Author: Vincent Rodger | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

The brightly lit sun rose as normal over the beautiful, towering city of Osaka, starting its usual process of warming everything that sat below it. Making the water from the bay glisten and the trees seem a bit more noticeable. The leaves of the trees turned a slightly pale green due to the light that shined through them. The windows of buildings produced small glares in their reflection as they mirrored back what they saw from both sides. All was well and peaceful, with no panic or widespread chaos. Although this city held beauty and grace, it would soon witness death and destruction.

A shadow overhead could be seen from the windows, cloaking the sun’s rays for that of split moments at a time. These small moments slowly started to increase to that of minutes. People in the streets start to look up to the skies in curiosity, running in terror when they finally realized what was rapidly descending onto their small civilization. Approaching quickly, he didn’t give people that much time to escape, creating a large bloom of dust and water vapor as he landed. The creature that landed was partly made of metal, sporting three golden heads and two large wings to carry itself on. The Golden Death let out a hideous laugh as he appeared to smirk. He then lifted his three heads to the sky and screeched before quickly aiming at the people and let a seemingly unending rain of Gravity Beams upon the city.

For that was the wish of his master, his invisible strings otherwise known as commands tugging and pulling at him causing him to bring destruction. This master was the Futurians, watching their masterpiece at work from hundreds of miles away, and easily becoming pleased with the progress of their plan in motion.

“Our plan is working. Soon Japan will be nothing but a fabled memory,” the Futurian leader said in a calm voice as he turned toward his colleague. Glen watched him with a small nod, appearing joyous with the words given to him.

The two known as Chuck and Glen watched as the creation they had titled Mecha-King Ghidorah ravaged the city, barely leaving any rubble to remember it by. Mecha-King Ghidorah looked over his endeavor with great vigilance, checking over it for any movement to hint that life might still be there.

Overhead, dark clouds started to gather, drawing Mecha-King Ghidorah’s attention, his eyes analyzing them and coming up with many different errors. He didn’t quit, watching them carefully. A few of the darkly colored puffs started to light up, threatening the ground below. Taking the chance, a strike of lightning lit the sky for a short flash with a loud and enormous cracking sound. This quickly caught the attention of the Futurians and watched through Mecha-King Ghidorah’s eyes as the light faded from his vision for a split moment and he watched the smoke. Something started to form inside the clouds; a monstrosity in human form. Or at least, somewhat human, with green eyes that pierced the soul and plenty of muscle to back up its glares.

Mecha-King Ghidorah looked at the beast with disgust. It was repulsive in his eyes, almost like a disfigured human. This new creature was being searched throughout every database that the cyborg clone had, yet to no avail. There was no information about this “thing” that he had stumbled upon. He continued to stare at it with morbid curiosity until it raised its hand to taunt him with a slight motion before getting into a fighting stance. The weapon from the future looked at it with slight rage as he let out a metallic shriek and growl, ready to rip this thing to shreds. There was no way he was going to let this creature defeat him in combat.

“What is that thing!?” Glen asked Chuck in a worried tone.

“It is of no concern to us. It took Godzilla to destroy King Ghidorah before we mechanized him. If this monster thinks it can beat Mecha-King Ghidorah, then it is sorely mistaken.” Chuck merely mumbled in response. This calmed Glen’s mind and rattled nerves as he returned his attention to a computer, searching the database for the beast.

“Sir… this makes no sense. This creature isn’t supposed to be here for another five-hundred years.”

Chuck turned toward Glen and walked to the computer. Both men looked at the file of the “Attack Titan.”

“How is this possible?” Glen asked as he turned toward Chuck. “Perhaps it was a recruited weapon of Emmy, the traitor. She could have brought it to the past to stop our plan.”
“But it doesn’t matter. If she recruited it or if it arrived another way to this timeline. He will be turned into nothing but ash by our creation.” With this, Chuck and Glen returned their attention to the fight shown on the screen in front of them.

The Attack Titan let out an eerie cry as he charged at Mecha-King Ghidorah like a rabid dog. The mechanized dragon cackled as he released his gravity beams and Triple Beam Laser at the approaching titan, striking him across the chest with a hard impact and sending him into the buildings of the city. The humanoid let out a monstrous roar of anger as he fell to the ground, with barely a scratch marring his thick hide.

Quickly, the feral giant got back onto his feet and once again charged at the cyborg, increasing his speed with each step. Each stomp of his feet broke apart the ground beneath him and left craters in their wake. Mecha-King Ghidorah once again shot his beams from his gaping maws at the Titan, but this time, he managed to dodge the onslaught of electrical energy.

He finally reached his target and at full speed, slammed the future monster into a skyscraper and sent the building collapsing onto his foe. The cyborg screeched in pain as he was buried under the debris, pinned in place as the unknown goliath wailed upon the dragon’s heads with his fists.

The two Futurians were shocked that a simple-minded beast could overpower Mecha-King Ghidorah. “How is this possible?!” Glen demanded.

He turned toward Chuck, who was surprisingly calm about the situation. “Do not worry,” Chuck stated. “This beast may have the upper hand at the moment, but soon the tables will turn.”

The Attack Titan stood above the rubble, watching to see if his enemy had survived the attack, which he was certain that it had. Mecha-King Ghidorah lunged at the Jaeger Titan, grabbing his arms with his left and right heads before unleashing the Laser Triple Beam from his middle head, tearing off the limbs at the shoulder and pushing him across the battlefield. The cyborg Ghidorah rose with both the Titan’s arms in his fangs, grinding their wrists to paste.

The Attack Titan looked at the mechanized dragon as he dropped the Titan’s arms from his mouth and cackled. He took to the skies and rose above the Attack Titan, dropping down and stomping on the monster’s body, crushing him with his enormous weight. The humanoid roared in pain as Mecha-King Ghidorah rose back into the sky, but the cyborg received suffering as his scales burned from the scalding steam and heat from the titanic man’s body. The draconic backed away, screeching in agony as the demon of justice rose back onto his feet, steam rolling off his body and his arms slowly regenerating.

Mecha-King Ghidorah roared once again when a strange light appeared below him. Before he could react, a gigantic figure appeared from the light and uppercut the three-headed dragon into the sky, only for him to plummet into the ground. The hero of light, Ultraman, had arrived to join the battle.

“No matter how many enemies are thrown at Mecha-King Ghidorah, he will destroy them all. Kill them all!” Chuck screamed at the screen as he watched Ultraman arrive on the scene.

The Attack Titan looked at Ultraman with curiosity. Was he an enemy or an ally? He did attack his opponent, but he did not know if he was also a target. Though he could not hear Eren’s thoughts, Ultraman answered his question as he nodded at him and charged at Mecha-King Ghidorah. The three-headed hydra rose from the ground and charged at his silver opponent, ready to slay the alien protector. He shot his Gravity Beams and Laser Triple Beam at Ultraman, but the bolts missed as the giant of light leaped into the air, hitting nothing but the ground behind his last position.

The Attack Titan had regenerated his limbs and charged once again at the future beast, fueled with pure animalistic instinct and human rage. Just as Mecha-King Ghidorah was about to pummel Ultraman, his opponent teleported behind the cyberized dragon and kicked him toward the approaching Titan. The Attack Titan slammed his fist into the Ghidorah’s center neck, pushing the hydra back again, as Ultraman used his Slash Ray to cut the back of the cyborg dragon, exposing the mechanical circuits underneath.

The onslaught from both the front and back made Mecha-King Ghidorah crash into the ground with an impact to make a small crater. He began to take flight, only to suddenly stop and fall to the ground. He rose again, only against his will this time, and was hammered into the ground once more. Ultraman and the Attack Titan unleashed a battle cry as they wrapped their hands around each of the mechanized dragon’s tails, denting armor and rattling organs with each blow. The clone rotated his heads and rained down his deadly rays upon the pair, sending them both crashing to the ground in blasts of flame.

The impact destroyed many buildings around the duo, flooding the streets in a sea of fire. As Mecha-King Ghidorah stood, he cackled at them, but in his premature victory, the terror from the future was almost struck by Ultraman’s Ultra Attack Ray, dodging the attack at the last second by mere inches.

The Attack Titan chased after him, hoping that he would catch the mechanical dragon. Once more, the cyborg dragon cackled as he watched the abomination try to reach him, but his underestimation of the Titan proved his downfall. The Jaeger Titan closed the distance in a moment, jumping over Mecha-King Ghidorah and clinging to the robotic hydra’s back. The Titan started to savagely beat against the armor, trying to rip it apart but was only met with the flesh from his hands peeling off his bones and steam rising from the wounds. With each strike, blood splattered on the armor, and more of his muscle and skin were removed, revealing the bone underneath.

Gravity Beams strafed the Attack Titan, causing him to screech as he was forced off and fell to the ground with an enormous thud. Smoke rose off the Titan’s body as his healing factor worked quickly to regenerate the damage, but Mecha-King Ghidorah was already upon him. The dragon cackled as he took to the air, but was immediately struck out of the sky by a jumping Ultraman, slamming his fists into the dragon’s armored hide and making the cyborg fall to the ground.

Slowly rising to his feet, the golden death brushed the rubble off his body as he tried to regain sight. His vision was impaired. Something was wrong. Perhaps the fall was too much. He turned his left head to see if his mechanical one had taken damage and indeed, the glass that held Mecha-King Ghidorah’s eyes were shattered. The middle head tried to look for his opponents when agonizing pain shot through his left neck. The neck slumped to the ground, severed by Ultraman’s Ultra Slash. The foreign warrior was familiar with the destructive power of creatures like the Ghidorah. Even if this cyborg was a fake, he was determined to slay him where he stood.

“Order him to retreat!” Glen ordered. “If you don’t, he will be slain by the Earth Defenders.”

Chuck spared a glance at his partner, ignoring the command. The future terrorist had no reason to panic, for he already knew the answer to this conflict. He was determined to watch the pair be killed by his magnum opus.

Mecha-King Ghidorah howled in pain and turned toward Ultraman, presenting its metallic chest to the guardian in a bizarre move. Before the agent of light could realize the intention of the action, it was too late.


Chuck pressed a button and ports on the mechanical dragon sprang open. The capture cables and Machine Hand were launched at the hero as Mecha-King Ghidorah screeched loudly. The mechanical restraints snatched Ultraman’s wrists, knees, and waist, holding him in place as millions of volts of electricity flowed through the cables into the hero’s body. The destroyer’s surviving head gave a grim smile as he watched the hero writhe in pain.

Of course, the dragon had no way of knowing that Ultraman was highly resilient to electrical attacks. The alien giant was hardly fazed by the onslaught, but his struggles to escape were no less motivated, as he was still bound by the limits of his energy.

The Attack Titan rose from the ruins of the city. Steamrolled off his body, revealing the now-healed flesh beneath. As he rose, the muscled man caught the sight of Mecha-King Ghidorah, slowly ripping the life out of his ally. Without hesitation, he searched for a weapon, grabbing the top half of an electric tower, which had melted from the heat of the fires to form a spiked tip at the end. Brandishing the crude lance, he charged at the alien copy with an inhuman cry. Ultraman’s Color Timer started to turn red and rapidly go off, faster and faster. If Mecha-King Ghidorah was not destroyed soon, he would perish.

Ultraman struggled to shatter the bonds of his enemy’s grasp, but the tough future metal would not budge. He once again charged his Slash Ray to try and cut through the cyborg’s cables but was immediately shot down by an onslaught of beams from his maws.

The earth defender went limp and struggled for breath. The mechanized dragon was close to killing him, he could feel it. The Futurians smiled from their control room, delighting in the victory that seemed so near – until they noticed the Attack Titan charging from behind.

“Behind you, Mecha-King Ghidorah!”

The mutated hydra quickly turned his mechanical head toward the Attack Titan and opened fire. Taken by surprise, the giant still managed to dodge the attack and lunged at Mecha-King Ghidorah. He raised the tower piece as if it were a spear and aimed at the cyborg’s center head, thrusting it forward with all of his strength. As the cyborg dragon was about to unleash hell, the spear-like tower piece penetrated his metallic skull. The mechanical head started to flail in seizure-like jerks, causing the rest of the body to follow suit. Even with the Futurians’ warning, he could not escape death.

The right head turned his attention toward Eren and immediately paid the price. With what remaining strength Ultraman had, he blasted Mecha-King Ghidorah with his Specium Ray, breaking apart its armor like it was paper. The future creation howled as he fell, fire and sparks ripping out of his chest, and crashed to the ground, limp and lifeless. The great pride of the Futurians was no more.

The Attack Titan howled into the sky as he celebrated their victory and turned toward his ally. Ultraman fell onto the ground, struggling, but managed the strength to nod in return to his ally. The light escaped his eyes and the might protector fell to the earth, exhausted of energy. The battle was just too much for the noble hero. While he may have beaten the enemy, it was not without a great cost.

Chuck gritted his teeth in anger with the destruction of their masterpiece. He hit the dashboard of his ship with a fist, denting the metal surface slightly. “One day… We will return and I will kill you… Whatever you are.”

The Futurian ship started to glow, activating the time circuits. With a bright flash, it vanished, returning to the point in time from whence it came.

The Attack Titan looked at his fallen ally and nodded solemnly at the corpse of Ultraman. In a way, he felt responsible for the death of the legendary hero and regretted his inability to do more to save him. As he turned away, he passed the remains of Mecha-King Ghidorah, which he eyed with a furious scowl. He graced the carcass with an angry kick, unleashing one final hellish scream to the heavens before continuing on his path to the city’s outskirts.

Winner: Attack Titan