Author: Matthew Williams  | Banner: Matthew Williams

During the huge climate change of El Niño that warmed the waters of the western tropical Pacific Ocean, the city of San Francisco was in the middle of an invasion by the Xiliens. The people of the highly populated city ran in fear as the sphere-like mothership ascended above the damaged buildings while thousands of starships flew around, rapidly firing their laser turrets at the buildings and inhabitants. They were engulfed in explosions that incinerated the populace and caused the skyscrapers to topple to the ground, with countless civilians meeting their fates as they were crushed to death.

The situation for the civilian’s survival from this invasion soon worsened as the Xilien Carrier Gamma detached from the mothership, hovering above the center of the burning city. The aircraft fired a beam straight down, bringing down a huge entity like a tractor beam before it ceased and returned to the mothership.

The entity was a bipedal creature with features superficially identical to a human, though this thing was distant from any mere creature. Most of the monster’s exposed skin had the texture of muscle tissue, all of which was covered in thick bony armor from the chest, back, dorsal, arms, and legs. The creature had long, slender, black forked tail that swished around while the creature let out a sinister, draconic snarl. Two half skulls latched onto his shoulders, both glowed with sinister air. The head of this humanoid monster highly resembled a skull of a dragon with two long black horns latched on the head in a row, and like the two halved heads on the shoulders, the eyes of the main head were glowing a crimson red light.

The entity let out another unsettling growl, instilling powerlessness and fear among the survivors; a cruel realization that they were unable to escape the wrath of the Xilien’s latest weapon, Monster X.

Monster X gazed upon his surroundings, seeing the once populated city of San Francisco was now being terrorized by the starships that were invented by his masters. Given the order to demolish everything in this doomed city, Monster X was ready to satisfy his sadistic desires to give everyone, and everything, hell. Monster X levitated and spun in the air, whipping several burning skyscraper down to the ground with his forked tail. Every scream, every life taken brought unparalleled satisfaction to the fiend and with a world filled with such meager creatures, what was there to stop his pleasure?

A grueling hour passed. The human fighter burst into an explosion of flame and with its destruction sealed, so too was the last means of defense to save the doomed city. The only thing that remained were the people of San Francisco, who could only hope that the Global Defense Force would deploy Kiryu, Mechagodzilla, Moguera, the Gotengo, or anything that could fight back these invaders and their draconic alien. With mobilization being troublesome, hectic, and spread thin across the globe, it would take awhile for even one of the GDF mechs to respond to the distress signal. The only thing that the survivors could do was to endure the hellhole they were stuck in.

* * * * *

Inside the Xilien mothership, the newfound leader of the Xilien race watched the chaos that ravaged California as he gave off a confident grin.

“Excellent,” X spoke as he boasted to himself. “Once this city is reduced to rubble, I will be able to build a new base for my people. And if there are any survivors, they will become our slaves as well as our food source.”

The Xilien cackled like a madman with the mind of an ignorant child as he enjoyed his plan falling into place, only to be interrupted when one of his communication officers alerted him. “My Leader! There is an unidentified lifeform detected!” they reported.

“Could it be Godzilla? Mothra?” X questioned.

“No. It’s nothing like the beasts we have on record! And worse, it has no traceable M-Base genes!” One bold officer within the group answered.

Curious to know what this approaching unidentified organism was, X looked back at the screen and ordered the unidentified beast be brought onscreen Just as the monitor detected its location, the unidentified being sped past and left a trail of destruction behind it. “What the- What did I just see?!” X exclaimed.

* * * * *

The unknown kaiju was running on all fours at unbelievable speeds that outmatched hypersonic. Buildings exploded into rubble in front of its defiant charge, not even slowing down the creature as it continued to sprint toward Monster X. The alien warrior turned, only to feel the creature colliding with his chest at the force akin to a human being rammed by a Shanghai Maglev train. A concussive shockwave rippled across the city while the actual hit proved powerful enough to send the colossal fiend flying several kilometers away before crashing against a tall skyscraper. Before Monster X could even look up, the towering building collapsed on him, burying the skeletal alien underneath a huge pile of fresh rubble. The witnesses were speechless for what they just saw and looked back at Monster X’s attacker, hoping the GDF had finally arrived. Yet the terrified gaze of the populace discovered not any mech, but a being shrouded in a electrical shroud, growling to all in its presence of its arrival.

Then the rays of the sun revealed its true form.

Words could not describe of what this new, never before seen kaiju was supposed to be. It resembled a mammalian-like reptile creature that lived long before the dinosaurs ever walked foot on the planet, but its appearance also gave it an otherworldly, celestial visage. A heavenly appearance that merely looking at him made everyone feel like an angel of hope had arrived to put an end to this horrendous destruction.

The mammoth creature was covered in white smooth plates and spikes, adorned with purple hues, and two large, wing-like protrusions on its back. The monster was quadruped, standing on all fours in a similar fashion of a speedy animal like the cheetah with the grace of a wolf. In fact, the draconic face of the monster carried honor and nobility. The graceful creature had several horn-like spikes arching on the back of his head, as well as two yellow tusks on the sides of its jaws. The monster had a long whip-like tail with yellow spikes and an orange diamond shaped pattern on the end of the tail.

Raising its head high up, the mythical monster let loose a howling roar that echoed through all of San Francisco. It was unknown of what this noble, yet beautiful creature was or where it came from. There weren’t many myths of its existence unlike most ancient guardian monsters, like Mothra, Gamera, or King Caesar. Rumors had it that there was an ancient Japanese legend recounting a celestial deity that had been the creation of the mythical Kirin and the Thunder God Raijin. Speculation as to what happened alluded to the idea that it flew into the skies and lurked in thunderclouds and hurricanes. Up until now, select few meteorologists speculated that the El Niño phenomenon may not have been as natural as once thought…

If all of this was true, then this would be the first time that the world managed to lay their eyes on the legendary mythical kaiju known as Balkzardan. But the only question was why did he only now decide to show up? For that, the world would never know. What was important now was what he would do next.

* * * * *

X watched Balkzardan howling into the air, infuriated of its seemingly effortless disposal of his people’s greatest creation. He tried in vain to control the new beast by the slim chance it inherited M-Base, yet to no avail. Therefore, this made Balkzardan a threat.

“Give the starship pilots a new order: kill this monster,” X commanded.

“Yes master!” the Xilien members of his crew in his presence replied.

* * * * *

The Xilien starships ceased their assaults on humanity and brought their attention on Balkzardan. The celestial being gave off a glare, but the starships began firing crimson lasers upon him. Balkzardan took a few blasts on his armored body before he leapt in the air and took flight, surprising everyone of how the beast was capable of flying without a noticeable pair of wings. The pursuing pilots  ignored their wild thoughts and gave chase, even as Balkzardan ascended high into the atmosphere.

A maneuver which ensured their very doom.

Enormous, dark thunderclouds spontaneously appeared out of thin air over the ruins of San Francisco, blotting out the sun and darkening the land in palpable rage. Lightning crackled from the dark gray clouds followed by the deafening bellows of enraged thunder. Pilots panicked within their cockpits merely for lighting to engulf their vessels, illuminating the air with fiery wreckage and molten debris. Satisfied with destruction, Balkzardan descended upon the charred earth and glared at the remaining, larger Xilien crafts, his tusks twitching in anticipation of thei annihilation. With a burst of light, the tusks generated immense energy which morphed into the celestial monster’s primary weapon, the Tornado Bolts. Loud thunder cracked through the air as the tusks discharged powerful electricity that swirled through the starships, leaving only the Mothership to defy the god’s will.

* * * * *

Whisper like gasps echoed within the Mothership’s control center at the destruction with even X partially shaken at the display of power.

“So this… thing, can manipulate the weather.” X’s eyes narrowed with curiosity. “Interesting but ultimately, useless,” X nonchalantly quipped, as he grinned and raised his hands. “Monster X! Rise, and show this monster no mercy!”

