Authors: Vincent Rodger & Matthew Freese | Banner: Landon Soto

-Hiroshima, 1964-

Dr. Bowen and his colleague Dr. Togami had been studying the leftover scales of Godzilla from his battle with Mothra, trying to find out how Godzilla’s unique radiation worked. With that knowledge, they could learn more about his biology. So little was known about the mutant, that any knowledge would be a breakthrough in the scientific community, for Godzilla was an anomaly to life itself. His unique mutation granted him a regeneration ability and his famous “Atomic Breath.”

Perhaps with his cells, they could find a way to fight disease, kill Godzilla himself, or perhaps even master immortality itself just as Frankenstein once did…or at least seemed to do. Though he did not know if Frankenstein had perished four years ago, there was no evidence that had suggested his survival.

The good doctor, James Bowen, pondered as he continued to cut open the scales as rain hit the windows and roof. Trying to focus on his work as the rain droplets got louder and louder.

-Tokyo Bay-

The rain hit the ocean waters, creating countless ripples throughout the calm sea. From a cave, nearby a gargantuan sat. Trying to keep himself warm with a fire and eating the last bit of the corpse of a freshly killed giant sea serpent. He had been believed to have died to the fierce monster, Baragon, but he had survived their encounter. Falling into the Hollow Earth after their fateful battle and surviving on those he was lucky enough to kill in the cave system. Only recently has the gargantuan seen the rays of sunlight and felt rain against his forehead.

The gargantuan grabbed the last chunk of snake meat and ripped into the flesh with his teeth, finishing his meal. The humanoid rose to his feet and exited the cave, smiling as he raised his hands into the sky, the feeling of raindrops bringing joy to the mutant.

But as he stared out over the ocean before him, something felt off. The moment was slightly soured as he pondered his situation, fully taking in the vastness of the world around him. Frankenstein’s isolation was beginning to take a toll on him. Beneath the monstrous exterior, he was still a human, and humans were social creatures.

He was not mentally built to live like a simple animal, surviving from meal to meal and only needing the most basic necessities. He possessed sapience, the mind of a human capable of higher thinking. It longed for more than this simplistic existence, just like it had for the very first humans.

He walked back into his home, deciding that if he were to venture forth, he would need to be prepared. Most beings he could easily brutalize with his bare hands and quick wit, but he had not survived this long without being prepared.

Propped up on an outcropping of rock, a horn shoddily, yet adequately, tied to a small stone. A trophy taken from his first kill, so far the deadliest being he had ever faced. Grasping the yellow knife in his hand, he placed the horn of Baragon into a small sheathe upon his side. The red scales of the holster contrasted greatly with his dull clothing, another trophy forged from the remnants of the man-eater.

Stepping out into the waters, powerful limbs soon propelled him through the surf. There was one place on his mind as he went, the city he knew his whole mutated life. Hiroshima was where he would find those who had shown him care when he was most vulnerable.

Would they accept him there, though? Surely they recognized his benevolence with how he had fought Baragon and protected humans. Most likely some would reject him, perhaps the majority of humanity would despise his existence.

But he had no other choice. Where else could he go to find what he desired? By no means was it a perfect plan in the mutant’s head, it could just as easily get him bombarded by artillery instead.

He was human though, and part of being human was taking risks to get what one desired. And Frankenstein had never desired anything more than what he did in this moment.


-Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean-

In the vast darkness of the night, one light moved across the waves. A cruise ship full of partying passengers were on their way towards Japan for their next destination. How unfortunate that they would soon face a dreaded fate…

Below the waves rested the nuclear leviathan, he had been beaten by Mothra only months ago and even though he had killed her, her offspring managed to prove more than a challenge for the radioactive fire monster. His body scarred from the wounds of the battle, his body slowly regenerating, changing his appearance since he last terrorized Japan.

Two gigantic eyes looked up as he swam through the waves, he could hear the engines of the human ship that floated above. Rage filled his mind, he remembered everything that humanity had taken from him. They had mutated him, turned him into a monstrous shell of his former self, taken all those he had loved…his family…his tribe.

The radioactive saurian swam up towards the ship, rising from the water with an enormous splash in the waves. Water fell from his form as he rose from the waves, the people on the ship screamed as he revealed himself to the world once more. Godzilla roared at the ship before quickly firing his atomic breath at the ship, igniting it on fire and killing the passengers. Godzilla watched as the ship began to sink into the ocean, the flames slowly disappearing as the ship disappeared beneath the waves. He didn’t feel joy but pride in the attack, only when all of humanity was purged would they be even for the crimes they committed against him and his kind.

The mutant paused for a minute…he could feel the presence of radiation nearby. Perhaps another mutant like himself? Another monster attempting to claim his territory? If this was the case, they would be sorely mistaken, Godzilla began to swim towards the source. Once again, Japan would have to face the wrath of the kaiju.


The rain began to slow down, no longer pouring but a slight drizzle. The two doctors had grown tired from their long night of work and began to get ready to leave for their homes. “Sueko, you have a safe trip home. I will see you in the morning.”

“You too James.” Dr. Togami turned around and smiled before waving her friend goodbye. Dr. Bowen made his way to his car, getting in and starting it as he had done so many times before. It was the same drive he had done on an almost daily basis, the researcher mentally preparing for the close to a routine day. He got home, soon settling in with a change into more casual clothing.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened for a time until, as if by the decree of that taunting sadist known as fate, he was preparing to go to sleep. Tiredness beginning to creep upon him, Bowen looked forward to a good night’s sleep.

Until a cacophony of screams rang out, drawing his gaze to the window to see crowds of people fleeing for their lives. He sighed, rubbing a hand on his temple. Already, he could tell this night was going to be a long one.

Getting himself as ready as he could be in a short time, Bowen was out the door, waiting for the crowd to thin before joining it. In his line of work, he knew full well what could happen to someone in a frenzy like this. One slip of the foot and the disaster would be the least of his worries.

Heavy, pounding footsteps echoed, making his heartbeat grow rapid. A kaiju? They seemed to be becoming more common, leading some of his colleagues to proclaim that a new age was dawning. One not of man, but of monsters.

Before he could ponder this for any meaningful stretch of time, a growl rolled across the city that made his breath stop for a moment. His head snapped over to the source, and to his absolute astoundment, the dead walked.

Frankenstein turned the corner, looking over the crowds of fleeing people. He sighed, each step he took being like he was walking on eggshells. He was not surprised by this reaction, but it still disappointed him. Perhaps, he considered as he clung to hope, they would realize he was going out of his way to not harm a soul.

Bowen could barely believe his eyes! Last he had seen Frankenstein, the mutant human had been plunged into the molten earth. How could he have survived such a thing? He knew the heart of the colossus never stopped beating, but surely magma would reduce it to nothing.

Yet here he was, in Hiroshima for reasons he could not tell. Why would he come back here? Surely he knew that his very presence would strike fear into the hearts of men and women. No matter whether or not he was human at his core, the fact was that his exterior was that of a monster.

And far too many humans only cared about the exterior.

Cursing everything about this situation, Bowen joined the fleeing crowd for now. It had thinned enough to allow him safe passage, but was still too dense for him to move upstream. If he wanted to rejoin Frankenstein, and he made it his life mission at the moment to do so, he would need to wait for when the opportunity presented itself. At the moment, he would need to be another face in the crowd.


Sirens blared and the earth shook as he made landfall, Godzilla looked around him and found a series of tanks firing at him. The radioactive monster reared his head back before firing his misty atomic breath, the tanks began to melt away, killing those that were inside in an instant. Helicopters attempted to blind Godzilla with lights, but before they could, Godzilla swung at the machinery, destroying them like insects. Their instruments of war had no effect against his might. Godzilla continued forth, walking past the burning weapons and walking into the forests of Hiroshima.

The mighty saurian felt off as he henceforth. Radiation surrounded him, he could feel what had turned him into what he was today. He remembered the horrid bomb, he remembered the screams of those he cared for and his Hollow Earth home being destroyed by humanity’s greatest weapon. Godzilla took a deep breath before continuing on, the fire monster felt the presence of another kaiju and though it was faint, he could feel the radioactivity in the being. He would drive this intruder away from his territory, even if it meant death.

Nearby he heard the screams of humans, maybe there he would find his prey. He looked towards the human city of Hiroshima and began to approach the concrete jungle.

Humans ran in terror as they witnessed Godzilla enter the city’s limits, more tanks and helicopters arrived and this time they were accompanied by jets. Thousands of bullets hit the monster’s body but to no effect, missiles from the tanks and jets exploded across the monster’s body but to no effect. What even was the point? Nothing that humanity could do against him was effective, so why even attempt to fight back? Was it to protect the others? Was it a blind devotion to hope? Either way…they would not succeed. Godzilla roared into the heavens and marched forward, stomping on tanks and swiping away soldiers and the bottom of buildings, making them collapse onto the streets and fleeing civilians.

Jets continued to blast Godzilla with missiles before being wiped away by the atomic breath, their metal exteriors falling towards the city. They crashed into streets and buildings, killing those that stood below. The fire spread throughout the city, igniting it ablaze. Buildings crumbled away as the fire ate through the structures, the glow of the blaze seeable for miles. Godzilla roared once again as he watched the progress of humanity crumble away.

Pride filled the monster’s being as he continued his conquest to end humanity.


The fleeing people before him brought up a memory in the mutated human’s mind, of the two people to show him kindness. He could not remember their names, but he remembered their faces almost perfectly. A man and a woman, the former with cropped, blond hair and the other with short, black hair that draped down the sides of her head.

When the rest of the world rejected Frankenstein, they took him in, gave him shelter and food. And when he had broken free, overcome with wrath by the flashing lights of the vulturous news reporters, the duo had ventured out to find him. To save him from the wrath of a misguided army.

He needed to find them, that was it! The colossal mutant had come here to find them, they were the key to his companionship. But, how to find two people in a city of thousands?

Distant explosions snatched his attention, his eyes widening as smoke climbed high into the heavens on the opposite side of the city. Another colossus.

Fists clenching in anger, he began to march faster, still taking care to avoid trampling people but not quite as much to save structures. His muscular arms nicked a couple of buildings on his march, sending chunks of brick crumbling to the ground.

The city was filled with a bellow, a cry of wrath that made Frankenstein flinch. Baragon’s roar was the mewling of a kitten before it, that he could already tell despite being miles away from the source. He was heading towards a battle against something far beyond any he had been in.

But, as he looked at the masses beneath him, and back at the towering smog and raging fires, he steeled himself. Not only were these people helpless before the wrath of the other titan, but those two could be among those in the path of danger. If he ran, they could die. And if Frankenstein did not stand before this evil, what chance would he ever have of finding social interaction?

Soon, he rounded a corner, just as his soon-to-be foe rounded the opposite corner.

The rippling musculature of this beast’s arms could have torn Baragon in half. The teeth in its hellacious maw, which was big enough to wrap around his head, were as sharp as knives. Narrowed eyes locked onto his own, and in them, he saw a raging fire that would not cease until it ran out of kindling to consume.

A shaky, raspy breath left the leviathan’s maw as he stared at the interloper to his domain. A colossal human being, filled with the same poison that had turned him into this aberration. It was as if he stared at the amalgamation of all he hated, all that had ruined him now amplified to his size. The being took up a fighting stance, fists clenched as the mutated man prepared for battle. It sought to destroy him? Looking down at the worthless dregs scampering about on the ground, the final piece clicked into place in Godzilla’s mind.

He was their guardian. Just like the ape and the moths that had both beaten him.

Hiroshima was filled with a scream of unending hatred as the nuclear saurian broke into a sprint. Each stomp tore apart the concrete beneath, sending shards of it flying. Frankenstein, deciding it was now or never, charged as well.

And thus the battle between titans began.

Godzilla swiped at Frankenstein’s head, only for the mutant human to dodge the attack and slam into the dinosaur’s stomach. Quickly he wrapped his arms around Godzilla’s torso as they slammed into the ground, Frankenstein raised his fists into the air before swinging and striking his jaw and temple multiple times before he was struck by Godzilla’s hand. Frankenstein tumbled to the ground and attempted to get back to his feet before his leg was pulled on and he was thrown into a building.

The mutated dinosaur had returned to his feet and was ready to end the mutated human. Godzilla roared as he stepped forward, cracking the concrete below from his weight. Frankenstein attempted to get back, only to be smacked across the face with Godzilla’s tail, Frankenstein rolled across the ground before managing to catch himself. His opponent lifted his tail and attempted to crush Frankenstein’s head, only for the mutant humanoid to grab the tail in mid-swing and begin to pull.

Godzilla began to lose his footing. The human was strong, but not as strong as the gorilla he faced two years ago. He lifted his tail up and with one mighty swing, Frankenstein was sent flying into the air, crashing into the remains of tanks and buildings.

This opponent was too strong, far stronger than Baragon ever was. If he was going to defeat this threat, he would need to outsmart him, he could not defeat him through sheer strength alone. Frankenstein reached to his side and pulled his knife from its sheath. The mutant got to his feet and got into a fighting position, the horn glowed as the light from the fire reflected back. Godzilla roared as he shot a stream of atomic fire at Frankenstein, the mutant human dodged the attack, the fire igniting the building behind him.

Frankenstein charged forward with his knife in hand and attempted to stab Godzilla’s throat only for his arm to be caught in the leviathan’s hand. The radioactive monster began to squeeze and with little effort, broke Frankenstein’s wrist. The human roared in pain before throwing his knife to his other hand and stabbed Godzilla in the neck. Godzilla roared in anguish as blood ran down his scared body, the mutant Godzillasaurus lifted his leg and kicked Frankenstein away before blasting him square in the chest with atomic fire. The gargantuan screamed as he landed among the ruins, he quickly rolled across the ground, attempting to put out the flames that covered his body.

Godzilla ripped the knife from his neck, tossing it to the ground before charging forward in an attempt to head-butt Frankenstein. However, the giant dodged the attack and grabbed some rubble from the ruined building and slammed it into Godzilla’s foot. Then he promptly charged towards his knife. He had a plan, he only needed Godzilla to follow him. In mid-run, Frankenstein grabbed the blade and charged into the forest as Godzilla pursued, roaring with fury once more.


The blistering heat hit James like an anchor. The scientist began to walk through the sea of flames, the city was barely recognizable from what he once knew. He looked around for survivors, fearing that some did not make it out in time.

Bodies burned to a crisp laid in the city’s streets. James covered his nose as the smell of cooking flesh filled his nostrils. The scientist lowered his head and covered his mouth with his arm, trying not to have smoke fill his lungs as he searched. Everybody he had found was either burned or buried under rubble from the battle.

Was there no one left? Was his search futile?

“Hello! Is anyone there!?” James turned his head, trying to find the one that cried out. He heard a female voice, one that he knew quite well…

“Sueko!” Dr. Bowen cried out, trying to find where she was.


The scientist ran towards the source of the sound. His friend was trapped underneath a piece of wood that had fallen from the battle. Sueko’s eyes widened as she realized it was her friend and colleague. “James!?” Bowen began to lift the piece of debris off of her, tossing it to the side and reaching out for her.

“It’s good to see you again.”

“No kidding.” James reached out and lifted her back to her feet before the pair began to make their way out of the city. “Sueko…did you see him?” Dr. Togami continued forward for a minute in silence before answering her friend.

“Yes…I saw him. I..I couldn’t believe my eyes. How is this even possible?”

“I have no idea. But once this is all over, we will find out everything we need to know. Hopefully, Frankenstein can deal with Godzilla. He may have defeated Baragon, but as far as I know, he has not fought anything as strong as the one he faces now.”

The two doctors managed to get out of the graveyard of a city, stepping into the forest away from the flames. “Sueko, did you happen to see where they went?”

She pondered for a moment, trying to remember what she saw. She began to open her mouth to speak but she was cut off by the roar of Godzilla. The pair turned, looking deeper into the forest. “Looks like he answered for you. Come on, we got to get there and fast.”

“James! Where do you think you are going!?” Dr. Bowen paused and turned, meeting eyes with the young woman.

“I am following them. I need to see how this ends, even if it kills me.”

“Shouldn’t we at least talk about this? The dead are walking and two kaiju are fighting for supremacy. James, we could both die up there.”

“There isn’t time to debate this. He is fighting for us, the least I can do is observe the battle from afar.” Dr. Bowen took steps forward, starting his search for the two combatants. Sueko paused for a moment before following her friend deeper into the forest. A feeling of unease filling her mind as they made their way into the forest. Could Frankenstein defeat Godzilla? The nuclear behemoth had done battle with the fire monster, Anguirus; the mighty king of Faro Island, King Kong; and the divine moth, Mothra, and yet he returned every time to terrorize Japan.

Humanity had killed the first Godzilla with a creation known as the “Oxygen Destroyer,” but the plans for said weapon were destroyed and the inventor had perished alongside Gojira.

Was there any hope of killing him? This beast forged from hatred and fire. And even if they did succeed, who was to say that another Godzilla wouldn’t rise one day? Sueko put her thoughts aside as she walked, focusing on the journey ahead.


Trees flew like twigs as the two colossi charged through the forest, crashing down and bursting into splinters. Turning his head, Frankenstein saw the saurian beginning to gain on him, the beast’s sheer muscle mass not slowing it down. Stopping, he whipped around, leaping forward with both fists held high.

Godzilla roared as the double axe handle strike crashed onto his forehead, forcing his head down. Frankenstein strained his muscles as he tried to keep the beast’s gnashing jaws down and away from his body, taking the opportunity to crash several kicks into the leviathan’s legs.

This plan ceased when Godzilla kicked back, his clawed foot smashing against Frankenstein’s leg. The colossal human released his grip, howling in pain as blood gushed from fresh wounds in his flesh. The force behind the strike nearly bent his knee backwards.

Godzilla was back upon him immediately, heavy fists swinging with wicked talons bared. All of the mutant man’s focus was on dodging, swift backpedals and slight shifts of his body being the only thing keeping the beast from shredding into him. His foe was a clumsy fighter, preferring to just use brute strength to overpower any opposition. With all the power he had at his command, not the worst idea, but the wit of a thinking being always overcame animalistic ferocity.

One particularly wide swing being dodged gave Frankenstein the chance to roll to his foe’s side, hand shooting to his knife in the same moment. He swung out, dragging the tip of Baragon’s horn across the saurian’s calf. Scales parted, revealing the muscle beneath.

The hulking tail of Godzilla sent Frankenstein tumbling back to the saurian’s front, a groan leaving the colossal man as his regeneration got to work repairing the massive bruise it inflicted. He got back to his feet slightly, just in time to hop back and avoid getting his face clawed off.

Still gripping his knife, Frankenstein charged deeper into the forest. Godzilla pursued, snarling at the evasiveness of his foe. So cowardly, it would be satisfying to finally catch and dismember this one.

Frankenstein had a plan brewing in his mind, one that was very likely to backfire. But as he saw it, he would need to be sneaky to attain any foothold in this battle, and his current size made sneaking through the trees impossible. So to avoid the sight of his foe until he could deliver a decisive blow, he would need to create a smokescreen.

He pulled a smaller tree from the ground, the roots failing to hold before his mighty strength. Finding a sizable boulder, he lashed out against it with his blade, holding the tree’s leaves beneath it. Sparks rained down from the point of impact, falling upon the foliage. Fire began to rise, small wisps of smoke soon growing into thicker clouds.

Frankenstein swung the makeshift torch in his hand, the wind intensifying the flames. Godzilla backpedaled slightly, more out of shock than any sort of fear. His confusion only grew when the giant hurled the burning tree into a dense cluster of forest, soon creating a towering blaze which spread rapidly.

Sucking in a big breath of still clean air, the mutant man charged into the foliage before it fully began spewing smoke and raging with an inferno. Godzilla tilted his head, completely baffled. What was the plan, exactly?

A colossal tree, fully engulfed in flame, was tossed from the blaze. It crashed against the saurian’s face, shattering into burning shards. He stepped back, crying out in confusion as he pawed at his face. His eyes watered as embers fell into them, injuring the sensitive organs.

It was around this point that Frankenstein, through the chaos before him, realized something about his foe. The hole in the leviathan’s throat was healed, and had been for some time. Cursing to himself, this only adding on to the vast number of problems he had with this current situation, the giant man crouched low. He began to stalk forward, one hand on another makeshift torch and the other on his knife.

Godzilla, the world still blurry from both the dense smog and the pain in his eyes, could only roar and flail. His thrashing tail sent burning wreckage flying, his stomping putting out the fires beneath him and producing puffs of ash that raced out.

Another burning log smashed against his face, causing the colossus to seal his eyes shut and roar out again. Suddenly, his open mouth was filled with a blazing tree, turning his roar into a choked shriek. Sharp agony filled his belly, something piercing it repeatedly. He swung out, striking nothing, only to be stabbed in the side of the abdomen. Again, an attempt at retaliation, nothing. The assailant has returned to his front, this time attempting to pierce something vital in his chest.


Rage overcoming pain and shock, Godzilla called upon his internal power. Eyes snapped open, revealing the mutant before him, attempting to pierce his heart with that accursed blade. Opening his jaws, the saurian reduced the tree in his mouth to ash as his atomic breath surged forward.

Frankenstein screamed as his chest was scorched, greenish skin becoming charred black. Flesh boiled and sizzled, sloughing off and splashing to the ground. He fell onto his back, eyes wide as his heart thundered in his agonized body. The predatory eyes of the beast looked down upon him, noticing his leg.

The holes that Godzilla’s kick had punctured into it were gone. The sides of the saurian’s lips curled upwards. So, it had the same regenerative powers as himself? He wondered what the limits of it were, and with teeth bared and claws flexing, he eagerly anticipated testing this.


Trepidation slowed each step the two doctors made as the behemoths waged war in the distance, the sounds of their currently unseen battle echoing like the drums of war. From the fact of the burning city behind them, and the sheer power, he could tell these two were dueling out against one another, Bowen figured that this truly was a war.

“James, how can two beings do this much damage? Frankenstein and Baragon’s fight wasn’t nearly this cataclysmic,” Sueko asked of her colleague, her breathing growing noticeably heavy.

“Are you sure you’re going to be fine? It sounds like the events of this night are taking a toll on you,” he replied, trying to hide his own growing fatigue.

“Yes I’ll be fine, don’t act like I’m doing any worse than you,” she indignantly snapped back, “but seriously, what happened to Frankenstein? He seems bigger than before.”

A bellow rang out, startling them both. “I don’t know, Sueko, I truly do not know. Perhaps his growth merely continued, the rise of other giant monsters giving him a better means to get the needed protein.”

“Like those giant octopi that have been sighted bringing down boats? I suppose those sort of creatures could definitely give him what he needs.”

“What I want to know is how nobody’s spotted him? He’s huge, almost as tall as Godzilla, and unlike him, Frankenstein can’t breathe underwater.”

“The world’s a big place, James.”

“Yet still small enough for us to cross paths with him yet again.” He mused before rising smoke in the distance caught his attention. “This day just keeps getting better…” He bitterly stated, before breaking into a sprint.

Sueko ran after him, trying to call towards him. “James, you can’t! Godzilla’s lit the forest on fire, it’s too dangerous!”

The screams of other people filled the forest, revealing to both researchers that they were not the only ones here. Someone ran up to the two, stopping their sprint as the newcomer frantically yelled at them. “You guys gotta get out of here, that giant man just lit the damn place on fire!”

“That’s impossible!” Bowen replied, shocked. Sueko was silent, though a quick glance in her direction revealed she was just as flabbergasted. “Where are they, Godzilla and Frankenstein?” He continued.

“If you two want to join the idiots watching this shitshow,” the civilian pointed slightly away from the rising smoke, just next to it. “It’s that away. As for me, I’d rather not get crushed. See ya!”

With that the man continued running, leaving the two to stare at each other awkwardly as they planned their next move.

Sueko spoke first after a sigh. “I care about him just as much as you, but we can’t just blindly run in. This isn’t Baragon we’re dealing with this time, it’s the same creature that’s held Japan in the grip of fear for a decade.”

“But if Frankenstein lit the fire, then he has a plan! Unlike Godzilla, he’s intelligent, he wouldn’t do something this dangerous unless it was for a reason. Frankenst—“

“I’m not just worried about whether he can win! He could still win, after we get crushed into paste, or burnt alive!”

There was silence for a moment, or at least as much silence as one can get in a burning forest holding a war. James Bowen breathed a heavy sigh, hanging his head slightly.

“If you want to leave, I cannot stop you, nor will I blame you. But I cannot let this happen without seeing it for myself. Ever since that day, I have been haunted with the feeling that I could have done more, could have done anything. The rational part of my brain knows I couldn’t have saved Frankenstein, but if only it were so simple.”

“What do you think you can do here?”

“He came here to find us, I cannot think of any other reason.” These words took Sueko aback, so he kept talking. “I suppose I think that if he sees me, and hears me rooting for him, it’ll give him the motivation to get through this. To know that I didn’t forget him, like he didn’t forget me. He’s human, Sueko, and what do all humans desire, deep down?”


“Exactly. I can’t just abandon him, like he didn’t abandon us when Baragon showed up. It’s ridiculous, I know, but—“

Sueko grabbed his hand, looking into his eyes and showing that beautiful, reassuring smile. “I’m with you on this, James. Let’s go.”

And with that a heavy weight was lifted off his chest, but one still all encompassing threatened to crush him. They ran towards where they had been directed, soon finding the crowd watching the battle. And their hearts sank at the scene they found.


Godzilla charged forth at the gargantuan, attempting to slash at the mutated human. Frankenstein rolled out of the way before getting to his feet, waiting for the approaching saurian. Using his own weight against him and with all of his strength, Frankenstein lifted the fire monster into the air. The mutant tried his best to keep his footing as he lifted the gigantic monster above his head, only to begin to start shaking. Quickly he threw the monster to the ground before falling to his knees.

The mutated amphibian rolled across the ground, trees getting crushed under his weight. Dirt was cast into the air as he stopped himself, rising to his feet. He turned around and glared at Frankenstein before once again charging at the humanoid.

Frankenstein struggled to rise to his feet, it took a lot of energy to lift Godzilla and throw him. If he didn’t come up with a way to beat Godzilla soon, he would be slain by his adversary.

The mutant saurian opened his maw in mid charge and unleashed a quick stream of atomic fire at Frankenstein, burning his face. The gargantuan screamed in agony before closing his eyes and beginning to swipe at the flames across his body. Godzilla clapped his hands together, feeling joy as he watched Frankenstein struggle on the ground. The saurian circled around Frankenstein, slashing at him repeatedly as the mutant human swung out, missing every attack he threw…

Godzilla launched forward and bit into the hand of Frankenstein before ripping the portion of the limb off of his body, blood flowing into and forth from his maw before tossing the severed hand to the earth below. The mutated human roared in agony as he fell back to the dirt, quickly crawling away before rolling back to his feet. He attempted to open his eyes to see but all he got was a blur as the regeneration process worked at the wound. He looked down at his remaining hand, seeing that he still had his knife. He still had a chance. Frankenstein revealed his teeth, taking a fighting position and letting out a growl at the saurian. He waited for his opponent to make a move…

The atomic dinosaur marched forward, only to feel something grab his leg from behind. The saurian looked down and found himself in a mix of shock and curiosity. The severed hand of Frankenstein had grabbed his foot, perhaps in an attempt to stop him. Though it wasn’t successful in stopping the abomination, it did distract him long enough for Frankenstein to stab into Godzilla’s chest with his knife. The mutant saurian roared into the heavens before kicking Frankenstein away. He quickly removed the blade, grabbing it and throwing it into the fire. If Frankenstein still had all of his sight, he would have punctured his heart. Lucky for Godzilla, the blurry vision had hindered his foe just enough.

The mutant human rolled across the ground before once again returning to his feet. And staring at the monster before him. His eyes now healed from the burns, his hand slowly catching up with the regeneration process. As Godzilla approached him, something caught Frankenstein’s ears. Not the sound of the fire burning away the forest or the footsteps of the leviathan before him but… cheering.

He looked around and spotted a small group of humans cheering for him. He could hear his name being repeated over and over again, they didn’t fear him anymore. Through the group of people, he spotted the pair he had been looking for and the feeling of pride rushed through his body. They believed in him as they always had in the past, adrenaline and pride rushed through the gargantuan before he charged forward.

“You can do this Frankenstein!” James yelled as loud as he could. “You can save us from this nightmare!”

“We believe in you!” Sueko added.

Godzilla swung at Frankenstein, only to miss the target and have his face struck repeatedly with the mutated human’s fist. The saurian was pushed back with every collision before falling on his side. Frankenstein climbed onto the side of his downed opponent, grabbing a boulder that sat beside him and raising it above his head before attempting to swing downward, only to be met with atomic fire. Frankenstein dropped the rock by Godzilla’s side as he backed away when suddenly he felt there was barely any ground below his feet…

He turned and looked down, learning that he now stood upon a mighty cliff. If he could get Godzilla to come towards him, he could throw the leviathan off and win the battle.

Not that actually getting the beast to approach him was the hard part, for the colossus already charged at him. Whether unknowing or uncaring of the steep drop ahead, the narrowed eyes of the killer mutant were locked on like a lion about to rip out a gazelle’s throat.

Frankenstein avoided the running punch, narrowly dodging being disemboweled as the dagger-like claws grazed his stomach. Wrapping his arms around the thick limb, he began straining to try and dislodge Godzilla’s foothold.

His toes being crushed by a stomp made him stagger slightly, releasing his grip. Godzilla noticed the sharp drop, head rearing back at the sight. Frankenstein leapt onto his foe, locking his arms around the beast’s throat. The destructive mutant flailed back and forth, also being careful to avoid the plummet.

“Is he planning on taking himself with Godzilla?” Bowen asked, breath heavy as he watched this precarious situation unfold.

“I don’t know if I can watch him die again!” Sueko replied, torn between averting her eyes and keeping them glued to the battle.

The atomic saurian stopped thrashing, standing still for a moment. Lifting his tail high, he slammed it into the ground, lifting his body into the air. Frankenstein howled in panic when his foe started to fall backwards, onto the landscape. He tried to unlatch his grip and escape, and almost succeeded.

One arm was crushed beneath the bulk of Godzilla, mangling the appendage and forcing a scream of agony from the colossal man’s lips. Flattening his free hand, he shot it forward towards the giant eye facing him, imbedding his fingers into the gelatinous mass.

Getting to his feet in an instant, screaming in agony, the leviathan slammed a stomp into Frankenstein’s chest, breaking ribs. Getting up in a crouch, he sprang forward, tackling Godzilla closer to the cliff. Putting the monster king only a back step away from plummeting, Frankenstein stood tall, roaring with all his fury. The cheers of those behind him, those he had sworn to guard, fueled the Modern Prometheus past the anguish as he jumped up.

Both feet slammed into Godzilla’s chest, the dropkick being enough to push him back. The monster king’s foot slipped, sending rocks tumbling off the cliff side. Screaming in rage as he felt himself falling, the destroyer’s spines flashed once more.

He would not be defeated again, not without taking another down with him!

The geyser of nuclear power flared forth, filled with as much power as he could put into it, burning into the side of Frankenstein’s skull. Flesh melted and reduced to slag, the bone beneath cracking and blackening. One eye popped, spraying boiling fluid onto the ground before him.

And with that final attack, Godzilla fell, bellowing his promise of death until he crashed into the ocean, sending up walls of water that soon fell.

The gathered mass was silent, seeing the still body of Frankenstein. “James,” Sueko began, “is he dead?”

“I… I—“

Movement from the mutated human grabbed everyone’s attention, his hands moving to the ground and pushing him to his feet. Flesh still sloughed off the side of his skull, chips of burnt bone falling down like sawdust from freshly cut wood. With his one eye, he looked past the crowd, and to James Bowen and Sueko Togami.

At least they had been there for him, one last time. Braving the danger just for him, as he had faced danger for them. He wanted to go to them, to hold them and be their friend for now and for the rest of their lives. If Frankenstein had his way, he would guard humanity for the rest of his existence.

But the boiling of his brain was too much for even his regeneration to work past.

And to the shock of the crowd, and the devastation of the two researchers, he fell backwards. With a look of peace on his face, for he had chosen to make his last thoughts a memory of their kindness to him.

Tears began to swell in the pair of researchers’ eyes. They had lost Frankenstein once again, taken before they could even greet their old friend. Their arms wrapped around one another, both of them weeping. At least they saw each other one last time, that was the one thing that James focused on as he heard the sorrow of the others that watched the battle. Frankenstein had died a hero and protector of humanity… they would never forget his sacrifice.


One year had passed since his last battle.

Godzilla had been sleeping in the ocean, still recovering from his battle with the giant. His regeneration once again changed his appearance. Frankenstein had proven to be a fiercer opponent than he ever anticipated, though, in the end, he had managed to kill the modern-day Prometheus.

Suddenly he felt radiation…was humanity testing their weapons of destruction and hate once more? He would not stand for it. Godzilla’s eyes snapped open, rage returned to his form as he began to swim towards the source of the radiation, picking up speed as he made his way through the waves.

Humanity had not seen the last of him…


Far away, back on the mainland of Japan, Mt. Aso began to leak fumes from its peak. Years ago, the volcano had been the scene of a battle between the military and two colossal pteranodons who had wreaked havoc across the country. They were buried and suffocated, but the cacophony of firepower unloaded on the mountain along with the two behemoth bodies dropped inside began a chain reaction that had slowly but surely progressed towards this.

To the horror of the Land of the Rising Sun, Mount Aso’s peak exploded in a shower of molten rock and rising smoke. When the booming roar faded, a powerful shriek echoed through the blackening heavens.

Powerful wings spread out as a new Rodan emerged, one revered in myth as a warrior of the skies.

Winner: Frankenstein

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles