps the storm would bring a worthy source of food for it for Ebirah had been dying for a tasty meal.

Trees snapped under immense weight as a blue theropod emerged from the jungle brush, the evolved allosaurus looked upward before unleashing a war cry at the sky. Blue scales covered the predator’s body, while a yellow underbelly lined down the animal. His long tail dragged behind him as he stepped forward, standing next to the other inhabitants.

His black eyes stared upward at the storm, the thunder resembling the roar of what had slain his parent. Gorosaurus flexed his muscular legs and tiny claws, the dinosaur was ready for a fight.

A cry of concern echoed through the skies, catching the attention of the gathered beasts. The ancient beast landed on the ground as he let out a chirp, asking his fellow Titans what was occurring. The ankylosaur simply replied with a grunt towards the brown pterosaur for if he was correct in what he believed was approaching, they would need to be focused.

The sky beast was covered in spikes across the chest, three horns pointed outward from the back of the skull. Yellow eyes observed the storm above, watching as lightning danced across the clouds. A black beak chirped once more as he flexed his wings, Rodan of Adona Island for the first time in years feared the worst was to come.

The island began to shake as a young prince approached, he flexed his arms as he marched forward. Yellow eyes turned his attention towards his pteranodon brethren, nodding before turning his attention upward. The tiny dorsal spines across his back flashing a light blue as the young Godzillasaur made an intimidation display.

Though he resembled the mutant that attacked Tokyo across the years, Godzilla Junior had no attachment to the name.

A cave burst above the group, boulders falling down the landmass as two red glowing gems illuminated. Stone and fur covered the beast from head to toe, twin ears perked up as the sound of the storm caught his attention. His maw releasing a growl as his tail dragged across the ground, the huntmaster liger unleashed a roar into the sky declaring one thing.

King Caesar, Guardian of Okinawa, would protect his new home on this day. Even if it meant his life would cease. The golem had survived a war in the distant past, only surviving against the hordes of Garasharp and Gyaos due to the last of the great black tortoises. If it wasn’t for him, he would have been destroyed just as his brothers had been.

He would not see mercy today, against this new threat. They must drive back whatever was coming, or face extinction.

The earth rumbled as the island’s alpha charged forward, jumping from mountain to mountain with ease. Giant Ants stood still in trees, fearing that they would be crushed by the mighty ape. Leafwings took to the skies, hoping to avoid his wrath. The beast’s fur was brown, scars covered his gray chest. The last of his kind, the mighty defender landed amongst the gathered beasts.

He began to snarl as he looked upon the storm, this island’s ecosystem was delicate. One toss of a stone could cause a great reaction across the land, the devils beneath the earth had already caused much death across his home. Kong clenched his fist in anger, the life signs felt foreign. Invaders from the stars had arrived to decimate his home, kill what he had fought for his entire life to protect.

The ape slammed his chest repeatedly before unleashing a war cry at the storm, daring whatever approached to face them.

In the middle of the group the earth collapsed, giving way to a forgotten deity of Seatopia. Twin drills were in place of where most of nature’s creatures had hands. Gigantic insect eyes looked upon the storm, watching with anticipation to what he felt was approaching. Something… familiar was here. A forgotten ally of the past had returned, the sins of his past catching up with him even to his new home.

As the insect emerged from the earth, he shook off the dirt and clapped his drills as he screeched into the sky. His antenna lightning up golden as he awaited his old friend. Megalon had been abandoned by his people and found a new home on this island, no one would jeopardize that.

Bright colorful wings spread open as a chirp was unleashed above them, the kind goddess of infant island warned the others to not take this likely. She had seen what was approaching once, in a different lifetime eons ago. Though she had felt her rival perish decades ago, it seemed that he had returned from the grave. Mothra released a war cry, challenging the cyborg to land.

Water began to rise in a large lake near the group, Sker Buffalo slowly walked away as the peaceful dinosaur emerged for he did not wish to harm the life forms near him. Black bumps covered his red scales, orange fins covered his back. The animal felt ease for the first time in decades, he had been a slave once to a man filled with hate. He had been used as a pawn against humanity and had been thought to be believed dead for years after he was defeated by a nuclear saurian.

Titanosaurus flexed his body in anticipation, he did not wish for conflict but if this was the only way to protect his home then so be it.

A young kaiju approached the group, shaking as fear ran down his spine. He had only been in one fight in his entire life, having to defend his home against an invader from the stars that brought a blizzard. The hippopotamus attempted to stand strong but this was not like anything he had ever felt, such pressure around this storm made him fear the worst.

But he would not abandon his friends on this day. Though he was young, the last thing he would want is to throw away their lives for his own. If needed, he would die standing on his feet instead of hiding like a coward. Daigoro slammed his fists together as he turned towards Junior, calling out to him.

The Godzillasaurus turned towards his friend and nodded. Until the last breath left their lungs, they would fight for their home.

The last of the island’s inhabitants crawled from a nearby river bed. The gigantic cephalopod dared not go onto land for the island’s alpha would devour him if given a chance, easily capable of destroying creatures similar to himself in the past. Oodako had not ever been put into this position before, he had always hunted for survival but now he was the prey.

He would not fall being hunted like a simple animal, he would fight for tomorrow.

Suddenly from the storm a meteor emerged, approaching at speeds that none of the island’s inhabitants could comprehend. Before any of them could process what was happening…the first to fall had been chosen.

The asteroid crashed into the octopus, killing him in an instant. Flesh and blood sprayed across the environment in an instant. The group turned their attention towards the new arrival. The meteor cracking open, releasing smoke into the air above as a skeletal hand wrapped around the entrance to his cocoon. Four red eyes stared from the darkness as he rose to his feet, twisting his neck to crack it as he revealed himself to his prey.

Monster X stood still as he crossed his arms, grinning with malice as he stared at his targets. The group snarled as he took defensive positions, the air growing tense as the pressure began to build. None of them had felt such rage in one being…

From the storm emerged the golden hydra, landing in front of the group of Earth Defenders and releasing a war cry. Thunder sounded puny in comparison to the might of the Apex of Wishes as they spread their wings, standing at full height against the group. Their eyes widening as their situation only worsened in a matter of seconds.

Kong’s heart beat began to slow down as he stared at the Golden Demise’s form, a memory coming into the light…


100 years ago, Skull Island

The birth of new life should be celebrated. On any other day, the entirety of Skull Island would have celebrated the birth of their prince…but today was a day of death and misery.

The Father’s eyes widened as he walked across the plains which were once filled with life, being covered in the corpses of wildlife and his fellow ape. He carried his newborn son in his arms as The Mother followed close behind, trying not to look at the remains of her home.

The storm overhead began to glow brighter as a gigantic shadow could be seen in it. The parents of the newborn knew they would not survive this day, but they needed to at least save their son. Their first and last act of love for their offspring. The Father looked all around him, looking for a safe area to put his son, but all he could see was fire and death. The pair of Kongs marched forward, attempting to not be seen by the invader in the storm when they spotted a small cave for the newborn.

The Father gently placed the son in the cave, cracking a smile as his son wrapped his tiny hand around one of his fingers. The Mother came closer, reaching out for her son as the scream of the horror that appeared on the island echoed in their ears. Reluctantly, the parental figures pulled away, quickly running away from the small cave as to not alert the devil of their son’s presence. A quick flash in the storm revealed the shadow once again before it emerged, the three heads screaming as they charged forth at the pair of apes, the Father and Mother roared back before charging forward.

The Son looked from the cave, watching as his parents were quickly dispatched, their screams echoing through his mind, tears began to flow as the pair were ripped to shreds. The invader sank his teeth into the Father’s throat and arms, blood flowing into the hydra’s maw as they lifted them up and threw the corpse at the Mother, crashing into her and forcing them into the ground. The Mother screamed as the monster unleashed three bolts of lightning from their maws, ending her life in an instant.

The Son turned away, tears falling onto the ground as he crawled back into the cave to avoid being spotted. He would never forget those screams and he would never forget them, the Golden Demise…or HIM.

The leviathan walked through the forest, snarling as he looked upon the hydra’s form. He had already driven them away with the help of some allies but now they were gone and what they died to force away had returned. The ancient alpha predator unleashed a roar demanding the invader’s attention. The three heads turned looking at their rival, each growing angry at the guardian’s presence, they spread their wings as their tails rattled. A moment of silence passed before the two charged at each other…


Kong slammed his chest before releasing a cry of rage at the invader, he would avenge all those that had fallen to this abomination. If it wasn’t for what stood before him and the Skull Devil’s horde, he would have had a family.

King Ghidorah smiled as they stared down at the ape, they had enjoyed slaughtering his people. Watching as the life left their eyes into the great void, they would kill this one slowly and smile every moment.

Anguirus looked up the hydra’s form and saw a being that was stronger than the one he faced with his king all those years ago, the sheer presence alone made fear creep into his mind. He revealed his teeth as he looked upon the invader’s form, ready to rip into their flesh with ease.

Suddenly an Xilien UFO descended from the storm, a light exiting the bottom of the ship, releasing another of their creations onto the battlefield. Gororin stared with anticipation at the group, shifting his yellow eyes to choose who to take out first.

Then the last of the Xilien’s forces arrived, the cyborg from Megalon and Mothra’s past, reminding them of their failures. The upgraded psychopath slid both blades across each other, sparks flying as the cyborg smirked. He had waited for a new mission for so long, he would enjoy ripping into the island’s inhabitants… then the cyborg tilted his head as he saw Megalon.

His old ally had been moved here by this world’s people, abandoned by those he had swore to protect. Perhaps…this was a new chance. Gigan stretched out his left arm, offering the insect deity a chance to join them and take back what was his.

Megalon pondered for a moment at the choice in front of him, join his former ally and betray his new home or defend it. His people had thrown him away with ease…even after everything he had done for them. Gone to war for them, killed for them, protected them. Here he found a new home, a new purpose. He stared back at Gigan, standing still for a moment. Silence hung over them before the former guardian of Seatopia opened his mandibles and released a bomb straight at Gigan. The assassin screeched as the bomb detonated across his chest, catching him by surprise and forcing him back.

Gigan released a cry before charging straight at Megalon, he would pay for this transgression.

Gororin looked at the ankylosaur and charged straight forward, rage fueling him as he attempted to take the dinosaur by surprise, only for a bomb to detonate near him and send him flying. Anguirus turned and spotted the mechanical doppelganger of island’s alpha standing before him, wrapping its hand around another grenade as he walked forward. Mechani-Kong was ready for war.

The artificial cactus monster turned his attention towards his attacker, staring at the pair with rage before attempting to charge once more…

His eyes widened as he felt himself rising into the air, looking below him as something began to grow before being thrown to the ground. He quickly turned and saw a new figure arrive.

The robotic defender stood tall with a permanent smile upon his face; orange, blue and red covered his metallic body. Making the humanoid robot more approachable to humans, he quickly got into a defensive position, ready to defend the island’s inhabitants from the alien invaders. For Jet Jaguar was a friend to all on Earth.

Kong roared as he went to charge, only to be stopped by King Caesar. The golem placed his hand in front of the ape to stop him from throwing away his life, they would fight together if they were to survive this massive threat. Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus roared with fury as they approached their allies, demanding that Ghidorah leave or suffer death to them all.

Ebirah clamped his pincers together as he walked forward, declaring with a cry that he would devour the flesh off of the invader’s bones after they slay him.

The Golden Demise stood still for a moment before all three heads chuckled, they would dare defy them? Fight for the lives of this planet as if they mattered? How foolish. They were going to enjoy this…

Monster X stood still as the remaining warriors began to surround him. The young prince snarled as his dorsal spines illuminated, the hippo made his hands into a fist as he circled the other side, while the pteranodon took to the skies above and stood still above them.

The artificial Ghidorah cracked his knuckles as the three took their positions. This would be the first battle against another foe and for his first challengers to be children and weaklings was a disappointment, but he would not let that stand in the way of slaughtering them all.

The young prince of destruction flexed his arms and tails as he got into an aggressive posture. He was ready to bring this world to molten rock.


Akane began to uncover her bandages, seeing that her wounds had healed completely. The Titan’s power had worked its way on her wounds, if it wasn’t for what was in the serum, she would have surely perished. But one thought continued to linger in her mind… Could she work for a government experimenting on people to make weapons? These Titans were said to go mad, if they were in a public area, more lives would be in danger.

She looked at the window and pondered on the past. She had sacrificed her mind, body, and soul into the JSDF. But now…was she fighting for the right people? The right cause? People that would put civilians in danger time and time again…

No more. She would have no allegiance to a government that would hurt all those she fought to protect. She made her decision, now was the time for action. Quickly she put on her uniform and placed a pistol in her holster before walking out the door of her hospital room, determined to find the Titan host.

She walked down the corridors, trying to not catch the eye of anyone. She needed to be as discreet as possible if she was going to rescue the person she had wronged. Akane headed towards an elevator that laid straight ahead, people were exiting as she entered, pressing a button to the lowest floor. She knew where they kept prisoners. If she had any hope of finding the one she had battled at Mount Fuji, they would be there.

The young woman took the ammo out of the pistol, counting each bullet she had before putting them back in the gun, cocking the weapon, and putting it back into the holster. Akane knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, but she was ready.


As one, the group charged at the apex of wishes. Each released their own roars at the false king with fury as their opponent began to glow, radiating power like that of a star. Their necks became golden before firing their Gravity Beams at the earth defenders.

The shrimp screamed in agony as the first beam struck their form, their face smoldering as the electrical attack seemed to burn the armor plating. The second beam managed to barely miss the approaching allosaurus, striking the ground behind the dinosaur’s form, causing the very earth to be carved into by the invading hydra. The third beam struck against the pacifist’s scales, the aquatic dinosaur released a roar of anguish as he fell onto his primate comrade. Earning a cry of surprise to leave the alpha’s maw as Titanosaurus crashed into him, causing both to slam into the ground.

The huntmaster liger continued forward, releasing another roar as he leaped into the air and then came falling down with his leg stretched out. The golem’s limb slammed into King Ghidorah’s chest, forcing the golden demise back.

The Xilien slave attempted to regain their footing, only for the allosaurus to got onto his tail and then proceed to kick them in the chest. The golden demise screamed as they were thrown onto their back so easily, attempting to rise and immediately charged, only for King Caesar to slam his body into their spine. All three heads turned, the left and right heads reaching out and sinking their teeth into the golem’s hands, earning a groan of pain as the middle head began to charge electrical energy before unleashing the beam…

The energy absorbed into the ruby eye of the lion god, earning a smile of glee as King Ghidorah’s eyes widened with shock. Their attack had been made useless in an instant, the attack being nullified as if their might was nothing.

Gorosaurus charged in to help his ally, only to leave an opening for the genocidal dragon. The right head quickly reached out, sinking fangs into the ankle of the dinosaur and throwing them on top of themselves. King Caesar released the stored energy, striking the evolved allosaur before falling to the ground as the reptile managed to make the golem trip. The pair groaned as they collided on the soil.

The golden demise quickly opened his wings as their prey fell off their form, tossing them further into the earth before changing their attention towards the approaching trio. Ebirah released a screech as he clapped his claws together and charged. Kong gripped his fists as he charged forth with fury. He would prove to this island and the world he was the alpha, he would tear apart this pretender and then eat the flesh from their bones.

Titanosaurus rose from the ground as King Caesar recovered, the lion god going onto all four before charging at his target. The dinosaur quickly began to circle the conflict, waiting to find an opening to aid his comrades. King Caesar roared as he leaped into the air, aiming to tackle King Ghidorah and have the others follow suit. This beast was strong, but together they could overcome this mountain and rid this universe of the draconic overlord once and for all!

But like all dreams, they are simply that.

Monster Zero quickly turned with all three heads, their fangs sinking into the brick flesh across the torso of the golem. The creation of Atlantis released an ear-piercing screech of agony as the necks of ‘the one who is many’ began to glow blue, flowing with the liger’s unique life force. The red ruby eyes flickered as the shisha’s energy was being devoured.

King Ghidorah began to chuckle as he proceeded to drain the guardian, the taste of life being all too satisfying. One of the few true pleasures that the hydra possessed…

All three sets of eyes turned behind them, the middle head releasing his grip and spotting the ape and crustacean attempting to wrap their grips around the twin tails of the serpent. Ebirah’s claws tore into the hydra’s flesh, blood flowing from the wound. Energy climbed up the dragon’s throat, only for the left head to spot Gorosaurus charging at full speed towards them. Before they could react, the allosaur slammed his head into their torso, forcing King Ghidorah to drop King Caesar and miss striking Ebirah with the Gravity Beam.

Their body lashed out in fury at the onslaught, tossing Kong to the side like a rag doll. The ape slammed his head into the side of a mountain, rubble, and earth falling onto his form as he attempted to rise back to his feet. The alpha gained a concussion with just one attack, which proved to be diresome.

The golem rolled onto the ground as he took in deep breaths. He had barely made an effect against the demon of the galaxy, the devil from the stars was to not be underestimated if they were to survive. The evolved theropod walked over to his liger ally, helping him stand back onto his feet. The shisha simply nodded, thanking the reptile for his aid before they both returned their attention to the task at hand.

The gigantic shrimp, seeing his chance to influence the battle, charged forward. His left claw reached out to wrap around the hydra’s right neck, only for King Ghidorah to lash out. Their fangs punctured Ebirah’s elbow and lifted the crustation into the air, ripping off the limb. The shellfish screamed a bloodcurdling cry as he slammed into the earth, ichor spraying across the hydra’s form.

The right head licked their lips as they enjoyed the sweet taste of Ebirah’s blood, placing their foot into the shrimp’s rostrum. The sea monster attempted to cry out in pain but was silenced as the king of terror lifted his leg before slamming it into the shrimp, breaking through the shell and crushing organs in one swift movement. A few muscle spasms made the body twitch for a moment before the crustacean’s body went limp.

The horror of the deep was slain.

The others stared in horror as King Ghidorah simply lifted his leg out of the exposed gore and kicked the corpse to the side. Titanosaurus couldn’t stop shaking, he had faced combat before, but that was when his own mind was not in his control. He had vowed to make this invader pay with his life or leave, and he couldn’t act on his plan in time and watched a fellow member of the island be so easily killed.

The aquatic dinosaur quickly charged the back of the dragon, he had circled around for a surprise attack and with their attention focused on the others of the group, now was his chance.

Titanosaurus charged forward, aiming to wrap his hands around the serpent’s twin tails only for King Ghidorah to simply swipe his tails upward. The limbs struck against the pacifist’s skull, throwing him to the ground with a roar of pain.

Kong snarled as he jumped into the sky, raising his arms above his head, preparing to strike the demon’s spine before throwing his fists downward. The attack landed a direct hit against the invader’s form, pushing King Ghidorah forward. All three heads hissed as Gorosaurus and King Caesar charged forward, the pair unleashing their respective roars before sinking their fangs into the left and right heads of the golden demise.

Black blood filled their maws as they shook their heads violently, earning the full attention of the middle head. Golden divine power began to power up, only for the alpha of Skull Island to wrap his hands around the draconic overlord’s neck, forcing it upward. The Gravity Beam shot into the sky, completely missing its mark.

Titanosaurus rushed forward and wrapped his hands around the false king’s tails, helping the others keep them in place. Energy began to travel across the invader’s form, golden light of unholy power transferring to their wings. All three heads smiled as one thought crossed their mind…


Electrical energy shot outward, carving burns into King Caesar and Gorosaurus. The pair released screams of agony as they were pushed back, burns being carved into their forms before collapsing into the ground. Kong roared as he was thrown backward into Titanosaurus, the pair falling to the ground before turning their attention back to their foe.

Before they could even react, King Ghidorah had made their next move. The king of terror wrapped their fangs around the guardian of Okinawa’s brick form before taking to the skies, the shisa only being able to watch as he rose into a storm of the devil, his allies crying out to him.

Kong and Titanosaurus got back to their feet, staring upward at the storm above. Lightning flickering as each second passed. The ape snarled as he walked over to Ebirah’s corpse and wrapped his hands around the shrimp’s right arm before pulling, flesh-tearing with ease as the alpha removed the limb. The ape now had a weapon in this battle for the island.

Gorosaurus quickly dug into the earth, looking for a strategic attack once the demon made landfall, as well as time to recover from the previous onslaught.

As they rose into the storm, King Caesar attempted to slash through the flesh of the golden hydra, only managing to muster the strength to slightly cut through the demon. All three heads of King Ghidorah grinned, even as their fangs sank into the liger’s body, the blood being of little concern as they were about to achieve unlimited power.

The hydra had sensed it the moment they arrived on the island, within the golem laid a great source of power. The middle head released its grip before sinking their fangs into the stomach of the earth defender, earning a roar of anguish from King Caesar as the source of his life was revealed. Not organs or blood as one would expect, but a glowing radioactive mineral, blue light illuminating the storm around the pair. Element X brought such joy in the demon’s heart as they sank their fangs into their prey’s life source, the energy transferring through the neck of the devil of the stars.

Their wounds began to be completely healed, the battle damage being reversed as if time itself was being warped to the demon’s will. King Caesar attempted to release one last roar, only for the liger to fall limp. The once blue crystals being a faded grey, the red in his ruby eyes fading. With full-strength returned to them, King Ghidorah discarded the golem’s corpse. Falling into the storm before they were no longer within the apex of wishes’ sight.

All three heads looked down as they began to chuckle, while the others would deal with the rest of the pests, they would enjoy watching life leave what remained for them.


The Xilien experiment watched as the three began to surround him, the gathered warriors trying to get a read on him.

He would not give them the chance.

Gororin charged forward, aiming directly towards the mechanical ape. Mechani-Kong released a metallic roar as he lifted his hand and threw a grenade, the explosive colliding with the ground near the artificial life form and exploding upon impact. The ground burst into the air as Gororin continued forward.

Quickly, Mechani-Kong raised his arms above his head, aiming to slam his limps into the cactus. The plant life released the needles from his body, firing directly at the waiting pair. Anguirus quickly turned around, having the needles bounce off of his carapace and sending them into the jungle. Needles bounced off the robotic defender’s armor but the projectiles managed to force him to take a few steps back, enough for Mechani-Kong’s aim to cease.

Gororin slammed into Mechani-Kong, throwing the ape backward before crashing into the ground. The robot lifted his head as Gororin attempted to slam into him once again, only for Anguirus to swing his tail and collide with the invader’s body. Sending the enemy flying as he cringed, the needles puncturing his scales with ease.

As the invader neared the ground, Jet Jaguar prepared a kick before slamming his limb into Gororin’s form, sending him flying into the air once more. The creation of Dr.Ibuki took to the skies, chasing after the plant life and managing to catch up with his target quickly. The humanoid wrapped his hands around the alien.

Gororin’s eyes widened as he was grabbed midair before releasing his needles. Though they managed to annoy Jet Jaguar, the robot pressed onward before lifting Gororin above his head, calling to the others before throwing the cactus downward.

Anguirus looked up and saw the approaching target, snarling as he quickly turned his back and crouched on all fours. Before the enemy made contact, Anguirus jumped upward, slamming his carapice against the alien, sending him upward once more.

Jet Jaguar charged forward, slamming his fist into Gororin’s face and forcing him into the ground near Anguirus.

Earth launched into the air as the pair made impact, the creation of Dr.Ibuki continued with his assault. Each punch sent shockwaves outward before Gororin once again launched his needles, staggering Jet before the Xilien creation leapt upward and forced the robotic defender to the ground.

Dents being made across his form as the alien attempted to charge at the downed humanoid, only for Mechani-Kong to grab him mid-charge.

Gororin released a groan of annoyance as the mechanical ape threw him to the ground, earning his attention. His yellow eyes stared as the ape attempted to throw a grenade at the cactus, only for Jet Jaguar to quickly wrap his hand around the explosives on his allies’ belt.

The alien plant life went to jump out of the way, only to discover himself to be stuck. His eyes widened as he realized that the ankylosaur had pinned him down with his carapice. Anguirus released a roar, demanding that they finish the invader.

The robotic defender slammed his hand as hard as he could against the Xilien creation’s cuticle, managing to puncture through the alien’s flesh. The lights in Gororin’s eyes dimmed immediately as Jet placed the grenade into the cacti’s form before quickly jumping back.

Anguirus, seeing his opportunity to retreat, leapt backward to avoid what was about to occur. Gororin exploded from the inside, his waxy exterior splashing across the ground and Jet Jaguar’s form. Smoke rising from the corpse as the three defenders turned their attentions towards the other invaders.

The fire monster looked towards the golden demise, seeing his allies fight valiantly against the devil from the stars. Then he turned his attention towards the struggling youngsters facing the skeletal draconic before finally spotting an enemy from the past battle against their rival.

The ankylosaur growled before charging head first towards Monster X. The children needed his aid. The others could handle the new Ghidorah and Gigan, as much as he wanted to see the latter finally fall to the grasp of death, he needed to aid the weaker ones of the island.

Jet Jaguar charged straight towards King Ghidorah at top speeds, aiming to protect the world from the apex of wishes.

Mechani-Kong turned towards the clash in the skies as it marched forward, it did not know what it could do against the cybernetic slasher, but the mechanical ape knew that they must do all they could to defend the planet against this otherworldly threat.

If they failed… the Earth would be doomed.


Steam rose from the skeletal draconic’s maw as the Xilien creation got into a running position. Yellow electrical energy traveled across his body before the Ghidoran entered a sprint directly at the trio.

Atomic energy began to charge within Godzilla Junior, opening his maw to release a blast of energy, only for Monster X to slam his arm into his neck at full speed, knocking him to the ground and sending the beam into the air in an instant. Rodan charged directly at the invader, unleashing a roar of defiance aimed to slam his mass into the artificial lifeform. Yet X swung his arm and landed a direct hit, swatting Rodan away and sending him crashing into the ground.

Daigoro quickly wrapped his arms around X’s tails, attempting to pull on the limbs and aid his comrades. The artificial Ghidorah simply pulled his tails away from the hippopotamus’ grasp, throwing him to the ground and earning a cry of pain from the young one. Smiling as he watched the weakling attempt to get back to his feet.

Atomic energy quickly climbed once again to Junior’s throat and unleashed an atomic blast, the energy landing a direct hit on the side of Monster X’s skull. Earning a cry of surprise as he was forced back, returning his attention to the rising Godzillasaur.

Golden light began to surround the draconic’s eyes before unleashing streams of Gravity Beams at the mutant, striking his chest and throwing him backward into the ground. The young prince cried out in pain as he was dragged through the earth before the attack ceased. Smoke rising from his chest as he wheezed, attempting to breathe as he stared at the approaching invader’s form. Snarling before going to unleash a roar of rage when the earth next to the threat burst open, earning X’s attention as another foe appeared.

It stood on two legs, ending with four claws on each set. The spine looked as if it was bursting out of its flesh, a long tail dragged behind its form. A long bone like maw opened to reveal thousands of teeth and a split tongue as it roared at Monster X. Drool falling from the devil’s maw as he stared at the invader, wanting to sink his teeth in and devour every last piece of flesh from his bones.

Ramarak had finally seen an opportunity to take the surface and he would devour all those that stood in his path. As he charged forward, Monster X began to charge his Gravity Beams once more, only to have Daigoro slam into his side. Throwing the blast off target and landing across the landscape. The Xilien creation slammed his elbow into the young one’s snout, breaking it on impact. Blood ran down his face as Monster X went to throw a punch to the face, only for Rodan to slam into his head at full speed, throwing the Ghidorah to the ground.

As the skeletal draconic rose to his feet, the Skull Devil pounced on him. The two thrashed across the ground, their roars of hatred being heard to all before Monster X managed to throw his opponent off of him.

Junior charged forward to Daigoro’s side, letting out a small roar asking if his friend was okay. The young hippo nodded his head as he attempted to seem brave to his friend, he felt like hiding from this as the adults managed to push back this threat. The only fight he had ever been in made him muster all the bravery within him, and now stands something that would make Goliath look incredibly small.

Monster X returned to his feet as he stared at the duo, smoke rising from his maw as hatred began to reach the surface. He was being sloppy. This was his first fight, but the fact that they had managed to slightly annoy him got under his skin. He wished to watch them all die to his will.

The Skull Devil roared as he attempted to pounce onto Monster X’s back for a surprise attack, only for the humanoid to grab the monster by the throat and throw him directly at the charging duo. The animal slammed into Daigoro at full force, the pair slamming into the ground with groans. Before Junior could react, the artificial Ghidorah charged in and slammed his fists into the mutant’s form repeatedly. His speed increased with each strike, eventually breaking a few ribs before the young prince was sent flying with a particularly strong strike.

Slamming into the ground with a loud thud, blood flowing from his maw as he spit out teeth. His chest felt as if it was going to collapse from within, his broken bones causing him to cringe as pain rushed through his body.

Rodan quickly swooped in, peaking his beak into the Ghidorah’s head. Causing sparks to fly with each strike before the invader reached up and wrapped his hand around Rodan’s throat, causing the pteranodon to release a croaked squeal of pain before it was silenced by the draconic slamming him into the ground repeatedly.

Each strike caused the very earth itself to fly into the air, Rodan crying out in agony to his allies to help. Junior stood back up on his feet, energy climbing back up once more. Rage engulfed his vision as he released an atomic blast directly at the attacker. Monster X looked up, golden energy surrounded his eyes before unleashing Gravity Beams, the two blasts colliding in a surge of power.

Sparks of blue and gold flashed as the beam struggle caught the attention of Daigoro and the Skull Devil, the display of power before them sending shivers down the young kaiju’s spine. The ravenous predator, meanwhile, began to attempt to sneak up on the invader.

Lunging forward before being caught with Monster X’s free hand, the skeletal hand wrapping around his throat. Applying pressure and choking him with ease, as he began to stand up. More power being forced into the Gravity Beams with each passing second, Junior having trouble keeping his footing as his genocidal adversary rose from the ground.

The alien smiled as he released one final push, ending the charade. Junior roared as he was thrown into a mountain. Earth falling over him as a landslip began, steam rising from beneath the rocks.

Monster X quickly turned his attention towards the two kaiju he had in his hand, weakening and gasping for air. The devil scratched furiously at his arm, sparks flying as it was desperate to break free. Rodan roared out to Junior, attempting to see if his brother was okay, but his captor slammed his head into the Skull Devil’s and tossed them aside.

The pair of monsters had a massive concussion as a result, their groans of anguish seeming like music to Monster X’s ears. The alien then stared back at the rubble. Once he had dealt with the Godzillasaurus, then he would finish off the others slowly.

As he marched forward, a boulder collided with the back of his head, breaking apart on impact and garnering his attention. He turned to spot a shaking Daigoro attempting to make himself look fierce. His fists protecting his head to show he was ready.

All he needed to do was stall his opponent, give Junior time to recover so that they may drive away the invaders.

Monster X charged forward, roaring with anticipation as he got closer to the hippopotamus…


A blade-tipped foot planted into the ground, depressing the soil of Skull Island around it. Gigan grimaced, still in disbelief that his former partner would choose these puny islanders over the glory of war. The cyborg held out his scythe attached to the right arm, directing it at Megalon once more, though perhaps he was holding for a lost cause. This world, this island, it made him soft. An electronic chirp rang from the cyborg’s beaked mouth, trying to persuade the Seatopian deity into joining forces, lest he make this godforsaken land his grave.

A set of two-toed feet pressed into the dirt, pressuring the ground in order to release tension. He wasn’t the brightest nor the smartest, but experience taught him something valuable. This was his home now, his new resolve to see a better tomorrow. The insect god registered the hollowness in such false promises. There was nothing there, a fault he saw in Gigan after decades of being apart. Revving his drill claws, the bipedal beetle shrieked, determined to bring this to an end.

Truly, a pity.

Pressurized air burst from specialized ports on the elongated scythe, with a pair of hooked wires speeding straight to the idle arthropod. Caught in the entangling cords of deceit, Megalon flailed helplessly as he attempted to free himself; but Gigan refused to give his traitorous ally that kind of levity. With smoke sizzling from the ports, the wires tightened as they reeled back, dragging the insectoid juggernaut against his will. A path was carved with Megalon’s enormity, scattering dust and debris across the battlefield.

As Megalon drew closer, Gigan prepped his other blade for the lethal blow. A heartless, savage jab right in the throat–that was the cyborg’s sadistic intention. Killing Megalon quickly wasn’t just an obligation, but a mercy, the only kind Gigan knew he could give. When the moment was prime, the blade swiftly launched directly for its intended target–only to be caught in a vice grip of equally durable metal. The tip had only barely ingrained itself in Megalon’s neck, with the rest held by the signature drills. Despite not being known as the brightest of kaiju, Megalon made up for it in sheer strength, resisting the pressure Gigan was applying.

A lightbulb consciously popped in the disgraced deity, parting his mandibles and spitting a compact ball of geothermal materials. The reddish orb soared directly for the face of the cyborg, Megalon eagerly hoping the bomb would detonate on impact. Successfully, the red ball bumped against the crimson visor of the friend-turned-foe, forcing Gigan to awkwardly stumble back and recuperate his vision. Unfortunately, the anticipated ka-boom never occurred, the napalm harmlessly fell under the influence of gravity, falling right back into Megalon’s still-open mandibles. Steam eructated from his maw, venting the heat from the deteriorating bomb.

Toned stalks for legs backpedaled, metallic blades swatting the residual heat from the brief bump. The cyclopean eye scanned the downed target, systems calibrating for utmost precision. A bright flash of scarlet signified the charge-up of the Gigarium Cluster, and in a moment would inflict damage without remorse. But in the instant, Gigan was sidelined by a tremendous force, one that registered from a fight of ages past. The Gigarium Cluster shot out of the visor, misdirected, and grazed into a mountainside, missing Megalon entirely. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was obvious who it was–and it was a score long overdue to be dealt with.

Mothra soared over the fallen Gigan, flapping her tremendous wings and circling around the fallen cyborg. She chirped at Megalon, inquiring if he was all right. A dazed and confused warble was the only response the moth goddess got out of confuddled deity. Before long, her compound eyes registered a disturbance in the cloud of dust, forcing Mothra to take quick evasion. Just as she banked a hard right, a bluish blur zipped past her, displacing the air around it. An electronic shrill escaped the cyborg’s beaked jaws, cursing for not landing the fatal blow against his ancient nemesis.

Without missing a moment, Gigan immediately readied another Gigarium Cluster, the scarlet streak of light escaping from the dark red brim. Keeping up with the augmented fowl’s speed, the divine moth swerved to the side, once again evading the subsequent strike, leaving her unscathed. Arcing around, Mothra dove straight for the extraterrestrial menace, closing the gap until she came to a slow and abrupt halt, clapping her powerful, majestic wings against the cybernetic sociopath. The tremendous kinetic force threw Gigan back before he could even fully register the blow, hurled from the skies and unto the grounds of Skull Island, carving a trench beneath his incredible mass.

Pressing upward, the tri-finned silhouette rose from the debris cluster, directing seething hatred towards the lepidopteran peacekeeper. Taking a firm stance and cracking its neck, Gigan screeched a metallic war cry with utmost intent. Revving his belly-saw in utter ecstasy and pathological malice, his attention squared solely on Mothra…

Auditory detectors picked up the vibrations of rapid buzzing, Gigan quickly turning to face the intruder head-on. With a star-shaped cephalic horn and arms clamped together, rotating as one enormous drill, Megalon spearheaded a rash maneuver against his once proclaimed ally. Bloody triggers braced the full brunt of the rotating auger, grinding against the enforced cosmo-steel and chipping away at the alien metal. Sparks illuminated between the two, their flaming spite flaring more and more by the second.

However, it wasn’t as if the cyborg was helpless; blaring a brilliant scarlet light, a concentrated streak bombarded the insect’s pronotal visage, blowing Megalon away with scattered light, hurling the brute through the air. The Seatopian avatar crashed with an explosive blast, shifting in the dirt in order to pick himself back up. Large compound eyes, much like Mothra, granted Megalon incredible sight, but the obscuring dust cloud hindered his vision. Not that that mattered in the wake of the footfalls that approached his prone state.

The silhouette of Gigan stood over, mouth gape in such a way that created the illusion of a wicked smile. Another flash, another Gigarium Cluster, as all Megalon could do was brace the pain–or potential death–that would come from it. But a trill of determined hope caught Megalon’s attention, witnessing Mothra descending from the sky, putting herself in the manic cyborg’s path. Her wings permeated with sparkling glitter as a cloud of pollen-like dust shrouded them both. An instant later, Gigan fired his primary weapon.

Caught in the entanglement of reflective scales, the streak broke apart into smaller clusters, bouncing around the defensive veil, each igniting to the point of combustion. Although imprisoned in the confines of the scales, the immense pushback forced Mothra aground, crashing against a nearby slope. Megalon, already partially buried, took the full brunt of the heated shockwave. Once it dissipated, a path was made clear for Megalon and Gigan to lock eyes.

A gleeful chirp escaped Gigan’s mouth, his abdominal saw whirling rapidly. All hopes were dashed; who was once an ally now became dissociated, nothing more than a traitor. A strange relief washed over the cybernetic fiend, now there wasn’t a need to be remorseful once Megalon was slaughtered.

Holding both blades forward, hooking anchors shot out from their ports, following the automated tracking systems installed. Sliding under the drill-tipped forearms, wires constricted and tightened, then Gigan began to reel in. Hauled against his will, Megalon was forced to stand, sluggishly stumbling over his feet as he inched closer to his demise. Louder and louder the whirling became, more evident he’d meet his doom if he didn’t act. If there was anything Gigan knew about this wretched pest, it wasn’t the smartest kaiju that the M Space Hunter Nebula aliens had encountered, nor was it the deadliest. That he firmly believed.

The two came in arm’s range, but just before the devastating blow could be dealt, the star-shaped horn atop the beetle god began to flash a golden light, discharging a sudden blast of electricity at the psychopathic cyborg. So this was Gigan’s true colors? Megalon felt reviled, far more disgusted than he ever thought possible. It became hard to carry that they had once been comrades in arms, but the reality became all too abundant to simply sweep under the rug. With this revelation, however, it ensured that Megalon didn’t need to hold back as he continued to pump his adversary with lethal doses of electricity.

Squalls and shrieks echoed across the battlefield, with the cyborg’s cosmo-steel conducting the electric current like a Christmas tree. Even the wires of the hooking anchors activated emergency protocol, loosening their grip and finally pushing the augmented alien back into one of the many mountains of Skull Island. The trilling screams of the cybernetic fiend continued until Megalon ceased fire, who carefully observed to see what would unfold next.

As his body processed the current flowing through his veins, Gigan propped himself to his feet by his scythes. Steam rose from his blackened armor, with sparks bursting from his internal mechanisms. Hoarse breathing escaped from the metallic beak, the cyclopean visor glaring at his bête noire. This pest, it would pay for that!

But a small snap of a pin alerted him of forthcoming danger.

A swift turn was all the time Gigan had to spare, analyzing the shape off in the distance. Its metallic frame and hominid-like posture told the cyborg everything he needed to know. More importantly than that, though, the automated gorilla held one of its arms back, clenching a massive grenade in its hand. Like a catapult, Mechani-Kong hurled the explosive at the alien menace, stoically eager for a direct hit.

With only a second to choose, bloodstained tri-fins opened wide and soared into the drizzling rains above. Another second later, a calamitous explosion erupted under Gigan’s feet, avoiding it in just the nick of time. But much to the fowl’s dismay, the beetle god intercepted him mid-flight. With elytra spread and wings buzzing, Megalon closed the gap, with utmost intention to gore Gigan apart, piece by piece. Steel scythes and metal drills resounded a powerful clang when they scraped against each other, the two exchanging a flurry of counters and blows to the other.

Blades and augers clasped into one another, deadlocked until the other moved. However, Gigan knew he could improvise. Surging his lithe tail, the claw-tipped appendage skewered into Megalon’s gut, earning a pained shrill from the mighty coleoptera. With ecstatic glee, the belly saw began to rev once more, anticipating the moment this thorn in his side would be sliced open by the blade cutter.

But a certain moth would ruin this precious moment for him.

Having sped through the skies, Mothra reached where the dueling monsters were and unloaded another wave of golden particles. Electronic components short-circuited the cyborg’s internal mechanisms, causing him to temporarily stutter. This gave Megalon ample time to break away, distancing himself from Mothra’s onslaught against the cyborg invader. Screeches and squalls rang in their auditory senses as Gigan struggled to maintain mobility, though the cybernetic sociopath proved to be a persistent nuisance through and through.

With a surprising bark echoing from Megalon, the Seatopian lord of lords ordered Mothra to retreat. She complied, as she understood what came next. Parting his mandibles, a geothermal bomb propelled into the golden shroud, combusting on impact. Combined with the reflective nature of Mothra’s scales, the Xilien war-machine was consumed in a fiery blaze, and Megalon hoped he died in anguish. From the flaming cloud, smoke drifted from the falling cadaver, carried by the pull of gravitational force.

The instant felt like forever, his mind wavering into the unconscious. He had been here before, long ago when he had been a pawn of the Nebulans he once hailed as his masters. An ebbing darkness overtook his body, dimly blending in with the rolling thunder clouds above. Software and internal hardware powered down, scrambling for a quick and immediate reboot. As the reactivation process went underway, memories cycled through the cybernetically augmented brain. Every fight, every loss, every gratifying indulgence… All stained in the blood of his enemies.

The instant concluded with a flash of his visor, life returning to his twisted mind and body.

Spreading his fins out to regain aerial buoyancy, Gigan scanned the environment around him. Above were his despised partner and his ancient nemesis; below was the mechanical gorilla armed with grenades. The automated ape locked its arm for another toss, aimed squarely for Gigan.

A stiff, sickening whisper escaped his beaked maw. Bingo.

Raising his right arm, a pair of hooking anchors zipped past and lunged for the insect gods that lingered in the stormy skies. Both Megalon and Mothra darted in opposite directions, avoiding the snares of the reeling cables. Just as they did, Gigan craned his head towards Megalon–while his left arm kept steady on Mothra’s trajectory. Another burst of pressurized air hissed from the ports, with another set of anchors targeting the evasive moth goddess. Hooks embedded themselves in the abdomen of the mighty insect, eliciting a shriek from nature’s defender.

The cyclopean eye maintained visual for the entire duration, then began to charge the moment the anchors found their mark. The instant before Megalon could initiate a counterattack, a streak of scarlet seared through the sky and found their target–splitting apart into smaller bursts that ignited the air around the Seatopian god. The compacted power forced the herculean beetle to sail until he crashed head-first, vanishing amidst the dust and debris following the impact.

Reeling the wires back into his arm, it became a vicious tug of war between the malicious Gigan and the determined Mothra, who fought vigorously to maintain midair leverage. Stationed on the cyborg’s chest, two slits opened and shot a pair of disk-like razors, homing in on the scuffling deity. Before she could enact any sort of countermeasure, the sensation of shredded wings rushed through her body, losing all aerial momentum she once carried. Her compound eyes witnessed the razor blades swish by, boomeranging back and neatly storing themselves back into the ports they ejected from.

Now was the point of no return.

Mustering all of his strength into his left arm, Gigan hauled the unwilling body of Mothra around like a ball and mace, swinging her to intercept a very special target… The devil’s mark had already been made, an airborne grenade aimed at the cyborg’s coordinates. Collision was projected to make an impact in three… two… one…

Mothra’s body barreled into the flying projectile, denoted in a wild explosive burst that ended the life of the majestic peacekeeper. A flaming fireball expanded outward, with an ensuing shockwave that threw Gigan off-balance. He felt the radiant heat as he recoiled the wires back into their ports. This fire in his life sparked joy in his soul; a sickening delight of a grudge that could at last be put to rest, avenging the humiliating defeat from several thousand years ago.

He couldn’t be more happy.

The stoic face of Mechani-Kong could only gaze at the horrors that transpired before its artificial orbs. But it couldn’t let this mortifying loss weigh it down; it had simply been a miscalculation. Gearing up its high beams, Mechani-Kong scanned the fireball in order to track down the alien menace, only to find the scattered remnants of the fallen goddess raining upon the battlefield. A strategy had to be devised, something to lure the threat to close quarters, and–

Parting the fiery clouds, a streak of red light zipped right for the belt fixed on the automaton’s waist, dispersing into a myriad of smaller explosions. This in turn ignited the grenades attached to the belt, and in an instant, Mechani-Kong was engulfed in a destructive, blazing blast of glory. Like a compacted nuclear bomb, the explosive output shook the entireity of Skull Island to its very core, with a brilliant light that, if only for a moment, brought everything to a temporary silence.

The fires died, and the battle resumed as if nothing happened. Nearly a mile away, with no witnesses other than the native inhabitants of the island, the broken, mangled shell of Mechani-Kong’s head crashed into the dense foliage, crushing several of the smaller critters under its weight. The lights in its eyes dimmed, leaving the scorched machine to cease all functionality.

Touching down on the soil of this mythic island, Gigan screeched a victorious war cry. His nemesis had been slain, all in thanks to a mechanized imitation of all things. Now there was, at the very least, one last score to settle. Scanning where Megalon had crashed, it didn’t take long to register that the insect god wasn’t there; rather, a gaping hole took the place of where the coleopteran once was.

Metallic blades braced themselves in anticipation, shifting his legs in case the enemy were to emerge from beneath. Lo and behold, he was correct in his assessment; for a deep rumbling vibrated through his toned stalks, alerting Gigan of the impending danger that was to come. With a great and powerful bound, Gigan leapt over the collapsing mound that formed beneath him, and from it came a pointed drill that merely stabbed empty air. Just as quickly as it came, the auger retracted into the subterranean depths, vanishing from sight.

Sustaining flight over the rugged terrain, Gigan maintained surveillance on his enemy, waiting for it to launch another assault. He knew it wouldn’t remain hidden forever; unless it retreated into the depths of the Earth, abandoning this lost cause and living to fight another day. But that wishful thinking was quickly dashed when the larger mass erupted from the warmth of the soil. Revving its drills and with the buzzing of wings, Megalon sought to sideline the cybernetic fowl with raw, brute strength.

Gigan had other plans.

Slits opened up once more, deploying the very razor disks that had incapacitated the mighty Mothra. History repeated itself, with the rotary cutters clipping into the vibrating wings and tough elytra, immobilizing Megalon’s aerial buoyancy and sending him careening to the ground. The mega-sized coleopteran clumsily landed on his feet, regaining equilibrium. Megalon responded in kind with a compacted ball of geothermal material, hurling it at the cyborg. Unfortunately, the bladed scythes swatted the fiery sphere away, leaving it crashing and detonating on a nearby mountainside.

Before he could fire another round, the edged discus came around and tore into the arms of the once-revered deity of Seatopia, leaving him to scream in anguish. This excruciating process underwent the same repeating process, shedding the exoskeleton of the gargantuan beetle and bleeding from the inflicted wounds. With one last go-around, the saucers cleaved the star-shaped horn that adorned the insect’s head, stripping him of his power and dominance. Once the bladed cutters returned to their ports, what was left was a mangled and bloodied mess of a monster–one that was finally submitting to the lingering fear that persisted in his mind.

Gigan shot out both grappling hooks, which wrapped around the now-fragile arms, yanking the deity closer to him. As he did, the belly saw whirled to life, Gigan screeching in ecstatic glee. With the bipedal arthropod in arm’s reach, Gigan reached out and embraced his traitorous comrade, pressing his blades into the body, which in turn pressed Megalon into the buzzsaw. This left nothing but for Megalon to scream in agony as he felt himself being sliced open, bleeding out from the tremendous wounds. This sickly squeeze painted the stainless cosmo-steel in Megalon’s blood, with life escaping from the yellow compound eyes. It was then at last Megalon drew his last breath, dead in the arms of his former ally.

With the deceased having moved on from his plane of existence, the whirling saw came to a gradual stop. The enemy had been slain, casually dropping the corpse onto the ground. The cyborg glanced at his bloodied attachments; a spare moment of indulgence for the victory over his foes. He watched as Megalon’s blood stained the soil, something the alien had fully intended to enact on the denizens of this very island. But just because he was satisfied, did not mean the mission was over. There was work to be done, and Gigan would do so willingly.

Turning around, Gigan spotted the other Ghidorah–the golden demise, the great destroyer–engaged in combat with the others. Perhaps he would assist, if only to further revel in the glory of bloodshed. Sprinting on his feet, he charged, shrieking in earnest delight.


The elevator doors opened, Akane walked out, grabbing her pistol and raising it to her shoulder. Both hands held the gun as she crept along quietly, looking for who this host could be. She walked down a dark hallway, the walls rusted and small spots of blood splattered across the hall and floor. The smell that emitted from the walls reminded her of a warzone, the smell of decay and death… Akane tried to ignore it, continuing to pursue her objective.

Doors to cells finally began to pop up, a board with a piece of paper hung on each one. She grabbed one and read the info on the piece of paper. The date was wrong, she would have to continue looking…

Akane heard the elevator doors open; someone was coming. Quickly she ran into a room but closed the door behind her as quietly as she could hoping to not be discovered by the people that arrived. “So…are you here to torture me too?” Akane turned around and saw what appeared to be a young man in chains, his clothes ripped and blood covering the floor and his body.

“Oh my god…” Akane walked over to the boy and attempted to free the boy of his imprisonment using a couple of hairpins. “Hey, kid.. What’s your name?”

“Eren… Eren Jaeger of the Scout Regiment.”

Scout Regiment? The lieutenant thought to herself. She had never heard of any such organization or military division. Once they got out of here, she would have questions for the boy.

“My name is Lieutenant Akane Yashiro, how long have you been down here Eren?” Eren looked at Akane and tried to speak but his loss of breath made it difficult for him to speak. “It’s okay, take your time, I almost got you out of here.”

“I have only been here for what I assume is a day…. After I got captured, I woke up here and for what seemed like hours was tortured for information.” The first shackle came undone, releasing Eren’s right arm. Akane switched over to the left side of Eren and began to pick at the lock. “I told them everything, and yet they still believed that I had escaped from a facility they had somewhere…” Akane stopped what she was doing and looked at Eren with a curious face.

“Are you… Are you the host of that rogue Titan? The one that fought Mecha-King Ghidorah alongside Ultraman?” Eren looked at Akane with remorse, remembering that he could not save his ally in the battle against the Futurian forces. He clenched his right fist in anger, if he were to ever meet them on the battlefield, he would surely end them where they stood for what they did.

“Yes. I am the Attack Titan… Tell me… Are you with Emmy?”

“Who the hell is Emmy?”

“Figures… For a time traveler, she sure seems to be late to extract me from this timeline.”

“This timeline?”

“I’ll explain everything when we get out of this hellhole. I promise you Akane.” The lieutenant nodded before resuming her picking of the left shackle. Almost immediately the chain was freed from Eren’s wrist, he smiled as he rose to his feet. Akane felt slightly at ease at the fact that she had freed the man she had wronged. Now they would have to escape… One way or another…

The door slammed open, Captain Gordon and Captain Sakaki walked into the room. Both were surprised to see Eren freed by Akane’s hands. “Traitor! Harou, alert security!” Harou reached for the walkie-talkie in his pocket, pulling it out but before he could speak, Akane lifted her pistol towards the captain and shot his hand. Harou grunted in pain as the walkie-talkie fell on the floor, blood running down his limb as he held it in his uninjured hand.

“Now we can do this the easy way or the hard…way..” Steam rose from Harou’s wound, the wound healing quickly.

“Did you forget? I’m a Titan Shifter, just like you.”

Eren stepped forward, crossing his arms before speaking. “So..what Titan, are you the host for? The Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, or perhaps you have the same as mine… the Attack Titan.” Harou looked over at Gordon… Perhaps the boy was telling the truth while they were torturing him.

“Seems you got a good eye. You are correct in your guess.” Eren unfolded his arms and clenched his fists, readying himself for combat.

“So which ones are the other two?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Harou charged headfirst at Eren, ready to beat the man lost in time. Akane raised her gun at Gordon, both waiting for the other to make their first move.


The approaching footsteps made Daigoro shake, each one signaling that his time was near. The draconic before him was a much larger and skilled adversary than himself but he needed to buy his friend sometime, otherwise, Junior would be easily killed.

The youngster charged forward at Monster X, his fists clenched as he went to swing in mid-charge, only for the alien to casually dodge the attack before striking him in the stomach, earning a scream of pain as the child was brought to his knees.

The animal gasped for air as his attacker grabbed him by the back of the skull, throwing him into a nearby landmass. A scream of pain escaped the hippo’s maw as bones broke in an instant, blood flowing from wounds as he attempted to stand. Daigoro stared at the approaching destroyer, huffing under his breath.

This infant was not worth his time, he needed to finish this and move on to the more worthy prey in the saurian…

A roar caught his attention at the last second, his eyes widening in surprise as Ramarak wrapped their jaws around his throat. Hundreds of teeth scraped across the black flesh of the destroyer, drawing blood in its surprise attack. The Skull Devil continued to apply pressure, raising one arm over his head and then slamming it into the downed destroyer’s center head, forcing the back of his skull against the earth.

The lizard proceeded to thrash his head back and forth in an attempt to rip into Monster X’s neck and secure the kill. They would devour every part of this creature’s flesh and enjoy every bite, no flesh even from a demon such as this would taste foul to them. The flavor of ichor brought the gigantic Skullcrawler joy as he heard the cry of pain from its pinned prey…

The skeletal draconic’s eyes began to glow golden, energy gathering from within before suddenly unleashing his Gravity Beams. With one blast, the entire head of the Skull Devil was erased, the wound of the severed head being cauterized as the corpse fell to the ground. Smoke rose from the corpse as Monster X rose to his feet, turning his attention towards Daigoro, who was now standing once again.

His right arm was twisted and his elbow jutted from skin, blood falling down from his arm and skull. The young hippopotamus taunted with his left arm for the invader to attack once more. He stumbled forward, taking in deep breaths as adrenaline rushed through him. He needed to give Junior more time; it was possible that he was the only one that could stand a chance against what stood before him. If he died, this entire island would go down with it.

Monster X proceeded to leap into the air, catching Daigoro’s attention as he attempted to keep track. However, before the youngster knew it, the demonic foe landed behind him and a sudden surge of pain rushed through his body, earning a cry of agony as he felt his left leg go limp. The hippo kaiju fell to his knee before the alien grabbed him by the back of the skull, chuckling as they stared at Godzilla Junior, who was rising from the rubble.

The prince’s eyes widened as he saw his friend brought down to his knees, releasing a roar pleading to the invader to release the young hippo and finish their duel. The artificial Ghidorah simply smiled as he pulled his leg back and lifted Daigoro into the air, striking him with the full force of a decisive kick, sending the screaming mammal into the air before disappearing from sight in an instant.

The mutant’s eyes widened as he couldn’t sense his friend anymore. He was gone, thrown into the sky with barely any power coming from the one responsible.

Monster X released a soft roar at his prey, smiling as he revealed the last thing he heard from the pathetic child… was the sound of his head popping.

The Godzillasaurus roared with rage as he charged forward, rage consuming him as he went to charge an atomic blast, only for a familiar cry to stop him in his tracks.

The demon from the stars began to grow annoyed as Anguirus joined the group, unleashing a roar so loud that the armor across Monster X began to crack. The Xilien experiment charged forward to deal with the ankylosaur, only to be slammed in the back by Rodan flying over him, making him fall to his knees.

The invader turned towards Rodan, once again charging his Gravity Beams to shoot him out of the sky, only for a stream of atomic fire to strike across the humanoid dragon’s shoulder, pushing him through the landscape before the attack ceased. Smoke rose from his form as he released a groan of rage, looking upon the three with hatred. He quickly rose to his feet and roared at the three challengers, jumping into the air, applying gravity to his form as he stretched out his leg to slam into the pterodactyl’s back.

Rodan was quick to realize the pressing situation and dodged the attack, causing Monster X to miss his strike. Earth flew into the air before Anguirus charged forward and sank his teeth into the demon’s flesh. Such a feeble attempt earned a groan of annoyance before lifting his hand and slamming it into the ankylosaur’s form, forcing the dinosaur to release his grip, proceeding to be kicked away into the earth.

The demon felt blood fall from his wounds, these insects were actually managing to wear him down. He clenched his fist before slamming it into the ground and releasing a roar of absolute rage. He would kill them all for this transgression and leave their skeletons as black as the void that birthed his master!

Rodan released a chirp as he dove down at the enemy, only for Monster X to simply swing his arm backward and land a strike. The pteranodon was sent crashing to the ground in an instant, releasing bloodied coughs as his body rushed with serotonin.

Anguirus charged forward before curling into a ball, launching himself at the demon. The sound of the rumbling Thunderball approaching caught the skeletal draconic’s attention, quickly turning and slamming his foot at full force into the fire monster’s form. This sent him flying into Godzilla Junior in an instant, both of them crying in pain as they crashed into the ground. Monster X got into a running position before sprinting straight at the duo, earth flying into the air with each step. A roar of rage exited his maw as he pulled his arm back for a full-powered strike, going in for the killing blow on the closest of the pair.

Quickly, Junior and Anguirus returned to their feet and charged forward, managing to dodge the enraged Ghidorah and struck the sides of the demon’s form. Sparks and black blood flew as their talons cut into flesh, causing Monster X to stumble a bit. Giving the prince of the island an opportunity, his spines illuminated blue before unleashing an atomic blast once more against the invader’s back.

The artificial destroyer released a cry of anguish as his face was forced into the earth, his form being forced forward by the blast of atomic energy. His bone-like armor cracking and blood sprayed into the air as the attack ceased, steam rising from the bioweapon’s form.

Monster X coughed blood onto the ground as he began to rise to his feet, his vision becoming blurry from the concussion that he had just been inflicted. This was getting dangerous, he was going to die here. Die to enemies that his master would easily eliminate without much effort, he was pathetic. Not worthy to become an emperor of the chaos, to bend all life to his will… No, he would not die here.

He would kill them, rip through their flesh, and burn them to embers. He would burn the hope of this world as his master intended sixty-five million years ago.

As he attempted to turn his attention back to the fight, he suddenly was lifted into the air. His golden eyes widened in surprise as his chest was slammed into Anguirus’ carapace, the pair working together to cripple him.

Blood covered the dinosaur’s spikes as the demon released a howl of anguish before being thrown to the side. He looked up and behind him to see his three opponents stand before him and unleash a roar of rage at him.

His eyes glowed golden as he smiled… It was time.


Tense, mammalian eyes surveyed the deadly storm that lingered over the island. Black, swirling clouds blanketed the sky, making the differentiation between day and night obsolete. Lightning flickered from within the storm, the yellow glow coursing through the clouds like a river leading to the ocean. And deep within the cyclone, the shadow of a majestic evil, one who was consuming the life essence of an ally to the cause.

Kong grunted, infuriated at the cowardice displayed by the golden terror besieging his land. Firmly planting his feet and putting aside his weapon, the man-beast reared up and pounded his chest, resounding a powerful roar to the torrential hurricane above. The normally gentle Titanosaurus likewise chimed in, his warbling mixed with the barbaric war cries of the mighty Kong. They knew this fight would determine the future of the world; and it had to be settled here and now.

Then, as if hearing them, the body under the clutches of the planet eater fell. The familiar rocky figure was obstructed by the darkened clouds; but once it came into view, they saw that the once regal King Caesar was nothing more than tatters. Without the Element X that once powered his very life force, the chiseled minerals deteriorated under the harsh winds of the Category 6 hurricane. Though he bore no blood in his system, he appeared lifeless and pale, his once brilliant ruby eyes faded and barren. At last, King Caesar’s desecrated corpse crumbled into a billow of dust and debris upon impact, leaving little remains of the once recognized champion of Okinawa.

That was a warning from the devil above of their doomed fates.

Quick to retrieve his weapon, Kong brandished the arm of Ebirah like a blade. The two titans bore witness to the horrors that came from the superstorm, at last showing their faces. Carried by tremendous sails for wings, the tri-headed hydra emerged from the cell, all three heads grinning as they did. They felt empowered, restored! All wounds they had sustained were nothing more than a distant memory, rejuvenated back into their prime. Erratic lighting sparked from their colossal, wyvern-esque body, eager to slay, kill, and destroy.

If it was death they called for, then as the apex of wishes, that they shall get!

Bioelectric energy danced around the fangs of the hydra, rivers flowing from the dragon’s maws. Lightning carved the dirt around them, erupting in a cascade of sparkling delight as the pair tried to hold their own against the onslaught. Yet they could only struggle as they were caught in the entanglement of destructive prowess, forced to dance in between the electric columns that kept them at bay.

Prepared for landing, enormous wings flapped, pushing hurricane force winds in its wake. With a firm, rock-hard landing, King Ghidorah glowered at the pests that stood before them. What trouble they gave them, and all for what? Ghidorah knew their ends drew near, and would take great pleasure in dealing with these fools. Channeling divine wrath up their necks, Ghidorah discharged another payload upon the enemies. Kong was quick to evade, the lightning beam harmlessly swishing by. Titanosaurus, however, received the full brunt of it, shoved into the ground at full force.

Armed with the claw of Ebirah, Kong leapt and swung the crustaceous blade at the three-headed terror, managing to carve a groove into the left head’s neck. Without a moment to spare, the middle head snapped at the claw, yanking it out of the man-beast’s firm grip and tossing it overhead. It crashed near a rocky slope, left to soak in the torrential downpour. But Kong knew he wasn’t out of options; baring his fangs, he sunk his teeth into the scales of the left head, hoping to tear from the flesh of the devil. In response, the demon of the galaxy snaked its heads around the arms of the behemoth, constricting them with their powerful muscles. Kong was forced to relinquish his hold, maw dripping with the blood of a demon.

Recovering from the electric blow, the dinosaur rose to his feet, dusting his body with a heavy shake. Huffing from his nostrils, Titanosaurus gleamed at the situation; the magnificent Kong under the mercy of the xanthic hydra. He knew Kong was powerful, but in no way would he last without aid. But the golden eye of the leviathan took heed of the claw of the fallen Ebirah, noticing a distinct figure off in the distance. Without a doubt, help would arrive; it was just a matter of making sure there would be no casualties.

With an assured snort, large, three-toed feet slammed the mushy earth with a powerful bounce, sailing the stormy skies until the dinosaur’s colossal body crashed into the struggling monsters, all three of them tumbling to the ground. The right head of Ghidorah loosened its grip, letting the left head take its place in order to deal with this intruder. Hissing viciously, the serpent funneled bioelectric energies up its throat, bombarding the prehistoric creature with a concentrated beam of lightning. A warbling screech resonated from the ancient leviathan, pushed back by the blast. However, the tremendous sea monster leaned down and gripped the winged forearm with his metacarpal.

In that moment, Titanosaurus mustered all his strength and began to heave. With Ghidorah and Kong in tow, Titanosaurus dragged the golden dragon across the rugged grounds, friction carving a cavity in its wake. Releasing his hold, Titanosaurus launched the tri-headed fiend into a mountainside, blowing out the cliff with their enormities. The heads fell into a temporary daze, giving Kong ample time to gut Ghidorah in the belly with a well-placed elbow strike, forcing the necks to release him. Rolling away, Kong put distance between himself and the three-headed monster, nodding to Titanosaurus in appreciation.

Blood dripped from their nostrils and maws, which greatly angered the destroyer of worlds. Shuffling amidst the falling rocks, Ghidorah attempted to rise to their feet. But much to their dismay, the mountain behind them began to rumble; the cornerstone that held the mound together cracked, with a sudden landslide rushing down the slope. Boulders came tumbling down, burying the cosmic draconid in a heap of natural materials.

Off to the side, a peculiar shape rolled along the flow of dirt and minerals. The theropod rose from the mound, shaking soil off his figure. Gorosaurus patiently waited for the opportune time, and none so better than to topple a mountain onto their dreaded foe. With a profound screech, Gorosaurus marched up to his islander allies, hoping that the worst of it was over.

However, a rumbling made it clear there was more to come.

The earth shifted as a tremendous mass stirred in the mound, serpentine necks rising from the trenches. Cascades of dirt rolled off their titanic form, hissing in utmost irritance and aggravation. Vicious eyes jeered at the entourage assembling before them, seething in utter contempt. Like it mattered in the long run, for their demise would be imminent!

The left head surveyed the surroundings, keeping an eye on any abnormalities that could rear their ugly heads. Just as it did, though, it spotted a strange figure darting straight for them–glowing blue eyes armed with the claw of the deceased. Before the tyrant of the cosmos could even react, Jet Jaguar swung the bladed weapon into the left neck with centrifugal force that allowed it to cleave the neck clean off. Rushing by at supersonic speeds, Jet zipped by the calamity of terror before their teeth could even clamp into his metal, leaving the monstrous dragon agitated and confused.

Just as the head crashed into a nearby swamp, so too did Jet adjust his flight to meet the helpless wyrm writhing in the marsh. Blazing eyes of hatred glared at the robotic human, only to be doused with a spray of liquid nitrogen from the wide grin. All the head could do was scream before being silenced, then quickly smashed by an iron fist, splattering into a bloody paste and shattered ice.

With that pest dealt with, Jet leapt up and landed next to the others, each of them staring down at the now two-headed ziz that stood before them. Light channeled up the two necks, while the alliance prepared to dodge. But nothing could’ve prepared them for what came next. In the distance, a shriek caught their collective attention, turning their eyes to the sky. A dark figure soared through the whirling winds, its horizontal visor blistering with scarlet energy. Compacting into a thin streak, the Gigarium Cluster targeted to the ground of four, scattering into a barrage of energy blasts. The formation of the alliance was disrupted, throwing the reptilians off their feet while the bipeds miraculously held their ground.

Jet rose to his feet, with some of the damage buffered thanks to the Ebirah claw. But before he could take action, a pair of hooking anchors wrapped around the robot’s humanoid frame, quickly yanked by the force of Gigan’s flyby. Almost instantaneously, he was gone, a chess piece removed just as quickly as he got there. Kong could only spare to glance back at the kidnapped robot before returning his focus to the menace that befell them. The two-headed menace glared back at them, eyes full of malice and putting on sickly smiles.

As his dinosaurian allies postured themselves for battle, Kong boomed a monstrous war cry–it was now, or never.


Soil and earth ruptured under Jet Jaguar’s titanium-enforced mass, carving a trench in his path. It eventually came to a stop when the anchors unfurled and returned to their ports. The robot struggled to his feet, thankful he still held his key weapon in his grasp. Just as he did, a pair of thunderous feet sent the dust hurling skyward, the shape of Gigan becoming all too apparent. It was then that Jet noticed the stains that permeated across the cyborg’s body. Analytical eyes scanned the blood, registering it as Megalon’s.

Somewhere in his electronic heart, he felt deeply disturbed. A loss of a powerful ally, slain by the hands of one the Seatopian deity had once called a comrade. It made him sick. For Megalon’s sake, he would avenge him and not let his reputation be tarnished by this foul sadistic maniac!

The crimson visor flashed, a wicked grin seemingly forming on the cybernetic sadist. Another pest of the past in need of extermination. Revenge stewed for this moment, and he would let the robot man have it!

The creation of Dr.Ibuki extended his left arm and taunted the cybernetic slasher to engage him, painting a smile on the psychotic cyborg. Gladly accepting the challenge, Gigan charged forward. Earth launched into the sky with each step, raising his left arm upward, dashing forward with the intent to end the duel with one strike.

Quickly, Jet Jaguar blocked the attack with his blade and landed a right hook across the cyborg. His enemy forcefully crashed into the ground, releasing a chirp of surprise as earth was once again launched into the air. Gigan rolled across the ground, making Jet Jaguar miss a stomp of his foot. Energy began to swell within the assassin’s visor, glowing red with fury before unleashing the Gigarium Cluster upon his humanoid opponent. The beam struck Jet across his chest before a series of smaller explosions forced him to his knees.

Smoke rose from the black marks, charred dents covering the damaged areas. The robot looked up to see Gigan rising back to his feet, with a joyous chuckle before charging at the downed protector of humanity.

The extraterrestrial war machine had grown stronger since their last encounter, he would need to finish this before Gigan managed to turn the tide of the war. The robotic defender sprung forward, clenching his fist, and delivering a decisive uppercut to the jaw. The invader released a groan of pain as he swung his bladed arm at Jet, forcing the man-made hero to jump backward to avoid the attack.

The Xilien weapon managed to regain his footing as he focused on Jet Jaguar, aiming his right arm at the humanoid before releasing his hooking anchors. The pair of wires wrapped around the hero’s neck and began pulling, causing him to crash face first into the ground. Gigan let out a chirp as the one who helped defeat him in the past released a digital cry of fear, a sinister grin being across the cyborg’s face.

The warden of Skull Island turned towards his opponent as the buzzsaw across his torso started, attempting to gain proper footing once more. Gigan aimed his left arm and fired the other set of anchors at him and with his free arm. He swung up with his blade, deflecting them away, causing the cyborg to release a cry of surprise.

This was his chance.

Without a second thought, the robotic defender shrunk before the cyclops’ eye. His blade dropped into the soil as Gigan stood confused, deactivating his buzzsaw and returning his anchors back to their slots. He had not known of his rival’s ability to disappear from thin air, was it teleportation? Or perhaps a trick to deceive his mind?…

Gigan quickly swung behind him as he turned around, expecting to land a hit against his foe, only to barely miss. The defender of earth had managed to remain unaffected by the attack, only growing to a certain height to dodge it. The cyborg raised his arm in an attempt to cut into his foe, only for his tail to be grabbed and he was hoisted into the air.

Jet Jaguar grew back to his normal stature as he spun in circles, the alien cyborg releasing cries of irritated rage at being overcome this easily before being finally thrown. Tossed into the sky, the alien automaton spun wildly out of control until he spread his fins, distributing the mass before coming to a midair stop.

Gigan surveyed the area below, seeing as Jet Jaguar quickly closed the distance with weapon in hand. The robotic man swung the Ebirah claw at his foe, only for the psychopath to block it with his bladed arm. He was fast, faster than what he had remembered all those years ago. The cyborg came to only one conclusion; he would need to defeat his foe and quickly if he was to survive.

Sparks flew as the two blades clashed repeatedly, both warriors striking with all their might. Each swing being faster and with more ferocity behind it, until Gigan quickly dismissed the onslaught by reaching forward with his tail. The limb stabbed into the robotic defender’s chest, and before he could react, earning a digital cry of pain as he was tossed towards the earth.

Energy once again surrounded Gigan’s singular eye before unleashing the Gigarium Cluster at the falling creation of Dr.Ibuki, striking Jet Jaguar with a direct hit to his back. The hero was forced into the ground at incredible speed, smoke rising from his back as the attack ceased. The hero of humanity began to attempt to rise to his feet, using all the strength that remained within his circuits before being forced back into the ground by the cyborg’s heel. Smiling with villainous glee, the sociopathic sadist released a shrilling cry.

Jet reached out to his blade, he needed to kill the assassin and help the others quickly. Once Gigan was taken care of, the other two would surely fall… Wouldn’t they? The cybernetic slasher stretched his right arm back, aiming to thrust the blade into his back and offer him to his genocidal comrade…

Quickly, Jet Jaguar turned and released a stream of liquid nitrogen at Gigan’s form, causing the cyborg to release a cry of pain as his torso was beginning to freeze. Forcing the intergalactic assassin to back away, the humanoid rose to his feet, his weapon now grasped firmly in his hand and standing in a defense position. He looked down at his stomach wound, witnessing as his internal mechanisms were exposed and sparking with thermionic finesse.

The Xilien assassin activated his buzzsaw, breaking the ice across his form in an instant before returning his attention to the standing rival. The two stood silent as seconds seemed to last for an eternity, each twitching to charge forward and finish the duel.

This world would not fall today. Even if he and everyone here were to die to Gigan and his masters, there would always be another to stand in their way. More powerful than they could ever imagine, the very thought allowing Jet to seem somewhat calm as tension rose. If he were to perish here… What would death be for him? An AI was no organic being, but that of robotic consciousness. Would there be only darkness? No reincarnation, no afterlife just… Silence. Darkness would overtake him just as it had the others before him.

The hero began to shake a tad… Was… Was this fear?

Gigan stretched out his arm and taunted his opponent, he would end this charade here and now. For what happened all those decades ago had not been forgotten. First the monster king and his ankylosaur companion had managed to kill his ally in what was thought to be King Ghidorah, then he was driven from Earth by Godzilla and Jet Jaguar the very next year.

He had killed all those that had opposed him to this point. The divine moth had burned like his dreams had foreseen for a millennia, the beetle deity from Seatopia had been ripped apart with ease, and now he would finish this defender of the earth.

Gigan smiled as revenge was just in his grasp. After he took care of what stood before him, he would hunt down the ankylosaur that stood with Godzilla on that fateful night, and slice open his throat and watch the ichor pour onto his metallic feet. A joyous chuckle escaped his beak as he got into an offensive position, his tail swaying back and forth as he prepared to launch forward.

The pair of adversaries charged, each releasing a digital war cry as their blades crashed and ran past each other. A moment of silence hung over them as the victor of the duel had not yet been revealed…

The top of Ebirah’s claw burst into blood, the weapon breaking from the attack. Jet’s blue eyes turned towards Gigan as he turned around before collapsing onto the ground. His arm falling near him, the final strike from the duel leaving him down a limb.

The cybernetic slasher turned around and laughed as he approached the defeated Jet Jaguar, this was the only course of action. The robotic defender stood no change to him, his fate was sealed from the very beginning. The creation of Dr.Ibuki attempted to rise back to his feet, only for Gigan’s bladed arm to force its way through his chest. Sparks flew as he raised Jet Jaguar into the air with all his might and released a cry to his fellow compatriot.

They would need to feed if they were to truly achieve victory.