* * * * *

Crimson pupils alit beneath a grave undeserved of what lay beneath. Effortlessly, the pile of rubble exploded upward as Monster X let loose a spine chilling growl. Cracking his neck side to side, the warrior gradually turned his soul piercing red eyes directly at Balkzardan. The warrior proved un-impressed with the appearance of his attacker and decided to demonstrate its own immense power. The four red eyes instantly lit up a bright yellow light as they unleashed powerful Destroyed Thunder Beams at the weather monster, giving him little time to react. They pelted against Balkzardan’s white armor and brought the quadruped to his heels, bringing a slight smirk of pleasure upon the fiend’s face. Now confident the battle would be handedly won, Monster X casually strolled toward the downed kaiju and grabbed the beasts tusks, using all of his might to break them merely to snap the god out of his trance.

Balkzardan swung his head straight into Monster X’s abdomen and propelled the alien abomination skyward, yet as the fiend extended its arms, gravity amplified around the armored warrior. Within seconds, Monster X  rapidly descended and extended his left foot down upon Balkzardan, but Monster X proved too slow, striking only human pavement. An annoyed scowl peered to where the god evaded to and shockingly discovered extended claws. One swipe chipped precious armor across the fiend’s central head while another slammed Monster X on the ground. The beast brought his right claws down upon the warrior once more to cave its head in merely for Monster X to grab the ancient creature from underneath and throw Balkzardan at full force using his immense strength. Balkzardan’s wingless body ascended into the storm filled skies before he reappeared and dove down toward his foe. Wishing not to succumb to another earthshattering ram, the skeletal fiend’s four eyes fired their Destroyed Thunder Beams, but this time Balkzardan’s soaring body evaded the explosive attack. To the alien’s dismay, the weather monster slammed into Monster X, knocking the wind from its lungs, and immediately grabbed onto him like a panther latching onto its prey.

Monster X caught the quadruped beast and tossed him aside into a nearby damaged building. Balkzardan let out a howl of pain and frustration, gritting his teeth to ignore the agony he felt when he collided against the building. With his foe distracted, Monster X grabbed his challenger’s long tail and lifted Balkzardan in the air to slam him down on the debris. Balkzardan’s back protrusions suddenly emitted energy and generated an electrical shield, the Thunder S. The protective barrier caused a huge explosion that engulfed Monster X’s arms and forced him to release his grip with a hellish scream. His skeletal carapace that protected the arms was burnt to the bone which drove the skeleton into the feeling of pain and anger; he would make his wrath known!

As Balkzardan’s thunder shield faded away, Monster X unleashed a barrage of Destroyed Thunder Beams to stun the weather monster. The Xilien’s powerful pawn jumped in the air and delivered a roundhouse kick at Balkzardan’s face, followed by his fork tail whipping the monster. Monster X landed on the celestial being’s back to crush him, quickly jumping off of Balkzardan before he could activate the Thunder S again. The draconic alien’s eyes fired more Destroyed Thunder Beams at the mild monster, but Balkzardan’s tusks quickly fired the Tornado Bolt at the fired eye rays. Both electrical beams collided and triggered a massive explosion, launching each combatant away from one another. Balkzardan skidded into a pile of rubble while Monster X crashed into a familiar pile of debris. Upon realization it was the same mound of rubble he escaped from earlier, Monster X’s four eyes twitched in subtle irritation.

Shaking off the annoying scraps of mankind’s structures, both monsters recovered their footing and turned to face the other without showcasing a hint of weakness. Neither one of them were willing to lose this fight and each would ensure their victory no matter the cost.

Balkzardan re-ignited the clash with a thunderous bellow and sprinted toward the skeleton with tremendous speed. Monster X snorted in excitement and hunched over like a defensive lineman. The impact ushered a shockwave which rattled the nearby Xilien Mothership, but instead of the alien warrior sailing through the air like their initial encounter, Monster X remained standing, sliding backward with Balkzardan furiously continuing its charge. A plume of dust followed Balkzardan’s mad dash. Dirt sped by under Monster X’s clawed toes until he felt solid material beneath his footing, causing the fiend to smile in anticipation. Shifting the momentum of the raging beast, Monster X pivoted his body and swung the weather god over his head down upon the suburbs of San Francisco. A cataclysmic eruption of debris followed. Building exploded from the shockwave, dirt burst into the air and those hiding from the rampaging creatures soared into the air from the immense wind pressure. To any human fortunate enough to survive the impact, they were treated to no sight of rampaging titans, but the grisly sounds of boney fists striking Balkzardan’s body.

Monster X unleashed a torrent of mighty blows so intense the dust of his recent maneuver vacated the space around him. He could feel the stress of his burnt hands reaching their limit from his pummeling, but he would need to make due. He was used to injuries like this, no matter how severe they were. Besides, the fight was surely at an-

Balkzardan’s taloned paws grabbed Monster X’s arm, allowing him to clamp his maw down on the limb like an angry feral cat. The skeletal fiend’s hands grabbed the mythical beast’s neck in response, hoping to strangle him to death. Balkzardan tried to roar, but the crushing grip of Monster X’s strangulation made it hard to emit a sound or even breathe. Balkzardan made an attempt to break free by swiping his claws at Monster X’s exposed neck, carving a nasty gash.

Monster X covered his claw-marked slash on his neck, black blood squirting from the wound as the alien tried to cover it. Balkzardan swiftly recovered and scourged Monster X with his whip-like tail. The alien was down on the ground, taking the brunt of the punishment. Monster X’s four glow red eyes grew even brighter, letting out a frightening snarl. The enraged alien’s black blood-soaked hands let go of the bleeding wound on his neck. Monster X quickly got onto his feet and grabbed Balkzardan’s tail. The skeleton lifted his surprised opponent in the air as he levitated in the air, all before slamming the weather monster down on the ground.

By the time Balkzardan landed on the ground, he quickly turned around and swiped his claws deep into Monster X’s injured stomach. Monster X clenched his rows of sharp teeth, trying to ignore the pain as he clung onto the tail. Balkzardan used all his might to swish his tail, forcing the demon to trip and fall to the ground. Before the alien could recover, Balkzardan rammed his head against Monster X’s chest like a bull, burying the fiend’s head under the dirt.

Monster X regained his footing in a second, letting out a furious growl as he looked around to see where Balkzardan had gone to, but to his surprise he found no trace of the creature. Taking the moment to catch its breath, Monster X moaned in confusion. Had his opponent retreated? Surely not. But if it wasn’t nearby, it gained ground for some type of move. But what would require such dist…

Monster X’s eyes widened in epiphany as Balkzardan’s howling cry echoed through him. Four eyes spun in time to discover Balkzardan shrouded in a torrent of energy mere meters away from him and approaching at speeds seemingly hypersonic. Electricity crackled across every fiber of the quadraped’s body while its light shined off his armor with such radiance the beast could easily be misidentified as another sun. With no time to react, Balkzardan’s glowing body tackled Monster X, transmitting currents of electricity into the skeletal alien as it felt his figure being electrocuted congruent to explosive bursts setting off. Monster X screamed a banshee’s wail, unable to feel anything as he soared into the horizon and plummeted upon a pile of rubble he knew all too well.

* * * * *

X clenched his fist in anger, sighing in frustration that his most powerful tool was… losing. Enough was enough. If Monster X could not win then it was time for himself to enter the battle, even if it was not physically. “That is it!” he shouted to all those within earshot, “I have had just about enough with this foolish monster’s meddling and everyone’s incompetence!”

The leader of all Xiliens snapped his hands into the air and focused his diving power. Golden energy cascaded across his body with its destination not the meddlesome beast which interfered with his invasion, but the monster which demonstrated its inability to kill it.

“Monster X! Take my power. Finish your enemy off as Keizer Ghidorah!”

* * * * *

Monster X instantly got up to his knees, firing his eye rays at Balkzardan. They struck and stunned the massive dragon, giving the skeletal warrior the chance to quickly transform into his true form. Monster X fell onto his hands as his body begin to shift. Large draconic wings unfolded, followed by the alien’s two half skull heads starting to form actual heads. Monster X’s bony carapace morphed into dark, golden scales while the feet morphed to turn the bipedal creature into a quadruped dragon. Balkzardan got up and quickly fired a bolt of lightning from his tusks but the transforming Monster X looked up and spewed an arc of lightning from his central head’s mouth, preventing his enemy’s attack from disrupting his metamorphosis that was almost complete. The main head, along with the now fully formed shoulder heads began to extend their necks, transitioning into demonic dragons. The thunderclouds crackled lightning from behind as Monster X finished its transformation into his unrivaled and terrifying original form, Keizer Ghidorah!

The thunderclouds crackled as the Keizer hydra’s three heads let loose horrifying shrieks before he lifted himself into the air and smashed the pile of rubble which consistently annoyed him. Gazing through the dust of his destroyed grave, Keizer Ghidorah’s three heads all fired Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams that now took the form of arced lightning. The electric beams made contact with Balkzardan, caressing the white beast in their harsh glow. Keizer Ghidorah’s three heads guided the spewing electrical beams as they dragged Balkzardan’s body like a ragdoll. The golden dragon stopped spewing the gravity rays and watched the immobile creature fall on a building, easily crushing it.

Balkzardan shrieked painful cries as he felt Keizer Ghidorah scorch him with another barrage of his telekinetic beams, this time throwing him all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. A group of evacuees screamed as Balkzardan’s body was flung toward to the bridge and could only brace themselves for impact. But Balkzardan regained control and took off in the air, flying high into the skies. Keizer Ghidorah fired another round of their Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams again. One of the bolts caught the wingless creature during its flight, while the other two heads moved their telekinetic bolts at Balkzardan and brought him down on the Golden Gate Bridge. The sadistic dragon cackled as he watched the iconic bridge collapse when the mythical kaiju plummeted onto it, killing the fleeing people as they, along with the monster, fell into the ocean.

Keizer Ghidorah stood and waited patiently, expecting for Balkzardan to emerge. Within a moment, Balkzardan burst out of the ocean, sprinting at mach speed. Keizer Ghidorah saw the charging creature firing its Tornado Bolt at him yet remained static, unimpressed by the tired tactic. The hydra’s two heads spewed their Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams to block the swirling lightning, while the middle head fired its gravitational bolt at the speeding Balkzardan and pulled the celestial creature to him. Keizer Ghidorah’s forelegs lifted his quadruped mass as he slammed his frontal feet down at Balkzardan, crushing his body down into the ground that pressed the holy beast due to sheer weight alone.

Before Keizer Ghidorah could repeat stomping the electric dragon into the asphalt, Balkzardan unleashed his Thunder S barrier when Keizer Ghidorah was about to slam his feet down, which ignited a whirling blast upon contact. Keizer Ghidorah stepped back, cackling a chorus of frightening shrills of hatred and wrath instead of expressing emotion or reaction by the blast. The Keizer lowered his three necks, opening his many jaws. Balkzardan looked up as his tusks delivered more currents of swirling lightning at the hydra’s chest. Keizer Ghidorah’s three draconic heads all let loose horrifying shrieks before it kicked the celestial being’s neck, then proceeded to punish it with more Destroyed Thunder Beams. The Xilien’s Keizer dragged Balkzardan’s body against the ground before it stopped firing the telekinetic bolts. The sadistic fiend watched the screaming monster slide against the ground until it stopped between two ruined skyscrapers.

Balkzardan groaned weakly as his injured body laid still on the cracked streets, covered in bruises. He spat some blood from his maw while the scraped wounds bled out. But before he could move a muscle from his tired legs, he heard a faint sound of screaming and crying.

Balkzardan’s eyes rolled to see where the crying was coming from, until he noticed a small alleyway where he saw a woman holding a frightened little girl. The woman looked back at the staring monster, frightened by it being up close to her. The way how the human was bracing the crying child close to her and how old she was, it would have assumed that the child was hers. Looking at the scenario of the two frightened humans gave Balkzardan this odd, nostalgic feeling, something that he had never felt in a long time…

Balkzardan’s low breathing turned to loud screams of pain when he felt another blast of lightning from the cruel hydra, frightening the woman and the child even more. Keizer Ghidorah’s spewing gravity rays pulled the shrieking mythical creature toward him until he was directly in front of the hydra. Ghidorah ceased fire, and the three heads clamped onto Balkzardan’s flesh with their serrated teeth. Balkzardan struggled to break free, but Keizer Ghidorah’s three draconic heads held on tightly as their vampiric teeth begin to drain the life force out of him, causing Balkzardan scream even louder.

* * * * *

X watched with a demented smile as Keizer Ghidorah drained the enemy monster’s life force away, with the back of the hydra’s three necks pulsating with blue light, circulating the life energy of the monster through Keizer Ghidorah’s veins.

“It’s over now, how delightful,” X spoke with pleasure and satisfaction. “All it took was the power of a Keizer.”

* * * * *

Balkzardan let loose a dying groan, feeling his life force slowly dimming away the more Keizer Ghidorah sucked him dry. Finally, Balkzardan’s limbs went limp, unable to move and doomed to die. In his dying moments, the noble deity thought about what would become of this planet without him once these ungrateful aliens took over this planet. The thought was too grim for Balkzardan to think about as he tried to get it out of his mind. But then, he thought about the woman and the child. Balkzardan had no intentions on intermingling with humanity, but the moment he saw those two, he felt compassion for them. A feeling he had thought was long gone. In an odd way, he felt a sense of appreciation, even if it was during his last moments, one that invigorated his spirit.

Balkzardan’s eyes flared up as he used the last of his energy to generate another Thunder S shield, giving the gnawing heads of Keizer Ghidorah a painful taste of a flaring detonation. Keizer Ghidorah’s three heads shrieked painfully as they let go, their mouths severely burnt from the explosive aftereffects, enraging it even more. Balkzardan let out a tiger-like growl, pouncing on the hydra’s necks to claw at them. He ignored his fatigue and focused on killing the three headed dragon.

* * * * *

X looked back as soon as he heard Keizer Ghidorah’s painful cries, annoyed that the white beast still had the diminished strength to fight back. “What is this? Come on, fight back Keizer Ghidorah! End him!”

* * * * *

Keizer Ghidorah’s middle head lunged for Balkzardan, but the weather monster quickly leapt backward from the alien, barely avoiding the rows of sharp teeth. The Keizer charged toward the mythical beast, attempting to bite down on him to sap the last bit of energy left. Balkzardan hunched his quadruped body down, giving the dragon a whip from his tail. Keizer Ghidorah flinched, but later responded by firing another ray of Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams, pulling Balkzardan toward him.

In the midst of pain, the guardian beast yowled weakly to the skies above. The demon was eager to sap the last of his prey’s strength and put an end to this once and for all. Before Keizer Ghidorah could end its telekinetic stream, several bolts of lightning rained down from the thunderclouds, which reacted with the yellow casing that surrounded the white beast. A brilliant flash of light and electricity overcame Keizer Ghidorah, temporarily blinding the gargantuan hellspawn and ceased its gravity rays, which freed Balkzardan.

With whatever strength he could muster, Balkzardan got himself to his feet and kept a hefty distance away from Keizer Ghidorah. He was tired from this fight, but he couldn’t let that get to him. With another call to the thunderstorm, lightning bolts struck the two protrusions on the mythical monster’s back, causing Balkzardan’s body to glow and crackled with electricity. The legendary kaiju let out a roar and burst into mach speeds, charging toward Keizer Ghidorah. The alien noticed and tried to fire his Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams, but Balkzardan quickly fired his Tornado Bolts at the dragon and cut off the attack, which yielded fine results as it detonated in the demon’s faces. Pressing his hind legs, Balkzardan leapt onto the middle head.

Keizer Ghidorah felt his body electrocuted by Balkzardan’s touch and engulfed by miniature explosions. The heads tried to sink their teeth into the electrifying monster, but the pain was too great, even when he moved an inch. Keizer Ghidorah painfully charged into a damaged skyscraper, trying to get the electrocuting kaiju to let go. Balkzardan held on tightly, bracing the impact while frying the Keizer’s muddy, golden scales. Keizer Ghidorah’s screams grew louder as the electricity was burning him to crisp, causing him to collapse against the skyscraper. The towering building slowly toppled down upon Balkzardan and Keizer Ghidorah, burying the two titans underneath a giant pile of smashed concrete, steel, and rubble.

