Author: Vincent Rodger | Banner: Matthew Freese
Revised: January 20, 2023

[Continued from Match 301]

 -24 hours after the Battle of Osaka-

“Is it one of our experiments?” A man in a business suit asked the group of military personal and fellow politicians that were sitting in the Prime Minister’s office. Each wearing either a military uniform or a business suit. In the back stood three individuals, two men and one woman. One man was older, American, and a bigger build than the other two. He carried a sword and a pistol on his sides. The second had a much smaller build, he was younger than his comrade, Japanese and wore a futuristic-looking uniform. The third stood silently before stepping forward.

“No, sir,” a woman answered in the back. She wore a lieutenant’s uniform and had a sharp, yet very beautiful face. “It appears that none of the Titans have escaped.”

 “Then what is it? A Gargantua?” He queried, turning toward the large monitor that recycled footage of the Titan’s first appearance.

“Perhaps Mr. Prime Minister, but we don’t know for sure.”

 The Prime Minister turned back to the young lieutenant. “Lieutenant Akane correct?” Akane straightened and saluted.

“Yes, sir.”

The Prime Minister smiled. “I knew I had recognized you. You’re the pilot of Kiryu, correct?”

 “Yes, sir.” The Prime Minister walked over to the young woman and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“As of right now, you have a mission, you will either capture this… Rogue Titan, and bring the creature to Monster Island, or… Kill it. Is that clear?” Akane nodded, which made the Prime Minister smile. “It was last seen around Mount Fuji in the woods before disappearing. I would start there for your search.”

“Yes, sir,” she answered before leaving the room. Finally, she could prove herself after her failure all those years ago. The two men stepped forward as the door closed, both growing annoyed at this development. “Sir…why her? Why not send one of us?”

The Prime Minister turned around and placed his hand on the American’s shoulder. “Patience, Captain Gordon, you will have your chance to fight soon. She needs to prove herself as useful after her failure against Godzilla years ago.” Gordon began to relax, understanding what his superior meant. The Prime Minister’s smile disappeared as he turned toward away from the two captains, turning his attention towards the military personnel. “Now… Would someone like to explain to me how a Titan got to the public?”


-Mount Fuji-

The woods were peaceful. At least compared to the ones he was used to. He didn’t have to worry about Titans coming and eating him, for there were no Titans here… Wherever here was. Eren sat near a stream of water before putting water in his palm and drinking from it.

“It’s… Clean?” Eren dunked his hands into the water, again and again, drinking more water. He never had any water that tasted this good, every time he had water, it tasted as if something died in it. But this… this was different.

A bush behind the young man began to shake, making the adolescent soldier jump. Eren grabbed one of his blades before thrusting it into the bush, a squeal from an animal was heard. Eren pulled his sword up, revealing a dead rabbit at the end of the blade.

“I can eat this while I wait for Emmy.” Eren grabbed shrubbery and placed it between stones, before grabbing two more stones and striking it, creating a spark, catching the shrubbery on fire. The young man had grabbed his kill before placing it above the fire.

Hours had passed, the young man had eaten his meal and grew even more impatient as time passed. “Where the hell is she!? You would think that a time traveler would be on time…”

Suddenly an ear-piercing sound echoed throughout the land… Something was coming. Eren quickly got to his feet, searching for the source of the strange noise, only to see something approach the forest from the sky.

Akane followed Kiryu in her small aircraft while searching for her target, but unfortunately, all she saw were trees. Unbeknownst to her, someone saw her and Kiryu.

From below the tree line, Eren watched the mechanical dragon and a small squadron of aircraft following it. His first instinct was to run, but then he had thought of the potential innocents that were in danger. For all, he knew this metal monster was an ally of the three-headed mechanical hydra that he fought. Seeing no other choice, he raised his hand and bit into it.

A golden lightning bolt struck the young soldier as the sky turned into a dark green, which was followed by an ear-piercing thundercrack–

Akane looked down, looking for the source of the sound when she saw steam rise from a large creature. A hideous roar erupted from the steam, pushing it away as it revealed the Attack Titan. Akane sensed an unsettling aura of pure rage from the beast… as if it was rage incarnate.

Kiryu turned his head and saw the target beneath him. It was staring right at him as if they had encountered each other before. Had he encountered this beast in the distant past? Something about it looked familiar but he couldn’t remember why. No matter. All that mattered, in the end, was protecting Akane and her home. Kiryu unleashed a digital roar, while he lowered himself toward his opponent.

As the Mechagodzilla landed, the ground beneath him exploded and Kiryu once again roared at his smaller opponent. The Attack Titan got into a fighting stance and taunted his opponent.

The two locked eyes for a moment before they each roared and charged at one another. With each step, destroying the ground beneath them as they picked up speed. In mid-run, Eren jumped into the air and swung down toward the approaching cyborg. Kiryu dodged the attack and in mid-turn, grabbed ahold of the Titan’s leg and slammed him into the ground with an enormous shockwave. The ground beneath collapsed under the weight of the Attack Titan. Kiryu’s mouth began to glow yellow with electrical energy, when Eren kicked his opponent’s maw, grabbed his arm and wrapped his legs around the Mechagodzilla’s throat. The Maser blast shot into the sky and was followed by Kiryu’s roaring in anger. Parts of Kiryu’s arm began to crack, as Eren applied more pressure.

“How is this possible?” Akane asked herself, “Kiryu can take a blast from Godzilla, but somehow this thing can hurt him?”

Kiryu reached out and grabbed Eren with his free hand, and threw the fearsome Titan further into the forest. Electrical energy burst from Kiryu’s maw as he unleashed a Maser blast straight into Eren’s chest, pushing him further into the forest. The Attack Titan screeched in a mixture of anger and pain as his skin burned away. Kiryu unleashed a digital copy of Godzilla’s roar as missiles erupted from his sides.

The Attack Titan made it back to his feet, covered in steam and blood as he healed the damage he received from Kiryu. Looking straight at his enemy, he watched the missiles come straight toward him. Knowing no other way to avoid the bombardment of blasts, the grisly beast charged toward the incoming missiles. One by one, he avoided the flying explosives, having them explode behind him. All but one, he reached out and caught the missile in mid-air and redirected it toward Kiryu.

Kiryu only moments before the missile had a direct hit, jumped out of the way and shot another Maser blast. Thankfully, the Attack Titan dodged the attack and pushed onward toward his metal opponent. He raised his fist and swung at Kiryu’s jaw, scoring a direct hit and knocking the Mechagodzilla to the ground. Twin blades erupted from Kiryu’s sides as he rose to his feet and swung, cutting into the gigantic human-like beast across the chest. Eren screamed as blood poured from the wound and steam rose. But he pushed through the pain and once again, punched Kiryu across the jaw, knocking him to his knees. Followed up by a decisive front kick, Kiryu had fallen onto his back as Eren leapt atop the mechanical threat and repeatedly pummeled it into the ground.

Over and over, Eren slammed his fists into Kiryu, denting and warping the resurrected Godzilla’s armor. Flesh and skin ripped away from the Titan’s fists as he pummeled his opponent further into the ground. Steam rose from the wounds as blood poured down his knuckles.

“NOW!” Kiryu grabbed ahold of Eren’s fist in mid punch, twisted it, forcing the bone to exit the skin. Blood oozed from the wound and onto the land. Eren roared with pure rage before he was thrown onto the ground. Kiryu seized the opportunity and grabbed Eren by the throat and stabbed him in the chest, where a heart should be located. But alas, the abomination to nature pushed on and wrapped his hands around Kiryu’s neck as he roared and squeezed, trying to crush his neck.

Akane was surprised to be sure. “This creature has no heart! Is it immortal?” she asked herself before turning her attention toward Mount Fuji. “Is that…” Magma poured from the top of the mountain. The ground below covered in flames as the magma made its way down the mountain. “How in the hell did I not hear…the missiles…”

She thought back to early in the battle. The missiles that launched from Kiryu’s sides hit the ground behind his opponent but it seems that one of them hit the mountain, causing it to erupt. She didn’t hear the blast due to the sound of battle. Now not only would millions be killed be the aftermath, but many would lose their homes. “How could I not think of the possibility… You idiot.” Akane looked down in shame as the battle raged on.

From the magma covered volcano, something had emerged. An ancient Titan covered in molten lava from head to toe. An ancient creature of a bygone era forgotten to time. The gigantic bird roared into the heavens and revealed itself to the world for the first time in eons. Rodan, the Fire Demon, had returned at last.

As Rodan emerged from the molten liquid, Akane looked up. Her eyes widened, it was worse than she thought it would be. Now billions were in danger. She wiped away her sweat, grabbed the steering wheel and charged at the lord of the skies.

“Kiryu, I don’t care how but you got to postpone your battle for right now. There is an even bigger threat on the horizon.” Without even a second thought, Kiryu grabbed the Attack Titan by the face and tossed him behind him, further down the forest. Kiryu’s thrusters started and he followed Akane.

Eren quickly got back onto his feet and saw what was sitting at the top of the mountain. His enemy left to deal with this new opponent… Maybe this was a misunderstanding. Eren quickly chased after the Mechagodzilla, hopefully, he was right and his opponent wasn’t the monster he believed it to be.

Akane locked onto Rodan and unleashed a series of blasts at the gigantic bird. Rodan screeched in anger. Raising his wings before taking to the skies toward his adversary. He looked behind the small aircraft and spotted Kiryu approaching. So this new Titan would dare challenge the lord of the skies? It would surely regret the challenge. Rodan picked up speed, destroying the ground beneath him due to the high winds produced by him. Kiryu let loose another set of missiles from his back at the Fire Demon. Rodan smiled and flew upward, destroying the missiles in what seemed like an instant. The lord of the skies, then charged forward, reaching out for Kiryu with his massive talons. However, the Mechagodzilla had different plans. As Rodan reached for him, he spun his thrusters to avoid the attack and unload a series of blasts from his mouth and wrist gauntlets, making the ancient Titan roar in pain.

Rodan, however, pushed through the pain and grabbed Kiryu by the neck and face. Breaking the glass in Kiryu’s right eye. The Mechagodzilla reached up and grabbed the avian’s leg and pulled, forcing the pair to fall to the Earth. To ensure success, Kiryu activated his thrusters and forced himself toward the Earth. Rodan screeched in defiance before he spun around in a complete 360 degrees and threw his mechanical enemy at the ground. Kiryu crashed into the ground with an enormous thud.

 Rodan began to fly toward the fallen warrior when a series of bullets brushed his lava rock-like hide. He quickly turned his eye behind him and once again saw the small aircraft approaching him. He grinned and quickly spun behind the aircraft. Panic rushed through Akane’s head as Rodan grabbed onto her aircraft and threw her to the Earth.

 Akane’s life flashed before her as she approached the ground beneath her. She remembered when she graduated from her flight academy, she remembered her defeat at the hands of Godzilla, the kindness of a father and daughter… Some of the only friends she ever had… A tear ran down her face. “Is this it?” She thought to herself. She smiled. “Well… I’ve had a good run. Kiryu… avenge me, old friend.”

 The aircraft smashed into the ground, flames burst from the aircraft. Rodan landed next to the burning aircraft and let out a cackle. He had defeated one enemy but it was now time to finish off the other one. Kiryu laid in the ground, motionless. The prehistoric pterosaur chirped as he walked toward the fallen artificial titan. Rodan opened his beak….

 A hideous screech turned Rodan away from his kill. He saw another Titan approach him, it had no armor or fur. Only flesh.

 Rodan smiled. He opened his wings and began to himself up into the air

 The gigantic humanoid jumped while in mid charge, hoping to strike the magma Titan to the ground. As the fist came closer, Rodan quickly ducked and grabbed ahold of Eren’s wrist with his beak before spinning and sending the feral human flying. With a loud thud, the Attack Titan crashed into the ground.

 The Attack Titan quickly got to his feet but was just quickly knocked down by a charging Rodan. Eren rolled across the ground before managing to stop himself. The Titan locked onto the flying Titan. He stood waiting for his enemy to attack.

 Rodan smirked before turning around once again. He reached out with his talons, stabbing through Eren’s shoulders and lifting him into the air. Eren roared as flames burned his flesh revealing bone, his blood began to boil and muscle began to cook. Pushing through the pain, the ferocious avenger of the future wrapped his hands around Rodan’s legs and pulled with all his might. Rodan struggled to keep them both in the air.

 The lava Titan let go of Eren, but the wild Titan held on. Steam rose from his wounds as his healing factor made quick work of damage. Rodan roared with fury before spinning, once again sending Eren to the ground.

 Before Eren could return to his feet, Rodan clapped his wings together sending a sonic shockwave. The forest around them blew apart, trees were cutting into nothing but splinters, boulders were sent flying before crashing into the ground, breaking them apart. Eren screeched as he was sent flying into the air. He spun in circles before crashing into a gigantic boulder, forcing many bones from the skin. Blood fell from his body, steam rose from his wounds, bones were forced back in place. Rodan roared as he charged at the downed Titan.


-Moments ago-

Blood poured from the wound across her head. Her vision was blurry, a loud ring echoed in her ears, her breathing became heavy. Akane has survived the crash. She removed her helmet from her head, throwing it on the aircraft’s floor. She quickly unbuckled herself from her seat before lifting her leg and kicking what remained of the cockpit’s window. The glass broke apart as if it was nothing.

“Okay, now comes the hard part…” Akane forced herself up. Her bones felt as if they were about to shatter, her organs felt as if they were to burst, but she had to push forward. Akane crawled out of the cockpit and onto the forest floor. She turned to see if there was a place to rest when she saw Kiryu laying face first in a crater.

 She slowly crawled to her friend before placing her bloody hand on Kiryu’s face. “Hey, big guy… I’m going to ask you a favor… I need you to get up. To fight in my place…” Kiryu’s silence made her uneasy. She gritted her teeth together and made her hand into a fist. “GET UP!”

 Kiryu’s eye lit up, turning into a crimson red, seething with rage.


Kiryu roared at Rodan as he rose from the crater. The avian turned his head…making a grave mistake. Eren reached out, grabbing Rodan’s leg and with his free hand, he struck the leg, breaking it. Rodan screeched in agonizing pain before staring with fury at the Attack Titan. He reached out with his beak before being struck by Eren’s knee, forcing the beak shut. Eren let go of his enemy’s leg before kicking the beast on the chest, forcing the ancient titan back. Rodan struggled to keep in place before Kiryu rammed himself into Rodan, forcing him into the ground. The forest burned around the pair of kaiju.

 Rodan screeched as he quickly got back to the air before once again being knocked to the ground by a leaping Attack Titan. Molten lava coughed out from the ancient titan’s maw, as Rodan tried to catch his breath. Kiryu screeched before reaching over to the downed titan’s neck, wrapping his metallic hand around Rodan’s throat from the back.

Rodan screeched and flailed, trying to free himself from Kiryu’s grasp. The blade on Kiryu’s free wrist was plunged into Rodan’s wing, having lava poured from the wound, Rodan screeched in pain, he had never felt something so agonizing in his entire existence.

Eren charged at Rodan, slamming both fists into the monster’s chest, pushing him further into the blade, Kiryu staggered back from the force. Rodan screamed in pain as tears fell from the gigantic bird’s eyes from the pain. Eren raised his fist once again but Rodan caught it in mid-swing before twisting. Eren screeched in pain before raising his free elbow and striking Rodan’s other leg, breaking it.

Rodan screeched as he began to lose consciousness, this pain was too much, he could no longer fight back…there is no hope for him to win.

From inside the Attack Titan’s nape, Eren smiled. “Now you die bastard!” Eren grabbed both of Rodan’s legs, pulling him from Kiryu’s blade and onto the ground. Rodan’s body fell limp, the avian titan struggled to breathe. Both Kiryu and Eren raised their legs before bringing them down like anchors onto Rodan’s neck, breaking it and killing the Titan instantly.

Eren stepped back from the corpse before meeting the eye of Kiryu. Would they resume their fight? Or had their combined might stopped their conflict?

A moment of silence passed before Eren turned away and began to walk away. He wished for no more conflict today. Kiryu’s hands began to twitch, rage had consumed the resurrected Godzilla. Kiryu screeched before swinging his twin blades to the Attack Titan.

Eren ducked under Kiryu’s blades before head butting Kiryu, staggering the titan back. Akane watched from under a tree as the two resumed their battle. She sat confused, pondering why the gigantic humanoid attempted to walk away from the conflict before passing out from the blood loss.

Once again Kiryu swung his blades at Eren but to no avail. His enemy had caught his arms in mid-swing before placing both legs on Kiryu’s chest and pulled on Kiryu’s arms. Sparks flew as Kiryu’s arms began to break, Kiryu roared at Eren before unleashing a maser blast onto the titan’s chest, pushing his opponent to the ground. Eren roared in anger and pain as he fell onto the ground. Thinking quickly on his feet, the downed titan lunged at Kiryu’s leg, pulling and knocking the Mechagodzilla onto the ground. Eren stood above Kiryu before grabbing his tail and throwing him across the forest and onto the approaching lava.

Armor melted away as Kiryu got back to his feet. Jet boosters lifted Kiryu out from the molten lava before charging at Eren. Eren dodged the attack and smacked Kiryu with the side of his hand, knocking him to the ground.

He had completely forgotten about the lava… He had to escape and fast or be consumed by the heat.

Kiryu lifted his head up, sending a Maser blast upward striking the Attack Titan across the face, ripping apart his flesh. Eren fell onto the ground.

Akane struggled to stay awake, she took in a deep breath before yelling at the top of her lungs. “Kiryu! Finish it now!”

The Mechagodzilla got onto his feet, making his way toward the fallen avenger of the future.  A firm foot was planted onto the Titan’s chest, pushing it in and breaking ribs and sternum. Eren roared in pain before being silenced by a Maser blast, his cranium erupting. His body fell limp, finally the conflict had been resolved. Wires wrapped around the Attack Titan, holding the downed warrior in place before making his way to Akane. Leaning in, the mechanical giant picked her up with his hand and allowed her to hide in his built-in compartments, then took off into the air.


-Land of Light-

It had been quite some time since the Ultra Warrior had been home, chasing after the anomaly Kilazee and succeeding in his mission. The hero of light landed on the planet’s surface, seeing his fellow Ultra Brothers standing below, waiting for his return.

“Seven,” Zoffy spoke. “it is good to see you have completed your mission.”

“Agreed. It seems that you all met with the same fate, whatever escaped from the ripples has been slain.”

Ace and Jack stood silent as they waited for their brother in arms to realize what had happened.

“Where is Lipiah?”

The three all looked at each other before Zoffy reached out and grasped his shoulder, their commanding officer taking in a deep breath before answering the hero’s question.

“I’m afraid Lipiah has been slain on Earth,” Seven stumbled back as he took in the news, a million questions rushing through his mind he could barely process before Zoffy continued on. “Our sources say that…it was King Ghidorah.”

Ultraseven froze in place, his hands forming fists at the name of the Apex of Wishes. That demon had taken entire worlds and now he has seen another comrade fall to the golden hydra. “I will leave to retrieve the body, perhaps we can resurrect Lipiah if we are quick enough.”

“Seven,” Jack spoke up, causing the agent of light to turn his attention towards him. “One thing you should also know, he didn’t fight Ghidorah alone, he was with another anomaly. One that resembles a disfigured human. We believe that they have managed to find a technology similar to our transformation devices.”

“I will retrieve answers from this human, one way or another.”

Seven turned his back to his brothers before taking off into the sky, quickly exiting their planet’s atmosphere.

“Lipiah…I will avenge your death. I promise.”


 -Planet X-

 Sirens blared in the halls of the Xiliens facility. Two men stood surrounded by a small squadron of Xilien soldiers. “So…how did two cattle make their way into my home.” A young Xilien male stepped forward, waiting for the pair to answer his question.

 “I am Chuck and this is my colleague, Glen. We have come with an offer…how would you like to finally have the Earth?”

The Xilien leader smiled. “I’m listening.”

 Chuck smiled. “We have acquired monsters for you to send an assault onto the planet. All we ask is that you slay the one known as the Attack Titan.” As the Xilien leader stepped forward, he made a motion with his hand, ordering the squadron to lower their weapons, before offering his hand.

“You have got yourself a deal.”

Winner: Kiryu