Authors: Landon Soto  | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

Deep in the unknown reaches of space, a lone entity lazily flew through the seemingly endless black void. Unaffected by the frigid vacuum and lack of oxygen, the being was crimson in color, resembling an Earthling bat, but far larger than any flying mammal.

Bagorah flapped his black wings as he soared through the cosmos, listening closely to the sounds of the universe. Gifted with hearing like no other, Bagorah could hear the sounds that came from other planets if he tried hard enough. The bat-like extraterrestrial was feeling hungry and used his advanced echolocation to try and find a meal.

Many sounds filled the creature’s large ears, stars burning, spacecraft engines roaring. The closest sound however was a wail, followed by a bellowing roar. The crimson bat opened his beady emerald eyes as he began to flap his wings faster, heading toward the source of the commotion.

Closer and closer the giant space bat got to the greyish blue planet, drool pooled inside his toothy maw, the predator’s facial structure gave the bat an almost twisted smile, elated in having found sustenance. Bagorah was indeed becoming more anxious, having not eaten for nearly a week, it was time to replenish his energy.

Bagorah broke through the atmosphere with little trouble, the rocky terrain coming into full view, as the bat monster slowed his descent. The crimson bat perched himself atop a tall mountain, his eyes scanning the dark surroundings as his ears twitched. The giant space bat turned his head, hearing the bellowing roar from before. Bagorah could feel the mountain tremble even from this distance. The bat spread his terrible wings and took to the dark cobalt blue sky.

Carefully eyeing the grayish blue mountainous terrain, Bagorah could see something in the distance faintly illuminated by the planet’s moon. Flying higher to avoid detection, the vampiric monster stopped in the air, flapping his wings to stay aloft. Bagorah watched in awe at the sight before him.

Now fully illuminated by the moon, the figure roared into the night sky, pinning a colossal worm-like creature against the side of a mountain. Bagorah immediately noticed the bizarre features of the entity; four spider-like limbs made from bone, protruded from the spine were the most notable. The monster was humanoid with ridged lavender and teal skin. The torso appeared to be completely composed of bone as well, with sharp bone-like protrusions on its knees, giving the native an almost armored appearance. Its tail, tipped with a sharp spike, swayed along the ground.

Cries of pain filled the air as the olive-green worm struggled to break from the hunter’s clutches, but to no avail. Bagorah watched as the humanoid stabbed the writhing worm with its four hooked appendages, purple blood oozing from each wound. Bagorah mustered as much restraint as possible, knowing it was unwise to dive in head first without thinking. The humanoid repeatedly stabbed into the worm until it was motionless, releasing its grip. The armored being let the worm fall to the ground, lightly nudging the carcass with its pointed foot.

Bagorah watched as the predator turned to the side, finally able to see the beings face. Bagorah’s eyes widened at the truly bizarre sight, the armored alien’s teal face was elongated; no eyes, nose, or ears, just a massive maw filled with razor sharp teeth. A single row of bone-like protrusions ran along the creature’s head, down the spine and up its swaying tail.

The bipedal alien squatted and grabbed the tail of the massive worm and wrapped its grey lips on the carcass, shaking its head violently, ripping a large chunk of meat off the creature. Bagorah, unable to control his hunger any longer, propelled himself upward with a powerful thrust of his wings, before soaring down toward the unsuspecting alien.

The Visitor ripped off another chunk of meat and stuffed it into its giant maw, cutting up the treat effortlessly. Bagorah’s jaws dripped saliva as he got closer, stretching his legs outward, the giant space bat swooped down and sunk his yellow talons into the worm’s skull. The wind toppled over the Visitor as Bagorah sprang upward into the air and stole its meal, the teal alien roared in confusion as it watched the crimson bat glide off with its kill.

Bagorah twisted in the air to face the armored alien, who sprinted toward the bat, furiously roaring at the winged beast. Bagorah cackled as he mocked the alien, flapping his wings harder, kicking up dirt and rock that pelted the thick skin of the Visitor, Bagorah watched as the teal and lavender extraterrestrial was knocked onto its back, violently flailing its limbs as it tumbled over the uneven terrain.

The Visitor screeched as it used its four hooked appendages to dig into the ground and anchor itself, breathing a sigh of relief as the hurricane winds died down. Bagorah chirped gleefully as he flew up toward another mountain, laying the carcass down on the elevated surface and tore into the flesh with his yellow fangs, savoring the earthy taste of the worm.

Meanwhile, the vampiric monster was oblivious to the Visitor, who was already on the move. The alien ran up the mountainside, stabbing into the vertical wall with his four crab like appendages for extra grip. The large mouthed alien snarled as it quickly climbed to where Bagorah was, anxious to make this intruder pay for stealing from it.

Bagorah moaned as his cheeks were stuffed with worm meat, drool dripping onto the grayish blue ground. The sound of chewing blocked out any other noise, that was until a familiar roar echoed through the giant space bat’s skull.

Bagorah twisted around to face the call, swallowing his food. He was greeted by two giant clawed limbs that stabbed into the top of the mountain, followed by two hands grasping the ledge. The unforgettable maw of the Visitor became more and more visible, snarling at the space bat as the alien hoisted his body onto the mountain. Bagorah spread his wings out, standing at full height in a display of dominance, hoping to intimidate the bizarre alien. The Visitor wasn’t backing down, however, rising to his full height, stretching his four crab like appendages open, and snarling at the thief.

The crimson bat stared at the Visitor, wary of the massive claws and wide-open jaws ready to lash out at any second. Bagorah opened his maw and emitted red rings of sonic energy that washed over the Visitor, at first the alien seemed unharmed, but soon began to cry out in pain as it felt its skeleton quake, as pain radiated throughout the Visitor’s entire body.

Bagorah ceased the assault and watched as the Visitor’s arms and giant claws slumped to the sides of his body. With a powerful flap of his wings, the giant space bat barreled toward the Visitor, slamming into the bone plated chest and knocking the alien off the mountain.

The Visitor howled in shock before it slammed into the ground, leaving a large crater in the rocky terrain. The bizarre extraterrestrial groaned as it clutched its head, the alien slowly came to as its body recovered. Rising up, it awaited the vampiric monster’s next attack. Bagorah, believing the giant mouthed alien to be worn down, swooped from above and prepared to sink his claws into the lavender alien.

Bagorah sped toward the Visitor, who flexed its claws in anticipation. Once in range, the Visitor lashed out with its two upper appendages. The bat scoffed, raising his feet up and grabbing the claws in his clutches. The Visitor tried to strike the bat with its humanoid claws, but the vampiric space monster swiftly wrapped his tail around the Visitor’s arms, binding them together.

Rising into the sky, Bagorah dragged the Visitor off the ground. The crimson bat flung the predator into the air, watching as he once again hit the rocky terrain with a thud. The feral creature rolled along the ground, attempting to rise. Bagorah, however, was already on the offensive, slamming his bulk onto the Visitor. The space bat pinned the lavender humanoid with his claws feet and clamped his jaws around the elongated skull.

The Visitor howled as it felt its blood flowing from his cranium, Bagorah pinned down the upper crab like claws with his wing talons, preventing them from lashing out. The Visitor roared in rage as its normal claws did little to deter the bat. Bagorah savored the blue blood that poured down his slimy throat, the metallic taste of victory at last.

Bagorah kept sucking away at the predator, noticing a faint glow coming from the Visitor’s head. Growing in intensity as sparks of energy began to crackle, Bagorah felt a sharp pain in his teeth that forced him to release his bite. The Visitor began to thrash about, shaking off the giant space bat, who landed a few meters away.

The Visitor turned around, angrily huffing and puffing, his head glowing bright, illuminating the night. Bagorah cocked his head in wonder, spreading open his wings. The Visitor roared as it leaned over, its cranium pulsating with azure energies. Bagorah’s eyes widened as he flew away from the humanoid, having encountered many creatures in the past that had ranged attacks.

The Visitor fired a thin bluish-white ray of energy that sped toward Bagorah, the giant bat screeched as he tried to outmaneuver the attack. Flying higher and higher, Bagorah sought to hide behind a mountain, but then shrieked in pain as his body was struck by the beam. Bagorah felt waves of energy assault his body, his muscles spasmed as he fell from the sky.

Landing on the ground with a loud thud, Bagorah groaned as he struggled to rise, feeling an unbearable headache throbbing in his skull. The Visitor roared as he sprinted toward the fallen bat. Bagorah saw the humanoid rapidly approach and opened his wings, flying toward the Visitor at full speed.

Bagorah stuck his claws out as he closed the gap, the Visitor leapt into the air to smack down the giant bat, but was still overpowered. Feeling Bagorah’s claws sink into his shoulders, the Visitor roared in rage as Bagorah slammed it down to the ground and ripped into its exposed pink skin with his talons.

The Visitor clawed at Bagorah’s chest, small drops of blood and sparks fell from his crimson hide. Bagorah was oblivious to the giant claw that bludgeoned the side of his face, knocking him to the ground, Bagorah yelped as his head throbbed. The Visitor pounced on the bat, fueled by his ever-rising anger.

Landing devastating blows into Bagorah’s chest, the Visitor roared happily as each strike knocked the air of the vampiric entity. The boney humanoid began to stab his giant spider-like claws into Bagorah. After a few jabs, the Visitor finally broke through Bagorah’s tough hide, black blood flowed from the fresh puncture wounds on Bagorah’s body. The Visitor struck the bat’s mug again, but received a painful surprise as Bagorah clamped his jaws on the predator’s left hand.

Yellow fangs dug into the Visitor’s hand, who flung his head back and screeched in agony. The lavender and teal alien stabbed its two upper clawed limbs into the sides of Bagorah’s head, drawing more blood. Bagorah released his bite as he yelped in shock, the Visitor decked the giant back in the nose as a loud crack echoed throughout the canyon.

Oily black blood flowed from the vampiric monster’s nose like a river, whimpering as he felt the pain from his broken nose radiate across his face. Bagorah quickly opened his maw and fired a round of sound blasts that struck the Visitor’s face, forcing the humanoid off the bat.

A crimson spear-like tail whipped the Visitor in the face, forcing it to stumble back. Bagorah flew upward and stayed aloft. The Visitor roared at the bat, demanding he come down and fight, but the space bat was starting to have second thoughts. His wounds weren’t severe, they would heal eventually, but the giant space bat knew when to call it a day.

Bagorah opened his maw and released another wave of supersonic energy, red rings bombarded the Visitor, forcing the living weapon to cry out in agony once more. Bagorah swooped down and stuck his spear tipped tail outward, stabbing into the gut of the predator. The Visitor grunted as it felt its blue blood flow from the wound. Ignoring the pain, the Visitor clutched the tail in its claws, spinning quickly and dragging Bagorah through the air like a kite.

The bizarre alien let go of the bat and watched as he landed on the ground with a thud. Bagorah screeched as he propped himself up, snarling at the Visitor that was approaching ever closer. Both aliens stared at each other, their breath heavy, having managed to tear each other down.

Bagorah’s eyes locked onto something in the distance, the worm he previously stole. It seemed as though he had accidentally knocked it off the mountain. Bagorah opened his maw again; however, the Visitor was ready, directing its cranium in response. The alien fired a smaller version of the ‘Brainspasm’ beam right into Bagorah’s face.

Although the beam was considerably weaker, the following explosion blindsided the giant bat, who screeched in pain as he took to the air. Flying past the Visitor, the lavender alien sprinted after the bat. Bagorah sunk his claws into the dead worm and began to fly away, before feeling a sudden shift in weight. Looking down, Bagorah saw the Visitor’s jaws clamped down on the end of the worm, digging his claws into the fresh meat.

The two space predators were locked in a giant game of ‘Tug of War.’ Bagorah wrapped his tail around the worm’s neck for extra grip, as the Visitor planted his feet into the rocky ground, stabbing his four giant claws into the carcass. The two continued to pull and pull, unaware of the gaping holes the Visitor had previously inflicted on the carcass, ripping themselves apart.

Suddenly, the two aliens heard a loud rip as Bagorah barreled through the air and the Visitor landed flat on his posterior. Both monsters roared in shock before regaining their wits. Bagorah flapped his large wings in the air as he stared down the Visitor, the armored alien doing the same. Both had nearly half of the worm to themselves, each piece larger than themselves.

The Visitor grunted as it hoisted the worm over its shoulders, staring back at the vampiric beast, for minutes on end, before finally walking away to find a place to finally eat in peace. Bagorah grunted as he too turned his back on the alien, flying far away from it. Bagorah landed atop the tallest mountain he could find, dropping his portion of the worm and began to ravenously feast upon it.

Eventually Bagorah finished his meal and took to the stars, leaving the nameless planet behind. Perhaps one day he would return if he ever had a craving for the olive-green worms. However, Bagorah made a mental note to not cross the more… Aggressive inhabitants.

The Visitor grunted as it sat atop a cliff, gazing at the stars. If it ever saw the bat again, it wouldn’t hesitate to beat it to a bloody pulp. Admittedly… It was nice to have good company for once.

Draw: Bagorah, The Visitor

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