The woman covered her child for protection as the the ground shook violently from the skyscraper’s impact, blotting everything in a cloud of ash and dust. With some fortunate luck, both the woman and the child were still in one piece. She turned around slowly, startled to see one of Keizer Ghidorah’s charred heads exposed from the rubble. It stared at them with its two crimson eyes that dimmed away. The woman, along with the frightened daughter, looked back at the head, noticing the draconic head wasn’t showing any signs of movements or breathing. The all-mighty Xilien trump card, an off-shoot of the infamous Ghidorah lineage, was now no more.

The pile of debris shook as the injured Balkzardan slowly crawled out of the debris that buried most of Keizer Ghidorah’s body, which became the demon’s grave. Balkzardan let out a painful groan and stumbled onto the ground. He laid down and panted heavily. The whole fight had pushed him to his limits; Balkzardan couldn’t even lift his head. He noticed the woman and the girl, along with several other survivors coming out of the wreckage that they hid in. Balkzardan watched as the humans approached closer to him, not moving a single muscle so he wouldn’t frighten them. The little girl, along with the mother, got closer to the wounded savior of San Francisco. Balkzardan stared at the child, who walked up close to his face.

Despite the massive damage on the city that Balkzardan had done, nigh equivalent to the Xilien invaders and Keizer Ghidorah, the child believed that it wasn’t Balkzardan’s fault. She believed that all it wanted to do was to end the invasion. The little girl hugged Balkzardan’s face and smiled a bit as she spoke to the mythical monster. “You saved us all.”

Balkzardan heard those faint words spoken to him. He did not understand what she said, but felt the meaning to her words. Balkzardan let loose a low purr as the child let go of his face in a playful spark of static electricity that frizzled her hair. The mother walked to him.

“Thank you, for saving my daughter,” said the woman as she warmly smiled at Balkzardan.

The two backed away from the injured kaiju. Balkzardan’s reptilian nostrils blew as the celestial deity slowly got up on all four of his feet. The woman and her child, as well all of the survivors, cheered for the rising mammalian-like reptile that ended the invasion. Balkzardan looked around and saw all the damage that he, the Xiliens, and Keizer Ghidorah had brought upon San Francisco, as most of the buildings were crushed or ignited in flames. Wanting to repay humanity for most of the destruction that he had done, Balkzardan began to manipulate the weather once more.

The thunderclouds were still lingering and from them birthed a soothing rain. The calm showering rain drops extinguished any traces of fire that burned. Balkzardan stood on the burnt carcass of Keizer Ghidorah. The ancient legendary kaiju, Balkzardan, let loose a loud howl of victory that could be heard throughout California. The survivors all watched their celestial savior leap in the air to take flight, disappearing in the clouds so he could recover his injuries. And like a cryptid of old, he vanished, nowhere to be seen.

* * * * *

X yelled in anger, slamming his fist on the wall in a fit of rage. Peeling his arm away, the Xilien leader discovered a massive dent, a physical representation of his failure.

“That damn, uncontrollable monster managed to kill my best kaiju… How? How did it managed to kill Keizer Ghidorah?!”

The leader tightened his shaking fist, wanting to send one of his controlled kaiju to torture Balkzardan in the most painful way that he could ever imagine. But with all of the starship fleets destroyed, the Xilien leader sighed in frustration as he had no other choice but to abort the mission, issuing the command to retreat. At least, for his vessel.

“Send in Hedorah, I want him to find this weather controlling kaiju and give him hell!”

* * * * *

One of the special spacecrafts detached from the mothership, hovering a few miles away to release Hedorah from the tractor beam. The smog monster let out a gurgle cry when it materialized from the beam of light, quickly shifting into its flying form to pursue its newest target, the slayer of Keizer Ghidorah.

Winner: Balkzardan