Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Christian Salabert

[Continued from Match 23]

Gabara paced back and forth amongst the rocky mountains of Sollgel Island. He was still fuming over his defeat at the hands of King Kong. He had intended to strike fear into the hearts of humanity, but instead that stupid ape had beaten him back. He had eventually made his way to this island to regroup and plan his next attack. Gabara was enraged. He was going to make sure mankind paid for the monkey’s interference.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Gabara turned his head to see the source of the quake, an area where the dirt acted as if it was boiling. It was obvious that something was emerging from beneath, but Gabara was too curious and got even closer to investigate. Just then, the ground exploded upward. Dirt and rocks flew everywhere and Gabara was sent flying backwards, crashing onto his back.

Immediately, Gabara flipped up into a sitting position. He was already in a bad mood, getting an explosion in the face only worsened it. Someone was about to die.

Megalon screeched as he shook the dirt out of his wings. He had been sent once again by the people of Seatopia to seek revenge upon humanity for ruining their land. This time, he would let nothing stand in his way. Rearing his head back, he let loose a reverberating cry into the heavens. Japan was doomed.

Within an instant, Gabara was on his feet. Whatever this insect was, he would feel the ogre’s wrath. Gabara emerged from the cloud of dust brought about by Megalon’s appearance, and he immediately got in Megalon’s face, swiping at him with his claws. Megalon backed away, startled and confused by this sudden attack. Further and further Gabara drove the Seatopian deity back, until he decided to finish him off. His cranial horns glowing, Gabara let loose with an electrified punch to Megalon’s chest. Electricity burst from the impact and sent Megalon toppling backwards.

Gabara posed in victory as Megalon flailed around on his back. Gabara watched the titanic beetle and decided to taunt it. He proceeded to kick palm trees and boulders at it. He continued this for a few moments before Megalon lifted his head and faced him. Megalon fired a bolt of lightning from his star-shaped head horn, striking Gabara in the face and causing the brute to stagger around, clutching his face.

Megalon used the opportunity to get to his feet and go on the attack. He instantly began wailing on Gabara with his drill-arms. Gabara howled as the metallic limbs struck him again and again. One of the drills uppercut Gabara’s chin, sending the beast staggering. Megalon thrust his other arm forward, jabbing the emerald creature right in the throat. Gabara began choking and stumbled, but managed to stay on his feet.

Megalon wasn’t finished yet. He charged his horn once again and fired another bolt of electricity. The blast struck Gabara in the foot and travelled up the side of his leg, scorching his flesh. Gabara turned to face his foe again, but Megalon’s horn flashed again. Gabara braced himself for another lightning bolt, but instead Megalon’s mandibles opened and out came a small reddish sphere. The ball struck Gabara right in the chest and detonated, sending the ogre flying back with explosive force.

Gabara crashed to the ground with a thud. He had been considerably weakened in a surprisingly short amount of time. A good portion of his skin was burned and his head was greeted by a rock upon landing. But he was not going to go down without a fight. This insect would pay for injuring him

The green giant leapt to his feet and grabbed hold of Megalon’s metallic arms, grasping a drill in each hand. Before Megalon could react, Gabara unleashed a powerful electric current into the drills. The energy surged throughout Megalon’s body, drawing forth shrieks of agony from the gigantic arthropod. Despite his foe’s struggling, Gabara would not release him, continuing to electrocute the insect until his skin began smoking. Eventually, he felt his power reserves beginning to tire. He suddenly thrust Megalon’s arms upward, smashing the drills into Megalon’s face and sending him stumbling backwards.

Tired, burnt, and smoking, Megalon still managed to rise and stare his foe in the face. Both creatures were weakened, but neither were willing to let their opponent triumph. Gabara let loose another reverberating growl. Megalon screeched back at him.

At that instant, they charged.

Gabara began to raise his fist. As he did so, his horns glowed, and his fist began crackling with electricity.

Megalon concentrated. His head horn charged and lightning began to crackle over the starred tip.

Just as Gabara swung his fist towards Megalon’s face, mandibles opened and spewed out a napalm sphere. Gabara’s electrified fist came into contact with the orb, which detonated on impact. The resulting explosion engulfed both opponents.

As the flames and smoke cleared, Gabara and Megalon were revealed to be unconscious, sprawled out on the ground. Each of their forms smoked as their bodies cooled from the explosion. Their respective plans were foiled.

“Aaargh!” Antonio screamed back in Seatopia, shaking his fist at the viewscreen. “Stupid ogre!”

Draw: Gabara, Megalon (Universal)