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A light rain drizzled down upon the lush green fields of Sollgel Island. What was once an island of rock and dirt, with very little greenery, was now flourishing with plant life. Jungles were denser, dried up riverbeds were now filled with rushing water that acted as a highway for fish and other aquatic life.

In the sixties, tests were conducted for a tower that altered weather patterns. The test was successful, creating a rainy season that lasted weeks, and then a winter season, then summer, and so on. The machine was a success, and soon weather towers were placed in certain parts of the world to help create more fertile land for crops and livestock.

The original tower in Sollgel was active for a couple of more years, slowly breathing life into the island, before being deactivated in the early eighties. Now the island was able to maintain its lush greenery for the foreseeable future.

Things would only get better from there, now nearly twenty years after the weather tower was deactivated, a new source of fertility had taken residence on the island. In the heart of the island, a colossal mound of green lay amongst the lush foliage, before suddenly moving.

The hulking mass of greenery rose up to the sky, revealing a crocodilian head with a maw full of razor sharp teeth and tusks on the side of its face. The plant monster had an orange brain like core in the stomach area, that beat like a heart, covered by thick organic vines.

Biollante, a freak accident created by a grieved father, who tried desperately to bring back his daughter, but instead created a terrifying monster, with remnants of his child’s soul trapped within. The mutated rose, once scared, then wrathful, had learned to calm the rage within herself as the years passed. Now she focused her energy on taking care of the island she called home.

Biollante lazily shook her head, having awakened from a quick rest, the plant hybrid overlooked her garden as she purred in content. She raised up a thick vine with jaws that resembled a Venus fly trap, she scooped up some nearby water in its maw and carefully dispersed the cool liquid among the different plants and flowers that surrounded her.

The crocodilian-like plant monster had returned to Earth five years after Godzilla had passed away in 1995, now she lived peacefully on Sollgel. Suddenly, a loud sound emanated from the sky, looking upward to face the source of the noise, Biollante watched as a ball of fire fell from the heavens. Her massive size allowed her to peer over the trees, watching the fireball slam into the ocean water before exploding.

Biollante was curious about the object that slammed into the ocean, but ultimately decided to focus her attention on her garden. The plant monster went about her daily routine, almost an hour had passed before Biollante heard a loud rustling in the distance, the sound of trees being knocked over echoed across the land.

The Godzilla clone grunted as she watched a strange sphere roll amongst the dense jungle, obscured by the taller trees. Its path changed and was coming towards her. Suddenly, a small, blue, spiky ball rolled from the thick foliage. Yellow, crescent shaped eyes looked around before catching sight of the mammoth being before him.

Larger than any creature he had encountered, the alien cactus ball, named ‘Gororin’ by his alien master, was dumbfounded by the giant. Biollante too was perplexed, not realizing other plant beings like her herself existed, she stretched out a thick vine towards the alien plant inspecting the bizarre entity.

Gororin, a being whose purpose was solely combat related, believed the gesture to be hostile, and in self defense fired a barrage of needles towards Biollante. Hundreds of small, sharp needles burrowed into the plant monster’s flesh, causing the mutated rose to screech in distress.

Biollante snarled as she sent more vines to apprehend the space monster, however, Gororin bounced about like a basket-ball and evaded each tendril with ease. The cactus ball trampled over more of the lush foliage around him, earning the ire of Biollante.

More vines snaked around the space cactus, before successfully wrapping around the energetic little plant. Gororin struggled to break free, but couldn’t as the grip on him tightened, he was then lifted up and brought towards the hulking mountain of green.

Biollante tried to communicate with the cactus, but the alien was too busy squirming about, when his eyes met hers, the cactus lashed out once more. Again, Biollante was struck with numerous sharp needles, this time many were embedded into her face, forcing her to release the space monster.

Roaring to the heavens as she tried to remove the needles, she felt a mass slam into her side, causing another yelp of pain from the mutated rose. Gororin shredded through any opposing vines that came his way, using his smaller body to bounce around the behemoth.

Gororin bounced up and slammed his spiny body into Biollante’s face, her large head jerked to the side as the living cactus ball sprang off of it. Biollante could feel her blood boil, she had spent so many years to pacify her inner beast, but it was becoming much more difficult to do so with this little nuisance around.

Feeling lucky, Gororin bounced up and made a beeline for Biollante’s face. However, Biollante was ready this time, she lowered her large crocodile-like head, when Gororin was close enough, she swung her head up high and struck the cactus ball.

The alien cactus let out a rumbling noise as he was sent hurtling upward, when he reached the apex height, he was suspended in the air for a few moments. In that brief period of time, Gororin looked over the entire island, taking notice of the beautiful greenery that had previously surrounded him, then gravity worked its magic.

Gororin was free falling, if he had a mouth he would surely be screaming in terror. The cactus ball then slammed into the earth with incredible force, sand and rocks were sent flying, Gororin groaned as he felt a strange mass beneath him.

Feeling many long objects of varying sizes writhe beneath him, Gororin realized what broke his fall. Springing upward and landing away from the mass of vines, Gororin was again face to face with Biollante, who again tried to call out to the alien cactus ball. Trying to reason with the spiky alien, however, Gororin wasn’t letting his guard down so easily, especially after that attack.

Gororin fired a barrage of needles at the orange pulsating organ in Biollante’s stomach, causing another wail of pain to escape her jaws. The pain was greater now that the cactus was targeting a more sensitive area of her body, and Gororin took note.

Springing forward, Gororin slammed into the brain like-organ with full force, the sharp needles on his spherical body easily penetrated through the green skin that poorly protected it. Biollante spewed green blood from her maw as her mind was flooded with pain.

Unable to think clearly, Biollante was vulnerable to Gororin, literally running circles around her, firing needles and occasionally throwing himself into the titanic plant hybrid. Gororin stopped as he stared at the wailing mutated rose, almost feeling bad for it, but he also noticed a mild burning sensation on his body.

The cactus ball was oblivious to the green blood that had coated his body as he ripped and teared through vines and Biollante’s skin. Unknown to him, the blood of the Godzilla hybrid was acidic, although Gororin’s body was durable, it still felt the uncomfortable sting of the green blood.

Biollante opened her eyes as she snarled at the little spiny ball before her, her mind was clouded by rage. Biollante let out a deafening roar as the thicker vines on her sides ripped through the ground, the hulking green monster barreled towards Gororin with frightening speed.

Taken aback by the sudden attack, Gororin tried to roll away, but the ground shook so violently that the cactus ball had a tough time keeping himself grounded. Biollante shot her head forward as her massive jaws opened, successfully biting down on Gororin.

The blue cactus ball went wide eyed as he was scooped up into the tooth maw of Biollante. Gororin was flung up into the air, before being snapped up into Biollante’s crocodilian jaws once more, hundreds of teeth jabbed into the round body of Gororin.

Ignoring the needles that jutted out of the cactus ball, Biollante shook her head wildly as Gororin winced in pain. Gororin felt the multitude of teeth press against his body with incredible pressure, his thick hide already worn down a bit from the acidic blood. Soon the cactus ball felt small streams of fluid flow down his spherical body.

Gororin felt the razor sharp teeth dig into him, as a last resort, the alien succulent fired off every needle on his body. Some were lodged between rows of teeth, others dug into the back of Biollante’s throat, a loud shriek alerted the cactus ball as he fell out of the green mountain’s jaws.

Gororin groaned as he struggled to roll away, however, Biollante wasn’t wouldn’t make it so easy. Emerald energy crackled along the rows of fins that ran down her back, the mutated rose opened her jaws wide as a spray of green corrosive sap shot from her mouth.

Unable to move quick enough, Gororin was sprayed with a hearty dose of sap, the green gunk coated his body and ate away at his weakened flesh. Gororin ceased movement as he struggled to stay awake, his bright yellow eyes seemingly disappeared from his face.

The massive frame of Biollante loomed over the blue cactus ball, her enormous body blocked the sun and cast a large shadow over Gororin’s still body.

Black, that is what was before him, he felt nothing, was this the end of his journey? Vague thoughts occasionally passed by, before a shimmer of light breached the darkness, a blurry blue and white image before him, before becoming sharp and clear.

Gororin opened his eyes in what only felt like a brief moment, the sounds of birds chirping and water running filled his senses. He noticed he was neatly tucked inside a mound of dirt, with a moat of water around him, he was indeed alive.

His eyes darted around until he saw what he was looking for, Biollante, Gororin felt her gaze upon him, before his thoughts were immediately disrupted by the sensation of cool, refreshing water being poured upon him.

Biollante having calmed herself down, used one of her mouthed vines to gently pour water on her company. Biollante noticed the cactus ball and let out a soft wail, Gororin’s crescent eyes shrunk into dots as he was instantly reminded of the horror he had endured.

Gororin let out a rumbling noise, he was definitely more open to talk now, more so than before.

Winner: Biollante

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles