Author: Grayson Post | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

The mutated human known as Frankenstein sat upon the beach, watching over the crashing waves of the ocean. A rash of kaiju attacks on cities and battles between the monsters started operations to contain them. Monsterland was reactivated, with research facilities being relocated outside of the island’s natural borders. Upon detecting the presence of a kaiju, they were subdued and sent to the island. For him, it had taken little coaxing to move, even if he didn’t want to. There were still creatures out there that needed dealing with, and he could have helped with it. He couldn’t change what had happened though, and wasn’t able to swim away. Picking up a flat boulder, he sent it skipping across the water. It bounced once, twice, and sank beneath the ocean waves.

The sinking stone attracted the attention of another resting beast. A lithe tentacle wrapped around the stone, crushing it into gravel. Gezora had been driven here as well, and the pickings so far had been slim. No tasty boats or small kaiju had been available, and it thought itself alone until the rock descended. It was smart enough to realize that the boulder meant there was something that threw it, and it could be food. Pushing off from the bottom of the ocean, the squid moved in for an attack.

On the beach, Frankenstein noticed the churning waters, startled with what arose from it. It had a long, tube-like body with fins at the top. From its base came several wiggling tentacles, with two being longer and pointed. Gigantic, red eyes stared at him, and the beast gave a gurgling screech. A memory flashed through the hominid’s brain, one of a similar creature to this one. A struggle which neared resulted in his own demise…

Frankenstein’s eyes narrowed in confidence while his fists tightened in fury. It was a memory the mutation would not allow to repeat.

Seeing a nearby club-like boulder for use as a blunt weapon, the mutant human grabbed ahold of it. Using his herculean strength, he ripped it out of the grains of sand. Grasping it, he screamed at the squid as a challenge. Although it was twice his size, he would face it fearlessly.

Gezora gradually shifted his full attention to the humanoid creature and let out a gurgle to reflect its insatiable appetite. No claws, no spikes, no obvious physical features to avoid; it wouldn’t take long to devour this humanoid. Moving closer to shore, Gezora’s tentacles touched the ground on the sandy shores. The first of the limbs reached out for the newcomer; however, what it got instead was a solid impact to the face as Frankenstein struck first.

The cuttlefish recoiled from the attack, blood spurting from its left eye. Frankenstein took the opportunity to strike again and bolted forward. The club-like rock collided with the large upper body of the cephalopod, sending the squid crashing into the sand. It thrashed around in the loose material, looking like a panicked beached animal than a fearsome kaiju like moments ago.

The fury Frankenstein felt gradually vanished upon watching Gezora panic. Had he gone too far?

Setting his weapon down, Frankenstein went over to pick up the squid but when he grabbed the largest tentacle, a cold, numbing sensation overtook his arm and repelled him from the aquatic fiend. Quickly looking at his hand, the skin there was a dark red and without feeling. This one was different than the past foe. Frankenstein just stared at the beast, wondering where it could have come from to be this cold.

That moment was all Gezora needed. One of the lengthier tentacles lashed out, wrapping around its foe’s neck. Frankenstein’s hands shot up to attempt to pry it off. Another bound itself around his right arm, burning it with intense coldness. Pulling itself up, Gezora gave a clack of its beak with satisfaction. It had been an easy ruse to use, acting all helpless and weak before going in for the kill. Now, it would win without issue!

Rage returned to Frankenstein who felt no remorse in going back on the offensive. He grabbed onto the one around his neck with his free hand, pulling and yanking as hard as he could. The limb only tightened, squeezing around his windpipe and freezing the tissue upon contact. The mutant human’s energetic struggles became less and less as darkness began to take over his vision. As his vision became more obscure, Frankenstein noticed something approaching. When the tentacle released him, he fell to the ground, gasping for breath. He glanced up to see why it had let go and saw his rescuer mid-clash, its head and incredibly long neck stuck grasping the large appendage.

Kamoebas had been stalking Gezora for some time, following him from a distance. Instinct had been bothering him for ages, sending him to conflict with this one that had somehow survived the birthing of both of them. He had watched the fight, waiting for the right moment to strike. Now the turtle stood amidst the tentacles, one underneath his left foot while his jaws were around another. Shaking his long neck, his head retreated into his protective shell while still grasping the freezing limb. Accompanied by the sickly sound of ripping flesh, Gezora’s tentacle was torn from its base.

The squid screeched in writing agony as it recoiled, with icy blood pouring out onto the white sand from its stump.  What would have dared attack it? As the one good eye fell upon its surprise attacker, he froze. Somewhere in its inner workings, an instinctual memory played upon it. This was a foe that needed being rid of, more than the old prey or any foe needed previously. Something deep down said it was a traitor, weak and a failure. Giving an angry roar, the cephalopod lashed out at Kamoebas. Tentacles wrapped around the shell and legs of the turtle, squeezing in an aim to crush it. As the turtle tried to retract his head, the last appendage of Gezora secured itself around the head. Kamoebas squirmed and writhed, jaws snapping in vain onto any hold it could get.

Both slashed and crushed, but it was clear to Frankenstein that the squid was going to win. He had to think of something to repay his rescuer. As his eyes scanned around for something to help assist, they fell upon the club used before. An idea came to him, and he wasted no time to enact it. He grabbed the weapon, flipping it around to wield the pointed end like a long pike. He charged forward, thrusting it forward into the squid with a roar.

The spike cleaved through just above the eye, penetrating through its eye socket into the kaiju’s brain. Gezora quickly let go of its foe, screaming in pain. The spiky turtle took the advantage given, charging forward and knocking the squid forward. It fell into the edge of the water, thrashing about. Neither wanted to leave this foe alive, and Frankenstein was the one to move first. The last thing Gezora saw was a large foot stepping down, squishing its eye. On this day, Gezora would breathe its last.

Wiping his foot off into the sand in an attempt to clear it of eye goo and brain matter, Frankenstein looked toward the turtle. With this foe down, would it be one to attack? To the mutations relief, the turtle made no moves against him. Kamoebas looked at the corpse, giving a grunt before turning to his comrade in combat. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have an ally in this new place. Both gave a nod at each other and relaxed under the warm sun. The humanoid sat down a ways from the carcass, watching the turtle move over and feed. It was good to have someone as an ally.

Further inland, watching the two newcomers, a more familiar pair sat. These two newcomers would be potentially good allies for the future. There were similarities between the two groups, but time would tell if they would be alike. Godzilla and Anguirus turned inland, ready to nap in their own respective dens. For now, Frankenstein and Kamoebas could rest, for tomorrow, they would surely spare.

Winner: Frankenstein, Kamoebas (Showa)

A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.