Author: Jolene Steinard | Banner: Landon Soto

A crystal fortress was now in the middle of Honolulu. The pointed towers glowed brightly in the night. This was shortly after they rose from the ground and destroyed any building that was unlucky to be in their way. The civilians of the city had just evacuated, but they all saw what had summoned these crystals to their beautiful city. It resembled the destroyer and savior, Godzilla, but it had two crystals on its shoulders, an orange crystal crest on its head and a row of dorsal fins on its back which were also made of crystal. Its tail swayed back and forth, the jagged crystal point at the end of it cutting through buildings before the creature let out an ear piercing roar, the crystals on its body glowing with energy as it made more crystals appear, the giant structures effortlessly drilling out of the ground, some going through buildings, causing the glass to shatter and the concrete to crack. This was a creature who some were conflicted about the origins of.

Some said he was born from Godzilla cells coming from Mothra while she was in space. Others say he came from Biollante and a black hole. No matter which theory was true, everyone knew what it was.

SpaceGodzilla roared once again, his crystalline spines and shoulder crystals flashing with energy. The extraterrestrial kaiju had been using a tower as an energy source since he got here to give him more power, making him stronger than before.

Raising a hand, SpaceGodzilla used his telekinesis to cause five crystals to sprout from the ground, destroying even more buildings, big and small, in their wake. The energy that he was gaining was coursing through his body, making him feel invincible. The cosmic saurian began to roar before growling in confusion as he heard the sound of jets go past him from overhead. Ten fighter jets had been sent to deal with SpaceGodzilla, along with a group of tanks and five helicopters. The crystalline menace seemed to have chuckled as he heard the tanks’ tracks cease their movement. SpaceGodzilla looked around at these pathetic lifeforms who dared to oppose him with their toys.

Human beings were worthless to him. He cared very little for them, as cliché as that may be. This will be fun.

Missiles from the fighter jets shot toward him before the tanks shot at the space monster. Green energy appeared in front of SpaceGodzilla as the missiles and tank shells raced to him. They stopped dead in their tracks. The crystalline terror put his hand out before the missiles and tank shells flew past him and turned around, now going toward the vehicles that they came from. The jets quickly flew out of the way of their own missiles, thinking they got rid of them as they flew past the speeding missiles.

Until the missiles turned around once again, unbeknownst to the pilots. Their stupidity was their downfall as they turned into a mass of fire and pieces of metal.

The tanks had tried to get away, but they were too slow, easily getting blown up. The helicopters hovered toward SpaceGodzilla, shooting him with the guns on the sides of the flying vehicle. Suddenly a blue, crystalline shield appeared in front of the Godzilla clone. Bullets hit the shield just to bounce off in random directions. Some of them hit two of the helicopters, with one shooting through the window and the pilot’s head, causing the hovering pest to fall to the ground, exploding on impact. Multiple bullets assaulted the propeller of the other helicopter, causing it to malfunction and fall off, spinning as it fell to the ground, cutting through the streets, causing soil to fly up in its path before stopping and falling on the side of a building.

The pilot and gunner of the helicopter grabbed their parachutes and jumped out of the crashing vehicle, pulling the cord. The two humans safely glided toward the beach with their helicopter crashing behind them, leveling a building as it exploded into a mess of fire and wreckage. They landed on the sand, unharmed. One of them looked at the water and noticed something in the distance, a large shadow followed by rows of spikes sticking out of the surface. It approached closer and closer. The soldiers keep staring at it before hearing the shrieking roar of SpaceGodzilla. They took their fallen parachutes off and ran, hoping to hide from the extraterrestrial menace.

SpaceGodzilla roared once again as what was left of this pathetic military attack retreated. Nothing could oppose him. Nothing could match his power. The crystalline kaiju noticed two humans running on the streets before hiding in a building. A sadistic smirk formed on SpaceGodzilla’s hideous face as orange energy formed in his mouth. He was about to fire a Corona Beam at the building, but stopped when he felt something. Wet.

The space kaiju ceased charging and looked down at the ground to see that water now covered it. His feet splashed in it for a second before he felt something else. He sensed the presence of another. It felt familiar, yet… different. SpaceGodzilla looked at the ocean, noticing something swimming toward the beach. Its back had a row of sharp spikes and its tail lifted out of the water. The object started to rise from the ocean, now approaching shallow water, causing more water to pour into the city and lights to go out in the remaining buildings, leaving the sunset and the glowing crystals as the only light source.

It lifted its crocodilian-like head out of the water, glaring at the unnatural menace that it had sensed attacking the same city he had his first battle with the M.U.T.O.s years ago. Water ran down his body as he began stepping out of the ocean, finally stomping a foot on the ground, causing it to shake as the space monster finally got a good look at the brown, reptilian kaiju. The two saurians stared at each other and noticed how similar they were. SpaceGodzilla had now come to a realization.

This creature was a Godzilla.

It wasn’t the one he had known, nor was it his son. He had no idea of his origins, but the cosmic saurian guessed that the other Godzilla was older than both him and the one he had fought before.

Godzilla glared at the evil creature. His presence was unnatural and upset the balance of the world. He knew the intergalactic beast wasn’t friendly, judging by what he had done to the city. The ancient saurian came here to eliminate this vile being who had reminded him of the other Godzilla species he had fought once. He had to be wary, though. SpaceGodzilla didn’t seem to be an easy opponent.

Godzilla was ready for whatever this space monster would throw at him.

The ancient saurian took a deep breath of air before bringing his head forward and letting out a booming roar that broke every window between him and his adversary.

SpaceGodzilla took a few steps back as Godzilla continued wailing at him. If intimidating him was the intent, the cosmic saurian hated to admit that it actually worked. However, the older reptile’s bellowing was getting to be too long. SpaceGodzilla was getting less intimidated and more bored.

Eventually, the crystalline menace rolled his eyes as he grew tired of Godzilla’s siren-like roar, which seemed to go on and on without any break. As he looked to the side, SpaceGodzilla saw one of his crystals, giving an evil smirk as an idea popped into his head.

Lifting his hand up, the cosmic reptile caused the translucent, glowing crystal to lift out of the ground, then looking back at the bellowing saurian, SpaceGodzilla moved his hand toward Godzilla before the crystal flew toward the roaring ancient leviathan.

Flying at top speed, the crystal slammed into Godzilla’s shoulder, most of it shattering on impact against his scaly armor before falling to the ground beside the saurian. Godzilla’s long, intimidating roar turned into one of pain. SpaceGodzilla roared at the foolish creature, his shrieking roar piercing Godzilla’s ears as he inspected his shoulder, noticing a big bruise, but nothing too bad. The elder kaiju looked back at the cosmic clone, flaring his nostrils as SpaceGodzilla stopped roaring.

Godzilla took a few steps forward before starting to run toward his adversary, his speed belying his size as he quickly advanced toward the extraterrestrial menace, crushing any small building and crystal that stood in his way. SpaceGodzilla was caught off guard by the other large kaiju at first, but then lifted multiple crystals in the air with his telekinesis and sent them toward the ancient leviathan, some spiraling as they flew toward the charging saurian.

Some of the projectiles missed their mark while a couple grazed Godzilla, scraping against him as they flew by. The ancient kaiju grunted, though no damage was taken from the assault. More and more crystals flew toward him as he got closer to his opponent. However, Godzilla had a plan.

Stopping mid-sprint, the brown saurian bended and turned around, waving his long tail like a whip and smashing the crystals that were headed toward him, turning them into shards raining to the ground.

SpaceGodzilla roared in frustration before preparing to throw more crystals at his adversary. Godzilla turned back around and ran forward once again. Before the extraterrestrial monster could send more projectiles, the ancient reptilian repeated his previous attack, once again coming to a halt and turning his body around. This time, his tail didn’t hit any crystals.

Godzilla’s armored tail made contact with SpaceGodzilla’s head, sending the evil clone crashing to the ground face first and landing to the left of the ancient leviathan.

SpaceGodzilla coughed up blood as his vision turned from blurry to normal. He felt extreme pain across his head. His crystalline skull had fractured, but he knew it would fix itself thanks to his regeneration. The intergalactic beast heard the ground-breaking footsteps of his opponent getting closer. SpaceGodzilla slowly turned his head as Godzilla inspected his body, being cautious to what tricks the space monster had.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t prepared enough.

SpaceGodzilla quickly turned to his side and shot a Corona Beam at the ancient kaiju, hitting him in his armored chest, making him stagger back and bellow in pain as the powerful beam blasted him. The evil monster wasn’t finished as he shot his orange beam at Godzilla once more, the beam twisting around and striking the saurian in the shoulder, hitting his bruise, causing him to roar in pain as the energy blast detonated it, triggering blood to explode out of his shoulder. The reptile held the wound, trying to get it to stop bleeding. Another beam hit Godzilla as SpaceGodzilla used his telekinesis to lift himself up and back to his feet.

SpaceGodzilla stopped his assault, allowing his opponent to stand straight. The clone nearly laughed as he noticed that no matter what, he was still taller than any other Godzilla.

Godzilla growled at the vile beast as he told his hand off his shoulder. The spines on the tip of his tail began to glow blue that quickly started a chain reaction to the other fins from his tail to his back. A humming sound was heard as all of the ancient saurian’s dorsal fins lit up, the formerly brown spikes now a bright sapphire.

SpaceGodzilla was no idiot. He knew what was coming, it was just a matter of time until-

Godzilla puffed his chest up before leaning forward and opening his maw, azure flames immediately shooting forth toward the foul mutant.

Exactly what SpaceGodzilla was expecting.

Just as the whitish-blue beam was about to strike the space monster, a blue, transparent crystal barrier appeared in front of him. Before the leviathan could react or even cut off his atomic breath, the fiery, blue blast hit the crystal shield and harmlessly bounced off its protective surface, redirecting it toward the ground, causing the ground to explode in a shower of concrete, dirt, and fire. Godzilla stopped firing, realizing he would have to be careful when using his atomic ray now.

SpaceGodzilla took note of his atomic breath. It was different from the other Godzilla’s, and judging by the damage to the ground, it wasn’t as strong either. Though, something was off now. This Godzilla’s spines were still glowing…

Suddenly, Godzilla started running again, this time with his head down, catching the cosmic saurian off guard as the ancient reptilian ran at him at full speed and head-butted him in the gut, knocking the wind out of SpaceGodzilla before he was launched into a building, turning it into a pile of concrete on top of the space monster. SpaceGodzilla shook his head as he tried to get out of the mess of rubble that covered him from his chest to his knees.

Godzilla let out a short roar before blue fire slithered up his throat. The ancient kaiju’s atomic breath shot out toward the fallen villain, destroying the chunks of building on him and burning his flesh. Godzilla kept pouring more power into his beam as he heard the screams of SpaceGodzilla, making sure this would kill him. The cosmic saurian looked at the leviathan and fired his Corona Beam, ignoring the pain of the atomic flames.

The orange beam came into contact with the blue one in front of it, causing both to have their own battle, each kaiju putting more of their energy into their beams. SpaceGodzilla’s Corona Beam stabbed through Godzilla’s atomic ray like a spear, but the blue fire kept pushing it back as much as it could.

The crystals all over the city lit up a deep orange color in unison as the cosmic saurian put more and more power into his beam, trying to gain dominance in this beam war against the prehistoric kaiju. Godzilla increased the power of his atomic breath, but his opponent’s was stronger, as evident by it pushing his back each time the ancient leviathan had the advantage. SpaceGodzilla poured more power into his Corona Beam, pushing the sapphire fire back further and further.

Eventually, the orange beam overcame the blue, forcing Godzilla to stop and quickly duck before the extraterrestrial clone’s beam blew his head off, letting it go past him and hit a building, causing it to explode on impact from the sheer power. Rubble rained from that area as the reptilian raised his head just to catch a Corona Beam to the chest, causing him to roar out in pain.

SpaceGodzilla roared as his feet slammed on to the ground, causing it to shake. Having just levitated out of the rubble, he sported some burn marks. The cloned space kaiju sent another Corona Beam to the ancient Earth defender, this time slithering behind him in the air and striking his back, causing him to roar in pain again before falling to one knee, refusing to go down.

SpaceGodzilla found this Godzilla’s resilience somewhat admirable, just like the one he had fought. Except it was also annoying that they refuse to die.

Godzilla tried to get up, but another orange beam sent sparks flying off his side, causing him to growl in pain as he got back down to his knee. It felt like he was between a rock and a hard place. He couldn’t get up without his adversary blasting him.

But no. He wouldn’t go down. He wouldn’t let SpaceGodzilla spread across the world and infect the Earth with his crystals. Never.

Godzilla took a deep breath and roared out. His wailing war cry nearly intimidated the crystalline menace. This time, the ancient kaiju’s roar didn’t take long as he stopped and got up, immediately taking off toward his opponent. SpaceGodzilla started firing his Corona Beams at him, but Godzilla brushed them off, ignoring the pain as they stung his hide.

The cosmic reptile was surprised by his durability, but that thought was cut by a fist to his face. The punch caused SpaceGodzilla to stagger back as blood trickled out from his nostrils. Godzilla punched the evil saurian in the face again, this time with his other hand, making him stagger back once more.

The ancient reptilian lunged at his foe, sinking his teeth into his neck. SpaceGodzilla roared in pain as his neck was bitten, blood spilling into Godzilla’s mouth as he pulled and shook his head like a pit bull with a toy. Emerald bolts struck the leviathan’s head as he kept tugging and pulling at the vile creature’s neck, trying to get him off, but he fought through the pain. This time, SpaceGodzilla’s green bolts aimed for the visible gills on Godzilla’s neck. The energy burned the most sensitive part of the saurian’s body, causing him to roar in agony and let go of his adversary’s neck.

SpaceGodzilla took this opportunity and slashed Godzilla’s face with his claws, causing him to back off as he tended to the bleeding claw marks on his face. Green energy circled around the ancient reptilian. This time, it didn’t hurt him. Instead, Godzilla was lifted into the air.

The prehistoric kaiju roared in confusion as he was lifted in the air and now was being spun around.

A crystal dug out of the ground and was lifted into the Gravity Tornado. SpaceGodzilla used the Gravity Tornado to juggle Godzilla and the crystal around, letting the crystal hit the saurian in the back of the head, bruising it as he gritted his teeth. Godzilla and the crystal went past each other before it came back and hit him in the side. The ancient kaiju endured the pain, his scaly armor lessening the impact. The two continued going in circles before they came into contact again.

This time, Godzilla took the crystal in his hands, holding it with all his might. He looked at the one controlling the tornado and hoisted the crystal above his shoulder. The saurian waited for the opportunity before he threw the crystal, using as much strength as possible.

Like a spear, the crystal spiraled through the Gravity Tornado, getting out of it and flying toward SpaceGodzilla. The space clone saw the projectile too late as it jabbed into his foot.

Blood spurted around the crystal as SpaceGodzilla roared in agony, cutting off power in the Gravity Tornado, sending Godzilla falling to the ground like a meteor, crashing into the earth in an explosion of dirt.

SpaceGodzilla used his telekinesis to slowly pull the crystal out of his foot. The sharp projectile really went far, stabbing through his foot and into the ground. Red liquid gushed out every time he pulled. Finally, the crystal came out, blood spurting out of the gaping hole in his foot before the bones snapped back into place and the muscle and flesh regenerated back. The cosmic saurian dropped the crystal on the ground and looked around for his opponent.

Godzilla weakly got back to his feet. Thankfully, he hadn’t suffered many injuries, just a few scrapes. He looked around and saw multiple crystals, some uprooted thanks to him crashing. The leviathan remembered the crystals glowing brightly during his beam war with SpaceGodzilla. They must be the source of his power.

Godzilla’s spines glowed a bright sapphire as he knew what he must do.

Azure flames traveled up his throat and launched into a crystal as the saurian opened his maw, cracking it before it exploded in a shower of shards. Godzilla didn’t stop there as he continued firing upon more of the crystals. His miles-long tail swung behind the ancient kaiju, hitting more crystals and causing them to break.

SpaceGodzilla witnessed the destruction of his crystals from where he stood. He roared in outrage as his crystals were destroyed by the second. He already felt his power fading. He had to put an end to this.

Energy sparked behind the crystal saurian before a crystal shell encompassed his back. SpaceGodzilla took to the air and went toward his adversary.

Godzilla stomped on a crystal before looking at a large building that was still standing. That had to be where all SpaceGodzilla’s power came from. Before he could advance toward it, something wrapped around his throat and pulled him down.

The ancient reptilian roared in confusion as his head met the ground, looking up to see SpaceGodzilla with his tail wrapped around his neck. The cosmic clone turned and moved his tail before letting go, sending Godzilla rolling across the ground.

The ancient kaiju quickly got up and charged toward SpaceGodzilla, his spines glowing before he shot his atomic breath at the vile beast, hitting him in the chest. The crystalline terror roared out before firing his Corona Beam, hitting the elder monster in the side. Godzilla ignored the pain as he pushed forward, pushing more of his blue flames into his opponent’s body.

SpaceGodzilla had to do something quick. He roared out in pain as the beam burned him before turning and launching his tail forward, trying to impale the ancient leviathan. Unfortunately, Godzilla stopped firing his atomic ray and caught the tail.

SpaceGodzilla roared in surprise as he tried to get his tail out of the prehistoric kaiju’s grip, but Godzilla wouldn’t give it up. Godzilla pulled the tail up as the space monster struggled. He let the tail down for a second and then pulled back up. Eventually, SpaceGodzilla felt his feet get off the ground, causing him to roar in frustration before firing a Corona Beam, hitting Godzilla in the arm. The saurian ignored the blasts as he pulled up once more, picking SpaceGodzilla up off the ground by his tail.

The ancient leviathan lifted the tail up, causing the cosmic saurian to go with it. Godzilla then brought the tail down, slamming SpaceGodzilla into the ground, causing an explosion of dirt around him. The space clone roared out in pain as his face and stomach met the ground, causing some of his sharp teeth to break.

Godzilla repeated this again, bringing the crystalline menace up and then slamming him into the ground. He did this one more time, making sure he was satisfied.

SpaceGodzilla was in a daze, trying to recover from the assault. Godzilla didn’t want to give him that.

The ancient reptilian’s spines glowed before he fired his atomic ray, hitting the cloned space kaiju in the gut, causing an explosion of blood as his beam put a hole through it.

SpaceGodzilla roared in pain as the blue beam burned a hole through his stomach. The atomic ray stopped though.

Loud footsteps were heard before the extraterrestrial menace looked up, seeing his opponent glaring down at him, blocking out the setting of the sun. It wasn’t long until it was night. He would finish this properly.

SpaceGodzilla closed his ruby red eyes as the sun set and day turned to night, the area turning dark. Godzilla grunted, assuming he had accepted his fate. He would make this villainous kaiju’s end painful.

The saurian aimed his head, opening his jaws and rearing his head back before going back down, ready to sink his teeth into this evil being’s throat and end his path of destruction.

Instead, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head.

Godzilla stopped dead in his tracks, his eye twitching as he stared at SpaceGodzilla’s downed form. He had been mere inches from killing him.

The prehistoric saurian then fell to the ground sideways, a crystal bouncing out of the back of his head as he collapsed, his eyes closing as it was now him who accepted his fate.

SpaceGodzilla opened his eyes before looking at the fallen kaiju next to him. The cosmic saurian lifted himself off the ground and looked above him before roaring into the heavens, signifying his victory over the one who kept balance of the Earth.

SpaceGodzilla turned his head and looked back at the fallen Godzilla. He wasn’t dead, the crystal just hit him hard enough to knock him unconscious. Using his telekinesis, the cosmic clone lifted the fallen reptilian up before a group of crystals in a circle position popped out of the ground and opened up.

Godzilla floated toward it before being put down in the middle of the crystals. The group of crystals then closed, trapping the unconscious saurian.

He would be useful to SpaceGodzilla. He would drain his energy to power him up. The intergalactic beast knew how strong he was – he would give him a good boost. Then an evil grin appeared on SpaceGodzilla’s face.

Or better yet…

An ally.

Winner: SpaceGodzilla

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles