Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Christian Salabert

The populace of Tokyo, Japan screamed in terror as the giant mantis, Kamacuras, descended upon them. The emerald predator had chosen the capital city as his current hunting grounds. His ravenous hunger must be sated at all costs, and the fleeing humans would do quite nicely. Despite their efforts to escape, they were no match for the insect’s supersonic speeds. As he rocketed through the streets of Tokyo, his flight caused shockwaves which tore through the city, detonating skyscrapers by his mere presence. Rubble showered the streets.

Kamacuras decided to take a quiet moment to devour the few humans he had captured. He immediately cut his speed and slammed down onto the street, the impact sending chunks of concrete flying in every direction. The mantis chittered deviously as he began his meal, ignoring the pests’ screams and pleading.

Just as he finished his meager snack, a glimmer of light caught his eye. Kamacuras looked downward at the light. What he saw appeared to be another human, but this one was different. It didn’t look like it was made of flesh. Whatever it was, the mantis didn’t like it. He was about to smash it with his mighty claws when it began to do something. It began waving its arms and making a strange, unnatural sound. It was as if it was trying to get his attention. It didn’t need to. Kamacuras raised his claw and prepared to bring it down onto the bizarre human’s head…

In a flash of light, Kamacuras felt a tremendous blow to his mandibles. The next thing he knew, he was spinning through the air before finally crashing into the remains of a building he had passed earlier, landing on his back. Kamacuras screeched and chittered as he tried to get back to his feet, waving his arms and legs around wildly.

Jet Jaguar struck a battle pose as he watched the insect try to right itself. He had sensed the disturbance and came to investigate. Immediately upon spotting the mantis, he knew what had to be done. He wasn’t worried though.

He had felled the mighty Monster X. This insect was of no concern to him.

Jet Jaguar advanced on Kamacuras to finish him off before he got back to his feet. Unfortunately for the android, the insect lashed out with his four legs, striking Jet Jaguar and causing him to stagger back. Jet Jaguar approached again, but it was too late. Kamacuras was on his feet.

The mighty machine readied himself for battle and once again went on the attack, but Kamacuras was ready for him. Once Jet Jaguar was within reach, the giant mantis raised its claws into the air and brought them down hard, gashing them onto Jet Jaguar’s shoulders. Sparks flew as they hit the metal. Jet Jaguar cried out and staggered. He backed up and made sure no real damage was done. He attacked again, but Kamacuras leapt backwards, determined to keep out of the artificial being’s reach. This continued for a while. Everytime Jet Jaguar was within striking distance, Kamacuras would leap away. The robot was beginning to get frustrated.

Finally, Jet Jaguar decided to try something else. Reaching over to a nearby building he ripped the top off and chucked it at Kamacuras. The insect screeched as the chunk of skyscraper smashed into his face and crumbled all around him. While Kamacuras was distracted, Jet Jaguar leapt towards him. He crashed into the bug and knocked him again onto his back.

As the armored insect wailed and waved his arms around, Jet Jaguar began hammering his opponent’s face with his metallic fists. Kamacuras slammed his claws into Jet Jaguar again and again, but the automaton acted as if he didn’t even feel the blows. The insect tried to kick him away once again, but a punch from Jet Jaguar shattered one of his kneecaps, causing a hellacious shriek to escape the mantis.

Eventually, the repeated strikes from Kamacuras’ scythe-like arms began to take their toll on Jet Jaguar’s hull. He was forced to back off, but at least he had a strategy to go with. Kamacuras got back to his feet and waved his claws threateningly at Jet Jaguar. The predator stood awkwardly as he tried to balance himself on only three legs.

Jet Jaguar knew he still couldn’t get close to his foe, so he tried to repeat his earlier success. He reached down and grabbed a wrecked bus from the street below. Taking careful aim, he tossed it directly at Kamacuras’ head. What the robot hadn’t counted on, however, was the beast lashing out with his claws and sending the bus flying right back at him. The bus hit Jet Jaguar directly in the face and exploded.

The explosion caused no real harm to Jet Jaguar, but it was enough to distract him as Kamacuras blasted into the air, disappearing as a blur. Before Jet Jaguar could even consider giving chase, Kamacuras was back. Speeding past Jet Jaguar in a blur, he stuck his claw out as he went. In a burst of sparks, a slash appeared in Jet Jaguar’s side. The claw had gone completely through Jet Jaguar’s metallic hide, exposing the circuitry within. Jet Jaguar’s head whipped towards Kamacuras with a newfound urgency. If this creature could pierce his armor…

Again, Kamacuras sped past Jet Jaguar. Again, sparks burst from Jet Jaguar, this time on his right thigh, causing the robotic defender to stagger. Kamacuras blasted past his foe a third time. The brightest burst of sparks yet exploded from Jet Jaguar, withdrawing a long, ringing cry from the machine.

Jet Jaguar’s left arm, severed directly at the elbow, crashed to the ground.

Kamacuras landed on the roof of a nearby building and chittered happily, watching his foe grasp at the stump where his arm once was. He tilted his head as he thought. He knew victory was near… but how to grasp it? It was then he spotted the large structure nearby. It was much taller than the other buildings and brightly colored. Kamacuras conceived a plan and once again took to the air.

Jet Jaguar was in a panic. Sparks sprayed from the exposed circuits in his elbow. He thought this beast would be a simple victory. It was an insect, how powerful could it possibly be? But the beast had revealed its true strength – its speed – and now Jet Jaguar was missing an arm, and his side and thigh were gashed open. It was then that he heard the buzz of Kamacuras’ wings. He turned, expecting another attack, but instead saw the mantis speeding towards another target – the Tokyo Tower.

Speeding around the Tower at a rapid pace, Kamacuras lashed out at the metal structure at key locations, drawing sparks with each strike. Now slashed in several areas, the Tower could no longer withstand its own weight. It began to bend and break… and fall…

Too late did Jet Jaguar realize his opponent’s plan. It was even futile to try to fly away, as the Tower was blocking the sky above him. Jet Jaguar braced himself for the inevitable and hoped he would be eventually repaired.

With a colossal crash that shook the entire surrounding area, Jet Jaguar was crushed underneath the Tokyo Tower.

A few moments later, Kamacuras flew by and perched atop the remaining bottom half of the Tower. Rearing his head back and waving his arms, he let out a series of shrieks to announce his victory. Too bad his opponent wasn’t edible. Oh, well.

Winner: Kamacuras (Millennium)