The warrior king had little time to ponder his next move. It was action or inaction. With a howl, he commanded his reptilian allies to charge. The serpentine enemy was down a head, though brimmed with a continuous resolve. They’d see this to the end, and he knew that. Sprinting forth on hulking muscles, Kong leaped into the air to deliver a megaton punch to the xanthic hydra. A firm, powerful fist connected with the gleaming scales of the spaceborne demon, forcing the tyrant to recoil from the impact. Just as he did, Gorosaurus came from the side, gnawing on the right head with a tight grip.

The central head glared with utmost fury, tails rattling as a forewarning to what came next. Before Kong or Gorosaurus could back off, the ground below them almost glowed with a brilliant light. In reality, bioelectric receptors conducted the air around them, interacting with the water vapors that perpetuated the air. In an instant, destructive lightning rocketed from the ground to the sky, effectively uppercutting both of the colossal giants that opposed their tyranny.

Ghidorah snarled, noticing that the crimson leviathan stopped in its tracks. Opening up its fan-like tail, Titanosaurus turned and began to wave it back and forth, kicking up a powerful gale that rivaled the very storm conjured by Monster Zero. Dust and debris flew, with the enormous dragon holding their ground. It wasn’t enough to toss the monstrous demon, but Ghidorah could feel the sheer power behind Titanosaurus’ strength. Pushing themselves out of the earth, the tyrant braced themselves against the hurricane wind as they made a slow and steady approach.

Suddenly, the fin snapped shut, the lithe dinosaur leaping away with his powerful feet before the hydra could snag him. Why flee, when he was destined to die? It wasn’t until the leader head took notice of the gorilla charging at them from the side, with a pair of massive boulders held in his clutches. Signified with a colossal, booming roar, Kong smashed the enlarged stones into the two-headed menace, repeatedly slamming into the draconic devil’s figure.

As the stones whittled down, the lips of the alien menace hissed, spewing a pair of Gravity Beams unto the legendary warrior, whose weapons of choice crumbled between his fingers. However, with their attention focused on Kong, they failed to notice the return of Gorosaurus, who propped himself onto his tail and swiftly launched his powerful feet into the dragon’s sides. To say they didn’t feel it would be nothing short of denial; even if it didn’t have the strength to move them aside, it was something worth noticing. Snake-like eyes glared at the primitive dinosaur, who only screeched at the terrible tyrant.

An irritated shriek escaped from the aggressive right head. This was getting ridiculous… World after world had been felled by their raw power, death and misery spread amidst their presence. Once living planets had been terraformed into death zones, leaving disastrous storms in their wake. Then… Silence. But this little blue planet had given them trouble time and time again. Why? Death refused to claim this world, even though it was no different than any other life-inhabiting planet in the galaxy. But in the end, all it did was postpone the inevitability. Earth’s demise was imminent, and her final breath would draw near by their might.

Ghidorah’s eyes locked with Kong’s. It was a strange sensation the dragon felt deep in the back of their mind, but refused to acknowledge it until now. What was it? This pestering familiarity that irked them, something about the titanic ape seemed so familiar… They had recalled the extermination of a similar race, but none of them possessed the eyes of this one. A fiery determination that matched that of an eternal rivalry… Then it dawned on them. These eyes did not belong to the monkeys they had slaughtered less than a lifetime ago; no, these were the burning flames of his archnemesis, the ancient Godzilla, that flowed through them! An Alpha Titan whose will exuded on the battlefield.

Preposterous. What a notion, yet it all clicked. They had been beaten back by his nemesis and his subjects, and now was a new Alpha leading the charge against the invasion force. But this time, Ghidorah would make sure they wouldn’t be repelled so easily.

Kong huffed and puffed, standing firm in the face of adversity. Anxiety built within him, knowing full well that this arduous battle was beginning to wear on him. But he couldn’t cower before an enemy this enormous, if not for the sake of his own pride, then for the sake of those that fought alongside him. Kong glanced at Gorosaurus, seeing that he too was becoming worn from the raging war. But until they could bring peace back to this chaotic island, they wouldn’t rest! Though a concern lingered in the back of the gorilla’s mind.

Where was Titanosaurus?

Almost immediately, the eccentric warbles of the giant leviathan rang in the ears of the Earth defenders, turning around just in time to see the unfolding situation. Scarlet explosives bombarded the crimson dinosaur, knocked off his feet with the turbulent force behind the blast. Just beyond where the kyoryu stood was the shape of a figure neither of the guardians wished to see. The blazing visor illuminated through the shrouding rain, with their claw-like scythe jabbed into the lifeless husk of a stiff Jet Jaguar. Somewhere in the man-beast’s heart, the fall of an ally was nothing short of disheartening. But the most they could do was to avenge their fallen comrade!

With a confident stride and puffed out chest, Gigan unloaded sequential Gigarium Clusters at Kong and Gorosaurus, throwing the two titans off their feet. Then, with an aggressive swing of the arm, the still body of the robot hero sailed through the air, crashing with a heavy clank at the feet of the extraterrestrial wyvern. Wicked grins curved upon the serpent’s faces, clamping their teeth into the electronic robot. Although the artificial man was bereft of activity, its residual energy was something worth stealing from. So much life, all taken away… And Ghidorah couldn’t have asked for more.

Kong was the first of the two to return to his feet, making a mad dash for the terrible dragon. If nothing else, to preserve the sanctity of the fallen from the drooling lips of the devil. But this proved for naught, as gushes of blood spurted from sudden gashes that lacerated his skin. Kong jolted in agonizing pain, nearly keeling over. When he saw the razor disks flying overhead, the realization suddenly clicked. As they zipped past him, Kong saw as they marred the struggling Gorosaurus as well, ripping into his scaly flesh with ease. In horror, all he could do was watch.

Energy flowed through the necks of the ruthless alien, siphoning Jet Jaguar of whatever vitals that lingered in his systems. As they did, disgusting life stirred within the stump of the left head. Viscous saliva permeated from the wound, with a slippery forked tongue sprouting from it. Only for a moment did the middle head release its grip, allowing the right to continue draining from the robotic husk, and peeled the layer off the reconstituting head. Sinew, muscles, bone matter, all of it began to resuscitate with the flowing energies entering their body. From the stump, new life emerged as the left head quickly regrew, nearly gagging as it came to. Truly, a repulsive and hideous sight to behold; one that made the hearts of the warriors sink into their stomachs.

Having exhausted everything in the robot’s reserves, divine light funneled up the necks, with glimmering light shining in the mouths. Piercing eyes jeered at the mighty gorilla king with utmost spite and repugnance. For Kong, it felt as if it was far, far too late to put a stop to it. Then, in the following moment, streams of bioelectric fury washed over the alpha predator of Skull Island. Forcefully shoved and pushed by the wrath of the Gravity Beams, Kong could only cry out in pain and terror as Ghidorah’s might sent the ape god careening over a distant cliff–leaving the scarred and powerful ruler to fall into the cold water’s embrace.

A victorious howl escaped from the three-headed menace–and proved why they earned the right to be king.

Off in the distance, Titanosaurus rose to his feet. The situation had turned for the worse; Ghidorah was once again at full strength, Gorosaurus fell victim to the razor cutters, and Kong had fallen in battle. The most the ancient dinosaur could muster was a retreat, maybe a chance to fight another day. But the moment he saw the golden demise, their three sets of eyes locked onto him. Titanosaurus’ days became numbered at that very moment. The bipedal plesiosaur sprinted away, hoping to escape the wrath of the tyrannical king–but the powerful swooshing flaps of gigantic wings told him otherwise. No matter how much he pushed himself, it felt as if the airborne Ghidorah was closing in on his position. Just before he could bounce with his strong legs and leap into the ocean, a flurry of electric bolts carved his feet and the ground around him, forcing the giant to trip over himself.

The chance was denied for the aquatic saurian, with desperate eyes lingering at the ocean beyond. But before he could pull himself up, a large, colossal body pinned him against the earth, shattering the dinosaur’s spine and left paralyzed from the lower torso. Yelping screeches resounded from the prehistoric lifeform, pleading that all this was nothing more than a nightmare. Yet reality was a cruel mistress, and the baring fangs of King Ghidorah’s external heads sunk into the arms of the titanic creature. They pulled with all of their hatred and ferocity, taking pleasure in the primitive pest’s suffering. Then at the peak, the skin was pulled completely off in one fell swoop, leaving only the exposed muscles and bones of the screaming animal left.

Tossing the skin flaps aside, Ghidorah’s legs crunched on the dinosaur’s torso, choking out the life of the ancient beast. With enormous beating wings, the king of terror hoisted the limp body into the air, constricting it more with their rattling twin tails. In the ancient world the dragon had once terrorized, this was often a technique that Monster Zero employed to kill members of the archnemesis’ kind. The higher they climbed, the greater the chances were of this pest falling by their might. Crawling up the skies, they reached the apex point and sneered at the dying dinosaur for one last time…

And then, they released it, leaving it to plummet to the island below.

Gorosaurus was filled with dread, his eyes dilating from the copious amount of blood loss. He did not wish for death, but he felt the odds were not in his favor. He struggled to flee, but the razor disks had sliced the tendons along his ankles, leaving little room to run. Overhead, the primitive allosaur saw the cybernetic menace stare mockingly on his downed and bloodied form. Raising its claws, Gigan eagerly prepared the final death blow.

As the blade swung down, the theropod surmounted the last bit of his will to live. Opening his jaws gaping wide, Gorosaurus snapped shut on the scythe, stopping it in its tracks. Tugging back and forth, he had hoped to tear the arm of the cyborg right out of its socket, if nothing else to make his last stand against the alien invader. But before he could, the other blade swished right into the back of the skull–cleaving the upper part of the head clean off, freeing the other arm. The last sound Gorosaurus made was a series of hideous and disturbing gurgles, desperate to call for help. But none would ever come, and the dinosaur slumped over, dead.

Blood painted the swords of the sociopath, relishing in the carnage wrought on the island. Perhaps because the maniacal cyborg was pleased, he didn’t feel the need to pursue the next target–though he was more than willing to slay those that stood in his path. Perhaps now he would investigate to see how well the Xilien’s artificial Ghidorah was holding up.

The only thing that caught his attention was a loud boom, the impact formed by the carcass of Titanosaurus. No doubt in the cyborg’s mind that they too would join him in the quest for their ally. With heavy footfalls, he began to trek across the island on foot to see for himself.


He had underestimated them. His first real battle and he had been brought down by mere insects… but no more. He would show them his full power before their lives were extinguished.

The Xilien superweapon placed his fists on the ground, getting into what seemed to be a running position on all fours. His body began to shift and change at a rapid rate, his bone armor changing into a golden color, twin wings grew out from his back, his arms changing into legs. Monster X was no more… now all that remained was…

Keizer Ghidorah.

The artificial Ghidorah roared at the three as he finished his transformation. Junior, Rodan, and Anguirus got into a fighting stance, ready to combat the threat.

Anguirus charged forward and rolled into his caprice in mid-run, hoping to slam Keizer Ghidorah’s chest only for their Gravity beams at the approaching ankylosaur to slam into their form. Catching the dinosaur in midair before throwing the beast at his comrades. The brothers dodged the attack and charged forward, Godzilla Junior firing at his target. The left and right heads shot out their Gravity Beams, colliding with the approaching beam before overpowering it and sending the kaiju prince to the ground.

Rodan continued forward, quickly slamming his form into the demon over and over again. The Xilien experiment simply huffed before slamming his tails into the approaching pteranodon, slamming the earth defender into the ground with little effort.

Anguirus shook off the damage as he rose to his feet before looking towards his comrades. This was no mere power up, their opponent’s strength had been increased tenfold. If they were to stay here any longer, they would perish to the destroyer of worlds.

The mutant struggled to his feet, his head throbbing with a migraine he gained during the conflict. His eyes focused on Keizer before finding his brother on the ground. His eyes widened at the thought of what was to come, and without hesitation, Godzilla Junior roared in fury as he charged at Keizer Ghidorah. The hydra began to turn his gaze before the young Godzillasaurus slammed into Keizer’s side, giving Anguirus time to tunnel into the very earth; he had a plan. He only hoped Rodan and Junior would survive long enough before he enacted his attack.


The scientists all watched his horror as their monsters were slain one by one. King Caesar, Ebirah, Ramarak, Gorosaurus, Mechani-Kong, Kong, Megalon, Mothra, Jet Jaguar, Daigoro, Titanosaurus… Earth’s greatest defenders were being wiped out, and all they could do was sit and watch. Dr. Ibuki sat depressed at the sight of the battle. His two greatest creations were destroyed, his island was being turned into a battleground. If they were above the surface, they would have joined the Earth Defenders that had perished.

Dr. Azusa began to tear up as she watched Junior struggle for his life. She had helped raise the Godzillasaurus since birth, she did not wish for his suffering. She covered her eyes with her hands, tears flowing through her hands onto the computer console.

Miki began to ponder, trying to find any way to help the monsters but she feared there was only one option… Enter one of the Ghidorah’s minds. When she connected to Godzilla, it had taken a mental and physical toll on the young woman. Her psychic powers weren’t as powerful, but with that small sacrifice, she had driven Godzilla away for a short time. She placed her hands on her head and tried to search for their minds when her mentor looked over and knew what she was attempting.

“Miki no!”

“What choice do I have, Mr. Yano? They are dying! The whole damn world is in jeopardy now that the Earth Defender’s forces have been wiped off the face of the Earth.”

“The last time you did something like this, you paid a price. Your powers are draining faster than it is intended to, that amount of stress on your mind will break you if you try to deter the Ghidorahs.”

“I know… And as much as I don’t want to get hurt… I need to do this, I need to do something and not sit here any longer. My only regret is that I couldn’t have saved the others.” Ken grew disheartened, but he understood why she would do this. He only hoped she would survive the toll that would be brought upon her mind.


Junior slashed at the Ghidorah’s black flesh, attempting to cut his legs open but to no effect. His attacks were only met with sparks. Keizer Ghidorah reached down with all three heads grabbing the youngster and raising him into the air and began before draining the young prince. The young mutant struggled to free himself, slashing at the throats of his opponent, met again with no effect from his attacks.

He struggled to keep his arms up, his energy being completely drained by an enemy that outclassed them all easily. His eyes became more weighted as he watched his life flash before his eyes.

He remembered the human girl feeding him, showing him kindness between species was possible. He remembered playing games with Rodan and Daigoro, the three being inseparable as they ventured across the island. He had made a family here, both human and kaiju alike being a part of his heart.

He could at least die knowing that he had lived a good life, even if it was short.

Rodan once again attempted to take to the sky, only for Keizer Ghidorah to lift his two front legs and slam them onto his back. The pteranodon screeched in pain as he gasped for air, Keizer slowly applying pressure and crushed the monster under his weight…

The artificial Ghidorah suddenly dropped Godzilla Junior, the young Godzillasaurus didn’t move as he collided into the ground. The Ghidorah’s body shook as he lifted his foot off of Rodan, what was happening to him?


Miki struggled to keep her hold, her body felt as if it was about to crack under all this weight, her mind feeling as if it was going to shatter. This was way more intense than Godzilla, such darkness in one being, how was this even possible? World after world had met the end to Monster X, worlds burning as the genocidal draconic burned civilizations to Hell itself.

Miki screamed as she collapsed, no longer being able to connect to the Ghidorah’s mind. “We need a doctor now!”


Keizer stopped shaking, they were once in control of their actions. Rodan attempted to fly away from the Ghiodrah, only for the beast to have electrical energy surge through his body before releasing his Gravity Beams at the pteranodon. Catching the ancient reptile with ease before throwing them back to the ground, earth launched as the earth defender released a cough of blood.

The Xilien experiment came closer to his prey, lifting his left leg before slamming it on Rodan’s arm. The sound of the bone breaking echoing through their ears, the pteranodon screaming in agony as Keizer Ghidorah released a hideous laugh as they reached down and sank his teeth into his prey’s flesh. His necks pulsated blue with lifeforce, the Ghidorah drained the essence of the animal.

Rodan’s body stopped struggling, his movement coming to a close as his eyes rolled back into his head.

This was it…. the end of his life. He had a very interesting life, one filled with hatred and redemption. His parents fell to humanity, and when he was finally hatched, he immediately attacked those that lived in the concrete jungle. Hellbent on destroying them as they had destroyed his family, but then he found himself their hero when a golden hydra descended from the stars.

He remembered his allies one by one, falling through the decades of protecting the Earth. But then he found the egg, and from it emerged his brother. He lived a good life… All he wished was that he could have saved everyone else.

The earth caused the two to fall into a gigantic cavern into the Hollow Earth. Keizer Ghidorah released roars of unadulterated rage as the demon fell into the cavern, damning the one responsible to a fate worse than hell. He would drag his corpse across the solar system to leave only a bloody smear and a distant memory within his mind. For he would burn this world’s culture to brimstone and ash.

Anguirus watched Keizer Ghidorah fall into the abyss alongside his long-time friend’s corpse. The ankylosaur lowered his head in a quick moment of respect for the pteranodon, then quickly ran over to the injured prince. The war had only begun, he would be allowed to mourn after the invaders had been driven away from the planet.

The ankylosaur put his head onto Junior’s chest. Listening closely for a heart beat to pass, he only hoped that he could have at least saved the young one.

Bump bump…

The fire monster took in a deep breath as he rose, it was revealed that the Godzillasaurus’ healing factor would quick work of the damage done by the demon that terrorized them. Soon he could return to his full strength and together, they would make them pay.

Anguirus gently wrapped his jaws around the mutant’s arm, quickly dragging him with his maw towards the bay. The golden prince of destruction wouldn’t take long to recover from his surprise attack, and with the other two invaders coming to aid their opponent, they had no other choice but to fallback.

The flapping of wings filled the ears of all those that had survived the great onslaught, catching the attention of the Xilien’s cyborg. Gigan chirped as he took to the sky, joining the golden demise in their search for Keizer Ghidorah.

They witnessed the artificial Ghidorah rise from a cavern, roaring with hate as his golden form joined the other twos. They had never seen their apprentice in this form, and to their surprise, they were quite fond of this hidden power. When they would one day pass, no doubt to a defender of some backwater planet, they would leave behind a legacy of anguish and hatred in Keizer. But they would also have to be careful that their apprentice did not betray them early…

The golden demise opened their maws and released to the world, a death song of three storms declaring upon the planet, unending suffering as they burned this world to its core. Bow beneath their might or die, the choice was theirs.

The invaders charged forward, wishing to cause more chaos upon this planet when they slammed into a dark green force field. No doubt to keep the insects locked in their cage, no such puny attempt of a prison would hold them. Gigan chirped as he spotted a series of towers, the source of this wall’s generation.

Energy gathered between the three before they fired their respective beams at the structures, bringing the force field down as their energy became one, earning them the keys to Earth.

From below the water, Godzilla Junior watched the three leave the island, flying over him. The Godzillasaurus had finally awakened after being brought to near death, but he could not find Anguirus. The last thing he remembered was the ankylosaur dragging him. The prince shook off what confusion ran through his mind and began his search.

Anguirus swam through the Hollow Earth tunnels in the ocean, sensing the oncoming threat in Japan. He would need to warn the monsters that lived there before it was too late, no one would stand against this Armageddon without aid.


Akane raised her pistol as she shot at Gordon, the bullets puncturing skin, but not stopping the captain in his tracks. The man grabbed his pistol and sword from his sides and charged at the traitor. He raised his pistol and shot out, one bullet striking Akane’s shoulder while another shot her stomach. Steam rose from the wounds, as she rolled to her side, unloading more bullets into her target before her clip ran out.

“Shit, already out?” Akane threw her pistol to the side as Gordon rushed at Akane and stabbed her into the wall with his sword. Akane gasped as she felt the cold metal blade pierce her body, exiting through her back.

“Lieutenant Akane Yashiro, you have been sentenced to death for the act of treason against Japan,” Gordon raised his pistol to Akane’s head. “Any last words, darling?”

Akane looked up, blood falling from her mouth. “Yeah… I have a few.” Akane broke the sword with a strike as she knocked Gordon’s gun out of the way and pushed him back. Gordon looked at Akane with surprise as she stood in front of him. She wrapped her hands around the blade of the sword and ripped it out of her, she fell to her knees, coughing up blood as her healing factor made work on the stab wound. Steam rose from her form as she stood up, tossing the broken blade over to the side. “The UN will throw every single last one of you into prison for these war crimes. If I let you live that is…”

Gordon made a fist before getting into a fighting position, ready to beat his opponent into the ground.

Eren and Harou tossed and turned on the ground, both trying to get them in a hold to end the fight as fast as possible. Harou wrapped his legs and arms around Eren’s body, holding him in place as he tried to free himself. “Give up kid, you aren’t going to win this one.” Eren grew furious at the statement before thrusting his elbow into Harou’s gut. For a second, Harou was left open unwillingly, allowing Eren to get on top of the soldier, striking his face over and over again. Blood sprayed on the ground as Harou’s face was beaten into a bloody pulp.

Harou grabbed Eren’s fists in mid-swing and threw the young soldier over him, landing between Gordon and Akane. Gordon swung at Eren, striking his temple, Eren fell to the ground. The boy spotted the gun not too far away from him and began to crawl towards the firearm.

Harou and Gordon charged at Akane, both missing her when she jumped out of the way, rolling before making her way to her feet and charging at the pair. She kicked Gordon away before punching Harou in the gut, followed by an uppercut. The captain of the Gotengo stumbled by Eren, who had just grabbed the gun. He raised it and attempted to fire, only grazing the captain’s arm as it flew by. Gordon charged forward and swung, striking the gun out of Eren’s hands before swinging again. But this time, he missed, giving ample time for Eren to wrap his hands around Gordon’s arm and throw him across the room. “I have faced more capable fighters in the past, you are nothing with all that muscle.”

Gordon grabbed his gun before turning it around and pulling the trigger. The bullet shredded through Eren’s leg, the boy falling to his knees as Gordon walked around him and placed the barrel on the side of the scout’s head.

Akane repeatedly struck Harou across the skull until he fell on the floor. She grabbed the broken sword and aimed the blade at Harou’s throat. “I wouldn’t do that Gordon.”

The two stared at each other, waiting for some action to follow, only to be taken aback as the room turned red and sirens went off. Explosions echoed throughout the building, the four looked at each other confused as to what was happening. Then rather abruptly, the claws of a monster came bursting through the ceiling. One of the many monsters to be taken by the Futurians, Zilla was dying to get a snack.

The Futurians’ monster army had arrived. All nine monsters began their assault on the city, each monster taking it upon themselves to attack specific wards and districts. As civilians were dying, the mutant iguana couldn’t help but think that it was a waste of food.

Harou raised his hand to his mouth as he stared at Akane. “Now… Witness the power of a Titan Shifter.” Harou bit into his thumb, lightning surrounding the man as flesh formed, the room crumbling away as Harou turned into the Attack Titan. Zilla stepped back as the sky illuminated an emerald green, with a golden bolt of electricity striking the building. The distinctly black-haired Attack Titan screamed with fury as he landed in front of Zilla and the other monsters.

“I’ll kill you all!” as Harou screamed from within, the Attack Titan unleashed a roar at Zilla, his crimson red eyes and ogreish appearance piercing into the mutant iguana’s soul. The two stared before charging at one another.

The war had begun…


-Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean-

They had returned.

The whole Earth had been put into jeopardy. The ancient Godzilla rose from his temple home, exiting from the ruins of the forgotten city of Atlantis, swimming to the top of the water, and releasing a roar as he exited the sea. Calling forth his subjects, he could not take Ghidorah alone.

He needed help.

-The Amazon-

Behemoth walked past the human village, not wishing to harm those that did nothing wrong. His king had called for his aid, a request the mammalian titan must abide by.


Mothra chirped as she spread her wings, Godzilla had sensed it as quickly as she did. Their ancient enemy is back. The gigantic moth flew as fast as she could, hoping to meet Godzilla to the battlefield just in time.


Prayers echoed throughout the land. The guardian of the forest opened his eyes for the first time in millennia. The Earth was in danger, if he did not step forward, all life would be extinct. Bagan burst forth from his lake home, water fell from his body as he made his way to the shore.

-Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean-

The ground below began to shift, rocks slowly fell into a ravine in the sea, yellow eyes shone in the darkness. Gamera had sensed the Earth’s turmoil… It was now or never for his return.

-Whidbey Island-

Thunderstorms surrounded the small island. Lightning struck the earth, igniting the trees ablaze, Balkzardan growled with anger as he woke up. The god of storms leaped into the storm, disappearing in the eyes of the public.

Though the guardians of old rose to defend the planet against the upcoming threat, not all were as benevolent as them…

Winner: Gigan (Universal), King Ghidorah (Legendary), Monster X

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles