Author: Connor Clennell | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

A shadow fell across the land as an alien form flew overhead. The sun’s light reflected off its metallic hide, giving the creature an almost glowing appearance. The air around it distorted as it flew at supersonic speeds towards its destination: the mountain known as Fuji.

Within moments, it had arrived at its destination. Gigan dropped from the air and landed with a thunderous noise, kicking up a cloud of dust. The ground trembled under his enormous weight, bringing down trees and shattering boulders. Gigan spread his blade-tipped arms, shrieking to the heavens. His masters, the Star Hunter Nebula M Aliens, had given him the order to obliterate the surrounding area as a show of strength to the people of Earth. Twice they had tried to lay dominance to the blue planet, only to be repelled by the might of the one the earthlings called Godzilla. This time, they meant business.

Gigan only partially shared his controller’s enthusiasm. Yes, he lived to destroy, that was the purpose he had been created for. But he was never under his own power. Every city crushed, every opponent slain, it was all under the orders of some higher power. Star Hunter M, Garoga and Xilien alike had claimed control over him. He could never achieve true freedom, and in the rare moments he could, it was never for long. How he wished he could be free of this life of slavery to begin his own campaign of destruction, and prove to the entire galaxy he was more than some expendable pawn.

Receiving the coordinates of his first target, Gigan began to march in the direction of a nearby village. He hadn’t gotten very far when the ground suddenly began to shake violently. Gigan squawked in alarm as he struggled to keep his balance. He rapidly scanned the area, hoping to locate the cause of the tremor. A bright flash accompanied by a booming sound in the distance caught his attention. Craning his head up, Gigan watched as fire and brimstone spat out of the crest of Mt. Fuji as a cloud of pitch-black smog rose of the crater. The cyborg could hardly believe it: Mount Fuji was erupting! But his records of the volcano listed it as dormant. Why would it choose to erupt now? What could have triggered this unprecedented event?

A loud thud of something heavy hitting the ground caused Gigan to divert his attention to a massive boulder, as large as he was tall, no doubt thrown out of the volcano during the eruption, as it came rolling down the hill towards him. Spreading his crimson wings and activating the thrusters nestled between, Gigan leapt back, avoiding being squashed by the boulder as it came crashing down on the spot he had been standing in seconds before and came to a stop. Gigan landed a few meters away as the trembling stopped. The alien beast looked around, confused. The eruption was over already? Something in the cyborg’s mind told him there was something off about all this. His suspicions were proved correct, as the boulder suddenly began to rock and shake. Cracks appeared all across its surface and chunks of stone fell to the ground. Gigan watched with amazement and surprise as it split open, like some gigantic egg born of the Earth’s womb, revealing the last creature on Earth Gigan expected to see.

Thick bark-like scales adorned its muscular frame. Its powerful arms ended in four-fingered hands, each finger tipped with a devastating claw. Its body was supported on two stocky legs. A long segmented tail trailed behind it and slammed against the ground, cracking the soil beneath it. Three pairs of maple leaf-shaped plates, a large row set between two smaller rows, adorned its back from the base of its neck to the tip of its tail. Its small reptilian head ended in a set of streamlined triangular jaws, lined with similarly shaped teeth. A pair of human-like eyes was placed on each side of its head. The creature shook the dust and debris off of its body and reared its head back, unleashing an infamous cry that, in Gigan’s mind, confirmed the creature’s identity.


The reptilian goliath swiped and pawed at the air as it simultaneously twisted its upper torso from side to side, all the while roaring wildly. Though it seemed bizarre, Gigan recognized the Monster King’s actions as what they really were: a challenge.

Brandishing his scythe-arms, Gigan screeched into the air, accepting Godzilla’s challenge.

Throwing his arms to his sides, Gigan charged towards his opponent. At that same moment, Godzilla ceased his taunting and rushed towards the biomechanical beast. The two met and Gigan was quicker on the draw, smashing his right scythe into the side of Godzilla’s skull. Godzilla stumbled briefly but did not fall, allowing Gigan to smack him across the head with his other scythe. Godzilla cried out and began slashing wildly at Gigan’s chest, drawing sparks and leaving deep gouges in his armor. Shrieking in rage, Gigan lashed out with his foot, driving Godzilla back. His cyclopean eye flashed with crimson light as it fired a blast of his Cluster Light Ray, engulfing Godzilla in explosions.

The Monster King cried out in what Gigan assumed was pain as he was surrounded by dazzling destructive lights. Gigan was enjoying this turn of events, but could help but feel there was something off about Godzilla. It looked and sounded like him, albeit with some differences, but it seemed to missing something, something that gave the Godzilla Gigan knew his sense of power and fear. This Godzilla was lacking that. It just felt… empty.

Gigan quickly pushed these thoughts aside. It didn’t matter. This creature, Godzilla or not, made the mistake of challenging him, and in turn, his masters. For that it would pay in blood.

Gigan leapt at Godzilla and began to batter him with his scythes. He failed to notice Godzilla’s scutes light up with neon blue light – until he opened his mouth and blasted the cyborg in the chest with his atomic ray. Gigan fell back, screeching in pain and surprise, his armored chest plate smoking. Godzilla roared, clapping his hands together in glee, before approaching the downed cyborg. Gigan was back on his feet in an instant, however, and slashed Godzilla across his chest and shoulder, driving him back with another empty cry. Gigan didn’t have time to observe his injuries. He was too busy wondering why his own blades were devoid of his enemy’s blood.

Godzilla’s dorsal plates flashed with nuclear might as he unleashed his atomic ray into Gigan’s face. The Hunter M cyborg cried out as his visor shut off from the blast and he went blind. With two more atomic blasts, Godzilla sent Gigan crashing to the ground, kicking up a cloud of smoke and dust. Gigan flailed his limns wildly, bringing up more dust from the ground until a massive haze covered both him and Godzilla. At last his visor flickered with light and his vision was returned, and he stood up, determining his surroundings. He wasn’t bothered by the barrier of dust; he had other senses to rely on. Apparently so did Godzilla, as he came charging through the dust cloud towards the metallic fiend. He swung his body around and swung his tail into Gigan’s neck. Sparks flew from the point of impact as the metal on Gigan’s neck was dented, eliciting a chirp of rage from the blue armored creature. The ports located in his chest opened, ejecting twin razor discs that sliced through the air towards Godzilla. They cut through the side of the kaiju king’s torso and neck, taking with them pieces of the leviathan’s flesh. Somehow, Godzilla knew the discs were coming back and spun around to face them. With a quick blast of his atomic breath, one of the discs was destroyed. The other continued on its path towards him. Godzilla reached out, pulled the disc out of the air, not even flinching as it tore into the flesh of his hand, and tossed it back at Gigan. The cyborg screeched, taken aback, and swiftly knocked the disc to the ground with a swing of his right scythe.

Activating his thrusters, Gigan took to the air and flew directly towards Godzilla. His abdominal buzzsaw whirred to life as he flew past Godzilla, gashing open his shoulder and bringing the nuclear menace down. Gigan landed with a thud and lashed his tail out, the claw on its tip clamping around Godzilla’s neck, then swung up, throwing the Monster King over his head and crashing to the ground meters away. With a robotic stiffness, Godzilla slowly rose as Gigan cackled with evil glee. He raised his arms and fired the grabbling cables located at the base of his scythes. The right pair wrapped around the kaiju king’s neck, throttling him. As Godzilla tried to free himself from the cables, the left pair entwined his right leg. With his foe properly secured, Gigan began twisting his arms, wrapping the wires around his scythes and reeling Godzilla in. Godzilla struggled against his bindings, but could not break free. A familiar whirring noise filled the area as Gigan switched on his buzzsaw. In desperation, Godzilla unleashed his atomic ray, striking the base of Gigan’s left scythe. The searing hot blast burned through the wires with ease, and they immediately snapped off. The cables securing his leg slackened, allowing Godzilla to easily shake them off. He fired again, severing the cables on Gigan’s right arm and freeing his neck. Shaking off the cables, Godzilla let out a roar devoid of emotion, only to be cut off as Gigan let out another crimson cluster blast.

Gigan sprinted towards Godzilla, scythes outstretched, ready to cut the King of the Monsters down. Just as he was within striking range, Godzilla reared back onto his tail and kicked out with both feet, catching Gigan square in the face, sending the biomechanical alien crashing to the ground. A memory suddenly flashed before Gigan’s eye. Did Godzilla’s attack trigger this? He remembered his creation. Once, he had been a fully organic creature, an inhabitant of the home world of Star Hunter Nebula M. But overtime the cockroach aliens had brought their planet to the brink of destruction with constant war and pollution. Of the native wildlife, he was the only one to remain unaffected. The rulers of Star Hunter M saw this, and devised a plan to turn him into a weapon, the ultimate tool that would lead them in their conquest of their new home world. He remembered his capture, the dozens of experiments and autopsies performed to understand his biology, and the painful process of grafting his cybernetic implant onto his body. When it was finished, he barely resembled his original form. He had been teamed up with another creature, the mind-controlled King of Terror, King Ghidorah. Together, they were to act as the vanguard to the invasion of Earth. But despite their efforts, they were repelled by Godzilla and Anguirus. On that day, his hate of the Monster King began.

Godzilla approached the downed Gigan and began stomping and kicking his head. Another memory resurfaced. Following their defeat, he and Ghidorah were freed from their mental binds, and fled to the stars. He never saw King Ghidorah after that: the golden dragon must have escaped. He hadn’t been so lucky. The forces of Star Hunter Nebula M recaptured him and rebound him to their will. He recalled being dispatched to Earth again, to aid their allies in Seatopia. He had been paired up with Megalon, the guardian of Seatopia, and together they almost defeated that accursed robot, Jet Jaguar. But Godzilla intervened, and soon the two began to overwhelm himself and Megalon. During the battle his masters lost control, and he managed to escape, leaving Megalon behind to spare his own hide.

Pulling Gigan to his feet, Godzilla smashed his hand across his face, sending the cyborg crashing back down. Another memory took up Gigan’s vision. He recalled his recapture, not by Star Hunter M, but by a new party, the villainous Garoga. They improved him, and sent him back to Earth to dispose of their nemesis, Zone Fighter. But Godzilla interfered yet again, saving the unearthly hero and doing battle once again. He was beaten once again, but not out. When Godzilla had left, he sprung to life to continue his assault and destroy Zone Fighter. He almost succeeded, but the Meteor Man proved far more powerful than him. His last memory of that encounter was trying to escape, and then, darkness.

Godzilla kicked Gigan in the stomach, sending him rolling across the ground, then blasted him in the face with his atomic ray. Yet another memory filled Gigan’s vision. He remembered waking up in a new form, his current body. Before he was a beautiful creature of green and gold, a reminder of the once great Nebula M home world. Now his design was sleek, cold and metallic, sending fear trickling down the spines of lesser beings. His new masters, the Xiliens, had recovered his remains and rebuilt him to serve in their plans of conquest. Alongside an army of monsters, he laid waste to the world. He was sent to Antarctica to stop the humans from awakening Godzilla. He failed, and he lost his head as a result. Quickly rebuilt, he was sent out again, now armed with dual chainsaws for hands, to assist another creature, Monster X, in destroying Godzilla and another monster, Mothra. But it wasn’t Godzilla who best him. It was the moth, and that made his defeat all the more humiliating.

Gigan recalled his recent resurrection, how Star Hunter M had found his remains and rebuilt him, keeping the upgrades the Xiliens had installed. He should have been grateful. But gratitude was not something you show to slave masters. It was never fair, never just. Despite the metal covering his body, Gigan was still an organic being. That part of him may be small, but it existed. He did not deserve to be treated this way. He demanded respect! He demanded retribution! He demanded freedom!

As Godzilla moved in closer, Gigan snapped out of his daze, thrusting out his arms and gashing Godzilla’s legs. The Monster King cried out and fell to the ground, giving Gigan, seething with rage, the space needed to get to his feet. Something exploded within the cyborg’s head, either due to damage, malfunction, or Gigan’s growing rage, causing a shower of sparks to fly out the back. Gigan suddenly stopped. He couldn’t hear his controllers anymore. He tried moving one arm, then the other. They moved, not under the directions of his masters, but of his own free will. Gigan screeched joyously into the air, clanging his scythes together. Finally, he was free!

Godzilla rose back up, roaring at the alien cyborg. Gigan rushed towards him, uncaring. He was free now, and even if it was only for a brief time, he was going to enjoy every second of carving Godzilla open like a Christmas turkey. He raised his arms and swung them down, but Godzilla caught and stopped them mid-swing. The two struggled, trying to overpower each other. Godzilla swiftly lunged toward, clamping his jaws around Gigan’s armored throat. He was like a starved dog trying to bite through a steel beam. Gigan let out a laughter-like sound and pulled his arms back, pulling Godzilla closer. Before the reptile could react, Gigan activated his buzzsaw. Godzilla released his grip and cried out as the blade tore into his belly, ripping apart his flesh. Gigan chirped with sick glee into Godzilla’s face, enjoying the kaiju king’s suffering, anticipating the feeling of his innards spilling across the ground, his blood staining the soil, the fear in his eyes as the life left them…

…Only for the sound of metal grinding against metal to reach his audio receptors.

Confused, Gigan looked down at Godzilla’s belly. His buzzsaw had torn away the skin covering, revealing not flesh and bone, but gleaming silver metal. Gigan’s face was incapable of showing the shock he was feeling right now. He’d been right: this wasn’t the real Godzilla at all! He looked up into the doppelgänger’s face, which was frozen in an emotionless expression. It opened his mouth, but the sound that came out was no longer Godzilla’s iconic roar, but a harsh, high-pitched screech. Gigan ripped his arms free of its grasp and backed away, horrified by this revelation. The fake Godzilla opened its mouth again and fired its atomic ray, no longer blue in color but a bright gold, charring the metal on Gigan’s chest. Shrieking in surprise, Gigan fired his Cluster Light Ray, stripping the flesh from atop the reptilian duplicate’s head, revealing more shimmering metal and a pair of ruby-red, lifeless eyes. They flashed with light, streaming a destructive beam of many colors. It struck Gigan’s neck, setting off an explosion as it stripped away layers of armor. Gigan fell back, crying out in pain.

The mechanical Godzilla’s arms locked into position, hands pointed at Gigan. They began to spin rapidly, becoming a blur, stripping the artificial skin off of them. They stopped, revealing their true, missile-tipped form. Bursts of finger-missiles assaulted Gigan, coating him and the area around them with plumes of flames. Amidst the barrage, Gigan struggled to his feet. He raised his scythes, hoping to lessen the barrage, to no avail, as the false king added its eye beams and atomic ray to the mix. Gigan became shrouded in a cloud of smoke as the assault continued, continuing to cry out in pain. This was not what he envisioned. He wanted to kill Godzilla, not fight whatever this thing was. The mechanized Godzilla’s weaponry was far superior to this, or even Godzilla’s. If he stayed, he’d be destroyed, and this time there was no one to rebuild him.

Whilst his foe couldn’t see him, Gigan flared his wings and took off, flying in the opposite direction of his attacker. The fake Godzilla stopped its assault and followed Gigan’s fleeing form with its eyes. It considered fully shedding its disguise and taking chase, but its own controllers decided it was not worth it. Gigan soured higher and higher into the atmosphere, heading for space. While he may be a cold, heartless killer, he was a coward at heart. He valued his own life over victory. He would rather go back to a life of servitude that face that… nightmare again. The fake Godzilla watched as Gigan disappeared into the stratosphere, before turning and marching back up to the crest of Mt. Fuji. Once at the top, it looked into the crater, then jumped in, disappearing into its depths and the fortress hidden within.

It was a destroyer. A harbinger of forces soon to emerge from hiding and begin their conquest of this small, fragile world. It took inspiration from the greatest creature to ever walk the Earth. Its power exceeded its organic counterparts. Constructed by the Aliens of the Third Planet of the Black Hole, one of the most technologically advanced civilizations in the cosmos, it was destined to bring about a new age, one that benefited the soon-to-be new rulers of the planet.

In the end, Gigan was hardly a match for Mechagodzilla.

Winner: Mechagodzilla (Showa)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles